Teaching about sin, sanctity and consecration to Mary

Myriam van Nazareth

Many people in this modern world no longer believe in evil, the Satan. However, ignoring his existence has enabled him to get very strong. Let us look at the world around us. He is able to undermine our minds and block our hearts completely through his intrigues. That is how many have become cold-hearted and superstitious, and blame God for all their setbacks and calamities. We get carried away so easily by thoughts relating to worldly things which seem important but in fact are not all that significant. It is the prince of the world, the force of darkness, who keeps us chained in this haze so as to distract us from the more sublime themes of thought and from the reflection upon God. Thus evil gets stronger and stronger, the world gets increasingly bad, and our misery keeps increasing.

Evil is not some intangible external thing. It is constantly trying to poison your own soul, too. Jesus repeatedly emphasized man should be alert and recognize the signs. You can learn how to gain control over the evil around you, in order to purify your own soul and to make your contribution to preparing this world for the Kingdom of God.

What are the major breeding grounds of evil? Lovelessness and impurity. This can easily be understood: Love and purity constitute the foundations of sanctity. Exactly these foundations are the first to be eaten away at by evil.

In order to combat evil, it is necessary that, first and foremost, you should within yourself, in your own behaviour, thoughts, words, feelings and aspirations (wishes), learn to recognize everything which deviates from the commandments of love and purity. In other words, every one of us should sharpen their own awareness of sin: become more aware of their imperfections, faults, sins, in order to satisfy ever more Jesus’ desire that every man should "be perfect like your Father in Heaven is perfect". Jesus knows perfectly well that no man can be absolutely perfect, but He does judge every soul according to the extent to which the latter aims at getting nearer to perfection, for this trial, these efforts, demonstrate how much love to God and to his fellow creature the soul wants to show, and it is according to the extent of our love that we will be judged when our life comes to an end.

What is sin? Sin is everything by which the soul deviates from God’s Will, from Divine Law, which expects us to lead holy lives. The foundation on which sanctity is built, first and foremost consists of Love and purity.

Love means: putting oneself behind one’s fellow creatures, cancelling oneself out for the benefit of one’s fellow creatures, giving oneself completely so that one’s fellow creatures may be better off for it, that the latter’s burden may be relieved, and in order to help bear one’s fellow creatures’ cross. Let us never forget that Jesus is present in every human being. By helping our fellow man bear his burden, in a spiritual sense we help carry Jesus’ Cross.

Purity means: acting, thinking, speaking, feeling and wishing the way God expects you to, and thus avoiding anything that is likely to contaminate the soul and to make you drift away from sanctity.

Thus, sin is, in the first place, everything which diverges from Love and purity. Generally the phenomenon of 'sin' is considered in a much too narrow sense. Many people, also people who call themselves 'good Christians', believe they 'do not sin' because they do not kill, steal nor commit adultery, or do not commit any other sins that are clearly part of the phrasing of the Ten Commandments. Yet in order to grow to perfection it is also necessary to mind the many 'smaller' imperfections which, all in all, can seriously stain the soul. It is impossible to draw up a complete list of all sins, but I was inspired the following 33 points as a concise guideline to help you on the way to an examination of your conscience (be aware this is also a symbol for the 33 years of the life of Jesus). Examine to what extent the balance of your behaviour may be unfavourable in the following points (violations of Love and/or purity):
  1. Excessively exercising criticism (finding fault with everything and everyone, always seeing people’s negative edges and exposing them)

  2. Saying negative things about one’s fellow man

  3. Intolerance, getting irritated easily

  4. Being unfriendly or harsh with one’s fellow man (usually this is an expression of a lack of peace of heart, which often indicates that things which have happened or are happening in life, are not accepted, in stead of offering these things to God for the salvation of souls; sometimes this attitude is also indicative of a lack of faith in Providence)

  5. Sneering at one’s fellow man or insulting the latter, either face to face or behind their backs

  6. Gossip, slander, defamation behind people’s backs

  7. Speaking about one’s fellow man in a patronizing way, patronizing or debasing them

  8. Insincerity (being friendly in people’s faces, yet speaking unfavourably about them behind their backs; always saying or asking things with an ulterior motive ...)

  9. Violent fits of temper, lack of softness and gentleness (always imagine Jesus is living in your fellow man, and that, consequently, it is actually Jesus you are talking to!)

  10. Not letting any opportunity pass by to complain about one’s own setbacks or misery (this means one bears one’s own cross with insufficient love)

  11. Playing with other people’s feelings in order to derive any advantages from this (this is a form of deceit, abuse of the other person’s love or sympathy)

  12. Being quarrelsome, criticizing everything, easily picking fights

  13. Bitterness, frequent sarcasm in one’s words (this is indicative of being dissatisfied with the situation God has put us in)

  14. Selfishness, avarice in all its countless forms

  15. Immoderation and greed (are also forms of selfishness)

  16. Dishonesty in its many forms

  17. A negative attitude towards life and one’s fellow man, speaking about everything in negative terms (including a tendency to frequent pessimism)

  18. Lack of buoyancy

  19. Lack of equanimity (so that your fellow man does not know what to think of you nor how to approach you)

  20. Lack of confidence in Divine Providence (be aware this is considered to be a sin against the first commandment, inviting us to love God above everything else)

  21. Rebelliousness against one’s own situation in life

  22. Ungratefulness towards God and one’s fellow man

  23. Indifference (is tantamount to a lack of love)

  24. Lack of forgiveness, resentment, hatefulness (if you do not forgive your fellow man, God will not forgive you!)

  25. Jeopardizing one’s fellow man through words or actions, or harming him in any way

  26. Jealousy, envy

  27. Not keeping promises or agreements

  28. Need for admiration, for asserting oneself; in fact this indicates one considers oneself to be more important than one’s fellow man

  29. Blustering out things that have been told one in confidence (except if someone tries to turn one into an accomplice in an act which is unchristian in nature or in effect)

  30. Giving priority to empty pleasures above the love towards God or one’s fellow man, e.g. preferring to watch television above helping one’s fellow creature or praying

  31. Giving priority to worldly things above the interests of the soul. Worldly things are often pitfalls from evil intended to lure man into impurity. This included all temptations related to money, property, sexuality, hedonism

  32. The desire to be noticed through words or actions, as opposed to the tendency to discretion and love of inner life. The desire to be noticed is a form of pride and desire to be recognized and appreciated

  33. Judging and condemning. Only God is allowed to judge and to condemn. We are not even able to judge something or somebody, because we can never be acquainted with all factors which have led to a situation, a word or an element or pattern of behaviour.

In contemplating the above list, be aware that the sin becomes more serious if, by committing such 'violations', you make your fellow man share in the impurity and/or the lovelessness, for instance by expecting them to say you are right.

Observing these 33 points as faithfully as possible will bring you closer to the image of Mary, your Heavenly Mother, the only human soul that was ever perfect. She is the most holy 'Mistress of all virtues'.

Therefore, let your soul be inundated by Mary’s sanctity. How? By allowing her image to brand itself so vividly on your memory that you can constantly see it before the eyes of your mind. Each time you think of Her, your soul contacts Her, and with every contact She will 'work' inside your inner being. The longer this mental contact lasts and the more you actually open up your heart to Her in the deepest love, the deeper will be the changes She accomplishes in your soul.

How can you open up your heart to Mary? By truly longing for her from the bottom of your heart. Think of Her while you are longing so hard for Her to 'come and visit you'. Be convinced She will. Jesus already said we will get everything we ask for, provided it may benefit our soul. Longing for a Heavenly visit in our heart, is a good thing, both for our own soul and for the salvation of those we come into contact with, so we need not fear that such a request would not be heard. But for this your heart must be filled with a desire for love and purity. If this is the case, the Holy Spirit will automatically be drawn your way, and will show you the way to perfection. Mary will be your eternal Companion on this way.

The soul that ardently longs for Mary is inspired by true Love. Love makes a soul shine, turns her into a bright flame in this world of darkness. The light of Love attracts Heavenly souls.

Mary wants to interconnect all burning souls that are totally consecrated to Her, like a network of brightly shining flames, in which evil will be captured and will subsequently be humiliated under the power of Her holy feet and crushed in the sign of the Cross of Jesus Christ. You, too, can become a point of light in this network that will save the world, by your ardent prayers, sacrifices, acts of penance, mortifications, constant love and charity and persevering purity, in other words: by your efforts to lead a holy life.

And this is what it is all about: if we are going to save the world from going down, evil must be broken, and this will happen all the more quickly as each one of us is ready and willing to completely purify their soul and to aim fervently at accomplishing perfection and sanctity. Convert, every day again, for total conversion is a process of growth, and regularly make use of the Sacrament of Confession. On top of the Ten Commandments you can also use the above 33 points as a guideline for doing this.

God has given mankind three major lifesavers to enable man to restore his state of sanctity man possessed prior to the original sin. Most people do not see these lifesavers, yet through ardent prayer they will be shown to you as a path to Salvation.

The First Lifesaver was given to mankind by God in the Incarnation and the redeeming Sufferings and Death of His Son Jesus Christ, who became Man in order to expiate the sins of mankind in a physical body. In this respect I refer you to other Teachings: 'The value of suffering and prayer for the liberation of the world from sin', 'Why did Jesus incarnate?', 'Convert, for the Kingdom of God is at hand'. This First Lifesaver was truly the beginning of a New Covenant, an agreement between God and mankind for the salvation and eternal bliss of all souls that are genuinely willing to go the way of Christ.

The Second Lifesaver is our own Baptism, the fact we were born as Christians and, through Baptism, have entered into a Covenant with the Holy Spirit, who, through His Gifts and Inspirations, wants to guide us to sanctity. For this Lifesaver to remain fruitful, it is necessary that we should maintain our Christian heritage. We must do so by living like true Christians, and we can only do so if we keep the Ten Commandments (in the first place Love and purity!), attend Holy Mass as frequently as possible (Holy Mass is the remembrance of the Redeeming Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, with Holy Communion as the mystical union with the Redeemer: "May we come to share in the Divinity of Christ, who humbled Himself to share in our humanity …"), frequent and ardent prayer, the co-redeeming sacrifice of all our trials, and a regular use of the Sacrament of Confession for the purification of our soul.

The Third and last Lifesaver is the grace of consecration of yourself to Mary, the Queen of the Last Times. Ever since Her Immaculate Conception She was chosen by God to play a key role in the Divine Plan of Salvation for mankind. She was created free from the original sin, i.e.: in perfect sanctity (hence the notion: "Immaculate Conception" – conceived without any stain on Her soul), because She had to be worthy to bring the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, into the world. She did this while fully preserving Her virginity, so that every human (consequently: contaminated) intervention with the birth of the Redeemer should be precluded and that no doubt could ever be raised as to the exclusively divine origin of the Messiah.

During the life of Jesus on earth Mary already was the Mother of Sorrows, because even then She already added all trials of Her holy life onto the great Sacrifice Her Divine Son was preparing: the Sacrifice of His own life. When He accomplished this Sacrifice on the Cross on Mount Calvary, Mary really became the Co-Redemptrix: while Jesus was hanging on the Cross, dying for the expiation of the sins of mankind, Mary was dying in Her Heart and soul at the foot of the Cross, for She was fully aware of the inscrutably deep mystical meaning of that which was happening before Her very eyes: the Redemption of mankind through a way of which the supernatural depth had only been fully disclosed to Jesus and to Herself.

From the Cross Jesus made Mary the Mother of all people. She who was the Mother of God’s Son, now also became the Mother of all people, so that the unity of all people with God was now also sealed in a mystical way through Her. God wanted mankind to receive all graces (graces are all gifts our soul needs to grow, and in certain cases gifts which help us in the field of worldly things) through Mary’s intercession as our Mother. That is why She is the Mediatrix of all Graces and Advocate with God.

Mary’s power is unlimited. Through Her merits here on earth She received an unlimited power. Nothing is refused Her, hence Saint Montfort, among others, said that, in the order of Grace, Mary is almighty. Everything was laid at Her feet. The fullness of grace She enjoys, further extends to the end of times, for God has wanted the devil, who from the creation of the first human being has been badgering mankind, to be defeated by a human soul. Jesus Christ took the devil the final word through His Suffering and Death on the Cross, for ever since His Death, Heaven has been accessible to us again (the first Lifesaver).

However, it is up to each individual to actually reap the fruits of Redemption, through a genuinely Christian life (the second Lifesaver). Yet, now that the spiritual situation of mankind as a whole has sunken so deeply and a baffling majority of the souls no longer even come close to the state of grace (holiness), the power lies with Mary, a human soul, to deal the final blow to evil. She is the Queen of the Last Times.

In Jesus Christ God had defeated the devil, but in Mary also mankind is going to defeat him, which constitutes a much greater humiliation for evil. That is why it is of the utmost importance for us to recognize Mary as our Co-Redemptrix. As the third and last Lifesaver for mankind and the world God has provided the possibility that the human souls would submit themselves to Mary in Her capacity as the Co-Redemptrix and Mistress of all souls. As soon as this happens, evil can be paralyzed permanently.

God respects the freedom He has given man, and does not intervene into the course of things in the world, unless He is requested to. However, as soon as great numbers of souls join hands with Mary, submitting themselves to Her, Mary’s power as the Co-Redemptrix will thereby be deemed to be recognized. Jesus’ Mission as the Saviour is accomplished. In a certain sense, Mary is now further implementing this Mission in Her capacity as the Co-Redemptrix, who, in order to further achieve Redemption, keeps drawing from the Spring of graces which never dries up: the Spring of graces opened up by Jesus on the Cross, and which will keep flowing on the merits of the daily remembrance of this Sacrifice of Redemption in the Holy Masses celebrated all over the world. Keep this in mind, it is the key to a good understanding of God’s Mercy in these end times. The greatest possible gratefulness we can show God for His Mercy is our consecration to Mary.

Consecration to Mary quite simply means, telling Mary in a solemn way that you want to be Hers with your soul, your mind, your heart and your body, and that your entire life (past, present and future), everything you do, say, think, feel, and every goal you set, all your joys and sorrows, pains, illnesses, trials, positively everything, no longer belong to anybody but to Her. ("Totus Tuus ego sum, Maria, et omnia mea Tua sunt": "I am all Yours, Mary, and everything that is mine, is Yours"). Then She will unite with you and guide you in everything. It is preferable you repeat this intention every day, without fail, like a solemn pledge, and above all: it is vital that you live accordingly.

Living the life of a soul consecrated to Mary is tantamount to a constant renewal of your baptismal vows (do notice to what extent making use of this third Lifesaver connects with the second Lifesaver God has given you). This means: renouncing evil, trying to avoid all sin and temptations, and fighting them vigorously. You then become an apostle of Mary and of the Cross. If every one of us should do this, a regular chain of Light would be born, a powerful army of Mary. Then the Triumph of Mary will be achieved, the victory of the Light over darkness, and God will be enabled to intervene by founding His Kingdom on earth.

This is how God wanted it to be: that we should accept

  • His first Lifesaver (a bond with Jesus), as well as

  • His second Lifesaver (a bond with the Holy Spirit), and finally

  • His third Lifesaver (a bond with Mary).

Jesus – the Holy Spirit – Mary: the Most Holy Threesome that also on Golgotha (Mount Calvary) accomplished, sanctified, and offered to the Eternal Father the great Sacrifice of Redemption. Therefore, take the vow towards the Eternal Father that you, too, want to participate in this Bond, three times holy, for the disarmament of evil and the salvation of the world.

Myriam, November 2002