A life for, with, in and through the Most Blessed Virgin MARY

Important preliminary –
excerpt from a letter of reply regarding Myriam’s identity

Myriam’s identity has been the object of any number of speculations for years. Apparently there are souls who would like to know more about Myriam’s worldly identity. The Heavenly Mother has us point out that Her Myriam’s name is part of a Divine Plan. In 1997 Mary called Myriam to Her service and subjected her to a thorough mystical 'training' forthwith, which was intended to prepare Myriam for a constantly growing union of hearts with the Queen of Heaven. It was to be a life-long vocation and mission. Mary gave Myriam Her own Aramaic name so as to symbolize a full-fledged mystical union. The Mistress of all souls has buried Myriam’s worldly identity in Her Heart. This is why Mary invites all souls most emphatically not to keep asking themselves questions as to Her Myriam’s worldly identity. The souls’ attention should not be diverted towards the person, yet should be devoted entirely and solely to the teachings the Queen of Heaven lets flow towards the souls through Myriam.

Soon after having calling Myriam to Her service Mary unfolded to the latter the Heavenly Plan according to which Myriam was to put herself at the Heavenly Queen’s disposal so completely that the Latter would be enabled to rule and guide Myriam one hundred per cent. To that end also Myriam’s worldly identity had henceforth to be regarded as inexistent. From that moment onward only the soul to whom Mary had given the name 'Myriam van Nazareth' would matter. In and through Her Myriam Mary was to give Herself to the souls. However this would be possible only through the collaboration of a soul who was perfectly willing to let herself be 'absorbed' by Mary completely – thus Mary’s explanation. Myriam’s word of consent was to mark the beginning of a life of mystical unity between Myriam and Mary for the purpose of fulfilling the former’s vocation and according to the Latter’s Will.

The Mistress of all souls accomplishes Her Works through Myriam as Her mouthpiece through whom the words, which spring from the Divine Source as water of Divine Life, flow to the souls, at any moment chosen by the Mother of God and in the doses set by Her and Her alone, without the slightest interference from any human soul, including Myriam herself.

This is the reason why, as Mary puts it most emphatically, it is most trivial for souls to keep asking questions about the worldly identity of Myriam van Nazareth. The Mistress would like the souls "no longer to waste the precious time God has given them to prepare their Eternal Bliss, by speculations". The only things that really matter are the Works Mary accomplishes through Her brooklet. As a matter of fact Mary gives the souls the following metaphor to contemplate:

The Mistress of all souls grants the souls all teachings, revelations and prayers within the framework of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work. Now consider:

  • the Source = God
  • the Pond = Mary
  • the Water of Divine Life = the entirety of the Works propagated through the Maria Domina Animarum Work for the benefit of the souls;
  • the brooklet, through which this Water flows to the souls, is Myriam.

The Queen of Heaven raises the question why the identity of the brooklet should be important at all? In Her own words: "Not the identity is the factor determining the effect and the value of the flow: The sole important thing is the fact that I Myself have built this brooklet and have given it My name, as well as the constitution of the brooklet". This is Mary’s business only, as She is constantly cleansing the brooklet and looking after and protecting its disposition and solidity.
One day the Heavenly Mistress most aptly said:
"The souls ought not to see anything in My Myriam but a tool and mouthpiece of the Mistress of all souls by virtue of My having called her, and a lifelong slave to the Mistress of all souls, who just on that account was enabled to deploy Her slave unrestrainedly for the purpose of accomplishing that for which She once called her for life. These Works can only be accomplished by a soul who actually spends her life prostrated at My feet in a bond of most deeply practiced slavery to My Love".

Private Revelation by the Mistress of all souls to Myriam

during contemplative prayer on August 17, 2015

MOST BLESSED VIRGIN MARY: "Through the years very few souls have understood the real purpose of My Myriam’s vocation.

Your vocation is the fruit of a mystery which is very closely related to the present era, which is the era of the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. By virtue of the graces reserved for these special days of My glorification before God(*) I will now allow you to announce the true purpose of My Myriam’s vocation in My very words:

My Myriam’s vocation has got nothing whatsoever to do with individual souls and their individual needs, it is directly geared to advancing the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation for creation as a whole, and is therefore fully focused on teaching the basic law of creation: the Law of True Love in all of its components, properties and mysteries.

The adversary of the Light of Divine Truth has left no stone unturned to thwart the Work I want and am to accomplish through My Myriam and to try and direct this Heavenly Work of propagation into channels I had never intended for it. Your vocation has therefore been ill understood by many, and has been abused on quite a few occasions.

This is why, between the Easter seasons of 2012 and 2013, I have gradually and irreversibly withdrawn you from all and any worldly contacts, for this vocation can only fully develop in the contact between My Heart and yours, in the most intimate spheres of your soul, where I have sown, and keep sowing, the seeds which can blossom only when worldly clouds are prevented from blocking the beams sent from My Heart to yours.

This is also why, in 2012, I terminated the phase preceding the time when I was to withdraw you once and for all, by the unique inspiration of The Brooklets of Salvation, for let Me emphatically point out this:

My Myriam’s vocation is fully geared to teaching True Love and to how to implement it so as to resemble the image the Creator has been harbouring from the beginning as to what every human soul should be like. God’s Plan of Salvation can be accomplished only to the extent to which the human souls consciously, spontaneously and unconditionally live true Love towards each element of creation, i.e. towards their fellow people as well as the animals, even towards the environment.

Your leading a life in complete seclusion has enabled me to guide this Work’s ultimate purpose towards its perfection, a process which began to take its intended shape with The Brooklets of Salvation and has ever since been fully unfolding in the unique inspirations which I am currently pouring out into you and which I will let you release to the souls in God’s time.

Announce these words as a token of My power over the darkness".

(*) The Mistress of all souls at some point referred to the days between Her feasts of August 15 and August 22 as 'the days of My Glorification'.

(Here ends the Revelation of August 17, 2015)

In the spring of 1997 Myriam van Nazareth (Myriam from Nazareth) was called in a mystical way by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to lead a life at Her service. From the very first visions and ecstasies Mary made it clear to Myriam that the latter was predestined to lead a life in total, unconditional and everlasting consecration to Mary, in complete self-sacrifice to the Most Blessed Virgin, who soon presented Herself as 'Mistress' and (in an extremely loving way) referred to Myriam as "My servant, slave of My Love, called at My exclusive service, as My possession and property".

A number of mystical gifts were bestowed upon Myriam, of which the first one to become apparent proved to be the gift of a supernatural acquisition of knowledge and understanding of Divine Mysteries, the laws of Divine Life, God’s Plan of Salvation, the elements of struggle between the Light and darkness, and an ever increasing knowledge of the extraordinary nature, properties and role of the Most Blessed Virgin.

Another remarkable gift was the one of composing large volumes of prayers and spiritual considerations. From the earliest days, Mary called upon Myriam to promote total consecration of souls to Mary.

Also from the early days onward, Mary remarkably frequently showed Herself to Myriam in Her capacity as the Mother of Sorrows. The mystical experience of the Passion, particularly of the mystical union with the Mother of Sorrows, became a major part of Myriam van Nazareth’s mystical life as of 1998.

In autumn 2002, after about five years of writing many prayers, various reflections with reference to specific prayers, and several brief texts, and frequent visions in the course of which Mary trained Her 'slave' in the mystical union with Her own Heart, the Most Blessed Virgin expressed Her will that Myriam should start making the utmost of the experiences of a mystical life with Mary by writing the acquired knowledge and insight concerning Divine Life and the deeper values of the Christian Teachings (God’s only Truth) down, according to a pattern which was to follow exactly the inspirations and guidance given by the Most Blessed Virgin, because with all this She had a Plan, which was to be elaborated in a very specific way.

Thus, in 2003 the first book by Myriam van Nazareth saw the light of day, which was entitled: The Celestial Wedding. A Life with and in the Blessed Virgin as a Way to the Kingdom of God. Marian mysticism as a Vocation (this book has not been translated into English as yet). In this book Myriam developed instructions and teachings given by the Most Blessed Virgin concerning a soul’s life with and for Mary as the centre and starting point of all her doings. In the meantime, the first nearly 600 prayers were gathered in the first book of prayers entitled Mary’s Flower Garden.

The spring of 2004 witnessed the publication of Spring Blossoms on the Tree of Life. On the Virtues and hidden Ways to Holiness. In this writing Mary inspired Her Myriam to develop an in-depth description of 64 virtues, followed by a consideration on the unknown ways to sanctifying the soul as foundations of true happiness, true inner peace and eternal bliss.

In the summer of 2004, in an extraordinary rapid succession, Mary started to inspire Myriam rather brief separate texts in which the deep backgrounds and unknown meanings behind words of the Gospels were revealed, all of this with a view to achieving a tremendous increase of the depth of faith in souls. All in all, in the course of slightly over one year’s time 86 brief writings were produced on Divine Truth in preparation of the Kingdom of God. This bundle was provided with the title Storm Writings, (no English version available as yet) because these texts were meant to storm the fortress of Satan filled with lies, misguidance and aberrations, and to cause a storm of awareness among Christians. In each Storm Writing specific aberrations, forms of misguidance, blinding and untruths were exposed, and Christians were made aware of them, in order for them to learn to know and recognize their great enemy (Satan).

In the spring of 2005 the manifesto Testament of the Covenant. Eternal Spring in the Shadow of the Cross (not translated as yet) saw the light of day. This manifesto dealt with the heritage of Christ and the ways to make it fruitful with a view to founding God’s Kingdom on earth.

In the beginning of 2006 the course of Myriam van Nazareth’s apostolate gave rise to the production of Mary’s Temple. Total Consecration to Mary as a sacred Bond between your soul and the Blessed Virgin. This manifesto was the fruit of a period in which many souls had been consecrated to Mary by Myriam pronouncing consecrations extemporaneously, each of which was geared to the specific individual’s life, personality and spiritual needs. The text provides instructions for each soul willing to consecrate herself to Mary so as to open herself up to being reshaped with the assistance of Mary’s intervention and intermediary into a temple of holiness. The souls are taught how to involve Mary in each and every detail of their lives, and are also taught all about the unimaginable meaning and value of total consecration to Mary, both for the soul herself and for God.

In the course of 2005 the Most Blessed Virgin made it unequivocally clear for what purpose She had been shaping Myriam van Nazareth so meticulously after Her own model: in June 2005, during a vision, in a quiet little church dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Latter formally solemnized the true Celestial Wedding between Herself and Myriam, through which She concluded with Myriam the sacred covenant of an eternal spiritual 'marriage'. She thereby gave nine rules of living to Myriam, and referred to these rules as 'My Commandments'. It was soon to appear why this sacred covenant to seal the deepest mystical union had been concluded: In the autumn of that year Mary announced to Myriam that henceforth the latter would be referred to as "apostle of Mary, the powerful Mistress of all souls" and as "apostle of the power of Mary".

The Most Blessed Virgin Mary revealed that God had now proclaimed the hour to reveal Mary to all souls in the fullness of Her capacities, glory and power, and that the announcement of Mary as the Mistress of all souls was the ultimate lifework and mission of Myriam van Nazareth. Mary said to Myriam: "For this announcement you were born. I have called you to continue My work on earth and to reveal Me in the fullness of My power". The first manifestation of Mary as the Mistress of all souls marked the beginning of a vast volume of Revelations of Mary, the powerful Mistress of all souls. The whole of these Revelations announce the major Divine Mystery of the Last Times: the glory and vocation of Mary as the Mistress of all souls. In these Revelations Mary systematically announces the aspects, elements and nature of Her true power which have never been revealed before, on account of the fact She was predestined by God to complete the Divine Plan of Salvation, and that to that end She has been given by God an all-embracing, unlimited power over all souls. The big Truth behind this totally new knowledge, which entails an unparalleled extension of the image of Mary, was in the beginning of 2008 gathered in the manifesto entitled The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Revelations of the Mistress of all souls are basically composed of teachings and visions, each of which can be categorized under one of four subdivisions:

  1. Teachings by Mary with a view to developing more profound practical applications of the Doctrine of Christ. Mary refers to the whole of these teachings as the Science of Divine Life.

  2. Revelations on the unknown mysteries with regard to the nature, the essence, the glory, the sanctity and the power of Mary, Her relationship towards God and the souls (angels, human souls and demons), and the true extent of Her position within the implementation of God’s Plan of Salvation. No large-scale publication of all of these revelations has been allowed by Mary so far.

  3. Personal instructions and tasks imposed on Myriam by Mary within the framework of the training in total and impeccable obedience and submission towards Mary. These revelations have not been allowed for large-scale publication either.

  4. Truly extraordinary visions about 'encounters' between Mary and demons, in which Mary visibly and audibly bears witness, towards Myriam, of Her excruciating power over the demons.

In early 2007 two remarkable books were published, both inspired by the Most Blessed Virgin’s deep craving to lead souls to a deeper knowledge and understanding of themselves and to better enable them to follow Her as faithfully as possible. In Crusade to the Soul. Practical Ways towards liberating the soul and to true Happiness (not yet translated into English) the reader is taken on a crusade to the centre of his/her soul, in order to set it free from its occupant: the tempter and the fruits of his works in the shape of all kinds of vices. In the first place this book was intended as a plan for meditation, prayer and exercise to be carried out during the Forty Days of Lent. A few months later the souls witnessed the publication of Rebirth of Eden. Strolls through Mary’s Soul, Pleasure Garden of the Holy Spirit (no English version as yet).This book was the fruit of a long series of visions on the life of Mary on earth and on the symbolical comparison of Mary’s soul with a delightful paradise. Mary demonstrates that in Her, God has recreated the Garden of Eden, and She teaches the souls ways to follow Her up to perfection.

Myriam van Nazareth was called by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to lead a hidden life of prayer, sacrifice, and written announcement, with the following purposes:

  • the battle against ignorance and misguidance of souls with respect to the deeper values of Christianity, and against the shameless lies which have been spread among the souls for ages through the works of Satan: lies with regard to God’s Law, the meaning of sin, Divine Justice, Divine Love, the value of all suffering, etc.;

  • instruction of souls as to means and ways for liberating themselves from their own weaknesses and vices, and means and ways to find true happiness and true inner peace, even while still living on earth;

  • instruction of souls as to the most powerful ways of communicating with God/Mary (examples of prayers and invocations!);

  • guiding souls to total, deeply experienced consecration to Mary in everyday life, as the golden road to the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation;

  • for the first time in the history of salvation: revelation of the full truth about Mary, Mistress of all souls by virtue of God’s authority.

In order to make all these seeds bear fruits, Mary shaped Myriam in the mystical union with Her own Heart, and in the deepest obedience and submission towards Her. Therefore Myriam writes, announces and does nothing which does not sprout from Mary’s will, for one day the Most Blessed Virgin said: "I want to be enabled to continue My life and My Works in and through you".

To that end it is necessary that the own will be broken. For this reason the Most Blessed Virgin subjects Myriam to a very strict discipline of obedience every day, in order for the 'apostle of the power of Mary' to be living proof of the unlimited power of Mary over souls, and of the waves of graces and of deep inner peace a soul can experience as soon as Mary can truly be the absolutely sovereign Mistress of his/her entire being.

Mary has demonstrated to Myriam van Nazareth the Truth of the announcement of Her majesty, of Her power and magnificence, in ways like they have never been known to man yet "because God’s time for these revelations had not yet come". It is on the basis of this knowledge that Myriam van Nazareth wages a fervent battle against all and any signs of darkness among souls and in favour of the recognition of Mary as the Mistress of all souls, for in this capacity God now wants to make Mary, the Masterpiece of His Works, known in Her fullness. Each soul who recognizes and fully accepts Mary as his/her Mistress, brings the final victory of the Light over darkness, and thereby the liberation of the world from all misery, one step forward. Opening the souls to this awareness, is the lifework of Myriam van Nazareth.

The titles of books and texts referred to in this presentation are freely translated from the original texts written in Myriam’s mother tongue, Dutch. For the time being, most of them are not yet translated into English, but translations are being prepared and may – God willing – be provided at some point in the future. Therefore, keep visiting this website.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work