(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

After, around Easter 2012, the Queen of Heaven had ordered a complete reform of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work, by the end of May She inspired an image, which She preferred to be used henceforth as the true window on Her Maria Domina Animarum Work. This picture offers an unparalleled rich symbolism, which in a variety of respects refers to the basic Truths on which this Apostolate is built, and to a number of basic theses the Mistress of all souls teaches in Her Science of Divine Life.

In the new picture the Most Blessed Virgin Mary’s capacity and vocation as the Mistress of all souls is stated more clearly than ever before, in that She has this capacity and this vocation depicted visually within their full context. Without this context Mary’s true nature and Works in Her 'capacity of all capacities' (i.e. as the Mistress of all souls) are often not understood the way they really are.

Therefore the Mother of God now avails Herself of this wonderful visual medium, in order that the hearts of Her children may in their turn open up to the unique gifts of grace in the way of sanctification and eternal bliss God wants to prepare for the souls through the Mistress of all souls and Her Science of Divine Life.

The "New Window on the Maria Domina Animarum Work" has come about strictly upon a revelation by the Queen of Heaven, and was even intended by Her to be a Heavenly way to open up souls and teach them.

The Queen of Heaven invites all souls to allow this picture and the associated teaching to leave a very marked imprint on their heart as the great sign of hope, for through this sign She makes souls more receptive to the fullness of Truth on the major Works God is accomplishing through Her for the benefit of the souls, as well as to the true meaning of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work.

Further to an invitation by the Queen of Heaven I am privileged to explain something of the deeper meaning of the rich Heavenly symbolism the Most Blessed Virgin wants to convey through this picture, which She inspired Herself. The best thing to do, is for me to go through the main elements of the picture, so that the meaning of these elements within the framework of this Work of the Mistress of all souls may become clear:

  • Like a dome on top of it all we find the words Maria Domina Animarum, Latin for "Mary, Mistress of all souls", as the highest and all-encompassing title of the Mother of God and the name of Her Apostolate.

    These words are on the picture in blue, as an representation of Mary Herself.
  • Then comes the confession TOTUS TUUS, MARIA !, Latin for "(I am) all Yours, Mary". These words constitute the very formula of total and unconditional consecration to Mary. Ever since the day on which Myriam was called by the Mother of God the Latter has been wanting Myriam to use this formula as a formula by which to consecrate every writing, every letter etc. Through this formula everything that is published through this Apostolate, either on this website or through any other channel, is consecrated to Mary, put under Her custody, and carried into the treasuries of God’s Plan of Salvation through Her graceful hands. The Queen of Heaven refers to this formula as Her signature, and therefore has it put above every one of Myriam’s writings as well as above Her website.

    On the picture these words are in gold, as an expression of their sanctity, their dignity in God’s eyes, and as a tribute to the Queen of Heaven and earth.
  • The formula Ad Sanctam Trinitatem per Mariam, Latin for "To the Holy Trinity through Mary". This formula expresses the deepest sense of this Work: Through this Work in its entirety Mary teaches the souls the golden path to God’s Heart, which runs through Her by virtue of a Divine Decree. This formula confirms Mary as the Bridge between Heaven and earth.

    On the picture these words are in lila, because the Mistress of all souls refers to lila as the colour of deep mysticism, of the Divine Mysteries AND of penitence. Let us not forget that this whole Work is based entirely on mysticism, that it conveys knowledge of Divine Mysteries as part of the teachings in the Science of Divine Life, and that Myriam’s vocation was from the very beginning built on acts of penitence, which were taught and guided by the Mother of Sorrows.
  • The colours of the picture: For the greater part the picture is composed of shades of blue and white, which are the colours referring to the Mother of God. Mary taught Myriam that blue as the colour of the sky, of heaven, symbolizes the deep Peace of heart, the deep inner calm, the imperturbability, the inner balance, the perfect freedom from fear, anxiety, excitement and aggression. Blue is the colour of perfect, spotless harmony. Blue is also the colour symbolizing equanimity as well as unrestrained surrender, and therefore also of total consecration to Mary. Mary points out that, for the human soul, the blue sky is like the gate of Heaven, and that, because blue symbolizes Mary’s Being, this can be understood to mean that Her soul embraces all souls God has entrusted to Her custody and guidance in the order of grace, and that also therefore She is referred to as the Gate of Heaven: Within Her the soul enters into Divine Life.

    White is the colour of spotless purity and of Wisdom. Something white optimally reflects the sunlight. Purity is defined by the Mistress of all souls as the extent to which a soul is able to reflect God’s Light or to be a mirror of God.
  • The picture is interwoven with spring blossoms. Time and again the Mistress of all souls speaks about Eternal Spring, thereby referring to the inner disposition in which the soul is a bearer of Divine Life, true Love, perfect inner Peace, true sanctity. In this sense Eternal Spring would be the spiritual disposition Mary is trying to bring about in every soul through the teachings published within the framework of the Science of Divine Life (i.e. the whole of Myriam’s writings). These teachings could therefore be regarded as the way to this everlasting Spring. This way symbolizes the special hope the Mistress of all souls brings through the Science of Divine Life. As a matter of fact She keeps emphasizing that it is one of the major goals She has set for Her Apostolate, that it should bring hope to the souls of the Last Times. The spring blossoms in the new opening picture express all this. Moreover it should be pointed out the Mistress of all souls regards spring blossoms as symbols of virtue, and therefore as the path to sanctity.

  • In the upper part of the picture God is carrying the globe, which is 'embraced' by the Cross of Redemption. Myriam’s writings well and truly present the relationship between the Most Holy Trinity and Mary in the proper Light. The Mistress of all souls enthroned as the Figurehead in the battle against the darkness, in implementation of God's Plan of Salvation in these Last Times, is enveloped in the fullness of Divine Graces, and in this most sublime sanctity She brings God to the souls, and the souls to God. For the benefit of the souls She has been granted the power to transform, the fullness of Wisdom and knowledge, in order for Her to be able to fulfil in all and any details Her role as the Guardian of mankind ("Woman, behold Thy son; son, behold thy Mother").

  • The Queen of Heaven is not the Source of Light, She is totally filled with the Light flowing from the Source, which is in God. In this state of the most sublime perfection any created soul has ever been able to reach and will ever be able to reach, She fully lives Her ultimate vocation as the Mistress of all souls for the crowning of Redemption and the Salvation of souls (meaning that Her vocation lies in accomplishing Redemption and Salvation in each individual soul of good will: Jesus Christ has bought the key to open the lock, the opening itself is the holy duty of each individual soul, and Mary is the God-given Auxiliary to assist each soul who is truly willing to make full use of the fruits yielded by the Christ's Works of Redemption and who will actively collaborate towards achieving this goal).

  • On the left we see Mary as the Sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross, from which the Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ gives Her to all souls through the disciple Saint John, and gives all souls to Mary through Saint John. This act, which the Christ performed right at the very climax of His Work of Redemption (and can therefore be considered to be, so to speak, the crowning thereof), is in several places of the writings referred to by the Mistress of all souls as the basic covenant on which Marian consecration is actually based, and through which the latter was called to life by God Himself.

    The Mother of God initially called upon Her Myriam in Her capacity as the Sorrowful Mother. In this capacity, as a matter of fact, She very convincingly demonstrated the Truth about Her capacity as the Co-Redemptrix. Saint John was the apostle of Christ with reference to whom the Mistress explains that his faculty of mystical perception exceeded that of the other apostles, and that therefore he was the only one to actually suspect the true sublimity of Jesus’ Mother. Moreover Saint John played a part in the formation of Myriam as a mystical channel at the service of the Queen of Heaven: About the year 2000 Mary Herself allotted Saint John to Myriam as one of the latter’s 'guiding saints'.
  • In the middle we see the Mistress of all souls enthroned, with the ball and the serpent underneath Her foot. Here this element also expresses the Heavenly Queen’s final Triumph over Satan (We also refer to the picture in Maria Domina Animarum as Springtime). In many of Myriam’s writings reference is made to this Divine Promise. The fulfilment of this Divine Promise is the apex of the hope the Maria Domina Animarum Work is so abundantly filled with. Time and time again the Mistress’ teachings refer to the battle between God’s Light and the works of darkness, as well as to the fact Mary, as the Figurehead in this battle, has got the devil under Her feet. He has been in Her power from the very beginning, as of Her Immaculate Conception, and for the entire duration of Her sinless life. It is therefore only right that She should be the One, as a Representative of all souls, to crush the devil’s head, i.e. to finally render his works of darkness ineffective.

  • The picture is presented in such a way that the souls are given the impression as though they were looking through a window into the treasury of God’s Mysteries or into the accomplished reality of Divine Life.

  • Below the actual window the Mistress of all souls wishes to see the Salve Regina ("Hail, holy Queen..."), which shows us Mary as the Queen, Bridge to God, Mediatrix, sign of hope, and as the One who is able to help ripen and bloom, i.e. to help accomplish within the souls, the Promise of Christ, which is Eternal Salvation.

Dear sisters and brothers, on this opening page Heaven offers us at a single glance the essential elements of the mission of teaching to which the Maria Domina Animarum Work has been called. The picture contains a rich teaching, in which it is demonstrated once again to what extent within this propagation everything is connected with everything, and how the Science of Divine Life constitutes a truly conclusive system. May this picture be perceived by every soul the way the Mistress of all souls has intended it: like a Heavenly embrace inviting the soul to enter into Her realm of perfect hope, encouragement, true Love and the fullness of Truth, this realm which is nothing else but God’s Kingdom on earth, for which Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls is preparing the souls and which She is trying to bring to them 'in an individually tailored way', i.e.: She has received the power to transform every soul to such an extent as to make the latter ready for a new spring in Divine Life, and She does so on the basis of the soul’s specific disposition and state of heart, vocation and 'luggage for life'.

Thus the Holy Virgin has obtained us the grace to impress into the hearts some of the things She wants to teach the souls, in one single picture.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,

The Maria Domina Animarum Work, June 2012