Myriam van Nazareth

In a Revelation of October 20, 2006 the Mistress of all souls said:

"I give you two invocations which you will make known to parents and to children:

For children: "Dear Mother Mary, be my Heavenly Mistress. Protect me against all evil, against all temptations and against all dangers".

For parents: "Dear Mother Mary, I entrust ..... (the child's name) to Your most powerful guidance. Protect him/her against all evil and bad influences. Do preserve his/her purity in body and soul".

It is important that these invocations shouls be used on a daily basis, preferably by parents and children together. Fix on the children's hearts the fact they need not harbour any fear if they choose Me for their Guard and have a solid faith in Me".

In these Last Times Mary calls upon the souls very ardently to enter into the holy bond of total, unconditional and everlasting consecration to Her. She now particularly invites children to have themselves consecrate to Her with boundless abandon, to live this consecration to the very best of their abilities, and as soon as they have truly grasped the significance of this holy bond, to also renew this consecration of their own accord.

By consecrating themselves fully to Mary, the soul gives herself to the Queen of Heaven and earth with the intention of being accompanied, ruled, protected and transformed internally into the state of sanctity. In exchange for this invaluable Heavenly gift the soul promises Mary the surrender of her entire life and her entire being, all her doings, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations, and of all her trials and sufferings, for Mary to be able to use all this for the preparation of graces for the accomplishment of God's Plan of Salvation.

The fruits of total, unconditional and everlasting consecration of the soul to Mary are of an immeasurable value both to the soul herself and to God's Plan of Salvation. However, the price is a lifelong effort to truly follow Mary as the Mistress of one's entire being and of every detail of one's life. Mary guides to sanctity every soul that is faithfully consecrated to Her, and enhances the soul's receptivity to the endless treasures which have been made accessible by Jesus Christ's Sufferings, His Death on the Cross and His Resurrection.

The young soul is not yet able to fathom the value of total consecration of herself to Mary, and is not able to understand what is exactly expected of her within this bond. Therefore the child should first be consecrated to Mary by an adult, and should be gradually instructed as to the deeper meaning of total consecration to Mary. For a more in-depth knowledge about this holy bond the Holy Virgin refers to the manifesto entitled Mary's Temple that She gave to Myriam van Nazareth. As soon as the child appears to have an adequate understanding of the value and significance of the holy bond of total consecration to Mary and to be prepared to surrender his or her life completely to Mary in order to lead a life at the full service of God's Plan of Salvation under Mary's powerful guidance, the time has come to renew the consecration to Mary of his or her own free will.

The Mistress of all souls emphasizes the tremendous importance of a total consecration to Her which is actually lived and applied in daily life, for the purpose of accomplishing God's Plan of Salvation and the foundation of God's Kingdom on earth. Today She especially points out how important it is for the revival of the Church of Christ that our children should already be consecrated to Her on a large scale, in order that She should be enabled to raise to life the principles of true Christian morals and of Divine Law as early as during childhood. A deep-rooted Marian youth produces the seed for fruitful fields of Christianity in the future.

Saying the prayer of consecration for the child's benefit is thus merely a beginning, which must be complemented by:

  • teaching the child about Marian consecration, preferably referring to everyday situations that the child is able to recognize clearly;

  • the child's saying his or her own prayer of consecration;

  • an insistent effort on the child's part to actually live the bond of consecration in the practise of daily life.

Saying the initial prayer of consecration and any later renewals thereof can be done at any time. Particularly blessed for total consecration to Mary, however, are:

  • February 2 (Candlemas)

  • March 25 (Annunciation to Mary)

  • May 1 (first day of the Marian month)

  • August 22 (Mary's Coronation as Queen and Mistress of all souls)

  • September 8 (Mary's Birth)

  • November 21 (Presentation of Mary as a child in the Temple)

  • December 8 (Mary's Immaculate Conception)

Today the Most Holy Virgin gives the souls two prayers: The first one can be used by an adult to consecrate children to Mary, thereby sowing the seed of this holy bond into these young souls. The second one can be spoken by the children, in order to water this seed for the first time with their own free will. Later they will be able to consecrate themselves definitively to the Holy Virgin using the many prayers of consecration Mary has given to Myriam van Nazareth.

Prayer nr. 1215 was intended first and foremost for a consecration of children to Mary in groups. It is very important that these children should be taught what this consecration means for them concretely.

It is my joy to be able to transfer the words Mary personally speaks to each child that allows himself or herself to be consecrated to Her:

Words spoken by MARY, the Mistress of all souls,
on Saturday February 19, 2011, to Myriam van Nazareth,
addressed to all children:

"Little flowers of My Heart, little lambs of Jesus,
This is Mother Mary speaking to you all, the Mother of Jesus and the Heavenly Mother of each and every one of you.
As of this day I want to be with you all in a very special way.
I want to live inside of you.
I want to guard you all, day and night.
I want to protect you all, always and everywhere.
Speak to Me deep inside your hearts.
Call Me whenever you are in need, and I will help you.
Do not ever forget that I am with you.
I will be to you an invisible Friend, who sees and hears everything you do and say, and who loves you all very dearly.
In all your pains, sadness and sickness, say to Me: 'Heavenly Mother Mary, I suffer this for You', and I will give you My joy.
Think of Me every morning when you wake up, so that I can be with you all day long. Think of Me every night when you go to sleep, so that I can be right next to you during the night. Think of Me very often, so that I can hold you in My arms very tightly.
I kiss and embrace each one of you. Be Mine, and I will be yours forever".


(Myriam van Nazareth)

(to be pronounced by an adult in the presence of children)

Holy Virgin Mary, Heavenly Mother of all people,
In unity with the hearts of all Christian mothers, fathers and people educating our children, and in the name of the Church of Jesus Christ, I come to entrust these children to the powerful custody of the Queen of Heaven and earth. Do live within them, and fill all their days with the Light of God's Love.
For these souls to be able to accomplish the Plan God had when allowing them to be born, I beg You:
Obtain for them resistance against the innumerable temptations from the world.
Protect them against the many threats to their purity in body, heart and mind.
Preserve within them the Love for true Christian thinking, feeling and longing.
Rule their hearts and minds in every moment of temptation and with every decision they will make on the path of their life, so that they may be guarded against all sin and vice.
May their free will be guided by You to such an extent as to enable them to lead a life which is holy and fruitful for God's Plans and Works.
May their Love of God, of You and of all their fellow creatures remain greater than any material greed, for the rest of their lives.
Be the Mistress of their entire path of life, on sunny days and days of stormy weather, in joy and in trials, so that all their doings may serve God alone.
Be the Light of their hope in all suffering and sadness, so that also on days filled with setbacks and discouragement they may persevere in the lifelong struggle for the sanctity of their souls, the most precious gift God has given them.
Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, to You I now entrust these children. Do let them bloom like blossoms on the rich tree of Christianity, and do guide them from this moment onward to the Gate of Paradise, for it is for eternal bliss with God and with You that they were born.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

(to be pronounced by a child)

Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus,
Today I give myself to You with everything I am and everything I have, to be Yours and to be a flower for You and Jesus.
Do take care of me as long as I shall live. I offer You my joy for it.
Do protect me in all my troubles. I offer You all my sorrow for it.
Do teach me to love You and Jesus every day. I offer You all my pains for it.
Do teach me never to do bad things. I offer You my little sacrifices for it every day.
Do teach me to live like Jesus. I offer You my little prayers for it every day.
Do let the sun shine into my little heart. I want to be a little sun to all people, to all animals and to all flowers.
Dear Heavenly Mother Mary, do come and live in my heart, so that each day I can share everything with You. I offer You myself for it.