Introductory note

Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth, said to Myriam in the Easter Season 2020:

"God’s Basic Law is the Law of true self-denying Love. God judges the spiritual value and fruitfulness of every human soul according to the degree of pure, self-denying, unconditional Love she has spontaneously and voluntarily practiced in every detail and under all circumstances of her life, in every encounter with a fellow creature.

True self-denying Love is the absolute opposite of sin. Sin is darkness, true Love is Light. Darkness is everything which defiles, thwarts, harms and tries to destroy Divine Works. Light is everything which helps accomplish God’s Works, for the glorification of God and of His true nature, which is nothing but the purest Love without even the slightest trace of darkness.

Every trace of lack of Love in behaviour separates a soul from her Creator and His Works, and thereby counteracts the perceptible effects produced by the Law of true Love in creation. This counteraction is expressed in all disruption and all derailment which can clearly be noticed in the world around you: chaos, misery, suffering, injustice, inner strife, anxiety, fear and unhappiness.

Many souls – even among the Christians – fail to understand and to realize that even lack of Love, insensitivity and indifference in each and every encounter with animals envelops the guilty human soul in darkness, and that also on account of the tremendous frequency of this kind of behaviour in every encounter with animals on a global scale, day after day, and not only on account of all darkness in the contacts among human souls, all of creation is enveloped in an ever growing layer of darkness.

I point out that every trace of darkness in a human soul’s behaviour or disposition towards an animal expresses the fact this soul is following an inspiration to act as a tool for the completion of a threefold plan of destruction harboured by Satan:

  1. Satan is attempting to cause physical and emotional pain, harm and torture to a living being, work of God, to rob it of its dignity and, if at all possible, to destroy it, in order that the culture of death may be glorified;
  2. Satan is attempting to envelop the soul who has acted upon his inspiration in darkness, no matter which species of fellow creature is meant to be the victim of the inspiration;
  3. Satan attempts to keep enhancing the disruption of all creation by constantly putting God’s Law of true Love to shame through the intermediary of a human soul, whereas every single human soul was intended to be a crown upon creation and a reflection of God’s Presence towards all creatures.
Behold God’s Golden Rule: The true purpose and the perfect accomplishment of every human soul’s mission in life, and thereby the true source of her own happiness and of happiness for all creation lies herein, that the soul is and lives in such a way that, to each fellow person AND to each animal that crosses her path through life, she is an enrichment, a blessing and a source of Light and warmth through all her doings, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations, expectations and her entire inner attitude in everything which perceptibly proceeds from her as well as everything which emanates from her on a level not perceptible by the senses. The perfect harmony among all creatures can not be achieved without an uninhibited and unconditional empathy practiced by all human souls with all her fellow creatures – fellow persons without any distinction or discrimination as well as animals.

Reflect upon all of this very thoroughly, and thus understand the scope of what mankind is doing to God, to itself and to creation as a whole, also through her attitude towards her non human fellow creatures".


In 2011 the Queen of Heaven inspired Her Myriam the extraordinary writing entitled The Brooklets of salvation as a very profound teaching about the importance and value of a consistent practice of true self-denying Love and an unconditional respect to the animals as:

  • a giant source of salvation for the human souls themselves;
  • a purposeful way to cleanse the atmosphere poisoning all life on earth of inestimable amounts of darkness; and
  • a powerful means to advance the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures on earth.

Ever since, She has been urging frequently for a radical revolution as to the way human souls treat – and as to the dispositions of their hearts towards – the animals as a very largely neglected means to purify the world and to find true happiness for all human souls.

Among others in Her invitations in the course of 2019, which were launched under the heading Dealing with animals: another way out of the darkness She once again emphasized the tremendous significance of a vast increase of awareness of a great many human souls as to a loving way of treating the animals.

In the teachings within the framework of the present menu item the Queen of Heaven has us provide a presentation of the essence of Her teachings and theses concerning this so tremendously important and yet so widely neglected aspect within the framework of the individual human soul’s development and of the state of grace of creation as a whole.

It may prove most useful to read The Brooklets of salvation very thoroughly to understand the present teachings and appeal properly, because The Brooklets offers a broad-spectrum and in-depth analysis of the celestial view on the role of the animals within creation, and to actually fully understand the significance of the way man treats the animals, and of the inner dispositions he harbours while doing so.

We found out in the past there are souls who doubt that the theses spread by Maria Domina Animarum concerning the urgent necessity of a complete turnaround as to the way people treat the animals reflect Divine Truth and/or that these theses are not fruits of human thinking but have a celestial origin. These souls have obviously not understood the higher importance of this aspect of life on a spiritual level. Towards these souls the Queen of Heaven repeats emphatically that such a disposition is utterly deplorable, because it exposes the souls concerned to the danger of incurring a double debt towards Divine Justice:

  1. because in so doing they are actually doubting the truth of these teachings originating with the Heart of the Queen of Heaven Herself;
  2. because in so doing they prove unwilling to consider the fact it is anything but immaterial to God how animals in this world are treated on a large scale, as well as the fact we are dealing with billions of violations against Love here, and therefore against God’s Basic Law.

During the inspirations which were to become the foundations for the present menu item the Mistress of all souls referred to their common theme as 'a comprehensive and profound glorification to the Divine Law of true Love'. Blessed is the soul who, in her heart of hearts, perceives the extraordinary significance this theme has got in the eyes of God Himself.