Myriam van Nazareth

The present section consists of two types of consecration. The second one can be reached directly by clicking on its title right below:

1. Consecration of months
2. Consecration of seasons

1. Consecration of months

On April 30, 2017, the Mistress of all souls gave to Myriam a private revelation on the spiritual meaning of every month of the year. In Her time She also inspired a specific prayer of consecration for every month. She intends all prayers of consecration inspired by Her not merely as prayers but equally as material for profound reflection and for the development of the soul’s inner life.

The Mistress of all souls refers to JANUARY as the month for the conclusion of a new covenant with God with a view to renewing one’s inner dispositions, as symbolized, for instance, by snow covering everything. It is a month in which the old 'me' should be discarded.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Mother of the Christ who let God’s Light shine into the darkness,
In this time of seeming death for God’s nature I come and bury my old 'me' in Your Heart and implore You that You might let the Light of true Life beam upon the seeds that are waiting inside of me to be raised to a new life.
From an ungraspable distance the winter sun greets me as a witness from the Paradise of Eternal Summer, for the darkness will not ever has the final say.
See, through the unrestrained surrender of myself to You I conclude a new covenant with God for the renewal of my inner dispositions, in order that, in God’s time, my heart might be caressed by the delight at the blossoms of a new spring.
No frosty disposition, no icy wind from the world is able to render ineffective the seed of my soil, which is Yours completely.
I want to be Yours in all my nothingness and with the silent promises from my subsoil, for on account of its bleakness my field trusts in You to add substance to it, You who are the Queen of perfect fruitfulness.
Just like You gave the Messiah to the world in the simplest cradle, You will give Him to my inner world inside my heart, which I have emptied out for You, for spring can be born only after winter is through living.
Thus I now give You everything which is able to prevent God’s Law from waking up God’s seed from its state of dormancy inside of me, for the Light of His Truth and the warmth of His Love are trying to conclude the wedding with the soil of my soul, in order that it may yield fruits that are able to seal the resurrection of the orchard of my virtues.

The Mistress of all souls refers to FEBRUARY as the month of humility, modesty and simplicity. Everything seems to be unfruitful, only modest little flowers appear to come into bloom. Humility, modesty and simplicity refer to the soul’s being aware of her position within creation and of the meaning of her life at the service of God.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of humility and simplicity,
In You God was able to perform His Works completely and without the slightest restraint, for in You He did not find any limitations to the Works of His Will, His power, His Love, His Wisdom and His Grace.
Everything in me seems unfruitful, yet behold the wonders that will cover the soil of the heart that has surrendered to You completely, for in You is the seed of true Life.
Therefore, oh Mistress of the garden of my soul, in ardent desire I open up to You the door to my heart, for the time has come for me to get purified in order that You may guide into my soul the first beams of spring, and my subsoil may become free of the stones of my own expectations and my own intentions.
For You I want to divest myself of my old robe, so as to be clothed with You alone. In Your following I want to empty myself of everything which has been in the way of God’s intentions towards me and my life, in order that He may be able to accomplish in me anything that is likely to make my soil receptive to His fruits.
I want to resemble You so much, for Your Heart is filled with the fullness of the Midday Sun, in You all the flowers of the Paradise of perfect sanctity are in bloom, and in You the perfume of the Holy Spirit has sealed the absolutely sublime Marvel of His Eternal Spring.
Do erect Your throne inside my soul, oh Treasure of Divine Life, so that I, too, may in my heart and soul, in my mind and will stay focused on the Source from which I once proceeded, and on the Destination of my path across the fields which, provided they remain underneath Your feet, will be bearers of the Ear of Corn who will be announcing my Redemption under the shadow of the Cross.

The Mistress of all souls refers to MARCH as the month of atonement in order to mortify everything which separates the soul from God. This mortification is the real purpose of Lent. This month symbolizes the preparation of the soul for a resuscitation from her winter.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of inner purity,
To You I come with all the burdens which oppress my soul, my heart and my mind, for they have eaten and drunk many things God had never provided for them to eat and drink.
So much dead freight has been burdening my journey through life, so many influences have been serving as signposts pointing towards paths which do not lead towards my only destination with God.
I come and lay all this down in front of You, for at Your feet I can see bloom the celestial flowers of perfect and all-embracing purity of the soul who, even while still living on earth, brought the Gardens of Paradise to life for all worldly eyes to see.
Oh Queen of purity, all around me the desert storms of all worldly influences are raging. Yet You are God’s Signpost pointing to the eternal Orchards.
In me the ghost lights from the darkness have been trying to make the ill weeds bloom, which aim at choking the seed of Divine grace. Oh do turn the mirror of Your perfectly loving Heart towards my ailing garden, so that it may again flourish under the fire of Love that brings true Life.
Do stroll across my soil, oh Queen of Eternal Spring, in order that all traces of winter in the garden of my soul may melt, for henceforth I want to crucify everything which has for so long been trying to separate me from God, who wanted to cherish me as the treasure that once proceeded from His Love.

The Mistress of all souls refers to APRIL as the month of a rebirth for true Life. This month roughly coincides with the Easter season, the time of the Resurrection, the soul’s rising from the dead of material interests and from her being oriented towards worldly things and interests.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, perfect Blossom from the Paradise of God’s Eternal Kingdom,
The garden of my heart longs so ardently for Your seeds, for they carry the Promise of Eternal Salvation.
In You the perfume of perfect Love for God, for His Works and Plans and for all Your fellow creatures reached full maturity.
From You was born the Fruit that for all the ages would turn into food for every soul who expects all things to come from God only.
Oh Blossom of everlasting all-encompassing delight for the soul, in You I love the Sun from which You used to drink Divine Life day and night, for in Your Heart self-denying Love would not even for one single moment bow down to the false promises made by the darkness.
You see, oh perfectly holy beauty in whom the enchanting image of my God is imprinted, to You I surrender undividedly, for from You the promise of eternal fruitfulness flows towards my heart, which, when beholding Your alluring bloom, kneels down in adoration of God’s Law of true Love.
Oh celestial, paradisical, unwithering Blossom, my heart is yearning so ardently for Your everlasting Presence in its garden that every beat of my heart has my soul rise from the emptiness of all material promises in which it once expected to find its destination.
To You I surrender undividedly, unconditionally and for all eternity, in order that the roots of my soul may eat and drink from the soil in which Your enchanting beauty was born to give birth to the Fruit that was to sow Eternal Summer into every garden whose only purpose is to become part of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Mistress of all souls refers to MAY as the month of Mary as the King’s Daughter, the symbol of Eternal Spring in the soul, the Paradise filled with the spring blossoms symbolizing the perfectly practiced virtues, the Golden Bridge towards the summer of perfect sanctity, the full fruitfulness of spiritual life.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, blooming Paradise from the Eternal Source of all delights,
For You I open up the garden of my soul, so seriously threatened by the storms which are trying to destroy its fruitfulness.
You radiate the splendour of Eternal Spring of the soul that has irreversibly abandoned the unfruitfulness of winter, for in You the seeds of perfect sanctity found the soil of a free will in which God’s grace got to bloom without restraint, and every temptation to succumb to selfishness was mercilessly uprooted.
Do enter into my garden, oh Queen of true hope, Paradise of celestial blossoms, for in You the promise of the fullness of Salvation has reached full maturity, and from You rose the Divine Orchard of the Fruits of Redemption with the intention of opening up to me the everlasting Summer to the extent of my willingness to drink with joy the rains granted me by Providence.
So many seeds my Creator has been sowing into me, and so great is His desire that His Legacy might freely bloom in my garden.
Look how bare the trees of my soul remain as long as Your feet have not got the opportunity to kiss her soil. Oh Well from which flows the perfume of perfect sanctity, in You is the cure for every trace of my winterly barrenness.
With You I want to deliver the fences of selfishness to the fire of true self-denial, for they prevent the sunbeams of true Love from entering the garden of my soul.
With You I want to deliver the ill weeds of all negative feelings, thoughts and desires to the fire of serving God so as to help realize the everlasting Summer of the great Promise in my garden, for that was the only purpose for which the garden of my soul was created.
With You in my heart I want to wake up from the winterly sleep of my indifferences to God’s Law, His Works and Plans of Love, for the sweet breeze from the Holy Spirit has caressed my budding blossoms with the expectation of the summer fruits in the Paradise of a thousand delights.
Do come, oh Queen of Eternal Spring, and arouse my faith in the death of winter in the soil of my soul, for under Your feet my heart, too, will turn into a garden of delights for my fellow creatures and for my God.

The Mistress of all souls refers to JUNE as the month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, of the concrete practice of the New Covenant in the soul’s daily life. This month also invites the soul to reflect upon the deep value of the Sacraments.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Cradle of the Most Sacred Heart of Eternal Love,
Of you was born the Body which was to become the greatest Sign for the power of perfect self-denial over the darkness.
To You I offer my entire being, in order that You may be able to transform each cross Eternal Wisdom will allow to appear on my path into seals on the New Covenant, for I long so much for my life to be a fruitful field for the corn the Man-God Jesus Christ has sowed into creation.
Do breathe new life into me through the sanctifying Pentecostal breeze from the Sources of Divine Life, in order that my free will may truly long to conclude marriage with the Redeemer’s Heart in all Sacraments which have been prepared for me in the fire of Divine Mercy, for I do not ever again want to put the gifts from Divine Life to shame through any inner emptiness.
In Your following I want to drink gratefully from the Cup of Salvation, for only the soul who has been willing to join the Savior in drinking from the Cup during her life on earth shall drink from the Golden Cup at the table near God’s throne.
In Your following I want to involve my God in every step I take on my path through life and in every inner disposition, for the fruits of summer will never ripen in the soul who will not let go of the winter in her soil. Can ice inside a heart turn to water of Divine Life if it will not embrace the Sun of True Love?
Oh Mother of the Heart which has been beating for me so that my heart might find true Life, do give birth to me as a servant to the harvest of the Kingdom of the eternal Light, so that the Lamb of Golgotha may be able to eat from the corn the field of my heart is so eager to yield for His Kingdom.

The Mistress of all souls refers to JULY as the month of the Precious Blood of Christ as the Source of Redemption, as the bearer of the Promise of Eternal Life. The Blood of Christ symbolizes the power of His Sufferings and Death on the Cross to break the power of the original sin in every soul who is whole-heartedly willing to follow Him in every detail of life.
In the first days of July 2020 the Heavenly Mistress requested that henceforth this month might also be consecrated to Her in Her capacity as the Chalice of the Precious Blood, the capacity which indicates the fact that, by virtue of a Divine Decree, She was the Bearer of the Messiah and Redeemer.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Chalice prepared by God for the Precious Blood of the Christ, in You I praise the fully accomplished sanctity of the Golden Tabernacle in which the Fountain of Divine Life was borne into the world.
I give You my yearning for true Life, which was able to flow to the souls through You.
Do offer my entire being up to the Blood which, ever since the marriage of Eternal Love with the Cross of Golgotha, has been quenching ailing souls with the Promise of Eternal Life.
I give You all I am, all I have and everything God is trying to bring to bloom inside of me, in order that You may nourish my blood with the Divine Blood that brings Redemption to every soul who has recognized any dark influences as the source of all the miseries of the world.
Oh be my hope for the eternal Summer of my soul, the Gate through which the Light of God’s Law and the warmth of Eternal Love stroke my path towards the evening sun.
Who, if not You, would lead the rays from the Precious Blood of Christ, the Light of the world, in their fullness into the dungeon in which the souls have locked themselves away through the original sin, by which they have entered into a covenant with the enemy of Love?
Oh You, to Whom I have surrendered myself entirely, do obtain for me the fulfilment of my longing, that even the deepest chambers of my soul might enter into matrimony with the Blood of my Saviour, which has already been filling the bitterness of my path through life with the honey from the blossoms from God’s Paradise.
Be the true Ruler of my heart and all the stirrings of my soul, in order that my path through life might be worthy of dying under the kiss from the Blood which once deprived death of its power over the soul who is willing to embrace Love as the sole law of Life.

The Mistress of all souls refers to AUGUST as the month of Mary’s great glorification in Her Assumption into Heaven and Her coronation as the Queen of Heaven and earth and Mistress of all souls. God presents Mary as the completion, the absolute summit of His Works in the human soul, the never ending summer, Eternal Bliss for the soul in the Presence of her Creator. This month extends an invitation to every soul to grow in the image of God.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, most sublime Queen of Heaven and earth,
The garden of Your soul has drunk the fullness from the Sun of Eternal Love, and has given God the harvest of a fully accomplished Eternal Summer in exchange.
Into Your custody I give the garden of my own soul, for the garden of Your soul is the unique Source of an absolutely perfect perfume from the unperishable blossoms of the soul that has embraced the fullness of spring.
In You True Love accomplished the summer which was never again to bow down to the autumn that threatens every tree of virtue with decay.
Oh Gardener from the Paradise of ever blooming Glory, in You God’s greatest Works have reached their perfect accomplishment. In You the summer of the soul has crowned the blossoming strength sown by the Creator in every creature. That is why I implore You to obtain for me the grace of Your guidance and Your everlasting presence on the paths through my garden, so that the flowers in my soil, too, may glorify the image of God as a lasting token against any force trying to destroy true Life.
Oh high summer of the most sublime sanctity, beyond reach for the storms of temptation and deception, Source of the richest harvest the Creator ever found on this earth, only under the cloak of Your protection and the dew of the fullness of grace from Your Heart will my fruits reach the maturity which glorifies the Creator of all gardens.
Oh Bearer of the beams from the sun of Divine Life, do shine upon everything that comes alive in my garden, so that my soil, too, may yield a golden harvest of fruits of true Love, for I, too, was called upon to put the winter of any violation of God’s Law to shame through the bloom of a summer which is never going to end and which, under Your beams, is going to kiss my path through life until it is allowed to end in Eternal Paradise.

The Mistress of all souls refers to SEPTEMBER as the month of inner serenity and Peace. The summer fruits must be put to use. This month invites the soul to reflect on the status of her development in spiritual life, her vocation, her position within God’s Plan of Salvation.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, only spiritual Garden in whom the fruits of God’s Graces have become fully mature and have remained unperishable,
To Your care I entrust the garden of my own soul, for the summer sun did not always find it receptive to the beams of the sun of Eternal Love.
Oh perfect Gardener, ravishingly beautiful Flower from the springs of Divine Life, Crown upon the perfect creative power of the God of Eternal Wisdom, who else but You is going to protect my fruits from the decay by the pests of temptation and deception.
Oh soft Breeze from celestial Paradise, upon You the Holy Spirit spread the seeds of sanctification in order that You may in Your turn spread them all over each soil that longs for true life and that lives for no purpose but to prepare a rich harvest for the granaries of God’s Kingdom of true Love.
Summer has gone. In my soil everything is yearning for peace and quiet in order that the gold from the Treasuries of Eternal Summer may be nourished by the soft rains which will refresh my flowers for a new inner life. That is why it is longing to be touched by Your feet, for in You reigns the true peace of perfect sinlessness and of the persistent will to live for nothing but self-denying true Love.
Do caress the soil of my heart with the dew of Your Wisdom, oh Throne of God’s Spirit, so that my soul may reflect on her true vocation and place inside the Great Plan the God of all spiritual gardens conceived in His perfect Love, for in my soil, too, flowers are sprouting, which are intended to, one day, adorn God’s Throne.
Oh Queen of God’s Works, I want to be Yours with all my soul, my heart, my mind, my body and my will. Do henceforth live and rule in me undividedly, so that the graces of the soul’s summer may now rebuild me in Your image, for inside of You the golden signature of the Triune God was imprinted permanently as the Sign testifying of the fullness of life and fully matured sanctity.
Do now open up my heart to an unveiled knowledge of my own being, in order that the autumn of life may adorn the tree of my soul with the gold that bears witness to the Source from which it has once sprung.

The Mistress of all souls refers to OCTOBER as the month of reflection on temptation and sin. In this month God reminds the souls of Mary as the Embodiment of true Love and thus as the Defeatress of all sin and temptation, the One who has defeated all darkness, for wherever true self-denying Love rules, darkness, sin and temptation cannot stay alive. Reflection on temptation and sin is also meant to prepare the soul for a fruitful accomplishment of the assignment which awaits her in the month of November.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Queen crowned with the rosary, the crown of treasuries filled with the fullness of virtues,
I offer You my heart, desiring that by total surrender to You it may be opened up to be completely cleansed of anything which may affect my fruitfulness for God’s Works.
Just like the trees cast off their autumn foliage in order to prepare for the new spring, my soul now wants to cast off everything which may prevent the rebirth of a new spring of true sanctification.
Do see how beautiful God meant my soul to be. He does not want anything to go lost, for even all sufferings I spread out in front of You are bearers of His graces, which are going to impregnate the soils of His Kingdom as soon as You will truly rule the tree of my soul.
I implore You, do seal my tree against the attacks from the king of cold and darkness, for my Love for my Creator and all my fellow creatures will light in me the fire of awareness through reflection, which will cleanse my tree on the winds of the Holy Spirit in a shower of fruitfulness.
Do help germinate in me the understanding of my deepest dispositions, so that I may see which branches on the tree of my virtues are not ready to cope with the winter of trials, for the King of the new spring is already rejoicing at the prospect of the beams of true Life being allowed to kiss my soil, so that my tree might be His alone.
In Your image, oh ever blooming Rose at the celestial court, I long so much to practice a stainless Love so as to make my soul a rose garden in which the tree of virtues is enabled to drink the perfume in which the Queen of Love will soak the soil. Only then, oh unwithering Rose, even my falling leaves will be able to turn the soil of my soul into a delight to the Light and a cemetery to the darkness.

The Mistress of all souls refers to NOVEMBER as the month of complete, unconditional and everlasting forgiveness to, and reconciliation with, all fellow creatures. This is an imperative condition for an unimpeded flow of Love and Divine Life through the network of creation.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of supreme fruitfulness,
In this month of perfect forgiveness and conciliation I surrender to You undividedly and unconditionally, so that You may invest me with Your perfect purity of heart and I that may see the Light.
Whole-heartedly I want to forgive all fellow creatures that may have made my life difficult, for they have been captives of the darkness. May they, too, see the Light, in order that a spontaneous, complete and final conciliation may be possible between us, for wherever conciliation prevails, all works of darkness fall into ruins.
I long so ardently for Your celestial rule to help me come to terms with all mistakes I myself have committed, for they have robbed me of my fruitfulness at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation and have enveloped the path through my life in the mist of my self-deceit.
I give You the depths of my heart in an ardent desire that in myself and in all my fellow people every trace of resentment, unforgiveness and negative feelings towards fellow creatures may melt away in a sincere and unconditional Love, for God has deposited in each creature a seed of His Love, and I was called upon to deploy the fire from my own heart to help mature all seeds God invites me to encounter.
Not only is winter beginning to conquer nature, also the prince of coldness in the souls has been turning so many into his slaves by turning their hearts against their fellow creatures. Out of Love for You, who have got the power to have me long for the sunrise, I want to permanently break the chains of any negative feeling, so that the prince of all darkness of the heart may flee from the kingdom of my entire being, which is predestined to be governed by You so as to complete the bloom of my new spring.
May I, through this longing for Your Kingdom of perfect Love in me, be able to open my soul up to Divine Mercy, which I can not deserve as long as I keep nourishing my heart of the bitter fruits from the trees I myself have planted along the paths of my aberrations in the hours in which I was not open to the heartbeat of my God.
May these trees now cast off all leaves in the cleansing winds from the Holy Spirit, in order that they may make room for the real fruits of God’s Law in my heart, which no longer wants to allow the entry of any winter.

The Mistress of all souls refers to DECEMBER as the month of glorification of the Light, the birth of the Light of the world, the glorification of God’s Plan of Salvation, the month to harbour a sincere confidence in the power of the Light over the darkness and in the eventual victory of the Light over the darkness. Therefore it is also the month to perfect hope for, and faith in, the accomplished reality.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, immaculate, eternally virginal Mother of the Light,
In this season of the darkest of all nights the light from the Star of Bethlehem is signing the death sentence of the darkness, for my God has sent the Christ into the world, and gives the souls the Advent as a journey towards the Light.
Already God’s call is resounding in order for me to allow the true Light to be born inside of me through the sincere desire that He may henceforth be able to fully live within me. That is why I give You my heart as a manger and why I long to heat the grotto of my soul by burning all and any traces of darkness which may have found a place to hide in me.
How ardently am I longing to be born again through an unlimited surrender to Your perfect guidance, in order that this season may witness the shimmering of the dawn of a new life inside of me.
O Heavenly Bearer of Divine Light, in Your power over my heart I glorify the true Light and the promise of the final victory of the Light over the darkness in each soul who is ready to forget herself and who is willing to belong to God alone with all her heart.
In Your Motherhood I glorify the life-bringing faith in the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, which is waiting for my self-sacrifice to enable true Peace and perfect Love to bloom in all of creation as sources of the unperishable paradise of earth.
Oh You who are beyond praise, Bearer of my Redemption and my Salvation, Cradle of the Light, immaculate Bridge between God’s Love and the sinfulness of the human souls, through You I surrender to the Divine Grain of wheat, in order that He may use also my poor field to multiply, for the souls are hungry.
May my soil, for having spread itself at the feet which one day are going to crush Satan’s head, become worthy of bearing the cradle in which, in the holy December night, Eternal Hope is to be born.

2. Consecration of seasons

In a private revelation to Myriam on December 12, 2017, the Mistress of all souls spoke about the spiritual meaning of the four seasons and pointed out that every season confers an invitation to every human soul to make active contributions to the bloom of specific vital elements of her inner life.

The Mistress of all souls refers to SPRING as the season of HOPE, on account of the promise of all new signs of life. This season invites the soul to shape her inner life in such a way as to enable the bloom of a quiet inner certainty that she is a bearer of the germ of the everlasting Summer which, in proportion to her active practice of true Love, can be transformed into the fruit of fully matured sanctity.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of true hope,
Contemplating Your soul, the most sublime Paradise of Divine Life and inexhaustible source of lasting rapture, I spread the garden of my soul out at Your feet.
Oh perfect Herald of the Sun that was to put the darkness to shame in each soul who would sincerely long for Eternal Summer, in You the winter of all sin found its grave, for in the shadow of Divinity in Your maternal womb only the unwithering flowers of True Life could blossom.
I want to offer all my days and nights to serving Your Works of healing Love for the extension of God’s Kingdom, so that the soil of the garden of my soul may become worthy of the experience of the Heavenly delights from being touched by Your feet, for wherever You rest Your feet blossoms of virtue will announce the promise of the imminent fruits of a Summer of Eternal Salvation.
I give You full and unconditional disposal of my entire life and my entire being, and first and foremost I long for my will to be granted a lifelong slavery towards You, oh perfect Orchard of the most mature fruits of sanctity, for every inclination to serve rather myself than God and my fellow creatures will poison my own fruits.
For You my whole being is longing, oh Promise of the new and lasting Spring, for Your Presence is going to fertilize in me the seeds of God’s Kingdom to the extent I am truly willing to follow You in all respects.
In You my seed will find the warmth of perfect Love.
In You my seed will find the Light of true faith.
In You my seed will find the soft rain of grace.
In You my seed will find the sweet breeze of the Holy Spirit.
In You my seed will find the flowering power of true hope.
Do rule in me, oh Queen of Eternal Spring, in order that Your perfect fruitfulness for God’s Works may marry my free will, which desires nothing but to live and to die for Eternal Summer to take root in each soul who expects to accomplish her salvation through no other way but the accomplishment of God’s Will.

The Mistress of all souls refers to SUMMER as the season of LOVE, on account of all signs of full ripening and warmth. All life seems to have reached the summit of its vital force. The fullness of true Life in the soul is Divine Life, the state of the soul in the image of God.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, radiant Queen of the Fire of Divine Love,
Your womb was the bed from which the Midday Sun was to rise over creation.
Into Your hands I deposit the poor and tender blossoms God’s Grace enabled to sprout from the branches on the tree of my soul.
My fickleness makes the blossoms so sensitive to the threatening frost which defies even the springtime sun, for time and again my will has exposed the Pentecostal fire to the hoar frost that covers every form of love gone astray.
Do look down upon my fields. How poor was the love with which they have been embracing the spring showers the Lord of the crops had prepared for them in order that they might yield fruits for His Kingdom.
They have not used the breeze from His Spirit to cleanse themselves of the dust the world has been spreading over the young corn, nor to fertilize other fields with the desire for the fulfilment of His Law of Love.
They have not drunk the sun as gold of sanctification through perfect self-denial.
Oh Queen of fully grown Love, Your entire Being embodies the absolute height of spiritual summer, the highest possible yield of fruits from perfectly holy blossoms which have drunk the Sun of Redemption to such an extent as to fully merge with His Law.
In You Divine Life has attained the very summit of its vital force.
That is why I am now spreading the land of my soul out before You, so that You may call the summer of true sanctification down upon it, for in You are the sunlight of True Life, the soft summer rains of the most sublime grace, and the lightning that is able to purify the skies over my soil from any threats from the darkness.
Please be the sovereign Empress of my being, so that my heart may surrender it freely to the Promise of the summer fruits, for the God of the Eternal Orchards can not harvest them as long as my will has not merged with the fire with which His Love has been embracing the tree of my soul ever since the hour I was born.

The Mistress of all souls refers to AUTUMN as the season of REMORSE. The leaves are falling, ever less flowers are blooming, everything in nature seems to invite the souls to hold communion with themselves and to return to simplicity. Just like nature the soul is supposed to shed everything in her inner life which can potentially serve the works and plans of the darkness by slowing down her take-off to God.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of all creatures,
Now that, in accordance with God’s Law, nature is pursuing rest, my soul, too, wants to follow the call from God’s Spirit, who invites her to hold communion with herself. To You I surrender, trusting that Your rule over my entire being may guide my soul towards restoring her harmony with God and with all my fellow creatures.
Like nature has brought her summer fruits to maturity by drinking in the beams of the sun, my soul, too, wants to ingest the beams of God’s Love so as to turn into a fruit that provides food for those who are looking for Him with a sincere Heart. Oh Queen of inner rest and Peace, do show me the state of my spiritual life, my position and mission within God’s Plan of Salvation. Do unlock for me the lessons taught me by my past, in order that I may be able to derive true everlasting wealth from the treasures Divine Providence has given me for safekeeping.
You see, like the leaves on the trees are changing their colours my soul, too, will show her real beauty in proportion as she grows more willing to cleanse herself thoroughly.
Like the trees shed their leaves and will thus fertilize the soil, my soul, too, wants to break loose from all worldly detachments and influences and to lay them down at Your feet, so that the spirit of true consecration may make the soil of my soul more fruitful. Do help me mortify myself, so that my soul may be able to prepare for her new spring.
Oh Queen of autumn, I give You the rule over my path through life, in order that the autumn rains of trials may cleanse its soil.
I give You the rule over the air over my path so that the autumn winds may carry the breath from the Holy Spirit into my soul.
Do erect Your throne permanently in the chamber where my soul stores the fruits of my life, and do cover my stored harvest with the cloak of Your sanctity, in order that winter may not bring the death of any virtue but the true hope for a new life.

The Mistress of all souls refers to WINTER as the season of FAITH. The visible signs of life in nature have decreased dramatically. The soul whose perception is superficial, limited to the things she can see around her, is hardly able to believe that life is ever going to come back, for everything seems to indicate that death is ruling. Yet the soil already contains the germ which will one day yield new life.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Rock of faith,
Now that nature has hidden its treasures under a coat of snow and frost I entrust the subsoil of the field of my soul to Your custody.
Now that the sun seems to be further away from the earth and the soil of the fields is deprived of the embrace of its warmth I give You my heart, which feels so far away from God, and the soil of my soul, which has allowed herself to be chilled by the winds, rain and cold. I have failed to feel how the sun of God’s Love kept caressing my soul all along.
Through my fault the night frost of insensitivity with its many faces has crowned itself king of the land of my soul, so much so that all growth and bloom of my seeds and roots seems to come to a standstill and every new day finds me as a land deprived of all life.
My light seems so poor, my darkness so rich. In the land of my soul death seems to have erected its throne. Every sign of life seems to have fled from the land of my soul and seems to have taken all hope for a new spring along with it.
In my superficial faith in the God of Love and Life I allowed the cold of human thinking and desiring to extinguish in the subsoil of my soul the fire of true Love. Oh help me defrost the surface of my field, in order that the soil may again be opened up to receive the beams of the sun of true Life, which is going to turn my seeds into corn and make my roots grow fruit trees for the Kingdom of Eternal Summer.
Oh Queen of God’s creation, I give You the rule over the winter of my inner life, so that You may restore its harmony with God’s Law and the barren field of my soul underneath Your feet may give birth to the wonder of its new life, for in the field of the soul that has put her free will at the service of God’s Works forever, no seed will remain the prisoner of cold, death and unfruitfulness.