When the Queen of Heaven called Myriam to Her service in 1997, Her intention was to give birth to an Apostolate of teaching, providing in-depth information for the use of all souls wanting to gain more profound insights and understanding of the ultimate sense and purpose of life on earth at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation.

Originally Myriam’s vocation was intended to develop in a hidden life of mystical training and collecting all Heavenly information entrusted to Myriam’s heart with a view to publishing it in its entirety after Myriam’s lifetime on earth. No publishing was intended for any earlier point of time, except for the purpose of informing a very small circle of souls chosen and approved of by the priest the Queen of Heaven had foreseen to be Myriam’s spiritual guide.

Through circumstances beyond Myriam’s will and control large parts of the mystical teachings were published on the internet in the year 2008. Subsequently several writings were distributed in print. This practice was discontinued upon the Heavenly Mistress’ explicit instruction. This is why no writings are distributed in print in English. Nevertheless we do provide texts in the pdf format upon request. Such texts can naturally be printed by the user, and distributed on the proviso no terms as expressed in Copyright are violated, the latter terms having been inspired by the Queen of Heaven Herself with a view to respecting God’s intentions with this Heavenly Work, and satisfying His needs.

Furthermore we refer you to the section To be obtained for ways to make full use of the texts offered you through this Heavenly channel.

Many of the texts have not been translated into English as yet. Maria Domina Animarum is an Apostolate built and run on a strictly honorary basis by a limited number of people indicated by the Queen of Heaven. Within the context of our very limited resources and 'man power' everything possible is being done to provide you with more translations in the future. We thank you for understanding, and for your visiting us. Do drop by regularly, as this Work is very dynamic and our website is constantly being elaborated and improved wherever and whenever possible.

May God bless you through Mary, the Mistress of all souls.