(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Easter symbolizes new life. Henceforth the Queen of Heaven would like Her Maria Domina Animarum Work to be represented by a new concept of images which expresses Her Presence and Her actions to the fullest possible extent.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work was established by the Mother of God as the mouthpiece for Her celestial teachings, and as of the beginning of Myriam’s vocation Mary insisted that the entire Work should be a mirror of Her own dispositions, Her own way of thinking and Her own way of feeling, and should therefore be an unequivocal sign of total, unconditional and strictly applied and experienced consecration to Mary. This is why the Queen of Heaven invited Myriam once and for all to bury in Her (i.e. Mary's) Heart the entire background of certain developments concerning this Work, which She had never intended to take place, so as to prevent the darkness from feeding on these developments and so as to be able to lead the souls into the heart of Her Work through entirely new, perfectly clean windows. Mary, the Dawn of the spring day, will not allow to be paralyzed by the darkness. She is indeed the Mother of Eternal Light, and in the accomplished reality She has already defeated all darkness.

True blossoms will prosper only on a sound soil. This is why the Queen of Heaven is constantly leading us to places which, in view of Her sublime goals, are in need of cleaning. The result of the newest inspiration is a new, very hope inspiring spring, like it can only emerge from the Heart of the Mother of Christ, this Heart which, as is well-known, is the most holy Tomb of infinite Sufferings and Sorrows (including those of the souls consecrated to Her) and is perfectly united with the Heart of the Divine Redeemer – a spring which makes true Life in the hearts bloom. Spring is Life, blossoming, freedom, hope, new strength, the experience of God’s immediate vicinity, a bridge to the summer in which fruits will be reaped which are filled with both the juices from God’s soil and the gardener's tears.

Not long ago the Mistress of all souls whispered so disarmingly and beautifully in Myriam’s heart: "If the soul entrusts everything to My Heart, nothing in her life will ever be lost. The effects the things yield are not determined by the extent to which these things are visible to the eyes of the world or not, but only by the Love and purity with which they live on inside the hearts, for it is Love and purity that invite God’s grace and true Life to be poured out upon all things"... Heavenly words like a spring time breeze.

Right from the start the Mistress of all souls built Her Work of propagation on a foundation of Love, purity and of meticulous attempts to avoid any kind of worldly influences. Thus the pictures through which She deigns to bring the essence of Her Work to the souls, express Her own purity, Love and spiritualization (the latter meaning Mary's inner dispositions were to the highest possible extent pure from the corrupting influences of the world). The opening picture of our website, which is referred to by the Queen of Heaven as True Window on Maria Domina Animarum, and the picture constituting the third page, to which She gave the name of Maria Domina Animarum as spring time, together provide a gold mine of essential elements expressing the unique propagation by the Mistress of all souls. The first picture is explained in True Window. The latter picture, the one which constitutes the third page of this website and which also tops the present text, offers the following rich symbolism:

Symbolism of the picture entitled
Maria Domina Animarum as spring time

This very expressive picture conveys a great deal of that which the Mistress of all souls is teaching through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work. Therefore the following explanation could not possibly ever be complete. It is recommended to take it in together with the explanation accompanying the other picture – True Window on Maria Domina Animarum. Let us consider its main ingredients:

  • The picture is presented in a heavenly blue frame, expressing the infinity of the Heavenly Presence surrounding it all. Heavenly blue symbolizes the perfect inner Peace and perfect inner calm which prevail in any place where Mary is present and is enabled to truly dominate the atmosphere and pervade it with Her dispositions, for instance in the context of total, strictly practiced consecration to Mary.

  • In the middle Mary is sitting on a golden throne. She has received rule and power on account of Her perfect sanctity (gold symbolizing royal dignity and sanctity). She is holding a golden sceptre in Her right hand, as a symbol of Her royal power, and is wearing a golden crown, reminding us of the fact that in the hour of Her entry into Eternity God crowned Her to be the Queen of all creation on account of the fact She had led a life in absolutely perfect accordance with His Will, and that He elevated Her infinitely high above all souls and all things created. Remarkable also is the golden glow the Queen of Heaven is enveloped in. This glow symbolizes the fullness of grace She has so fully and thoroughly internalized and unfolded within Herself to such an extent that Her entire being seems to breathe the absolute fullness of sanctity any created soul could ever achieve – She radiates sanctity. Light represents God’s Truth, the effects of His Presence, His Laws and His Works. The golden Light symbolizes the fullness of Truth Mary possesses.

  • Mary is wearing a white dress, symbolizing the fact She is invested with the absolutely spotless purity and sinlessness, and a heavenly blue cloak, symbolizing the fact She is invested with perfect Peace resulting from a perfect self control, control of every possible human weakness, passion and influence from the darkness. In a manner of speaking She is invested with all capacities and characteristics of celestial nature. The pink girdle expresses True Love, in which She is completely soaked. True Love is like the trunk of the tree of virtues, the basic virtue of which all virtues spring and through which all virtues are nourished. Mary was chosen to bring Eternal Love in a human shape (Christ) into the world, in order for Him to redeem the souls through the ultimate act of Love, and in any conceivable way She has merged with this Love. The Sorrowful Heart is shown, which through a mystical Mystery possesses the full awareness and understanding of the nature of sin, and has been suffering and will keep suffering tremendously by this understanding. Before She started inspiring Her Revelations as the Mistress of all souls in 2005 Mary had already been leaving a major imprint on the first years of Myriam’s vocation in Her capacity as the Mother of Sorrows.

  • The Holy Spirit is resting on Mary, who is to the highest possible extent allowed to merge with Him and in whom the Motherhood over Christ was established by the Holy Spirit. 

  • Mary has got the moon under Her feet. She once explained this as follows: The moon symbolizes the Light in the darkness of the night. The representation of the Mother of God with the moon under Her feet therefore symbolizes the perfectly holy Woman who is in perfect control of all virtues (the Light). The struggle for the sanctification of all souls and against the darkness, as well as conveying an understanding of all strategies of the darkness and ways of deception by the darkness are part of the essence of the teachings given by the Mistress of all souls.

  • Mary’s right foot is resting on a 'ball'. The Mistress shows this 'ball' as having three meanings:

    1. It symbolizes the globe: The Mistress of all souls has been given a power over creation that no mortal soul could ever imagine. She expounds on this power extensively through this Work;

    2. It symbolizes the souls: In visions the Queen of Heaven repeatedly showed Her Myriam souls in a symbolic way as radiant, colourful immaterial balls. In this picture one might imagine this 'ball' to represent every soul – Mary as the Mistress of all souls, in which capacity Her unlimited power over each soul (angels, saints, human souls and demons) is expressed;

    3. It symbolizes a stone: The Mistress of all souls keeps emphasizing that all details of a soul’s journey through life, which may constitute or have constituted to her an obstacle, can be regarded as stones which, after the soul’s having consecrated herself and her life ardently to Mary, She – the Mistress – brings under Her control and turns to gold, so to speak (graces, merits yielding Redemption/sanctification). To Her truly dedicated souls the Mistress of all souls is the Mistress of their journey through life, including all stones on the path on which the soul accomplishes this journey, metaphorically speaking.

  • A snake or serpent, symbol of satan, the darkness, coils itself around the 'ball', meaning it is trying to rule and to strangle the globe as well as the souls and their journeys through life. Mary's right foot on this 'ball' therefore also expresses Her power to control the effects of all works of darkness. During Her life on earth Mary was not even for a single second defeated by the devil’s temptations, and in the fullness of time She – "the Woman" – is going to crush the devil’s head (symbolizing all works of darkness wrought by him). As the Mistress of all souls the Mother of God teaches extensively about Her unlimited power over the darkness and all of its works. One of the major purposes of Her mission lies in the fact that in every soul who fully consecrates herself to Her and consciously and strictly practices this consecration in daily life, She tries to deepen and to strengthen the resistance against temptation, blindness and deception, in order that the souls may to the fullest extent take part in the battle of the Light against the darkness, and therefore in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

  • All elements are presented against a background of spring blossoms. These symbolize spring time, bloom, true growth of the soul, all virtues, sanctification, true Divine Life. White blossoms can furthermore be regarded as symbols for a spotless innocence, as it is truly embodied by the Immaculate Conception. Let us not forget the Mistress of all souls keeps making clear She intends to lead all souls to the state of sanctity the first souls possessed before the original sin. 

Maria Domina Animarum (the Mistress of all souls) is the spiritual spring, the perfect stainless Bridge to the summer of Eternal Bliss for each soul who fully surrenders to the Queen of Heaven and gives Her the opportunity to make an unlimited 'use' of her entire life and her entire being, in other words: to deploy her to the fullest for the benefit of God’s Plan of Salvation. The Mistress of all souls teaches this goal through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work, which to that end was soaked completely in Her Presence and Her inspirations. Therefore this Work could not even exist without an exclusively mystical basis. No human mind, no purely human action could ever bring a Work like this to fruition. Man is inevitably a bearer of traces of winter. Only the immaculate Mistress of all souls is Bearer of a perfect spring and is able to ring in the actual summer. This is how She pours Herself out completely into Her spiritual fruit, Her Maria Domina Animarum Work, in order that the latter might be able to represent Her ever more perceptibly and that it may day after day be able to bring a touch of spring to the souls of good will, who wholeheartedly accept this Heavenly gift on their journey to the everlasting summer.

May during each encounter with our Work all hearts be receptive to the One who is the true Heart of this Work and who has got the power to awaken spring time in every soul.

Myriam and the Maria Domina Animarum Work.

Easter 2013