inspired by Mary to Myriam van Nazareth

"Fasting is about detaching. The fasting I am now proposing to the souls who are willing to allow the seed of My teachings to mature in their hearts so as to be able to flourish for God’s Kingdom on earth is not in the first place about detaching from food.

In the Last Times no detachment is greater than spontaneously aiming to abandon all darkness in one’s inner life.

It is no coincidence that the commemoration of the redeeming Passion of the Christ is preceded by the Lenten Season. In the light of My current call I want to point out that the soul is only able to help unlock Jesus Christ’s Works of Redemption within herself – i.e. to help the fruits of these perfect Works reach full maturity – to the extent to which she radically expels every dark inclination from her feelings, thoughts and desires. Only then will the soul be able to achieve unity with Christ, a unity which is necessary to harvest the fruits from His seed.

I extend to the souls the urgent request that, as of the present Lenten Season, they should adopt the dispositions that dominated the Hearts of Jesus and Myself: Jesus and I never allowed the Light to set inside Our Hearts for the entire duration of Our lives. In a heart in which the Light is shining uninterruptedly the darkness does not get any chance to sow its ill weeds.

Be a sun to your environment all the time, to every single fellow creature Divine Providence will guide onto your path through life, no matter whether the contact is but very brief or lasts your whole life long. The sun is a source of light and warmth. You yourselves, too, should radiate the light of brightfulness and the warmth of gentleness and softness, every moment of your lives, in all situations and under any circumstances, in order that your entire environment may recognize the sun of Christ has risen inside your hearts. To the extent your free will is determined to enter into a marriage with the Heart of Christ and is never, not even for a single moment, going to be unfaithful to the Divine Groom, this sun inside of you will never set again and every inclination and all and any traces of darkness even in the remotest corners of your hearts will go down on their knees before the God of the fullness of the Light and of Love.

This attitude towards life is the only way of fasting which is able to prepare the heart to be delivered from everything that may prevent the soul from reaching the end of her path through life on earth in the state of purity which is able to open up to her the narrow gate to the Paradise of Eternal Summer".

(Mary, the Mistress of all souls, on Quinquagesima Sunday, February 23, 2020)