Teaching inspired by the Holy Virgin Mary

to Myriam van Nazareth

On several occasions already the Mistress of all souls pointed out that the individual human soul has no significance in herself. The significance of each and every soul lies exclusively in the role she has got to fulfil as an element within the network of all creation. This role consists in fulfilling the mission God provides the soul with for her life on earth in the hour in which He creates her.

Every creature (every human soul, every animal, even every element of the natural environment) is on earth with a mission for life, which is geared to fulfilling the Plans and Works God wants to accomplish within His creation. First and foremost with every human soul resides the obligation to live in such a way that God is enabled to fully deploy her as a tool for the fulfilment of His Plans and Works.

Therefore the actual significance of every human soul and of her life on earth lies herein that her hands, her mouth, her heart, her mind and her free will should at any time be ready to be used as tools through which God aspires to be working within His creation.

The soul can only fulfil her mission in life in a fruitful way – i.e.: utilize her life as a means to gather a harvest that is actually able to nourish God’s Works – to the extent to which she spontaneously accomplishes each element of her life fulfilling God’s Basic Law of True Love. In the underlying teaching the Queen of Heaven wants to elaborate on what this means in concrete terms.

Basically every human life is composed of four categories of elements:

1. Life is a sequence of events and situations.
A life which lasts for several decades consists of millions of events and situations, which have the most various origins and causes, to be sure, but eventually all of them are allowed by Divine Providence to occur as nourishment for the growth of spiritual life.

Not one single event or situation in a human’s life has got any meaning in itself. The meaning, or the significance, of any event or situation in life solely lies in that which a human soul will do with it. How does the soul deal with it?

Each event or situation in a human’s life can either yield fruits for the accomplishment of Plans and Works God tries to complete within His creation, or counteract some of these Plans and Works, or remain totally devoid of any use altogether. However, the event or situation does not do so in itself, but through the human soul who experiences it. Any event or situation can be truly fruitful (even if it seems to have a rather negative content in itself) to the extent to which the soul deals with this event or situation – i.e.: reacts to it – while fully practicing God’s Law of True Love.

Reacting to an event or situation is not only done by committing certain actions or speaking certain words, but also through thoughts, feelings or desires harboured by the soul as soon as this event or situation occurs on her path through life. The Law of True Life can be practiced hidden from view, i.e. within the confines of a human’s inner life, as well as in her reactions which can be observed by her fellow creatures. Due to the fact that but few souls are fully aware of this, many sins in this world are committed through thoughts, feelings and desires that are bearers of darkness to the detriment of fellow creatures, whereas the 'guilty ones' are unaware of any wrongdoing and therefore also never speak a sacramental Confession owning up to their dark thoughts, feelings or desires.

It is important to keep in mind that also the innumerable actions a human soul commits in the course of her life and the innumerable decisions she makes in the most various fields of her life are part of the present category: Every action and every decision emanating from a soul is a reaction to a situation or to an event. This is why every soul should make a habit of explicitly committing all and any of her actions, however futile some of them might seem to be, in a spirit of true Love and in connection with the Heart of the Holy Virgin while being aware, and desiring, that every action should thereby be made sacred and thus be invested with a more active value as a contribution to fulfilling the Works and Plans of God on earth. The reason lies in the fact such actions and decisions are explicitly committed and made while aspiring to merge with the Heart of God and to partake in His Works.

2. Life is a sequence of encounters and contacts with fellow creatures.
Day after day, hour after hour, moment after moment a human soul may encounter fellow creatures (fellow people or animals). Some of these encounters are short-lived, others may last a bit longer, some of them may give rise to relationships which last for years, even for the remainder of one’s life or of the life of the fellow creature involved, respectively. Moreover, as the Queen of Heaven teaches, in the spiritual sense of the word a contact or encounter with a fellow creature is not limited to physical vicinity, possibly accompanied by an exchange of glances, words or touching, it can also be any occasion on which a soul thinks about a fellow creature or harbours any feeling or desire towards the latter. In such 'inner' contacts the soul, in a manner of speaking, 'meets' this fellow creature in the sphere of the intangible, the invisible and inaudible.

The soul is to bring every contact and encounter with any fellow creature to bloom and to fruition by whole-heartedly harbouring a self-denying Love towards this creature. This is why, according to the Holy Virgin, day after day a lot of sins are committed which are not recognized as such, which is the case whenever a soul harbours towards any fellow creature a negative or dark thought, feeling or desire or allows a curse or malediction to emerge in the secret spheres of her own heart, and she nourishes this thought, feeling or desire within the confines of her inner life.

Inversely, for the same reason, a soul can secretly produce fruits for the accomplishment of Works and Plans of God by harbouring positive thoughts, feelings or desires toward any fellow creature (no matter whether the latter is human or animal). The Mistress of all souls points out that but few human souls are aware of the tremendous power of Light they are capable of engendering by harbouring towards fellow creatures intense and sincere thoughts, feelings or desires filled with Love and offering them to Her while sincerely wishing these fellow creatures may truly be well, that they may receive Heavenly protection, guidance and blessings, etcetera.

As the Queen of Heaven had me point out earlier a soul can practice the Law of True Love equally powerfully in the hidden spheres of her inner life as in her reactions which can be seen or heard by fellow creatures. This is why Divine Law is violated countless times day after day all over the world, through the most secret thoughts, feelings and desires harboured by human souls towards certain fellow creatures. Large volumes of darkness are brought upon the world, and keep hanging over creation like a very dark blanket, by protracted and sometimes very profound hate or negative desires on the part of human souls against fellow creatures. Seemingly nothing concrete is happening, often the parties involved do not even meet each other for a long time, yet invisibly they exchange dark thoughts, feelings and desires or such thoughts, feelings or desires 'travel' from one of the parties involved towards the other.

Once the Heavenly Mistress taught privately how valuable it is for God if, for instance, on a harsh winter day a human soul whole-heartedly and sincerely offers Her the desire that all of her fellow creatures may be wrapped in the warm blanket of God’s Love and that Divine Providence may see to it that these fellow creatures are able to obtain the food their bodies and hearts need to survive and to feel God’s Presence in their lives. Such consecration of positive thoughts, feelings and desires for the benefit of fellow creatures is an example of contact or encounter with fellow creatures in the hidden spheres of life and often without any physical contact between the creatures involved.

3. Life is a sequence of sensory impressions.
Every soul is provided by God with senses through which she can obtain knowledge and information about her environment and everything that is happening around her: She sees, hears, smells, tastes and feels (with the skin, e.g. the finger tips) all kinds of things around her. This is how the mind registers a lot about what is happening, and both the mind (rational thinking) and the heart (in the sense of the center of emotional life) react to all of this.

Every one of these impressions (images, colours, impressions of light, noises, smells, tastes, etcetera) can cause the soul to react. Often the soul is unaware of this process. In such cases the impressions have little influence on the developments of spiritual life. In other cases, however, the soul consciously reacts to impressions in a positive or negative way. By a 'positive' reaction is to be understood: a reaction which, deep down, is in harmony with the Law of Love. A 'negative' reaction, on the contrary, can inside the soul give rise to a violation of God’s Law.

It is also possible for a soul to react negatively in the sense of a neutral disapproval of something she perceives through her senses. An example: A human being suddenly perceives a disgusting smell and reacts to it with rejection, maybe even accompanied by a remark showing disapproval. In the eyes of God this is not necessarily a manifestation of vice. It does become a vice, however, if the soul labels the disgusting sensory impression with a negative judgement by condemning in her heart the origin or cause of the revolting smell, or even cursing it.

Something similar may be the case when perceiving an image or a noise which gives rise to some pleasant or, inversely, some disagreeable feeling, possibly along with a condemnation or with some hurting, painful or dark reaction in any manner or form. Such impressions can occur quite frequently and do not always have any spiritual significance, but in this respect the Holy Virgin also states an example which may be of a greater spiritual significance: If a person, in an environment in which he would not expect the following to happen, suddenly sees in front of him a fellow person of a different colour of skin, he may in his heart react to this in a negative way which, in the eyes of God, can take the dimensions of racism and therefore of true sin.

Inversely, a human soul who spontaneously reacts to a similar situation in a perfectly positive way can, in the eyes of God, actually be sending a beam of Light into creation. In each human life Divine Providence allows a number of totally unexpected impressions to occur, and then observes how, in her heart of hearts, the soul is going to deal with them. The reaction may give rise to sin, to vice, or inversely to a beam of Light to be generated. In the latter case the impression becomes fruitful, not only for the soul involved but for the whole of creation, because each soul is an element of the entire network of creation and, within this network, is connected with all other elements (all her fellow creatures).

4. Life is a sequence of trials (crosses).
Each life counts a number of moments or days of sickness, disappointments, setbacks, physical and emotional pains, instances of physical discomfort, moments of feeling tired or exhausted, accidents, moments of sadness, moments of being hungry or thirsty, etcetera.

The crosses became part of physical life when the original sin was committed. Life lost its perfect nature due to the fact the human soul’s feelings, expectations, desires and aspirations were no longer in perfect, unlimited and unconditional harmony with God’s intentions. Suddenly the soul, who was originally meant to unconditionally live forever in the Face of God, was 'susceptible to death', i.e. she could lose Eternal Life in the Presence of God. The human soul’s entire being, including her physical body, became susceptible to suffering. However, all suffering was to become a potential treasury which, to the extent to which the soul would spontaneously, voluntarily, unconditionally and persistently wrap it in the holy garment of an impeccable practice of the Law of True Love (the Law that was violated by the original sin), can become an invaluable means of payment which may potentially reconcile the soul with God.

What does this mean? It means the human soul has received an invaluable Divine gift enabling her to liberate herself from the dungeon of eternal captivity towards the darkness, a dungeon she has built herself and which she continues to reinforce and to bolt by each further violation on her part against the Law of True Love. This gift was made available to the human souls by the all-embracing Sufferings of Jesus Christ as the Man-God on earth, Sufferings to which He subjected Himself voluntarily with His entire being. Each individual human soul can make use of this gift (= unlock it) by imitating the Christ totally in all trials and crosses of her own life on earth, by accepting all of it without resisting and in full selfless Love, just like the Christ did, and by offering it to God in the explicit desire that it may be fit to be used to unlock the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ for the benefit of delivering all of creation from the influences of the darkness once and for all.

As complements to a sincere sacramental Confession the trials and crosses of life constitute an excellent means to pay God for the violations the soul has been committing against the Law of True Love in the course of her life, but there is a condition which must be satisfied in order to obtain this opportunity. This condition was mentioned before:

In order to complement the redemptive effects of the Passion of Jesus as means of payment for sins, faults and shortcomings committed in the course of one’s own life the trials of life must be accepted in a state of sincere selfless Love and with a genuine desire that the trials may actually contribute to the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works in creation.

Unspeakably numerous are the trials which, day after day, are experienced by human souls in this world without the suffering souls involved ever satisfying the aforementioned condition, meaning that these trials yield no value towards liberating mankind from the grip of the darkness in collaboration with the redemptive Sufferings of the Christ. On the contrary, many elements of suffering become food for the darkness due to the fact that in countless souls they give rise to resistance, protest, dissatisfaction, even to cursing God (if a suffering soul makes God responsible for her suffering or if she believes her suffering produces evidence for the 'fact' God abandons His creatures).

This turns the trials and crosses experienced by human souls into objects of direct battle between the Light and the darkness, between God and Satan, between Eternal Love and everything which is hostile to Love or tries to make it ineffective. The fact that a great many souls fail to turn their daily trials against the darkness by failing to recognize these trials as opportunities provided to them by God to partake actively in the battle which was sanctified by Jesus Christ to be a war of destruction against the works and plans of the darkness in the world, constitutes one of the major sources of suffering and misery in the world: The darkness abuses this ignorance to poison countless souls against God and His Works of Love. If a soul fails to recognize her trials as powerful weapons of Love she can use for the purpose of rendering many works and plans of the darkness in the world ineffective she is actually delivering these weapons to Satan, who will eagerly use them to fight against the effects of God’s Law of Love.

If a soul bears her trials and crosses in the appropriate disposition (i.e. in the spirit of Christ – in sincere acceptance, self-denying Love and totally geared to accomplishing God’s Plans and Works), and moreover she sincerely and whole-heartedly consecrates them, preferably through the Holy Virgin Mary, in order that they might actively be used towards unlocking the effects of the Works of Redemption prepared by Jesus Christ for mankind but which, according to a Divine Law, are to be unlocked by their active collaboration, these trials can contribute to a major victory over the darkness in two respects:

1. The soul involved hereby begins an active contribution to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth with its final neutralization of the works and plans of the darkness and all of their effects in the world;

2. The soul involved is also enabled to start outweighing the darkness and its effects which she has been allowing to enter her own life through her doings and her inner dispositions.

Not only does no human soul deserve to lead a life without any setbacks, because – the Holy Virgin Mary excepted – not one single soul leads a life in perfect accordance with the Law of Love in every possible respect and at any given point of time in her life, but on top of this a life without any setbacks would rob the soul of a great opportunity to collect most valuable fruits through which she can unequivocally demonstrate to God her opting in favour of Him and of Love, and against the darkness.

Not a single human soul can live in the absolute certainty that she has never, at any moment in her life, harmed, tormented, hurt, or caused emotional or physical suffering or sorrow to any fellow creature (neither human nor animal). Sincerely accepting the trials of her life and consecrating them in a disposition of genuine, true, selfless Love and explicitly desiring these trials might yield fruits of Love which are fit to be sown by Divine Providence upon the paths through the lives of the fellow creatures against whom the soul has ever done wrong, constitutes an excellent beginning of compensating for these violations of God’s Basic Law. This Law requires a loving, selfless interaction with each and every fellow creature. Millions of violations against this Law are committed in the world by human souls every single day, which, ever since the original sin, has been covering creation with a blanket of darkness which has been growing thicker and thicker.

Let us constantly keep this image in mind, and through it, become aware and understand why our hearts find so little real Light and real warmth in this world: The beams from the sun of Eternal Love must cover ever greater distances and generate ever more power to penetrate the blanket of darkness. Let us also recognize that, for the same reason, it is justified that each human soul should have to complete a journey filled with trials.

God is not the author of the trials and crosses of life, the human soul herself is at their origin. God had provided for all of His creatures to live lives in perfect harmony in their entire beings and in perfect harmony among all creatures, without any suffering and without sickness, in an atmosphere of life which would allow itself to be governed entirely by God’s Basic Law of True Love. However, the human souls violated this Law by committing the original sin, and have been piling up tremendous amounts of additional violations ever since. Therefore it is the holy duty of all human souls to entrust all crosses of life to the fire of a sincere Love, in order that they may fruitfully be burned in favour of the Light, i.e. for the purpose of fulfilling the Divine Law of True Love.

Apart from the human souls not one single creature would deserve a life filled with trials. Our non-human fellow creatures are the innocent victims of the violations committed by the human souls against God’s Law. Therefore the victory of Eternal Love over the darkness will become visible in its final form only to the extent to which the human souls take their full responsibility for a restoration of the harmony within each life on earth. Exactly for the purpose of accomplishing this sacred goal the Holy Virgin inspired the underlying teaching as an incentive for the human souls to use all 'resources' they can find on their journey through life towards producing resources for the Kingdom the God of Love is trying to erect within His creation.

Mankind has a tremendous debt to repay to God and to all fellow creatures, both human and non-human. This can be achieved only by an impeccable practice of the Law of True Love, and this must be done through the concrete components of every human life, which are expounded in this teaching as four categories. Through the ages the darkness has been enabled to render a great many potential fruits for a concrete accomplishment of God’s Works in the world ineffective or even to prevent these fruits from ever reaching maturity altogether, because countless human souls were hardly (or not at all) aware of the profound spiritual significance of all components of their lives.

The main purpose of the present teaching therefore lies herein, that souls might be brought to no longer allowing the building blocks of their lives to be abused by forces which prevent the Divine Law of True Love to produce its full effects, but might on the contrary put their lives at the service of helping complete the Works God is trying to perform in the world through the human souls, in order that creation might revert to the state of perfect harmony in which God originally made it.

Myriam, on behalf of the Mistress of all souls and at Her service,
April 2023