anthology composed of theses by the Queen of Heaven
concerning the darkness and the power of the Light

inspired to Myriam van Nazareth

Within the framework of Her most sacred Mission in these Last Times, which consists of providing inner guidance to the souls on their journey towards the disclosure of the Christ’s Works of Redemption on their own path through life the Mistress of all souls inspired the composition of an anthology of reflections for the purpose of teaching and encouraging every soul who is determined to live her life on earth as an all-encompassing service to the Light, the only Source of all Love and happiness, which is omnipotent and invincible yet whose effects on earth become visible and noticeable only in the soul who allows her own wishes and expectations to merge with the wishes and expectations of God Himself.

In such a soul the Divine Light is already enthroned and the way to Eternal Paradise is constructed with every one of her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations, as deep down in her heart she is already merged with the Heart and Will of God.

The Holy Virgin Mary was the only human soul throughout the history of mankind who lived every single moment of Her entire life in an absolute perfection. As to the purpose and goal of our own lives everyone of us has got the same programme in life as the Mother of God had while She was still on earth.

The Heavenly Mistress offers the reflections and theses in the underlying writing as yet another auxiliary to the souls She loves so dearly, within the framework of Her teachings in the Science of Divine Life, which pursues but one single goal: preparing the souls for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, in order that this world may finally become the Paradise of true Love, Peace, happiness and Justice God had in mind when He made creation as a tremendous piece of evidence for His boundless and absolutely perfect Love.

In the present anthology the themes are numbered. Nevertheless the numbers do not indicate any absolute order. In fact the themes can be studied in any order, yet the most fruitful way to gain a deep understanding of the whole is to study all themes, bearing well in mind that every single theme is closely related to any other.

To the extent souls are willing to practice the knowledge offered in the present writing with full confidence the control exerted by the darkness over this world can and will be weakened. The final and total victory of the Queen of Heaven over Satan and his works of destruction is a Promise made to us by God. This victory is currently being fully prepared by the Mistress of all souls in Her teachings and advices, and particularly through Her greatly hidden actions inside the souls who have consecrated themselves totally to Her and who actually practice this consecration in the deepest self-denial.

The present anthology provides a powerful and expressive indication for this. Indeed, this writing is loaded with the power to help dissipate the mist of blindness, deception, confusion and the countless faces of temptation. When the mist is lifting a Light appears, which tries to bring the rays of the sun from God’s Heart to the souls: the Woman in Her highest and all-encompassing capacity as the Mistress of all souls, all, because also all demons are totally subjected to Her power and, therefore, She possesses the power to rob all works of darkness of their effects, provided, and to the extent to which, human souls provide their active collaboration.

This is exactly where the promise of the present anthology lies, and it expresses the expectation harboured by the Queen of Heaven towards the souls who will be prepared to make use of these texts in their lives for the glory of their God. May many souls embrace this writing for what the Heavenly Mistress intended it to be: a token of unsurpassed Heavenly Love.

Myriam, autumn 2020 (date of the original in Dutch language)

(the Light truly always defeats the darkness)

Index of the themes provided for reflection

  1. We are experiencing the darkest times in the history of salvation
  2. Creation as a battlefield
  3. What plan is Satan harbouring, and how does he plan to carry it out?
  4. What is God’s answer to the strategy of the darkness?
  5. How is Satan distorting God’s creation?
  6. How can Satan destroy the human soul?
  7. What is sin?

Explosions of Light

1. We are experiencing the darkest times in the history of salvation

By revealing the Holy Virgin Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls God may very well have shown mankind the greatest mercy since His Son Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross and His Resurrection. In this capacity the Queen of Heaven unfolds the fullness of the power God invested Her with. She was predestined by God to be the Commander in the battle waged by the Light against the darkness. The human souls received God’s Promise that 'the Woman', the Queen of Heaven, will gain the final victory in this battle. To that end She received an unlimited power over all souls: over angels, saints, human souls, as well as over all demons (the souls who have damned themselves by cutting themselves off from all Love).

Throughout the ages the darkness (the whole of all damned souls and all of their works and plans which directly counteract God and His Works and Plans and inspire against the latter) has left no stone unturned to pull souls away from God, and has been using countless strategies to do so. All along its purpose has been that these souls would get lost and God’s Works and Plans would be destroyed. Souls are deceived by the millions, are brought to harbour vices and commit sins, and are blinded to God’s only Truth. As a result, the darkness seems to have gained total control of the world.

This is why God is more than ever calling on the souls to consecrate themselves totally and unconditionally to Mary as the Mistress of all souls, who aims at sanctifying all actions, words, prayers, sacrifices, expiations, thoughts, feelings and desires consecrated to Her, covers all of this with Her absolutely perfect Love and offers it to God with this value She has thus multiplied. In this enriched state God then incorporates it into His Works.

This is where, in these Last Times, the most powerful weapon against the forces of darkness lies hidden. Every soul who consecrates herself to Mary and who intensively practices this consecration in her daily life makes contributions to constructing the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.

By intensively practicing her consecration to Mary and actively contributing to the accomplishment of God’s Works of Love the soul helps convert the hope for the final victory of the Light over the darkness into a reality.

2. Creation as a battlefield

God predestined His creation to be His Kingdom. The human soul was to be the masterpiece this Kingdom on earth would get. In order to live up to these expectations the human soul must fully maintain the state of sanctity she had been granted. The evil one, to whom permission had been granted to try the human souls, succeeded in bringing the first pair of human souls to disobedience towards God’s Law: The original sin was committed, and since every sin is the fruit of a lack of Love for God the covenant between God and the human soul He had meant to be the representative of His Works on earth, was, in a manner of speaking, torn up. After all the said covenant was based on perfect Love and an impeccable observation of God’s Law.

God did not want to leave matters the way they were, as He wanted to revert the human souls to the state of sanctity at any price. He entered into the New Covenant with the human souls, a covenant which was to be based on His merciful Love and would expect the souls to observe His Law. God’s Son Jesus Christ opened up the New Covenant on the Cross and signed it with His Blood. The human souls were given the principles of Eternal truth and the example of the redeeming power generated by sufferings which are accepted and borne with Love, and they were also given the example of a created soul who was conceived in the state of perfect holiness and preserved this state throughout Her life: Mary, the Woman, who:

  • as the immaculate tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity was chosen to be the virginal Mother of Jesus Christ;
  • was presented to Satan as his absolutely invincible Opponent;
  • received the command over the battle of the Light against the darkness.

Mary, the Heavenly Queen who in 2005 was announced in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, was granted an unlimited power over Satan and all of his works of darkness. She can freely and fully use this power against the darkness in the lives of human souls. Teaching this knowledge, and helping souls to fathom this knowledge to the highest possible degree and to get to understand the truth of it is one of the goals of the Maria Domina Animarum Work, which offers these theses to the souls by order of Mary, the Domina Animarum Omnium (Mistress of all souls).

3. What plan is Satan harbouring, and how does he plan to carry it out?

What is Satan’s goal?

Destroying mankind and all of God’s creation.


By manipulating man’s behaviour so as to let it work for him, in order that the accomplishment of his plans might be advanced.

How is he going about this in concrete terms?

By making use of man’s needs (and therefore his weaknesses), i.e. by making them work for him.

What needs or weaknesses, respectively, and with what consequences?

First and foremost hedonism, selfishness, self-assertion, greed and curiosity. Together these dispositions lead to the destruction of the body, poisoning of the heart, major mental confusion, distortion of social relations, decline of all virtues, turning off one’s own conscience, loss of all awareness of sin, decline of all Christian values, very rapid increase of general impiety, general dissatisfaction, very rapid decrease of all zest for life, major feelings of insecurity in society, and a very rapid increase of the number of souls living in a relative – or even in an absolute – state of disgrace.

Satan’s eventual goal is the establishment of his kingdom on earth. Modern society seems to be proving he is succeeding in achieving his goal. The general atmosphere you can observe in your life in these times is the breath of evil which, in a manner of speaking, is wrapping the world in a growing cloud. This is where all chaos, confusion, dissatisfaction, lack of Love, impiety and a general feeling of being unhappy originate, all these factors which threaten your life day after day.

Only one medicine possesses the power to revert the world to the original order God had provided it with when He created it: man’s reverting to the state of sanctity, i.e. to a behaviour and inner dispositions which are fruitful for the accomplishment of the works the God of Love wants to complete on earth day after day, through the hands, mouths, hearts, minds and the free will of all human souls.

4. What is God’s answer to the strategy of the darkness?

● From the outset He promised the eventual victory of the Light, and He preluded it in the Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and Her never committing the slightest sin. A Divine Promise is like an eternally valid Law that will be fulfilled with certainty, at the time established by God in His Eternal Wisdom.

● He sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world as the Man-God to sanctify all trials and sufferings of human nature and invest them with powers of Redemption, to deliver the souls from the devastating effects of the original sin, to teach God’s eternal truth, and to institute the holy Sacraments.

● In so doing He founded His Plan of Salvation for all creation entirely on the Mystery of Redemption, which provides that the combination of the Christ’s Suffering, death on the Cross and Resurrection with all sufferings that are accepted and consecrated with Love by human souls will eventually render the works of the darkness ineffective.

● He created the Mystery of the total, unconditional and everlasting consecration to the Most Holy Virgin Mary as a sacred covenant between human souls and the Mother of God, through which human souls actively and purposely allow their entire life and their entire being to be made part and parcel of His Plan of Salvation, and do so in ways allowing the consecrated elements to be purified by virtue of the infinite merits gained by the immaculate sanctity of the Most Holy Virgin.

● In these Last Times He announced the Most Holy Virgin to the souls in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, the overarching capacity in which the Queen of Heaven and earth helps the souls who surrender to Her totally to be innerly remoulded and teaches them the Science of Divine Life, all of this with a view to turning them into valuable, very well informed warriors against the darkness and to assisting them with the completion of the Christ’s Works of Redemption within themselves through their own active collaboration.

In the Science of Divine Life God brings the fullness of Truth and teachings of true Love, hope and encouragement to the souls. By Divine proxy the Mistress of all souls is in the deepest sense of the word Mistress over the darkness, and in God’s time She is to render all darkness ineffective by crushing it under Her foot once and for all. This is how She was called upon to help open up the Christ’s Works within the souls, and to do so like a Heavenly Bridge of Light.

5. How is Satan distorting God’s creation?

Ever since the original sin was committed the forces of evil have been doing their utmost to make man work for their benefit. As a result a very large part of mankind has fallen into the state of slavery towards Satan, serving his plans of destruction perfectly, in many cases without being well aware of it. 'Not being aware' does not mean the soul who allows Satan to deploy her for the accomplishment of his works would not have any share in the process: A soul only becomes Satan’s slave if, and to the extent to which, she allows her free will to be occupied by the darkness and thus starts taking decisions which serve the interests of the darkness.

Man often serves Satan a lot more effectively and zealously than he serves God. Why is this so? Because in serving the darkness man tends to believe he is actually serving the satisfaction of his own needs, whereas in reality he is serving evil and is helping to distort creation, for many seeming needs of human souls are actually false needs inspired to them by the darkness in order that they might contribute to the advancement of the completion of plans and works of the darkness.

Satan distorts God’s creation by manipulating and abusing man’s needs. Whoever feels needs is dependent on their satisfaction if he wants to feel good. From the outset Satan understood he could get man totally in his power if he managed to take control of the satisfaction of man’s basic needs. Therefore we should ask ourselves which 'weaknesses' in human nature have become Satan’s major targets. Only then will we be able to rob him of souls for God’s benefit and to learn how to defend ourselves effectively against his manipulations. This knowledge is of paramount importance if we are to help establish the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth.

Satan would not settle for a mere manipulation of man’s vital needs. First and foremost he went to great lengths to see to it that an ever increasing amount of seeming needs would be born. The latter are things ever more people perceive as impossible to do without, whereas in reality they are not. Very often these pseudo needs go hand in hand with a certain mentality which (suddenly or gradually) becomes the general standard in society. The Heavenly Mistress pointed out in the past how greatly man’s thinking and feeling has been changing in the course of time, and what major spiritual decline has been going along with this. God was expelled from many people’s lives, the awareness of sin has been declining continuously, and the door is wide open to inspirations which do not originate with the Spirit of God. As a result man keeps drifting further away from the path God provided him to travel on.

6. How can Satan destroy the human soul?

By reducing man to such a state of disgrace that, according to the Law of Divine Justice, he readily condemns himself and therefore precludes his own access to Heaven. This state of disgrace is the state which arises when the soul is burdened with so many and/or with such serious sins that even Divine Mercy and the Intercession of the Holy Virgin Mary are no longer able to intervene to such a degree as to provide for the soul to be purified and acquitted in the hour when judgment is passed on her life.

Satan is always manipulating man through temptations, seductions and deceptions with the intention of setting up pitfalls that are likely to make him stumble and commit violations against God’s Basic law of true Love, i.e. sins. If man commits such violations frequently he can fall into a state of disgrace, which turns his soul over to Satan.

Why is Satan doing this?
He is doing this with a view to stealing souls away from God and to making them his slaves in the 'kingdom' of hell. All of creation is involved in a continuous struggle between good and evil (Light and darkness – God and Satan). This struggle has but one single goal and one single object: to gain souls. God wants Eternal Bliss to be every single soul’s share, Satan on the other hand wants eternal perdition for every single soul. He aims for man, who was intended by God to be the king of creation and a mirror of God’s sanctity, to be made a total mockery of, thereby showing God that man, invested by Him with sanctity, can very well be turned into a totally submissive mere plaything in the claws of evil, claws which have the power to disfigure, to wound and to tear the soul up as and whenever they see fit, so as to prevent the soul from reflecting God’s perfect beauty. This is how Satan aims at lashing out to God Himself and His dignity in the first place.

What strategy is Satan pursuing to achieve this goal?
Right from the start he has been looking for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in human nature. No man is exactly like any other man, one has got a stronger resistance to temptation than the other, one is more sensitive to this type of temptation, another is more sensitive to another type. But every single human has by nature got needs on account of his living in a physical body: nourishment, clothing, lodging, rest, medical care... Those needs must be provided for if the body is to be able to sustain life. Satan has been manipulating those needs from the outset, and moreover he has seen to it that man could be inspired new, additional pseudo needs (i.e. that he does need this or that as an inevitability), and that the existing needs should be felt by man to be increasingly important.

This is how man can actually make satisfying his worldly needs the sole purpose and goal of his life. Thus is born the germ of eternal perdition: Satan has succeeded in manipulating human society to such an extent as to make it increasingly serve the goals of the darkness, evil, the destruction of souls. When it is said that mankind is destroying itself it would actually be more accurate to say that Satan is exciting mankind to the point of willingly allowing to be destroyed by him, through hands and minds he has managed to put at his service because they have allowed him to abuse them for his purposes. So eventually it is man’s free will which is casting the world into darkness by enabling Satan to occupy human free will.

7. What is sin?

Sin is every action, word, thought or omission through which the soul causes one or more of the following forms of damage:

1. damage to God’s interests. Broadly speaking one may assume that God’s interests are damaged in many cases in which satisfying one’s own needs is the primary intention. You should focus on God’s expectations in everything you do or do not do.

2. damage to a fellow creature:

  • to its life, e.g. murder, abortion, euthanasia...
  • to its body, e.g. abuse; failing to provide food (or providing inferior food) to a fellow creature which is entrusted to one’s care...
  • to its feelings, e.g. robbing a fellow creature of its peace of heart, hurting it...
  • to its mind, e.g. intentionally confusing it, exasperating it, driving it to the edge of despair, exerting psychological terror...
  • to its soul, e.g. making the other an accomplice to one’s own sin; forcing the other morally to approve of one’s own opinion while one is erring, thus making the other a victim of vice against his will; cursing someone; setting bad or sinful examples; raising one’s children in ways incompatible with Christianity...
  • to its goods and possessions, e.g. theft, intentionally causing damage or destroying, deception, extortion...
  • to its relations, e.g. causing strife among people, giving a fellow person a bad name or making the latter look suspicious (gossip, defamation, slander)...
  • to its interests, e.g. subjecting one’s fellow person to unfair competition; not minding one’s fellow creatures needs.

3. preventing oneself from accomplishing the mission or following the path God expects to be accomplished or followed, respectively, e.g. neglecting oneself or not using due care (among others by making oneself sick, by all kinds of addictions); also most vices are self-destructive (hate, jealousy, bitterness, feelings of resentment, envy, vengefulness...).

(This anthology is a work in progress. It will be gradually extended)