★ On the occasion of the invasion by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and the subsequent highly intensive war,

★ against the background of the numerous unspeakable crimes against human dignity in the occupied territories, as they already came to light very soon after the invasion, and

★ in the light of the constant threat against all of creation by ideologies, notions, expectations and world views that are incompatible with the Divine Law of true Love, which is the Basic Law of creation, and with the Works and Plans God wants to accomplish in the world through human souls,

since the Lenten season of this year the Holy Virgin Mary has been appealing with urgency to the souls to gain a profound awareness as to the fact the world is currently more than ever the object of the final stage of the battle between the Light and the darkness:

The Light (the forces serving God’s Works and Plans) fights for the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice in all creation;

The darkness (the forces serving Satan’s – the antichrist’s – works and plans) fights to distort, defile, damage and destroy the state of creation as instituted initially by God, and tries to do so through generating chaos, misery, suffering, injustice, fear, destruction and death.

A number of years ago already the Mistress of all souls said that in these Last Times Satan is deploying the fullness of his evil nature and intentions, so much so that evil is now presenting itself in a seemingly infinite variety of shapes. Since this spring She has been pointing out that this is demonstrated unequivocally in the current war.

For the accomplishment of his works of destruction Satan searches for souls who focus their interests and expectations in life so totally on the accomplishment of purely worldly goals that they completely side-line the Divine Law and the morality ensuing from the latter, not only in their own way of thinking but, as soon as they get the opportunity, also in as many fellow people as possible. Such souls create for themselves an unreal world with its own morality which is diametrically opposed to Divine Law and the morality of true Love (which is the Basic Law through which God tries to maintain creation in a state of balance). If such souls manage to acquire influential positions in political and/or economic life they try to make their expectations a reality through means which are in constant violation with Divine Law: materialism, corruption, dishonest personal enrichment at the expense of their fellow people and not seldom at the expense of an entire society, and all kinds of financial and political manipulations through which they try to secure their own (material, worldly, therefore transient) future. These souls act and think this way because they have personally severed all ties with Divine Law by making the material-worldly-transitory elements of life their only reality.

Moreover, in order to achieve their goals they do not shy away from starting a war of aggression against one or more other states with the intention of exploiting those as well, sometimes without the slightest restraint, occasionally in the process even committing all kinds of crimes against human dignity, persecution, repression, genocide, and harbouring a general culture of death. Remarkable in this respect are the following words spoken by the Mistress of all souls to Myriam in the spring of 2022:

"A war of aggression gives evidence of a lack of spiritual bloom in the soul who launches such a war, who provokes it, or who actively and whole-heartedly contributes to the development thereof. A soul whose spirituality is flourishing is driven by an all-pervading need of self-denying Love, of actively contributing to maintaining and promoting the dignity of her fellow creatures, and of experiencing a perfect Peace between all creatures, as well as a need rendering service to the complete fulfilment of Divine Law, whereas any personal worldly expectation is increasingly experienced as being of minor importance".

The Queen of Heaven and earth points out how the darkness is trying to perform its works and plans to defile, distort, damage and destroy the world and all Works God is trying to accomplish in the world, and tries to do so first and foremost through souls in influential positions who are harbouring the intention to create a world order which aims for the achievement of purely worldly – i.e. temporary – goals but would in no respect serve the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation. As such a world order would be built on ideologies, views, concepts, expectations and goals which do not render any service to God’s Plans and Works or which even fiercely and unashamedly counteract the latter, it would basically be tantamount to Satan’s kingdom on earth.

What are God’s Works? The Queen of Heaven defines God’s Works as "everything God brings about for the purpose of contributing to the concrete completion of Salvation for His creation and to maintaining the equilibrium, harmony, within His creation and among His creatures". She points out that the absolute basic element of all of this is nothing other than each living being, especially each human soul, and that every living being is sent into the world for a specific reason and for a specific purpose, at a specific point of time and in a specific place, because at that specific point of time and in that specific place it has got a role to play within the accomplishment of God’s Plan. This Plan is nothing less than the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice in and between all creatures.

The whole of all living beings constitute the basic element of God’s Works because God wants to accomplish His Works primarily through the actions, mouths, hearts, minds and the free will of each single human soul, He secondly makes use of each animal, and thirdly of the entire frame which is provided by the environment. Here we find the reason why respect for the dignity of every living being and the protection of Life is essential in the eyes of God. Life, and therefore every living being, is a Work which cannot find its origins anywhere else but in the Heart of God. Thus Life is like the signature of God Himself, it constitutes the most incontestable sign of the existence, the Presence and the acting of God.

Already in the initial stage of the war in Ukraine the Queen of Heaven referred to 'ineffable crimes against human dignity' and explained how emphatically the forces of darkness will try to prompt human souls to committing such crimes because violating the dignity of man, or of any living being for that matter, constitutes a most profound violation against the Divine Law of true Love, thus bringing an immense darkness down upon creation and opening up to the human soul who commits such crimes the shortest and surest way to her own eternal damnation.

Some major crimes against human dignity, according to the Holy Virgin, are torture, rape, all kinds of sadism, intentional humiliation and threatening as means of pressure.

Also acts of making fellow people look suspicious can be regarded as a violation against human dignity inasmuch as they are based on lies about the true nature of these fellow people for the purpose of making it appear more justified to vilify and even maltreat or kill them. Regimes which encourage or approve of crimes against human dignity often resort to sedition and usually create within their own state a constant atmosphere of fear of persecution, punishment and deprivation of freedom, often accompanied by inhuman treatment. This atmosphere will automatically also be generated in any foreign state which is invaded or occupied. The Mother of God reminds of the fact that fear in any form is indicative of God’s Law of Love not being fulfilled. As a matter of fact this is the spiritual reason why in so-called totalitarian regimes (dictatorships) the atmosphere of life is ruled by feelings of fear and of a higher degree of insecurity: Such regimes are governed by darkness, geared to the accomplishment of works of darkness, and usually perceptibly hostile towards each and every morale based on true Love and on the fulfilment of God’s Works.

If totalitarian regimes are governed by darkness and generate an atmosphere of life which is basically characterized by darkness, the blessing of God will not be on them. Then how are they to remain alive, as true Life is characterized by nothing but the Presence and actions of God Himself? They are artificially kept alive by:

repression (the oppression of people), which is to serve the purpose that the subjects of the regime, out of fear for their own well-being, should be more inclined to comply with the laws and provisions issued by the dictator. Repression can be implemented through the most various means, especially through imprisonment or threat of imprisonment, torture or threat of torture, and the most various economic means of oppression which are likely to bring subjects into a position in which they have a hard time making a living and have no alternative but to fully cooperate with the regime;

● all kinds of financial and material manipulations through which those in power try to acquire and accumulate material wealth for themselves and to reinforce the structure and foundations of the regime. First and foremost there is the phenomenon of corruption. Corruption (bribery) is every action through which souls in influential positions, by presenting the prospect of attractive benefits or promises, try to prompt other souls to cooperate towards the accomplishment of their own intentions. Corruption is applied whenever those one wants to bribe would rather unlikely be willing to cooperate without being presented the prospect of some personal benefit, either because the proposed cooperation would be found little attractive in itself or because that which is requested may be experienced as dishonest, unlawful or even criminal;

● a special ideology which is to provide some theoretical pseudo justification for the organization and the actions of the regime. A totalitarian regime uses an ideology for the purpose of seemingly convincing other states as well as the own people (both the subjects and those in power) of the fact the regime is the way it is because it is 'logical' and even 'necessary' to practice this specific way of organizing and acting and to keep reinforcing these organizations and actions. The regime is raised far above any other regime, and any perspective which is not compatible with the ideology is presented to the subjects as being 'hostile' and 'threatening' to the existence and the well-being of the state and all of its subjects. In order to maintain the view that 'all others are enemies' the latter are even depicted as 'darkness', 'embodiments of evil'. Often those in power do not refrain from depicting these 'enemies' as the incarnated devil or antichrist and referring to the own regime as an organization willed by God and called upon to rule the world and to establish the regime all around the world as the only truthful regime. In so doing the regime is presented in such a way as if it were the bearer of a 'messianic vocation', a liberating role of sorts. This is where the darkness is presented with a most effective way through which influential souls can be prompted to engage in wars of aggression, the invasion and occupation of other states, and even committing unrestrained crimes against the inhabitants of these latter states;

propaganda. This point should be looked into more closely.
The Holy Virgin points to the fact the darkness will keep trying to execute its works and plans through souls in influential positions by inspiring these souls views which seemingly justify these souls’ aspirations. This is how one of the greatest generators of darkness comes about: propaganda. Propaganda is presented to a people as being the only official and the only truthful source of information. However, information in the true sense of the word is geared to communicating truths which can be objectively ascertained. Propaganda on the other hand, is the act of distributing seeming truths which, in actual fact, are nothing but intentional deception and therefore aim at creating an artificial pseudo reality which is meant to be regarded by the public at large as the only true reality.

From a spiritual point of view propaganda finds its origins in the following: Politically influential souls and state governments which merely aspire for the accomplishment of worldly goals and which want to achieve these goals through a policy which unrestrainedly makes use of strategies which serve the darkness are essentially following unnatural ways, as not one single human soul is sent into the world by God with a mission serving the works and plans of the darkness. Every soul who does works of darkness is warned about this through her own conscience, which is nothing less than the navigation and alarm system God provides every soul with. A soul who silences her own conscience so as to be able to commit acts and make decisions causing lots of darkness will therefore look for ways to seemingly soothe her conscience. A preeminent way to do this is by arguing away any dark element in one’s own actions, thoughts, desires and aspirations. This is where self-deceit comes in, which opens up the door to a life of lies and false views, both towards oneself and towards one’s fellow people. This is how an 'alternative reality' is born, which can prove immeasurably far away from true reality (the fullness of truth the way God sees it).

The Queen of Heaven refers to propaganda as one of Satan’s most destructive weapons: It is directly at war with the only Truth upheld by God Himself. In this respect She points to the fact every human soul is judged by God according to the extent to which she will fulfil the Law of true Love within God’s only reality. Souls who make use of propaganda live in a pseudo reality with has nothing whatsoever to do with God’s reality, thereby making their own spiritual lives totally unfruitful. Thus they are not making any contributions towards accomplishing God’s Works, and moreover they are jeopardizing their own Eternal Life.

Thus an artificial world is created, which looks completely different from the only true world, so much so that politically influential souls who make use of propaganda will expect the public at large to simply regard and accept a whole of intentionally fabricated lies as the only truth. Often millions of human souls are thus driven into a pseudo reality which is constantly serving the works of Satan.

This way millions of human souls can be forced to uphold totally unsubstantiated opinions about fellow people, situations and events. By intentional and deliberate deception countless souls are often stirred up to hate, persecution, all kinds of aggression and even murder. The conscience of a great many people is silenced in order to obtain that violations of Divine Law would no longer be perceived as sins. In a society which harbours such a view of the world the darkness becomes the standard to live by. Persecution and violent repression of any expression of thought and feeling which is not in accordance with the views held by the souls in influential positions (positions of power) are then considered to be absolutely necessary, even inevitable.

So totalitarian regimes are ruled over and kept alive by souls who have allowed themselves to be totally blinded by the darkness as to their real vocation and mission in life as human souls, viz. the fact that, just like any other soul, they have received their only life on earth for the purpose of allowing God to use their hands, their minds, their hearts (i.e. their emotional life) and their free will spontaneously, actively and unconditionally in order to accomplish the Works and Plans through which He wants to establish His Kingdom of true Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice in and between all creatures on earth. On the contrary, these souls use their entire being for the purpose of accomplishing expectations, views and goals which exclusively aim for the satisfaction of worldly, material and therefore temporary interests.

Due to the fact the influential souls inside totalitarian regimes are focused completely on worldly interests their inner lives and their external behaviour do not comply with Divine Law. Therefore everything which happens inside a totalitarian regime as well as all external actions proceeding from such a regime automatically serves the works and plans of the darkness to a very large extent, and we know these works and plans are firmly opposed to the Works and Plans of the Light, i.e. of God.

Usually sooner or later totalitarian regimes start wars with the intention of stepping up their country’s wealth and power and/or of making their own ideology gain currency in entire populations. Sometimes the ultimate goal is none other than ruling the world. The latter goal veils the very goal pursued by the force driving any totalitarian regime: the darkness, which wants to rule the world so as to expel God from His own creation and to separate all mankind from God.

This is exactly the ultimate goal of Satan himself: ruling over God’s creation through the very creature God intended to be the crown upon His Works: the human soul.

Whoever wants to fight against a totalitarian regime’s aggression is therefore no longer up against flesh and blood but against Satan in person. On the basis of this thesis the Queen of Heaven and earth has been calling emphatically upon the souls consecrated to Her, inviting them to take part in the present war, not by taking up the arms of the world (although the regular defenders of the invaded party are not in violation of God’s Law while performing their military duties) but by using the infinitely powerful weapons of God Himself. This is how She gets to coin the notion of spiritual warfare.

Exactly because mankind is currently experiencing the final stage of the battle between the Light and the darkness the Holy Virgin now emphasizes the tremendous importance of spiritual warfare. She points to the fact that in the current war it becomes very clear how in these Last Times the darkness is deploying all possible elements from the arsenal of its weapons to achieve its ultimate goal, which is the destruction of mankind (both physically and spiritually). The darkness is now, through large amounts of souls, expressing its intention of putting God’s Law of true Love to shame through the most various forms of sin: systematic destruction, torture, rape, theft, looting, abduction, deprivation of dignity, fear, threatening, propaganda built on the most shameless lies, large-scale cold-blooded murder far exceeding the boundaries of mere military operation, and moreover that which, according to the Holy Virgin, may very well be the greatest sin human souls could ever commit: the fact that countless human souls are struck so deeply at the heart of their emotional life that they are exposed to a major temptation to allowing all the Love inside their hearts to be transformed into hate and vengeance, which puts the purity of their inner life to a very hard test. This is how Satan is trying to take millions of human souls to a point where God is no longer able to deploy them for the accomplishment of His Works of Light and Love.

God expects all souls to engage whole-heartedly in the accomplishment of His Works and Plans of Love on earth and therefore in combatting all works and plans of the darkness, which are constantly trying to destroy God’s creation and, in order to achieve this, are constantly immersing all creatures in a swamp of chaos, misery, suffering, unhappiness, fear, insecurity and injustice, thus increasingly threatening and jeopardizing human dignity, civilization and the fulfilment of Divine Law in all of creation. Divine Law is geared to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans of true, self-denying Love in and between all creatures, which would give rise to the birth of a sincere, genuine, imperturbable Peace in and between all creatures.

What is this spiritual warfare the Holy Virgin Mary is so emphatically inviting the souls to engage in?

Every soul is called upon to dedicate her own inner life to the fulfilment of God’s Basic Law, the Law of true Love (an in-depth teaching on the content of this Divine Law can be found here).

Spiritual warfare is all about a proper way of focusing the soul’s inner dispositions. The inner dispositions of a soul are understood to mean: the whole of the soul’s feelings, thoughts, desires, aspirations, views, expectations, her likes and dislikes, and her attitude towards every detail of her environment, viz. each fellow creature, life in general and the world as a whole. God expects every soul to spontaneously, purposely, actively, whole-heartedly, persistently and under all and any circumstances harbour inner dispositions which, together, enable the soul to fulfil the Law of Love throughout her entire life on earth. Fulfilling the Law of Love is therefore what the soul is doing concretely to the extent to which God is enabled to deploy her in all details of her life as a tool for the accomplishment of His Works and Plans in the world. Basically a soul who is whole-heartedly engaging in fulfilling the Divine Law of Love is automatically engaged in spiritual warfare, as while harbouring such dispositions she is constantly counteracting and thwarting the works and plans of the darkness, and throttling their effects.

Now the Mistress of all souls calls upon each and every soul to pay special attention to her own inner dispositions, so as to be able to generate more and more Light day after day, through purification of her inner life.

The Holy Virgin states the currently ongoing war will greatly influence the spiritual atmosphere in which mankind will have to live after the war has ended. By 'spiritual atmosphere' She understands the degree to which each creature and every relationship between creatures are governed by influences of Light or, inversely, influences of darkness. Influences of Light are those which can be felt consciously or unconsciously as Love, Peace, Happiness, Justice, feelings of security, safety, confidence, hope and meaningfulness. Influences of darkness are those which can be felt consciously or unconsciously as hate, misery, suffering, unhappiness, injustice, threats, feelings of insecurity, despair, fear and meaninglessness.

If a war is won by a totalitarian regime the entire world falls prey to an increased degree of infuences of darkness, as not only the defeated state or states will be victim(s) of the new situation, but the entire world will be affected. The reason lies in the fact that, within creation, everything is connected with everything else: All creatures are interconnected inside of one single network. If a totalitarian regime wins a war the whole darkness on which the regime has built its foundations and by which it is inspired will be transferred to the defeated party, and by extension to the world at large.

This is why the Mother of God is most emphatically calling for each individual soul to actively commit herself to protecting human dignity and all values of civilization as well as the morale associated with fulfilling the Basic Divine Law of true Love, the only Law that is able to maintain true Life in all of creation and that was meant by the Creator to be the rule leading to the establishment of a global order like He Himself had intended it to be from the start: a world built on perfect self-denying and serving Love between all creatures, and therefore a global order without hate, misery, suffering, unhappiness, injustice, threats, feelings of insecurity, despair, fear and meaninglessness.

In concrete terms the Mother of Christ is inviting each human soul to make persistent efforts to fulfil Divine Law, based on the thesis saying that to the extent to which larger numbers of human souls allow their inner lives to be governed exclusively by true Love, the darkness in this world wil meet with a greater resistance in its attempts to make its influences become effective. Thus the Holy Virgin wants to forge large numbers of souls together into an impenetrable wall of Light which is able to protect, maintain and reinforce the Works and Plans of God in the world. The Light which emanates from the whole of all of these souls would further weaken the effects of the works and plans of the darkness day after day, which in concrete terms would mean that day after day these works and plans would lose more and more of their hold on the souls who have surrendered to them (let us remind ourselves of the regime of a totalitarian state with its ideology, its propaganda and its godless actions). It will depend on a lot of factors how this will manifest itself.

It is, however, essential that each soul should become aware of the fact that God NOW, more than ever, needs her active personal commitment in order to turn His Works and Plans into a reality. God does not want countless creatures – human souls and animals, even the environment – to suffer by the terrorist effects of the works wrought by a totalitarian regime within the framework of a war of aggression started by this regime, yet due to the law in effect since the establishment of the world, by virtue of which God respects the free will of the human soul and will therefore not intervene uninvited in the actions of humans, He requests unequivocal signs denoting many human souls’ desire that these unbridled works of darkness be broken and be henceforth made impossible.

Prayer is needed for this, but even more effective are constant inner dispositions of Light and Love. As to what this means in concrete terms the Mistress of all souls has me refer once again to Her teaching under this link. In this respect She underlines the tremendous power of a heart which, in spite of everything, is constantly filled with the Light of true hope and confidence, and She requests souls to beware of falling into the trap of hate and vengeance, as this is a trap through which the darkness tries to keep souls from making their personal contribution to the deployment of the invincible power of Divine Light. Every soul is able to help this invincible power in the Heart of the almighty God become effective by reacting to any evil with the Light of positive inner dispositions, as a positively oriented inner life is able to totally paralyze the forces of the darkness. Divine Providence will then try to open up the most suitable ways to have this power become effective. This can happen in many different ways: A totalitarian regime can meet with all kinds of 'setbacks', evil plans can be thwarted, installations which have the ability to cause damage, misery, devastation and death can be put out of operation, a totalitarian regime can be toppled, influential souls can become aware of the darkness characterizing their attitudes or their actions, etcetera.

Moreover, at this point the Queen of Heaven and earth advances Her following thesis:

"God must allow trials to occur, in order that the human souls, through the specific way they are using their free will, may show that, in spite of the crosses of life, they believe in the Light and are willing to opt radically in favour of the Light, but He will never deliver His creation up to Satan for good. The darkness can bring vast amounts of darkness upon the world through those who serve it, to be sure, and can have them threaten creation by expressions of their seeming power, which would allegedly enable them to destroy God’s creation, but the Creator is the Lord of His Works, and always has the final say".

This said, the Holy Virgin has me confirm that by the words stated above She is actually making reference to the nuclear threat the darkness so eargerly makes use of these days, as a means by which it is trying to catch as many souls as possible in its nets of fear and to bring these souls to accepting the laws of the darkness. Any threat of deploying means which would actually be able to destroy the entire world always originates in the source of all darkness itself, which is Satan.

The future of the world is determined by everything human souls are doing, thinking, feeling, desiring and aspiring for today. God has not created the human souls for them to cause harm, suffering, misery, unhappiness and death among one another, nor to other creatures, quite the opposite: He has created them in order that they should represent HIM, the SOURCE OF ALL LOVE, towards all of creation, thus contributing to the rise of an atmosphere of Love, Peace, Happiness, Justice, security, safety, confidence, trust, hope and meaningfulness among all creatures, and that they should defend this atmosphere by committing their entire inner life to protecting it. God wants nothing else but a global order which expresses the dispositions of HIS Heart. That is why a totalitarian regime must never get the opportunity to rule the world, nor any part thereof, for such a regime serves the darkness, and in so doing counteracts everything God is trying to bring about in the world with such tremendous Love.

The souls can only properly respond to this appeal to the extent to which they become aware of the countless devious pitfalls of propaganda through which the darkness is trying to replace God’s reality by a pseudo reality which is actually inspired directly by Satan. Every soul has received from God the ability to expose such attempts from the darkness and to keep an open eye for the only real Truth. Ultimately propaganda is geared at nothing but establishing the kingdom of the darkness on earth, and is therefore an insult to Eternal Wisdom, which keeps trying to have true happiness prevail in all of creation.

Now it is up to the souls to take their responsibility as children of God and to prove to Satan that they are not willing to serve his plans and works of darkness, because giving in to the plans and works of the darkness is tantamount to helping seal the death sentence which, in these days, Satan is more than ever trying to call upon the world.

Thus given by the Holy Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth, to Myriam in June 2022.

"Oh Mary, Queen of Peace, do bring the Light of conciliation wherever the darkness of resentment is yet ruling".


Upon the Heavenly Queen’s request we will here insert the special revelation She launched at the beginning of June, followed by a few prayers which are relevant to be used for the purpose of spiritual warfare.


given to the souls through Myriam van Nazareth
by Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ and Queen of Heaven and earth

The following words were spoken privately by the Holy Virgin Mary to Myriam in May 2022 and released to be published at Her command on June 2, 2022.

"In my beloved Ukraine a war is waged, which was unleashed by Satan himself in an ultimate attempt to completely distort the whole world. This war is part and parcel of the final stage of the battle of the darkness against the Light for the purpose of obtaining the supreme control of the world as a stepping stone to the annihilation of creation.

To this end the darkness makes use of a regime which lends itself for the implementation of the works and plans of the antichrist in a way and an intensity which were hardly ever surpassed throughout the history of mankind.

Do see the signs unequivocally showing Satan’s strategy, which I have been revealing to the souls for years already:

You see deliberate, intentional and totally unbridled destruction on an extraordinary scale and with an absolutely unlimited cruelty. You see tremendous chaos, misery, suffering, murder, extinction, rape, torture, theft, looting, vandalism, abduction, terror, blatant cold-blooded sadism against fellow people and even animals, the most inconceivable forms of crimes against humanity, and an all-pervading desire to sow misery, suffering and death. You see and hear large-scale and absolutely shameless lies, deception, misinformation, disinformation and sedition for the purpose of kindling in countless human souls feelings of hate, aggression, lust to kill and totally irrational feelings of being threatened, all of this with the intention that the abysmal depth of the own crimes might appear as justified. Moreover all of this is designed within, and directed from, a system of unlimited corruption and repression. In this war the antichrist is implementing the entire arsenal stored and developed in his laboratory.

What you see goes way beyond a mere military situation, it is an intentionally planned systematic murder of the dignity of all that carries life, murder of civilisation itself, and murder of every feeling of inner Peace and security in a vast number of souls, for the ultimate purpose of killing each and every trace of Love, maintaining an atmosphere of threat, and eradicating all trust in the power of the Light in the world. This way in millions of souls the inner connection with God is threatened and true Love, true Faith and true Hope in these souls are most profoundly ruined up to the point of being destroyed altogether.

These things are the very traits of Satan’s signature.

I call upon the souls to unleash a spiritual offensive against this boundless darkness by supporting all its victims as well as all those who generate it or who are morally responsible for it through un unrelenting inner Light from within your hearts. Darkness can only be made ineffective by Light, by harbouring positive thoughts, feelings and expectations. No work wrought and no plan concocted by Satan can ever be maintained or keep producing its intended effects if they are shone upon by genuine lights from a sufficient number of human hearts. The Light is the invincible weapon of the almighty God.

Do not allow yourselves to be temped towards harbouring feelings of hate, of vengeance or of discouragement, nor of indifference. A very great deal more is at stake here than the restoration of the sovereignty of a state and a people, in the deepest sense of the word this is about rendering ineffective an extraordinary offensive launched by Satan himself and about maintaining and restoring human dignity, human civilisation, and creation as a Work of God.

Every soul is responsible for making her personal contribution to restoring and reinforcing the signs of God’s Presence and actions in creation, first and foremost in all places where Satan makes his works seen and felt the most.

Do harbour in your hearts the Light of an inner Peace and the warmth of a sincere Love, the only forces which are able to paralyze the power of the darkness. No form of violence and no nuclear threat are able to remain in effect or to keep producing its effects when faced with the power of a sincere inner Peace and a sincere Love. Fear and feelings of insecurity are just as effective as weapons deployed by Satan as are the dark actions, thoughts and feelings he tries to bring to bloom through human souls.

My protective hand rests on Ukraine, as it does on creation as a whole, but I do need the Light from many human hearts to release the full power of God, which is able to transform this situation of terrible darkness for the better and to change all darkness into the Light of a new, genuine Peace and Love, eradicating each and every source of evil the darkness you are now seeing in action in all its boundless frenzy is trying to deploy for the purpose of totally destroying all of God’s Works and all the seeds of His Love within the hearts.

Do not let the unparalleled vehemence unleashed by the forces of the antichrist convince you of an imminent victory of the culture of death. Each and every one of you has the power to help Me turn the key in the dungeon in which I, by order of God Himself, am to lock away Satan and all of his works and plans. Allow this power to fully bloom by a constant, unconditional and self-denying Love and by signs of a genuine solidarity as may be expected among true children of God. This solidarity can only deploy its tremendous force to the extent to which each and every one of you will sincerely accept your daily trials in a disposition of inner Light so as to be able to secretly help support your suffering sisters and brothers as well as your deceived sisters and brothers. Those who whole-heartedly help accomplish the works and plans of the darkness are actually increasing the misery and suffering of the entire world and are with certainty condemning themselves for eternity

The culture of death, suffering, misery, oppression, deceit, self-deception and lies was not created by God, it was designed by Satan. God is Life, Love, Light, Peace and Truth. In proportion as these characteristics are truly enabled to rule human hearts every source of darkness and oppression can be eradicated more thoroughly. In a world in which true Love is given real chances not Satan has the final say, but God".

Given to Myriam in May 2022

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Prayers for spiritual warfare

The following prayers are intended to support souls who are suffering the consequences of war, as well as to obtain conversion in souls who are actively contributing to the planning and implementation of war.


Mary, the Holy Virgin and Mistress of all souls, inspired the following two prayers with regard to the spiritual battle She has been inviting souls to participate in within the framework of the Russian-Ukrainian war.
Prayer 1680 is intended as a beam of Light for souls, from simple civilians via the military up to the politicians responsible, who within the framework of this war are guilty of actions, thoughts and feelings filled with darkness. She is referring here first and foremost to violations of human dignity and to decisions which are made deliberately with the intention of inflicting harm and suffering and which go beyond 'usual military operations or actions'.
Prayer 1681 is intended as a beam of Light for the purpose of supporting souls who in any way whatsoever are victims of, or are sustaining damage or losses by, acts of war.
The Queen of Heaven and earth points out that these prayers can equally be useful in situations outside of the Russian-Ukrainian war.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Holy Virgin Mary, chosen by God to be the Commander in the battle of the Light against the darkness, to You I entrust ........... (name(s)).
May this soul’s/these souls’ heart(s) be noticeably hit by a beam of God’s Love, so that in them the Light of acknowledgement, of sincere remorse and of conversion may be born and may never extinguish again.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Holy Virgin Mary, chosen by God to be the Commander in the battle of the Light against the darkness, to You I entrust ........... (name).
May these souls feel the touch of Your healing hand in their hearts, spirits and bodies.
May they feel the powerful protection of Your ruling Presence and Works in their entire being, their entire living environment, all their possessions and all living beings which God has entrusted to their care.
May the unlimited power God has invested You with deliver these souls’ living environment from the destructive influences the darkness is unfolding in them, and may they receive God’s strength and Your powerful support to restore in their lives everything the darkness has been damaging or destroying.


The following prayer was inspired on March 4, 2022 on the occasion of the Russian-Ukranian war.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Almighty God, only Source of true happiness,
I implore You to totally humiliate any force of darkness which inspires human souls to wage war, to chase after worldly values and worldly possessions to the detriment of their fellow creatures, and to sow death, misery and in any way damage their brothers and sisters in You, who are the Creator of a world of perfect Love, Peace and harmony.
For this I implore You by virtue of the omnipotence of the Sacrifice of Redemption brought by Your crucified and risen Son Jesus Christ, and by virtue of the unparalleled power of the intercession of the Holy Virgin Mary, whom You predestined to be a Great Sign against the power wielded by the darkness over human souls.
May the everlasting omnipotence of true Love be glorified by a rapid restoration of true Peace in Your Creation,
In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).

The following prayer was inspired by the Holy Virgin Mary in the days of the Passion in 2022 with reference to the heavy darkness which is currently oppressing the world. The Mother of the Christ urges the souls to distribute and use it for the conversion of souls who allow themselves in these times to be deployed by the darkness for the purpose of making this world a place of misery, suffering, chaos, insecurity and threat.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Holy Virgin Mary, powerful Queen of Heaven and earth, golden key for the unlocking of sick souls in the power of God’s restoring Love,
By virtue of the Works of Redemption wrought by the suffering Christ I implore the deployment of Your power as an all-consuming fire of perfect Love and as an all-pervading Light raising awareness in souls who are generating darkness, suffering and misery in this world.
Upon Your word, may the almighty God immerse these souls in the Blood of Jesus Christ, which is endowed with the power to drown all and any works and plans of darkness and to raise the self-awareness of blinded souls about the consequences of their actions, thoughts and aspirations for the world, their fellow creatures and their own eternal salvation.
May this supplication bring about explosions of Light in all works and plans for which souls allow themselves to be committed by the darkness, in order that this world may experience a rebirth in the Kingdom of Love, Light, Peace and true Happiness for which the Triune God has destined each and every creature.


The following prayer was inspired by the Queen of Heaven and earth to be used chiefly under two different circumstances:
1. by souls who are personally and directly affected by a war in their living environment;
2. by souls who are not personally affected by a war in their living environment but who, in a spiritual way, want to support souls who live or have to reside in a war zone, and who also want to extend spiritual support to souls who are responsible for war actions and the consequences of such actions, as such souls need help to accomplish their conversion.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Holy Virgin Mary, powerful Mediatrix of all graces, elected by God to help complete the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation with the collaboration of the human souls.
I implore Your most powerful protection, support, assistance, strength and trust in the future for every creature that is suffering by the threats, the dangers and the consequences of the violence of war.
May through Your intercession every creature whose life is affected by this war be healed of physical and spiritual wounds and of each and every form of resentment and vengefulness, and in spite of all experiences of hostility, hatred, death and destruction find a meaning, purpose, goal and fulfilment in a further life of lasting Peace and Love and of trust in every fellow creature.
I also implore Your intercession in the heart of every soul who, in this war, is guilty of voluntary destruction, voluntary killing, voluntary deprivation of dignity of fellow creatures or voluntary contributions to, or implementation of, works and plans which inflict suffering, destruction, death and darkness.
May these souls acquire self-awareness, understanding of their own darkness, a sincere remorse, a lasting and total conversion, and make amends towards their fellow creatures and towards God.
I implore these graces in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).



(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of Peace,
With complete confidence in Your power I implore Your Intercession for the maintenance and re-establishment of world peace.
Do pour forth the Precious Blood of Jesus into all souls in order to expel any spirit of discord and to break any force counteracting God’s Plan of Salvation and intending to extinguish Eternal Light.
Do shed Your holy Tears into all hearts so that they may be washed clean of any spirit of deception, temptation and agitation, and of any influence intending to ban the Cross of Christ from the souls.
Do obtain for all souls the effusion of the Holy Spirit, so that the spirit of true Love and unity may reign in all hearts and that all souls may find the Way of Truth and the Peace of Christ.
Do send God’s angels over the earth to exterminate any spirit of hatred, jealousy and materialism, and to protect us against any action conceived by evil forces against our souls, minds, hearts and bodies.
O Most Holy Virgin Mary, Co-Redemptrix and Terror of the demons, I offer You all prayers, sufferings and sacrifices of the entire world to obtain the final victory of the Cross of Christ in ALL hearts and the Triumph of Your Immaculate Heart, so that God’s Kingdom of Heavenly Peace may NOW be established all over the world.

Final invocation (repeat 3 times): "Oh Mary, Queen of Peace, cure all souls of hatred and blindness. deliver our world from all war".