Special Revelation by Mary, Mistress of all souls,
about a very important aspect of the responsibility
of the human soul within creation

given to Myriam van Nazareth on March, 18, 2020

"God made His creation in a state of perfect harmony, Love and Peace among all creatures of any species. His creation was to be ruled by His Law of true Love, the Basic Law of Life.

The human soul was created as the crown upon creation and therefore as the representative of the dispositions of her Creator Himself, who is the Source of all Life and of perfect Love, which flows out of God’s Heart as the essence and fuel of all Life.

To the extent to which this Basic Law would be complied with and would be experienced and applied in its fullness the harmony within creation – among all living beings – was to remain perfect, and so would the harmony within each individual organism, a perfection which would express itself through a complete absence of illness and suffering.

Due to the original sin committed by the first human souls the Divine Basic Law was severely violated and the first thorough disruption of the harmony among all creatures and inside of each individual creature came about. As a result of this illness and suffering were born, and all kinds of aggression, hostility, distrust, mutual struggle and jealousy between creatures arose.

The aggression you can now witness on a large scale among people, but also in the animal kingdom and from animals toward human beings is a direct consequence of the original sin and the subsequent steady progression of the deviation of life from the Divine Basic Law as a result of the terrifically fast increase of the volume of sins and vices in and among the human souls. By sin we are to understand every violation committed by a human soul against the Divine Law of true Love.

In truth I tell you that aggression in the animal kingdom, as well as all misery, chaos, injustice and suffering in the world express the sinfulness of human souls throughout the ages. Without this sinfulness all creatures in this world would still be living in complete harmony, Love, Peace, solidarity, sense of community, willingness to serve and to help, sympathy, and a complete nonexistence of illness and suffering.

Also be well aware of the fact that any negative thought, feeling, intention or action on the part of a human soul towards an animal anywhere in the world increases the distrust felt by the entire animal kingdom towards man, for due to the fact God made His creation as a network within which all creatures are connected among each other (*) every single creature unconsciously receives a signal with every positive as well as with every negative action, thought, feeling or intention directed by a human soul towards an individual animal. On account of the millions of violations against Love committed by human souls globally day after day countless creatures’ emotional lives are very seriously disrupted and in a great many of them Love and trust have largely been replaced by fear and distrust, and consequently also by aggression".

(*) One day the Mistress of all souls compared the mutual connection between all creatures with the phenomenon which, in physics, is known by the name of 'communicating vessels': If, in a laboratory, glass vessels filled with water are connected among each other and black ink is poured into one of them, first the water in the latter will start to turn dark, and gradually also the water in the other vessels will get darker. That which occurs in one vessel thus spreads on to the other ones. Something similar occurs in the network of creation whenever a human soul does or thinks something good or bad, or harbours some good or bad feeling or intention, towards a specific fellow creature (man or animal).

The Mistress of all souls points out that the laws of spiritual life have got more in common with the laws of nature than man would be inclined to assume. This is exactly why, in her Teachings within the framework of the Science of Divine Life, She uses so many metaphors referring to images most people know from nature.

Revelation by the Mistress of all souls on March 31, 2020

"As the human soul is but on earth for the sole purpose of fulfilling a mission in life as a tool through which God wants to implement and complete His Works and Plans, she is constantly the bearer of a threefold responsibility:

  1. It is expected of every soul that, through her entire behaviour, she should constantly be fruitful for the completion of God’s Works and Plans;
  2. It is expected of every soul that she should constantly commit herself to the development of her personal spiritual abilities, i.e. to her personal sanctification, in other words to an ever increasing purity as a reflection of the very dispositions of God Himself;
  3. It is expected of every soul that she should constantly live at the service of all her fellow creatures.

A soul who is not committed to becoming increasingly pure and fruitful as a soul is guilty of a threefold 'non serviam' (I refuse to serve): She neglects rendering service to God Himself, to her own growth, and to her fellow creatures. A soul who is constantly working on enhancing her purity and the bloom of her own spiritual abilities is thereby not only serving her own sanctification and therefore the fulfilment of her true mission in life on earth, viz. the mission of being an ever more useful tool of God, she is also serving God Himself as well as all her fellow creatures, on account of the fact that any spiritual growth also enables the soul to infuse an ever brighter light into the network of creation as a whole, thus contributing to the enhancement of the well-being of all creatures.

Numerous are the souls who live in the expectation that they will automatically inherit Eternal Bliss by merely avoiding to commit mortal sins and by trying to abide by Church rules as faithfully as possible. This is a passive attitude towards life, which does not as such justify that the soul should deserve to enter into Eternal Bliss. The promise of Eternal Bliss remains valid only for the soul who endorses the aforementioned responsibility in an active way, which is tantamount to constantly practicing self-denying Love to God, His Works and Plans, and all fellow creatures.

In truth I tell you that in this age Christian faith is lived in a dangerously passive way. This delivers great numbers of Christians to a severe form of self-deception and deprives the network of creation of large amounts of Light, due to the fact that countless souls fail to generate the luminous power expected of them by God Himself".