Myriam van Nazareth
In the night after Her feast celebrating Her capacity as the Mother of Perpetual Help in June 2020 the Mistress of all souls gave Myriam the following definition of 'adoration'. With these words She builds on the brief teaching She gave in this respect in August 2018 and which is presented right below this definition:

"Adoration is not an activity, it is a disposition in which a creature unconditionally recognizes a Being (God) as the Origin and Destination of everything, and in which this creature surrenders purposely and unconditionally to all Works and Plans of this Being and to the accomplishment thereof, in the firm conviction that these Works and Plans are driven by a unique and infallible force and purpose which aim at, and are capable of, governing all of creation and guiding it towards the state of perfect harmony and of perfect well-being for all creatures.
This is why adoration is characterized by a disposition of total submission, unlimited humility, perfect understanding of one's own littleness, unlimited faith in the omnipotence and in the absolutely perfect Love of the Being that is adored, and by the all-pervasive desire to merge one's heart with this Being and to put one's own being totally and unconditionally at His service.
This is also why only one single being can in the true sense of the word be the object of adoration: the Triune Divinity, who is the only Source and Destination of everything, infallible in its power, Love, Works and Plans".

In August 2018 the Queen of Heaven spoke the following words:

"For what reason does God wish the soul to adore Him? God’s Works and Plans are absolutely perfect, and are always exclusively geared to the establishment of His Kingdom of fully accomplished Love and Peace on earth. Therefore these Works will always also be detrimental to the effects wrought by works and plans of the darkness.
God has decreed that all of His Works and Plans should be confirmed and sealed by human souls in covenants through which souls manifest their desire that their will be merged with His Will. Every time a human soul enters into such a covenant, not by speaking any words but through concrete actions and dispositions of heart which are fully geared to the accomplishment of God’s Works, some Divine Work or Plan can indeed become effective, i.e.: it can actually begin to find its complete expression.
Adoration is one of the most powerful covenants a human soul can ever enter into with God: Adoration in the right, truly fruitful disposition of heart is a covenant through which a soul makes herself small before God, recognizing her own littleness and God’s greatness and sincerely regarding herself as a servant of God’s Works and Plans in every single detail of her life and in all her inner dispositions. Through this covenant the soul explicitly makes her own free human will the servant of God’s Will without any limitations. In so doing the soul contributes to the budding of the concrete effects of God’s Works and Plans, i.e.: she helps them to start producing their results.
This is why adoring or worshipping God and all of His Decrees generates a tremendous power over the darkness and all effects of the latter’s works and plans in this world.
This is the real reason why the adoration of God ought to be firmly established as a constant disposition of each human heart. If this disposition were to be dispelled from every human heart the earth would irreversibly turn into a realm of darkness, for mankind would thereby testify before God of a lack of interest in the rule of His True Love and therefore in the existence of a Kingdom of Divine Life in the souls. Do understand, however, that God will never force His treasures on anybody, and that a complete lack of interest in the supremacy of His Love would result in the death of creation".

Ever since 2006 the Mistress of all souls has been inviting the souls through Myriam to build a Chain of Light (in this respect we refer to the menu item Mary’s Chain of Light). With a view to accomplishing this, day after day She keeps offering advice, instructions and teachings. One of the ways through which the soul will be able to let the Light she received from God shine more radiantly within herself is through participating in adorations of the Most Holy Sacrament.

However, adoration is more than a mere devotional exercise, it is meant to become an attitude towards life. Only a life lived in a disposition of adoration can guide the soul towards her full development as a holy child of God. The disposition of adoration is a disposition in which the soul constantly focuses her heart on God, His Love, His Works and Plans and everything which is able to bring the flower of True Life within her into full bloom.

The disposition of adoration is a way of living through which the soul develops and opens up within herself the ways of the Light, one after the other. This disposition is also a matter of practicing praise, gratitude towards God, brightfulness, joy about every detail of day-to-day experiences (for instance about the beauty of nature, God’s Love speaking to the hearts through the animals, the flowers, the trees, etcetera) and the steady will to simply never again let go of God inside one’s own heart.

The Queen of Heaven teaches the souls two meanings of adoration: adoration in the narrower sense, and adoration in the broad sense of the word. The former sense is adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar. She points out, however, that the soul should regard adoration in a much broader sense. Hence the deeper, broader sense of adoration as an attitude towards life. We will enlarge upon these forms of adoration in due time.

On July 6, 2016, the Queen of Heaven inspired the following private teaching to Myriam on the subject of adoration, which She allowed to be published:

July 6, 2016: The Queen of Heaven in a private Teaching to Myriam concerning the disposition underlying true adoration of God:

"The disposition underlying true adoration of God consists of seven elements:
  1. the spontaneous and deep faith in the fact that God is the Source and Lord of all Creation, and that He alone holds the actual power in Creation;
  2. the unshakeable faith in the fact Salvation for all of Creation as well as for the individual soul lies only in a perfect and unconditional dedication to doing God’s Will;
  3. ardent Love of God and of His Works, His Plans and His Will;
  4. the fervent longing to reflect the true image of God more and more faithfully each day;
  5. the spontaneous tendency to subordinate oneself completely, unconditionally and unrestrictedly to God and to humiliate oneself before Him, in full awareness of the fact that, compared to Him, each being is small and of little significance, and that within the framework of God’s Plan each soul takes a very specific place because this place is the one in which the soul is able to make the most valuable contribution to the accomplishment of the Divine Plan in God’s Time, for her own well-being as well as for the good of all Creation, and that she will be able to achieve the highest possible degree of Eternal Salvation for herself only in this specific place;
  6. the spontaneous tendency to glorify God through all one’s doings, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations, i.e. to acknowledge His sublimity, to act accordingly, and to delight in doing so whole-heartedly;
  7. the spontaneous and ardent longing for God’s nearness, for His Presence in the soul’s life and in her heart, and the fervent desire to allow one’s own being to merge with God.

Be aware of the fact a soul should only worship God: Some souls in reality worship the darkness, by focusing the aforementioned dispositions not on God but on God’s enemy and the latter’s works.

True adoration can be focused only on God, because He alone embodies absolute existence. This means that only God exists by Himself and has no beginning and no end. However, there are souls who worship the darkness by spontaneously harbouring all aforementioned dispositions towards the darkness, thereby allowing the darkness to gain more and more power over herself as well as over Creation as a whole.

The soul who, by virtue of the holy covenant of total consecration to Me, completely, unconditionally and eternally surrenders to Me, Mary, the Queen of all creatures, and who actually lives this covenant in the practice of all details of everyday life, entrusts her entire life and her entire being to My hands. To the extent to which she actually lives the covenant of total consecration to Me in all her inner dispositions, she is nurturing the same dispositions towards Me as the ones she nurtures when worshiping God. Nevertheless I, the Mother of God, shall not be worshiped, but venerated. Do understand this clearly: Not My person is worshiped; what is indeed worshipped in Me, is My being the Masterpiece of God’s Creation. The soul who has consecrated herself to Me and lives this consecration in all details of her life, is not worshiping Me as a being, but is actually worshiping My capacity as the most sublime Mirror of God’s Glory. This capacity is a Work of God, therefore in truth the soul is actually worshiping God Himself".

About both meanings of adoration:

  1. adoration of the Most Holy in the Sacrament of the altar
  2. adoration as an attitude towards life

1. The adoration of the Most Holy in the Sacrament of the altar is a practice through which the soul can help develop the aforementioned attitude and disposition within herself and through which she can fully open up her inner lines of communication towards God.

The Mistress of all souls invites each and every soul to participate in adorations on a regular basis, because the latter offer the souls opportunities to make valuable contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. The only prerequisites are a bright and loving disposition of heart and the right understanding of the nature, the essence, of adoration. It may be helpful for a soul to prepare herself for a fruitful adoration by reading appropriate writings and reflecting on them deep inside her heart. A little piece of reflection was offered to Myriam by Jesus Himself on May 23, 2003, during an adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament. Myriam asked Jesus the following question: "My Jesus, I regret the fact so few people seem to know what adoration actually is. If someone were to ask me to provide some explanation on the deep nature of adoration, what should I reply so as to really touch the very essence of the practice?"
This is what Jesus replied:

"Adoration is:
  • emptying your mind by looking deep into your heart, without thinking, like in a complete vacuum, and letting the purest possible Love flow towards God. Do not think, just let yourself be thoroughly absorbed by the experience, feel the Love;

  • giving thanks and imploring the grace of truly becoming aware of the fact every single moment of your life is a reason to be grateful, an opportunity to acquire merits for Eternal Life;

  • opening yourself up to the influx of beams from God’s Heart into your soul, and by surrendering completely, without the slightest resistance or opposition from your reasoning mind letting God affect you and work inside of you: In silence He will transform, nourish, sanctify and remould every spot of your soul. Allow the miracle to happen;

  • uniting thoroughly with the Holy Sacrament in the silence of your heart, so that Jesus may be able to 'reprogram' you. Your body is what it eats. In a similar way your soul is what she eats: During the adoration I want to nourish her with the perfumes of perfection which flow from the most holy flowers of the Paradise I carry inside My Heart, always and everywhere. Wherever I am is Heaven. When I touch you, Heaven is inside of you. Feel the force of My Spirit (in this moment I begin to feel regular waves of vibrating heat flowing throughout my body...). Feel this force flowing through you, purifying you of all worldly mud and of the dust of the years. The beams of sanctity from My Heart are the blood of your soul".

The prayers 198 (Prayer to be used in adoration) and 703 (Invocation of adoration) on this website may serve as fruitful tools to be used within the framework of adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament.

May as many souls as possible partake in these valuable devotional exercises, in order that Mary’s Chain of Light may also develop further through this practice.

2. As to adoration as an attitude towards life, on the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross in 2015 the Mistress of all souls inspired a teaching, which will be translated and uploaded here in Her time.