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Difference between revelations and messages

Important observation


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

We keep finding out that in many souls there is confusion as to how to define those parts of the teachings the Mistress of all souls conveys literally to Her Myriam. Usually souls hold the view these words are 'messages'. We would like to shed some Light on this matter, availing ourselves of words spoken by the Mistress personally.

When by the end of the nineties Mary spoke in Myriam for the first time, and Myriam started jotting down what the Mother of God was saying (words of a private nature at the time), she spontaneously wrote: "Message by Mary...". The Queen of Heaven corrected Myriam right away, saying:

"Keep this in mind: I will never give you MESSAGES, but REVELATIONS, that is the purpose I am calling you for".

When in 2005 the "Revelations of the Mistress of all souls" began, Mary again said:

"I do not give you MESSAGES, but REVELATIONS".

In answer to Myriam’s question about the difference between both, the Mistress replied:

"A MESSAGE is a communication,
a REVELATION always conveys a concrete lesson.
My intention with you is not the spreading of messages, but of revelations.
You are My apostle, for through you I want to TEACH".

Later the Mistress added:

"In these Last Times it matters to teach the souls the way how to achieve sanctity. Communications are no longer likely to bring souls any closer to God. My mission in these times consists in teaching the Science of Divine Life".

This is exactly why the Mistress keeps saying that in these Last Times messages which do not specifically teach the souls the way how to come nearer to God, are fairly pointless.

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Distribution of texts

Quite regularly we find our texts and prayers without any reference to the source on websites or in publications which do not originate with this Apostolate. Every publication without any indication of source cuts souls off from the opportunity to get to know this gift from Heaven in its entirety. Therefore we remind the souls of the wish expressed by the Mother of God as referred to in the Copyright text She has inspired Herself: "Other websites are allowed to use only excerpts of these texts, and only on the proviso that reference be made to the original website".

The reason is therefore primarily of a spiritual nature: To every soul who finds texts, prayers etc. originating with the Maria Domina Animarum Work, through channels outside this website, the Mistress of all souls wants to offer the opportunity to get to know the entirety of Her Science of Divine Life, of which each text or prayer is but a small component. All elements constituting the whole of the teachings offered so graciously by the Queen of Heaven are very closely interconnected: Each element intrinsically refers to all others, as the whole of the texts make a consistent and coherent system. In order to gain a truly profound understanding of any randomly chosen text it is very commendable to read other texts as well, as they all complement one another. This is why any individual text, considered by itself, may not be understood correctly if not linked with as many of the other texts as possible. These texts are purely mystical in origin, and therefore regular powerhouses of meaning and instruction.

May we count on the collaboration from souls who intend to insert parts of texts or prayers or images in other media, that they may observe due obedience towards the Mother of God, thereby helping in the advancement of the accomplishment of God’s Works. Our Christian faith, as well as all our works within the framework of our lives as Christians, will only be fruitful to the extent to which we are obedient to God’s instructions.

Lovingly serving the Mistress of all souls,

Her Maria Domina Animarum Work

♥ ♥ ♥

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Myriam van Nazareth

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

In Her teachings the Mother of God points out that the first duty of each human soul consists herein, that the latter should take care of creation and protect it in her capacity as a representative of God towards creation.

This means the human soul is to look after God’s creation – both the environment and the animal kingdom – in the same way as God Himself would, i.e. with unselfish Love and with the utmost care. In concrete terms this is tantamount to exercising a type of care focused on the needs of creation as a whole, instead of giving priority to the satisfaction of one’s own material needs and needs for excitement.

This duty consists of many different elements, one of those elements being the fact the human soul should be perfectly aware of the havoc that is wreaked by fireworks on the animals as well as on environment.

In obedience to the appeal made by the Queen of Heaven the Maria Domina Animarum Work draws your attention to the following link: