Ongoing appeal by the Mistress of all souls for the purpose of


as a prerequisite for
completing the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth

Myriam van Nazareth

"(...) This is why I call upon each and every human soul to practice true, unconditional, unselfish Love towards every fellow creature, irrespective of whether the latter is in some way or another 'different' or not, and to ban most emphatically from her own heart every inclination towards racism and discrimination. (...)" (Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, beginning of January 2019)

Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Mother of the Christ, established the Maria Domina Animarum Work as Her 'Apostolate of true Love, true hope, encouragement and the fullness of Truth'. Everything in creation revolves around True Love. God created everything through True Love, He sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world for the purpose of redeeming the human souls from the effects of sin, through the fullness of self-denying Love, and He sanctifies souls who actually practice His Law of True Love toward their fellow creatures), in order that they may inherit Eternal Bliss in Heaven.

True Love is the essence of all life. Every creature is kept alive only through the flow of God’s Love through creation. True Love creates, redeems, sanctifies and heals. Through completing His Plan of Salvation God wants to establish His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures. Every human soul is on earth for the sole purpose of contributing to the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation, for God accomplishes His Works on earth chiefly through the human souls.

Within the network of creation every creature has got its very own vocation and role to fulfil. A person has got these or those traits (color of skin, etc.) because God pursues a specific goal with them, both regarding the person concerned and regarding every fellow person he or she will one day meet. Through these differences God aims at guiding every soul towards perfection.

A soul’s fruitfulness and maturation depend solely on the extent to which she will practice and spread Love whole-heartedly, spontaneously, voluntarily, purposely, actively, unconditionally, persistently and unselfishly to all her fellow creatures without any distinction and without any prejudices.

One of the constituents of True Love is respect for the specific traits and nature of all fellow creatures, acceptance of these specific traits and nature, refraining from any prejudices regarding the differences between fellow creatures and oneself, and the sincere desire to accept, defend, maintain and – if and where desirable or necessary – restore the dignity of all fellow creatures, both in one’s own direct attitude towards these fellow creatures and through defending and publicly cleansing the image of these fellow creatures when in contact with any third party.

This is why the Queen of Heaven most emphatically invites all human souls to eradicate from their deepest inner dispositions and in all their thoughts and feelings:

  • every tendency towards racism against any fellow person having a different color of skin;
  • every tendency towards discrimination against any fellow person who is in any way whatsoever 'different' from oneself, whether as to physical traits or as to gender, faith, mother tongue, cultural background, education, etcetera;
  • every tendency towards maltreatment, humiliation, lack of respect or deprivation of any fellow person’s dignity if the latter is in any way 'different', as well as all of this with respect to all animals.

The Mother of God has us point out that creation can only accomplish the ideal of True Love and True Peace intended by God to the extent that every human soul will whole-heartedly, spontaneously, purposely, unconditionally and totally ban the aforementioned tendencies from her deepest inner dispositions. By Her order I will now quote the words She spoke to me around New Year’s day 2019:

"Through all actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations and all inner dispositions of all human souls God wants to establish His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace on earth. This establishment can not be completed as long as people hold on to any inclinations towards racism, discrimination and lack of loving respect towards the dignity of every fellow creature, both human and animal, on account of it being different from themselves, different from their expectations, or in any way whatsoever 'not seeming to fit in' with their own conceptions or preferences.

No creature is inferior to another. God loves white and colored people equally, and wishes people with different colors of skin to let this non-discriminatory Love flow among and towards one another unconditionally and without any prejudices. He also wishes that no animal should become or be a victim of any lack of sincere Love. There is no other way to enable Divine Love to flow perfectly flawlessly through the whole network of creation. This unimpeded flow from every human soul towards all of her fellow creatures of whatever nature, species, gender, race or traits is the prerequisite for the completion of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

This is why I call upon each and every human soul to practice true, unconditional, unselfish Love towards every fellow creature, irrespective of whether the latter is in some way or another 'different' or not, and to ban most emphatically from her own heart every inclination towards racism and discrimination.

Discriminatory thinking, i.e. thinking and feeling about a fellow creature in any way which is tainted by the knowledge of the fact this fellow creature is 'different' as to the color of its skin or any other trait or characteristic, is incompatible with the dignity God has endowed the human soul with. In the eyes of God no human soul is inferior or superior in comparison to any other human soul. God rates the value of a human within the network of creation exclusively by his dispositions of the heart, the extent to which this person, through all his actions and all his inner dispositions, his feelings and thoughts, is a channel of Love and Light. A person’s value in God’s eyes is in no way determined by traits related to his transient material nature, e.g. the color of his skin.

Every difference as to external traits, e.g. the color of the skin, is provided by God Himself because He pursues a Plan with it for the completion of His Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all of creation. This is why every form of discrimination and of racism is in violation with God’s Law of True Love and should therefore be considered sinful.

Make this appeal known, distribute it, and constantly keep it in focus, for it originated in the very Heart of Eternal Love". (thus Mary, the immaculate Mother of God).

In the month of May 2020 the Queen of Heaven launched an additional appeal in which She shed some extra light on various elements related with the fight for the advancement of the dignity of all creatures from yet different angles:

Revelation by the Mistress of all souls extended to Myriam van Nazareth in May 2020, as an additional call for the advancement, maintenance and restoration of the dignity of all creatures.

"I give the souls a complementary rule for the promotion of the restoration of perfect self-denying Love and Peace among all creatures in this world, which is seriously disrupted by the darkness generated by all expressions of lack of Love and by obvious insensitivity on the part of human souls towards their fellow creatures.

Look around you, and allow your hearts to be touched by all that is not compatible with the perfect Love proceeding from the Creator of the universe, who provided for every creature without any exception to live its life in a state of happiness, inner Peace and well-being at every level of its being.

Not one single creature – whether human or animal – has received its only life on earth for the purpose of:

1. through any human soul’s fault, or through lack of care on any human soul’s part, going hungry or being starved, nor of being in want of anything which is needed to enable its physical survival or its leading a life in dignity.

The Divine Creator in His perfect intelligence has designed His creation in such a way that, on account of the properties inherent to the fruits of the earth, of their species-specific metabolism and of the interactions between all of this and the natural conditions in any spot of the planet and on account of the effects generated by the Divine Laws of growth, every single creature would at any moment have sufficient food at its disposal. A creature which, through any human soul’s fault – among others through neglect, abandonment, expulsion from its natural habitat or through lack of free access to food sources – goes hungry up to the point of starvation, is, in a manner of speaking, excluded by the guilty soul from the network of creation, is no longer able to perform its functions within this network and is prevented from sensing the presence and operations of a loving God and from believing in this Divine presence and these Divine operations;

2. through any human soul’s fault, being maltreated or abused, tortured, being tormented or being subjected to any kind of suffering or pain.

I point to the fact that maltreatment or causing pain or suffering to fellow creatures nearly always finds its origin in discontent or discord inside the guilty human’s heart. Discontent and inner discord can only take root in a soul that has lost all touch with the true purpose of her life as a small cogwheel in God’s Plan of Salvation. Such a soul can fall prey to the inclination to torment fellow creatures due to the fact she can not stand the well-being which, in her view, is experienced by this fellow creature and, consequently, she is intent on taking this fellow creature down. Do realize the fact that discontent was the disposition which brought Lucifer to his rebellion against God, and that he tries to sow exactly this disposition into every soul as a basis for the most various violations against the law of self-denying Love;

3. through any human soul’s fault, being killed (i.e. being compelled to face any kind of unnatural death).

Do consider that only God is the Lord of creation, and that therefore also the termination of any creature’s lifetime should only be decided by Him. Therefore the balance within creation is disrupted on any occasion on which a creature’s life is ended through any human interference;

4. through any human soul’s fault, being used, abandoned, even cast away or dumped as garbage, as an object of no value.

This is an extremely frequent occurrence in this world, first and foremost to the detriment of animals, especially (yet not exclusively) young animals. Any human soul who treats an animal like this is guilty of a twofold serious sin: Firstly she shows God she regards the great Divine gift of life as worthless, and secondly she purposely destroys a channel through which Love is meant to flow, Love being the fuel which flows straight from the Heart of God to all creatures. As every creature is a bearer of life it is a bearer of a Divine Work, owing to the fact life is a phenomenon which can be granted only by God. Treating a creature as if it were an object of no value is therefore an act through which the guilty soul turns directly against God and against His Basic Law – the Law of true Love, which is the fuel of all creation and is also intended to be the principle which should rule all processes, developments, relations and contacts within every individual creature and among all creatures.

5. through any human soul’s fault, being used as an object serving material gains to be earned by any human.

This is why no form of slavery and no kind of enforced labour or efforts aimed at materially enriching any human soul ever meets with God’s approval, no matter if human souls or animals are the victims, whether within the framework of slave labour or of sports, entertainment, or in those case where creatures are treated as commodities;

6. through any human soul’s fault, being misused, in any way whatsoever, i.e. being subjected to any treatment which was not intended by God for any creature, bearing in mind that every creature proceeds from His Heart.

Consider in this respect that every creature, without any exceptions, is a bearer of a germ from God’s Heart, a germ which, in a manner of speaking, bears the signature of the One who has made the creature and has invested it with the mystery of Life, which is a Work of Divine Love;

7. being used as an object of research which may cause the creature physical, mental, emotional or moral harm or sufferings.

In this respect I refer to the inspirations contained in section 7 of My teaching entitled Blinded hearts;

8. through any human soul’s fault, being subjected to any deprivation of freedom preventing the creature from developing freely and with dignity, i.e. in a way corresponding with God’s intentions as to the free development of every single creature.

The only forms of deprivation of freedom that do not as such meet with God’s disapproval are those ensuing from measures of penal law, provided the dignity of the creature involved is preserved and protected, and those involving walking an animal on a lead or transporting it in a cage, both for a limited span of time and strictly with a view to protecting both the animal and its fellow creatures. Furthermore the guardian of a fellow creature – and here I am specifically referring to the latter as an animal – is supposed to allow this fellow creature sufficient space to move freely and to develop in a way fit for the animal species concerned and matching as closely as possible the conditions of life that are natural to the species concerned. God never grants any animal the gift of life for any human to emprison this animal in very narrow dwellings or locked in chains.

May the souls realize that these rules are motivated by two basic facts:

   1. Every creature, both human and animal, essentially belongs directly to God alone. Therefore every human soul is directly responsible to God for all and any of her actions involving a fellow person or an animal, and no human soul can in the strict sense of the word have a personal right of disposal as to the degree of well-being enjoyed by any fellow creature, whether human or animal. In the true sense of the word a human soul can never actually be the owner of a fellow creature, but only its custodian or guardian at most: A human soul is connected with certain fellow creatures within the framework of 'unwritten agreements' in the field of custody, care, protection and Love, which God regards as fixed components of her mission in life.

Implementing these agreements results in the soul’s taking up certain responsibilities, so that, once her life on earth has come to an end, God will judge her by the extent she has been practicing her care for the benefit of certain fellow creatures in a rock-solid disposition of self-denying Love and aspiring for the highest possible well-being for the fellow creature that was entrusted to her care;

   2. Every one of the above rules is geared exclusively to advancing the practice of God’s Law of self-denying Love among all creatures. This Law is the Basic Divine Law according to which God keeps trying to direct His creation. 'Keeps trying', indeed, because God prefers to accomplish all His Works through the hands, mouths, hearts, minds and the free will of human souls. If this free will is used for rendering service to God by strictly observing the Law of Love the accomplishment of God’s Works is brought forward. If man’s free will is used for rendering service to the darkness by violating the Law of Love the accomplishment of God’s Works is slowed down, put on hold, thwarted or prevented altogether. The fact this is exactly what is happening on countless occasions all over the world, is the true cause of all darkness, chaos, misery, injustice, suffering, unhappiness, calamities and discord within and among creatures, and therefore of the far-reaching global dimming of the atmosphere of life in all of creation".

Myriam, May 2020

The Queen of Heaven reminds us that true Love is the disposition in which all of the soul’s actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations are geared whole-heartedly, voluntarily and spontaneously, among other things, to maintaining the integrity of every fellow creature’s dignity as a Work of God, and to defending this dignity if necessary.

Every creature is endowed with its own dignity. Dignity is the specific characteristic of the creature which has a specific value the way it is, irrespective of its specific characteristics, precisely because it was born of God’s Intelligence and Wisdom so as to serve God’s Plan with creation exactly the way it is. It is absolutely vital that every human should fully realize that Satan has made it his goal to destroy God’s creation and all His Works. To that end he goes to any length to debase true Love, because true Love is the driving force behind every Work of God. Therefore he poisons people’s minds against their fellow persons with the intention that they may weaken each other’s Love, encourage one another as to practicing Love, and rob one another’s dignity through all kinds of disrespect, through making each other’s lives miserable, through insults, torture, subjection, slavery etc...

On several occasions the Queen of Heaven spoke to Myriam in this respect. Let us quote from three of these revelations:

January 19, 2007

"Every soul is the object of a fierce battle between God, her true Owner, and the forces of darkness. The souls would understand this better if they were, to a certain degree, able to fathom a soul’s value. Every soul is the bearer of a Divine element, the germ of sanctity. Just like a seed is a bearer of all vital principles and the entire potential for development characteristic of the plant species it belongs to, the germ of sanctity is a bearer of a vast array of potential ways to help the soul grow after the image of God. Therefore, in the eyes of God, these are the most horrible developments:

  1. A soul that allows herself to drift off completely from the image of God, from the disposition characteristic of God Himself, in other words a soul that deprives herself from her innate dignity.
  2. A soul that deprives other souls from their dignity, for instance by neglect, torture, inflicting suffering of any kind, deep humiliation, mental or emotional destruction, or separating them from God.

Throughout the ages countless souls have placed themselves in one of both aforementioned categories. If the soul deprives herself or any other soul of her dignity this will give rise to a complete blockade in the flow of Love, hope and faith. A soul that descends into such a disposition no longer lives in accordance with God’s Law but lives by the law of basic instincts, and will henceforth only be driven by a lust for pleasure, power and recognition, pride, total lack of Love, an urge to destroy things, depravity and a need to inject discord and disagreement into God’s creation. She is driven by forces that leave her no peace as to attempting to undermine God’s Works and Plans. In this soul all Wisdom dies, and everything which reminds her of the Divine, is banned radically".

February 18, 2009

"I emphatically call every soul to the true following of Christ by becoming a source of true Love, happiness and feelings of security for all her fellow creatures – men and animals. Never forget that God, Eternal Love, feels everything any soul does to her fellow creatures as though it were done to Him directly. I Myself, also feel everythinggoing on in all creatures, and all pains they suffer physically, emotionally and mentally. According to the feelings the soul has given God in the course of her life on earth – happiness, Love, pain or torture – He will judge her. Light breeds more Light, darkness breeds more darkness. Whoever serves darkness, will harvest darkness, both during his life on earth and afterwards. Whoever sows Light and Love, will harvest Light and Love, both during his life on earth and afterwards. The Light spread around by a soul will be given back to her a hundredfold as Wisdom. The Love spread around by a soul, will be given back to her a hundredfold as happiness.

May the souls regard and live these words as a burning call to restore the dignity of all creatures – men and animals – because every creature bears within itself God’s signature. The way a soul treats a fellow creature, is actually how she is treating God. Each way of dealing with a person or an animal which is not filled with, nor inspired by, true, disinterested, unselfish Love, creates an obstacle to the flow of Divine Love. Help Me remove the darkness from all relations among people and between people and animals, so that the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth may be brought forward. Help Me to thereby take away one of the most powerful arms of destruction used by Satan: the lack of Love displayed by many souls towards their fellow creatures. In proportion as the flow of Love circulates more freely and more vigorously, the whole of creation will be more thoroughly pervaded by God’s strength, and true happiness will bloom in the gardens of ever greater numbers of souls. True Love breeds Life and happiness; hate, contempt and ill treatment breed darkness and unhappiness: for the victim, but even a great deal more for the culprit. Open up your hearts, and experience how every act and expression of Love multiplies and gets back to you as the true inner Peace of Christ".

February 19, 2009

"Yesterday I called upon you to help maintain or restore the dignity of every fellow creature – man and animal – by allowing God’s Love to flow through all of you towards all your fellow creatures. So often a soul deprives her fellow creature of its dignity because the latter is allegedly 'different' or because she considers it to be 'inferior'. I emphasize that not one single creature is inferior. Every creature has been made with specific characteristics because Divine Wisdom judged this to be right and proper, in accordance with God’s specific intentions. The soul that deprives a fellow creature of its dignity by treating it in a way which does not agree with the Law of Love, is actually criticizing God’s Works and detracting from the effects thereof, as well as rejecting Divine Wisdom. Therefore any action or word by which a fellow creature – man or animal – is harmed physically, mentally or emotionally, is a work of darkness, and consequently a sin or an expression of vice.

Always bear in mind that a creature is the way it is because God needs its specific characteristics for the accomplishment of his great Plan of Salvation. Always bear in mind that a person is born in a specific place, belongs to a specific race, etcetera, because according to God’s Plan he had to be born in that place, and he has a specific mission to fulfil within his particular society and race. Respect all this, because it is God’s Work, which is governed by an infallible Intelligence which greatly surpasses human intelligence. Also the observation of a fellow man’s ‘being different’ which is based on aberrations in the field of virtue, must not give rise to ill treatment, abuse or condemnation, but to prayer for this soul’s liberation and well-being.

Also do not look down upon an animal on account of any peculiarities, looks, constitution or so-called inferiority. God has brought all of these characteristics together in this creature for the human soul to rejoice over this richness and over all signs of God’s perfect Intelligence all this testifies to. The animals are given you as auxiliaries for your hearts to open up and find connection with God’s Love. Do not destroy this great present by any ill treatment or contempt. Your fellow men are given you as auxiliaries to achieve your own sanctity. Do not destroy this great present by any ill treatment or contempt".

Therefore, on account of the theses taught by the Mistress of all souls and upon Her emphatic request addressed to Myriam at the beginning of January 2019 the Maria Domina Animarum Work launches the following ongoing appeal, aiming at:
  • a perfect, unconditional acceptance, respect and sincerely loving interaction between white and colored people.
  • a perfect, unconditional acceptance, respect and sincerely loving interaction between ethnic groups both nationally and internationally.
  • a perfect, unconditional acceptance, respect and sincerely loving interaction between the faithful of different religions.
  • a perfect, unconditional acceptance, respect and sincerely loving interaction between the members of different social and cultural strata, classes and groups.
  • a sincere acknowledgement of the perfect equality of the sexes in God’s eyes, and the need to act accordingly.
  • a sincerely loving and respectful treatment of all animals, including an unconditional respect for their natural environment.
  • an unconditional and prompt return to a full orientation of all hearts towards God’s Plans and Works of Love, leading to the rebirth of a flawless understanding of the intentions harboured by God when He conceived the tremendous diversity between all His creatures.

All of this for the purpose of leading the human race back to living in the image and similarity of God, to its initial ability to be a pure mirror of God’s Heart, of His unconditional, non-discriminatory self-denying Love, and to its initial ability to represent God towards all creatures.

We conclude with a bit of reflection from the teaching The longing of Eternal Love:

"Each human soul has got an individual responsibility for restoring the severely disrupted equilibrium in creation through a radical conversion of the heart towards a flawless practice of Love in all her actions and in her deepest inner dispositions: Love of God and of all His Works (including nature, the environment) and Plans (first and foremost His goal of establishing His Kingdom on earth), Love of all fellow persons without distinction of race, language or culture, and Love of all other fellow creatures, all of this while being fully aware of the fact that all living beings bear God’s signature inside of them and have thereby received the blessing of His Love, and of the fact this blessing does not lose its effect on account of any imperfection or indifference on God’s part but solely and exclusively on account of the effects produced by the darkness prevailing in human hearts".

Myriam, January 2019

"God invested every single creature with its individual dignity. A human soul’s dignity is determined by the extent to which she meets the infinite value God attaches to her, through her behaviour, her inner dispositions and her aspirations. Every single creature’s dignity is its specific singularity, the fact a creature possesses a certain value the way it is, irrespective of its specific characteristics and traits. It possesses this value because it was born in God’s Intelligence and Wisdom for the purpose of serving the Plan God pursues with creation, and of doing so exactly the way it is.

This is why I tell you in truth that in the eyes of God a human soul’s dignity is determined basically by the extent to which this soul is committed whole-heartedly, unconditionally, spontaneously and with her entire behaviour and all dispositions of her heart to preserving, defending and, if necessary, restoring the dignity of her fellow creatures, whether humans or animals. In so doing she expresses towards her Creator the desire that His entire creation may reflect the sanctity, Love, Peace, happiness and harmony He invested it with" (the Holy Virgin Mary to Myriam, March 2020)

On August 16, 2020, the Heavenly Mistress spoke to Myriam the following words as an extension to Her very important ongoing appeals with respect to maintaining the dignity of all creatures:

"Not one single force generates a more powerful effect dispelling all darkness from the world and breaking the effects of its works than glorifying God.

The greatest glorification is brought to God by spontaneously and constantly practicing self-denying Love towards all fellow creatures. Each creature is a work designed in God’s Hart. Therefore each creature – each human soul, each animal, each element in animate nature – is a bearer of the signature of God Himself. This Divine signature constitutes each creature’s innate dignity.

This is why each violation of a creature’s dignity – particularly the dignity of a human soul and that of an animal – constitutes a serious insult to God and therefore a source of profound darkness which, on every single occasion when such violation is committed by a human soul, enhances all misery, chaos, injustice, general discord and sufferings in the whole world.

The dignity of human souls and animals is violated to the highest degree by maltreatment, torture, violence, abuse, intolerance, humiliation and any form of torment directed against or inflicted upon any creature – human or animal – and by discrimination against a fellow person based on the latter’s race, gender, level of education, culture of living, religious beliefs, outward appearance and personal characteristics.

This is why through My Maria Domina Animarum Work I want to send an unequivocal signal for God’s strictly condemning any form of racism, discrimination, maltreatment, torture, humiliation and purposeful thwarting of the quality of any fellow person’s and any animal’s life.

In truth I teach the souls that God does not discriminate against any human soul. His one and only criterion for judging each soul is the extent to which the latter makes every single moment of her life fruitful towards the fulfilment of His Plan of Salvation. This fruitfulness is determined exclusively by the extent to which the soul practices self-denying Love for all her fellow creatures and for God and His Works.

This is the major message I want to convey through My Maria Domina Animarum Work to all souls. The golden path towards the greatest bloom of the inner dispositions that are necessary to make this message flourish all over the world is the path of total, unconditional and lifelong consecration of every human soul to Me, because a life of total service to Me is the pre-eminent way to belong to God only and to experience and accomplish nothing but His Works of Love and to spread these Works through all of creation".