In November 2018 the Holy Virgin Mary outlined total consecration to Her very clearly as follows:

"Many souls tend to trifle with the concept of total consecration to Me. Consecration to Me is not a matter of merely saying a prayer of consecration. It does begin with such a prayer, to be sure, but subsequently it must get its concrete substance in all the details of life. Only living as a consecrated soul, practicing true Love and all virtues voluntarily, actively and persistently, i.e. as a mirror of the dispositions of My own Heart like I have been teaching them in abundance through the Science of Divine Life, is what truly makes a soul consecrated to Mary.

Entering into total and life-long consecration to Me is tantamount to signing a sacred covenant mentioning:

My Name as 'the Mistress',


the name of the soul consecrating herself as 'the unconditional slave to Divine Love'.

As Witness to the covenant God signs personally.

As object of the covenant it says: 'unconditional, life-long service to God’s Works and His Plan of Salvation, and a radical, unconditional battle against the darkness within oneself, against all influences of darkness, and through all of this against all darkness in creation. All this exercising a perfect obedience to the One who was destined by God to be the Mistress of the hosts of the Light, with a view to completing the battle against the darkness, in order to crown the Works of Redemption wrought by the Son of God'.

As objective of the covenant it says: 'living my entire life, all my actions and all my inner dispositions focusing on the accomplishment of God’s Plan for the establishment of His Kingdom on earth'.

Every omission to comply with these elements in an active, purposeful, spontaneous and self-denying way is regarded by God as the breach of a sacred contract and burdens the defaulting soul with an unfulfilled obligation towards the infallible Law of Divine Justice, which will remain in force with a view to maintaining the equilibrium in God’s creation with its network of Divine Love.

The extent to which the signing soul actually satisfies this covenant determines her fruitfulness for God’s Plan of Salvation and her eternal destination.

Total consecration to Me is a sacred covenant by virtue of which the soul takes the pledge to lead her life at the service of the Queen of the hosts of the Light, and therefore at the service of the battle for the benefit of the Light and against the darkness, in the first place the darkness inside oneself".

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Under this heading directives from the Holy Virgin Mary will be posted in due time, aiming at teaching the souls how to make total consecration to Her as fruitful as possible in daily life.

Subjects covered so far:

1. Permanent consecration of weather conditions and natural phenomena

2. Consecration to Mary for all souls fighting evil and darkness in their lives

3. The spiritual battle against the misery in the world



Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

Not a single day goes by without there being registered some special natural phenomena or exceptional weather conditions somewhere on this planet.

God allows a lot of things to happen because all situations of life as a whole constitute a school of sanctification. The human soul should learn to regard each situation and event of her life as an incentive to perfect herself as a little 'messenger of salvation', in other words: to contribute as amply as possible towards the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation.

In order to make a situation or an event fully fruitful within the framework of God’s Works and His Plan of Salvation souls have to:

  1. accept this situation or event with all their hearts, meaning that, in spite of any pains over it, they are convinced this situation or event somehow makes full sense within the battle of the Light against the darkness, and are aware the souls themselves determine to what extent the situation or event indeed becomes meaningful with a view to the eventual accomplishment of God’s Plan for a world of sanctity, Peace and Love;

  2. consecrate this situation or event with faith and confidence. By consecrating an event or situation, preferably through the Holy Virgin Mary, the event or situation is fully integrated into God’s Plan of Salvation and is invested with a force of redemption and sanctification for souls and of deliverance of creation as a whole from the grip of evil.

Because both these steps, and especially the second one, are very often neglected, countless events and situations in this world are lost for God’s Plan: They fail to give rise to an advancement of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, on the contrary, quite often they even increase the power of darkness over this world, in that events and situations which are not fully accepted and not fully put to use in the spiritual sense of the word, often go along with opposition against God’s Decrees, and because often God is even blamed for any inconvenience or damage souls may suffer as a result of these events or situations.

As each and every one of us experiences weather conditions on a daily basis and may experience special natural phenomena at some point or another, these conditions and phenomena provide every one of us with rich sources of material for consecration.

This is why the Queen of Heaven requests that souls should be reminded regularly of the important words She spoke on August 9, 2010, and of prayer 1186, and that they should apply this knowledge in the practice of their daily lives. In so doing, every one of us can step up the fruitfulness of their own spiritual life and make a concrete contribution to the accomplishment of the Plan of Salvation through which God wants to lead His creation back to the sanctity He originally intended it to possess – with the full and deliberate collaboration from the human souls and with Mary as the Golden Bridge between our genuine and loving efforts on the one hand and God’s Heart on the other.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,




Consecration to Mary for all souls fighting evil and darkness in their lives

Myriam van Nazareth
Important preliminary observation: The teachings concerning the strategies deployed by the darkness in its endeavours to distort God’s Works and Plans and to defile and counteract the souls on their journey towards their Eternal Destination with God are among the core themes constituting the very essence of the sublime Mission pursued by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mistress of all souls. Therefore the Queen of Heaven emphatically invites the souls to be aware of, and reflect on, the deep connection between the following writings on this website:
  • Reversing the darkness (in Mary invites)
  • Consecration to Mary for all souls fighting evil and darkness in their lives (in Consecration to Mary > Consecration in practice)
  • And the Light shineth in darkness (in Teachings > Brief teachings)
  • Mary and evil (in Teachings > Brief teachings)
  • Confession made by a demon at the Holy Virgin Mary’s command (in Revelations > Special Revelations)

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

The present section contains a variety of prayer flowers pertaining to the struggle against darkness in the narrower sense of the word, meaning that these prayers are useful mainly for the individual for the purpose of dealing with all and any expressions of evil and darkness in his or her everyday life.

The Most Holy Virgin Mary does not conceal how much She longs for souls to share their personal struggle against all evil in their lives with Her. In every individual life this very struggle is what it is all about. Every human soul is the stake of the struggle between the Light (God and His Truth) and the darkness (the devil and his works of deception and destruction). Therefore no single human life can remain free from elements of darkness. Every single moment of life, and in countless ways, the evil one is constantly trying to pull every soul away from God and from the fullness of Truth to such an extent as to make her adopt the frame of mind and the dispositions of the heart that are best suited to serve Satan’s plans – preferably unawarely, in order that it should never occur to the soul that she is being manipulated by him. Temptation – any evil inspiration aiming at inducing the soul to commit any acts, speak any words or harbour any thoughts, feelings or aspirations which would separate the soul from God and from her own vocation within the framework of God’s Plans and Works – always focuses on one single goal: undermining the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation which aims at the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. This is how the darkness operates within each and every soul, sowing into the latter the seeds of sin, depression, discouragement and any dark or negative dispositions.

For Satan Mary is the very memorial reminding the souls of God’s Promise about the ultimate defeat of the darkness. Jesus Christ has defeated him as the Man-God and has opened up the final victory over the darkness. The immaculate Virgin is to seal this victory as a created soul, which is going to fully accomplish, i.e. to actually complete, the defeat of the darkness. To achieve this, She is in need of two things:

  • the intensely lived consecration of as many human souls as possible to Her, in order that She may be able to transform all elements of life, of the struggle and trials of these souls into active elements of the struggle against the darkness and therefore into components of grace within the framework of God’s Plan of Salvation. Her teachings in the Science of Divine Life, which is the subject of all writings propagated through the Maria Domina Animarum Work, are given exactly for the purpose of preparing the transformation of souls necessary to achieve all this;
  • the specific prayers of human souls, in whom Her power against the works of darkness is voluntarily activated and through whom She is enabled to actually wield it.

Within the framework of this second point the Mistress of all souls requests that these prayer flowers be offered with a view to using them in the specific struggle against the darkness.

The Most Blessed Virgin Mary should never be overlooked if any effect of darkness in an individual’s life is to be defeated. The reason for this is that the Mother of God was the Chosen One among all created souls, the One clothed with the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception and therefore the sole Bearer of a soul that was not 'damaged' by the effects of the original sin. Metaphorically speaking the original sin is like a furrow made in a field, through which water can be drained from the soil. In this image this furrow would be like a small canal through which the soul is constantly losing her 'water of Divine Life', leaving her very vulnerable against all and any attacks from the darkness. This image may make it easier to understand how the Most Blessed Virgin possessed a perfect immunity against sin and the effects of darkness. However, it must be emphasized that She was only able to maintain this immunity because of Her unshakable will never to commit any violation against God’s Law of Love. Both Her Immaculate Conception and Her will to remain completely pure make Her the perfect Guide for the soul seeking Salvation and refuge from the never ending temptations, deceptions and dark influences coming her way in everyday life.

On account of Her determination to remain completely and spotlessly faithful to God’s Law of Love Mary was granted by God an everlasting invincible power against all darkness. Indeed, remaining faithful to God’s Law of Love actually means refraining from committing even the slightest sin or vice. This is where the Most Blessed Virgin excelled, and which made it possible for Her to be the Mother of God’s Son, the Tabernacle carrying Divinity into the world. Mary’s remaining perfectly faithful to God’s Law by not wanting to give in to any evil inspiration made Her the true Crown upon creation, the true Mirror of God’s Heart, the very Image of God’s ideal of how a human soul should be and how He had originally conceived each soul to be: a worthy representative of God towards all of creation. Satan, God’s counterpart, would never prevail against Mary. She was therefore to be the One whose foot was eventually going to crush Satan’s head as a token that all works of evil will lose their effects when God’s Kingdom is established on earth. Crushing Satan’s head is, after all, what Mary has been doing all along, ever since Her Immaculate Conception, by defeating each and every temptation Satan sent Her way.

God never plans anything for no reason. Mary’s being granted the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception, Her mystical merging with Jesus Christ, the Man-God, in His inner dispositions up to and including His opening the way to the Redemption of every soul that is willing to actually implement God’s Law of Love in her own life: If any of this is to be of any use to the human soul the latter must be willing and able to follow in Mary’s wake. This is what God enables every soul to do through entering into the holy bond of consecration to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

Total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Mary is a bond through which the human soul gives herself, every detail of her life (past, present and future) and every aspect of her being (actions, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and wishes, all trials and tribulations of life and the effects thereof in the soul’s inner dispositions) to Mary. The purpose of this gift, which the soul brings on a basis of continuity throughout all days and nights of her life on earth, is the soul’s life acquiring its maximum fruitfulness in that, through the bond of consecration, the Holy Virgin is able to fully integrate all and any aspects of the soul’s life and being into the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Through this continuous act of self-surrender and self-denial the soul becomes Mary’s servant in the deepest sense of the word. The Queen of Heaven was entrusted by God with the mission to help bring Jesus’ Works of Redemption and Salvation to full fruition within every soul, thereby actually leading God’s Plan of Salvation to its completion in each individual who is willing to actively collaborate towards the achievement of this goal. This is why Mary’s mission within the framework of the holy bond of consecration of souls to Her lies in Her guiding the soul on the latter’s way of sanctification. Sanctity is to be understood as the soul’s ability to bring salvation through all her doings and all her inner dispositions, and can therefore be regarded as the extent to which the soul is actually fulfilling the purpose for which she was created.

A soul that lives intimately with the Mother of God, regarding Her as the Mistress of her life and being and as her Guide through all events of her life, should never lose sight of Mary’s unlimited power, especially not in her attempts to cope with the predicaments of life. Life on earth is an endless struggle against temptations, deceptions, and the many frightening and discouraging influences all around us. These are the bullets with which the forces of darkness are trying to cut each soul loose from God, her Source and Destination. Therefore it is imperative for the soul in distress to turn to the Queen of Heaven. If the soul does so on the basis of a genuine disposition of consecration to Her, of self-surrender to Her and of a sincere longing to serve the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation through serving Mary, who was put in command of the battle against the darkness in each soul willing to actually follow Jesus Christ and to actually belong to God, she will find in the Most Blessed Virgin Mary an extremely powerful Ally.

It is of paramount importance that each soul should realize that Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth, is invested by God with the capacity and powers as the Mistress of all souls, meaning that She is chosen to be the Mistress of the angels, the Queen of all inhabitants of the Heavens, the One endowed with the authority to transform each human soul internally (especially to the extent to which the soul consecrates herself totally to Her) and to protect the latter against any influence hostile to God and His Works and Plans, and the One with an absolutely unlimited power over the effects of the works wrought by any force of darkness. Mary’s title as the Mistress of all souls therefore reminds us of the fact that also the damned souls (i.e. both the fallen angels and the damned human souls) are in Her power. The extent to which She is able to actually wield this power depends on the extent to which human souls voluntarily and wholeheartedly implore Her intercession and intervention, and to which Divine Justice and Mercy allow for Her to intervene in any particular instance or event and in any specific hour. All of this is largely determined by the way every human soul individually deals with the free will she is endowed with, and mankind as a whole truly accepts God as the Centre of all life, and keeps acting upon this belief. A godless world is an open invitation to ruin by the forces of darkness, whose actions are rampant and devastating and can never be stopped if mankind fails to join hands with God in all and any aspects of life.

Mary’s unlimited power over the forces of darkness was not only explained in the Teachings given by the Mistress of all souls, it was also demonstrated to me visually on several occasions. One of these was recorded upon the Holy Virgin’s explicit request in the Revelation entitled Confession made by a demon at the Holy Virgin’s Command.

It is crucial that each soul should regularly ask herself the following question: "How important is the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation really to me, and to what extent am I prepared to put my own needs behind those of God’s Plan?". The honest answer to this question can teach the individual a great deal about her spiritual disposition and the fruitfulness he or she is likely to achieve for God in life. It will equally be an indication as to the extent to which the soul is likely to be able to resist all influences of darkness in her life. The soul is not able to defeat the forces of evil all by herself, but she definitely can if she really lays herself into Mary’s hands and firmly believes in Her as the One who has the power to bring the seed of Christ’s words and Works within her to full maturity. In proportion as the holy bond of consecration to Mary gets perfected the soul will become an ever brighter light spreading the Light of God Himself around her, thus weakening any influence of darkness in her life.

The prayers contained in the present category actually refer to the unique role played by the Heavenly Queen in the struggle against Satan and his works and to the fulfilment of God’s Promise about the Woman with the serpent underneath Her feet. Through these prayers, which, like all of the prayers contained in Mary’s Flower Garden, are inspired by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mistress of all souls lets a very special light of hope shine down upon the souls.

This is exactly where the way to true freedom for the souls lies: on the path of consecration to the Queen of Heaven and of prayer to and with Her. The deliverance of creation from the impact of darkness is not something that is going to come about automatically, it is to be brought about by each soul voluntarily within herself. Whoever longs for the True Light will reap the sun of Eternal Love. It will never be possible for the soul to come out of the night and see full daylight without seeing the promising light of dawn first. In very much the same way has God given Mary to the souls as the Dawn guiding them out of the night of sin and the threats of both inner and surrounding darkness into the Light of Christ. Let us never forget this, this is how God Himself has wanted it to be when the Crucified Jesus gave His Mother to mankind, and mankind to His Mother as His last gift before taking the effects of the original sin with Him to die.

Do use these prayers ardently and with confidence. They can change your life.

Lovingly serving the Mistress of all souls,


Afb. Maria en het kwaad MDA



(Myriam van Nazareth)

Beloved Eternal Father,
On the merits of the unquenchable thirst of Jesus’ longing for souls and of the never ending Sorrows of Mary over the perdition of Her children I implore You to pour out all over the world the full power of Redemption, in order that all chains of evil binding the souls may be broken.

Through the blinding Light from the Cross of Christ, the Light of the world, break the chains of darkness.
Through the endless redeeming power of the Sacred Wounds of Christ,...
Through the crushing power of the Sacred Blood of Christ, the Lamb of God,...
Through the many expulsions of demons performed by Christ, the Messiah,...
Through the many miracles wrought by Christ, the incarnated Word of God,...
Through the Divine Glory of the Resurrection of Christ, the Son of God,...
Through the immaculate purity of the Most Holy Virgin Mary,...
Through the glorious virginal motherhood of the Mother of God,...
Through the absolute perfection of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth,...
Through the sacred tears of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Co-Redemptrix of mankind,...
Through the unparalleled glorification of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in soul and body,...
Through the promised Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Terror of demons,...
Through the powerful demolishing and re-creating outpourings of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit,...
Through the Holy Spirit’s all-consuming fire of Love,...
Through the victorious sword of the Archangel St. Michael, the defeater of Lucifer,...
Through the invincibility of the angels of the Light, Your celestial hosts,...
Through the purity and loyalty of Saint Joseph, the first servant of Jesus and Mary,...
Through the angelic Love of the apostle Saint John, Jesus’ beloved disciple,...
Through the unshakable faith of the apostle Saint Peter, the first pope of Your holy Church,...
Through the self-surrender, the sacrifices, the mortification, the expiations and the prayers of Your dedicated Christians,...
Through the self-denial, the blood and the sufferings of Your saints and martyrs,...
Through the transubstantiation accomplished during each holy Mass,...
Through the power of reparation of each sincere Confession,...


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Jesus Christ, incarnated Son of God, brand my soul with Your Cross which defeats the devil.
Jesus Christ, Light in the darkness, fill me with Heavenly strength, against which no darkness will ever prevail.
Jesus Christ, Redeemer of all souls who believe and love, deliver me from the fear that makes me falter.
Holy Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, do lay under Your feet everything that attacks me spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically, for I believe in Your total power over the evil one.
Holy Virgin Mary, Co-Redemptrix of mankind, do tie all my enemies up at the foot of the Cross, so that their evil tendencies may vanish in the Light of Heaven.
Holy Virgin Mary, Terror of all demons, dispel from me all evil forces threatening me.
Holy Archangel Michael, do now surround me with God’s angels. Do save me from the danger I am in, and protect my soul, my mind, my heart and body, in the most holy names of Jesus and Mary.
(make the sign of the Cross)


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, delightful Springtime Blossom, in whom the germ of sin has never been able to sow corruption, obtain for me resistance against all evil. Make me a mirror of Your holy soul.
Mary, Treasure of glories, in whom all virtues have reached perfection,...
Mary, stainless Moon, perfect reflection of the Light of the Most Holy Trinity,...
Mary, Queen of celestial Glory, against whom all powers of darkness have remained powerless,...
Mary, Crown upon creation, the Woman who was to erase the disgrace brought upon mankind by the original sin,...
Mary, Pride of the Heavenly Father, who have preserved the highest sanctity unimpaired,...
Mary, ornamental Garden of God, in whose entire being God has found His supreme glorification,...
Mary, Defeatress of all evil, under whose feet the devil is to be crushed,...
Mary, Tabernacle of the Messiah, pervaded with the holy incense of perfect prayer and sacrifice,...
Mary, Flame from the Heart of the Holy Spirit, who lets hearts ignite in the purest celestial Love,...
Mary, Crown of Light of the angelic hosts, whose soul has enraptured all the powers in the Heavens,...
Mary, Key of the souls, who opens up the soul’s most intimate chambers to God’s Graces,...


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Most Holy Virgin Mary, most sublime Mistress of the angels, Chosen One who is to crush the devil’s head.
In total submission I implore You to obtain graces for our sinful souls.
Do come, rule every human heart and call down upon all evil the fire of Your Love, so that all sins of the world may be consumed by it.
Rule every human mind, so that it may no longer be an instrument serving the accomplishment of diabolical plans.
Let me glorify You, oh Mother of the Crucified Jesus. You made Redemption possible. You have been given an unlimited power to deliver this world from the darkness in the Light of the Cross and of Your Immaculate Conception.
All enemies of Christ I deliver to Your feet, where they will be humiliated and reduced to dust. I implore You to establish Your rule in every soul, so that Your Works of purification of this world may be completed within her. Do now suffocate all evil underneath Your feet, so that the souls may reflourish in preparation of God’s Kingdom on earth. Come and rule, oh Queen of Heaven and earth.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, powerful Mistress of the angels,
My entire being and everything I have I put under Your sublime protection, for You have been given power over everything on earth and under the earth.
To You I entrust the protection and custody of my soul, my mind, my heart, my body, my beloved ones and everything put under my custody.
I am begging for Your noticeable Presence, assistance, strength and confidence in all distress, every moment of the day and night, everywhere and on all of my paths.
As I am Yours as Your possession, oh Mother of Jesus, be my shield in every attack evil forces may launch against me. Subdue any force that is trying to harm me, for nothing and nobody is equal to You.
Oh Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, Terror of the demons, be my shield and my strength, so that I may remain protected by You from all evil.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary,
Do turn Your eyes to Your servant in this hour of need, for at Your feet I lay down my powerlessness, my fears and my weakness. Do curb my temptations, my powerful Mistress, for from You any evil power will flee.
Through Your power, oh Mary, expel from me every force which threatens, tempts, deceives or discourages me.
Through Your Wisdom, oh Mary, enable me to recognize all evil, each and every deception and each and every temptation.
Through Your Love, oh Mary, burn within me and around me every source or expression of negative dispositions.
Through Your purity, oh Mary, blind every force which immerses me in darkness or contaminates me with impurity.
Oh immaculate Defeatress of demons, do grant me the strength to resist all evil, and the wisdom, Love and purity to put any temptation to shame, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross)


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Most Holy Virgin Mary, immaculate Mother of God,
At Your most pure feet I implore to obtain deliverance from the attacks launched against me by Satan.
Do burn into my heart the redeeming Cross of Jesus Christ as an indelible sign against Satan, who is threatening me.
Do envelop my mind in Your Heavenly cloak, so that no temptation, deception, seduction, doubt or fear may be able to survive in my thoughts.
Lay my tormented and sinful soul underneath Your feet, so that every trace of the devil’s poison may be suffocated by Your power.
Oh Mistress of the celestial hosts, do command each and every evil force to withdraw from me permanently, so that I may be free and that I may be able to join God’s angels in praising Your glory.
Oh Co-Redemptrix, in whom the effects of the original sin were rendered ineffective, You in whom Jesus Christ’s victory over all the powers of evil has reached its completion, do now chain up all demons within and around me, and do paralyze all their actions and plans in the invincible power bestowed upon You for all eternity by the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, most pure Flower of the Heavens,
At Your feet I deplore my weakness.
Do protect me from all traps of evil, which is exploiting my weakness so as to deceive me.
How much I long for You, oh most beautiful among all souls, free from all sin and omnipotent against all temptation, seduction and deception.
I implore You to receive but one single flower from Your Heart, oh sublime Queen of purity, and I will be cured.
May the Light from Your eyes be my guide, and may the tears You shed because of my sins wash me clean of all my vices, which increase the burden of Jesus’ Cross.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and Terror of demons,
Because of Your boundless Love I am begging You, protect me today against all expressions of aggressiveness from people towards me, my beloved ones and my possessions.
Protect me against all negative thoughts, hate, envy and jealousy with which people want to destroy me, make me sick or harm my soul, my mind, my heart, my body, my relations or material means.
Protect me against all gossip, slander, lies or defamation from people, and any consequences thereof for myself and my relations.
Protect me against all impure or improper desires from people regarding me or my relations.
Powerful Mother of God and Co-Redemptrix of us, sinners, brand my entire being and my beloved ones with a cross of Heavenly fire that dispels from me everything which threatens me.
May, upon Your Intercession, God’s angels build a wall of Light around me and my relations, so that no darkness may be able to touch me, and any sign of hate or malevolence against me may be consumed in the fire of God’s Love.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

(to be prayed during temptation and moral or emotional suffering)

God of Love and Eternal Life, I love You, save me.
Jesus Christ, incarnated Redeemer, I love You, save me.
Holy Cross of Redemption, I love You, save me.
Holy Blood of Jesus, I love You, save me.
Holy Wounds of Jesus, I love You, save me.
Holy Spirit, who grants all virtues and Gifts of sanctity, I love You, save me.
Immaculate Virgin Mary, Co-Redemptrix of mankind, I love You, save me.
Immaculate Virgin Mary, virginal Mother of the Messiah, I love You, save me.
Immaculate Virgin Mary, forever free of all sin, I love You, save me.
Immaculate Virgin Mary, who has defeated all temptations, pitfalls and works of evil, I love You, save me.
Holy Archangel Michael, who has banished Satan to hell, I love You, save me.
Holy Sacrament of the Altar, Celestial Bread, I love You, save me.
Glory be to Jesus Christ, the Light of the world, and to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the Defeatress of evil. (make the sign of the Cross)


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Most holy immaculate Virgin Mary, Defeatress of all evil,
To You I deliver all plans through which Satan is persecuting and threatening me, and through which he is trying to destroy me.
Underneath Your feet I lay all slander and any lies I have been made a victim of.
Underneath Your feet I lay all deception and blindness of people who are being turned against me by Satan.
Underneath Your feet I lay all dissatisfaction and resentment Satan is trying to fill my heart with by inspiring people to harbour hostile attitudes against me.
Oh Mistress clothed with powers granted by God, do now exercise Your rule over each and every evil force that is threatening me. Do obtain for each soul that is being deceived by evil the grace of understanding and conversion, and deliver me, so that, prostrated at Your feet, I may glorify Your power so as to humiliate the demons, who are powerless against You, who have given birth to the Light of the world.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

God lives in me. God is Light and Love. The Light defeats all darkness.
Nothing is able to expel the Light from me.
Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, deliver me from all evil.
Immaculate Conception of Mary, purify me from all temptation. Defeat everything impure within me.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Defeatress of the devil, Mistress of all souls.
Imploring You to be delivered by Your powerful hand I throw myself down at Your feet.
My heart, my mind and my body are being tempted so violently by the one who is the eternal enemy of Christ.
Trusting in Your power I lay down before You all desires aroused within me which are threatening the purity of my soul. Do crush them under Your feet.
Be the Mistress over all of my temptations and deceptions.
Do subject my weaknesses to the purifying breath of Your will, for they are torturing my heart, which is longing so fervently to be Yours only.
Do burn every trace of worldly contents from my heart in the fire of Your delightful Love.
Do cleanse my memory of all images binding me to the world of the senses.
Oh Mary, Flower of perfection, forever free of sins, do obtain for me the grace of a holy resistance against Satan’s ploys, and be my shield against all temptations, now and until the hour of my death.
IN CONCLUSION: 3 x "Mary, Mistress of all souls, I trust in You".


(Myriam van Nazareth)

O Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the world,
For all times God granted You dominion over all and any forces of darkness.
I give myself up to You unreservedly, and implore You to be delivered by Your untouchable power from the grip of evil. Do break all and any attacks Satan may launch against my heart, my mind, my soul and my body.
Do deliver me from all anxiety, fear and apprehension.

I implore You by virtue of Your Immaculate Conception. Laudate Mariam.
I implore You by virtue of Your Divine Motherhood,...
I implore You by virtue of Your everlasting Sorrows as the Co-Redemptrix of all souls,...
I implore You by virtue of Your Coronation as the Queen of Heaven and earth,...
I implore You by virtue of the Cross of Jesus Christ,...
I implore You by virtue of the most sacred Wounds of Jesus Christ,...
I implore You by virtue of the most precious Blood of Jesus Christ,...

Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, do establish Your throne in my soul, so that she may become a trophy of Your power and of Your victory over evil.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, most powerful Mistress of all souls,
In deepest submission I prostrate myself at Your feet.
I implore You, may all demons who, today, would try to take away my peace of heart, to unsettle my mind, to discourage me, to extinguish within me the light of buoyancy and joy, or to drive me away from serving You, be compelled by You to prostrate themselves at Your feet to be punished and humiliated by You, as a glorification of the power You have over them.
Do hear my begging, as a glorification to You and as a testimony to the victory of the Light of the Most Sacred God.
Mary, most powerful Mistress over all demons, I trust in You.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, most powerful Mistress of all souls,
In deepest submission I prostrate myself at Your feet.
I implore You, do grant me Your powerful protection for the night.
Do empty my mind of everything which makes me restless and of all impressions, memories and thoughts of the past day, as well as of all brooding over the days to come.
Do also control my dreams, so that tonight I may find true rest in body and mind, so as to be able to serve You perfectly tomorrow.
I implore You, may all demons that would try to rob me of my night’s rest, be compelled by You to prostrate themselves at Your feet to be punished and humiliated by You, as a glorification of the power You have over them.
May every moment I should be awake, be the fruit of Your will only, as a sacrifice to free souls from their lack of inner rest.
Mary, most powerful Mistress over all demons and Queen of the night, I trust in You.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, most powerful Mistress of all souls,
In deepest submission I kneel down in front of You.
I implore You to command all and any demons which, this very moment, are trying to make me feel uneasy, to deprive me of my inner peace and to tempt me into committing vices or sins, to prostrate themselves at Your feet to be punished and humiliated by You, in order that Your power over them may be glorified.
Mary, most powerful Mistress over all demons, I put my faith in You.

After this invocation, slowly repeat several times: "Power and victory to You, oh Mary, Mistress of Heaven and earth"


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, most powerful Mistress over the demons,
I implore You, do order the demons who are responsible for this situation, to kneel down at Your feet to be punished and humiliated by You, so that Your power over them may be glorified.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, Immaculate Conception, God’s answer to sin,
All evil committed by mankind throughout the ages I lay under Your feet, so that Satan may be paralyzed in his works and plans.
Do radiate in Your Heavenly beauty, oh most pure Mistress over all vice.
Subdue all sin, all temptation, all deception, all aberration, all uncontrolled emotions and human weaknesses of all souls under Your unlimited power, which is so terrible in the eyes of the demons and so humiliating to their arrogance.
I glorify the privilege of Your sinlessness, and consecrate to You all and any traces of the original sin, so that You may rule all souls for all eternity.
Any defeat ever suffered by souls by the devil’s ploys I consecrate to You, so that all his plans may be destroyed under Your feet.
Oh powerful Mistress of all souls, do now rule over the fate of mankind and over the paths it is going, so that the forces of hell may be crushed under Your feet and all evil may be put to shame through the crushing effects of Your power.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

In the presence of any dark force which is tormenting me I confess that my entire being and my entire life belong to God, and that I lay down my entire being and my entire life at the feet of Mary, the Queen of creation and Mistress of all souls, so as to be ruled by Her.

Through the redeeming power of the Cross of Jesus Christ, dark force, leave me in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Through the liberating power of the Wounds of Jesus Christ,...
Through the purifying power of the Blood of Jesus Christ,...
Through the power of salvation released by all holy Masses of all times,...
Through the sanctifying power of the Most holy Sacrament of the altar,...
Through the perfect sanctity of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin Mary,...
Through the all-inclusive power of the Most Holy Virgin Mary over all sins,...
Through the crushing power of Mary, the Mistress of all souls, over the demons,...
Through the Divine authority conferred upon Mary over the fallen angels,...

In the most sacred name of the Triune God I now order all forces of evil to flee from me in the Light of the Cross, and to humble themselves at the feet of Mary, the most powerful Mistress over all demons.

Invocation to Mary as Mistress of all souls

The Holy Virgin motivates the Christians of the Last Times to use the following invocation as frequently as possible:

MARY, powerful Mistress of all souls,
I trust in You

"It is God’s Will that, in this hour, I should be revealed to mankind as the Mistress of all souls. (...) In My capacity as the Mistress of all souls shall be revealed the unlimited power which God has given Me over all souls, and through which I will reflect God’s power in the souls. I rule in each and every heart that is totally consecrated to Me". (Revelation by the Most Blessed Virgin MARY to Myriam van Nazareth, November 26, 2005).

"Inform the souls that, every time they invoke Me with true love and in the deepest veneration as the Powerful Mistress of all souls, I command Satan to prostrate himself at My feet". (Revelation by the Most Blessed Virgin MARY to Myriam van Nazareth, December 11, 2005).


(Myriam van Nazareth)

O Mary, Heavenly Queen and Mistress of all things created, who are invested by God with the fullness of power over all demons and over all and any powers of evil, in great distress I surrender myself completely to You.
O Immaculate Conception, break in me any temptation.
O Co-Redemptrix with Christ, purify me of all and any traces of sin.
O Terror of demons, I implore You to wield Your tremendous power over any force of evil which would dare threaten me.
Most powerful Mistress, I implore You, do command any demon who is torturing me, discouraging me, troubling my mind, depriving me of all peace of heart, paralyzing me with fear, anguish and all kinds of ill-dispositions, or guiding me towards sin and vice, to prostrate themselves at Your feet, in order to be subjected to punishment and humiliation to Your satisfaction.
I implore You, do command them to praise and to glorify the power You have over them, and, prostrated at Your feet, to confess that You are their Mistress.
In order for me to gain entire freedom, I totally, unconditionally and eternally consecrate my entire being to You, and with all the angels and saints I acknowledge and confess my faith in Your unlimited and overwhelming power over all demons and over all plans, schemes and works of evil.
O Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, protect me.
O Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, deliver me.
O Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, rule over me and my life.
O Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, rule over all darkness

When the above prayer was written, MARY spoke:

"To each and every soul who addresses this prayer of deliverance to Me with sincere love and in deepest faith, I promise deliverance from the power of Satan. To each and every soul who addresses it to Me on a daily basis, I promise a swift growth in all virtues, for I shall take delight in subjecting to the full effects of My power the demons crossing the paths of life of these souls".

A few moments after the prayer was written, I asked Mary the following question, which She answered as quoted below:

Myriam: "My powerful Mistress, in the prayer You are implored to command the demons to praise and glorify Your power over them and, prostrated at Your feet, to confess that You are their Mistress. Is this actually what happens when this prayer is addressed to You?"

MARY: "This is what happens, each time it pleases Me and for the duration satisfying My Will. I possess an absolute power to decide upon this. Whatever I command, the demons involved shall obey Me, for they are entirely at My mercy. I know it, and they know it. Each time this prayer is addressed to Me, demons shall tremble with fear awaiting My decision (...) I want this prayer to be distributed soon and to be used frequently. I will bring forward the hour in which My foot will crush the serpent forever".

The following prayer was inspired by Mary as an exorcism that can be prayed by any layman for the benefit of a tormented soul, even from a distance (if the soul concerned is not physically present). It is advisable that the praying soul should before and after the prayer make the sign of the Cross with holy water, and that the tormented soul, if not present, should do the same. This is what the prayer aims at: to obtain inner rest and peace for the tormented soul, and to provide her a shelter of Celestial Light. Mary insists that the soul for whose benefit this prayer is said (if the soul is informed thereof) should subsequently formally consecrate herself to Mary (if she has not done so yet), and should explicitly place herself every day under the most powerful protection of the Mother of God. It is very beneficial to combine this prayer with prayer nr. 998 (Storm prayer to Mary, Mistress over all darkness)


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Almighty God of Light, Love and Eternal Life,
In the invincible power of the Holy Cross, the Wounds and Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Redeemer of the souls, and in the all-pervading Divine Light of the Holy Spirit, I beg You for the outpouring of the grace of total liberation of this soul from the influence of any evil force.
I beg You by virtue of the infinite merits gained by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, forever free from all sin, Queen of Heaven and earth and Mistress of all souls, to whom an unlimited power has been granted to rule over all the angels and any source of darkness.
May Her foot crush, humiliate and forever subject every force tormenting this soul.
May She, who ever since Her Immaculate Conception has had total and perfect control over all darkness, clear this soul’s path of life from any pitfall of evil, and from any damage and threat emanating from evil.
May She, who is the Bearer of the power of transformation, reshape this soul into a fortress of strength against any temptation, any dark influence and any weakness against the forces of evil.
May this soul henceforth continue her life under the full dominion of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, and under Her most powerful protection.
May the Holy Archangel Michael undermine the strength of any further threat made against this soul by any influence of darkness, and accompany this soul day and night like a shield of fire, wherever she goes.
Almighty Eternal God, do take this soul up, so that she may henceforth live in the true Peace of Christ, Your Son, and in the perfect Celestial Love of Mary, the Mother of all people (make the sign of the Cross)


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary,
To You, who had complete power over all sin and temptation even during Your life on earth, I turn, imploring You:
Defeat all darkness within the souls, so that the Kingdom of the Light may come.
Do take possession of me, so that I may overcome my weaknesses through the power of Your rule within my heart.
Be the full moon in the night of my dispositions, so that I may see that God is watching over His creation.
Control within me the thunderstorms of temptation, like the rainbow rises above the past storm.
Oh delightful Mirror of God’s glory, do open up the gate of Paradise, so that the sun of Eternal Spring may shine upon the barren field of my soul, for winter dies in every soil You rest Your eyes upon.

The prayer below was inspired by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary as an extraordinary powerful combination of:

  • total consecration to Mary
  • glorification of Mary’s power and celestial splendour
  • prayer of exorcism

DISTRIBUTE THIS PRAYER, for the Most Blessed Virgin has attached a special promise to it. Before inspiring this prayer the Queen of Heaven spoke:

"This is the time of the revelation of the unparalleled glory and power with which the Most High has clothed Me. For the souls to see that God has given Me all power over all souls, including those dwelling in the regions of darkness, I give you the following words of prayer for every soul that is being tormented or afflicted by forces of darkness of whatever nature, so that these souls may become witnesses to God’s Decree saying that Mary is the Woman whose foot will humiliate Satan for all eternity. To every soul who offers Me this prayer and displays blind faith in My power, I promise I will have My power shine most brightly in a special way".

Please note: It is highly advisable, whenever the necessity arises to invoke the infinite power of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mistress of all souls, that the following prayer be combined with prayer nr. 998


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Praised and glorified be the power of Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, elevated beyond reach above all creatures, and decreed by God to be the Mistress of all the angels, including the fallen angels, that now torment and afflict the souls and let darkness come upon them.
Praised and glorified be the power of Mary, God’s Remedy against all temptation, Defeatress of all sin and darkness, and Terror of demons.
May all souls praise the infinite power and glory of Mary as the Mistress of everything created by God.
Forces of evil, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary commands you to humiliate yourselves at Her feet this very instant, and while prostrated at Her feet, to praise Her invincible power over you.
In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we implore Mary that She may, according to Her will, either permanently dispel from us any force of darkness oppressing us, or crush it underneath Her feet, thus glorifying Her unlimited power and celestial splendour.
To this end we avow, as a testimony against darkness, that we surrender our entire being, our paths through life, and our fate, to the power of Mary as the incontestable Mistress of all souls, in Heaven, on earth and in the regions of darkness.
May our heavenly Mistress protect and deliver us from every force of darkness, and apply the full extent of Her power over the demons, so as to humiliate them for all eternity and to advance the founding of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The following prayer meets a major hidden need of the soul. Countless times throughout the soul’s life on earth the latter is tempted in the most various ways. If a temptation is given into, the result is a sin or a vice. Both constitute a victory for the darkness over the Light. Even if a temptation is NOT given into, a major inner struggle may begin, which may leave dissatisfaction in the heart and may make the soul partly ineffective or unfruitful for the works God expects her to contribute to. All these victories gained by the darkness in a soul can be reverted by the consecration of all moments of temptation to Mary, who for these Last Times has been put in command over the battle against the darkness. This way you can, even today, purify all these black pages contained in the book of your life and use them against the darkness. This is why this prayer is a powerful weapon in the battle of the Light against the darkness in the world.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, immaculate celestial purity, who have opted in favour of God each and every moment of Your life and have perfectly served His Plans by leading a sinless life,
I give You my soul, which is so burdened and disfigured by the traces of countless temptations along my path through life.
I give You my heart, which is so imperfect in its Love towards God and His Plans and Works.
I give You my weak will, which has so often been enslaved by countless needs.
I consecrate myself to You, with all the moments of my entire life in which I have given in to any kind of temptations.
Oh do spread the cloak of Your sanctity over me, so that my wounded soul may be cured of all the scars my sins, faults, vices and omissions have inflicted upon her. Do touch her, so that she may revert to the beauty she possessed in the hour in which God created her.
I totally surrender my entire being to You, so that it may be born again within You for a life after God’s Heart.
I implore You, in Your infinite power, do burn all hours of temptation of my entire life in the fire of Your perfect Love, so that my soul may be completely purified, and all works of darkness inside of me may be eradicated.
Do obtain for me total forgiveness and the grace of gaining the victory over all my weaknesses.
As a pledge for these favours I give You my deep remorse, my desire to resemble You in the most perfect purity, and the power to have at Your total disposal each and every hour of my life from this moment onward.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Defeatress of the darkness, through You I implore the merciful God to bestow the Light of Love and conversion upon every soul that harms or hurts other creatures of God and helps spread the works of the darkness over the world.
To You I totally consecrate myself and my entire life, including all the tribulations and sorrows I have ever suffered, in order that You might merge them with the redeeming power of the Sufferings of Christ and of Your Sorrows, for the destruction of all works and plans of darkness.
I implore You to obtain for me the grace of being able to overcome all my own weaknesses, so that I may achieve the sanctity which will make me a solid building stone in the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, powerful Queen of Heaven and earth,
In my oppression I implore You to deliver me from the effects and traces of any dark force threatening me.
Ignite my heart in the Heavenly fire of Your perfect Love, which is omnipotent against all and any sources of darkness and all works that are not compatible with God’s Plan of Salvation for all souls, for only true Love is able to defeat the darkness.
Blessed Daughter of the Eternal Father, the God of Light and Love, each word from Your mouth possesses the power to make hell tremble and render all its works ineffective.
That is why I implore You, may Your golden voice speak out over my soul the Divine Name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Do order at Your feet every source of dark works that threatens my soul.
Do immerse these forces of darkness in the blinding light of the glory and the power which have been granted You by God for all eternity.
Do convert this darkness totally into light, and return this light to the source from which the darkness was sent to me, in order that the tools the darkness is trying to deploy against me may truly understand and be brought to conversion.
For my own benefit I implore You to grant me true Love to God, to You and to those who are ill-disposed towards me, as well as an undivided faith in Your power, in order that I may be able to collaborate with You in paralyzing each and every work of darkness in my life.
Be my source of emotional security, and preserve my soul in the security and the sanctifying effects of God’s Light,
In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross)


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, powerful Mistress of my soul, my heart and my journey through life,
Do crush the serpents of temptations, which, through my weaknesses, I myself sometimes invite to enter the temple of my soul, because they feed on my lack of faith and my spiritual blindness.
I confess Your supremacy over everything which contains darkness, for God has decreed You to be the Woman who is to paralyze the serpent’s actions.
Through my rock-solid faith in Your power I want to lead the serpents of my temptations towards Your feet, so that they may be humiliated by You.
Therefore I give You all my Love and all my heartaches in exchange for one single word of deliverance from You, which will subject these serpents to You and will make me Your servant in purity.

♥ ♥ ♥
We are currently experiencing the darkest times in the history of Salvation. By revealing Mary in Her highest capacity as the Mistress of all souls God is probably bestowing on the souls the greatest Mercy since His Son Jesus Christ died on the Cross and resurrected. In this capacity the Queen of Heaven is deploying to the full the unlimited power God has given Her. She was predestined to be in command of the battle between the Light and darkness, in which God’s final victory through 'the Woman' was promised to mankind. 'The Woman', the Mistress of all souls, has been given an unlimited power over all souls: angels, saints, human souls, and consequently also all the demons.
Throughout the centuries the darkness has left no stone unturned to draw souls away from God through countless strategies and works, in order that they should be lost. By the millions, souls are led astray and tempted into committing all kinds of vices and sins, and are blinded to God’s one and only real Truth. Because of all this, the darkness now seems to rule the world totally. This is why God is more than ever calling upon the souls to consecrate themselves totally and unconditionally to Mary, the Mistress of all souls, who sanctifies all lives, actions, words, prayers, sacrifices, acts of penance, thoughts, feelings and desires that are consecrated to Her, enriches them with Her absolutely perfect Love, and subsequently offers them to God with this greatly enhanced value in order that they may be added to God’s Works. This procedure bears the main weapon against the forces of darkness these Last Times have got to offer. Each soul that consecrates herself to Mary and intensely lives this consecration in the practice of daily life, assists in building the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The following prayer is offered to the souls by Mary as a prayer of consecration to bring them under Mary’s ever so powerful protection against any attacks from the devil. Each soul that feels threatened by dark forces spiritually, in her mind, her feelings, her body, or whose atmosphere of life is affected by dark forces, can freely make use of this prayer. It constitutes a new weapon to regain the soul’s well-being, and offers the Mistress of all souls the opportunity to actually use Her unlimited power over the devil and to make the hope for the final victory of the Light a reality.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, Most Blessed Virgin and Mother of God’s Son Jesus Christ, the incarnated Redeemer of all souls,
For the glorification of God’s omnipotence over all that was, all that is, and all that will be, I consecrate myself totally, unconditionally and forever to You, who have received from God the unlimited power over the devil and all and any works of darkness.
I surrender my entire being and my free will completely to Your dominion and to Your protection, and I implore You:

  • do deliver me from all and any attacks the devil launches against me and against everything which is dear to me;
  • do break all and any plans the devil and his following are forging out against me, and
  • do undermine any works of destruction set up by the devil against my soul, my body, my mind and my feelings.

I consecrate myself to You in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, to Whom belong all souls and all things created.
I consecrate myself to You in the name of the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, at which the Redemption of all souls from the power of evil was initiated.
I consecrate myself to You in the name of the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ, which gives Divine Life to souls.
I consecrate myself to You in the name of the Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ, which bring Salvation and sanctity to souls that are wounded by the darkness.
I consecrate myself to You in the name of the Sufferings, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which forever bring Light and Life where darkness and the death of the soul have been sown.
I acknowledge You as the Immaculate Conception, God’s Great Sign against Satan, the Woman who is to seal the final victory of God. Do defeat all evil which is threatening me.
I acknowledge You as the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Divine Saviour and Messiah. ...
I acknowledge You as the Co-Redemptrix during the Christ’s Works of Redemption. ...
I acknowledge You as the Terror of demons, the symbol of the fully sanctified human soul. ...
I acknowledge You as the Defeatress of all sin, darkness and temptation, invested with an unlimited power over all the demons and all the works of darkness. ...
I acknowledge You as the Mistress of all souls in Heaven, on earth and under the earth, and as the Queen of all things created. ...
I acknowledge You as the Queen and Mistress of all the angels, the powerful Commander of the invincible celestial hosts in the battle against the darkness. ...

Praised be the power of Mary, the Daughter of God the Father.
Praised be the power of Mary, the Mother of God the Son.
Praised be the power of Mary, the Bride of God the Holy Spirit.
Because I am completely Yours, oh Mistress of my soul, I beg You, do order every power of darkness to leave me and everything dear to me forever, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, Terror of all darkness,
in the name of Jesus Christ, His Holy Cross, His Sacred Wounds and His Precious Blood, I beg You to order every evil force that haunts me, to kneel down at Your feet and to surrender all of its works of darkness to Your power.
Do deliver me from any influence which is not compatible with the Light of God’s Love.
I offer myself, my past, my present and my future to You.
At Your feet I lay all my suffering and all my hope.
Do redeem me from every force that is not with Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world.
I give myself to You as a ransom for my delivery.
Do obtain me the grace that I may soon prostrate myself at Your feet in glorification of the power of Love through which You will set me free.
O Mary, no child of God is created to be held captive by any force of darkness. Do now raise Your powerful hand against my enemies, because for the rest of my life I want to be God’s and Yours, my Heavenly Mother, Queen and Mistress, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (now make the sign of the Cross)


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, powerful Protector of my soul,
I implore You, do fill every evil force which may threaten me, with Your Light and Your Love, and then send it back to the source from which it comes to me, so that it may bring conversion.
Do grant assistance to any force that may request my intercession, through the power of Your perfect Love and my self-sacrifice, in order that God’s Plan may be accomplished.

When the following prayer was inspired the Holy Virgin said: "Say this prayer preferably while kneeling in front of an image representing Me".


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, mighty Terror of the demons,
At Your feet I lay down each force, each word, each act, each thought and each feeling which may be trying to harm me, as well as the source from which they spring.
Do immerse them in the lake of fire of Your perfect Love, which burns each and every work of darkness, so that I may find protection in You, for You are the mirror of God’s Presence.
Be the Light from which all darkness around me flees.
Be the Source of my rest and my confidence, for Your power is the power of our God.
I call You my Queen and my Mistress, for at Your feet each and every force of darkness must confess its powerlessness.
May Your rule over me be the chain rendering all of my enemies ineffective in the shadow of the Cross of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).


(Myriam van Nazareth)

O Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, under whose feet the serpent, the embodiment of all works and plans of darkness, will be rendered ineffective, at Your feet I confess to my intention to abandon all darkness and my desire to focus my entire life upon God’s Light.
I want to follow nobody but Jesus Christ and You, who were given Him for a Mother by God Himself.
I confess to the Cross as the Token of my faith, the Mystery of Redemption as the deep sense of my life, and my faith in the sense of all crosses of my life. I do not ever want to listen to the voice of the evil one, who:

  • wants to take away my faith in my God’s perfect Love,
  • wants to discourage me through the pointlessness and emptiness of worldly life, and
  • wants to inspire me day and night, through countless temptations and works of deception, to deny true Love and give up the everyday struggle for my salvation and for the accomplishment of God’s Works.

I do not want Satan in my soul, my heart, my mind or my body, and confess to my desire never to allow the pointless and void matters of the world to become my reason or purpose for living, for throughout the ages they have been created by the evil one with a view to deceiving the souls and to darken their inner Light.
I want to recognize evil in everything that comes to me, and to understand that everything emanating from Satan or related to his works, and therefore all and any matters which are purely worldly in nature, is poison to my soul, makes her ill and tries to kill her.
All darkness which, from the hour of my birth until the hour of my death, has constantly been threatening my heart, my mind and my body, and is going to keep doing so, I lay down at Your feet, so that You may transform it into Light of sanctification.
With a view to glorifying the unlimited power You have been granted over Satan and over the eventual effects of his works, and to glorifying the Light of the world, the suffering and risen Christ, I want to offer all of this up to God through Your Immaculate Heart, so that it may be used against Satan as poison with which his works will be killed.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, powerful terror of the demons,
Do protect me against all and any works of darkness my fellow man may direct against me.
Do protect me against all and any plans of darkness my fellow man may harbour against me.
Do protect me against the effects of all and any malevolent thoughts and feelings my fellow man may direct against me.
Do immerse me in the impervious aura of Your celestial Light, for the one and only God of Love has wanted no force of darkness to be able to touch anything that has surrendered itself to You.


as revealed by Mary to Myriam van Nazareth
Thursday, March 15, 2007

Preliminary observation

Particularly in the course of the years 2006-2007 the Mistress of all souls repeatedly granted Her Myriam visions in which She showed Her 'relationship' towards demons. She did so within the framework of Her teachings on the unique power granted to the Queen of Heaven, in order that the souls should derive hope and encouragement from this information in their heavy daily struggle against darkness. The Mistress of all souls labelled the greater part of these visions as 'private'. the following revelation, however, was released by Her to be published.

The following revelation is unique in this sense, that it is part of a long vision through which, in March 2007, the Mistress of all souls demonstrated to Myriam how She ordered 32 demons to throw themselves on their knees at Her feet, subsequently picked one of them and made him render a quite extraordinary confession. After this event Myriam was severely attacked by Satan. On several occasions Mary Herself later confirmed the truth of that which had been shown and said in this vision. The Heavenly Mistress later explained to Myriam She had granted this vision with the intention to reinforce the souls’ faith in the unlimited power held by the Queen of Heaven over the forces of darkness, so as to encourage them in their day-to-day struggle against the sometimes rather oppressing influences each and every soul will experience from the actions unfolded by the darkness in their lives.

Passages which are still labelled by Mary as 'private', will be rendered in this revelation as "(...)".

Mary to Myriam: "I want you to write down what I am now allowing you to hear from the mouth of one of these enemies of the souls, for at My command he is going to speak on behalf of all demons. I want you to convey this testimony to the souls, for it will be a unique revelation of a milestone in the history of salvation in the last-stage preparations for the final victory of the Woman over Satan and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth".

I see Mary point Her right forefinger to one of the 32 demons lying prostrated before Her. With the toes of Her left foot She touches the ground to the left in front of Her and starts speaking to him:

MARY: "Prostrate yourself at My feet, right on this spot".

(In a split second I can see the demon throwing himself on the ground on the spot Mary indicated before by pointing at it with Her foot).

MARIA: "All your thoughts are known to Me. I want you to start rendering an account, in a loud voice, of your inner experience of this contact with Me as well as of the relationship of all demons towards Me, and to do so in glorification of My power, as a confession for the sake of all your companions, and for the angels and this human soul to hear, as a testimony for the powerlessness of all dark forces against Mary, the Mistress of all souls. The slightest insincerity, untruthfulness or willed omission in your account will expose you to a terrible, everlasting punishment to My satisfaction. Speak!"

The demon is lying prostrated at Mary’s feet and starts speaking in a loud voice, somewhat jerkily, anxiously and as if filled with fear. I start writing along as I hear the words, and report the phrases Mary wants me to report when typing them out afterwards:


"He from Above predicted us that the Woman is going to defeat us. For ages we have doubted this time would ever come, because our master (Satan) taught us how to gain ever more power over the human souls. In this age we rule them like we have never been able to before. We know all their weaknesses, and we undermine their faith and confidence to such an extent as to make them convinced that 'He from Above' does not exist.

We have succeeded in making most human souls believe that there is neither a God nor a devil, and that the earth is therefore only ruled by man. Now they believe they themselves are God, and they do everything we inspire them to. This is how we rule everything. We have been feeling so powerful... Nearly all of them are lying prostrated at our feet, without realizing who or what it is that rules them so totally..."

(He hesitates for a fair while, then proceeds):

"Since shortly we have been harassed by demands from Her... the Woman... In the hour when I was called by Her to appear before Her, I experienced an inner torture which was a thousand times more terrible than the fires of hell... (the voice gets increasingly tense, the sounds begin to sound like a cramped panting). Terrible!... She ordered me to throw myself on my knees before Her when I was still many yards away from Her... Nothing... There was nothing I could do... After She had beckoned me with Her finger to approach Her I was not able to do anything but go crawling on my knees towards Her feet like an insect...

What a humiliation! This power, this terrible power! And this powerlessness in me! Not being able to do anything but obey such deeply humiliating command by the Woman Who was perceptibly enjoying the total power She had over me... (...) Never before has She revealed Herself in such a way as the Mistress of everything. We would do anything to escape from this, but She wants it... Her terrible power! Even in thousands we feel like nothing compared to Her, and we shiver with fear at Her slightest movement, beck and call.(...) How terrible...

We, who used to enjoy so much the power we seemed to have over everything, are now forced by this Woman to throw ourselves at Her feet and to remain prostrated before Her and in Her Presence. She has humiliated us to the utmost.(...)

We cannot but obey all and any of Her commands immediately, for Her will has got force of law (...). Never before had I been able to believe that the power held by the Woman over us is so total, so absolute and so terrible, until I experienced myself the effect of lying prostrated at Her feet, completely at Her mercy (...)".

(He is now speaking as in a heavy inner struggle):

"If the souls really wanted to live virtuous lives and surrender to Her completely, we down there would all be lying moaning underneath Her feet the very same day, for that is what She wants: She wants to make all of us Her slaves. However, luckily the souls are so easy to tempt. What would we do without the countless billions of sins committed on earth every day? (...)

To us the punishments the Woman inflicts upon us are deep and shattering humiliations. She imposes them upon us because for ages we have been refusing to serve and obey Him from Above and Herself. (...) I must confess that the day is drawing near, on which She is going to taste the joy of laying our master himself underneath Her feet.

It is a law from Above that everything and everyone is laid down at the Woman’s feet. Hell is in turmoil, for now She is ordering us to communicate the experiences we are making with Her to all the damned. Every damned soul shivers with fear at the prospect of being called at Her feet. Everything we have been working to accomplish for centuries, is falling apart in proportion as She would see fit to make larger numbers of us Her slaves".

(He continues in a terrible inner struggle):

"To us it is a shattering experience to be compelled to watch the angels’ blind submission to the Woman. Seeing HUMAN SOULS kneeled down deeply at Her feet, however, is a torture beyond expression, for every voluntary submission by a human soul towards the Woman enhances the effects of Her boundless power. Hearing a human soul greet Her in deep self-humiliation as 'Mistress' makes us go hysterical. That is why Her being acknowledged as 'Mistress of all souls' by many humans would mean the absolute end of us.

If the hour should ever come in which the human souls understand and recognize that the Woman is their Mistress, Her power will split hell and we will all be lying at Her feet for all eternity... I confess and acknowledge: The Woman is the absolute Mistress of everything that lives. She has got all power, also over us demons. In the hour in which the human souls acknowledge this and live by this awareness, the whole of creation will tremble and shake on its foundations, and our realm will be over".

(thus an unidentified demon speaking in obedience to Mary’s command).

(The diabolic figure now remains silent. Mary, who has all this time been looking down on the figure at Her feet, and Who is radiating beyond words with dignity and power, now speaks):

MARY: "You shall return to hell. I want to hear you repeat this confession using exactly the same words before your master, Satan, for all the damned to hear. Subsequently I will decide on your fate. Go!"

I see and hear how the diabolic figure desperately starts cringing at Mary’s feet, begging Her for mercy. While looking down upon him, She merely repeats Her last word: 'Go!'. I see him disappearing like a dark shadow that gradually becomes invisible.

Brief explanatory note:

In a number of visions in the course of the years 2006-2007 the Mistress of all souls displayed to Myriam Her power to render demons permanently ineffective just as She pleases, referring, however, to the Law of Divine Justice, meaning that this is an extraordinary grace which must be 'earned' or 'paid for', respectively. She showed me:

  1. how She punished demons by first ordering them to assume a material body and subsequently to prostrate themselves at Her feet to praise Her power over them while remaining on their knees in front of Her for a duration determined by Her command and humiliating themselves before Her in various ways;
  2. how, after some time, She sent the punished ones away, ordering them to remain on their knees in hell and in Her honour for the duration imposed by Her and audibly continuing to praise Her as 'the Mistress of all souls'.

Mary assured me (...) the punished demons are by no means able to interrupt their praises to the Mistress of all souls for as long as She has ordered them to, as Her power over them prevents them from discontinuing them even for a single moment. Mary explained She can only impose such punishment upon demons insofar as Divine Justice justifies Her doing so, and that this depends on the depth of souls’ consecration to Her, on their expiations, their offerings and the extent to which they acknowledge Her being the Mistress of all souls.

N.B.: Mary allows me to mention the fact that, while I am typing this extraordinary revelation after I have been allowed to experience it, the computer on which these Revelations are collected, starts showing weird kinds of disturbances (among which an uncontrollable jumping of the cursor across the display in all directions...).

Final observation

The Mistress of all souls has granted the above vision as a particularly impressive confirmation for the fact the time is drawing near in which the image of the Heavenly Queen pressing Her foot upon the serpent from hell will become a perceptible reality. However, this image is already a reality as we speak, not only in the eyes of God but in general, in those events where the Mistress of all souls renders works wrought by demons ineffective to the extent to which the consecration and surrender of souls to Her allows Her power to become visible.

Mary’s power is unlimited, yet it is to varying extents inhibited in its effects by the Law of Divine Justice: Mary’s power can be expressed noticeably only to the extent to which mankind sanctifies itself.

The visions of the punishment of demons by Mary which the Mistress granted me quite intensively for some time in the years 2006-2007 speak volumes. However, these visions can not (yet) be published, because – thus Mary Herself – the state of grace of mankind does not permit to do so at this point. I, who have been granted these visions, testify to the Heavenly truth thereof, and therefore testify to the unlimited power of the Mistress of all souls over each and every source of darkness and over each and every plan of darkness.

These visions are anything but mere phantasies, they are undeserved gifts of grace through which I, unworthy soul, was allowed to behold a prefiguration of that which already is an accomplished reality and some day is to become a perceptible reality: the Woman’s final Triumph over the darkness. She already has defeated the darkness completely in Her Immaculate Conception, but She is to repeat this victory once again in representation of all souls, in the hour in which Satan will be visibly lying under Her feet, totally humiliated and defeated. This is nothing short of a Divine promise the effects of which the Mistress of all souls has demonstrated to Her servant for the benefit of the latter’s training on the ultimate level of service to the Queen of Heaven in Her most sublime capacity.

As for me personally, it took me quite some time to come to grips with the idea I was repeatedly granted the ineffable ecstasy to see my Heavenly Mistress in a display of power one can hardly imagine nor express, during which demons, the embodiments of all the misery of this world, were actually compelled to lay prostrated at Her feet at Her command. I would see only later She was granting me this gift of grace in order to enable me to persevere in conveying to the souls the message of a perfect hope, and to keep doing so on the basis of a personal experience which had been impressed upon the very depths of my heart.

Mary has me urge all souls to show blind faith in the Mistress of al souls, in order that She may be enabled to effectively make hell tremble. Nothing less than the happiness and peace of all mankind is at stake, as well as the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.



The following teaching is connected with two very important prayer invitations and their associated prayers 1373 and 1389, all of which you can also find in the info bar entitled Reversing the darkness at the bottom of the cover page, as well as in the prayer collection Mary’s Flower Garden, Flowers 1251-1500.

On various occasions the Queen of Heaven and earth, in Her teachings, has been pointing to the real sources of all misery in the world, the ones working on an even deeper level than the causes we are able to see and put our fingers on. Moreover She keeps emphasizing the fact the golden way back out of this misery lies hidden in the human souls’ strictly going through it together with Her, in a disposition of true consecration to Her.

The original sin, as well as the endless chain of sins committed by subsequent generations, has saddled humanity with an ever-increasing indebtedness in the face of Divine Justice. This indebtedness has, in turn, engendered a serious imbalance in creation. All the misery we witness around us, such as wars, combat, discord, any lack of Love, hunger, poverty, natural disasters and a relentless spread of sin and vice, is the result of this imbalance. Evil incessantly increases its power over humanity because, by sinning, souls keep increasing the effects of Satan’s power. God had predetermined that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary would be the one to gain the victory over Satan. Mary was the only human being conceived without blemish, which means that Her soul is free from the original sin. From Her, Jesus Christ – the Son of God – was to be born in order to save humanity from the effects of the original sin – eternal damnation – by suffering and dying on the cross.

To allow Jesus’ Works of Redemption to serve and benefit you, it is necessary for you to follow in Jesus’ wake throughout your journey through life by aiming for perfection in all the virtues (Love, purity, honesty, integrity, tolerance, spirit of sacrifice and reconciliation…) and by loving acceptance of your daily crosses (daily burdens, trials and tribulations, sufferings, diseases, worries). This is the path that leads to eternal happiness in heaven, and helps to reduce humanity’s indebtedness and to limit the power of evil, thus purifying the world of all misery.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has received the power to help complete the effects of Christ’s Work of Redemption in the world and to banish Satan from the world forever. Yet She is allowed to make use of this power only to the extent that souls request this of Her through fervent prayer and through total consecration of their lives to Her. Why should this be so? Because God always respects man’s free will.

So in these Last Times a great deal of your personal happiness and that of the whole world lies in the hands of Mary. Do you long for eternal bliss after your earthly life and an earthly existence in a world without misery but full of Love and Peace? Then consecrate your whole being, your whole life and all that is yours, to Mary.

Do not waste your daily troubles, rather consecrate yourself totally to Mary and live this consecration with your whole being. Thus, your daily crosses will gain heaven for you after this life, free the world from all misery and glorify God.

In Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls Mary devised Her Chain of Light as a weapon against all darkness and misery in the world. This is the purpose She had in mind for it:

The Chain of Light works towards:
the sanctification of souls and
the final defeat of Satan

in order to accomplish the
Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart

as a stepping stone towards the final
establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth

for the benefit of the
accomplishment of happiness and the expulsion of all misery
from the earth.

Man hardly realizes this, but the state the world is in is indeed determined ultimately by the state of grace of mankind as a whole. Constant prayer for the sanctification of all souls is an inevitable condition for the world to be purified of all evil which is responsible for all misery (hunger, war, crime, discord, lack of peace, etcetera). The more souls are in a state of disgrace the further the world is going to drift away from God’s intentions. A world which is no longer in accordance with God’s Law of Love is a breeding ground of evil and misery for all people, for mankind then cuts itself off from all gifts of grace God is willing to pour out on this world.

Winning every single human soul is the objective pursued in the battle between the Light (God) and the darkness (Satan). The soul burdens herself with a debt whenever she acts upon a temptation. Temptations are the inspirations through which the darkness aims at using each human soul for the accomplishment of works that are likely to get in the way of God’s Plans and thus defer the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. Every effect of the works the darkness has been able to accomplish through the billions of sins and vices committed in this world contributes to the misery we can witness in the world every single day. Every soul has got the ability to make active contributions towards 'undoing' this misery and helping dissolve this layer of darkness which is covering creation, so as to enable God’s Light to reach the 'gardens' of the souls more easily. This world was not inherently damned to remain a place of misery, it was innately intended to become a mirror of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Throughout the ages very many sins were committed in this world, which were never confessed and never repaired. On the contrary, the impact of many sins is aggravated even further by bitterness and vengeance. An example: Many war crimes were never confessed nor repaired, yet have created an aftermath of feelings of vengeance, maledictions, murder in the heart (in every event where a soul, in a state of bitterness, wishes death or destruction upon a person who is guilty of abusing or killing a fellow creature, for instance).

All this gives rise to the widest range of situations of imbalance in creation, which in turn result in misery, chaos, diseases, disasters etcetera.

A soul who, because of selfishness, allows Love to die inside, will soon fall prey to insensitivity, indifference to the needs of her fellow creatures, and aggression. This soul is unable to empathize with a fellow creature, and will never stop to consider what she would go through herself if she were treated without Love, nor what this means to God’s Heart. Through lack of inner Light (the death of the soul means an all-embracing spiritual eclipse) the soul no longer understands that each lack of Love and every trace of insensitivity towards her fellow creatures (both animals and humans!) burdens the whole of creation with more darkness and makes herself sink deeper and deeper into misery in the process. The Mistress of all souls once said that if the souls should pay a much greater respect and practice a much deeper Love towards the animals, even this alone would make the mountain of misery in this world considerably smaller.

Satan has tempted the human soul into rejecting Love, which has got serious and lasting consequences that continue to grow like a snowball. Each lack of Love breeds darkness and hence misery for all of creation. Where Love is lacking, God’s actions are paralyzed, so to speak, because He will never force His preferences on anybody: If the soul opts for the darkness, she is going to reap darkness, in spite of all the Light God would like so much to give to her. However, the human soul in all her blindness fails to regard her own lack of Love as the source of all misery in the world, keeps digging deeper and deeper into the things of the world in her quest for 'solutions' for the problems of the world, and thus evidently only finds 'solutions' that do not contain any Light and are therefore not able to breed anything but children of darkness.

In countless souls this very same blindness has been replacing Love and the readiness to help by selfishness and possessiveness. Through this manipulation in vast numbers of human hearts the darkness has been able to establish materialism in this world, which has become an extraordinarily powerful weapon through which the darkness is ruling this world, is driving vast numbers of human souls away from God and is turning this world into a place of misery. Materialism is the way of life and the way of thinking according to which material needs engage all attention. The Mistress of all souls repeatedly pointed out earlier that the extent to which man’s being oriented towards satisfying material needs exceeds that which is actually necessary for man to live, is in truth a matter of creating pseudo needs, which soon give rise to man’s being attached to all worldly things and to drive man away from God and from the soul’s true, deep, spiritual needs. These true needs, which lie hidden deep inside the soul, are the need for sanctification and leading a life of which every detail serves the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. Both latter needs are the actual basic needs of each and every soul, because they constitute the only meaning of life, the sole purpose for which God sends a human soul into the world. These innate spiritual needs keep trying to orient the core of each soul towards God. One might metaphorically compare God’s Heart with a magnet attracting every single soul through this system. In proportion as man gets more attached to worldly things these deep basic spiritual needs of man are more and more neglected and the darkness gets more and more opportunities to use man for the accomplishment of its own plans and works, which aim at one single thing: devastating God’s Works, i.e. all of creation as well as every human soul’s sanctity. Sanctity is living in a state of grace which enables the soul to help bring salvation upon the world through all her actions and inner dispositions.

Due to the fact that, throughout the history of this world, this disposition of materialism has become the leading philosophy in countless human souls, the darkness has been gaining a tremendous power over this world. Basically this must be attributed to the fact materialism is by nature associated with a weakened experience and perception of true Love, thus giving rise to making the signs of God’s Presence and Works in the world ever less visible and tangible.

As the world with all its temptations and false promises knows perfectly well how to keep the souls under its spell, God, the great counterpart of all worldly things and the major stumbling block on the way towards an unhampered satisfaction of all worldly pseudo needs, is pointed to as the culprit for all and any misery.

It must be pointed out most emphatically that God is not the culprit causing all misery in the world, the human souls are the culprits, every time the use of their free will is at variance with God’s intentions. To God the human soul’s free will is sacred and inviolable.

It is a big mistake to believe God is indifferent enough to allow His creation to go down the drain. The works of devastation we witness in the world are not God’s doings, they are the mere effects of the oath Satan has taken towards devastating God’s creation and turning the earth into a kingdom of darkness, to be ruled by Satan as the master and with all creatures as totally submissive slaves serving the development of a realm of misery, unhappiness, entire lack of Love, and constant struggle and destruction. Most sarcastically Satan has chosen the human soul to be both the object and the instrument of his works of destruction. God had intended the human soul to be the crown on His perfect Works, His representative towards all creation, and to be the guardian of this planet (which is and remains God’s property; man is merely a tenant, not the owner). Through incessant inspirations Satan has been managing to have countless human souls actually do his dirty work for him by making them drift so far off from God that, in a manner of speaking, they are increasingly prone to do only works of darkness. They act upon these inspirations from the darkness through voluntary decisions not to do Works of Light but works of darkness. God will not counteract man’s free will. The responsibility for all the misery in the world is therefore to be found entirely in man’s inner dispositions.

Creation can only be restored, and all misery can only be dispelled from the face of the earth, in proportion as increasing numbers of human souls take the fire of true Love to increasing numbers of fellow creatures – people and animals.

Let us never forget this: The fact that vast amounts of contacts and dealings of humans with fellow people as well as with animals are not in accordance with God’s Law contributes tremendously to the darkness which is covering creation and which is laying a heavy burden of misery, sufferings and trials on our lives. This vast debt towards God’s Law requires compensation. Having regard to the fact God tries to implement His Law entirely through human souls He will first and foremost turn to the human souls to offer Him the sacrifice and consecration of trials which are borne with Love, by way of reparation and so as to restore the balance. The vast burden of sins results in the unimaginable misery of this world.

The fact that in an ever increasing number of human souls the incorporation of Divine Love is affected, has got serious consequences: Because of it, the flow of Divine Love through creation is getting weaker and weaker, so much so that the signs of God’s Presence in creation are getting weaker as well. This is the direct cause of all misery, all suffering, even of natural catastrophes in this world. The whole of creation (human souls, animals, plants and natural elements) suffers in the process, because the weakening of the flow of God’s Love and the countless interruptions of this flow in innumerable junctions within the network of creation gives rise to severe disruptions in the balance within the entire system of creation. The countless souls that fail to incorporate within themselves God’s Love, or do not incorporate it to an adequate extent, actually fail to accomplish the process of sanctification within themselves. Their acts, thoughts, feelings and wishes become increasingly less fruitful for God’s Works and Plans, and they are ever less capable of making their free will serve the Will of God. The latter, however, is the motor of all life within creation.

Creation is entirely fuelled by nothing but Love. Love is the essence of Divine Life. Whoever desires a better world, without misery yet filled with happiness, Peace and Love, had therefore better realize that Satan is constantly playing all creatures off against one another and seeing to it that all creatures keep weakening one another and at least devastate one another morally. This is exactly why there is so much discord and lack of peace among the souls.

Creation can only be restored, and all misery be removed from the face of the earth only in proportion as larger numbers of human souls take the fire of true Love to increasing numbers of fellow creatures (humans and animals, even the world of vegetation).

So there definitely is a way back: As soon as the human souls, on a large scale, will treat all their fellow creatures – both fellow persons and animals – with respect and sincere Love, and will no longer debase any of them, the intentions harboured by the darkness to completely undermine God’s Works and to immerse the latter in all kinds of misery, will be broken altogether. It is as simple as that, because this is God’s fundamental Law: Love breeds Light and Peace; lack of Love breeds darkness, dissatisfaction and misery in all of its forms.

God has entrusted His creation to the human souls. The latter have been surrendering to the darkness, thereby also giving creation up to the darkness in the process. Because of the fact that, on account of the Law of Divine Justice, God’s creation possesses a system through which any imbalance will give rise to finding a new balance, this heavily distorted creation is, in a manner of speaking, turning against the human souls. The souls are reaping the fruits of the seed of darkness they have been casting liberally for centuries. The result is a world which is filled with an inconceivable misery in countless different shapes. It is up to every single one of us to make their personal contributions to taking God’s creation back to its original state of grace. This is where the key can be found, and nowhere else: in profoundly, unconditionally and spontaneously practicing true Love, self-denial, willingness and readiness to serve all our fellow creatures, in other words: in living, thinking, feeling and aspiring in such ways that the soul and her entire inner life turns into a stainless mirror of God’s Heart. The way was shown to us in the Life of Christ, and comes very much alive through the many teachings brought to us in the Science of Divine Life, the collection of all teachings inspired by Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls.

Serving the establishment of God’s Kingdom of fully accomplished Love,
Myriam, September 2017