Inspirations from the Queen of Heaven

to Myriam van Nazareth

about the treasures hidden behind
72 milestones on the Christian calendar


Dear souls in Jesus and Mary,

Around the year 2010 the Mother of God began to inspire Myriam explanations concerning the deeper meanings of certain feasts or special episodes on the Christian calendar. This marked the beginning of the creation of a very informative collection of educational material, which is able to play a vital role in any Christian soul’s spiritual training.

The Queen of Heaven refers to this collection as a golden veil: The bundle of these teachings contains a gold mine of explanations regarding a number of Heavenly Mysteries (moreover, gold symbolizes the most sublime sanctity), yet the deep background behind these Mysteries is veiled to many souls. This makes the present writing an excessively filled treasury for the spiritual education of the soul. The exploration of this treasury has got the potential to lift many a veil of ignorance.

Thus this writing is a valuable part of the Science of Divine Life, the collection of the theses taught by Mary regarding the question how the human soul should empty herself of all darkness and most effectively remain upright against the strategies deployed by the darkness, and how she is to contribute to bringing Divine Life into blossom within her by applying everything the Mistress of all souls teaches her and by becoming an ever cleaner mirror of God’s Light.

It is useful to use this collection together with the Gems of Grace, as in the latter the backgrounds of a number of events from the lives of Jesus and Mary are elaborated upon, and both writings have thus become like twins within the framework of the revelations brought to us by the Mistress of all souls.

Having regard to the fact a number of feasts are not commemorated on fixed dates, the order among them may at some points change from year to year. It is a good thing to keep this in mind when using this collection.

May this new present from the Mother of God to Her children help bring everlasting bloom to the flowers of many souls.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,
Her Myriam

January 2014


January 1
1. Mother of God – Ark of the New Covenant

January 3
2. Most Sacred Name of Jesus

January 6
3. Epiphany of Jesus Christ

third Sunday after Christmas
4. Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan

January 23
5. The Espousals of Mary and Joseph

February 2
6. Candlemas (Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)

around February 5
7. The Flight into Egypt

February 11
8. Appearance of the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes

February 20
9. Mary, Mother of Tears

Ash Wednesday
10. The Forty Days of Lent

approximately six weeks after the Baptism of Jesus
11. Wedding at Cana

March 19
12. Saint Joseph

fourth Sunday of Lent
13. Mid-Lent Sunday

March 21
14. Beginning of Spring

March 24
15. Holy Archangel Gabriel

March 25
16. The Annunciation

last Sunday before Easter
17. Palm Sunday

Thursday after Palm Sunday
18. Holy Thursday

Friday after Palm Sunday
19. Good Friday: Christ’s Death on the Cross

Sunday after Palm Sunday
20. Holy Saturday – Mary Co-Redemptrix

first Sunday after the first full Moon of Spring
21. Easter: Resurrection of Christ

around Easter
22. Finding of the twelve year old Jesus in the Temple

first Sunday after Easter
23. Devine Mercy Sunday

April 26
24. Mary, Mother of Good Counsel

Second Sunday of May (Mother’s Day)
25. Mother’s Day (also Feast of Mary’s Motherhood)

Thursday after the fifth Sunday after Easter
26. Ascension of Christ

Sunday after Ascension
27. Mary, Queen of the Apostles

seventh Sunday after Easter
28. Pentecost

May 24
29. Mary, Help of Christians

May 31
30. Visitation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

first Sunday after Pentecost
31. Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

second Thursday after Pentecost
32. Feast of Corpus Christi

June 8
33. Mary, Seat of Wisdom

Second Sunday of June (Father’s Day)
34. Father’s Day (feast of the Eternal Father)

third Friday after Pentecost
35. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saturday after second Sunday after Pentecost
36. Immaculate Heart of Mary

June 27
37. Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help

July 1
38. Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

July 22
39. Saint Mary Magdalene

August 2
40. Mary, Queen and Mistress of the angels

August 5
41. Mary, our Lady of the Snows

August 13
42. Mary, Refuge of sinners

August 15
43. Mary’s Assumption into Heaven

August 15 – 22
44. The days of Mary’s unique Glorification

August 22
45. Mary’s Coronation as the Queen of Heaven and earth –
Feast of the Mistress of all souls

Saturday before last Sunday of August
46. Mary, Health of the sick

August 31
47. Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces

Saturday after the feast of St. Augustin
48. Mary, Comforter of the afflicted

September 8
49. Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary

September 12
50. Feast of the Name of 'Mary'

September 14
51. Exaltation of the Cross

September 15
52. Mary, Sorrowful Mother

September 24
53. Mary, Ransom of captives

September 29
54. The holy Archangels

October 1
55. Feast of the veil and the protection of the Mother of God

October 2
56. Feast of the holy guardian angels

October 7
57. Mary, Queen of the Rosary

October 16
58. Feast of the Purity of Mary

59. Month of forgiveness and reconciliation

November 1
60. All Saint’s Day – Mary, Queen of Saints

November 2
61. All Soul’s Day – Mary Advocate

Saturday preceding the third Sunday of November
62. Mary, Mother of Divine Providence

November 21
63. Presentation of Mary in the Temple

last Sunday before the first Sunday of the Advent
64. Feast of Christ the King

fourth Sunday preceding December 25
65. Beginning of the Advent

December 8
66. Mary’s Immaculate Conception

December 18
67. Expectation of the Holy Virgin Mary

December 25
68. Christmas: Birth of Jesus Christ

December 27
69. Apostle St. John

December 28
70. The Holy Innocents

first Sunday after Christmas
71. Feast of the Holy Family

December 31
72. New Year’s Eve


January 1


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Throughout the ages God has been performing many Works that favour the Salvation of souls. As a matter of fact His sole purpose is this: that as many souls as possible would be able to inherit Eternal Bliss in His Presence. However, the Creator has allowed one rule to bind Him: The Law of Divine Justice must be fulfilled, and every soul must freely decide whether or not she wants to make use of her God’s Gifts.

One of the greatest wonders is indubitably a human soul’s unique prerogative to become the Mother of the Second Divine Person, and the preparation that made it possible to make a soul the Tabernacle or Bearer of the Divinity. With this Mystery the Mistress of all souls connected Her capacity as the Ark of the New Covenant. With the Jews of the Old Covenant the Ark was a kind of chest, in which were kept symbols of God’s Presence and Works.

The Mistress of all souls does not merely refer to Herself as the 'Ark of the Covenant', but explicitly as the 'Ark of the New Covenant', thereby pointing out that God not 'only' made Her the Tabernacle, Bearer and 'Chest' of Divinity, but also the Tabernacle of the Legacy of Christ. It is exactly on this basis that Her vocation to teach as the Mistress of all souls was established, as well as, as She so aptly phrases it Herself, to deepen the souls’ knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ and to enhance to the utmost their ability to apply this Doctrine in their everyday life as efficiently and fruitfully as possible.

Within the Church it has always been customary to highlight once again a special feast on the octave day of the latter, i.e. on the eighth day after the feast. How suitable it is to focus on Jesus’ Mother, the One who gave Him to the world, in Her capacity as the Mother of God, on the octave day of Jesus’ Birth. Of all days, this octave day coincides with new year’s day. Is it not marvellous that we are allowed to begin each new year with the feast presenting us our Heavenly Mother and Mistress in Her capacity as the Mother of God? Indeed, a mother is the bearer of a new life, a new beginning. The Mother of God is, on top of this, also the Bearer of the Source of Divine Life, which She carries with Her, also while She is taking hold of a soul: Just like Christ inevitably bears His Cross with Him whenever He enters a soul, the Mother of God as the Ark of the New Covenant inevitably bears Christ and the fullness of His spiritual legacy while She is entering a soul. What richness falls into the lap of a soul that allows this Masterpiece of God to enter and makes Her the Mistress of her house. She will glisten like gold, for within her, Divine Life is going to bloom like the flowers in the reborn Earthly Paradise that has been presented to us by the title of 'Mistress of all souls'.


January 3


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

The Mistress of all souls keeps teaching us how important certain words and sounds are, as there exist words which God Himself has charged with an extraordinary power. The same applies to a few names that are so powerful as to be able to restrain the forces of evil if pronounced with confidence, faith and sincere Love. The most important and most powerful examples of such names are 'Maria', 'Mary' or 'Myriam' (the original Aramaic version of the name of the Mother of God) respectively, and, evidently, 'Jesus', whose name we commemorate today.

The Divine Redeemer received His name (the name above all names, at which every knee should be bent...) on the day, on which He was circumcised according to Jewish law. God Himself let the Name of 'Jesus' flow out of His Heart, or out of the Source of Eternal Wisdom, with the intention of making it the key to the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation:

  • In Jesus’ name the Redemption of souls was accomplished;
  • In Jesus’ name the legacy of Christ to the souls of all the ages was left as the basis of their development in sanctity;
  • In Jesus’ name God’s Truth is instilled drop by drop into the souls with a view to deepening the souls’ understanding of this Truth in the form of concrete applications.

All too seldom the soul is mindful of the fact that merely pronouncing the name of 'Jesus' arouses the redeeming power of God and is thus able to help defeat the darkness in the world as well as in the soul of good will.

Today let us pray to the Queen of Heaven, to Her who was given us to help us open up ourselves to the Secrets of God’s Truth and the Mysteries of Divine Life, and to deepen our understanding of everything that is potentially able to make us accessible to true freedom which is a product of sanctity. Like no other She sows the Name of Jesus into the soul in order to open up her soil. Together with Mary, let us slowly pronounce three times: 'JESUS CHRIST', and let us implore Her Intercession for these Divine sounds to be able to deliver us in the true sense of the word, deliver us from ourselves, from the oppression from certain elements of inner darkness.

jezus d-eng.jpg - 90.26 Kb


January 6


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today Heaven invites us to empathize with the Three Wise Men, who set out especially to find the 'new King'. They acted upon a voice inside which inspired them with the insight they were going to find somebody whose goal in life greatly exceeded all worldly interests, somebody who was born for the Eternal Salvation of all souls.

When they had found the One they had been looking for all along, they recognized Him as the One He really was. They gave Him their gifts, and returned home.

It is expected of every soul that she should look for Jesus. Every one of us has received from God the faculties:

  • to recognize all things Divine as such: Divine (God has indeed left something of Himself in every one of us);
  • to long for all things Divine: In the centre of our soul there is something which – if considered like a physical law – could be compared to a very small sphere of iron, which is attracted by the extraordinary powerful magnet in God’s Heart. The magnet in God’s Heart is the domineering force of attraction exercised by perfect Love.

However, so often these faculties lie buried under such a layer of worldly influences from daily life, that the soul simply no longer carries God within her heart, and does not even look for Him anymore.

What are the Three Wise Men showing us? They are not just looking for the True King out of curiosity, for as is generally known, this is ephemeral, but with the intention:

  • to glorify Him (the gift of gold, symbol of royal dignity)
  • to offer themselves to Him (the gift of incense, symbolizing offerings and 'burning oneself' at the service of God’s Plans and Works)
  • to show Him that they accept all trials (the gift of myrrh, symbol of 'digesting' everything in life that is tough to take). The Queen of Heaven points out that, in point of fact, this relates to a tendency to maintain inner peace and hope in all trials.

In the Three Wise Men the essence is shown of that which God expects of every soul for the latter to be able to lead a fruitful life serving His Works: Glorification, total consecration of oneself, and self-denying acceptance of the crosses of life. As a matter of fact there is yet another remarkable thing: The Three Wise Men choose a different way back home than the one they took when travelling to Jesus. Let us for a moment consider this itinerary to be the path through our lives. After the soul has been looking for Jesus and has then actually found Him, she will henceforth no longer go the same way: The true encounter with Christ transforms the soul, and induces her to leave the old road of deception and delusion and of the sins that are so often committed so inconsiderately, and – in a manner of speaking – to steer clear of the source of sin (which in the case of the Three Wise Men is symbolized by Herod).

Today let us pray especially for the ability to persistently follow the star of Divine Providence, which aims at taking us to Christ, and to see our connection with God and His Plans and Works as the true sense and purpose of our lives. Let us bear in mind that the true star is called 'Mary, Mistress of all souls': She is the One leading the souls in large numbers to Christ, the true Light, by opening the souls up to the very depths of the Truth of Eternal Love.


Third Sunday after Christmas


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan, where John the Baptist, the Precursor of the Messiah, announced to the souls that the long awaited Saviour was now actually among them. Remarkably enough, the Baptist immediately pointed to the very essence of the Mission God’s Son was to fulfill on earth: "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world". Thus he did not identify Jesus by calling Him 'Messiah', for example (which, as a matter of fact, would indeed have brought joy to many), he even went one step further and made it perfectly clear for what purpose the Messiah had now come: He did not come, like many loved to imagine from a worldly perspective, in order to liberate the people of Israel from the burdens of Roman occupation, but in order to deliver the souls from the devastating consequences of their sins, and to do so in His capacity as the Sacrificial Lamb. In point of fact, by this announcement John the Baptist sowed the first principle of faith inherent to the New Covenant into the soils of the souls: Redeemed will be the soul who believes that this Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, the Saviour, and that He is going to accomplish the souls’ Redemption through sacrificing Himself, for that this is the sole purpose for which He was sent into the world.

Jesus descended into the river Jordan and immersed Himself in the very waters that had been used by God much earlier to show that, to Him, water symbolizes purification: Upon the prophet’s invitation Naaman the Syrian immersed himself in the river Jordan seven times and was thereby cleansed of his leprosy, because eventually He had believed in the purifying power of God. Now that the era of the New Covenant had come, Jesus was going to point out to the souls that, essentially, only the spiritual level of life counts to God. Jesus would heal bodies, too, to be sure, but He would always touch the soul in her very depth with the intention of accomplishing her spiritual cure, as only spiritual health is able to bring Eternal Salvation.

Now look at Jesus: He does not need purification, He is actually the One who has come to bring perfect purification to the souls. First of all, however, by way of His first public act among the souls, He demonstrates the fact God purifies the soul to the extent the latter possesses faith and obedience towards His Law. The Messiah has come to heal the leprosy of the soul.

The New Covenant between God and the souls is aiming fully at the souls’ returning to the following of Divine Law and of the example set by Christ as regards the way of life that is able to erect within the soul the foundation upon which she is to build a holy life. Also in our days the Messiah is constantly immersing souls in the purifying bath of His Doctrine, and has provided in the Sacrament of Christian Baptism a first purification, on the basis of which the daily baptism in the Light of the inspirations from the Holy Spirit can actually obtain its full effects for the blooming of Salvation within the soul.

It means a lot to God that as many souls as possible should be cured from their spiritual leprosy as a result of sin and of all imperfections as to their Love towards Him and towards their fellow creatures. To that end, He has provided for an additional remedy especially for these Last Times. He gives us the Mistress of all souls as a River Jordan in which our entire being can be immersed in order to prepare for it a baptism in the water of Divine Life from the Heart of the Daughter of the King of Heaven, a baptism which is able to open up the soul to a rebirth for true sanctification. Indeed, total, unconditional consecration to the Mistress of all souls, which is actually experienced and applied in everyday life, has got the effects of a baptism providing an in-depth cleaning and healing within the soul, and is able to irrigate the soul so thoroughly that she is transformed into a blooming garden.

The Celestial Queen’s true reign within the soul becomes apparent through a resurrection of the first signs of Eternal Spring within this soul, denoting this soul is henceforth irrigated by the Blood of Redemption, which with every beat of the Immaculate Heart brings the fruit trees of Christian virtues to bloom within her.

Through His Baptism in the river Jordan Jesus pointed out that life is to be regarded as a mission at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation, a mission which is to begin with a cleansing and opening up to the Works of the Holy Spirit, in order to lead the soul through a time of internalization in the desert of detachment from all things of the world, towards a transition into true Life, in which the soul bears testimony to God’s Word by her own way of living, and offers the crosses of everyday life to God for the accomplishment of Salvation within souls. Likewise total consecration to the Queen of Heaven prepares for the soul a very deep purification, opens her up to the Holy Spirit, teaches her the detachment from all worldly things in the desert of restraining her interests in them, and rouses within her a marked feeling for the value of offering up all trials, thus leading the soul towards the accomplishment of her optimal fruitfulness. In total consecration to the Holy Virgin, Christ’s pattern of life is reflected.

Baptism opens the soul up to the fullness of grace, and enables her to gradually achieve the perfect following of Christ. This grace can obtain its full effect in the total consecration to the Mistress of all souls. This is why, today, the Queen of Heaven invites the souls to pray for the grace of obtaining the merits of Jesus’ Baptism, so that they may fruitfully go down the path of total consecration to Mary, for it is the golden path to Eternal Spring, the final destination of every human life.


January 23


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the espousals of the Mother of God with Saint Joseph. Let us consider God having brought two holy souls together for the latter to make it possible for an extraordinarily important, absolutely unique Divine Plan to be accomplished: the Redemption of the souls. God had decreed, souls listened to Him calling, and this merger between Divine Will and the free will of two people has brought about great things for many.

God never ever let even the smallest element in the history of Salvation come about 'for no reason'. With every event He aimed at being able to let graces flow to the souls of all times by making it possible that specific merits be acquired through the said event, in order that the souls of good will might derive benefit from them. This is how, today, we can implore of Mary and Joseph their intercession for us, in order for us to be able to open up our entire being for the betrothal with God, which always, without any exceptions, begins with a merger between the free will of man and the Will of God. How are we to understand this?

A soul’s entire life on earth is a preparation for the wedding with God in eternal Bliss. As a soul’s betrothal with God the Queen of Heaven regards the soul’s solid, voluntary decision to go the path to sanctity with perseverance. The souls should not consider this decision to be a one-off thing, but rather see it as the frame of mind resulting in a rock-solid surrender to God and His Works and Plans taking root very deeply within the soul. This frame of mind can come about and be nourished only through unselfish Love, unwavering hope and imperturbable faith. This frame of mind can be established within the souls in various ways. One of the most fruitful among these ways is the persistent consecration to the Mistress of all souls.

A soul that really practices this consecration to the Queen of Heaven in everyday life is definitely going to encounter the most various aspects of a 'life with the Divine'. Does this not remind us of the essence of a betrothal on earth, the point to the latter being, after all, that both partners should get to know each other in as many aspects of life as possible, so as to be able to learn how to overcome the storms of life together?

The intention of overcoming the storms of life together... is this not the reason why God brings two souls together? It is also the source of sanctification, and therefore the preparation for the celestial wedding, for the soul can only sanctify herself by persisting in the attempts to defeat her trials in the appropriate way, i.e. in accordance with God’s Law of Love. The soul that is willing to engage herself firmly with God, actually confesses to be willing to be His forever. This is the only way for Him to be able to really make this soul part of His Plan of Salvation, just like He did with Mary and Joseph, for the Salvation of so many souls. They lived Their lives fully at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation, thereby decisively changing the course of the history of Salvation. Their spiritual composition, their Love, their faith and their hope prepared the seed of eternal happiness for all of us.


February 2


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we celebrate the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem. Little Jesus, forty days of age, is presented in the Temple to the Eternal Father through Mary’s hands. This is not merely a Jewish custom being fulfilled: In reality Mary for the first time offers up the Messiah for the benefit of all mankind, in order that His entire Life on earth may be fully used as a pledge to release graces of Redemption. At that point of time already, the Mother of Christ shows the tremendous power and value of consecration as the first act of a life led as a perfect offering to God’s Plan of Salvation, and today She invites every soul to allow herself, in the following of Jesus, to be presented to God through Her hands in the Temple of Her Heart, as the first act of a life of true consecration for the benefit of the souls.

This day in the Temple it is prophesied to Mary that a sword of Sorrows will pierce Her Heart. By presenting the Messiah to God for the benefit of mankind She has actively and fully connected to the vocation of Christ as the Redeemer of souls, and right away She learns this is going to put also Her own life and Her own Being totally at the service of God’s Work of Redemption. Therefore, on this day the following facts are publicly announced for the first time:

  • Christ’s vocation as the Redeemer and as the Embodiment of True Light, and
  • Mary’s vocation as the Co-Redemptrix. Her entire Being and Life will be sacrificed as well in order that in all times the effects of Jesus’ Work of Redemption may be unfolded by Mary in each individual soul.

This day reference is not only made to the Lives and vocations of Jesus and Mary, but the vocation of all Christians of all times is referred to already as well. Every Christian shall:

  • follow in Mary’s footsteps, offer up his entire life and his entire being in an attitude of self-denial for the benefit of the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation;
  • just like Jesus, have himself offered up to God’s Works and Plans through Mary’s hands. This means total consecration to Mary as a key to unfold full fruitfulness at God’s service;
  • constantly partake in the struggle between Light and darkness, between understanding and blindness, between Truth and lie, for Christ shall be and remain a 'Sign of contradiction', and so it will be for all who follow Him, particularly for those who follow Him in every detail, viz. in the unity of Hearts with Mary, this unity which was sanctified by God Himself, is desired by Him and was sealed by Him in the mystical unity of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

One day the Mistress of all souls pointed out that on this day She is also celebrated in Heaven as the Queen of Light. In this very context we are also to consider the following image She once passed on: At Candlemas the soul should surrender to Her as if she were a candle lit at the fire of Christ. The soul is the wax, the Queen of Heaven is the wick. The wax merges with the wick (complete consecration to the Queen of Heaven). The wick is the bearer of the fire and the light (Mary as the Bearer of the Light of the world), and through the transfer of the light and the fire, within the soul everything belonging to the world is burnt. Matter is replaced by light and heat: The soul is spiritualized through her most intimate consecration to the Mistress of all souls (for the deepest consecration to the Mistress is accomplished in an unlimited and unconditional self-sacrifice) and completely turns into Light and heat (sanctity, based entirely on true Love and the confession to the fullness of Truth).

Within this framework the Mistress of all souls explicitly reminds us of the actual purpose of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work, this Apostolate of true Love, the fullness of Truth, and of true hope and encouragement, the last two being born only if, and to the extent to which, all worldly influences contained in the soul are burnt. In this sense the burning candle of the most intimate consecration to Mary fully symbolizes the purpose and goal of this Work of the Mistress of all souls.

Let us today pray for the strength, the Light and the Love to surrender ourselves into the hands of Mary, so that She may let the Light of hope beam within us, which was prepared in the Temple in Jerusalem and was released for us on the Cross on Golgotha, when Christ was offered up through Mary’s hands for our benefit a second time.

around February 5



Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Right after Mary and Joseph had presented Little Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem, They fled with Him into Egypt. King Herod sought the 'new born King’s' life, and the angel of God had passed on to Joseph the mission that he was to take Mary and Jesus with him and go into exile to Egypt. Thus God secured His Plan of Redemption against the threats from darkness.

This way God also brought His Light to a country of pagans and idols. In order to reach this destination the Holy Family had to travel across a barren no man’s land filled with danger.

As such, hardly any soul is able to imagine anything concrete relating to this event, which is barely referred to in the Bible. Yet God wants to point out that the true Christian – the soul that is trying to follow Christ in everything – will always be pursued by darkness, because to Satan it is an abomination if a soul is striving after the Light and aims at incorporating it into herself, so that it may be spread.

The Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt does not mean the Light would flee from the darkness. It does mean that the Light bears the holy duty to see to it that the darkness is not able to extinguish it. Each soul is a bearer of specific graces, a Heavenly treasure which should be sheltered from worldly influences that can pollute it or even render it ineffective. Worldly goals and interests must never be the main motivations of our life. They are the idols we have got to exchange against the true, the imperishable, the interests and goals that help accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation. In this struggle the Holy Family is our model.

It is appropriate that today we should implore the Holy Family for the favour that It would make the journey into the Egypt of our souls in order to deliver us – with our active collaboration – from our idols (the attachments and tough habits in worldly life), and in the meantime sanctify the barren desert lands of our unfruitfulness (our inability to strictly apply in our lives all that God expects from the soul), in other words: that it might open us up to the unwavering will to set the seed Heaven casts into our soil (the many gifts of grace) blooming.

Moreover, this day could make an excellent opportunity for every soul to pray to obtain the following graces:

  • that she might experience the blooming of the ardent wish to avoid worldly contacts and influences and to 'flee' into her own heart: Only within her own heart the soul can really get to know herself and truly find God and her Heavenly Mistress. To the soul the world outside is like Herod was to Little Christ: a constant menace. It threatens Divine Life;
  • that she might obtain strength in all persecution, as well as a clear understanding of her own behaviour if, in her turn, she is a persecutor of Christ in her fellow man. Persecution not only takes place on a physical level, a lot more often it is practiced by misjudging the things a fellow soul does, in spite of the fact the latter is truly inspired by true Light. There are souls that serve God’s Plans and Works to a great extent indeed, even though it costs them major sacrifices, yet are completely misunderstood or not understood at all by many, and who are the victims of slander or are depicted as untrustworthy. This is the most refined and often the least recognized form of persecution of Christ in one’s fellow man, bringing a lot of darkness into the world and considerably slowing down the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph support and guide us in our persecution, in watching over our hidden inner treasures (all – partly hidden – graces God grants us daily, in order for us to be able to reach Eternal Bliss), and after this journey on earth take us with Them to the Nazareth of our true final destination.


February 11


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate our Heavenly Mother presenting Herself at Lourdes as the Immaculate Conception.

Mary does not appear to a soul merely to rejoice the latter, but exclusively to inform all souls of an element of God’s Will and, if required, to open up a bridge serving as a means through which God would like to bring new elements of knowledge or new ways of understanding to the souls. As God sends each soul into the world with the intention that the soul should make her personal contribution to the accomplishment of His Plans, an apparition of the Mother of God is therefore an invitation to each soul to live by everything that is communicated or to act upon any request made during the apparition.

The main invitation brought forth by the Mother of God at Lourdes related to prayer. Prayer is more than 'speaking to God', it is connecting to God’s Heart in both directions. Therefore the invitation of Lourdes is to be regarded as an urging for spiritualization, living with God as the very Centre of all interests.

If, moreover, Mary appearing in this grotto, symbolizing simplicity and twilight, identifies Herself as 'the Immaculate Conception', we know right away She is addressing us from a Heart that is spotless, not affected by sin nor distorted in any way, a Heart that beats in perfect harmony with the rhythm of God’s Heart, and that consequently God’s Works and Plans are indeed served by our acting upon this invitation through prayer, communication with God, living a life built voluntarily around God’s interests... As the Immaculate Conception the Mother of God is pre-eminently the symbol of sanctity, the symbol of the soul like God originally intended her to be: the soul in perfect harmony with God’s Will and His Law, and therefore as the perfect mirror of His Heart; the paradisical soul before the latter turned into a grotto. Let us remember in this respect that the Mistress of all souls once defined Her mission as a constant attempt to guide the souls back to the state of sanctity which existed before the fall of man.

Reflecting on this attentively today for a while may bring us closer to a better understanding of the true sense of our worldly existence.


February 20


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate Mary as Our Lady of Tears. Tears refer to sorrow. In the mystical experience also crying within the framework of an ecstasy of Love is well-known to occur. In both cases a mechanism of spiritual purification is at work. Apart from crying over some loss, the soul can, in the spiritual context, shed tears:

  • out of remorse, because of the awareness of sins she has committed;
  • out of an experience of sorrow and heartache over the sins and the lack of Love of souls in general.

In both cases the deep root of this crying is Love, which as the pre-eminent Divine force that wants to lead the soul towards some kind of reparation for every lack of Love in all creation. The soul cries, either in visible tears or deep inside, on account of the awareness that God, the Source and Embodiment of all Love, has not been loved completely by one or more souls.

In the Most Blessed Virgin and Mother of Sorrows there was no such thing as personal sin, for She was immaculately conceived, and exactly because of Her absolutely perfect Love of God, of God’s Works and Plans, and of all Her fellow creatures, She spent each single moment of Her earthly life exercising a persistent Will not to commit even the least of sins.

Mary shed innumerable tears throughout Her life, not – as man often so humanly imagines it to have been – for perfectly human reasons such as the prospect of a life of suffering and sorrows or because of the fact Her Son was sentenced to death and before Her very eyes experienced a death totally unjustified in any man’s view, but on the basis of a deep mystical understanding regarding the unalterable sinfulness of the human soul, which inflicted such suffering upon God’s Heart, and would continue to do so throughout the ages.

How can it be that the Holy Virgin is still crying, even now? Human intelligence is not able to understand how celestial bliss can ever be compatible with tears. However, this becomes fully understandable if we know that, by virtue of a Divine Mystery, the Queen of Heaven is able to exactly and completely feel the hearts, minds and bodies of all creatures, as well as all dispositions of lack of Love towards God, His Works, and towards all fellow creatures. In Mary weeps a Heart which, day after day, is hurt billions of times by every lack of Love for God, all fellow creatures, the animals, and all of creation as a Work of God’s Love. Mary is the absolutely accomplished Love; in every disposition which is not quite in accordance with perfect Love, She experiences a work of darkness, the same darkness which once crucified the Man-God.

How can we truly bring tribute to the Lady of Tears? Sympathizing with Her in Her Sorrows is indubitably a virtuous and consoling thing to do, yet from a spiritual point of view it is not quite so fruitful yet. What God really expects from the souls, is for them to strive for a more profound experience inducing them to realize that Mary, just like Jesus, in Her Sufferings and Sorrows was solely a Victim of the burden of sins accumulated by mankind throughout the centuries. The Mother of Tears incessantly tries to make the hearts see that the soul can only give evidence of a True Love of God, of Jesus, of Mary, of God’s Works and Plans and of all fellow creatures through a life of persistent efforts to blossom in all virtues and to avoid all sin and delusion.

Sin is the absolute counterpart of True Love: Sin is a violation of God’s Laws, in that the soul succumbs to temptation. Temptation is an inspiration from darkness, which tries:

  • to encourage the soul into doing, saying, thinking, feeling or wanting something which is not in accordance with God’s Law. God’s Law is the whole of His Provisions through which He wants to lead all souls towards a behaviour bringing them Salvation and thus Eternal Bliss, or
  • to encourage the soul into omitting something she ought to do in order to help accomplish God’s Works and Plans as well as her own sanctification.

Our Lady of Tears is not crying because of Suffering as such, She is crying because of each sin, for it is the countless sins of all times which have made the Suffering of Christ necessary, and which, even now, twenty centuries after His redeeming Death on the Cross, hold mankind captive in misery and darkness, which present themselves with a thousand different faces.

Mary’s Tears will continue to flow until a sufficient number of souls will prove, through a persistent battle against the inner enemy, to be willing to perfect themselves in True Love of God, of Jesus, of Mary, of God’s Works and Plans, and of all fellow creatures. The most fruitful ways through which this battle can be won, are taught by Her as the Mistress of all souls in the Science of Divine Life. The most powerful weapon in this battle is total consecration to the Mistress of all souls, who on the basis of all efforts in the battle against darkness that are consecrated (offered) to Her, is going to humiliate and defeat the prince of darkness underneath Her foot forever. The Victory of the Mistress, the Woman, was promised to us by God Himself, and is to be bought by our consecrating all our trials. Through the consecration of our sufferings and our tears to Mary She is going to seal the abysses of darkness and sin with the seals of the Cross of Jesus Christ, of Her own Immaculate Conception and of Her eternal sinlessness. Then Her Tears will be buried in God’s Heart for all eternity.


Ash Wednesday


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

As of today we are invited to observe the annual Lent in preparation for the feast of the Resurrection at Easter.

Lent is a time of purification. Resurrection is like a rebirth after one has cast off something old. Jesus did not need this rebirth, His Resurrection was a sign towards the souls: a sign of hope in evidence of the absolute power of the Light over darkness. The created soul actually needs to be born again constantly, as life on earth is incessantly exposed to influences threatening perfection. This is exactly why each day is a new opportunity to get nearer to God.

Life on earth is constantly exposing the soul to all kinds of defilement on the part of worldly influences. Every temptation is like a shadow, a small eclipse of the sun of God’s Light and Love. Whenever the soul succumbs to a temptation she experiences a certain damage: Her soil is, in a manner of speaking, poisoned in a certain spot. Certain fruits in its soil are not going to ripen the way they ought to, and will eventually decay. These processes result in pollution. In proportion as the soul falls prey to sin and vice more often, she will increasingly become a victim of fermentation. She will become ill, and her fruits will no longer get the pure nourishment they need to 'help nurture' God’s Plan of Salvation.

Such processes must be controlled by every effort the soul makes with a view to sanctifying herself. This is an essential part of every soul’s mission in earthly life. The soul is a Work of God, and is at a given point of time called back to God. It is therefore a necessity of Love to maintain this Work out of the Creator’s hand in a worthy condition, for the state the soul is in at the time of her transition to True Life determines the value of the contribution her life has made towards the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

It is therefore unjustified to experience Lent as a time of aridity, torment and deprivation. It is, on the contrary, an opportunity for contemplation enabling the soul to assimilate the seeds for a complete inner renewal, and to bring it to bloom. Lent should be a time of spiritual blossom, pulling up the weeds of unwholesome habits and faults, removing from the soul’s soil the stones of memories retarding her development, and ploughing the soul in order to obtain a completely new fruitfulness: Spring inside the soul.

As a matter of fact there is no substantial difference between Lent and a life of conscientiously applied total consecration to Mary. A total consecration lived the right way is a permanent purification and rebirth, casting off all that is unfruitful, a constant deepening of the knowledge of self, of recognizing everything preventing the soul from getting nearer to God by preventing her from bringing Love to bloom within her. Let us never forget that every lack of Love is like a nuclear warhead from hell: wherever it is dropped, hearts and souls are devastated.

Lent addresses a triple call to the soul:

  • the call from the Eternal Father, aiming at reminding the soul of her highest origin and her highest Destination;
  • the call from Christ, aiming at reminding the soul of the fact her highest degree of fruitfulness lies hidden in the extent to which she manages to shape her life so as to let it be a loving mirror of the Messiah’s Life and Way of the Cross, and in the extent to which she clothes this vocation in the robe passed on to her from the Cross in the words "Son, behold your Mother": total consecration to Mary as a constant 'living and dying for one’s fellow creatures and for God and all His Works';
  • the call from the Holy Spirit, aiming at reminding the soul of the tremendous richness she has received inside and whose fruitfulness she can further enhance to the extent to which her entire life is centered around each inspiration from Divine Providence.

These three calls merge into the soft whispering of the Mistress of all souls, the Most Holy Trinity’s Envoy, who was entrusted with the mission to help develop in each soul the ability to complete her Salvation and sanctification, and to link up all ensuing fruits, invested with the unlimited power of Her perfect Love, with the eternal merits of Christ’s Suffering and Death on the Cross, in order to fully accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation, for

the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation
the complete victory over all works of darkness
the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth
the accomplishment of the messianic era of Peace and Love

All this is what is really at stake in your life and in mine. Nobody less than the Son of God prepared all this, and the intermediary of Mary, the 'King’s Daughter', has been bringing it to bloom in every soul throughout the centuries, provided the soul collaborates by consecrating herself entirely to Her, who has now been made known to us as our Mistress, our Guide to the highest fruitfulness for God’s Works, and who is to that end to be perfectly followed and obeyed. This time of Lent wants to remind us of this as well: Our 'yes' to Mary, and through Her to God and His Works and Plans, is the key to the highest fruitfulness, and to a resurrection for a life in which the soul truly wants to live for the Light.

The total consecration to the Mistress of all souls is a permanent offering of our free will in order to henceforth live in accordance with God’s Will. It is casting off the old self, mortification of oneself in order to merge with Mary, and through Her with God. Indeed, the total consecration to Mary on the one hand, and Lent on the other, spring from the very same origin, require the same furnishing, and aim at the same goal. All of God’s Works have got one and the same origin and destination.


approximately six weeks after the Baptism of Jesus


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

After His Baptism in the river Jordan Jesus retreated into the desert in order to prepare Himself for His Public Mission. After forty days He returns, and a few days later He is invited to a wedding. When at a certain point of time there appears to be no wine left, Mary invites the servants to do whatever Jesus is going to tell them. She knows that, according to Her word, He is going to attend to the needs of those present, and He can not resist Her wish, because between Them a mystical union is at work, which will for all times enable Divine Grace to keep flowing towards the souls. At Cana Mary already is the full-fledged Bridge between Heaven and earth, between God and the souls, and God Himself prefers the path through Her Heart to any other path, as She is the only channel that could under no circumstances ever pollute the flow of Divine Grace.

God chooses a seemingly worldly event for His Messiah to commit His first public Act towards the souls. Nevertheless a great deal more is going on at Cana than eyes looking in a worldly way are able to see and hearts feeling in a worldly way are able to understand. Jesus changes water into wine at a wedding, that is what eyes perceive on face value. In reality there is much more to it than meets the eye:

The life of each soul on earth is a preparation for this soul’s wedding with God after this life. The water can be regarded as a symbol for the trials and crosses on the path of life. Wine is, as it were, a royal drink, and furthermore symbolizes the Blood of Christ, the Blood of Redemption. The Mistress of all souls points out that the wedding at Cana is a prefigurement of the way She prompts Christ to transform the trials and crosses of the souls of good will – i.e. the souls intending to enter into the wedding with God – into the wine of the wedding meal, or to put it yet otherwise: to have these souls’ trials and crosses merge with the Blood which has redeemed the souls, so that the latter accomplish their lives as little co-redeemers in the true sense of the word. Thus God, through Mary’s intermediary and on account of their consecrated trials, transforms the souls into souls in a state of glorification.

The wedding at Cana reminds us of the fact the trials and crosses of our life are no superfluous and useless ballast and that we should not let it flow away. They are bearers of water of Divine Life, which we are to preserve in the jars of our hearts, in other words: which we are to keep ready, wrapped in Love, for every visit the Christ will pay to our hearts. If the soul leads a life of constant consecration of her trials to Mary, she thereby fills the jars of her heart with water of Divine Life, which upon Mary’s word will be brought to its full effect by God Himself. The Mistress of all souls here presents Herself as the Bridge towards the 'consummation' of the soul’s wedding with God: the accomplishment of the true goal of every soul’s life.

The Gospel relates how it is said to the groom that he has been preserving the good wine until the end. In this respect the Mistress of all souls teaches us various spiritual backgrounds. One of the most remarkable is, that She shows us 'the good wine' to be the prefigurement of the Blood of Christ, which was to make the celestial wedding possible for the souls. We can regard blood as the symbol of redeeming sufferings. The Blood of Christ was the best wine, because His Offering, His Suffering, was to be the greatest in the entire history of Salvation, as it was to be all-embracing and was to open up the Redemption of all souls of all times that are actually longing to be redeemed. God (the Groom) has preserved the good wine (the redeeming Blood of Christ) until the end (the New Covenant), and has shown mankind that He had foreseen Mary, the Mother, Mediatrix, Advocate and Mistress, as a fixed and indispensable link in the accomplishment of Redemption, and consequently as the Co-Redemptrix.

Today, let us plead with Mary to obtain the grace that She may keep alive within us the strength, the courage and the will to keep putting our trials at Her disposal, in order that She – who cares so much about our well-being – may attend to our needs by speaking the words: 'The soul is out of wine', in other words: 'The soul is longing for sanctification, in order to be able to consummate her celestial wedding'. In these words God sees the fulfillment of His desire for the soul’s surrender to His Law, for it is this surrender that opens up the gates to His Treasury. The main wonders are wrought by God within the soul that voluntarily integrates herself into the following golden chain:

  • loving consecration of all crosses to Mary →
  • Mary molds and shapes the soul, and turns the key in the gate to all graces →
  • the trials are transformed into base materials for Redemption and sanctification →
  • between the soul and God the wedding is consummated: the water of her trials (the rain showers of her earthly life) is changed into the wine of Eternal Life.

Let us today reflect upon these miracles of God’s Love, and upon the part the Mistress of all souls plays in these Heavenly processes, and be thankful for them.


March 19


Dear souls in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate Saint Joseph, Jesus’ foster father and the Most Blessed Virgin Mary’s companion in life. Joseph was an important link in the chain of God’s Plan of Salvation: In the eyes of the world he was the father of the 'Prophet from Nazareth', in God’s eyes he was like a screen behind which the preparations for Christ’s Works of Redemption could, in a manner of speaking, be sheltered.

Based upon his life, like the Mistress of all souls showed it to us, Saint Joseph can be regarded as the first soul ever to be consecrated to Her. Let us therefore today ask him for his lifelong intercession and guidance in our service to the Queen of Heaven and to God’s Work of Redemption, which will not be fully accomplished before the end of time.

In his capacity as the patron saint of the dying he also likes to guide the soul in the process of mortifying herself and all worldly attachments. Therefore, today let us entrust our entire path through life to his custody. He who was considered worthy by God to protect Jesus and Mary, the most holy beings this world has ever seen, can and will also successfully protect each one of us against any worldly influence threatening Jesus and Mary within us, and will like to help in transforming us to such an extent as to be able to recognize and love Christ in our fellow person, instead of hating, threatening and wanting to destroy the latter through our words, actions, feelings and thoughts.

May Saint Joseph help us open ourselves up so as to welcome him cordially as the father of the household of our soul.


Fourth Sunday of Lent


Dear souls in Jesus and Mary,

Lent is probably the most explicit annual invitation for the soul to reflect upon the true sense and the true destination of her journey through life. It is no coincidence that all of this should constitute the essence of the teachings the Queen of Heaven has been giving through Her Myriam.

In our times Mary, the Mother of God, is presented by the Most High in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. In this capacity She has been given the mission to direct and guide the human souls. For a number of years now She has been teaching the souls quite profoundly through the Science of Divine Life, which is presented to the souls through the Maria Domina Animarum Work. In these teachings the Queen of Heaven is systematically deepening the knowledge the souls need in order to be able to fully bloom in an Eternal Spring, the golden path to the summer of true sanctification, which tops the process of enabling the souls to truly access the Redemption bought by Jesus for the benefit of each individual soul. This is how Mary teaches the soul how to use the key to her Redemption, so that she may be able to open up the dungeon in which she is being held captive: Behold the Mistress of all souls as a Guide to the development of Jesus’ Works in the soul.

One of the most wonderful means the Mistress of all souls has been availing Herself of to fulfil this great mission in the souls is Myriam’s writing entitled The Harvest of Eternal Love (*), in which the soul is granted a unique presentation of the inner dispositions through which Jesus has redeemed them. The said writing is blessed with an extraordinary ability to open up the reader’s heart to the Works of Christ, and to enable him to follow them in his own life. Opening up one’s heart to the fullness of God’s Love is an excellent way of purification for the soul, and hence a way of fruitfulness for the period of Lent, which is after all concluded by Easter, the feast of the Resurrection. Lent is supposed to lead the soul towards a kind of rebirth, a rising from the death of worldly habits, thoughts and expectations. This is exactly why Lent can not be detached from a sincere, heartfelt experience of empathy towards the Passion of Jesus.

Not only did Jesus go through His Passion towards His Resurrection, moreover every soul is expected to go through her day-to-day trials, the floggings and crosses of every single day, to enter into a new life, a life on a higher level of spiritual being, getting closer to God every day. Our hearts and minds are supposed to shed all worldly things day after day and to get more and more filled with thoughts, feelings and aspirations which are directly associated with the wonderful legacy that Jesus has left us and that is now being made perfectly accessible to us by Mary, who is authorized by God to do so.

The Harvest of Eternal Love is a special key to the little door towards this secret garden in which the heart is no longer really part of this world. The book shows how God wanted to prepare the food for Eternal Life for the souls. It is able to prepare the hearts to exchange their lives in the dungeon for a life in the garden of the true inner Peace of Christ: the soul’s sanctification is her path towards the true freedom of an Eternal Spring in her inner life. In the next few weeks, let us entrust ourselves so totally to Mary that She may be able to use the Passion of Jesus as a foundation to give birth to us for a new life in the shadow of the Cross, where no ill weeds are able to take root.

On Thursday of the third week of Lent we commemorate mid-Lent. The next Sunday is called 'Laetare Sunday', because of the initial words of the Latin H. Mass on that day: 'Laetare, Jerusalem' (rejoice, Jerusalem). Mid-Lent is a reason for joy because Lent, which is given to us for the purpose of self-exploration and in-depth purification of the soul, is then halfway behind us. Part of the mission is accomplished, so to speak. For the soul, however, it is supposed to be an occasion to seriously ask herself how and to what extent she is actually accomplishing her mission. Indeed, Lent is the struggle of a soul aiming at increasing her ability to contribute to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

Mid-Lent should basically be an incentive for the soul to remember that her entire life is a journey of purification, sanctification and defeating her personal weaknesses. For the soul it is fruitful to remain aware of the fact that every single moment of her life is a specific point on her way, at which she has got this and that behind her, to be sure, yet at the same time has got other things ahead of her, and that she is going to face them for an indefinite time unknown to her, and that the destination is to be in the land of bliss, meaning she has got to be careful so as not to fall prey to undesirable changes of course. The goal is too sacred and too marvellous not to reach it due to a lack of attention for the actual sense and purpose of our journey here on earth.

(*): This writing has not yet been translated into English, so far it only exists in Dutch and German. However, excerpts can be found in the menu item Mary invites > Passiontide, of which an electronic copy can be obtained in the .pdf format at our email address referred to in the 'Contact' section. The said excerpts are entitled 'Sighs of the Divine Redeemer').


March 21
(in the northern hemisphere)


Dear souls in Jesus and Mary,

Today we welcome a new Spring, a gift out of God’s hand, through which He makes the promise of a new life felt throughout creation. The Creator keeps giving signs, also in nature, for the fact He is the Source of all Life. Without His creative power creation would never have existed, without His Intelligence we would not have the opportunity to witness the rebirth of nature every Spring.

The Mistress of all souls keeps pointing to the countless numbers of astonishing signs God displays in nature in order to reveal the intentions He also cherishes regarding spiritual life. The Winter of each instance in which a soul believes to be dying a bit in her spiritual life, is invariably followed by a new Spring, in which the soul’s inner force of growth is again set to bloom, and the revitalized soul is ready to make the best of her inner richness so as to yield the coming fruits. Each trial has got the potential to raise inner life to a higher level, provided the soul firmly believes in her origin with God as well as in her destination with Him. Faith then serves as the mechanism igniting the force of bloom within the soul, making the flower of the soul prepared to assimilate the heat of the sun called Love and to fully develop Love inside, and making her enable God’s Laws to fully express themselves within her, so as to be able to prepare the fruits of Summer within herself. It is the expectation of these fruits which will further the soul’s growth and bloom in this truly Divine strength we all know as hope.

Spring within the soul is tantamount to the optimal development of her ability to perfect herself in all virtues, resulting in the blossom of true Divine Life, which is the bearer of the fruits of sanctification. Let us today implore with Mary, the Queen of nature, the Custodian of Divine Life, the Promise of the new, eternal Spring, that She may seal our rebirth. She will release within us the beauty of our Heavenly origin, the scent of spiritualization and the comfort and joy of a true inner peace. Both the soul and Mary are called upon to conclude this bond of accomplishing Spring in the soul’s regular rebirth. This accomplishment equals the following of Christ, plain and simple.

I wish every one of you a delightful expedition through the inner richness which is present in each and every soul, no exceptions, as it is the signature with which God has sent our souls on the journey back to Him.


March 24


Dear souls in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the H. Archangel Gabriel, the angel who was commissioned by God to request for Mary’s consent to give birth to Jesus for a life on earth as the Man-God. In this encounter with the Most Blessed Virgin the Archangel Gabriel fully implemented his mission as the transferor of communication between the souls and God. Let us not forget that, basically, in Her 'yes' Mary represented the consent of all mankind to God’s now letting the Messiah be born on earth, in order that the Mystery of Redemption might be fully accomplished.

As can be found in several places in Myriam’s writings the Mistress of all souls introduces to us the H. Archangel Gabriel as the angel who is able to purify a human heart and to help it open up, in order that the soul should become more receptive and accessible to God’s animating visits, and that she may also be able to more efficiently connect to God.

The Archangel Gabriel’s radius of action first and foremost covers the human heart. This is a significant piece of knowledge, when we take into account that God tries to touch the soul mainly through the heart. The soul will only through the heart, not through intelligence, be able to somewhat fathom God’s Works and the part she is called upon to play within them herself. The soul will only be able to fruitfully speak to God through the heart – i.e. through truly flowing Love. Mankind is only able to obtain true Peace, and each individual soul is only able to accomplish her first mission in life, through establishing sincere connections between hearts, for it is each soul’s main mission to be a link in God’s chain of Love.

Therefore each soul should extend her hand to the H. Archangel Gabriel so that he may help prepare her heart for the wonders the Holy Virgin wants to work there in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation and of the accomplishment of the soul’s mission in life. Gabriel is also awaiting our 'yes' to God, so that He may let His Son be born within us.


March 25


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the young Mother of God in the hour in which God asked Her for Her consent to being the Mother of the Redeemer of souls. In that hour God demonstrated to the souls more explicitly and more unequivocally than ever before and ever after, how holy and inviolable the free human will is to Him. God, the Designer of the great Plan of Salvation for al souls, who longs so much for His entire Creation to be brought back to the state of paradisiacal sanctity which was lost by man’s committing the original sin, takes the risk that the critical hour in the implementation of His Plan might have to be postponed on account of a possible lack of consent on the part of a created woman as to her collaboration towards the accomplishment of this vital element in His Plan.

Indeed, the Birth of Jesus in the Flesh was absolutely necessary if God’s Plan of Salvation was ever to be accomplished. Nevertheless, although according to His infallible Wisdom the fullness of time for the implementation of the Messiah’s Works of Redemption had come exactly then, God did not want to take this step of His own accord, yet He granted Mary, a created woman, the power to decide on the moment when God’s intervention in the history of salvation was going to take shape. If Mary had failed to consent spontaneously and voluntarily, a deferral as to the moment determined by God would have been necessary.

In that God had granted Mary the privilege of the Immaculate Conception, and had deposited exceptional gifts into Her soul, She was to the highest possible extent equipped for the barely conceivable requirements She was going to be faced with in a Life as the Mother of the Redeemer. Nevertheless Mary’s "May be done unto Me according to Your Word" could not be preprogrammed, as in that case She would not have been able to decide freely. This would have devaluated the Work of Redemption altogether, as according to God’s Law every Divine Act has to be confirmed spontaneously, voluntarily and lovingly by one or more human souls. To God His Will is like a key which has to fit in with a human lock in order for His Plans or Works to become implementable. This lock is the human will. If the latter surrenders completely to God’s Will, key and lock fit in with each other and the door towards the accomplishment of a Divine Plan or Work opens up. Therefore Jesus had to accomplish the Work of Redemption in a human body and had therefore to be born of a created woman, who in Her turn was also to deposit a 'Yes, I do' into God’s Heart.

'Yes, I do...': exactly the words through which the bond of marriage is sealed. On this day Heaven celebrates the hour in which Mary, representing all of mankind of all times, concluded the bond of marriage with God. In Her, 'man' enters into marriage with God. The Holy Spirit was going to consummate this bond with Her, and the Fruit of this marriage was to be God’s Son, Whom She was chosen to bring towards the souls, which She voluntarily did. Mary here fully shapes Her unique vocation as the Bridge between God and the souls. At the Cross Jesus would clearly point out that Mary’s vocation was not going to end with Her Life on earth, but was to remain in force for all times: "Woman, behold Your son – Son, behold your Mother", in other words: "Mary, the human souls will be Yours – Human souls, you will belong to Mary, and She will be the One of Whom you have got to be born (again) for true Life".

Mary’s word of consent is thus going to be the onset of the practical connection between Mary and the human souls as foreseen by God. Mary’s consent to being the Mother of the Redeemer thus turns Her into the switch point through which God wants to have all processes of Salvation run: She is fully connected with God and with each human soul at once, meaning that in Mary the human soul can fully merge with God, and God with the human soul. Mary’s all-embracing capacity as the Mistress of all souls, which was to be announced much later, in our days, was born on that day as the fruit of Divine Logic in association with Mary’s absolutely perfect commitment to God’s Plans and Works. Mary’s Will 'dissolved' in its entirety in God’s Will, which yielded Her the nearly unlimited participation in God’s power.

Today we are being granted the privilege to plead with this powerful Queen and Custodian of God’s Works that She may obtain us the grace of being truly willing, in our turn, to bury our own will in the holy virginal Soil of the Heart of our Heavenly Mistress spontaneously and unconditionally, so as to have our will be fully at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation. The soul that is prepared to do so, will in the true sense of the word become a 'person of good will': A person of good will is a soul that allows her will to fully merge with God’s Will and, in so doing, fulfills each element of her mission in life on the foundation of God’s Will.

This is one of the essential lessons being taught in today’s feast. The word of consent must be repeated constantly, by each soul. This is where the true principle of total consecration lies hidden, and therefore the secret of the full accomplishment of fruitfulness as a human soul. May on this day the Mistress of all souls so completely fulfill us with Herself that within us any aspiration counteracting God’s Works and Plans may be gradually and forever extinguished. There is no other way towards the death of darkness in this world. Our Heavenly Mistress fully understood this, and nevertheless opted for a Life of heavy trials, in order that God’s dream might come true. Let us, as of today, follow Her on this path of Salvation for our soul and for the world.


Last Sunday before Easter


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Jerusalem was intended to be the 'holy city', somewhat like a symbol of God’s Kingdom on earth. In truth, however, the city – like any other city for that matter – was a hotbed of sin, and therefore rather a symbol of the reign of the darkness within the souls: God’s Kingdom was occupied by Satan. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem can therefore be regarded as the announcement of God’s intention to reclaim His Kingdom from the darkness. A few days later the Messiah would indeed with His own Blood sign the sentence by which Satan was to lose his factual 'omnipotence' over the souls forever. 'Omnipotence', indeed, for without Jesus’ Work of Redemption not a soul would ever see the Kingdom of Heaven.

God does not do a thing without the voluntary active collaboration from the human soul. He does not force His blessings upon anyone. When the people of Jerusalem hailed the Redeemer with waving palm leaves, God showed the people a symbol to which, unfortunately, very many souls would remain blind throughout the centuries: The palm symbolizes the victory of the soul over herself. The soul must indeed defeat herself, every tendency to give in to the countless inspirations and influences from the darkness in order to be able to enter into the Kingdom of the Light. This Kingdom should not be regarded as a thing the soul has deserved to be given and which is going to fall into her lap when she will be in Heaven, but as a state of being, which the soul should already experience consciously and actively during her life on earth. Life in the Kingdom of the Light is Divine Life, which must be conquered more widely and assimilated more deeply day after day. It is the state of being of the soul that voluntarily opts for God and His Works, for a life at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation, and that, focusing on this goal, declares war on her own weaknesses and on everything which makes her unworthy of living in this Kingdom of the Light and prevents her from becoming fruitful.

Palm Sunday is an invitation to work actively on our own Salvation. This day also holds an invitation to persevere in this struggle, for the palm of self-conquest will wither very soon if one day the soul betrays the Redeemer, like Judas did a few days after Palm Sunday. Let us realize very well that the soul does not need to meet Jesus as a physical person to betray Him and deliver Him to the Cross: The soul is actually doing just that by persecuting her fellow person and nurturing the wish to destroy him, to paralyze him, to destroy his vocation and his good works, to denigrate or slander him in the eyes of his fellow people. All this actually turns the palm of one’s own works into a sign of treason against Christ in one’s fellow person, and into a sign of selfishness and pride: The soul should never get the feeling her victory over herself can ever be final as long as she is on earth, for the darkness does not easily give up its prey.

Today let us passionately take up Christ, the true Light, into the Jerusalem of our souls, so that He may once again give us access to the fullness of our Redemption. Let us insistently implore of Him the grace that our palm leaves might remain strong and fresh, so that in the hour in which our inner Jerusalem is allowed to appear before God, they may testify of the beauty and purity of our hearts, and that He may give us the palm leaves that will never wither for all eternity.


Thursday after Palm Sunday


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we find Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Redeemer has retreated into the dark of the night, during which He will be betrayed by one of His closest followers. Jesus is lying between the olive trees, broken-hearted, weeping over mankind. Let us remember the Mistress of all souls once showing us the olive as the symbol of the Peace of Christ, the true Peace of heart, the true inner calm and the ability to completely surrender and accept all of God’s Decrees, and therefore as a symbol of obedience, of merger between one’s own will and God’s Will. How appropriate this background appears to be, for let us consider for a while why in this night Jesus’ Heart is crushed with Sorrow. The Mother of Sorrows shows me the five following factors of oppression as the main causes:

  1. Jesus suffers immensely by the vision of the tremendous mass of sins the human souls have accumulated throughout the ages, and which they will keep accumulating to an even greater extent in future times. The souls have deviated to a very great extent from the sanctity God had intended for them. The souls opt for the darkness on a massive scale, and will continue to do so. Jesus also suffers by the awareness of the fact it is exactly the persistent sinfulness of human souls that keeps all suffering alive within creation, for it is this sinfulness of human souls that must be expiated by the sufferings of all creation, in unity with the everlasting merits gained by the Sufferings of Christ and with the glorification of any kind rendered to God (through holy Mass, prayers, adoration, reparation, total consecration, etc.).
    Jesus is suffering so hard by man’s sinfulness because the latter is related to a lack of Love on the part of the human soul, towards God and in many cases also towards one or more fellow creatures. This lack of Love is expressed through behaviour and dispositions such as hurting one’s fellow creatures on purpose, selfishness, causing physical or emotional suffering, and in so many other ways.
  2. Jesus suffers immensely by the human souls’ being so blind and seducible. The human soul was endowed by God with the gift of understanding and wisdom, and of recognizing everything which is not in line with God’s Will. The original sin and all and any later acts of docility as to the inspirations from the darkness have driven human souls further and further away from God. Increasing numbers of souls – and which is even worse: within Christianity, too – are betraying Jesus by every act of giving in to the countless temptations from the world, and are persecuting Jesus in their fellow man, by all kinds of attempts to paralyze the latter and to destroy the good works he is trying to accomplish at the service of God and/or to make them appear untrustworthy or even wrongfully accuse them of being expressions of darkness. Jesus suffers immensely by His knowing that His followers, the Christians of all times, are going to let themselves be abused to such an extent by Satan, the master of lie. The human soul, intended to be the crown upon creation, no longer recognizes the Light.
  3. Jesus suffers immensely by the increasing ungodliness among the souls. Ungodliness to a large extent results from the soul’s being blinded. Increasing numbers of human souls allow themselves to be misled by the misery in this world into the conviction there can not exist a God. All misery in the world is a result of sin distorting creation and driving it further and further away from God. However, innumerable souls arrive at banning God from their lives on account of their witnessing the fact that an oppressing darkness rules the world.
    Ungodliness is the disposition in which the soul has lost all faith in the existence and actions of God, and consequently starts to behave as if life on earth were the beginning and end of all there is, as if nothing were to come after this life, as a result of which the soul focuses all her actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations solely on satisfying her own needs instead of putting it all at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation for all creation.
    In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus not only suffered by the ungodliness of the heathens, who do not know the true God, but even more by the somewhat hidden ungodliness displayed by the Christians in that so many souls who consider themselves to be Christians, are actually living as though there were no Eternal Life, as if neither God nor His Law of Love nor the interventions of His grace and His Providence existed, and who by their actions and words are often promoting the works of darkness in downright unbridled ways, by often knowingly wanting to harm their fellow person and ruining the latter’s life, either because of their being dissatisfied (= protest against God’s decisions regarding their lives!) or because of their aspiring for material gain. Such Christians are actually expelling Christ from their hearts, which have markedly steered away from Him and in truth only want to serve themselves and their own material needs, and have banned true Love in the process. Let us be aware of the fact destruction always bears Satan’s signature, who has set for himself the goal to destroy all Love, all Works of God and all creatures, and to do so through direct interventions, but preferably through human souls.
  4. Jesus suffers immensely by the superficiality large numbers of Christians fall prey to. He came into the world to cast the Divine seed, and He will continue to do so very intensively especially in future times, also through His Mother. A great deal of Divine seed is lost, however, in that the fields of countless souls are hardly receptive to it and do not accept it. The Divine lessons about the fullness of Truth are very soon forgotten or, due to a very superficial interest, are not integrated into the soul’s own behaviour, dispositions and habits. Countless souls go their own way, and forget the actual purpose of their lives on earth, which consists in collaborating – in unity with God’s Heart – towards the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation for the whole of creation, and in accomplishing their own sanctification. Moreover, superficiality usually results in indifference, which in our society underlies so many aberrations from God’s wishes.
    Jesus’ deep pain originates in the knowledge that this disposition will become so general among His followers, the Christians, despite their enjoying the privilege of getting to know God’s only Truth, and that they will nevertheless allow the fire in their hearts to be extinguished by the suffocating influences from worldly life, which is determined increasingly by the dispositions of Satan himself (incessant temptation towards patterns of behaviour, dispositions, interests and goals driving the soul away from God, and furthermore blindness, ungodliness, superficiality, lack of Love and impurity in all possible forms).
  5. Jesus has just instituted Holy Mass, however He fully realizes what is going to happen with it in future times. He suffers terribly by the later decline of traditional values in Church and Sacraments the way He Himself instituted them. The vision of all signs of modernism in the Church and of depreciation of the dignity as to the way the Sacraments will in many cases be administered and received cost Jesus a heartbreaking suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. The human soul allows herself to be blinded to such an extent as to fall for the temptation to alter God’s decisions. Thus all modernism is born as an expression of the conviction that man can and must 'adjust' the effects of God’s Intelligence. Indeed, the Mistress of all souls once defined modernism in the broad sense of the word as the belief that the world must be improved by changing the old, traditional values, man’s tendency towards instituting his own rules which are not in accordance with God’s original Law, and in the strict sense of the word as every change by which the service rendered by the Church allows itself to depart from its original goals in an endeavour to adapt to worldly interests.

In this night Jesus is sweating blood. Blood is the fluid enabling all processes of life to have their effects. Jesus’ Blood is pre-eminently the bearer of Divine Life. Jesus’ sweating blood as the Man-God here fully symbolizes the fact that many human souls expel Divine Life. Today let us fully open up the field of our souls to accept Divine Life, which was prepared for us in abundance during the hours of the Passion.

In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus opens up the final stage of the Work of Redemption by an immense expiation of all sin and sinfulness, drawing it into His Heart – the Source of perfect Divine Love. Only Love is able to compensate for sin. This is why the sinfulness of mankind can only be compensated for by sufferings which are thoroughly pervaded by true Love. Sin is disobedience to God, and therefore disobedience to the Law of Love. Every act, word or thought of Love quashes the effect of a sin.

Redemption would never have been complete if the foundation of sin – the lack of Love in all its forms – was not thrown into the furnace of Jesus’ Heart first. This is what happened in a perfect way in the night of Gethsemane, yet every soul is to complement it through her own repentance, daily conversion, and a life of true Love towards God and towards all her fellow creatures. May the disposition of Jesus’ Heart in the Garden of Gethsemane blossom in our own hearts.


Friday after Palm Sunday


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we celebrate what the Mistress of all souls once referred to as the 'Solemnity of Love'. God’s Messiah Jesus Christ was sent into the world with the intention of compensating for the ultimate effect of the great violation of God’s Law of Love by the human souls, viz. the impossibility for the souls after the original sin to ever again enter into eternal bliss. Jesus was to do so by rendering an all-embracing expiation in a human body. God’s Plan had provided for the Sufferings of Christ to bring Redemption. What does this actually mean, and how are we to understand this?

Every sin is an act of giving in to an inspiration from the darkness with a view to violating God’s Law of Love. Therefore every sin counteracts the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for all of creation, or slows down the completion thereof. Through every sin a soul enhances the power darkness holds over her. Due to the tremendous burden of sins accumulated by all mankind throughout the ages the power of the darkness over mankind as a whole has become tremendous. In order to bring God’s Plan of Salvation to completion and deliver individual souls from the grip of sin Satan’s power must be curbed and eventually broken altogether. This must be done by efforts through which souls compensate for these effects of addiction to the darkness.

Owing to a Divine Mystery no means is more effective to compensate for the effects of sin than true expiation in a human shape, through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual suffering. True expiation is made when a soul:

  1. voluntarily goes without an experience which she normally finds pleasant or which is likely to satisfy one or more of her needs, or
  2. voluntarily does subject to an experience which she finds unpleasant, which takes an effort, due to which one of more of her needs are not satisfied or which may elicit the feeling that some need is even enhanced by it, and
  3. consciously and of her own free will offers up to God (or to Mary) all it costs her in the way of feelings of suffering or deprivation or lack of satisfaction of a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual need,
  4. for the benefit of fulfilling God’s Will regarding creation, a Work or Plan of God, or the Redemption and sanctification of a soul, and thus
  5. motivated by a disposition in which true, unselfish, unconditional Love prevails.

All possible experiences that may fall under this complex the Mistress of all souls defines here as 'true expiation' have been sanctified by Christ, in other words: Through His Sufferings they have been invested with the faculty of promoting the outpour of Salvation upon creation. This is what is meant by the words saying that each soul should in her own life and in her own being "complete whatever is 'lacking' in the Sufferings of Christ": Christ has opened up Redemption by compensating in an all-embracing way for the burden of sins accumulated by all mankind, through sanctifying of all acts of true expiation; each human soul is expected to voluntarily, consciously and lovingly offer up to God all and any experiences Divine Providence allows on her path through life and which enable her to follow Jesus Christ in His Great Act of Expiation – both in smaller and in greater things –, with the intention that God might thereby be enabled to fully unfold the effects of the Works of Christ in His creation.

Through the endless pains in His life as the Man-God Jesus shows the souls that unresistingly and lovingly accepted sufferings lead to glorification, because they testify to a merger between the soul’s human will and God’s Will, this Will which creates, redeems, sanctifies, heals and repairs. This world is prey to endless miseries and sufferings, yet but a small fraction of them can be referred to as 'unresistingly and lovingly accepted sufferings'. Let us never forget that only such sufferings help to accomplish Redemption within the souls. All other sufferings allow streams of Divine Blood to ooze away into the earth, where it can not benefit the blossoming of Divine Life within the souls.

Ever since the original sin was committed the human soul is inclined to avoid sufferings and trials, in other words: to cast off the cross. This disposition separates the soul from the fruits of Redemption. A soul that casts off the cross repudiates Christ and His Love, and in the eyes of God leads an unfruitful life. This soul has not understood the Law of Life, and thereby opens herself up unprotected to the slavery towards sin. Jesus knows man’s weakness, and therefore, hanging on the Cross, gave the souls the Golden Guide for their paths through life, the Transformer that is able to greatly multiply their poor spiritual strength, the Heavenly Bridge over the threatening, thundering rivers of their trials: Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, who here becomes the Mother of all people: "Woman, behold Your son; son, behold your Mother".

At the peak of the Act of Redemption the Mother of Christ receives custody over all souls. In so doing, the Redeemer demonstrates the fact the golden way to perfectly unfold Redemption within the soul is the one the soul follows if she surrenders completely to Mary with a view to accomplishing her journey through life in the most intimate unity with Her. Total, unconditional and life-long consecration to Mary becomes the key opening up the soul completely to the actions of God’s redeeming Love, and enabling the soul to yield the fruits through which she is able to participate actively in the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

May this Good Friday find each and every one of us at the foot of the Cross, the place where the Tree of True Love is blossoming for all times and where, therefore, each soul is able to eat the fruits of Divine Life in abundance. May we fully realize that only the soul that has kissed the cross even more ardently than she has kissed the roses along her path through life, is ready for the delights of Resurrection. While on earth, the soul will indeed be able to see the shadow of Jesus in any experience that brings her joy, but she will only find His Heart in the crosses of life, for only the Cross was ever embraced by His Blood.


Saturday after Palm Sunday


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Jesus had predicted His Sufferings and His Death. He had also predicted His Resurrection. Nevertheless the experience of reality is always a thing of faith in the outcome of that which we are experiencing, for very often appearances are against the developments, and all negative, dark and unpleasant things have a way of robbing a soul of her strength, joy and courage, and what is more: they tend towards making the soul believe she were walking into the trap of an illusion. This must about sum up the experience of the souls that had followed Christ and had been harbouring the belief He was the Messiah, the Son of God. A God who is betrayed... How is it, that He did not know this in advance? A God who is mocked... How is it, that He refrains from convincing His enemies? A God who is hit... How is it, that He allows people to overpower Him? A God who dies... This is where faith itself dies as well. With Jesus’ Death on the Cross the true Christians (those who had read the Truth in their heart of hearts and no longer denied it) got separated once and for all from the superficial believers (those who merely followed in Christ’s wake for as long as He kept performing miracles before their very eyes, but were not receptive to the Mystery, the invisible).

Between Her Son’s Entombment and His Resurrection the immaculate Mother of Sorrows was attacked beyond all imagination by the evil one. The prince of darkness left no stone unturned to shake Her up. Indeed: She was the Co-Redemptrix, the One to whom by a Divine Mystery a mystical merger with Christ had been granted, which was so all-embracing that She partook in all of His inner dispositions and was therefore able to make a perfect sacrificial offering of His physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Sufferings to the Most Holy Trinity, in unity with the fullness of Her own being and Her own inner dispositions. If She, whose Heart was in those hours crushed by Sorrows, should have allowed Her faith in the Resurrection to be shattered, the effects of the Mystery of Redemption would have been defiled.

Inside, Mary experienced the fullness of the Mystery of Redemption. She perfectly understood how indispensable the sufferings in a human form are for the restoration of the sanctity of the human souls, the final defeat of the darkness and the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth. Mary’s Sorrows should not be regarded as human expressions of a mother who has witnessed her son dying before her very eyes: Mary’s Sorrows are the highly mystical elements of expiation on the basis of the fullness of Her understanding:

  • of the effects of sin on creation;
  • of the extent to which sin prevents God’s Love from pouring His graces and blessings out over all creation;
  • of the great extent to which sin maintains all misery in the world, thereby leading countless souls to giving up all faith in God’s existence;
  • of the consequences of the blindness of souls, who on account of the inspirations from the darkness no longer recognize their God and therefore betray, mock, scourge and crucify Him without recognizing the Deity in Him;
  • of the fact all this was not going to end with Jesus’ Death on the Cross, on the contrary: Countless Christians will, throughout the ages, keep betraying, mocking, sentencing, scourging and crucifying Christ in their fellow creatures.

The Passion of Jesus did not end on Mount Golgotha, it will keep going on for as long as on this earth even one single soul keeps betraying, mocking, slandering, sentencing, hitting, harming Him physically, emotionally or spiritually, keeps casting off the cross of her life because she is not willing to make her own necessary contribution to the accomplishment of the Mystery of Redemption... The Passion of Jesus is going to last for as long as sins are committed on this earth, for every sin is a repudiation of Love. In every sin, in every vice, Eternal Love is sentenced, scourged, sometimes even crucified.

Holy Saturday is a day of contemplation as to the depth of one’s own faith in God and one’s truly believing He is going to rise. If applied to our life this would mean: Let us find out to what extent we believe that God (the Light, Love) is truly going to defeat the darkness. The soul that is convinced the darkness always has the final say, does not believe in God’s power and has not understood the Wisdom and Justice underlying the sufferings of life on earth. The Resurrection not only follows upon the Passion, it can only occur because of the Passion. Each soul is ardently longing for a new world of Love and Peace, a paradise of happiness. How small is the number of souls that recognize this new world can only be bought on their own path through life. Jesus can not return into a world in which human souls have not first prepared the soil of the new paradise for the Divine seed, by:

  • unselfish and unconditional Love of God and of their fellow creatures in actions, words, thoughts, feelings and aspirations;
  • loving acceptance of sufferings and trials (following of Christ in all of its consequences!);
  • perfect obedience towards God’s Law: tireless efforts as to self conquest and the victory over every tendency to give in to selfishness, resentment, hate, destructiveness and worldly thinking;
  • an absolutely perfect commitment to God’s Plan of Salvation through perfect consecration of her entire life and her entire being to God, preferably through Mary, lest anything be lost, for each human life is given by God for one purpose only: that it may help promote the accomplishment of Redemption in all souls. Every detail of each human life contains an opportunity to bring the Cross of Golgotha to bloom in a soul somewhere on this earth.

Today the Mother of Sorrows is suffering because God Himself is suffering. The sorrow because of sin will exist for as long as sin itself will be alive. In every sin a particle of God’s perceptible Presence in creation dies, so to speak, for every sin contains a dark haze, which darkens the Light of God’s Love in creation for one or more creatures (the sinner and his victim(s) – and at any rate also God Himself will always be one of the 'victims' of a sin) for some time, in some cases for a lifetime. For every soul the major fruit of this day should be:

  • that she repents sin, in the first place her own weaknesses and violations, and that she learns how to regard the latter as sufferings she has inflicted on Christ;
  • that she believes in the power of the Passion in every cross on her own path through life, and that therefore she no longer considers her cross to be an enemy, but rather to be an ally;
  • that she develops a rock-solid faith in the victory of the Light over the darkness (the Resurrection after the Passion).

Today let us offer every tear that has ever been shed on this earth to the Mother of Sorrows, who will collect them and turn them into an ocean of healing from the effects of countless sins, and who will wash the Wounds of the suffering Christ in this ocean. This ocean will bring fruitfulness to the soil on which the paradise of the new world is to be erected through the commitment of our entire life and all Love we can possibly muster up. Every self conquest is bringing forward the Resurrection of the Kingdom of Christ.


First Sunday after the first full moon of Spring


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

God keeps all His promises, and He never does things by halves. He does not let a train start with the intention to have it stop in the middle of nowhere. The original sin had made the Redemption of souls, the liberation from the impossibility to acquire eternal bliss, necessary. This Redemption had to be accomplished by the Son of God in a human body, because Redemption from the effects of sin can only be prepared from a combination of the following factors:

  • true, unselfish, unconditional Love in all its forms, towards God and all fellow creatures;
  • unconditional obedience towards God’s Laws and provisions. In concrete terms this means: unconditional acceptance of everything Divine Providence leads upon our path through life;
  • voluntary, unconditional and consciously experienced consecration of everything, of all events of a lifetime in all their details, to God;
  • unconditionally accepted and consecrated sufferings and trials in a physical body and with a human heart.

Only God in a human form could ever lay this combination of necessary conditions in the lap of God’s Plan of Salvation to an absolutely perfect extent. The Messiah’s Sacrifice was complete. He made an absolutely perfect Sacrifice of the body which had been prepared for Him, of all emotions from His tormented Heart, and of all the rich and ever so varied details of His Life, which had been characterized so markedly by persecution, misunderstanding, hate, and the countless overwhelming instances of sin surrounding Him. However, God underlined the perfect unity between the human and the Divine nature of the Messiah in the Resurrection, which crowned the Passion, this perfect Sacrifice of Redemption, with an act only God could ever perform – because He IS Life: to rise for a 'new Life' by His own strength.

The Resurrection holds a great sign of hope for all souls who are willing to follow Jesus in everything: Not only does it point out that the trials of life – provided they are borne in dispositions that are indispensable to yield Redemption – enable the soul to rise for true Life after this life on earth is completed, moreover it shows that the darkness (the trials, the crosses of life) always dies, that the Light, however (true Divine Life) is in a manner of speaking dormant within the soul like a germ in winter, waiting to be woken up in spring time by the actions of God’s Intelligence and to show also visibly that, in reality, the Light is always superior to everything, including the darkness which is not seldom the only thing man sees and notices on his path through life.

On account of His Divine nature Christ was able to rise by His own strength. The soul that gears her life on earth to the best possible following of His dispositions, will after this life be woken up by God. In this waking up the strength of God touches the soul that has completed life on earth in a physical body, but is in herself the bearer of a germ which contains an element from God. The Mistress of all souls refers to this element as 'germ of sanctity'. In a manner of speaking, God takes back 'the Divine element contained in man'. One might say the resurrection of a soul after her earthly life is possible to the extent the germ of sanctity has indeed been preserved in a state of sanctity. A soul’s sanctity is indeed the spiritual spring she carries within herself: the force of growth and bloom of her inner dispositions, in which the spring time blossoms are the signs of the strength and purity with which she applies all virtues in her life.

Easter is a symbol of rebirth, resurrection from the old, spring as the victory of the Light (of the spring time sun of the fullness of Truth) over the darkness (the dark winter of deception and blindness) and of the warmth (of Love in all its forms) over the cold (the lack of Love and the countless repulsive forms of sin which are automatically associated with it). Easter is also a symbol of fruitfulness, spiritual fruitfulness as the extent to which the soul actually meets God’s expectations as to her life. A life to God’s liking is a life which provides Him with the raw materials from which He can prepare the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation. This greatest of all Divine Works is, as always, a construction which is built on a perfect combination of the cement of God’s Will and the bricks of human will. A spiritually fruitful human life is rewarded by God with the resurrection for true Life in His eternal Presence.

A human life is very eventful, but it is also rich in invisible inner developments within the soul. The less elements that are lost, the more fruitful a life can become in God’s eyes. All that is not explicitly and lovingly shared with God, is actually lost. Today let us regard all details of our lives and all our inner dispositions and trials as a comprehensive Passion, nail all of it to the Cross with the Redeemer, and entrust it to the tomb of the so powerful Heart of Mary by ardently consecrating it to Her. On account of our consecration She will call true Life down upon all of this, and She will be able to give birth to us again, for it is Her most ardent wish that every soul may follow Jesus even in His Resurrection. The resurrection God prefers to prepare for the soul is the one she is able to experience in the most intimate unity with Mary, whose mortal body never even experienced death, for within Her, spring was imperishable as of Her Immaculate Conception up to and including Her Ascension into Heaven. Within Her, resurrection was, in a manner of speaking, accomplished even while She was still experiencing the Passion of Her most sorrowful life. This is also our vocation, but without the guidance and the complementing interventions from Her who was given to us from the Cross, we may hardly succeed in rolling the stone away from the tomb of our human nature.


around Easter


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

The Mission of Christ on earth essentially aimed at accomplishing two goals:

  1. He was to deliver the souls from the everlasting penalty of death, which they had signed for themselves by breaking the very first covenant between God and the first couple of human souls. God now concluded a New Covenant of sanctity and Redemption with the souls, and let His Messiah as the Man-God sign this covenant with His Divine Blood on the Cross. The Cross was intended to be the everlasting seal of Redemption. The death penalty was buried, and the grave was to be sealed with the Blood of Christ;
  2. He was to enable the souls to collaborate actively with their Redemption, as by virtue of the Divine Law respecting the free human will in everything, Redemption would have been invalid otherwise. Therefore He had to teach the souls God’s Truth.

Jesus gave what might be called a first series of public lectures at the early age of twelve, and did so in the Temple at Jerusalem. His low age testified to the fact His teachings originated in a Heavenly source and His Wisdom could not possibly be of this world. The Temple here symbolizes the soul, pointing out that God prefers to deposit His teachings directly in the soul. God teaches within the soul who opens up to Him in the seclusion of her own heart.

So many souls forget that God is trying to accomplish His Works deeply within them in the first place. They look for Him here and there, except within themselves: They leave the Jerusalem of their own soul, leaving God behind, and losing Him. He has settled down within them. The souls, however, turn to the world looking for their salvation. The soul becomes like the greatest unknown to herself. Conversion is a disposition in which the soul suddenly turns around on her wrong track and returns to the Jerusalem inside herself in an attempt to find Jesus back. The soul works on true conversion 'for three days', the latter time symbolizing 'a whole life long', for true conversion must be developed and renewed all the time.

As soon as the soul will have found Jesus back in the very depths of her being, He is going to 'return home' with her again, in other words: He is going to follow her wherever she goes, until she loses Him again.

Today let us start discovering ourselves and aiming at acquiring a true knowledge of our own being. Within us there is a temple built by God, in which He is constantly teaching, living, working. We can only truly discover His Presence and His Working there in silence, in contemplation, in sincere longing to be with Him, away from the deceptions of the world. Where God is, True Love is. True Love is like a blossom bringing delight, joy and peace. If one connects one’s own heart with it, the blossom turns into a fruit which actually nourishes the soul. This is what happens if the soul keeps looking for God inside herself and learns how to regard the world as a garden full of artificial blossoms: Attractive if seen from a distance, but very disappointing as soon as one touches them, for they are neither fragrant nor fruitful. The world is not a bearer of Life, God is, but He can only raise a soul to life if the latter will actively look to find Him.


First Sunday after Easter


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we celebrate Divine Mercy. This is one of the greatest gifts from God’s Love to the souls, a gift which, however, not every soul understands the way it should be understood.

Divine Mercy is the expression of God’s unlimited Love through which He testifies to His willingness to forget sins and mistakes which should actually yield punishment. In other words it is the ultimate expression of His clemency, His forgiveness and His goodness. Divine Mercy is the Mystery through which God keeps granting mankind the grace of forgiveness despite the fact mankind as a whole no longer deserves this, especially since, on account of the New Covenant, the human soul has no longer got any excuse for leading a life in blind sinfulness.

Pure Love which finds weakness in the beloved one, turns into mercy, the longing to take pity on the beloved one in the latter’s smallness and weakness, to protect him and to shower him with all kinds of good things. Mercy is a form of very deep Love in which the loving entity is aware of the beloved one’s being weak and little and vulnerable, but is driven by the determined will to preserve the latter’s dignity.

The souls rejoice in this Divine gift, and so they should. However the Queen of Heaven points to the fact a few conditions must be met if this gift is to be a living gift. Divine Mercy is not an acquired right, it is a grace, and it will only be able to actually work within the soul to the extent to which the latter:

  • tries to be really one with God’s Will. This means that she truly aspires for the accomplishment of His intentions in everything she does. Due to the constant sinfulness of all mankind Divine Mercy is an undeserved expression of God’s perfect Love. The soul for one, can begin to somewhat honour God’s Love only by trying to accept the provisions of Divine Providence in her life, in plain terms: by not protesting against the trials and crosses of life, and by not focusing a major part of her daily efforts on attempts to get rid of these trials and crosses;
  • tries to concretely apply true Love in all of its forms towards God and all her fellow creatures. All expressions of selfishness, materialism, indifference towards God and one’s fellow creatures, lack of respect for God and His Works (among others the Works He accomplishes in all creatures), the will to hurt or to destroy, prevent Divine Mercy from having its effects in the soul’s life;
  • aims at achieving a spotless purity. The soul can hardly claim the experience of the effects of Divine Mercy in her life while harbouring negative dispositions in her heart regarding her fellow man, trying to harm him, persecuting or slandering Jesus in her fellow man, counteracting or interfering with the Works God is trying to accomplish within and through her fellow man, and in general while serving the darkness through her behaviour, her words, thoughts, feelings, wishes or aspirations.
  • is sincerely willing to forgive. A soul that is constantly harbouring a grudge on account of what she believes her fellow man may have done wrong to her, or who does not forgive with all her heart, is not only showing a manifest lack of Love but also an unhealthy attachment to the details of her past, thereby offending against the true purpose of life: In life on earth not a single detail has got a meaning or value as such, each and every detail merely serves towards the soul’s achieving her perfection. The soul that clings to details is actually being herself an obstacle to her own growth and bloom, and can – just like it is the case with a lack of forgiveness – considerably harm her fellow man and God’s Plan of Salvation.

Divine Mercy is the mechanism curbing the effects of Divine Justice. The soul should never go on the assumption she is automatically going to have a share in Divine Mercy, if she fails to display unequivocal signs of good will in her efforts to comply with Divine Law (through fulfilling the aforementioned four points). The soul can indeed herself render the effects of Divine Mercy in her own spiritual development and on her own journey through life ineffective or turn them off altogether, if, through her behaviour, her words, thoughts, feelings, wishes and aspirations, she makes it clear that she does not wholeheartedly love the Light (Love) more than she loves the darkness (sin, vice, but also indifference as to the active application of Love). The more the soul turns off the actions of Divine Mercy for her benefit, the more she is herself turning the actions of Divine Justice on. The latter will then judge her life according to the bare extent to which she has practiced Love, or has failed to do so.

This is why today first and foremost constitutes an invitation by God’s Love to the soul, motivating the latter to perfect the Love She has for God, for His Plans and Works, and for her fellow creatures. Today let us quite consciously pray to obtain this grace, in order that we may not only go towards God with the intention to receive His gifts, but with the intention to give ourselves to Him, for this is the sole purpose for which we have received this one single life.


April 26


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the Mother of Good Counsel. The Mother of God bears this title as a sign of Her being able, in Her capacity as the Bride of the Holy Spirit, to help minds and hearts open up to God’s Light. Despair is a disposition the soul falls prey to when her situation or any element of her life she considers to be important, seems to her to be a problem she is unable to solve.

The Mistress of all souls teaches that the human soul will get to a better, deeper and clearer understanding of her situation in life and all elements thereof in proportion as she allows God’s Light to be her Guide. 'Allowing God’s Light to be her Guide' is what the soul does to the extent to which she does not approach her environment and the situations of her life from an angle of mere reasoning, but time and again empties herself of all she is carrying with her, and listens very carefully to her own heart and, in so doing, is inspired by an unwavering determination to put all of her dispositions, actions, words, thoughts, feelings and aspirations at the service of God’s Plans and Works. God’s Spirit does not only speak to the mind, first and foremost He will speak to the heart. It is perfectly well known that the soul in the first place contacts God through the heart. This is why the Queen of Heaven keeps saying the soul should 'think less and feel more'.

As the Mother of Good Counsel the Mother of God reminds us of the fact She is also in this respect the Bridge between the soul and God, that She opens up the soul, who temporarily lacks every signpost on her way through the maze of life, to the flow of Divine Light, inspirations, Wisdom and in-depth understanding. Thus, in a manner of speaking, She clears the access road to the soul in order that the latter may be enabled to nourish herself with the Light of God’s Works inside herself and to replace her confusion, her spiritual blindness, her inner chaos, her inner darkness, by the peace of being sure that 'God is here again'.

This is how the Mother of Good Counsel acts like a Signpost for the soul on the way on which the latter will be able to accomplish her journey through life in the most efficient way possible. This is what She will do at every crossroads, wherever the soul is unable to decide on the direction in which she is to go, or does not dare move along any further. She only waits for the soul’s praying to Her and trusting Her.

The Mother of Good Counsel truly longs to be the hand switching on the Light whenever the world has darkened the heart. This is how She brings the beams sent out by the Holy Spirit into the soul, thereby becoming the Sign of hope for the soul that is dragging herself along on the path through life, under the burden of an excess of worldly impressions and thoughts which have been making it very hard for her to accomplish the take-off of her heart and which have been blurring every clear view of her true destination and of the true sense of her journey through life.

Today, let us entrust to Her care our hearts and any fog blinding them, so that She may be able to open us up again to the Light that brings the true Peace of Christ.


Second Sunday of May


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we celebrate our mothers. Besides we would also like to commemorate the Mother of all mothers, who is so easily forgotten, as Mary had this expressed so yearningly in the year 2001, in prayer nr. 283.

A mother is a soul who is called upon to be a point of rest to her children, an oasis of refuge in the painful or difficult hours of life, a well of new Peace and security whenever the child feels forsaken by everyone and everything. She is there whenever everything seems empty, she heals whenever wounds have been inflicted. All this because it is her vocation, because this is how God has wanted her to be.

The Mother of Jesus possessed the charisma of having accomplished all of this to the highest possible perfection, not only towards Jesus up to and including the time of His Passion, but towards every soul Divine Providence brought Her into contact with. The very same Divine Providence gave Mary to each and everyone of us as the Eternal Mother. In point of fact it is exactly this Divine Gift we commemorate on this day, as one of the major expressions of Divine Love and of the extent to which He has been longing for our Eternal Salvation right from the outset.

Indeed, eventually this (our Eternal Salvation) was exactly what Jesus had in mind when He gave Mary to all souls, and all souls to Mary. He did so from His Cross, no less, the Cross on which He crowned the unique Work of our Salvation. We cannot but derive from this the conclusion that Mary’s Motherhood was intended to be part of the accomplishment of our Salvation. Therefore there might not be any better reason to duly honour the gift of this Motherhood.

Let us never forget that the propagation of Mary as the Mistress of all souls is ultimately based on Her Motherhood. Indeed, just because God gave us Mary as Mistress, or as Guide or inner Transformer of our souls respectively, within a Motherhood over all human souls which He Himself confirmed (in the shape of Jesus and expressed by the Latter), Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls is fully a bearer of God’s signature: To every human soul the Most Holy Virgin is always simultaneously the Mistress and the Mother, because within Her the power and Wisdom necessary for any inner guidance and transformation of every soul in all and any circumstances are always associated with the Love and protection emanating from motherhood.

This is exactly what not only makes a great thing great, but truly refers to its Divine Origin: Love. Today’s feast should be a feast of gratefulness for God having given us a mother who has prepared for us our earthly journey towards spiritual perfection and therefore towards Eternal Bliss, but also a Mother willing and able to give birth to us for true Life for eternity, Divine Life: Mary, simultaneously the Mother of God and of our poor souls. Let us today offer Her the flowers of our hearts and of being willing, through Her and with Her, to enter into Paradise through the Golden Gate when this exile will be over.


Thursday after the fifth Sunday after Easter


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

A Christian is a soul that is prepared to follow Christ in daily life, and tries to do so in all and any situations. Whoever thinks of Christ, usually sees the following capacities to begin with:

  • the teaching One
  • the One working wonders
  • the suffering One
  • the One rising from the grave

No soul is able to follow Christ in all perfection in her own right. All this must be brought about in close collaboration between God and the soul, just like God foresaw it to be for all of His Works: God operates the key, the human soul is to prepare the lock, deep down within the core of her being.

What, then, does it mean concretely to follow Jesus or to collaborate with Him so that key and lock may fit well together and the soul may have herself get opened up? It means:

  • following the teaching Christ = completely absorbing the Teachings of Christ – the Teachings of perfect Love experienced in every detail of daily life – into the soul, and acting, thinking, speaking, feeling, aspiring and behaving accordingly. In this era God is attempting to have a deeper understanding of these Teachings ripen and bloom within the souls through Mary, in the Science of Divine Life;
  • following Christ as the One working wonders = opening up to the wonders of inner transformation, spiritual healing, which in our days God is to a high extent trying to work through the Mother of Christ. The transformation of the soul into a truly holy soul is indeed the miracle of miracles. This is why God bestowed upon Mary the perfection and the power to completely transform souls internally. This is why She is the Mistress of all souls, the Domina Animarum Omnium, by virtue of a Divine Decree, in which capacity She guides the souls that are consecrated to Her completely, towards the golden path to sanctity;
  • following the suffering Christ = lovingly and unconditionally accepting and carrying all trials of daily life, and consecrating them to Mary in order to enhance and to crown their strength within God’s Plan of Salvation, Mary having been foreseen by God to be the Golden Bridge to Salvation, to the Heart of Christ;
  • following the Christ rising from the grave = living in such a way that also the soul herself is in a state enabling her to benefit from the Promise of Resurrection and therefore also from the one of Ascension. The ways towards achieving this is exactly what God is teaching us through the Mistress of all souls.

Today we celebrate the feast of the Ascension of Christ. God longs for every soul to be able to truly go the direct way to Heaven as soon as her life on earth is over. In a way the soul is already preparing her 'ascension' while living on earth, by sowing into God’s Heart all burdens and trials of her journey through this valley of tears, in a perfect association with true Love and in application of the knowledge and understanding of God’s Truth, and doing this so effectively that her entire life gets geared to a growing spiritualization blooming ever more lavishly: The soul detaches herself ever more decisively from her worldly attachments and habits, in order to make her 'take-off to the Heavens' ever more light. All worldly things, every trace of the world within the soul, is made subordinate to the blossoming of the soul. The soul turns into a being in full accordance with the nature God originally intended her to have: she gradually becomes pure spirit (not in the sense of a 'thinking entity', but of an 'entity that has to the highest possible extent detached itself from matter and from all thinking, feeling and desiring focused on, or centered around, material things'). As to this 'sowing into God’s Heart', through which the soul can accomplish the summit of her fruitfulness, God has provided for the souls to receive a method of success: the procedure of total and persistent consecration to Mary in daily life.

Through total, persistent and unconditional consecration to Mary the soul prepares herself, according to God’s highest wish, for a complete spiritualization and a rebirth for true, Divine Life. This rebirth is like a resurrection, which is actually renewed day after day, until it can reach its accomplishment for Eternal Bliss in the soul’s 'ascension', after the soul will have completed the mission God has entrusted her with in life.

Jesus did not need a rebirth, He was the incarnated perfection. We should therefore not merely regard His Ascension as the final stage of the Life of Christ as the Man-God on earth, but – and that is where for each and every one of us lies the great invitation and challenge today – as the great Promise after the uninterrupted battle every one of us is subjected to while living on earth. God is going to take us with Him into Heaven. Upon us rests first and foremost the holy obligation to entrust the seed of Salvation, which He has so amply provided each and every one of us with, to the soil of His Heart, in a lifelong work with the tools Christ has sanctified for us: suffering, trials, burdens, true Love, the openness to the fullness of Truth, and truly and unconditionally lived consecration.

The road is known to us, and Jesus Himself has built it to run through His Mother’s Heart. The soul that is prepared to travel through this Heart, will never again be the same after really having been touched by it. She will rise from the grave of her worldly attachments and her shadows, and follow Jesus on the way to Heaven.


Saturday after Ascension


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On the Saturday following the Ascension of Christ we commemorate the Mother of Christ in Her capacity as the Queen of the Apostles. Right from the start Mary was regarded by the apostles of Jesus not merely as their Teacher’s Mother, but also as an extraordinarily enlightened soul, to whom they could also successfully entrust spiritual questions. That is what they actually used to do on a fairly regular basis after Jesus’ Ascension. Even during Jesus’ Life on earth the women from the Messiah’s following regarded Mary as 'the Mother' or 'the Mistress', to whom they liked to turn for explanations whenever they had failed to completely understand the rich Heavenly Words Jesus had spoken.

After the Ascension of Jesus, Mary was thoroughly the apostles’ moral Support and the Bridge of encouragement in the difficulties they met within the framework of their works of evangelization. Mary’s unparalleled sanctity, Her inner quiet and calm, Her sensible Peace, Her perfect Wisdom, Her burning Love and Her phenomenal charisma made of Her an inexhaustible Source of security and support for the apostles. Repeatedly I was quite undeservedly favoured with the privilege of visions in which I was allowed to see pieces of action taken from the relationship between the apostles and the One they regarded simultaneously as their Mother, their Mistress and their Queen. Unforgettable is the sight of this charisma, these ever so beautiful and soft eyes, this tenderness pervading all Her actions and every word She spoke. One single word, one single glance from the Mother of Christ was enough for a shattered soul to find back the Light of hope and a totally renewed strength.

Mary wants to do and to be all of this for each and every one of us. An apostle in the broad sense of the word is every soul who gears her life fully to the advancement of God’s Plan of Salvation by trying to bring God’s Word, God’s Works and an example of virtuous living to the souls, and who, to this end, spares no effort to have her entire being transformed into a mirror of God’s Heart and into a workable tool at His service. In this sense, for example, each soul who applies herself propagating the Science of Divine Life and concretely practicing the Words of the Mistress of all souls, can be considered to be an apostle of Mary, and through Her, of Christ, as the Hearts of Jesus and Mary are united by virtue of a mystical Mystery, and Their Works, Words and goals are perfectly identical.

The soul who, with all of her works and her entire being, is completely dedicated to Mary, and who, in accordance with God’s most ardent wish, regards Mary as her Mistress, can learn how to notice the Works of the Queen of Heaven in the very depth of her heart, of her actions, of her thoughts, of her likes and dislikes and of the course of events in daily life, to the extent to which she is open to Mary’s guidance and to the waves of Her Love. To this soul Mary wants, in the true sense of the word, to be the One who, after the Ascension of Jesus, like a magnet attracts the outpourings of the Holy Spirit towards the faithful souls who have gathered around Her. The Queen of the Apostles is the Magnet Who has set for Herself this one and only goal: to settle down in the heart of the faithful soul like a permanent and irresistible invitation to the Holy Spirit, in order that the soul may be able to assimilate and utilize the fullness of God’s Light and Love.

As the Queen of the Apostles Mary grants a special protection and a special inner guidance to those to whom the propagation and preservation of the fullness of God’s Truth really matters, and who have made this propagation and preservation an essential part of their mission in life, because they have followed the invitation from God’s Spirit. Today let us implore Her that She may transform us all into worthy custodians of God’s treasures.


Seventh Sunday after Easter


Dear sisters in Jesus and Mary,

Blessed are we, who today celebrate the feast of Pentecost and are allowed to commemorate the Coming of the Holy Spirit upon the young Church of Christ. When the Spirit of God, who had been promised by Jesus, came down upon Mary and the apostles united in the Cenacle, in a manner of speaking He baptized the Church of the one and only Truth in the fire of Eternal Love and Eternal Wisdom.

The soul into whom the fire of the Holy Spirit is poured out, is opened up to God’s Truth. What is God’s Truth then? The Queen of Heaven, Bride of the Holy Spirit, refers to God’s Truth as the fullness of the accomplished reality. Mary explained the notion of the 'accomplished reality' unequivocally in Her extension to the Revelation of March 25, 2012. (You can find an extensive explanation of this notion once again after this introductory text concerning the feast of Pentecost).

Just like on Easter morning Jesus rose, thus opening up the souls to their own resurrection from the darkness of sin, of unwholesome habits and attachments and of vicious thoughts, feelings and desires, on the morning of Pentecost the Holy Spirit wants to prepare for the souls the right rebirth into a life of virtue. The Resurrection demonstrated the fruitfulness of the sufferings and trials borne with Love for the soul’s Redemption, the Holy Spirit pouring Himself out basically demonstrates that the soul will be able to accomplish her sanctification – which, after all, must ultimately be the purpose of all redemption – only in the real sense in the open contact with the Holy Spirit.

If we consider the fact we are all here for one purpose only, viz. to aspire for the sanctification of our souls, and in so doing, to accomplish our greatest possible fruitfulness within the framework of God’s Works, we can easily understand the unparalleled value of the outpourings of the Holy Spirit into us. God is not the One to blame: In every soul His Spirit looks for a bed He can rest on and on which He can find nourishment. 'Nourishment' for the Holy Spirit is every sign of longing on the soul’s part for God’s Presence and actions within her, and for her own sanctification, in the awareness that only sanctification is able to bring the soul nearer to God. 'Rest' is what the Holy Spirit finds when He discovers the soul to be willing to be a bearer of Truth and of God’s Presence. God’s Spirit will connect with such a soul, and He will try to merge with her on ever higher levels. This is where God’s aspirations lie: He wants to conclude marriage with the soul in all aspects of life in order that, in collaboration with the soul, He might enable His creation to express the fullness of its lustre.

It is remarkable that the Mistress of all souls should unmistakably point out in the writings that through Her actions within the soul She ultimately wants to prepare the soul to make the Holy Spirit’s interventions fruitful. The Queen of Heaven is the Heavenly Gardener. The seed of sanctification is prepared in God’s Heart. To the extent to which the soul puts her soil at the disposal of the Mistress of all souls with a view to being reshaped, tilled and recovered through Her hand (complete consecration to Mary in every detail of everyday life, and Mary’s response to this!), the Holy Spirit will be able to fully utilize for the benefit of God’s Works the soil on which seed is sown through the effects of the soul’s consecration. This is how the Holy Spirit accomplishes the soul’s fruitfulness:

  • the soul is a piece of land whose soil was equipped with a certain structure and properties in the hour in which the soul was created. The soil of the soul therefore contains treasures out of God’s hand, and moreover it is a bearer of Divine Intelligence, which is able to control her growth to the extent the soul remains focused on God;
  • the soil of the soul is fructified by the Divine nourishment, which is entrusted to her from the eternal merits gained by the Sufferings of Christ;
  • if the soil of the soul entrusts itself completely to Mary, the Queen of Heaven will become the Custodian, the Farmer, the Administrator and the Guardian of this soil. On this soil She prepares the harvest for God’s Kingdom;
  • the Holy Spirit baptizes the soul’s soil in the fire of Divine Life, which will through true Love burn in it everything hostile to God or incompatible with Him and brings to maturity everything contained within the soul and everything the latter has been able to assimilate.

This should already present the tremendous significance of today’s feast in the proper light. This is the only purpose for which the Holy Spirit comes to the souls: with a view to preparing their accomplishment. Before the wheat is harvested the Lord of the harvest wants to improve and refine it, not only this once annually, but day after day. Today reminds us of the fact God harbours great Plans with every soul. God’s Spirit longs for it to guide every soul to the summit of her being a human soul, so that the world may see she is a mirror of God. God is where we all come from, to Him we must return, not as strangers but as real homecomers: By our wheat He should be able to recognize we have grown from His seed. The Mistress of all souls’ vocation is exactly this: to help this accomplish within the soul: She wants to conclude marriage with the soul, so that the latter may be ready for the ultimate marriage with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Today we are again reminded in a very special way of the promise of this marriage. May, today, the Divine 'Accomplisher' find us perfectly opened up, sprinkled with the perfume of His Heavenly Bride.

Digression concerning the accomplished reality

Mary already pointed out earlier there is a visible and an accomplished reality. The accomplished reality is the all-embracing reality, of which the soul on earth is able to perceive but a small fraction (the visible reality). Various phenomena are based on this difference, among others:

  • the mystical perception, which essentially constitutes an extension to the visible reality (sometimes a durable extension, sometimes a brief one, according to God’s Will). In the mystical perception the soul is allowed to see, hear, feel and/or perceive things exceeding that which is usually visible. These things are part of the 'accomplished' reality. They exist, yet normally we do not perceive them while we are still living on earth;
  • the perfect experience of the virtue of hope: In this perfect experience the soul lives as if the situation she is hoping for, has already been fully accomplished. In reality it is indeed, but the soul does not notice yet. True hope is therefore the expression of a perfect faith. The soul lives in such a frame of mind as if her reality were already the accomplished reality, which, after this earthly life, she will live to the fullest.

So far the Mistress of all souls repeatedly showed Herself to me sitting on a throne, with Satan underneath Her feet or demons prostrated at Her feet. She explains such images by stating our visible reality would not lead souls to the assumption the power of the Queen of Heaven over Satan and his works is absolutely accomplished. The utter humiliation of Satan underneath the feet of the Queen of Heaven is part of the accomplished reality, because it is part of a Divine Decree. In this respect the Mistress explained that every Divine Decree is part of the accomplished reality as of the very moment it 'comes into being', because no single word from God ever remains unfulfilled. Our visible reality is associated with the way we perceive time. The accomplished reality is associated with the timeless. That which we do not see yet, may very well already be accomplished in its fullness in God’s Heart. We, however, need the development of the history of Salvation (= the progression of time) to discover how one element of the accomplished reality after the other flows into visible reality, being merged into it.

This is why the Mistress of all souls justly says that Satan is already Her slave. In God’s Heart he is lying at Her feet permanently, and has been ever since Her Immaculate Conception. The Queen of Heaven Herself experienced the fullness of this power even while still living on earth, when She merely needed to order demons to throw themselves at Her feet, to find out they just had to obey Her. On some occasions She actually did order demons down at Her feet (as is described in Confession made by a demon in Revelations > Special Revelations). The angels have been witnessing the exhibition of Her power ever since. We are going to be allowed to see it later. Moreover, Her absolute power over the evil one also manifested itself through Her perfect sinless life.

The image of the Queen of Heaven with Her foot on the serpent – a symbol of Satan and all works of darkness – is an expression of accomplished reality: In God’s reality the Mother of God has already gained a full victory over the powers of evil, because this victory is part of God’s Plan of Salvation. The souls on earth are now expected to show a perfect faith, a perfect hope and a perfect consecration (the latter being, after all, the most perfect expression of true Love to God and to His Works and Plans), for the accomplished reality to be able to merge completely with the visible reality. This process will be complete in the absolute sense of the word in the hour of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. In God’s Kingdom on earth each heart will be solely and exclusively a bearer of the imprint of the Holy Spirit – a perfectly accomplished Pentecost.


May 24


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

The title of the Mother of God which is the object of today’s commemoration, expresses God’s Love in a very special way. Being a Christian is not, as one would be inclined to think, related to the place where a soul begins her journey through life on earth, nor is it merely related to the family a soul is entrusted to by Divine Providence, nor is it only a matter of education. Being truly Christian is a vocation. Being a 'Christian' in the deepest sense of the word is no 'name tag', but the indication of a lifestyle which is concretely practiced in daily life, a disposition of the heart which is constantly applied in everyday life: It means following of Christ, not in the first place in the sense of an 'imitation' of His Life – for eventually the concrete design of life in all details is always guided by Divine Providence – yet in the sense of uniting with the dispositions of Jesus’ Heart, through which the soul handles in the spirit of Christ all situations Divine Providence leads upon her path through life.

Genuinely longing to live as though one’s own heart were a mirror of True Love, is a vocation, a lifelong mission. Because of the fact each human life runs against the background of the struggle between Light and darkness, trials are, in a manner of speaking, preprogrammed in each life. Nothing runs all by itself: God has provided for everything in life to be fruitful only to the extent the soul aspires to accomplish everything in the closest collaboration with God. Hence the unsurpassable blessing of total consecration to Mary.

The Mother of God is equipped to absolute perfection to guide the soul through her inner development, to 're-shape' her to such an extent that the Heavenly seed of her talents and gifts, and of the gifts of Divine Providence flowing towards her, may yield the highest possible fruitfulness. All of this is in the true sense of the word assistance towards perfecting the soul’s being a Christian, and therefore towards shaping this marvellous vocation of being a little mirror image of Christ. Let us not forget the Christians are the custodians of the legacy of Jesus Christ, God’s Truth, the treasury of the traditional values that were made accessible by Jesus.

Eventually in this life it matters for each soul that everything she receives from God should reach the highest possible effect, even – yes, especially – as regards that which is usually experienced as disagreeable. Nothing in life happens for no reason, everything has got a deep meaning, and God allows a lot of things of which we are unable to see the point, because they can serve us as a life insurance for Eternal Life. This is why Mary as the Help of Christians should not in the first place be regarded as the One providing solutions on the level of our worldly needs. The soul gets solutions like these essentially on account of her rock-solid faith in God’s Love and in the meaningful actions of His Providence. The Mother of God in Her capacity as the Help of Christians was given to the souls first and foremost as a Bridge over the chasms crossing her path through life, which will time and time again try to interrupt a smooth spiritual development.

Whereas the evil one aims at keeping the soul separated from God and preventing her sanctification as effectively as possible, Mary’s vocation consists in bringing God nearer and nearer to God and helping them develop spiritually to the highest possible extent. Thus She is the Help of Christians, the One who is called to assist the soul in being a true Christian. The Life of Christ on earth had no material purpose whatsoever, but was exclusively geared to accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation and to the awakening of the souls’ fruitfulness within this Plan. True following of Christ presupposes the very same applies to us: Everyone of us does not live for the accomplishment of material goals but with a view to providing active collaboration to the disclosure of the own fruitfulness within God’s Plan of Salvation. To that end the Queen of Heaven sees Her mission as lying mainly in protecting souls of good will against all and any dark external influences that are likely to counteract their spiritual development, as well as against any danger threatening them from inside: every disposition of the heart and every weakness that is able to promote the blooming of the destructive seed of darkness.

Hardly any soul on earth would be able to assess the real value and the real nature of Eternal Bliss. In proportion as the soul’s understanding in this field becomes more profound she is going to learn to fathom something of the infinity of the gift hidden in Mary’s capacity as the Help of Christians. The gift of being allowed to avail oneself of a perfect Bridge to God’s Heart is infinitely greater than that of using a bridge like people usually imagine it to be: a bridge over every worldly difficulty. Only a Bridge of the first category leads to the land of Eternal Bliss, the real Destination of our path through life on earth.


May 31


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

It is a day of Heavenly joy when the Mother of God comes and visits a soul. When Mary visits the soul, She inevitably brings the little Jesus, the incarnated Deity, and the Holy Spirit along with Her. The young Holy Virgin spared no efforts to visit Her relative Elisabeth: It took Her a long journey through a difficult landscape. Actually, in so doing She acted as a Messenger of Divine Providence, which through Her made two things clear to Her hostess Elisabeth, whom we may here regard as a representative of the human soul in her relationship to Christ and to His Mother:

  1. that She was the Mother of the long expected Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God;
  2. that She was the blessed Bridge God availed Himself of to let the Messiah’s Forerunner be confirmed in his vocation by the Holy Spirit, even while the said Forerunner was still in his mother’s womb.

The Mother of God here brings the Messiah into contact with His Forerunner, while both of them are still in their respective mother’s womb.

In Her visit to Elisabeth Mary plays a remarkable role: She shows Herself as:

  • The One who is able to bring God in His fullness to a soul (She is carrying the Messiah in Her womb);
  • The One who is able to show souls their true vocation in life. Mary reminds the soul of the fact it is part and parcel of every soul’s mission to announce the Christ, like John the Baptist did;
  • The One who was called upon by God to play a unique role and to have a unique impact within His Plan of Salvation, and who therefore would be called blessed by every soul boasting a sufficient level of spiritual development and depth;
  • The One who is able to show the souls what is perfection in all virtues, by actually living it (She stayed with Elisabeth for three months in order to assist the latter in everything in a disposition of perfect self-denial, thereby showing how a soul that is completely merged with God’s Heart is able to accomplish holy works in an atmosphere of contemplation and anointing serenity).

Today the Mother of Christ wants to visit each one of us with a view to fulfilling the salvific role to which She has been called by God for all times, in our lives as well. To do this She is going to undertake a difficult journey through the many barriers of our human weaknesses, worldly attachments, our doubts, our tendency to succumb to the most various vices... Let us find the hospitality to offer Her the opportunity to display Her holy example within us. As long as we keep making this possible for Her She is going to keep moving through the temple of our soul imperceptibly, and fill the latter with the Holy Spirit’s breath.


First Sunday after Pentecost


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the Most Holy Trinity. One God in Three Persons: a Mystery which reminds us of the fact God is actually the living infinity. The Divine cannot be divided, cannot be confined, and exists all by itself. Nothing from outside the Divine Being is able to influence it, it just is all there is, and it just includes everything that exists. Ultimately everything refers to God, because it springs from His creative power.

Nothing of all that exists could ever spring from any source other than God’s Heart. It is true that a great many things we can perceive around us are of human origin, yet even in those cases man has not created it: For all of the things he produces he must resort to God at least as far as obtaining the ingredients and constituents is concerned. It is just that human intelligence is in itself able to transform the ingredients and constituents, to bring them together, to process them, all of this to such an extent as to produce something quite different of which the Divine origin can not necessarily be recognized anymore. Ultimately the origin of it all is always God alone. Without Him there is nothing.

Even this Mystery of God’s all-embracing glory is seized upon time and time again as a seeming reason to blame God for all misery in this world, for the imperfections of visible reality. If nothing other than God can be at the origin of anything, then He must be the culprit, to be sure? This ungodly thinking is prey to a major delusion: The fact that in this world so many things are controlled by the darkness, is not due to any of God’s actions, nor can it ever be, because God’s nature and His actions are perfect Love and can therefore produce nothing but perfect Love. However, God has provided His creatures with a free will, which is inviolable, even to Him. Free human will can therefore be put at the service of any works of darkness in which God does not intervene at all, and due to its imperfection, human intelligence can very easily reach conclusions that deviate from the infallible Intelligence of God.

God is Love, therefore His Works can consist of nothing but pure, perfect Love. Basically we could subdivide God’s Works into three categories, all of which are ultimately geared first and foremost to the human souls:

  1. Works of Creation: In principle these Works, all of which refer to something (visible or invisible) being made out of nothing, are attributed to the Eternal Father. Having regard to the fact that God is Love, He creates out of pure Love and with the intention to envelop Himself and His creatures in supplementary Love or to enrich the atmosphere of His creation by adding new Love to it. God simply cannot have any other goals besides this.
  2. Works of Redemption: All of these Works are related to the delivery of souls from the bondage of sin. They aim at accomplishing the perfect freedom of the soul. God plans to take the souls to a point where they are no longer slaves to the power of sin and/or of each temptation. The soul’s freedom becomes perfect where the soul has herself got power over sin and/or temptation. This turning point was made accessible to each soul by God’s Son Jesus Christ. The Works of Redemption are keys to the liberation of the soul from the dungeons in which she is locked up by her omissions in the application of God’s Laws of Love.
  3. Works of Sanctification: These Works aim at perfecting the souls as constructions of God. This does not mean that God would ever have built a construction that is imperfect. Although in the eyes of man many things are imperfect, everything fits in with God’s Plans with creation and is able to serve the eventual accomplishment of these Plans, because it has originated with His Will and is guided by His Intelligence. Something gets imperfect when any human intervention affects its form, its development or its destination to such an extent that this form, development or destination are no longer in accordance with God’s Plans. This is exactly why the human soul must be sanctified, because on account of the countless dark influences from the world the soul is inevitably separated from God as to her form, development and destination. Sanctification actually means: being – in one’s nature and works – brought back to one’s Divine origin to such an extent that one is able to bring salvation for God’s Plans and for one’s fellow creatures through one’s entire way of being and through all of one’s works. These Works are ultimately attributed first and foremost to the Holy Spirit.
    The Works of sanctification also include Works of (spiritual) healing and transformation, which are also corrections, adjustments of course, against the background of the most varying aberrations from God’s Laws.

All of these Works are expressions of God’s Omnipotence and of His perfect Love. Especially as regards the Works of categories 2 and 3 God likes to avail Himself of the Bridge He Himself has elected: Mary, the Mistress of all souls, who ever since Jesus’ Life on earth has been united with the Redeemer and with the Holy Spirit on the highest mystical level, who very actively collaborates with the sanctification of the souls consecrated to Her, and whose Works on the level of spiritual and physical healing and of the transformation of souls are very well known.

God is perfect, and all His Works are perfect, as long as they are not affected by any force outside of Him. They perfectly express His fully accomplished Love for His creation. Today’s feast ought to be a feast of thanksgiving for these intentions of God, which are eventually geared to our acquiring Eternal Bliss. The Most Holy Trinity has never aimed at anything but enabling all Her creatures to experience perfect Love, perfect Peace and perfect happiness already while still living on earth. This is why God initially created the earth as a Paradise. The original sin (which was an act of human intervention) took sanctity away from this Divine Work. This is also why our destination lies with Him, who is perfect Love, perfect Peace and perfect happiness. Mary, our Heavenly Mistress, knows every inch of the way to Eternal Paradise. She was given to us as our Guide on the journey towards it, out of Love.


Second Thursday after Pentecost


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On Holy Thursday Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist. The Saviour never made a secret of the fact He did by all means want to stay with the souls. To Him this promise was simply part of the New Covenant: God makes Himself present to His creatures. This is a remarkable thing. When God created the first human souls He was there for them in a perceptible form, due to the fact the first souls were equipped with such mystical sensitivity that, considered from their angle, God was constantly 'within reach'. In a manner of speaking, the original sin tore up the tie of this unity between the human soul and God, a unity which made itself noticed spontaneously. Through the New Covenant God tried to restore this tie in a number of ways. Indeed, the Son of God came:

  1. to remind the souls of the Truth of God’s Laws, for the purpose of enabling the souls to come closer to their God again;
  2. to make the souls’ Redemption accessible through an absolutely perfect life of Love and Sufferings, in order that they might get closer to their God;
  3. to establish His Church, in and through which God is able to touch the souls in a special way, through the Sacraments.

On Holy Thursday Jesus Christ, God’s Son, made Himself present in the Most Holy Sacrament, and He did so for all times. In this institution God hid invaluable treasures of Redemption for each soul that would long to 'ingest her God' out of sheer Love. The marvellous event of instituting the Holy Eucharist as a representation of God’s Presence was – considered from a human point of view – 'overshadowed' that very evening, on account of the Sufferings which were to be completed in the course of the following eighteen hours or so.

Today, however, we solemnly commemorate the fact God has been keeping the Divine Promise of His constant and tangible Presence with us. This Promise had to be crowned and sealed by the accomplishment of the redeeming Sufferings, to be sure, but in itself hardly anything could ever surpass a Love urging God to want to stay with His creatures at any price, while these creatures cause Him so much grief because of the imperfection of their love for Him, and even entrusting to these creatures the right to handle Him in the Eucharist: In spite of its sinfulness – i.e. in spite of its inability to deal with God’s Presence in accordance with the Law of Love – the creature is allowed to enjoy the perceptible Presence of its God and to actually 'ingest' Him (every soul), and even touch Him (the priests).

It can therefore be said that God is actually giving Himself away to the souls completely, and is even 'delivering Himself up' to them. In a way this was not an isolated case, as He also delivered Himself up to the souls so as to enable the latter to subject Him to His terrible Sufferings. Right before this being 'delivered up to them', however, He gave Himself away to the souls for all times in the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar. This is remarkable: God makes Himself available to all souls, puts Himself within their reach, even turns Himself into material nourishment for them. Immediately after this He demonstrates the truthfulness of this Promise by delivering Himself up to the souls unrestrictedly with a view to accomplishing His Sufferings: He actually puts His life as the Man-God into human hands. Jesus Christ has wanted to prove to us that His Love for us is perfect, that His faith in us is perfect, and that the free human will is indeed inviolable, for the soul is even offered the opportunity to kill her God.

However, Jesus also availed Himself of the opportunity of this course of events to teach us that God can even make a sinful use of the free human will contribute to the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation:

  • Man’s free will put the Man-God to death, yet God Himself used exactly this act to build His Mystery of the souls’ Redemption upon;
  • Now the human will is allowed to decide freely on how to treat its God in the Sacraments. God, for one, has set for Himself the goal to use exactly this contact to inspire man to let his free will merge with God’s redeeming and sanctifying Will.

Love, time and time again, and nothing else but Love... Wherever God appears and acts, the seed of perfect Love is cast, and it attempts to spring up like a flower of true Life, often right through the rocky soil of man’s rigidity. All this does not mean God would approve of the human soul’s using her free will in any way which does not benefit the development of His Plan of Salvation or is not in accordance with His Will. However, it definitely proves the absolutely perfect nature of His Love, His Wisdom and His power that He should leave no stone unturned to transform any element of darkness into Light. The human soul should not regard this as an invitation to freely resort to sin and vice, but it surely is a sign of hope for the soul of good will. Today is a suitable day to reflect upon all of this for a while.


June 8


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Mary, the Mother of God, is referred to as the Seat of Wisdom. Wisdom can very well be considered to be the 'steering system' of Divine Intelligence. It is the ability through which God fathoms the very depths of everything in absolute perfection, and is able to bring all elements of creation in tune with each other to such an extent as to make sure their mutual relationships and interactions are able to guarantee a development which brings salvation upon each individual element. Considered against this background we can easily infer that God has designed His Plan of Salvation on the basis of His absolute Wisdom and that He is constantly trying to steer this Plan towards its destination through His infallible Wisdom in the most efficient way possible. As God prefers to do nothing without the souls’ collaboration it is very important to Him that the souls should keep praying that they may be able to incessantly unfold Wisdom within themselves in much the same way as a rose unfolds its petals one after the other while 'absorbing' the sunlight.

Wisdom is that which enables the soul to see internal connections within God’s creation, in His Mysteries and in the Laws of Life, and to start understanding all of this deep inside the heart.

In the soul Wisdom could be regarded as the ability to fully benefit from God’s Light and thereby gain a better understanding of God’s motives, or in a manner of speaking: to begin to grasp the deeper sense of His motives and His Laws. Eventually it is Wisdom which enables the soul to unite her free will with God’s Will, which in its turn – along with practicing Love consistently – constitutes the indispensable step on the path to sanctification. Only Wisdom and Love turn the soul into a mirror of God’s Heart.

Among the souls Mary is the only absolutely perfect immaculate mirror. In Her Heart true Love and Wisdom have been able to develop to the highest possible extent, because She has let Her free human will merge with God’s Will completely.

The Mother of Christ carried Jesus Christ, the incarnated Eternal Wisdom, underneath Her Heart for nine months, which made Her the most holy tabernacle and, in a manner of speaking, the throne, the seat, of the incarnated Eternal Wisdom. As a next step, let us realize that between Her and Jesus there was not only the physical unity which connects each mother with the fruit of her womb, as the fruit receives its nourishment and oxygen completely through the mother’s blood. Indeed, through a Divine Mystery Mary was also immersed in a perfect mystical unity with Jesus. This mystical unity already existed when Mary was still carrying the Messiah in Her womb, and this unity was to be maintained. Therefore Mary to an absolutely unique extent partook in Jesus’ dispositions of Heart, She was to partake in His trials and Sufferings on all levels of Her being, Her feelings and perceptions, and She was also to be blessed with understandings which were absolutely unique among all creatures.

Already during Her life on earth the Mother of God experienced such far-reaching and profound interactions with the Divine that we can rightly speak of a perfect merger between Her being and Divinity. Mary was filled and inspirited with Divine Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, Divine Will and Divine Love – and guided by all of it – to such a great extent, that She could be deployed by God without the slightest impediment as the perfectly accomplished instrument of His Presence and His actions. This is why She is the absolutely spotless mirror of God and the perfect proxy for His actions towards the souls.

When Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit She was so thoroughly pervaded with Him that the Presence and actions of God’s Spirit flowed out of Her in all of Her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, wishes and in Her entire way of being, and that She seemed to actually represent Him. God’s Being seemed to envelop Her like a cloud of celestial dew, invisible to the eyes of flesh but very noticeable for the most sensitive souls, who, when seeing Her, were like wrapped in delight because of the 'aura' of Divine Presence surrounding Her, as She was so thoroughly immersed in Him. Mary was and is the throne of the Holy Spirit, the Seat from which God’s Wisdom is able to rule His creatures to the extent the latter allow Him to do just that. To shut oneself off from the Seat of Wisdom is tantamount to denying this delightful Work of Wonders from God’s Heart.

Mary as the Seat of Wisdom is not a fictive notion, it is not an expression of medieval Marian piety, but very much a reality. God demonstrated this to the souls in the days of Jesus on earth and in the days of His young Church, and He is still demonstrating it in our days. In Her capacity as the Seat of Wisdom the Mother of God is currently offering the souls the Science of Divine Life, this wonderful and conclusive system of theses and teachings with respect to the Mysteries of the soul and of God’s Works and Plans.

Bearing in mind how, only a couple of weeks ago, we were praying to the Holy Spirit to obtain His Pentecostal Fire, today let us reflect and pray to the Mistress of all souls as the Seat of Wisdom, that the Wisdom which flows out of God and is made available to us through His throne, pervaded with His Gifts beyond our awareness, may liberally flow into each and every one of us according to our individual abilities and willingness to receive it. Mary has got the ability to open each soul up exactly to the extent and according to the rhythm enabling the individual soul to fully bloom. She has got the ability to fathom the very depths of each soul, and has received the power to let the spiritual nourishment flow into us exactly according to our needs and to the necessity resulting from the Plan God harbours for each of us individually. After all She also is, and will remain, the Mother, who wants to carry us inside of Her in order to be able to nourish us with Herself and to give birth to us for Divine Life.


Second Sunday of June


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate our fathers. However, the Father of all fathers, the Eternal Father, the Creator of all things and of all souls, is easily forgotten on this day. The reason for this lies in the fact the soul usually only finds joy in that which she is able to perceive through her senses and, moreover, gives her an obvious reason to rejoice. As a matter of fact both of these conditions apply to the Eternal Father to a greater extent than they apply to anything else in our lives:

  1. Is it not possible to perceive the Eternal Father? It is all a matter of how the soul sees her environment and her life. Of noticeable presence in a soul’s life is actually first and foremost that which has got its effects deep inside of her. Nothing pervades the soul more deeply than God does. Many things in our daily life can be perceived concretely, yet are of much less use to us than our worldly needs would have us believe. God, on the contrary, has filled every fibre of our being with Himself. Whether we do notice His indwelling or not, and if we do, to what extent, is determined by the extent to which we are spiritualized or, on the contrary, have taken root in worldly things, as well as by that which we consider to be the purpose and goal of our life. If the soul focuses on her vocation as a child of God and therefore ultimately on that which is to come after this life on earth, then God and His actions will even in the smaller things of everyday life be the axle of all her motives. In this case God is a concrete reality to the soul, even if the latter is not endowed with the mystical perception of His Presence.
  2. Is the Eternal Father no reason for joy to the soul? Again, this is a matter of perspective. Without God the soul would not even be alive. Every second of her life is animated by Him. Usually life on earth, looked upon from the soul’s angle, is not a source of joy. The world is wrapped in darkness, and is therefore hardly able to bring forth anything else but darkness. However, the soul that does not let herself be guided by worldly thinking but rather by God’s Spirit will realize that each trial is a child of God’s true Love. Most trials are not brought about by God, but He does often allow them, because to Him only one thing is important: He longs very much to have every soul with Him in eternal bliss. To achieve this, the soul must, however, contribute her share to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, i.e. she must follow Jesus Christ to the fullest in the things He has taught the souls through His Life and through His Words, in the crosses of life and in self-denying Love. What major sign of God’s omnipotence: All worldly darkness is transformed by Him into eternal Light to the extent the soul previously 'sketches out' this transformation in her heart – through loving and trusting acceptance and consecration of all her experiences.

If the soul believes God does not bring any joy into her life, she has not even understood the first thing about God’s actions and goals. God not only gives joy to each soul, He is the Source of all joy. If the soul lacks the ability to see the trials of life from a Heavenly perspective she will never recognize what God really means for her, for her life and for the whole of creation. In that case God will either be an unimportant Factor to the soul (not seldom the soul is quite indifferent towards God) or she even regards Him as the great Culprit, who purportedly is either so uninterested as to remain passive while the darkness is doing its thing in this world, or even brings forth this darkness Himself.

In other cases the soul regards God as the great obstacle to her unrestrainedly practicing the most various vices. Let us merely think of the delusion of liberalist thinking, according to which the traditional Christian values 'obstruct an unrestricted experience of individual freedom'. To the soul that leads her life against the background of this delusion God’s Presence is not a joy but an offence, which should be eliminated from society as soon and as thoroughly as possible. 'Freedom' is no real freedom if it results from unrestrainedly practicing the most various vices and from the aspiration for the satisfaction of purely worldly needs: In reality such freedom is the signature underneath the death sentence for Eternal Life, i.e. underneath a contract of everlasting bondage towards the darkness.

Such delusions are extremely painful, because:

  • they are exactly the opposite of reality;
  • they are based on a blindness the evil one tries to bring about in all souls, in order that they may no longer recognize true Love and may get sucked down into all worldly things as into quicksand, from which they hardly manage to free themselves. The blindness with respect to God’s Works is surely the most widespread and most deep-rooted source of souls loosing faith, and therefore one of the most successful kinds of poison the evil one keeps trying to administer to God’s children day after day. In so doing he gains countless souls for his purposes, for this is a blindness most souls never get aware of.

God is the Father of all things and of all souls. His seed is the germ from which all life originates and which is the carrier of the inner programme according to which life with its infinitely varied individual characteristics develops. This programme provides for everything the living being needs to accomplish the highest possible fruitfulness and usefulness within God’s Plan of Salvation. The Eternal Father’s seed is therefore the blueprint of perfect Love. Love is the only source of all Life and all joy. The effects of Love are not always visible right away. However it is part of each soul’s mission in life that she should learn to see, feel and think in such a way as to learn – owing to her making full use of the programme of life unfolding itself inside of her – how to trust deep down that all Divine things will some day be fully visible, sometimes during our days on earth, but usually afterwards.

Let us gratefully accept and reflect upon this little piece of evidence for God’s fatherly Love the Queen of Heaven has been wanting to present us with today, out of Love for our Father in Heaven, who has made everything only for our eternal happiness, but whose gifts most souls hardly recognize and only a minority of the souls truly appreciate.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,
Her Myriam


Third Friday after Pentecost


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the Most Sacred Heart of our Divine Redeemer. The heart is a symbol of Love, it is the centre of our emotional life and the 'engine of life'. As soon as the heart stops beating, man’s material life ends. If we consider the heart from this perspective, the nature of Divinity starts to unfold itself before our mind’s eye, so to speak:

  • God is Love. Time and time again the Mistress of all souls explains that Love is the essence of all Life, the force of God, which appears mainly in Works of creation, Redemption, sanctification, and healing or transformation. All that is, just is by virtue of Love, and all that is, can only through Love grow, be accomplished, or be freed of everything which prevents it from getting closer to perfection. In all this we either see creation, or Redemption, or sanctification, or healing (transformation), or several of these processes going on. The essential thing is, that only God’s power does all this, and does so through Love, the fuel of Divine Life;
  • God is the Centre of all things. Without God there is nothing, without Him nothing works. Creation as a whole is a network in which everything is connected with everything, like a net consisting of billions of threads. God is the force which makes all Life flow through this network. Should He stop doing this even for as briefly as one second, all life would end at once. God is the Centre of creation, the point out of which everything flows and to which everything is to return. He is the only Entity which has neither beginning nor end.
  • God is the Engine of Life. An engine is a thing which sets something else (a unit of which the engine is part, or with which it is connected) in motion or which provides this other thing with the power enabling it to perform the things it is called to perform. This description is very relevant for God as well, as far as His relationship to all Life is concerned. Without God, creation does not receive the power it needs to perform its functions, in other words: Without God nothing in creation is even able to move. Where there is Life, God’s power is at work. 'Life' is then to be understood as the combined effect of true Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Intelligence. Considered from this perspective, the evil one, for instance, is not a bearer of true Life, as he completely lacks true Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Intelligence: All of this he has rejected in the hour in which he cut himself loose from God.

The Mother of God offers this little excursion to the souls in order that they might be able to somewhat imagine what God means for creation as a whole. God as Love (= the vital force, nothing more and nothing less), Centre and Engine. This background makes it possible for us to better understand Jesus’ Heart as an object of worship. This Most Sacred Heart could be regarded as the embodiment of everything Divine:

  • For all times and all eternity Jesus’ Heart is a bearer of the full power of God, of the fullness of Love, of Life;
  • Jesus’ Heart is the centre in which the Works of Redemption were crowned, as eventually all sufferings become redeeming sufferings because of the soul’s disposition of heart;
  • Jesus’ Heart is the starting point of all healing on each level of life, because the heart is the place of residence and action of the will which passionately longs for all things to become expressions of the Divine perfection in which they have originated;
  • Jesus’ Heart is the furnace each soul should focus herself on, because It is the source of Light (= Divine Truth) and warmth (= Divine Love), and the soul can let true Life bloom within herself to the extent to which she is prepared to connect to the Heart of Jesus;
  • Jesus’ Heart represents God’s heartbeat, without which in all creation nothing moves. Like in a body the heartbeat pumps the blood (carrier of nutrients and oxygen, and medium for the disposal of substances that can harm life) to all cells and makes it circulate through the body continuously, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus sends nourishment and oxygen to the soul and disposes of harmful waste the darkness is incessantly trying to store within her.

If today we ponder upon all of this, and keep in mind the image of Jesus on the Cross, the tool of our Redemption, it might become clear to us how true it is that God has given the souls everything they need to bring the fullness of true Life to bloom within them and thereby enter into eternal bliss. God’s heartbeat has embodied itself in the beating Heart of the Man-God, and this Heart, which has accomplished the entire process of Redemption out of perfect Love, allowed itself to be pierced on the Cross, in order that its content might be poured out upon creation in a visible way. Apparently this is what Eternal Love wanted to say to us:

I have now emptied Myself for all of you, and I now also make this visible before your blinded eyes, for just like this Heart empties itself of all of its Blood and water, We, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, empty Ourselves for all times and for all eternity of all the Love We carry within Ourselves. Infinitely like We Ourselves are infinite, this Love, this Source of all Life, of all Redemption, of all sanctification and healing, must flow, in order that each soul that voluntarily and in a passionate longing for Our Presence drinks from it, may carry Us inside, until she will merge with Us completely.

Words from the Mistress of all souls in Her capacity as the mouthpiece of the Triune God and in Her mystical unity of Heart with Jesus Christ... Let us accept these words very gratefully, for they represent the fullness of Love from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Saturday after second Sunday after Pentecost


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today the souls are offered another opportunity to remember about God’s Love. Mary’s Immaculate Heart expresses the extent to which God longs for the perfect purity of the soul’s heart. For all times and for all eternity the Heart of the Mother of God symbolizes the Heart which:

  • has wanted to bring true Love to perfection within itself – and has actually managed to do so – by giving God and His Works the only place in its life, at all times;
  • has never given passions of any kind any chance. The Heavenly Queen Herself defines passions as any form of love – or in general terms: any kind of feelings –, which neither focuses on God Himself nor on God’s Presence or His Actions in one’s fellow creatures, therefore basically any emotion which is not part of true God-oriented Love and which is not able to lead the soul towards God. Passions make restless, because they deviate from the Plans and expectations God harbours with respect to the soul, and actually deep down the soul’s conscience recognizes this. They prevent the accomplishment of the Plans God is pursuing with the soul. The passions include, among others: aggression, violent outbursts, impatience, intolerance, rebelliousness, envy, dissatisfaction, dispositions of the heart focused on material needs, etc.;
  • does by no means allow itself to be affected so deeply by influences from the world and from sensory perception that it should no longer be able to function properly as a reliable tool for the benefit of God’s Works.

Already during Her days on this earth the Mother of God lived out of an immaculate disposition of emotions and aspirations. Her Will was identical to God’s Will. This is exactly why God was able to work through Her in an absolutely perfect way and to the highest possible extent, and why every soul that was somewhat receptive to the sublime aspects of spiritual life felt Mary to be a mirror of God, a refuge of tranquillity, a haven of security, a healing presence, a source of Peace. This is how God had wished the human soul to be from the very beginning: like a living, perceptible representation of His Light and of His fully accomplished Love, with an immaculate sanctity. Basically the three aforementioned features of the Heart of the Mother of God describe this perfectly accomplished soul. Let us consider it a little more closely:

  • Mary was perfect Love. One might say that with every beat of Her Heart She conveyed God’s Love through creation without detracting from this Love in any way whatsoever. The Mistress of all souls often compares Love with the trunk of a tree whose branches are the various virtues: All virtues originate in Love and are nourished by the latter. Mary was like a unique fruit tree, with a perfectly unscathed trunk and exceptionally fruitful branches. The quality of Her juices was so unique (because She wanted to take root exclusively in the soil of Divine Will) that no vermin (= vices and tendencies to give in to temptations) would prosper on the tree of Her soul. Therefore Her spiritual fruitfulness was absolutely unparalleled, i.e.: Her sanctity (= fruitfulness for God’s Plan of Salvation!) was perfect, Her Works and words were perfect implementations of God’s Decrees, Her thoughts, feelings and aspirations were perfect copies of everything living in God’s Heart. This is exactly why the fullness of Wisdom and an unlimited power were granted to Her: She indeed possessed exactly the characteristics and dispositions of an absolutely and unrestrictedly reliable instrument for the accomplishment of God’s intentions;
  • Mary was free from passions of whatever kind, in other words: Her emotional dispositions were completely identical with that which is living in God Himself. Therefore Her entire inner life was built on a foundation which was completely in tune with God’s needs for accomplishing His Works through Her in a perfectly faithful way. After all, the constitution of the foundation of the heart, the soul’s emotional centre, determines the sanctity (= the fruitfulness for the soul’s spiritual development as well as for God’s Plan of Salvation) of all that goes on within the soul. In Mary’s Heart not a single impulse was active that was not one hundred per cent guided by God’s expectations and nourished by the awareness of His needs;
  • Mary was the sovereign Mistress of Her senses, and not a single impression from Her environment ever succeeded in breaking this dominion. As opposed to most other souls the Heart of the Mother of God was like an invulnerable fortress. Within Her, all that She saw and heard, all impressions from Her environment, was processed – guided quite consciously by Her Will – such as to put it at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Works: She consecrated all Her impressions and experiences uninterruptedly to God and did not allow them to even slightly lead Her inner Life away from the itinerary She was to complete with a view to finishing off Her mission in life. Her soul was the mistress over Her body, Her spiritual needs being the magnets drawing Her constantly towards God, Her physical needs being to Her – along with Her pains and sorrows over every deviation of souls from Love – the raw materials of Her endless sacrifices and Her unique expiations.

Now from this Heart, which was right from the beginning a spotless mirror of God’s Light, the Mistress of all souls teaches Her Science of Divine Life, with the intention of transforming as many souls as possible into faithful copies of Her own Heart, of Her own so very fruitful dispositions, of Her own ever so salvific vision of life. None of us were conceived immaculately. However, the foundations of our spiritual life can most definitely be made healthy and fruitful by Mary to the extent to which we enable Her to actually be the Mistress of our soul. This is ultimately what consecration to Mary is all about, provided it is consistently applied in all details of everyday life: That the heart of the soul consecrated to Her should become so receptive that Mary is, in a manner of speaking, enabled to let the juices from the ever so fruitful tree of Her soul flow over into the aforementioned soul without any obstacles.

Today’s feast is intended to be an invitation to do just this: to wake up within the soul the ardent desire to merge with the Heart that can be regarded as an unimaginable storage room of Divine treasures. Perfect consecration to the Immaculate Heart of the Mistress of all souls is the golden path towards a perfect accomplishment of our spiritual potential, and therefore the golden path towards Eternal Bliss.


June 27


Dear sisters and brother in Jesus and Mary,

Today’s Marian feast reminds the souls of the fact the Mother of God has been given to them as a help, a support in any conceivable way. The extent to which the soul actually benefits from this gift depends on how correctly she understands Mary’s vocation, her own true destination and the paths leading to that destination.

The soul that considers life to be what it seemingly is – a sequence of worldly events – will tend to resort to Mary if and when she wants something which is related to the worries of everyday life. She then resorts to Mary 'because one never knows, it would not hurt anyway', and on the basis of some rather superficial thinking and longing she holds certain expectations as to Mary’s intervention, which are then supposed to become visible in her life in some way or another.

However, the soul that has actually understood what life is really about – that it is about her own sanctification and her fruitfulness for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation – realizes perfectly well that Mary was given to the souls in order to lead them into God’s Heart, just like Jesus also did not perform His miracles with the intention of helping and healing souls in the material and the physical sense of the word, but with the intention of helping them – through tangible and visible means – open up to what really matters: spiritual growth through the awareness of God’s Presence and Works.

The assistance offered by the Mother of God unfolds itself in the most efficient way – if we keep in mind the true sense and purpose of human life – in the souls’ difficulties on the path of sanctification. No soul is sent into the world for the purpose of achieving anything of a worldly nature, but with the purpose of sanctifying herself, i.e. of developing spiritually in a way enabling her to spread Salvation, Light and Love around with everything she does (whether professionally or otherwise). Divine Providence conceives for every soul the design for a path through life, and equips the soul with gifts, talents, abilities and daily graces with a view to accomplishing this path according to God’s views. The soul’s mission in life then consists of accomplishing this Divine concept in the most fruitful way possible. No soul is able to accomplish this task in a completely satisfactory way all by herself.

This is exactly why God, through Christ’s words, entrusted the Mother of God to the souls and vice versa. Essentially the true purpose for Jesus’ being sent into the world was only to equip souls for the accomplishment of their actual mission in life by trying to bring them to understand God’s Law correctly. Concretely put, this means that Jesus wanted to bring His Mother and the souls together for all times for this single purpose only: in order that Mary should be able to become for the souls the Guide on their path towards sanctity, towards bringing Jesus’ Works of Redemption to fully bloom within them, and that the souls should achieve the spiritual maturity enabling them to recognize and accept Mary in this capacity as a Guide.

Mary as the Mother of Perpetual Help: She is always there, within reach in all situations of life and yet often in the true sense of the word a Stranger, for many souls only look for Her help in life if they are looking for a solution to their worldly problems. However, both Mary and every individual soul are called upon to do much greater things than that. Blessed are those who really find Mary. Relatively seldom prayers are spent to obtain the help She is called upon to offer and She likes so very much to offer to each soul – because this is what God called Her upon to do and of which She knows the significance for the souls’ Eternal Happiness. To the soul that truly opens herself up to Mary, the Latter can really be like a soft breeze taking a whirling leaf along with it and letting it flutter down gently exactly where it should be in order to accomplish the plan God intends to further pursue with this specific leaf.

Perpetual Help is the uninterrupted support and complementing as to the soul’s weaknesses and blanks, which is willing and able to guide the soul into Eternity, where God’s Heart beats as a Source of the Love that encompasses everything infinitely and timelessly.


July 1


Dear sisters and brother in Jesus and Mary,

On this first day of July we joyfully commemorate the Most Holy Precious Blood of our Divine Redeemer. Although it is so easily said: 'Jesus’ Blood has redeemed us', not even every Christian is able to imagine what exactly these words mean.

The original sin had deprived the souls of living in the constantly perceptible Presence of God, and had especially deprived them of unviolated sanctity, which is to serve as a warranty for Eternal Life in Heaven. In His perfect Love God decreed that the original sin would not automatically result in each soul being denied access to Heaven. The original sin was a sin of disobedience against God’s Law, and therefore constituted, on the souls’ part, a breach of the holy covenant with God. A breach of the covenant with the Source of all Life is tantamount to voluntarily opting for losing the true Divine Life. This is exactly why it is said the original sin would have automatically resulted in the souls’ death if it had not been for God’s perfect Love.

This idea is vital, for none of us would ever have inherited Eternal Bliss, the state of Divine Life – in unmistakable terms: Every one of us would have been condemned to an eternity in the state of spiritual death – if God had not decreed that Eternal Love should radically intervene in order to breathe new life into the souls. The Most Holy Trinity sent the Second Divine Person, Jesus Christ, into the world, in order to again cast the seeds of Divine Life into the souls. How is it, that this intervention contained a solution for the souls?

By virtue of a Divine Law the detrimental consequences of the works of darkness (the temptations the human souls voluntarily give in to through committing any vices and sins) can be rendered ineffective in that they can be compensated by the voluntary offering (consecration) of sufferings in a disposition of acceptance, of sincere Love, of unshakeable hope and of rock-solid faith in God’s Works for the benefit of the eternal well-being of His creatures (in other words: in the reality of God’s Plan of Salvation). The purpose of Jesus Christ’s coming into the world was exactly this: He came to concretely shape this Divine Law before the souls’ very eyes through the example of His life.

Sufferings can be accomplished in a being in a great number of ways. Many forms of suffering go unnoticed because they are accomplished inside the hearts. A heart can cry without shedding tears and, in a manner of speaking, die quite secretly. A soul may feel as if she were actually bleeding to death. Other forms of suffering are accomplished through a wide variety of illnesses or other physical disorders. Yet other forms of suffering are characterized, among other things, by the fact the body loses blood. This leads us toward today’s subject: What part is played by blood?

In a body the blood is the material carrier of life, in that through the blood all nutrients, all water and all oxygen are transported towards every cell of the body, and also through the blood all substances which are, or have become, useless or even toxic, are carried to the places where they are eventually disposed of, in order that life may be maintained in the body.

Thus the Blood shed by the Man-God Jesus Christ must be regarded unrestrictedly as the Giver of Life. Every single drop of the Divine Blood is a bearer of the fullness of Divine Life. Physically Jesus was so completely 'annihilated' that literally the very last drop of His Blood was squeezed out of His Most Sacred Body. What a sublime symbol: God assumes a human shape and allows Himself to be fully squeezed out for the benefit of the souls, i.e. He sort of 'empties' Himself completely of all Divine Life, thus entrusting to the earth all of His Love, Bearer of the fullness of Divine Life, so that every soul that is willing to benefit from this gift may be able to ingest this seed of Divine Life and to bring it to bloom and to maturity by a perfect following of Christ.

Therefore Jesus’ Blood became a tool through which the new harvest for God’s Kingdom was prepared: It embodies the seed of Eternal Love and of Divine Life. We could say that the countless Wounds Jesus, out of perfect Love, voluntarily sustained in His Body and Heart, depict the new tilling of the field of God’s Kingdom on earth, which had to be ploughed completely in order to open up the souls’ soil for a new fruitfulness, whereas His Blood is the perfectly fruitful seed of Divine Life that had to be cast into the new furrows.

Although each drop of the Divine Blood contains the fullness of Divine Life, Jesus emptied Himself of all of His Blood, because God wants to share all His Love and the fullness of Divine Life with the souls. Every soul needs this, in order to be able to make full use of the fruitfulness contained in her soil and to develop the sanctity enabling her to protect her soil against the ill weeds of sin sprouting from it.

Today let us entrust all our wounds, our weaknesses and our entire soil totally to the Heart of the Mother of God, which through a Divine Decree became a Cup in which all of Christ’s Sufferings and Blood were collected and offered to God in representation of all mankind. May upon Her intermediary our entire being and our entire life be baptized in the Divine Blood, in order that our potential of fruitfulness for God’s Plan of Salvation may fully develop and every trace of darkness within us may be drowned. This is the only way for us to help confirm the New Covenant between God and the souls, for this confirmation will motivate God towards advancing the introduction of Eternal Spring on earth. To the extent to which Jesus’ Blood is fully capitalized on and is allowed to be merged with the free human will, the state of grace of mankind will allow itself to be raised again and sinfulness will allow itself to be eradicated, in order that the Wheat sowed by God may ripen because of the nourishment derived from Jesus’ Blood, and that it may yield the harvest God has been longing so much for it to yield.


July 22


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate Saint Mary Magdalene, who played a part in Myriam’s 'training' as a full servant of the Queen of Heaven and earth. At the end of the nineties Mary Magdalene and the holy apostle and evangelist Saint John were assigned to Myriam by the Most Blessed Virgin to be Myriam’s 'guiding saints'. This may be better understood when considering the fact Myriam was initially called by the Holy Virgin in Her capacity as the Sorrowful Mother, and Mary Magdalene and John, together with the Holy Virgin Herself, were actually the 'saints of the Passion'.

Towards Myriam, Mary Magdalene and John mainly played a supporting and teaching role – and so they keep doing – during the many hours of contemplation of the Passion, of the essence and deep nature of the Mystery of Redemption, and in Myriam’s 'training' within the framework of the mystical experiences during the moments of merger between the Sorrowful Heart of Mary and Myriam’s own heart. All this did not change a bit when, in 2005, the Mother of God showed Herself to Myriam for the first time in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, and the mystical training was geared to an even more extensive goal. On various occasions both saints shared with Myriam the dispositions their own hearts experienced in different circumstances of their own lives on earth, all of this with a view to deepening Myriam’s understanding of the Mystery of Redemption and God’s Plan of Salvation, and always to the extent to which their intervention was explicitly allowed by the Queen of Heaven, or had been ordered by Her, respectively.

Mary Magdalene was moved by a fire which was maintained most clearly by three dispositions:

  • an extraordinary Love of God and His Works of Redemption;
  • a repentance tearing her heart apart over the mistakes she had made while she was still living in the twilight of ignorance;
  • an intense pain over sin in general.

This sweet sister in God’s Glory can very fruitfully be invoked for the benefit of souls that:

  • are held captive in sin or in worldly attachments;
  • fail to repent;
  • fail to truly see the difference between virtue and vice;
  • fail to recognize and to love God and His Works;
  • are stuck in bad habits darkening and defiling their souls, and therefore blocking their conversion.

Mary Magdalene was a wonder of conversion. She was very deeply touched by Jesus and was totally transformed in her contacts with Mary, which for several years were very frequent and intense. The Mistress of all souls once said to Myriam She wanted to transform each soul according to the pattern after which She has innerly transformed Mary Magdalene. The Holy Virgin played the leading part in the complete purification of Mary Magdalene’s heart and Love, and innerly transformed her so thoroughly that her entire behaviour became suitable to serve God’s Works in a very salvific way.

This is how Mary Magdalene’s nature and spiritual life, as well as her involvement in Myriam’s 'training', perfectly fit in with the purpose and goal of the Maria Domina Animarum Work, of which she is, in a manner of speaking, one of the patron saints.

May Mary Magdalene, this wonder of healing penance, help each soul that, today, implores her intercession and intervention, to open up to the Wonders the Mistress of all souls wants to work in the souls that sincerely love Her Maria Domina Animarum Work. Mary Magdalene can indeed be invoked also for the benefit of souls that need help with opening up their hearts to the Truth of this Work created by the Mistress of all souls, exactly because she was appointed by the Mistress Herself to be one of Myriam’s guides as of the early days of the latter’s mystical training.

May every one of you today rejoice in this saint’s extraordinary Love.


August 2


On August 2 we commemorate the Heavenly Queen as Queen and Mistress of the angels. To many souls it is not clear what this really means. The angels are the perfectly holy servants of God and the most reliable warriors in this war, which will come to an end no sooner than in the hour when God’s Kingdom is established on earth: the war between the Light (God’s Truth and His Works) and the darkness (all works through which Satan is trying to destroy God’s Works and to undermine Love and the fullness of Truth, or is trying to render them ineffective, or is trying to manipulate these by deceiving human souls so as to make them serve his purposes).

In this battle the Queen of Heaven is entrusted with the command over the hosts of God’s Light. To this end She has received both the weapons and the power. One of the main attributes of this power is Her rule over the angels. Let us never forget the angels fight the demons with the weapons of perfect Love and perfect servitude to God. The Queen of the Heavens wishes ardently for the human souls to increasingly resemble the angels by getting closer and closer to perfection in the fields of Love and of servitude to God and to God’s Works.

The more a human soul grows in spiritualization and in learning how to adopt the 'frame of mind' which makes the angels 'tick', the more efficient her life is going to be as regards her personal contribution to this battle for the Light and against the darkness. This soul will then also become a reliable warrior in the army whose Commander is the One to whom God has reserved the privilege to crush the serpent’s head.

When Lucifer rebelled against God, he was banned from Heaven along with his followers. It was the angels that had remained loyal, who waged this battle against the rebellious angels. This very same angelic host is still waging this war against the forces of evil. The Heavenly Queen has received the direct power over the Heavenly hosts. Her mission for these Last Times is essentially built around two activities:

  • teaching the human souls and moulding them. Within the framework of this activity She is now teaching the Science of Divine Life and has received from God the power to transform souls thoroughly from within, in order that they may be able to shape the path of their sanctification more fruitfully;
  • guiding the battle against darkness, which is to be sealed by Her humiliating and paralyzing the darkness underneath Her feet forever.

The angels partake in this mission as hidden actors. However, the active and voluntary contribution made by the human souls will be the decisive factor as to when this mission will be fully accomplished. The Holy Virgin is constantly joining up both components of Her mission. The larger the number of human souls that participate in this battle against the darkness wholeheartedly, the sooner the fullness of God’s time for the completion of the victory over the effects of sin in creation is going to come to us. The Queen of Heaven is the Queen and Mistress of the angels as well as the Queen and Mistress of all human souls and the One with the power to rule over all works of darkness and their initiators. She is ardently longing for all of us to join the angels in this spiritual warfare.

In order to be able, as human souls, to become fruitful in the battle for the final victory of the Light and to build a chain of Fire together with the angels, we have got to make unrelenting efforts to perfect ourselves. The soul will be able to do so to the extent to which she surrenders to the Mistress God has chosen for her. Let us do just that today, along with the angels, and let us pray to the angels to acquire their Fire, their purity of heart and their devotion to the Queen of Heaven for the benefit of God’s Works.


August 5


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On this day, August 5, we commemorate Mary as Our Lady of the Snow. The feast refers to an event which took place several centuries ago, when the Mother of God invited Pope Liberius to build a church for Her in Rome. She was going to indicate the exact location and dimensions She wanted by making it snow in such a way that the very spot would be covered with snow. So it happened that on August 5, in the midst of summer and in the very heart of Italy, Mary had snow fall on the location She wanted, so that only the surface on which She wanted the church to rise, was covered with snow.

Some time ago the Mistress of all souls announced that snow, in the spiritual sense, is symbolic of purification and rebirth, total transformation. She had Myriam express this in prayer nr. 1186. Today let us give this prayer to the Queen of Heaven, pleading with Her to obtain a rebirth for souls who are prisoners of the darkness.

Having it snow in the midst of summer may be a special sign of Mary’s power, but an even greater sign of Her power is constantly being displayed by Her in the transformation of souls that surrender to Her completely. In such souls the inner landscape can change just as thoroughly as a landscape can be transformed after it has been covered with snow. The rebirth of a soul in perfect surrender to Mary is, in God’s eyes, just as delightful as a snowy landscape in summer must be in the eyes of man.

Fresh snow has got something 'virginal': If it falls during the night, it can change the landscape of an entire area so thoroughly that it will hardly be recognized in the morning. What a powerful symbol: The Mistress of all souls is able to deeply purify souls that surrender to Her in total consecration in their night of distress, and rebuild them from scratch, so much so that they come across just as breath-taking as a snow-covered landscape, and are enabled to start a new spiritual life, whereas they may regard themselves as being a blank sheet of paper, downright virginal, because owing to their consecration they now regard the landscape of their past as covered by the snowy white cloak worn by the Queen of Heaven. When one day the snow starts to melt under the sun of Love, it leaves the water for a new fruitfulness behind in the soul’s soil, so that the latter is now ready for a new spring.

Today let us meditate especially on the power possessed by the Mistress of our souls, who was allotted to us with the mission to reshape the soil of our souls. She can let it snow in our souls any time, so that we may no longer be inclined to look at specific spots on the land of our souls, and may be able to see how She is preparing the new spring inside of us. Indeed, the past serves us as a school along the path of sanctification, but nevertheless the soul is to bury her past in Mary’s Heart, so as not to remain a prisoner of the multitude of events constituting her past years, but rather to be transformed completely by the Queen of Heaven, through a rebirth enabling the soul to begin a new life without experiencing the past as a dead weight slowing her down.

Today the soul is reminded of the fact the Mistress of all souls is trying to accomplish Her eternal vocation by transforming souls in such a way that neither God nor the souls are able to recognize them as the ones they used to be, in order that they may be fully deployed in the battle for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. The Queen of Heaven fully reshapes the way the soul looks, to the extent the latter opens herself up to Her actions. During this process She enhances the fruitfulness of the soul’s spiritual soil, so that the soul may be able to fully blossom. She has the power to make it 'snow' within every soul, any day, in order to work the miracle inside of this soul. Let us be prepared for Her at all times.


August 13


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On August 13 we celebrate Mary as the Refuge of sinners. With every sin she commits, i.e. with every violation against the Law of Love, the soul can take refuge to Her in order to have herself washed in the tears of her repentance. From these tears Mary can prepare a regular medicine, and She can again obtain for the soul the strength and the determination that will make the latter opt – regarding her fellow creatures – in favour of Love, of God and His Works.

In the Refuge of sinners the soul finds a Source of celestial strength, from which throughout the centuries Tears have been springing, which have derived a unique power of co-redemption from the Fire of the most sublime sanctity. Whoever takes refuge to Mary can do this in order to lament his fate. However, this act will not yield any graces unless the soul goes to Mary with a view to pouring out her heart to Her so as to be strengthened by Her for the struggle against her own weaknesses, her own susceptibility to temptation, so that she may henceforth be able to defeat every temptation more consciously. After all, the Queen of Heaven has made it Her goal to assist every soul in acquiring sanctity. Sanctity is first and foremost a process characterized by an increasing faculty to obtain Salvation. The soul’s Salvation for herself as well as in favour of her fellow men always starts with defeating herself.

As the Refuge of sinners the Mother of God truly embodies hope for the human soul that is constantly being pursued by the temptations and other influences that cause her harm and may pull her away from the promise of Eternal Bliss.

We could picture the Refuge of sinners as being a cosy warm little house of secureness, to which every soul can take refuge whenever the storms of life are coming down upon her. Every sin is a violation of the Law of Love. True Love, however, is the bearer of True Life. I could also express it as follows: Every sin prevents the 'leak', which the original sin has sprung in the soul, from gradually getting smaller (this 'getting smaller' would in this image depict the process of sanctification). Thus the soul loses True Life in proportion as she commits sins.

In Mary’s Heart the soul can find new strength. The Queen of Heaven bears within Herself the atmosphere of Divine Life up to perfection, and therefore possesses the faculty of transferring the Light of perfect hope, perfect Love and perfect faith to the soul. In proportion as the soul takes this Light in, she will find a new balance, starting from which she will be able to help shape her reconstruction. The soul will find true happiness only to the extent to which she can find inner Peace. The latter can not be found in the world, but only in the experience of God’s Presence and of the reality of His Love.

In Mary God is nearest, and His Love finds its most tangible embodiment. She is like an asylum of secureness, like a soil so rich in Divine nourishment that it is downright unfruitful for ill weeds. In the Refuge of sinners the soul will be able to find herself back the way she actually is, as well as to find the true sense of her life and the true nature of her mission in life, precisely because in Mary, all anxiety, any fears and any feelings of insecurity the soul may experience as to her own fate in Eternal Life will melt away under the sun of a perfect Love.

Today let us open up to Mary’s Love to the fullest, as well as to the hope with which She brings joy to every soul that is willing to surrender to Her with Love.


August 15


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Mary is assumed into Heaven in the fullness of Her being. God does not do things by halves. All of His Works are absolutely perfect. On account of our imperfect and very limited perception this is not always visible. At any rate, all that comes from God is a bearer of the germ of perfection. In the Mother of God this germ reached its absolutely full bloom. The seed blossomed into an unparalleled ravishing flower, which can not wither, neither in time nor in eternity, because it has uninterruptedly drunk streams of Divine Love, whose influx was never even the least bit hampered. This is owing to the fact Mary did not want Her intake of the stream of Love ever to be diminished on Her account, and made it Her goal to continuously live in such a way as to enable God to unfold His Works within Her to the fullest.

Mary regarded it as Her only duty to perfectly accomplish Her mission in life, which had been entrusted to Her by Divine Wisdom, and to do so with God’s Grace, in order that the contribution She was called upon to make with a view to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, could be made to the fullest extent. This is exactly what every soul is called upon to do: to make her personal contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Works on earth. Mary fully realized this, and made it Her only ultimate goal. This is why She wanted to achieve the detachment from every worldly attachment in life to the highest possible extent, and to be God’s Instrument in each and every respect. The result was a life in absolutely perfect surrender, self-denial, and enveloping all worldly actions and experiences in true consecration and spiritualization. With every breath She brought Salvation upon Creation, because Her frame of mind was absolutely perfect and Her Will absolutely identical to God’s Will.

God does not allow for anything to be lost. The Mistress of all souls teaches that everything, even every animal, returns to Him after life on earth has come to an end. This means that the soul or the vital principle, respectively, is predestined to complete the circle after the journey of life has come to an end, in that God takes her, or it, back up into Himself. Only the soul that makes the choice not to return to Him, cuts herself off voluntarily from His eternal Presence and from the accomplishment of the fullness of Grace within herself.

In Mary, however, God has wanted to light a beacon by paying the highest tribute even to the material component of Her Being and leaving evidence of this tribute to all souls as a legacy: She was assumed into Heaven body and soul, nothing was left to the effects of mortality.

The Assumption of the Mother of God into Heaven body and soul is an unparalleled sign of God’s Love towards a creature. In this soul the image, the mirror of God was as perfect as it could ever be in a creature. What is so unique about Mary then? The extent to which She managed to unite Herself with God’s Will in every act, every word, every thought, every feeling and every wish, and to which She kept aiming most ardently for this perfect unity.

The true following of Mary is a tremendous task to achieve. God does not demand of any soul that she should perform this task impeccably and spotlessly, only that she should lay her own free will unrestrictedly down at the feet of the most Sublime of all souls, in order for the Latter to be able to put the soul completely at the service of God’s Works. This can only be successful to the extent to which the soul no longer considers herself to be important and self-sufficient. As soon as the soul recognizes she only lives through grace and for the Salvation of creation as a whole, and that she is not able to accomplish anything on her own, the germ within her has matured sufficiently to let herself be transformed into a flower, through grace but with her own active and voluntary collaboration. The secret of sanctification lies in the persistent aiming for true, unselfish Love, and in having one’s own free will merge with Divine Will.

Today the Mother of God is shown to the souls as a model of sanctity and glorification. The soul must aspire for God’s vicinity. Whenever she lovingly and determinedly makes a step towards God, He is going to make ten steps towards her. If she is living only for the accomplishment of His Plans, He is going to draw her towards Himself unrestrainedly. In the Mother of God He did this before the eyes of all creation: Because throughout Her life She had allowed Herself only to be ravished by Him alone, He wanted in His turn to have Himself be ravished by Her for all eternity: by the absolutely perfect sanctity of Her soul and the immaculate purity of Her body, symbolic of the fact even matter is able to defy being controlled by darkness and even to wield power over darkness.


August 15-22


When God called the Most Holy Virgin back to Him after Her days on earth had been completed, He did not do so by subjecting Her to a judgment on Her life, like other souls are subjected to one: He admitted Mary into Heaven body and soul, with a view to elevating Her to complete glory forthwith.

Mary enjoyed the unique privilege of an elevation above all things created. She was crowned as the Queen of Heaven and earth, and in 2006 She revealed to Myriam that Her Coronation was also the occasion on which God announced Her 'in public', in front of all the blessed, saints and angels, to be the Mistress of all souls.

Mary’s properties as the Queen and Mistress of all creatures is based on:

  • Her Immaculate Conception;
  • a perfectly sinless life on earth;
  • Her unparalleled major merits gathered during Her life on earth, on account of Her perfectly accomplished part in the great Work of Redemption and the unparalleled sanctity of all Her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and inner dispositions;
  • Her continuous perfect unity with God’s Will.

On the basis of these elements the Holy Virgin Mary was clothed with a unique power and glory.

God shows Mary to the souls as the great example of the highest possible similarity to His Heart and the perfect dedication and commitment to His Works and Plans. As the Mistress of all souls She is currently teaching us the Science of Divine Life as the art of following Her to perfection, for

perfect following of Mary
perfect following of Jesus Christ

and therefore the ideal way for the soul

to fully accomplish her being a Christian

In our days extraordinary graces of sanctification are bestowed upon those souls that sincerely and genuinely long to follow Mary, and through her, Christ. The perfect service to God is rendered where the service to Mary, the Queen and Mistress of all creatures, becomes perfect. The Mistress of all souls repeatedly emphasized it is not a matter of Her wanting to be glorified, but of God Himself wanting the human souls to glorify Mary. The souls should keep in mind that in Mary God Himself is glorified in His absolute Masterpiece, and that this glorification brings very much Light upon creation.

These days invite the souls to fully realize that God wants to glorify the soul to the extent the latter actually wants, of her own free will, to develop after His image. This is exactly what each soul is on earth for.

What, in fact, is 'glorification'? Glorification is understood to mean: honouring in a special way the Light the soul possesses inside or manages to express or to put into effect, so that the Heavenly Source of this Light and the salvific power thereof become apparent. This is what God has done to the fullest extent with the Mother of Christ, and what He would like to do to the greatest possible extent with every single soul.

The Creator gave Mary the greatest possible glorification a soul could ever obtain, because no soul could ever even come close to Her sanctity. No other soul was ever merged with God to the extent She was.

We could say every soul has a programme to complete here: the following of Mary, like it is taught in Myriam’s writings, for Mary is the stainless Mirror of all created perfection. This following can hardly be fully accomplished if the soul does not first give herself up to Mary wholeheartedly, through an act of complete consecration followed by a life in perfect surrender to Mary in all details of everyday life. Only under these conditions the Queen of Heaven will be able to allow the consecrated soul to gradually merge with Her, or to let Her own dispositions flow over into the soul. This is exactly what all the teachings contained in the Science of Divine Life are aiming for: that the soul is made receptive to this merger, opens up to Mary’s actions within her on a permanent basis, and in so doing, voluntarily opts for a life in the highest spiritual fruitfulness.

This is how God wants the souls to contribute to the glorification of 'the King’s Daughter', for He will not force any soul to be happy: According to the Law of Divine Justice the soul must of her own accord and permanently opt for the way of the greatest fruitfulness. Without this free decision and the lifelong dedication of her own free will the soul will not really be able to follow her Mistress and Queen in Her glorification.

Feast Mistress of all souls

August 22


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

A queen is a female being that either rules a state or, to a certain extent and often at least partly hidden from the eyes of the public, partakes in acts of government at the side of the king, and can usually act as the king’s representative in certain contexts. A mistress is a female being that is in a position to wield concrete power and to rule a territory, an estate, certain people etc. God foresaw these privileges in His Kingdom and His Plan of Salvation for Mary: From the beginning He elevated Her above all creatures, and He confirmed Her exceptional position in the presence of all inhabitants of Heaven on the day of Mary’s Assumption into Heaven. Mary was presented by the Most Holy Trinity as the Queen of Heaven and earth, and was called the Mistress of all souls in the presence of the entire Celestial Court. For time and eternity God proclaimed the unique power of the Mother of God over all creation. It is therefore Her privilege to rule every soul.

God does not do anything 'for no reason'. He pursues a Plan with every one of His Actions and Words. Mary’s power as the Queen and Mistress was conceived by God as something very concrete. He has given Her power over all souls so that She may be able to transform every soul from within in order to assist the latter in growing more effectively after the image of God and in accomplishing Christ’s Works of Redemption within herself in the most fruitful way possible. Thus Mary fully is:

  • Queen: In many respects She represents the King – God – and She already partook in certain 'acts of government' during Her days on earth, e.g. in the Work of Redemption. Moreover God turned Her into a Mirror of His Heart, being able to reflect the Light into all hearts in such a way as to enable the souls to take in God’s Light in suitable doses, depending on their individual constitution;
  • Mistress: God has given Her power to intensively guide, teach, transform and lead souls to real maturity and fruitfulness, and to put all darkness to shame, to humiliate and defeat it completely. As the Woman resting Her foot on the serpent Mary fully is the Mistress, even over Satan, his following and his works.

In Mary’s Coronation God shows how important it is to Him that the soul should be free of sin. In proportion as the soul resists temptation and deception, her power over God’s Heart will increase. This means that the soul is able to work ever greater wonders and to successfully have God intervene and shower graces upon creation. The voluntary and persistent battle against temptation, deception and sin is like a confession stating the soul has undividedly chosen the side of God and Love. This is what makes her really fruitful. All this has reached its absolute summit in Mary. Not a single soul will ever be Mary’s equal as far as perfection in the experience and practice of true Love is concerned.

Therefore Mary is the most holy one among all creatures, and She was quite justly elevated highly above all, as the Queen of Heaven and earth. All souls, whether angels, blessed or saints, human souls, souls in purgatory or damned ones, are subjected to Her. Hence Her title of Mistress of all souls. Not only has She been presented to all souls as the pre-eminent model, moreover She has received the power to transform souls, always with due observance of the soul’s free will: Mary’s Actions can only be as successful as the extent to which the soul actively collaborates.

The true sense and purpose of Mary’s Coronation as the Queen and Mistress of all creation lies in God’s intention to accomplish Redemption in every individual soul through the Mother of His Son. Jesus made Redemption accessible to the human soul, i.e. He enabled the soul to detach herself from the devastating consequences of the original sin. Each individual soul is to fully unfold this Redemption within herself: The seed must be watered for the flower to be able to grow from it.

Mary was called upon to transform, to guide and to rule the souls in such a way as to make it possible for this process to unfold under the best possible conditions, i.e. with the utmost guarantee of yielding full fruitfulness as to their spiritual development and as to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. To that end Mary needs a power, which She can derive from God directly. This power is sealed by the fact Mary’s Will is identical to God’s Will, enabling Her, on account of Her being full of grace, to obtain positively anything that is likely to serve God’s Plans and Works. This is what made Mary the Mistress of all souls: She holds the unlimited power to guide, rule, transform, and to heal spiritually, and no power outside God is able to resist Her. Also the forces of darkness are fully and unrestrictedly subjected to Her.

Today’s feast can be best put to use by the soul’s consecrating herself fully, unconditionally and forever to Mary in Her all-embracing capacity as the Queen and Mistress of all souls, and putting this consecration into practice forthwith, to the best of her abilities, day after day. This consecration is tantamount to a confession on the soul’s part saying to God: 'I want to belong to Your Masterpiece, Mary, in order to be transformed after Your image. I believe She has got the power to be able to do this, and the Love to want to do this'. This total consecration to Mary in Her all-embracing capacity as the Mistress of all souls constitutes a nearly unparalleled homage and glorification to God in His greatest Masterpiece, and offers reparation for many works of darkness.

Mary’s Coronation as the Queen and Mistress over all creation made Her the Great Sign of:

  • Delight for the angels and saints
  • Encouragement for the souls in purgatory
  • Hope for the human souls on earth
  • Fear for the demons

To every soul, on every level of existence, the Queen of Heaven and earth and Mistress of all souls is the Great Sign indicating the coming fulfillment of God’s Promise of the Woman‘s final victory over the works of darkness.



Dear sisters and brothers of Jesus and Mary,

On the Saturday before the last Sunday of August we commemorate the Mother of God as the Health of the Sick. The Mistress of all souls reminds the souls of the fact their bodies and their physical health should not in themselves become the true goals of the efforts they make during their lives on earth. The Christian should in the true sense of the word be a follower of Christ. Therefore his body ought to be the servant of the soul. That is why Mary once said that to God the health of the soul is very much more important than physical health. Blessed the souls that have understood this, and that refrain from pleading with the Queen of Heaven for physical healing, but rather plead with Her for healing of the soul. Jesus Himself did not work His numerous wonders in the field of physical healing for the mere sake of physical health, but in order that the healed should rediscover God and become healthy in the soul, because of the fact their physical healing helps them believe more profoundly that there is indeed a God, that this God embodies Love, and that He is incessantly concerned about the souls.

God has allowed the human body to become an instrument of expiation, as an answer to the devastating effects wrought by the original sin. Jesus confirmed the power of voluntarily offered physical sufferings against the rule of darkness by making the New Covenant the final contract for the Christian of good will through the accomplishment of the Mystery of Redemption: Christianity teaches the souls that the only true Redemption lies in the sufferings that are sustained voluntarily and with Love. Therefore God just can not regard physical healing as the actual goal of His intervention in a human soul’s life. If He should do so, He would Himself obstruct the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation. In the events in which He does allow physical healing to take place, He does so with the intention that this healing might open up the way to sanctification for the soul concerned, and because the healing somehow fits in with the Plan He is pursuing with this specific soul.

The soul’s deep healing is sanctification. A body laden with burdens is more easily prone to lead the soul towards Eternal Bliss than a body in perfect health. The sole proviso, however, is that any physical burden:

  • is accepted from the bottom of one’s heart,
  • is carried with Love,

and in order that the gift to be offered through the burden should be perfect:

  • is consecrated to Mary.

Therefore trials are admitted to the path of our life so that they may help transform the soul. The best thing one could wish for one’s fellow person, is for the latter to obtain the grace of strength to bear all physical trials in life, and for the latter to understand that the crosses of life are the bearers of the hidden keys to the gates of Heaven.

As of today the Mistress of all souls would so much like to be the Healer of our spiritual sickness, for She knows that the soul is on earth only for the purpose of sanctifying herself and promoting the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans. The body is but a mere 'vehicle' to the soul during life on earth. As long as the body claims a major part of attention for itself, the soul will not be able to detach herself from her superficiality, and her sanctification will be hampered.

Let us never forget: It is our vocation to be true Christians. The true Christian is a soul that follows Christ in everything. The life of Christ, however, had but this only purpose: He was to become One with the Cross of sins, in order to have the devastating consequences of the sins committed by mankind crucified with Him. For this purpose He took upon Himself a life of Sufferings and trials. The soul that is keen on casting her daily crosses off, is not entitled to calling herself a Christian, and therefore misses out on the accomplishment of her true mission, her true vocation in this life. May Mary, the Health of the Sick, today heal us all first and foremost of the illness due to which we tend to complain about our crosses. The soul that allows herself to be cured from this illness, is truly healthy, for she will want nothing on the journey for which she was really born: the journey into the kingdom of eternal bliss.


August 31


Dear souls in Jesus and Mary,

The Mistress of all souls refers to the month of August as the month of Her glorification. This month ends with the great feast of Mary as the Mediatrix of all Graces, and is prolonged, so to speak, by the novena running until September 8, the feast in commemoration of the Holy Virgin’s Birth. This novena bears a great symbolism: The little journey from the Mediatrix of all Graces up to the Birth of the Mother of God invites the souls to prayer with the intention of obtaining the grace of being born again of Mary, a rebirth for a life of true sanctification.

Graces are interventions on God’s part, which can contribute in one way or another to making life on earth more fruitful for the soul. Graces come in numerous forms, because God tries to enable the soul to develop through any number of ways and means. The soul’s development is understood to mean her course of perfecting herself in Divine Life. Opening up the soul and guiding the latter’s development, this is exactly where the true vocation of the Mother of God lies, especially in these Last Times. God indeed prefers to grant these gifts through Mary, and wishes to present Her to the souls in all Her capacities as the Bridge between Him and the souls. The souls should not in the first place regard Heavenly graces as ways towards alleviation of their trials, but rather as auxiliaries in the process of their sanctification, as means to step up their spiritual fruitfulness. Eventually all graces are meant to facilitate in some way or another the souls’ access to Eternal Bliss, or to help the souls find the gate to their Bliss.

May the Mistress of all souls prepare every one of us for the grace of a complete remission and purification of sins, faults, weaknesses, omissions, sickening memories and expressions of vice from our entire life, in order for us to be able to be born again of Her, in a manner of speaking. There is no greater grace but to rise from the Immaculate Conception, the crystal-clear water directly from God’s Heart, for a completely new spiritual life. This is exactly what the Mistress of all souls aims at achieving with every soul: She invites the soul to surrender to Her so completely as for Her to be able to have the soul mature 'within Her', into a regular fruit from the Orchard of God’s Kingdom, and to equip this fruit so totally with Her own inner dispositions as to enable the soul to shape her vocation as a child of God in exactly the right way. In so doing She can turn the soul into a regular child of grace and into a mirror of the Heart which was to be the pre-eminent Flower of Grace for all times and for all eternity.

Mary longs so much for the opportunity to perform Her Works within every soul so thoroughly that the latter would be able to be born again of Her, for a life in the closest unity with Her, for Mary is the One who can make Jesus’ words come true, when He says that man should be born again, of the Spirit. The Mistress of all souls brings the breath of God’s Spirit into the soul, and 'gives the soul a new shape' in order to enable her to optimally use the gifts bestowed upon her by God, so that she may be able to promote her own spiritual bloom as well as God’s Works.

The soul should partake in this process actively, through a life of concretely practiced consecration to the Queen of Heaven and earth. Only such a frame of mind is able to efficiently open the soul up to the graces God wants to prepare for her through Mary.

Mary’s capacity as the Mediatrix of all Graces expresses one of the aspects without which the description of the mission of the Mother of God regarding the souls would be incomplete. As the Mediatrix of all Graces the Heavenly Queen opens up the door to the transformation of souls on their path of sanctification. This transformation, in which the Queen of Heaven can have such a large share, is one of the most impressive expressions of Her power over souls. Through this line of action She helps recruit Her army against the forces of darkness. The harvest yielded by this effect of the activities pursued by the Mistress of all souls will become visible more than ever in the hour in which the Woman is to lay the prince of lies and destruction underneath Her feet. Glorifying Her today as the Mediatrix, and allowing Her to immerse us in the water of Divine Graces, can open up to us completely new ways towards a perfectly new level of fruitfulness, and can make us take part actively in Her crushing victory over the enemy of Eternal Love... which is pre-eminently an expression of the greatest of graces.


Saturday after the feast of St. Augustine


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

It perfectly fits in with Mary’s mission for the benefit of the souls that She should be the One to comfort souls. She is the Mother of all mothers, to whose custody Jesus Himself entrusted all human souls. On account of the original sin the human soul is in every respect weak and vulnerable. This is why every soul will inevitably experience sadness every now and then throughout her life. Sadness or affliction is an experience the soul does not only make in times of any worldly loss, this state of heart also occurs – albeit not always consciously – whenever the soul is not satisfied with herself or with that which she is as a soul. The latter form of sadness could be referred to as a 'silent weeping of one’s conscience'.

No matter if one’s mood is darkened by influences from the world outside or by inner emotional or spiritual processes, the Mother of God is perfectly equipped to bring comfort under any circumstances, as in these situations it matters to bring Light where darkness was about to take root. Bringing Light, means: opening up the soul to a new understanding of the Truth. A soul that realizes her sadness and her trials must have a place in her life, because it is exactly sadness, affliction and trials which constitute her personal contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, and that the fruitfulness of her life is determined by the extent to which she follows Christ, is not going to let herself be permanently depressed: She realizes that darkness will only have the final word if the soul does not really believe in the power and the eventual victory of the Light.

The Queen of Heaven is called upon to transform souls that surrender to Her completely, to such an extent these souls more easily allow the entrenchment of dispositions which boost her fruitfulness, i.e.: which more easily bring the soul to patterns of behaviour which favour the accomplishment of the soul’s spiritual vocation in life. A soul that is oriented in such a way as to fulfill the mission to which she is called upon in life for the promotion of God’s Works, in exactly the way God expects her to, is going to develop a peace of heart which, in a manner of speaking, makes her 'immune' to long-term depression. This is exactly where the great wonder is wrought, which the Comforter of the afflicted accomplishes in so many souls after the latter have put their lives at Her service with true determination.

The Comforter of the afflicted is not just a mother holding her child tightly in its hour of distress, She is also the Mistress transforming the soil of Her servant’s soul so as to allow the flowers of joy, of inner Peace and of true hope to bloom within the soul to such an extent that the ill weeds of dark emotions and dispositions will not so easily overrun the garden of the soul’s inner life ever again.

True sanctification is a matter of inner purification, of constant inner transformation and reinforcement against any development and any process within the soul that is likely to compromise the fruitfulness of her life at the service of God’s Works. Guiding this transformation is the essence of the principal mission the Mistress of all souls seeks to accomplish. As the Comforter of the afflicted the Queen of Heaven tries to equip souls in such a way as to make them able to cope to ever increasing degrees with the constant attacks from evil. It is a well-known fact that evil is constantly trying to undermine hearts by having its dark feelings take root inside of them. An afflicted soul is indeed a soul whose punch rapidly weakens, so that she is bound to fall prey to the pitfalls and will soon lack the strength to counteract the works of evil by the Light and warmth of the joyful moods and hope she used to possess.

Today let us lay down our hearts at the feet of the Comforter of the afflicted, in order that She may clean us of every trace of discouragement and moral exhaustion, and that we may allow every corner of our heart that for whatever reason has been darkened for any length of time, again to be touched tenderly by the sunbeams of faith, encouragement and the conviction that God takes pleasure in seeing us happy. A garden over which hardly any cloud ever sheds its raindrops, gets barren. Likewise, tears must be shed every now and then, so as not to allow the heart to be hardened.

Our Heavenly Mother is waiting for the opportunity to work this wonder within every one of us today, so that we may again be able to rejoice over God’s Actions in our lives. These Actions can indeed present themselves in any number of forms, and not every one of these forms will be recognized by the soul as a present right away. It is Mary’s most ardent wish to be allowed to rule every heart so completely that the latter may not drown in its tears, but may through them be aroused to a new fruitfulness.


September 8


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On September 8 we celebrate the Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary. When the Mother of God was born, a special Light beamed through all of creation, and hell trembled, thus the Mistress of all souls once revealed to Her Myriam. Through these phenomena God already announced the power and sublimity this soul was to possess for all eternity, as well as Her vocation as the Mother of the Light (Jesus Christ).

A birth is always the beginning of a soul’s journey through life on earth. This journey ought to be a journey to God’s Heart, a journey of sanctification. In God’s eyes a life on earth is successful if the soul has sown the Light of Truth along the path of her life. The soul receives this seed in the hour of her conception, and she can multiply it constantly in proportion as she loves God, His Works and her fellow creatures. Mary distinguished Herself in all of this: She was, in a manner of speaking, the Incorporation of Love and Light. She was born with this one and only mission in life: She was to bring the Messiah and Saviour to the souls.

So it happened. Mary’s soul was immaculately conceived, and was linked up with a physical body nine months later. Therefore Her body was sanctified already by a perfectly holy soul, and through preserving a stainless purity was maintained by Her as a Temple of Light without shadows. Mary’s body:

  • was so completely filled with Divine Light,
  • was so constantly pervaded with the effects from the presence of Her stainlessly holy soul, and
  • was, on account of a constant use of Her free Will in perfect accordance with God’s Law of Love, so totally immersed in the Ocean of Divine Light,

that it was going to accomplish exactly the purpose God had pursued with this body from the outset: In Her body and soul, in Her Heart, mind and Will Mary was to be the perfect Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity, the Heavenly Abode of the Divine Messiah.

Little Mary was born as the Great Sign, the Morning Sun as a Messenger of the Midday Sun Jesus Christ, the Witness of God’s intentions relating to mankind and to His Creation: Mary was the first sunbeam in the morning of the perfect spring day on which Eternal Love announced the establishment of God’s Kingdom. She was to be the ultimate direct Bridge of the Eternal Spring of Redemption, and when a bit less than half a century later on Mount Golgotha the Tree of the Cross would be blooming She would receive from the Midday Sun the mission to guide and to bring each soul towards the summer of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Little Mary was born as a sign:

  • denoting the fact that a human soul is able to preserve God’s Light within herself, to let it blossom within herself, and to spread it around,
  • denoting the fact that the human soul can indeed be a child of the Light and of sanctity, and was not meant to be a child of the darkness and of sin, and
  • denoting the fact that the true purpose of each human life lies in the soul’s having to aim at being a tabernacle and a custodian of the Light – of Christ. Just like Mary was born for the purpose of giving birth to Jesus, every soul should become so perfectly one with Mary that, owing to this unity, she is able to become herself a tabernacle and a custodian of Christ. She can achieve this through a rebirth of Mary into a new life of spiritualization.

On this great day, let us consecrate ourselves and our entire life to Mary, so that She may be able to let us become part of Her and we may be born of Her for a life during which we, too, can sow the Heavenly seed all along our path through life, and we may be able to bring Christ to the souls through our whole way of being.

May the Queen of Heaven fully immerse us in Herself today, so that we may be able to be born again for a new life of Love, as a testimony against the darkness.

May the Immaculate Innocence clothe every one of us with Herself today, so that we may be able to rediscover the way to true innocence, which is, eventually, the only way to Paradise.



September 12

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On September 12 we commemorate the most holy name of MARIA (Mary). The Queen of Heaven once explained to me that God Himself gave Her this name, and that – in Mary’s mother tongue, Aramaic: 'Mar-i-am' – it means: 'Ocean of Divine power, of richness and Glory'. We can therefore safely assume that God hid the fullness of the unique capacities of this most sublime of all created beings already in Her name, and that even in this name He indicated that this was by no means an 'ordinary' soul.

The name MARIA is the bearer of an extraordinary power. Every time it is pronounced with respect, Love and veneration, even very silently in the secret spheres of the heart, graces are set free, because this name bears Divine Life. Pronouncing the name MARIA can liberate a darkened soul, paralyze a work of darkness, and protect a soul against diabolic attacks. Each time a soul pronounces this name respectfully and lovingly this finds its echo in Heaven, where it arouses waves of glorification and thereby calls a new beam of Light down upon creation.

God Himself denotes Mary as His absolute Masterpiece. Pronouncing Her name respectfully and lovingly constitutes an homage to this Masterpiece. Paying homage to a Divine Work enhances the effects thereof in and between the creatures. If we realize that God has given Mary the power and the mission to help bring His Works of Salvation to their accomplishment in individual souls in these Last Times, this also means that pronouncing the name of MARIA frequently, has got the effect of a key to a treasury from which God’s Graces are poured down in abundance upon the paths of our sanctification. Mary Herself points out that pronouncing Her name respectfully and lovingly time and time again, helps to advance the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and perfect Peace.

This is exactly what we should understand by the notion of 'Mary’s Triumph': Her name is a bearer of infinite Mysteries and of a power no human soul is able to fathom in its full depth. Frequent use of this name launches the utmost glorification to God’s absolute Masterpiece, thereby opening up the gate to an entirely new world. As this new world is to be a perfect mirror and expression of God’s Kingdom, the Mistress of all souls here presents Herself as the Gate of Heaven. God seems to offer the souls the name of MARIA as the golden Gate to a rebirth into a new inner Peace: In the total consecration to the Mistress of all souls lies the key to the establishment of God’s Kingdom WITHIN THE SOUL.

On October 3, 2006, Myriam had the privilege of writing down the following:

At 10.10 p.m., while praying the last decade of the Rosary, the Coronation of Mary, I suddenly see in a vision letters of fire constituting the name MARIA (MARY) as an acronym, each letter of my Mistress’ name being the initial letter of a Latin word.

Mary says:

"Behold the deep meaning of My most holy Name. It contains My true vocation:






Thus the name MARIA consists of the words


meaning in English:

Mary most sublime Queen and Ruler of souls".

A few moments after this brief vision Mary says:

"Pronouncing these five words consecutively constitutes an extraordinarily powerful prayer in itself".

May this day immerse each and every one of us in the infinite, most holy power of the Name of MARIA. Each time a soul pronounces it, an echo comes rolling back towards this soul as waves of blessings, the sound of this name wrapping itself gently around this soul, so to speak, like a breeze from God’s Heart, from Eternal Paradise. Let us imagine all of this to be beams of Light and Life for all of creation, beams filled with the potential of launching an in-depth purification and healing for the soul, to the extent to which the soul actually, truly and unselfishly loves Mary, puts her unshakable hope in Her capacity as a Bridge to Salvation, and very firmly believes in Mary in the fullness of Her unique capacities.



September 14

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On September 14 we commemorate the Exaltation of the Cross. Heaven wants to remind the souls of the fact the Cross is a sign of glorification. Through His Death on the Cross Jesus Christ transformed the death sentence the original sin had rendered towards the souls, into a promise of Eternal Bliss for every soul that deals with her crosses in very much the same way as Jesus did with His: accepting them, not objecting to them, in a constitution of consecration to God’s Plan of Salvation, filled with Love, and in the unshakable conviction that they benefit the souls’ Salvation and are likely to help them lead God’s Works towards their accomplishment.

God exalts within our hearts the Cross as a Sign of the victory over darkness. The soul that burns the Cross of Christ into her own heart with the fire of a sincere Love for God, for His Works and Plans, thereby gradually commits all crosses she encounters on the journey of her own life to the fire of God’s Heart, for this soul has heard the suffering Jesus calling to accompany Him during the accomplishment of the Act of Redemption. In this fire our own crosses, too, especially those which we consecrate to Mary and carry along with Her, produce Light and heat for all creation.

Christ’s Work of Redemption is only truly accomplished in a soul if within this soul the Cross is exalted, voluntarily, in true Love, filled with hope and in deepest consecration. Today the Mistress of all souls invites us to look up at Her Son’s Cross, from Her Heart, which in all this did not see the human condemnation, but the eternal and indestructible Sign:

  • of the victory of Love over darkness, also in the life of every soul throughout the ages;
  • of the victory of consecration over the misery, the seeming pointlessness and seeming hopelessness of all trials;
  • of the sealing of each life that is being led in unconditional Love, with God’s Seal as the Promise of Eternal Glory.

The Cross was the seal on the New Covenant, this Gift from God which aimed at teaching the souls:

  • that the crosses are absolutely necessary, in that they seal the unity with Christ within the soul, and therefore "fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ", as St. Paul so aptly phrased it;
  • that the crosses are the very battering rams with the potential of freeing the soul from her dungeon of darkness.

Dear souls, there is no other way to Salvation than the one of the wedding between our own crosses and the Cross of Christ, the Sign of glorification through trials and thanks to trials. Let us today bring a salute of honour to the Tree of our Eternal Salvation. This Tree was inaugurated by Jesus and waits for our surrender, so that it may be able to blossom as an ancient of God’s Kingdom. As long as the soul does not wholeheartedly accept her crosses the latter remain like pieces of dead wood. They turn into living, blossoming trees when the soul accepts them without resistance and, with Love for God and her fellow creatures, allows them to merge with the Cross of Christ as sacrifices, preferably through sincere consecration to Mary, the Mother of the Cross and Queen of Golgotha.



September 15

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On September 15 we commemorate the Queen of Heaven as the Sorrowful Mother. In Her capacity as the Sorrowful Mother, Mary wants to remind the souls of the fact the trials and crosses of life are the true bearers of Salvation for the soul and for all creation. As the human soul lives on earth in a physical body she is particularly sensitive to the countless impressions coming her way from the outside world, as well as to the perceptions and sensations associated with the physical nature of her being. This is exactly why our sufferings and trials tend to completely, or at least to a great extent, rule our thoughts, feelings and wishes. The attachment towards the worldly ways of thinking and feeling constitutes the greatest danger the soul is exposed to, a danger which is nevertheless only recognized by a small minority of souls. This said, it is good to realize the Sorrowful Mother has been given us as a model of spiritualization. Every human soul is under the obligation to make the utmost of every inch on the path of her life in order to achieve true sanctification. The process of sanctification can only be accomplished to the extent to which the soul accomplishes her spiritualization.

Throughout Her life on earth the Mother of God suffered infinitely more, and more heavily, than most souls know or are able to imagine, both emotionally and physically. Mary’s Sufferings resulted from Her extraordinary mystical endowment and vocation. She was called upon:

  • to feel the physical, mental, moral and spiritual sensations of Her fellow creatures extremely accurately within Her own being. I was allowed to already elaborate on this exceptional mystical gift in the book entitled The Brooklets of Salvation. The Mother of God had to possess this endowment in a perfect form, with a view to accomplishing Her eternal mission as a Guide of human souls and their sanctification. We are actually dealing here with a Mystery of 'co-expiation', upon which – as well as upon Mary’s perfect Love – is based the inconceivable power of Her Intercession;
  • to feel and experience along with Her Son, the Man-God, His physical, mental, moral and spiritual sensations. This is exactly where the rock-solid Truth of Mary’s capacity as the Co-Redemptrix with Christ lies.

The Sorrowful Mother’s life on earth yielded the absolute summit of fruitfulness exactly on account of the way in which She experienced Her innumerable trials: in perfect Love, in perfect acceptance, and in perfect consecration. She managed to accept without the slightest objection and in full gratitude everything She found on the path of Her life. To Her, every trial was a gift from Divine Providence to Her, enabling Her to contribute a bit to the advancement of God’s Plan of Salvation, and to offer God the consolation of Her sympathy with the sufferings inflicted upon Him through the countless sins committed by souls.

Ultimately Mary’s Sorrows can be attributed to Her 'oversensitivity' as to the consequences of sin for the state of grace of souls and the distortion of the equilibrium within creation. This 'oversensitivity' was in its turn based on Her perfect Love for God, for His Works and Plans, and for all Her fellow creatures. Each and every sin and vice committed by any soul went through Mary’s Heart like a knife thrust, just because She fully realized what even the smallest of sins or vices means to God.

Let us beg Her for the strength to follow Her, who, while on earth, did not receive anything for free but defeated all darkness through the infinite power of Her Love for God, for His Works, for His Plan of Salvation and for all Her fellow creatures. It is this perfect Love through which Mary became the Defeater of all crosses.

Only true, unconditional and unselfish Love during all suffering can bring the trials of life to their utmost fruitfulness. As to the art of mastering this attitude in life Mary was second to none, and She still ardently longs to erect the foundations of this merit in all little lambs of Christ, so that they, too, may be shining in all their trials, for a soul that radiates Love, surrender and trust in God through all her trials turns into a terror to all forces of darkness. Where the sufferings and trials of life conclude marriage with True Love, perfect surrender and a rock-solid faith in God, little Jesus is born within the soul. This is where Redemption and sanctification reach their true accomplishment.

May all of us, as each and every one of us is in his or her own way heavy-hearted and beset by the many burdens of the past and/or the present, join forces with the Sorrowful Mother. A soul aiming at uniting Her burdens, trials, sufferings and sorrows with the Cross of Christ through the Sorrowful Mother, sanctifies her own trials and makes them fruitful, and glorifies the Sufferings and Sorrows of the Redeemer and the Co-Redemptrix. It is exactly this merger and this glorification which will fully open up the crushing power of the Cross and of Jesus’ and Mary’s redeeming Sufferings and Sorrows over the darkness. The Queen of Heaven delights very much in exercising Her power to transform hearts through the merits of Her Sorrows.



September 24

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in Her capacity as the Ransom of captives. This commemoration pertains to an urgent request from Mary dating back as far as the 13th century, to establish a congregation aimed at the release of Christians made prisoners by Muslims. However, this invitation on the part of the Queen of Heaven has got a meaning which runs deeper and relates to all times:

In Her capacity as the Ransom of captives Mary points out that God’s only Truth, Christian doctrine, will in this world always be exposed to persecutions and deprivation of freedom, and that Christianity will have to be maintained through the force of charity and self-denial.

The Mistress of all souls also points out that every soul is to a certain extent a prisoner of dark influences (temptations, worldly impressions). All human souls are, to a varying extent, prisoners of their own weaknesses and of the tendency to allow the darkness to lead them away from the paths of Light. Every temptation that is given in to, and that is therefore followed by a behaviour which (according to the degree of deviation from God’s Law of Love and to the seriousness of the consequences for the soul) can be categorized as 'vice' or as 'sin', respectively, puts an additional chain around the soul, turning her to an ever greater extent into a servant of darkness.

For the very same reason Mary invites the souls to lay themselves into Her hands unrestrictedly, for Her to be able to liberate them from the power of all darkness and to assist them in orienting themselves by the Light in their hearts and minds. Only feeling and thinking according to God’s Law, and orienting towards the higher spiritual needs, sets the soul free in the true sense of the word.

Jesus Christ’s Work of Redemption has bought the souls free from the bondage towards Satan. In so doing, He unbolted the dungeon, yet every soul has got to step out of the dungeon herself and of her own free will to begin a new life of undivided service to God’s Works. There is no more efficient way to leave the dungeon than through an intensely experienced consecration to Mary. The soul that surrenders completely to the Mistress of all souls for a life at Her service is leaving the dungeon hand in hand with the Queen of Heaven and earth, and is guided by Her Love, Her Wisdom and Her power, aiming at actually converting the freedom acquired through Jesus’ Work of Redemption in fruitfulness within God’s Plan of Salvation.

Jesus turned the key in the lock of every soul’s dungeon. The soul that entrusts this key to Mary’s power, acquires for herself the certainty the dungeon is never going to be bolted again. The only condition is her will to remain a child of the Light and of true freedom. True freedom is sanctity, the spiritual state in which the temptations and worldly influences are ever less able to wield power over the soul. One might express it this way: In this state the soul leads her own life, and orients herself fully by virtue, which she applies spontaneously as if it were a code of law impressed upon her heart; inversely, the more the soul is being guided by the most varying temptations, the more she is not living herself, but 'is being lived' by darkness as the inner urge behind all her doings. The Queen of Heaven is a Liberator for every soul that consecrates herself sincerely to Her and is willing to live by the rules of total consecration, which are ultimately rules of true following of Christ.



September 29

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we celebrate the holy Archangels. They are also referred to as Princes of the Celestial Court. In Her utterly illuminating revelation of September 28, 2006, the Mistress of all souls pointed out the special role the Archangels can play in the lives of human souls if they are allowed to partake actively in those souls’ lives. This role can essentially be described as follows:

  • the H. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection
  • the H. Archangel Raphael is the angel of guidance and healing
  • the H. Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication

This is an interesting observation, for the whole of these key words in the 'task description' pertaining to the Princes of the Celestial Court in their actions towards the souls expresses the nature of God’s concern to maintain a working connection between each human soul and His Heart, so that the journey of each human life may stay tuned to His Heart, and may also end exactly there:

The journey of a human life is indeed a journey filled with dangers, obstacles and sources of blindness:

  • The dangers are brought onto the path of our life by Satan and all of his works. These works threaten the soul, the mind, the heart, sometimes the body, and especially also the soul’s free will. The H. Archangel Michael is the chief of the fighting angels, whose mission consists in preventing diabolic works from harming the soul or accomplishing her mission in life or at least influencing this mission in any negative way;
  • The obstacles (trials) can lead the soul astray, or induce her to opt for ways that are different from those foreseen for her by God, and that can inflict deep wounds upon the soul. The H. Archangel Raphael is given us as a guide on the path of our life, and as a healer. We should not consider this healing to be intended primarily for the physical level of our being (although healing on this level is not precluded as such), but first and foremost to be effective regarding the constitution of the soul, in order for the soul to be able to build the right foundations for Eternal Life already during this one and only life on earth;
  • In this day and age many souls are blinded by the countless manipulations from the forces of darkness. The H. Archangel Gabriel is called upon to purify the heart, so that the latter may find God more easily, that it may be able to make contact with Him through a purer channel, and that it may get to know Him the way He really is, i.e.: that the heart might grant God and His Works the appropriate (meaning: the principal) place in its life. Blindness can only take root as soon as the heart is no longer geared to God alone. An erring soul soon loses true faith, true hope, and Love in the only form able to bring Salvation upon the soul herself and creation as a whole.


  • the H. Archangel Michael protects against dangers;
  • the H. Archangel Raphael accompanies souls through the obstacles and cures the consequences of all obstacles;
  • the H. Archangel Gabriel gears the soul’s communication to God, in order that the soul should not too easily fall prey to blindness.

The Queen and Mistress of the angels exercises part of Her power within God’s Plan of Salvation through the (usually invisible) interventions of the Archangels on the path of the lives of souls who surrender themselves and their lives completely to Her. Let us today plead with Her that She may make it possible time and again for these interventions to take place. The Queen of Heaven particularly loves it when souls consecrate themselves to Her through the intervention of the Archangels, thereby enabling Her to develop Her Works within these souls even more effectively.


October 1


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On the first day of the rosary month we commemorate:

  • the protection by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, and
  • the veil of the Mother of God.

We can interconnect both of these elements by regarding Mary’s veil as a curtain of Light and sanctity, which She spreads over those who want to be Hers completely.

Mary’s veil is the garment enveloping the body of the most sublime and the most holy of all human souls, and could therefore be regarded as the most holy garment, with which God wanted to clothe the Tabernacle sealed by Him, a garment setting this Tabernacle apart from the world and underneath which the richest gifts God had ever collected in one single soul, were to bloom fully and undividedly.

The veil of the Mother of God is also the garment on which the crown of Her sublimity and Her power rests. This is what makes the veil a symbol of Her unparallelled sanctity. If Mary spreads Her veil over the soul, the latter is granted the powerful protection from the Queen of Heaven against all darkness, against everything that is trying to lead the soul towards vice and sin. It will depend on the soul’s steady will to be sanctified, to what extent this protection is really going to yield (spiritual) fruits for Eternal Life.

Mary’s veil was the garment through which She shielded Herself from the eyes of the world, not only because this was customary according to the culture of the land She lived in, and not because She would have had anything to hide, but because in all Her modesty She did not want to catch Her fellow man’s eyes and was anxious to grant the world as little access to Her soul as possible. That is why we can even regard Mary’s veil as a symbol of the soul that goes to any length to keep herself secluded from worldly influences.

Today let us implore Mary that She may cover us with the veil of Her sanctity, so that Her infinitely powerful protection may strengthen us in the daily struggle against everything counteracting us on the way to true sanctity, for the true path of our life was in reality intended to be a path towards sanctity. May She also help us change to such an extent that our interest in worldly things may keep diminishing from day to day. The Queen of Heaven is waiting for each soul to surrender undividedly to Her most powerful protection, in order that She may be able to draw a distinct line between that which has wanted to be Hers voluntarily, and all the things of the world, and that She may be able to envelop it in the cloak of Her sanctity and Her virtuousness, in which darkness will still be able to breathe upon it, to be sure, but will but hardly be able to change it so as to serve its purposes.

May the fulfillment of this intention be the actual fruit of this rosary month.


October 2


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today each soul is reminded of the fact God has given her a great present she usually hardly ever thinks about: her guardian angel.

To God each soul is infinitely precious. She is a bearer of a germ of sanctity, which is able to let her blossom in the image of God, which is the ultimate goal of every human life. Because life on earth constitutes a permanent threat to any soul’s spiritually wholesome development and to the blooming of the germ of sanctity, God has allocated to each human soul a guard with the mission to protect the temple of the soul against any damage that may prevent the soul from accomplishing this sublime goal.

This guard is the guardian angel. His task basically consists of being a bridge of Divine Light to his protégé, thus aiming at:

  • keeping the soul as receptive as possible to any contact with God, with the Queen of the angels, and with every force coming from God or reconcilable with Him. Within the framework of this mission he will also try to make any inspirations from Divine Wisdom for the soul’s benefit as effective as possible;
  • shielding the soul from every harmful influence from darkness.

The guardian angel is actually the guardian of the germ of sanctity. One could compare the latter with a diamond made in God’s Heart. This diamond can be very different as to its beauty and value for God’s Plan of Salvation for all souls. This beauty and value increase in proportion as the soul tries to actively bring the effects of grace to bloom within herself – a process tantamount to what we refer to as 'sanctification'. The guardian angel therefore applies himself to the utmost for his protégé to maintain within the latter the fire of longing for God’s gifts, and the ability to assimilate these gifts optimally.

The guardian angel can make his mission fruitful only to the extent to which the soul allows him to help her. If the soul is determined to follow the voice of darkness and aberration, the guardian angel will not be able to safeguard her from the consequences. In that case even God Himself can not do a thing, for God respects the human soul’s free will, and He expects His angels to act accordingly.

Our brother of Light, the guardian angel, has not been given to us for no reason. It is, however, tragic that the guardian angels should most probably be the most neglected beings in all of creation. If they were not rooted so perfectly in God’s Presence and in the Love for Him and for His Works, they would for that matter also be the most lonely beings. However, no soul that, in her heart of hearts, is fully absorbed in God’s Presence and is constantly merging with His Heart, can be lonely in the true sense of the word. The heart of our guardian angel perfectly beats to the rhythm of Divine Life, and should actually be to his protégé the point of reference helping the latter to constantly adjust his course in life according to God’s Law of Love.

In order for the human soul to be able to do this, however, she must first of all look for her guardian angel in the silent depths of her own heart. Our guardian angel is anything but a fiction or a chimera: He does exist, and for the soul he is an important brooklet through which the water of Divine Life can irrigate the human heart – to the extent to which the soul is prepared to open up to True Love.

May, today, every one of us ratify the covenant with their own guardian angel, as a confirmation of their longing to truly be children of the Light. Maintaining the covenant with her guardian angel can pervade the soul with a Light which unlocks every dark corner of her temple to the process of sanctification, and which allows the little doors to many unknown little rooms within the soul to be unbolted, thus disclosing to the soul many elements of understanding that may cleanse her altogether.

Today the Mistress of all souls invites every soul to have herself offered to Her through the hands of her guardian angel, in order that She may be able to lift the bond between the soul and her guardian angel to ever higher levels of fruitfulness for the human soul. Life is a never ending struggle for sanctification. No soul is left to her own devices when fighting this battle. The covenant with the guardian angel is a major test of faith. Today let us pray our guardian angel that he may protect us against any aberration and deception, so as never again to allow any fog or any darkness to hide from our view the true purpose of our life on earth.


October 7


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

On October 7 we celebrate Mary as the Queen of the Rosary. The Rosary is pre-eminently the prayer of the Most Blessed Virgin. It is a prayer with the ability of developing an extraordinary power over darkness and all of its works. However, the meaning of this title of the Mother of God goes quite a bit further still. Today the Queen of Heaven and earth invites the souls to consider the following:

A queen is essentially the female head of a state. As the Queen of the Rosary Mary lets us look at Her as the Leader of a Kingdom which was laid into Her hands by God, and which consists of a crown or chain of roses. In this image the roses are the souls. By nature, the Queen of Heaven does not possess the souls, She holds them in Her custody, and by Divine proxy She leads and guides the souls and shapes them, in order that within them, the right disposition for their entry into the eternal Kingdom can take root. Let us remember the saying brought forward by the Mistress of all souls:

"Each soul is a rose out of God’s hand".

The rose is the queen of flowers. The human soul was intended by God to be the queen of His Creation. The only real Queen is Mary, the all pure One, the immaculately holy One, who was the only One to have accomplished God’s Will and His Works in an absolutely perfect way, and therefore was, is, and will forever be the only unwithering Rose.

These roses must be strung together so as to build a crown, a chain. It is part and parcel of Mary’s mission and goal to string together all souls like roses, so as to build a crown, so to speak. This is indeed what Her Chain of Light is based on: stringing souls together, who through their works actively promote the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, and thereby spread Light all over creation. The Mistress of all souls is the One executing this whole project, which was meant to be the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Rosary prayer was intended as a powerful prayer which was to arouse the Light set free in the individual souls by Christ’s Work of Redemption, and is thus to 'complement' the Works of Christ (i.e.: to fully develop them within the individual souls and thereby render them fully effective). The Queen of the Rosary is She, who received from God the power and the mission to coordinate and to shape this development of Jesus’ Works within the souls, in order that these Works may indeed seal Redemption in the individual souls. One might look at it this way, that through praying the Rosary, the soul testifies to God that she wants to actively partake in the lives of Jesus and Mary, and in so doing, also wants to bring the fruits thereof to maturity within herself.

The Queen of the Rosary wants to be able to rule the heart of the praying Christian and to shape the soul up to be a servant of Her Kingdom, for that is what each soul was called upon to be: a servant of God’s Kingdom, which is being developed concretely within the Queen of Heaven and earth, so to speak. As the Queen of the Rosary the Heavenly Mistress by Divine proxy wants to bring the roses out of God’s hand together in the garden opened up for them by Jesus Christ, and She wants to shape them after Her own image: the Heavenly Rose, the Embodiment of Redemption among the created souls. This goal, which God is trying to accomplish through Mary, is cherished by Her because She, who after all has been endowed with knowledge and understanding of the Divine Mysteries, knows that exactly the souls who let themselves be guided and shaped by Her inside their hearts, are those who reach the summit of fruitfulness as to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation the most easily.

Today let us kiss the soil Her feet rest upon, for it is the realm of the Rosary, the soil on which God wants to re-establish His terrestrial paradise as a sign displaying the fruitfulness, the beauty, the spiritual vitality and the celestial perfume of the human soul in full bloom. Kissing this soil can be done by embracing the Works She wants to accomplish within us, including our daily crosses, which constitute the embodiment of God’s Works in the temple of our soul.

Today, may the Queen of the Rosary find the roses of our souls as flowers craving for the water of sanctification. The rose symbolizes Love, which, as we know, is the essence of true Life. True Life can only be maintained through a process of sanctification that is experienced very attentively and with determination, for sanctification is based on a process of increasingly defeating all darkness on one’s path through life. Darkness is the force threatening the soul’s true Life. Only the soul that aspires for an ongoing sanctification will maintain true Life.


October 16


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the purity of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. The Mother of God is for all times and all eternity a unique Miracle of God that is invested with every aspect of perfection. She is the Mirror of absolutely perfect sanctity. A soul’s sanctity is the extent to which this soul lives in a disposition of heart and mind enabling her to bring Salvation upon all of creation, or to express it even more accurately: in a disposition of heart and mind through which, on the basis of God’s Laws of Justice and Mercy, her entire inner way of being and everything flowing out of her, gives rise to an enhancement of the outpour of Divine grace upon creation. According to this definition, which was given us by the Mistress of all souls Herself, Mary was and is, since Her birth and for all eternity, the most holy being ever to be born of God’s Heart, because Her way of being and acting, thinking and feeling, wanting and speaking has been bringing a unique amount of Salvation upon the whole of creation. Her life on earth was absolutely perfect, Her inner constitution represented sanctity in its absolute perfection. She was, in a manner of speaking, the created Embodiment of Divine Light.

We can look at it this way, that a soul’s sanctity is built mainly upon two foundation stones: upon true unselfish Love of God and of all His Works and Plans including all fellow creatures, and upon purity. As early as almost ten years ago the Mistress of all souls defined purity as a stainless mirror for God’s Light. We could indeed regard the soul as a mirror that captures God’s Light in order to incorporate it for her own benefit as well as to spread it all around her. With every aberration from true Love this mirror is soiled by a small mud stain. The more often such aberrations occur, the more numerous these stains are going to be. The more extensive the aberrations, the bigger the stains added. From stain to stain the mirror’s ability to fully bring to fruition all that is bestowed upon her from God and to spread it around her unimpairedly will decrease.

If considered this way, the deeper sense of purity becomes very clear indeed: The extent of purity greatly determines the soul’s ability to fully develop and be truly fruitful for God’s Plan of Salvation. A mirror captures light. God’s Light is the bearer of Truth. Truth is the deep reality, the core of God’s actions and of His intentions, in other words: Truth is actually the bearer of God’s Law. Truth relates to the whole of knowledge and understanding a soul needs to elevate herself to the condition preparing her to return to God, to Eternal Life.

Mary bore within Herself God’s Light to the highest possible extent a created being is able to bear. Towards every creature She met, She embodied God’s Presence and His Works, His Love, His Law, His expectations towards the souls, and the essence and nature of sanctity in its absolute perfection.

Commemorating the purity of the Mother of God is a great deal more than praising Mary. It is also:

  • praising the perfection of God’s Works, of His Love for the human soul, that was intended by Him to be the crown upon Creation, and
  • an invitation for ourselves to aspire for this purity as a fundamental stone in the temple of our soul, in other words to ardently pray for the grace to restore the sight of our soul from God’s point of view to its original state as intended by Him.

This is not a one-day mission, but a life’s work. This is exactly what we are here on earth for. This life is a constant struggle of the Light God keeps sending our way, against the darkness around us and in the most hidden corners of our soul, where the seed of darkness is also sown unnoticeably and can start blooming. We are not waging this battle by ourselves, for this is exactly what the Mother of God has been entrusted to us for as our Mistress: She has become one with purity, and has thereby kept all darkness at Her feet all of Her life. It may appear from these facts how true it is that, in the hour of Her Immaculate Conception, Mary was called upon to be a Mirror of God towards creation, and that this is what She is going to be for all eternity.



Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

In 2006 the Mistress of all souls inspired Her Myriam a special Plan of Prayer for the month of November. On that occasion She referred to November as the month of complete forgiveness and reconciliation.

God has given the Mother of Christ the power and the mission to present Herself to the souls in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls for the purpose of re-shaping and 'educating', in this last stage of God’s battle against darkness, as many souls as possible in such a way as to enable them to sanctify themselves in the most effective way possible, and so as to enable them to measure up to Satan’s endlessly varying strategies of deception and destruction. Mary was prepared for Her most sublime of all missions as early as in the hour of Her Immaculate Conception, and Jesus sealed this mission from the Cross, when He entrusted His Mother to the souls, and the souls to His Mother. However, only in this age the Most High, in His infallible Wisdom, decreed Mary to be known formally by the souls in Her capacity as the Mistress, Guide, Instructor and 'inner Redesigner'. Eventually, the only thing the Queen of Heaven aims for in this capacity is:

  • to crown, i.e. to bring to full fruition, Christ’s Works of Redemption in each individual soul that is willing to surrender fully and unrestrictedly to Her in a total and persistent consecration; in other words: to concretely open up Christ’s Works of Redemption in the souls;
  • to prepare, to develop and to accomplish the aforementioned Works in each individual soul that gives herself up to Her, by teaching the soul the Science of Divine Life, and to try to innerly re-mold the soul to such an extent as to kindle the full development of the germ of sanctity within the soul and to increasingly enable the soul to spread Light and Salvation in everything flowing out of her. The Science of Divine Life is essentially a very extensive collection of concrete in-depth explanations relating to the Teachings of Jesus Christ, aiming at having these Teachings ineradicably take root within the souls.

This is how the Queen of Heaven, who had been predestined by God to be the Commander in the battle against darkness all along, recruits Her army, on whose transformation to sanctity the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth is to be based. In this stage of God’s Plan of Salvation the Most High wants to achieve only this: that the human souls, through inner transformation, should be prepared to sanctify themselves to such an extent and to give such complete priority to the values of true Christian life as opposed to opting for the deceptions and deceit from the world, that they are turned into components of a rock-solid foundation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Queen of Heaven is trying to make all of this possible by enhancing the state of grace of mankind in the face of Divine Justice, through the transformation of as many souls as possible, to such an extent that in the whole of creation the Law of true Love – which at a given point in the history of Salvation was systematically taught by Christ! – will again become the guiding standard of all life, as it was prior to the original sin, because back then both first human souls were still living as mirrors of God’s Heart.

In these Last Times God wants to achieve the accomplishment of Redemption and sanctification of the human souls, in order that His Kingdom on earth might finally bloom. To that end He does not want to destroy the dissident souls, but to purify and transform as many souls as possible from within. Hence His invitation to a voluntary transformation, a voluntary change of course. The wasteful worldly influences – the world having been, through the ages, turned into a testing ground yielding Satan’s fruits – must be eradicated within the souls, and completely new frames of thinking and feeling, wanting and considering, perceiving and aspiring must be developed in each soul. All of this is part of the mission Mary received from God in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, especially for these Last Times.

The Mistress of all souls tries to bring Her own state of Heart to fruition within souls, so that the latter may learn to think differently, in accordance with the example Christ has set. Therefore the Mistress of all souls is the Bridge, chosen by God, towards the establishment of His Kingdom, by accomplishing the sanctity within each soul that is willing to put herself and her entire life at Mary’s disposal through total consecration, in order that She may turn all of this into a new soil for the Kingdom of God to be founded on.

So God’s Plan of Salvation can only be accomplished by a thorough change of the souls’ inner dispositions. One of the most devastating influences attributable to the evil one is the souls’ tendency towards harbouring grudges and not being willing to reconcile. Souls will cause each other grief in many ways. Granting forgiveness and wholeheartedly shaking hands again puts an end to discord and quarrel. Discord and quarrel belong to the most powerful weapons used by Satan to enslave countless souls for all eternity. This is why God’s Plan of Salvation and His Kingdom on earth can never be accomplished as long as souls live in strife, forgiveness is denied and reconciliation turned down.

Hence this invitation from the Mistress of all souls, in order that each soul may first and foremost sweep her own house. May in this month of November all souls join hands, thus building a chain of forgiveness and reconciliation extending itself to all fellow creatures, to each soul’s entire life, and even beyond the boundaries of death. Let us, for the entire duration of this month, pray and live this Plan of prayer, which is essentially a Plan of reconciliation. Forgiveness sets free, it opens up Heaven to the soul, it sheds the Light of hope into the hearts, and it turns the key in the gate towards God’s Kingdom, because it glorifies God and disarms the evil one. In forgiveness and reconciliation there shines a Light where there used to be darkness. Let us never forget: In the hour when judgment is passed on the soul’s past life the soul is judged according to the extent of Love she has given to all her fellow creatures. Each lack of forgiveness and reconciliation constitutes an imperfection of Love, and therefore a burden of debt, which paves the way towards purgatory, because on account of this lack God will judge the soul’s mission in life as not quite having been accomplished.


November 1


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

In many hearts All Saints’ Day is associated with sadness, because this day reminds us of mortality, perishableness, and of the decease of people who were once so close to us. We regret their not being there anymore, having to do without their love, their help, their advice and the feeling of security their presence filled us with. Nevertheless this feeling is like a small root trying to lead a life of its own in the soil of most souls, without being able to serve these souls as a channel of nourishment.

Everybody knows it is all a matter of perspective, of the way one looks at things. The Mistress of all souls reminds us of the fact that death is not an end, but can be the beginning of the soul’s actual bloom. The soul could indeed imagine life on earth as the time for sowing, for tilling the ground and for the first stages of growth, in some cases also of the first signs of bloom, in others even of true Spring. In the hour when judgment is passed on the soul’s life the entire process of growth is assessed against the background of the Plan God harboured regarding this soul’s life on earth. The soil and the plants are inspected, so to speak, and the great Sower determines to what extent the constitution of the soil, the processes within it and the constitution of the plants give evidence of the soul’s having allowed the Laws of Divine Intelligence to produce their effects. This is indeed how we could imagine the process of sanctification to be, metaphorically speaking.

Subsequent to the judgment passed on the soul’s life, the soul that has not irreparably damaged her plants and soil by the storms of temptations, the bad nourishment from vices and the devastating impact from sin will either enter into Paradise, where the soil of this soul will in a manner of speaking be annexed to God’s Kingdom, or she will obtain the opportunity to purify herself completely and fully develop her process of bloom. Naturally these images refer to Heaven and purgatory, respectively.

In proportion as the soul succeeds in spiritualizing, she detaches herself step by step from every element of worldly thinking, and thus gradually begins to understand, and to rejoice bit by bit in the fact that death is a necessary part of life which fits in perfectly with God’s Plan of Salvation and with His Plan for the development of creation as a whole. The soul gets to regard death as the next stage in the process of bloom of the souls that are so dear to her, and gradually she learns not only to feel pain over the fact she misses her beloved ones so much, but also to experience some joy at some point, realizing her beloved ones have actually come a step closer to God, and therefore to true happiness, and sometimes she may even experience a first bit of joy at the thought of her own transition, which indeed each and every person is to go through at some point.

All Saints’ Day should be a day of praise and of deep inner joy, and it will be, to the extent the soul exchanges her thinking and feeling according to the patterns of worldly, i.e. of transitory life, against a new pattern of thinking and feeling geared at the everlasting, which is pervaded fully by the atmosphere of God’s Presence. On this day the soul ought to commemorate God’s Glory and Love, for in the saints God demonstrates to the souls that their final destination is meant to be a homecoming in the unwitherable Paradise of infinite Bliss, compared to which the miseries of an ever so brief life on earth (when considered against the background of infinity) is actually a vanishingly small price to pay. Sanctity is the coronation of a life’s journey, and – as the soul realizes in proportion as her process of bloom progresses – God has provided no other ways than ways of the utmost and absolutely perfect Love.

All Saints’ Day is therefore the feast of God’s gifts of grace and Mercy, which are to enable the soul, starting with a plain soil containing seeds, to fully develop into a paradisical field full of flowers in bloom. One day the Mistress of all souls made Herself known as the Queen of Saints, and today asks the souls to invoke Her in this capacity. She bears this title quite justly, for:

  • She has been granted the power, the Wisdom and the mission to guide, transform, mold and educate all souls both internally and through teachings;
  • She is Herself the absolute Model of sanctification of a created soul, as in Her the soil as well as God’s seed (the germ of sanctity) have been able to develop in absolute perfection and under the strictest observation of God’s Laws.

All Saints’ Day wants to remind the souls of the fact they are only in the world for the purpose of sanctifying themselves and jointly accomplishing God’s Plans and Works, and of the fact that the extent to which the soul accomplishes the process of sanctification while still living on earth, serves to God as a measure for the fruitfulness of her life. This feast also reminds the souls of the fact God fulfills His promise of Bliss towards each soul that spontaneously and voluntarily gives priority to the accomplishment of God’s needs over the pseudo needs of worldly life.

The saints are like flowers of the most diverse varieties. Each variety has got its own features, its particular properties, its own character, its specific ingredients or components and its specific pattern of development. Likewise each soul has got her own personal character, her own development, her specific merits, her strong points, that which makes her different from other souls – which should not be regarded in the way of 'competition', but as related to the unique part each individual is meant to play within the framework of God’s Plan of Salvation. Each soul is provided with the unique mission with which she was sent into the world, her own specific 'configuration of soil', her own germ of sanctity, and Heavenly nourishment is extended to her day after day so as to be able to crown her individual journey through life.

The saints can help the soul achieve all this. To that end, however, the soul must call upon the saints the proper way. The most fruitful way to do so is by praying to develop the merits, the patterns of behaviour and of thinking, and the spiritual way of life of every saint within one’s own soul. Only this way the Chain of Light the Mistress of all souls wants to create and to maintain will truly extend beyond the boundaries of death on earth, and will become a chain of souls from all different levels of being, a chain by which the prince of darkness can be delivered to the Woman’s feet. May the Queen of saints today obtain for us this grace no worldly philosophy of life can ever even start to imagine.


November 2


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

One of the traits characterizing God’s Being the most would be, as we know, first and foremost: absolutely perfect Love. If God’s Being consisted of components, one could say He is composed of Love. Love is the most typical feature of God’s nature. It is the essence of Divine Life, the fuel that makes creation tick, for without the flow of perfect Love all Life would plainly and simply end. The Mistress of all souls had this system set forth in a truly unique way in, among others, the wonderful manifesto entitled The Brooklets of Salvation (the English version of this book can be found in part on this website, the translation has not been completed as yet).

Apart from Love, God’s Being is also characterized by patience. Patience is the characteristic expressing the timelessness of everything associated with the Divine. God is patient, because His is eternity, yet also because His Love is absolutely perfect, stainless and unlimited. Where Love and patience join hands, other characteristics of sanctity are born, such as clemency, mercy and forgiveness. There is only one thing that puts restrictions on God’s Mercy: the Law of His Justice, through which the equilibrium of the entire system of creation is maintained: Every violation of the Law of God’s Love must at some point be compensated, by:

  • efforts, expiation, sufferings, consecration, prayers and sacrifices from human souls. Both the soul that has committed a violation and other souls, through any act of charity, can provide such compensation;
  • the rich treasure of merits from the saints, and first of all the Sufferings of Christ, of which the merits are still being 'complemented' daily by the Holy Masses celebrated on this earth. The merits of Christ constitute a source which is by nature inexhaustible, as the redeeming Sufferings are clothed with timeless effects;
  • the intercession from the Queen of Heaven, who exactly through Her absolutely perfect Love and the infinite merits of Her own immaculately holy life is in a position to wield an unrestricted power over the way the said processes of compensation run;
  • God’s own intervention, whenever, through acts of His Mercy, He sometimes cancels a burden of debt either partly or altogether, so that, in God’s judgment, this debt is no longer taken into account as to the satisfaction of Divine Justice.

This, outlined very briefly, is the system according to which creation tries to recover from every injury inflicted upon the Love which is to carry creation, in order that Life might lose as little of its strength as possible. Divine Life is absolutely perfect, to be sure, and nothing is able to harm it in any way, but it can indeed be hampered in its flow, and therefore in its effects, by every influence which is not a bearer of perfectly stainless Love. A human soul’s sanctity is the state in which this soul incorporates Divine Life into her own being, allows it to flow, and contributes towards developing it in other creatures.

The Mistress of all souls has had me announce it on quite a few occasions before: The point of each life on earth lies herein, that the soul is to aim at developing her own sanctity and to make her own personal contribution to the final accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. Through every sin, every vice, and every imperfection as to the way Divine Life is being applied and experienced within the soul, the latter slows down the accomplishment of her goals in life and influences the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works in a negative way or at least fails to contribute to their accomplishment in a positive way. In so doing, the soul takes on a debt towards Divine Justice. She will be able, however, to redeem this debt in part or entirely through any positive contribution – meaning in concrete terms: everything which allows true Love to flow and enables the latter to get its full effects.

Thus, after death on earth, against the background of His Law of Love and of the countless details as to the way the soul has dealt with every single situation of her life, God will be able to strike a balance as to the spiritual fruitfulness of the soul’s life. Eventually the soul is judged according to the extent to which she has allowed Love to flow, to get its full effects, and has thereby managed to let God’s Presence and His Works shine all around her. The soul is admitted to Heaven in the hour in which her Love has become perfect and the fire of this Love has 'eradicated' within her all traces of her imperfections.

This is why the Mistress of all souls argues that the soul in purgatory suffers from the effects of a 'fire' which, in essence, is the fire of perfect Love, which within the soul also kindles remorse over her imperfections and over the often innumerable elements of debt accumulated during her past life. The sufferings of a soul in purgatory are essentially sufferings of Love and remorse. In the hour of the judgment passed on the soul’s life before God’s throne, the soul is shown the 'film' of her past life, in all of its countless details. In this 'film' the soul gets to see every detail of her life on earth exactly the way God has experienced every single moment of it. In every second, in every situation of life, a great many things can go on within a soul. On the basis of these things the soul reacts in specific ways, behaves in specific ways, thinks, feels, wants, does or does not do this or that.

All of this, in every detail, is judged by God against the background of the soul’s disposition of heart in the respective situations. As God knows every inner condition, every thought, feeling and aspiration living within the soul, God will receive specific signals from a soul’s inner condition every single second a human life is composed of – and most often there are many millions of them. The whole of these signals will provide God with an infallible image of the extent to which a soul has been fruitful for His Works and Plans.

As long as imperfections as to experiencing and applying true Love are present or active within a soul, and traces of such imperfections have not been compensated yet, the soul can not be admitted into Heaven right away. This has not got anything to do with any lack of Love on God’s part, but with the fact every shortcoming must at some point be compensated and with the fact that a soul in whom Love has not become perfect yet and 'whose mirror is still showing splashes of mud', would not be able to live in the atmosphere of perfect Love and purity that characterizes Heaven (once the Mistress of all souls said this soul 'would not be able to maintain herself in this atmosphere').

According to the Mistress of all souls She is celebrated on All Souls’ Day as the Advocate, as throughout the ages the inconceivable power of Her Intercession has favourably influenced the judgment passed on the lives of innumerable souls. One might argue that, with God knowing everything there is to know about a soul’s life, any intercession would be quite pointless. However, this process becomes more understandable if we realize that the Intercession rendered by the Queen of Heaven is not to be regarded merely as an oral pleading, but as an intervention during which Mary envelops the soul in the inconceivable fire of Her Love, so that this soul’s debts are settled by the indescribable effect this sea of flames from the Immaculate Heart of the Mistress of all souls exercises on Divine Justice. This is how the Mistress once showed it to me in visions. In this mechanism God unequivocally demonstrates how important stainless Love and charity are to Him.

Today let us turn to the infinite power of the Love of the Heavenly Queen, the Advocate, who has so considerably influenced the fate of innumerable souls for all eternity, and keeps doing so. On the merits of our pleading with Her and our efforts of pure Love She can also today very strongly support our beloved ones in purgatory in perfecting their Love and settling their debts towards God, who is Eternal Love.


Saturday preceding the third Sunday of November


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

God’s Love is infinite and unlimited. From the beginning He had big plans with the human soul. Even after, in paradise, the human soul had become unfaithful to the holy bond with Him, He did not forsake her. It remained the Eternal Love’s ultimate goal to spare no efforts to enable the human soul to find the way back to Him and not to lose eternal Bliss altogether. The Creator is constantly taking care of the souls:

  • He sent His Son into the world, in order for the Latter to make sacrifices and expiation in a human body with a view to redeeming the souls, for on account of the original sin the human soul was in need of Redemption;
  • He left the souls the Doctrine of Christ, and now has 'the King’s Daughter', the Holy Virgin Mary, further explain His Law of Love and provide more in-depth teachings on the ways for human souls to perfect themselves;
  • Through the actions of His grace He attempts to influence the souls’ journeys through life in such a way these journeys can be accomplished more along His lines, in that He is constantly trying to steer the developments of the countless elements of His Plan of Salvation, the innumerable situations in this world, and the behaviour of human souls.

The latter way of Divine intermediary constitutes the system we know by the name of 'Divine Providence'. Divine Providence is the regulatory mechanism within the concrete implementation of God’s Plan of Salvation. It tries to influence what happens, the moment for it to happen, and through whom it is to happen, not through any constraint but through soft incitations on God’s part in the hearts of the people that are likely to play a part in a certain situation. Divine Providence is, in a manner of speaking, a practical application of Divine Wisdom, through which God regulates and shapes the course of His Plan of Salvation. Basically Divine Providence has got but one goal: It aims at guiding mankind towards sanctity, in order for God to be able to fulfill the promise He made to the world through Jesus Christ: the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

Particularly in these Last Times God is sending Mary, the Mother of His Son, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and the Daughter of His predilection to the souls. Through Her unparalleled works of inner transformation, which She is trying to accomplish within the souls in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, and through the teachings on the mysteries of Divine Life She is giving to the souls within the framework of the Science of Divine Life and through which She makes the Doctrine of Christ more readily understandable for the souls in a truly unique way, Mary makes this Doctrine fully recognizable in their own lives, and fully develops the elements thereof before their inner eye, and is thus now more than ever before playing a key role in opening up the signs of Divine Providence on the soul’s journey through life, provided the soul is prepared to fully surrender to Her. In other words: In an unparalleled way She makes these souls receptive to Divine Providence and innerly reshapes the souls so as to enable them to recognize God’s signs in their lives sooner and to transform these signs into spiritual fruitfulness much more efficiently.

This is why God has presented Mary to us as the Mother of Providence. Mary Herself repeatedly referred to Herself as the Mistress of Divine Providence, on account of the fact She 'possesses the power to redesign the soul’s path through life, in that She has been granted the power to determine the way God’s graces are distributed'. The Queen of Heaven is in a position to transform souls that have surrendered to Her completely, to such an extent as to enable these souls to accomplish their journey through life much more efficiently, thereby enabling them to a much greater extent to contribute to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, because of their growth in sanctity and therefore their increasing ability to help spread more and more Light and Love over the world.

Divine Providence works in the smaller things of everyday life as well as in the bigger ones, and Mary is constantly innerly transforming and orienting the souls that are prepared to listen to Her, to such an extent as to make them notice much sooner the countless signs Divine Providence is constantly giving. Not only does the soul that lives her consecration to the Mother of God very intensely, notice such signs sooner, she also recognizes their meaning much more accurately and manages to react to these signs much more fruitfully, i.e. to focus her entire behaviour, thinking and longing exactly on these Divine signs she has been reading so correctly, thereby demonstrating that God is actually alive and active in this world.

This is how the Mistress of Providence remolds souls so as to turn them into regular instruments helping to accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls, and how She teaches souls to derive the fullest benefit from God’s grace in themselves and in their lives. The Mistress of Divine Providence guides, She sends Light into the souls, and turns souls into witnesses to God’s incessant actions and into mirrors of His Light.

The fruitfulness of a soul’s life is determined by the extent to which the soul sanctifies herself and actually makes the contribution foreseen for her to make towards the final accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Both of these missions in life can only be accomplished, however, to the extent to which the soul understands God‘s signs in her life, for through these signs God tries to point the soul into the most fruitful direction whenever her journey through life has reached one of its countless crossroads. The signs of Divine Providence are the silent signposts along the way, The Mistress of Divine Providence is the Teacher, the 'Instructor', who through Her lessons and through Her inner works prepares the traveller to actually notice the signposts and to interpret them the right way. Today let us pray ardently that She may open us up completely to God‘s Presence and to His gracious works on our journey through life, in order for us to be able to accomplish that which we were called upon to do. Let us never forget: The principal element of each soul’s vocation in life lies in her constant sanctification through every situation of her journey through life.


November 21


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Man sprang from God, and to God he is to return. Between the human soul’s origin and her destination lies a journey on a path of which the condition and the surrounding landscape are determined partly by Divine Providence, to be sure, but are to a significant extent determined also by the soul herself. The soul is endowed by her Creator with gifts, talents and faculties, is nourished with God’s graces on the journey of her life day after day, and must find out about her true potential as well as her weaknesses, in order that she may discover the most efficient means to let her spiritual fruitfulness blossom to the highest possible extent. Whatever the soul received from God and will continue to be given, she must regard as Divine seed. For the soul it is all a matter of casting this seed at exactly the right moments in exactly the right places, so that the path of her life may step by step be turned into a track of flowers and fruit trees. In other words: The soul receives from God ammunition for the battle against all darkness on the way back to Him, and she also receives everything with which she will in her turn have to help prepare God’s flowers and fruits as the visible signs of His Presence and His Actions in the landscape surrounding the path of her life.

Through this image and similar images the Mistress of all souls expresses the sense and purpose of each human life and the fruitfulness (the success!) of the soul in the execution of her actual mission in life. The Mother of God Herself boasted a perfect understanding of each human soul’s true destination, as well as of the unrestricted nature of God’s Love for His creation. Everything in Her life was geared to giving God in Her turn a Love as perfect as possible, by making constant efforts to turn every moment of every day and night into a pearl of perfect fruitfulness for His Works and Plans.

The goal the Queen of Heaven set for Herself is symbolized in a marvellous way in Her entry into the Temple at Jerusalem. When Mary, at the yet so tender age of three, let Herself in a state of utter delight be presented in the Temple by Her parents, She thereby not simply subjected Herself passively to a ritual others had outlined for Her: In the deepest sense of the word Mary presented Herself personally, actively and fully consciously to Her Divine Beloved One. In the Temple, in the deepest sense of the word She entered God’s Heart, symbolizing the fact She had taken root in this Heart so totally that She offered Her life to Him completely at an age where her life had not even got the opportunity yet to actually begin.

It would be very simple to regard Mary’s presenting Herself in the Temple as the inevitable thing for Her to do. After all, She was destined to prepare the 'key hour' of the history of Salvation, as the Messiah, the Redeemer of mankind, was to be born of Her. Divine Providence could therefore very easily have inspired Her to retreat for years as early as of Her most tender age. Nevertheless this Child was in no way a passive plaything of fate, nor was She like a leaf without a will of its own, driven by the breeze of a Divine inspiration, She was a created soul with an inviolable free will. She could have used this will in such a way as to just grow up like the average girl in Galilee. However, the little Mary wanted to belong to God, and to God alone, out of the purest Love to Him, to His Works, to His Plan of Salvation, and to the human souls.

At the moment when She entered the Temple at Jerusalem Her being destined to become the Mother of Christ was not yet known to Her. This knowledge was to be released in Her conscience no sooner than twelve years later, on the occasion of the visit the Holy Archangel Gabriel was to pay to Her. Mary acted solely by the impulse of the most pure and unselfish Love. Through Mary’s Presentation of Herself in the Temple God unequivocally taught the background of the perfect, unconditional and everlasting consecration to Him. Mary’s Presentation of Herself in the Temple actually sealed Her total consecration to God.

Today let us ardently pray the Mother of God to kindle within us the fire of the will to offer our entire beings and our entire lives to Her in the Temple of Her Heart. She has set Herself the goal – for exactly that is Her vocation and Her mission – to lead the children of Redemption towards perfection. There is no more efficient way to do so than the way of total consecration to Mary. Mary is the Custodian of Divine seed, and the paths of each soul’s life, the condition of these paths, as well as the landscapes along the waysides are fully known to Her. For the soul to be able to gain full access to the fruits of Redemption, ransomed by Christ, she must sow the seed she has got at her disposal in the most efficient way possible. The Mistress of all souls is the perfect Guide on the road, and She has got the ability to transform any path into a path that yields fruits for God. Through Her actions within the soul and during the latter’s journey through life, She knows how to have the soul bloom in such a way and to such an extent that she will not only be able to actually contribute towards the advancement of God’s Plan of Salvation, but also to uplift her own sanctification to ever higher levels.

It is an innate tendency of each soul to aim at increasingly resembling the object of her Love, and eventually she will, to the extent to which she perseveres in this desire and her Love does not decrease. The pure will and pure Love are properties of the childlike soul that does not allow to be defiled by the world and completely focuses on that which exceeds the things of the world and its impermanence. Let us therefore today allow the nature of the young Mary to be branded on our minds and hearts: a fire of Love sprung from God and not allowing for anything in the world that the soul should ever again turn off the way back home, and which therefore buries itself completely in God. True consecration to Mary is a voluntary offering of the soul out of pure, unselfish Love, in the Temple of the Heart of the Heavenly Queen, in an endeavour to completely be God’s property in this two-way fire of Mary’s Love for the soul and the latter’s own Love to Mary. In this frame of heart the soul leads her life exclusively for the purpose of transforming her own being and her own journey through life into a paradise of flowers that is a mirror, a prefiguration of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Mary’s Being and Her life on earth were a delight for God’s Heart, so frequently wounded. She therefore wants to express Herself through every soul, so that God’s delight in His creation might be perpetuated. That is Her everlasting gift of Love to the Creator, and we are allowed to collaborate with Her designing it. This is a challenge of Love waiting for everyone of us. Neither God nor any man considers this to be an easy thing to achieve, but it is the only mission we have got in life. The soul that gives up the struggle for the perfection of her Love can not harvest the Eternal Spring which she is to prepare through her own sowing, during the journey of her life.


Last Sunday before the first Sunday of the Advent


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

When God created the earth, the latter was intended to be a mirror of His Kingdom. By God’s Kingdom we are to understand a sphere of life in which all creatures live in perfect accordance with God’s rules of Love and Peace, and God’s Laws and His Intelligence are able to have their full and undistorted effects within them. Of all creatures on earth the human soul is the only one that is capable of sanctification: To the human soul it was granted to help bring Salvation upon the whole of creation through her behaviour, her words, her thoughts, her feelings, her longings and aspirations, in other words: to let creation benefit by the fruits of a true and impeccable application of God’s Laws.

The human soul was not only granted this privilege, it is something which is expected from her, in other words: It is part and parcel of every soul’s mission in life to focus her entire behaviour and her entire disposition so perfectly on God’s Laws that in everything, in all she does or does not do, in her way of being and even by her mere presence she should help call forth Salvation and thus should help maintain God’s Kingdom or advance the establishment thereof.

The original sin was the first act through which the human soul failed to bring Salvation upon creation. The original sin was an act committed on the basis of a frame of heart that was no longer geared to God’s Law. That is why it is called a 'sin': A sin is any violation of God’s Law, and is eventually always a violation against Love, as true Love is the essence of Divine Life, and everything which does not benefit the promotion, spreading and blooming of Divine Life counteracts God’s Works and Plans and therefore does not call forth Salvation. Through the fall of man and his subsequent tendency to sin in any number of ways, from that hour onward creation has been moving away further and further from the condition we know to be called the 'Kingdom of God'.

When Jesus was sent into the world as the Man-God for the purpose of redeeming human souls from the everlasting effects of sin, He thereby built the new foundations of God’s Kingdom on earth. The Christ crowned with thorns was therefore in reality the King of the Kingdom which was to be rebuilt. From the foundations upward the construction has got to be finished for creation to possess the proper constitution to become the palace of the Divine King. That is where every one of us has got his or her mission. We must help erect the walls, exactly according to the very same principles as the ones according to which the foundations were built, i.e. exactly according to the pattern provided us by the life of Christ, a pattern which we are reminded of today and which is constantly being explained to us, tailored to the extent of our understanding. This is done through the Science of Divine Life.

It may well be so that our lives are overshadowed by any number of signs of darkness, yet within us the King of Divine Light, Truth, Eternal Wisdom and Love is trying again to home our entire thinking and feeling, longing and being in on God and God alone, so that with each sigh, with each glance, with each word, with each breath we are able to let the constitution of God’s Heart flow out over creation like a scent from celestial gardens, for this is exactly how God intended the human souls to be: like celestial gardens, from which the scent of His Presence and His Works keeps flowing.

God’s Kingdom is not something we get to see outside ourselves, it is a world of living and perceiving which has got to ripen and blossom deep inside of us, like a seed that is slowly changed into a blossom and subsequently into a fruit, in perfect accordance with God’s Laws of growth and with His Intelligence, but with our persistent and voluntary collaboration as a basic proviso. On the way we use our free will every single moment of the day and the night it depends whether, and to what extent, God’s Laws of growth and His Intelligence are able to get their effects in our souls, and whether the Divine blueprint is able to be accomplished within us. The outcome of this process within each individual soul then makes its contribution to the construction of God’s Kingdom, which is going to be noticeable in and outside of us as the accomplishment of a new paradise.

The Mother of God is called by God the Rebirth of earthly Paradise (just like the title of Myriam’s book that is part of the Science of Divine Life). In Her, God’s Kingdom on earth was absolutely perfect. Each one of us has got a lifelong mission to follow the Queen of the Heavenly Kingdom, for the following of Mary is identical with the following of Jesus, the King of God’s Kingdom. The Kingdom of God on earth is the accomplished Kingdom of Christ. Acknowledging Christ really as the King does not mean, referring to Him as the King, but making persistent efforts to actually live His example faithfully in the practice of daily life, and to keep aiming for an unrelenting growth in sanctity in all of one’s doings in daily life. Christ was not called upon to be King of a pseudo realm, but King of a reborn paradise, which is the prefiguration of the Kingdom of Heaven in that the subjects are, towards all of their fellow creatures, mirrors of the King.

Today let us pray for the grace of being able to arrange our spiritual lives in such a way that through a faithful following of Christ, we not merely call Him King, but that our whole being may demonstrate that, to us, He is the King.



Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus and Mary,

Today is the first day of the Advent, an invitation to the souls to prepare for the Birth of the Light of the world within themselves. Like Mary, elected by God to be the Mother of His Son, is in these days pregnant with the living Light, She is also pregnant with the Light She wants to pour out into each soul that is inspired by the will to live for the Light and all of its Works.

The soul that is ready to fully accept the gift God has wanted to give to the souls through Mary, and to put this gift to use within herself, can find back in Her the star of Bethlehem, which tries to lead the way for the soul on her path through life and, while doing so, is constantly pointing to Christ, the Source of all Light. The soul that sets for herself the task to gear all details of her entire life to God’s Light, will sooner or later not be able to circumvent following the Mother of God. Indeed, man, when crossing an amply watered area, may well be able to reach his destination eventually by constantly swimming across the rivers and lakes, but why should he ignore an absolutely failsafe and secure bridge, which, moreover, was given to him by God Himself? The journey through any man’s life is crossed repeatedly by tempestuous waters, in which dangers abound. The Golden Bridge that is called "Mary" has defeated all of them.

Today, and from now to Christmas, let us open ourselves up completely to God’s gifts, which will bring us true Divine Life, the true Peace of Christ and faith, which are going to move us towards fully surrendering to God’s Decrees. Christ is not merely being born in some grotto in the hills of a distant country, He wants at any price to be really born in the grotto of each soul, for not the grotto in the hills needs sanctification, but the human soul.

The soul can acquire true openness of the heart the most easily by living in total consecration to Mary. To Her God entrusted the mission to give new birth to the Light in each soul, in order for the soul to be able to rise from the grave of her worldly attachments with this Light in her heart, after having crucified the world inside of her. The journey has got a Heavenly destination. Who is the soul that can afford to set out on this journey without Heavenly guidance, and who is able to pride himself on accomplishing it successfully without such guidance? Would it not be kind of presumptuous in the eyes of God for the soul to circumvent the Mother of God while searching for the Light? After all, God has wanted the Light of the world to begin His life on earth in Mary’s womb.

He who takes up the Mistress of all souls will rejoice in the Birth of Christ within himself, for She gives birth to Him in every soul that loves all of God’s Works more than anything else.

May the Light brought by the Immaculate Conception and by the coming Christ render our darkness ineffective to the extent to which we truly love the Light.


December 8


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

The Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God, which we commemorate today, is a Divine Privilege which, after the original sin committed by the first couple of human souls, was granted but once in the course of the history of Salvation. It constitutes the unique wonder of the absolutely perfect sanctity of a human soul. In the unique phenomenon of the Immaculate Conception God reminds the souls of the fact this is something really exceptional. The souls are also reminded of the fact God had initially intended every human soul to be absolutely holy, yet that on account of the original sin, this sin of disobedience towards God, through which the holy covenant between the human soul and God was broken by the souls, every human soul throughout the ages would be marked with a 'scar'.

This 'scar' in our soul is more than a minor flaw, it is like a leak which makes it very difficult for the soul to preserve the fullness of Divine Life within herself. It is similar to a railway switch making the train leave the track the soul should be following in order to achieve sanctity: It has given rise to the tendency to sin, in other words to rather following the voice of temptation than the voice of God’s guidance. To express it metaphorically: The original sin made a furrow within the soul, through which the water of Divine Life, with which God irrigates the soul and which is a bearer of the force of sanctity, is constantly threatening to ooze out of the soul, so much so that the soul becomes unable to retain the fullness of true Life. This is why the human soul’s life on earth is an uninterrupted struggle for maintaining true Divine Life or for regaining the quantities of Divine Life the soul is constantly losing.

Mary would retain the fullness of Divine Life within Herself, and would on top of this crown this Divine Gift by a perfectly sinless life. Because of Her Immaculate Conception Mary was from the beginning a most holy Tabernacle, in which She was able to lodge the Divinity of Christ, to nourish Him physically and to pass Him on to the world. In a manner of speaking the Immaculate Conception was the absolutely vital frame within which the Divine Redeemer was to be carried into the world.

The Heavenly Queen has me remind the souls of one of Her statements as to the stay of souls in purgatory, in which She explains how a soul that has not been completely purified by the fire of Love, would not by any means be able to stand the entry into Heaven, where Eternal Love displays its unveiled Presence. Now then, likewise a soul laden with the original sin would not have been able to stand the full contact with Divinity: Only a Woman who was imbued with the fullness of sanctity and therefore carried the absolute fullness of immaculate Love within Herself, was able to become the Mother of the Man-God.

Mary did not merely obtain the Immaculate Conception, She is the Immaculate Conception, the Embodiment of absolute purity, of perfect accordance with God’s Will, with the most sublime sanctity. Sanctity stands for the ability to bring Salvation upon creation in everything and through everything, even through the way one exists, one’s inner constitutions. This ability represents the extent to which a human life is fruitful in the way of advancing the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. This also means Mary’s soul was a source of the highest possible fruitfulness, and that no soul ever served God’s Works and Plans to a higher extent than She has.

Therefore, basically this is what we are celebrating today:

  • God’s infinite Love, which, in spite of the human soul’s being unfaithful towards Him, proved willing to restore the honour of the human souls to such an extent as to clothe one of them in such sanctity that She would be able to pass His Light on unimpairedly until the very abyss of darkness. Consequently a little seed would ripen within this soul, which – provided it would be nourished properly by the soul – would invest this soul with an unlimited power and a fabulous ability to love. In Mary the seed ripened into a paradise of flowers, infinitely powerful upon God’s Heart through the scent of an absolutely perfect Love;
  • this unlimited fruitfulness of a human soul representing the highest tribute and the highest service to God, because fruitfulness only results from a life which is led perfectly voluntarily in accordance with God’s Laws. In Mary this ideal, which would hardly seem accomplishable, was indeed well and truly accomplished to the fullest extent. God made this seeming impossibility possible, and He did so through a human soul. Thus in the Immaculate Conception the Most High unequivocally demonstrated how important it is to Him that nothing, not even the most vital things, should be accomplished without the voluntary collaboration from a human soul.

Both these elements together constitute the embodiment of the perfect observance and application of the covenant between God and the human soul: God pours Himself out into the human soul, and the latter empties herself perfectly for God. The remarkable thing is, that this interaction between God and the human souls is here conceived in such a way as to make everything pass through Mary: In Her Immaculate Conception Mary represents all mankind in its relationship towards God. Mary as a Bridge and as a Representative between God and the souls: it was to be Her vocation for all times.

Today let us consecrate to Mary in a special way our entire being, our entire life and our being connected among each other, in order for our souls to take part in the powerful effects of Mary’s perfect purity, of the Mysteries of Her unique sublimity, for She is the Golden Bridge towards God’s Heart. In Her the human soul resembles God’s image. As God never intended to limit the effects of this wonder to one single soul, it is now an essential part of the mission of the Mistress of all souls to transform the souls after Her own image so that they "may go back to the state of grace they possessed prior to the original sin" (words the Mistress spoke a few times as an expression of Her 'Working Plan'). We can only actively contribute to the accomplishment of this wonder to the extent to which we surrender to the Mistress of all souls completely through a consecration which is applied concretely in all aspects of daily life. This can never be achieved through the spark of a single moment, it is a life-long mission.


December 18


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Exactly one week before Jesus’ Birth we commemorate His Mother’s expectation. God had decreed the Messiah was to come into the world like an ordinary human child, born in a mother’s womb. This was necessary because otherwise Redemption, which was to be prepared for the human souls through the Messiah’s sacrifice, could not be fully accomplished. The Redemption of souls from a certain death by sin was to be paid for through a complete expiation of the sinful tendencies of man. Therefore the Redeemer was to be clothed with all weaknesses of human nature, as of His stay in His Mother’s womb.

Mary’s expectation was the implementation of a marvellous Divine Decree, and was therefore unique in many respects. As far as She was concerned She wanted to remain a virgin as a sign of a perfect consecration of Her life to God. As of Her childhood Mary led a life of mortification of the needs inherent to human nature. A major step in this process of mortification was Her intention to forego motherhood. However, God had predestined Her for the unique role as the Mother of the Redeemer, and entrusted Her with this role while preserving Her virginity. Mary offered God the fullness of Her human nature, and She received the fullness of Divinity in return: The Holy Spirit entrusted Her with the Son of God, and the Latter immersed Her in the abundantly flowing source of sanctity for nine months. It was to be the beginning of an everlasting mystical fusion with the Heart of the Saviour.

Mary’s expectation is a Divine Work, and it should be venerated by the souls as such. It can be considered to be the most unequivocal sign of a merger between human nature and Divinity God has ever given. It is therefore also the sign of a Love that greatly exceeds anything man is able to imagine: God allows Himself to be made a human person, and to that end transforms a mother’s womb into a Tabernacle which becomes one with Divinity to the greatest possible extent. This sign of absolutely unlimited Love is made possible by the complete sacrifice of free will by a human soul who wanted to put Her life completely and unconditionally at the service of God’s Works, and who, to achieve this, did not spare any effort to become and to stay perfectly united with God’s Will in all things and in all aspects of life.

Through Christ’s Birth God changed the direction of the history of Salvation altogether: For the first time after the fall of man four thousand years earlier, the sun of true hope would again rise to give every soul wanting to follow Christ the prospect of the never ending day of Eternal Bliss. Mary’s expectation reminds the human souls of this sun having risen out of Her motherly womb, and of the fact She is therefore the Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth (I herewith also refer to the book bearing this very title), the One whose word of consent has made it possible for all souls of good will to be redeemed.

Today let us praise the Mother of God, who has obtained from God the power to operate the key to our Redemption and who started the implementation of this mission with an unlimited Love on the day She consented to receiving the Messiah in Her womb in spite of Her knowing the fate awaiting Christ in the world, so that, consequently, She conscientiously opted for a life filled with thorns. For nine months Mary prayed and sacrificed in the deepest mystical unity with the Messiah in Her womb, in order to obtain the highest possible fruitfulness for His Mission on earth with all souls throughout the ages. Let us implore Her that She may obtain for us the grace of unity with Her, so that we, too, may carry the Messiah inside and be satisfied by the fruits of His Mission. After all, His Mission had but one purpose: to make every soul receptive to the return of the Light within her.


December 25


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the Birth of the Divine Saviour. This day marked the direct beginning of the Work of Redemption to be accomplished by the Man-God for the benefit of all souls of all times, as the Infant Jesus was exposed right away to the deprivations which were associated with the place and time of His Birth to begin with. As the Light the little Jesus came into the world to divest the darkness of its complete power over the human souls’ eventual fate. The Birth of Christ could therefore be regarded as the first direct act intended to prepare the fields of the souls for their eternal fruitfulness. In the wintry Bethlehem the evil one was confronted with the prospect of the spring of God’s Kingdom for all souls of good will. God’s Decree providing for the Incarnation of God’s Son was the major turning point in the history of Salvation, which was to be crowned thirty-three years later. God subjects Himself to the trials of life, suffering and death with a view to demonstrating human souls what a holy and fruitful life actually looks like.

Both the preparation and the entire event of the Birth of Christ was a masterpiece of Divine perfection. In Mary a human soul was prepared for the most far-reaching merger with Divinity mankind would ever see. In Her, God found the perfect harmony between His Works of sanctification and a woman’s will to bring this sanctity to bloom in its absolute perfection. Mary was 'pre-eminently the soul of good will', as a 'soul of good will' is to be understood to mean a soul that, from her own free will, aspires for a full and unlimited merger of her own will with God’s Will. The Mother of God was a Mistress of self-denial, who was driven by one single motivation: She wanted to simply be there for the accomplishment of a life of serving God’s Plans and Works to the fullest.

Mary was allotted a helper: Saint Joseph, who was driven by the same will as She was, and to whom, through Divine inspiration, it was perfectly clear from the beginning that his life, too, would serve only as a means to help enable the Mission of the Man-God on earth. As He also does on numerous (sometimes quite hidden) occasions in our own lives, God availed Himself of an earthly event to implement His Plan: the census to be carried out by order of the Roman emperor led Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem. In reality, on the level of God’s Plan of Salvation, They undertook the journey through the inhospitable land of the souls in the wintry cold of the hearts, to give birth to Christ in a deserted grotto, symbolizing the wretched disposition of the majority of the souls: dark, cold, damp on account of the lack of warmth, in a manner of speaking deserted even by God and inhabited only by animals. The love of animals is less complicated than that of human souls, to be sure, yet this image is meant to refer to the fact that animals are unable to sanctify themselves; likewise countless human souls render their own sanctification virtually impossible. Moreover, thus the Queen of Heaven, the animals’ presence in this image also refers to passions, uncontrolled patterns of behaviour not focused on God’s Plans, patterns of behaviour through which the soul will time and time again jeopardize her own sanctification.

In the Advent the Mistress of all souls invited us to devote ourselves to a process of disclosing ourselves, in order to recognize how wintry and inhospitable our journey through life indeed is, not only due to the great number of trials, but first and foremost on account of the way in which we deal with these trials whenever it matters to become fruitful for the Plan God is harbouring regarding our lives. The Advent should be a time during which our inner darkness of any kind whatsoever is revealed to us, and should give rise to our confessing repentfully, both towards ourselves and towards God, that our soul and heart, which He had intended as palaces or as holy temples, actually bear more resemblance to a grotto: dark on account of many deceptions, cold on account of the lack of sincere and unconditional Love, and deserted by God because we keep pushing Him into the background by our ways of living, our thinking and our wishes, if we do not expel Him altogether.

God allows many things to happen, because He is patient with the human soul and because man’s free will is inviolable to Him. This patience actually emphasizes the absolutely perfect state of His Love. One thing, however, He is unable to allow: that He should ever stop offering His own Son to each human soul, not 'merely' as a Visitor, but internally, in the form of a birth which keeps repeating itself within the soul. The miracle of Christmas wants to repeat itself in every soul every day, until the soul consciously and voluntarily allows this miracle to actually be wrought. For no other reason did Jesus institute the Sacraments, and for no other reason has the Most Holy Trinity decreed the Mission of the Mother of God in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls to begin: Mary repeats Her journey through the inhospitable hilly land of the souls in their wintry disposition day after day, enters the grotto of the soul as soon as She is invited in voluntarily and without any resistance, and subsequently furnishes the grotto in such a way as to make it ready for the birth of Christ.

The Infant Jesus wanted to be born for us in a grotto. As to the grotto where He can find His Mother, however, He knows its furnishing will be changed gradually so as to make it more suitable day by day for the accomplishment of His Works within the soul. The accomplishment of the miracle of Christmas begins where inner darkness is taken over by the soul’s becoming aware of the fullness of Truth, the cold is replaced by the blossoming of the fruit tree of virtues, and the soul is ready and willing to replace her own needs one after the other by God’s needs: The grotto turns into a temple, and the atmosphere of the temple of the soul in the process of sanctification starts pervading its surroundings, so that the inhospitable Bethlehem of this soul’s life is gradually transformed into a fruitful land where blossoms abound.

As the Mistress of all souls inspired it within the framework of Her Christmas wish the other day: Christmas in the heart is the spring of a new life. Every soul’s mission in life eventually consists in the following of Christ and in perfecting this lifestyle constantly in all aspects of her life, in order that she may sanctify herself and may be able to make the full contribution God expects her to make towards the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation. The soul is not alone in the fulfillment of this mission: God Himself is working side by side with her towards the same goal. With a view to achieving this goal He sends us the Mistress of all souls and keeps begging for permission to repeat His Christmas miracle. God just does not stop feeding us the food of our sanctification spoon after spoon, and with it He gives us the One who is second to none when it comes to helping us digest this food: Mary.

Following of Christ presupposes that Christ is able to be born and to grow within us in the first place. The principal prerequisites to make this work, are the Mother of God, the Love for the Cross, and the miracle of Christmas. Let us give all these ingredients for the food of our sanctification a chance, and let us do it in the way that suits the true children of God. The Infant Jesus is feeling cold, It is looking for the heat of your and my Love. The Mother is going to help us to the extent we let Her. The little Jesus is going to grow within us through the Fire of our self-denial and the food of every action we perform in His following. He wants to accomplish every single soul’s journey through life with her, and to share His glory with us. If He is not allowed to do so, He will not even experience His Divine Bliss as 'complete'.

Thus for the soul that is serious about her sanctification as a child of God, Christmas is not merely an event which reminds her of some story from a distant past and, apart from this, gives rise to a feast of which she does not even grasp the actual meaning. On the contrary, to her it is a daily mission for the rest of her life: The spirit of Christmas is the air by which Jesus has to live within the souls if He is to accomplish His Works within her at all. Today let us pray that the seed which is cast into us again this day, should not be left to the wolves of worldly influences on our path through life.

A gracious Christmas at the service of the Mistress of all souls,
Her Myriam


December 27


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the holy apostle and evangelist St. John. Within the Apostolate of the Mistress of all souls this saint is presented in a special way for three different reasons:

  1. He was pre-eminently the saint of Love, who was loved in a special way by Christ, Eternal Love, because of his pure Love, his childlike innocence and purity, and his extraordinary faithfulness towards Jesus up to the foot of the Cross on Mount Golgotha;
  2. He was the saint in whom Jesus gave Mary to the souls, and the souls to Mary, and who can be regarded as the great model of a soul’s consecration to Mary (he "took Her into his home", = made Her the Mistress of his soul);
  3. He played, and still plays, a special part in Myriam’s mystical training, as St. John and St. Mary Magdalena were 'allocated' to Myriam by the Mistress of all souls as guiding saints.

Today let us pray for the intercession of this 'model apostle' for the Church of Christ as well as for the perfection of our own Love, purity and innocence.


December 28


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Today we commemorate the holy innocents, who in the period following Jesus’ Birth were, by order of King Herod, killed in the whole Bethlehem area. King Herod considered the "King of Israel", announced by the prophecies and who was to be born in those days at Bethlehem, to be a threat to his worldly kingdom, and he believed he had to extirpate this danger by having all newly born babies in that area killed, in order that he might be sure that the "new King" would not be given the opportunity to some day constitute a threat to his crown.

In all this, Herod implemented a plan concocted by Satan, who left no stone unturned to thwart the Mission of Christ, the Man-God, before it had even started. Satan here discloses his greatest fear: Souls that are redeemed are souls that are lost to him forever. He did know, however, that the covenant for the Redemption of souls was to begin with the life, suffering and death of Christ as the Man-God, and in his arrogance he believed he was able to prevent God from implementing His Plan. However, God did not allow His Messiah to be killed by an instrument of Satan.

The great lesson behind all this is: God has given the evil one the opportunity to try the human souls during their life on earth, to be sure, in order that the souls may be able to choose of their own free will whom they want to belong to forever: God or Satan, Light or darkness, Truth or untruth (deception). Nevertheless God will never hand the final outcome and accomplishment of His Plans over to Satan. Darkness never has the final say, its power will only be able to have its effects for a certain period of time. During that phase it will be able to acquire many slaves though. Herod was an example of slavery towards darkness: He denied all Love in attempting to secure his ephemeral status as chief of a worldly kingdom, and in reality let himself be abused by the evil one in the latter’s endeavour to cross God’s Plan of Salvation, exactly at the crucial point where the tables were to be turned in God’s favour, so to speak.

In the killing of the holy innocents Satan also symbolizes the murder of innocence in every human soul: Everything which draws the soul towards God must be killed. Sinlessness must not be given a chance on earth, for it brings Light into the darkness and enables souls to perceive the Truth where there used to be deception.

With every child that is killed of a person’s free will, a little thread is torn loose from the network of God’s Plan of Salvation. Each soul comes into the world with a certain mission, through which she is to help accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation. Every child that is not taken away by Divine decision but is killed through an act of human will, is a brick which is torn loose from God’s edifice, so that the latters’ accomplishment is delayed.

This is how Satan tempts souls into putting themselves at his service by committing acts which counteract the development of God’s Plan of Salvation, whereas this Plan is, after all, only conceived and being implemented by God for the advancement of true happiness for all creatures on earth.

Today let us ask the holy innocents for their intercession with God for every soul that is about to give in to inspirations that slow down the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Let us offer all the merits of martyrdom collected by the holy innocents to the Mistress of all souls in consecration, in order for Her to be able, through the infinite power of Her Intercession, to convert these merits into Light for this world, and in order for Her to enable every one of us to find the inner child back, for childlike innocence is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven.

First Sunday after Christmas



Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

God created the human souls with the intention that, together, they should build His Kingdom. This Divine goal can be accomplished only if (and to the extent to which) as many souls as possible make attempts to perfect themselves in the accomplishment of both goals each soul is to aim at achieving in life: her own sanctification, and contributing towards the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all souls.

For this goal to be accomplished, God keeps inspiring the most useful ways of life and of organizing life. Thus He created man, and subsequently woman, for the both of them to be joined together. Man and woman were intended to complement each other. This is basically how the basic family came about: the lifelong union between a man and a woman. God expected this union to become the corner stone of the organization of life for the human souls on earth, because the union between a man and a woman constitutes the most suitable prerequisite for the soul to perfect herself in all virtues and in a holy way of living.

Man and woman complement each other, because each of both sexes has got very specific features, not only physically but also on the higher levels of the human being. That is why man and woman need each other in many respects. However, the content of a life with a member of the opposite sex can be shaped in very different ways.

The Holy Family of Nazareth (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) serves as the absolute example of a holy family, i.e. a 'family that bears Salvation', a family whose members live together in a genuine aspiration to perfect themselves in all virtues, whose mutual relations are fully characterized by true unselfish Love, and who also let this attitude dominate all of their outward relations.

It is exactly this aspiring for a life in all virtues in all relations between the family members which turns a family into a rock-solid whole. The families in our modern society suffer severely from inner conflicts because godlessness is eating away at a great many hearts. God, and the will to do His Works (let us merely think of life within the framework of concrete consecration to Mary!), is the cement which holds everything together.

In the Holy Family of Nazareth God has presented the souls a model union between a man, a Woman and a growing Child, who lived together in a way God had conceived for the human souls prior to the original sin: a life, in which a man and a woman are there only for the purpose of lifting each other up spiritually and of constantly confirming each other’s holy intentions, and in which God and His Works always take the centre stage. Joseph and Mary indeed led a perfectly spiritualized life, in which every action, every word, every aspiration, every thought and every feeling were focused exclusively on the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

One might point out that the Holy Family consisted of three souls who were in every respect 'unusual': God’s Son, the Immaculate Conception, and a man who was on earth especially for the purpose of protecting the Man-God and His Mother and of supporting Them in the material aspects of earthly life, and to whom exceptional graces were granted to this end. Therefore the Holy Family of Nazareth was indeed holy in all effects of its actions and its presence. An 'ordinary' family, which consists of simple souls, can hardly match this ideal. Nevertheless in God’s opinion the rule of thumb in all and any matters is this: that every soul should make constant efforts to come as close as possible to matching His ideal conception. The soul is not judged and assessed by her results, but by her efforts.

Today let us pray to the Holy Family for the grace of being able to persevere in shaping, and in wanting to shape, our closest relations, especially those within the framework of a family, in such a way as to turn our family lives or our closest relations with souls into solid corner stones for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.


December 31


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

The year is drawing to an end. We are on the threshold of a new year. Today we get the opportunity to implore the Mistress of our souls for the privilege of obtaining Her intercession and guidance in casting off the old self, i.e. everything we are carrying within but which is rather an obstacle to our blooming than a means to further it.

In point of fact this is just the ultimate purpose of our perfect consecration to the Mistress of all souls: She wants to 're-shape', to transform every one of us, to divest us of everything that is a potential threat to our sanctification. Perfect consecration to the Mistress of all souls is a holy bond, in which the soul makes it possible for her old self to be replaced (re-shaped), and therefore to be born again of the Celestial Mistress for Divine Life. The Mistress does not tear down something old without erecting something new that is going to be better and holier, and therefore serves God’s Plan of Salvation better.

Now there is also the new year’s wish from the Heart of the Queen of Heaven, which I am privileged to humbly share with every soul: Today may we all benefit from the grace of opening our hearts up completely to the Celestial Mistress’ Works, who wants to mold us after Her model and in accordance with the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, to make us suitable for God’s Kingdom on earth.

Just like tonight a year is once and for all entering the history books and a new year is going to be rung in, the souls get the opportunity to allow themselves to be completely transformed in complete consecration to Mary through their own active collaboration, to bury everything old in the Mistress’ Heart and to let the new be born of Her.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls, Myriam and the Maria Domina Animarum Work wish every one of you for the new year a new spring in your hearts and souls.