Definition of the most basic concept of the
Science of Divine Life

inspired by the Mistress of all souls

to Myriam van Nazareth

The whole of the teachings by the Holy Virgin Mary in Her all-encompassing God-given capacity as the Mistress of all souls is referred to by Her as the Science of Divine Life. The absolutely most fundamental concept around which everything in Her teachings revolves is true Love, which is the very essence of God Himself, the guiding force proceeding from God, which is to keep His creation alive and in the most viable harmony.

The souls do not always understand true Love the way it was meant by God. That is why in the article before you the Queen of Heaven has us shed some light on the essence of the meaning of this concept.

In September 2013 the Holy Virgin Mary gave the following extensive, rather profound definition to the concept of true Love:

True Love is the essence, the actual nature of Divine Life. It is the disposition in which all of the soul’s actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations are whole-heartedly, voluntarily and spontaneously geared to:

1. enhancing in every fellow creature and in a perfectly unselfish, disinterested and unconditional way this creature’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical vital strength and its spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sense of well-being, and to maintaining and defending the unscathed dignity of every fellow creature as a work of God; and

2. making a maximum contribution to the accomplishment and completion of God’s Plans and Works on earth, in other words: to the fulfilment of His Law, whereby making this contribution is pursued with absolute preference over satisfying one’s own needs and desires.

Living in true Love is living in such a way that the soul, through all of her actions, omission, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, all of her inner dispositions and the aura enveloping her entire being, conveys:

  • Light
  • warmth
  • feelings of security
  • inner peace
  • brightfulness
  • hope
  • relief
  • encouragement
  • trust, confidence
  • vital strength
  • zest for life
  • feelings of meaningfulness with respect to life as such
  • enhanced feelings of individual dignity, and
  • the intuitive certainty of God’s proximity

onto the journey through life to be made by every single fellow being Divine Providence guides onto her own path, no matter for how long or in what form such encounters present themselves, and that she harbours nothing but positive feelings and thoughts towards these fellow creatures and wishes the latter nothing but happiness and bloom on every level of their being and in all situations of their lives.

True Love is discussed in many of the teachings, often rather profoundly and extensively. Some of the most striking examples would be these:

Quite a few years ago the Holy Virgin spoke the following very meaningful words on this account:
"True Love actually consists of all and any efforts made with the intention of promoting the happiness of each and every fellow creature (both humans and animals)".

Furthermore She once inpired the words: "True Love is the ability to live in perfect accordance with God’s Will in every possible respect".

Equally well pinpointed were these words She once used to express the very core of this concept: "True Love is the Love that is not stained by selfishness nor by worldly influences, worldly desires or worldly passion. It is fully and exclusively oriented towards furthering the well-being of one’s fellow being as well as of God Himself. Indeed, as a matter of fact true Love also consists of the aspiration to help accomplish God’s Law and His Works without the slightest reserve and unconditionally".

In The longing of Eternal Love written in November 2018 Mary said: "True Love determines the content of everything which lives in a soul and everything which proceeds from her. A soul that is falling short of practicing true Love leads an empty life, she hardly makes any contribution to the fulfilment of God’s Plan of Salvation and therefore, in the eyes of God, leads an unfruitful life".

In January 2020 the Queen of Heaven again elaborated on the essential role played by true Love as to the bloom of spiritual life, in Her teaching entitled True happiness as perfume from the flower of true Love.

True Love as the axis around which the bloom of all spiritual life revolves is also a core topic in all teachings constituting the menu item entitled God and the animals, as well as as of the various ongoing appeals addressed to the souls by the Queen of Heaven as of 2019.