This Work finds its only intent and purpose in the philosophy which the Mistress of the Work, the Holy Virgin Mary, from whom proceed all the fruits of this Work, has made the basis of all that She inspires for the purpose of being propagated.
This philosophy rests on God’s deepest expectations and desires towards every human soul. These expectations and desires have been presented by the Heavenly Mistress of this Work in a schematic overview of essential significance, which is set forth below.



Schematic overview by the Mistress of all souls

also serving as the

Philosophy of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work

Myriam van Nazareth

In July 2023 the Heavenly Queen and Mother of Jesus Christ, the Holy Virgin Mary, the Woman of the Last Times, who through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work makes Herself known in Her all-encompassing capacity as Mistress of all souls, decreed to Myriam the publication of a schematic overview of God’s deepest desires and expectations regarding every human soul.

She points out to the souls that it is precisely these desires and expectations that form the very core of the philosophy around which She builds Her appeals and teachings through the Maria Domina Animarum Work, which is ruled strictly by Her alone.

The philosophy behind the Maria Domina Animarum Work, the true purpose of the Work and the very reason for its existence, lies solely in the aspiration to help souls fulfil in their own lives the desires and expectations of God, as the only meaning and purpose of the life of every human soul on earth lies in the fulfilment of Divine Law as the soul’s personal contribution to the completion of God’s Plan for the Salvation of all souls and God’s ultimate purpose for all creation: that the latter may become a spotless mirror of the sphere of perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice that reigns the Kingdom of Heaven.

God expects and requires every human soul all over the world to strictly observe and practice His absolutely perfect Law of true, self-denying Love and to preserve the dignity He has bestowed upon each and every creature.

Every human soul is expected to practice this self-denying Love towards each and every fellow creature – both fellow humans and animals – without any discrimination, and to do so wholeheartedly and unconditionally, through all her doings, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations, so not only in her visible behaviour towards her environment but also in her hidden inner life, her inner state which is perceived only by God Himself.

Based on these desires and expectations the Holy Virgin has created the Maria Domina Animarum Work, with the following objectives, which it seeks to realize exclusively on the basis of all the inspirations given directly to Myriam by the Queen of Heaven and earth:

  • teaching souls the most fruitful ways for the fulfilment of God’s Law of True Love – which is the Basic Law of creation – towards all creatures and towards God Himself and all His perfect Works and Plans. This is why, through this Work, the Holy Virgin also teaches the souls very extensively as to the ways God desires souls to interact with animals, and in many of Her teachings and appeals She shows the souls in a unique way the unsuspected large share the often unloving treatment of animals takes in the whole of the darkness that currently oppresses the world;
  • teaching souls the most fruitful ways of combating the darkness and all its works and plans in the world, as these works and plans are exactly contrary to the fulfilment of God’s Basic Law.

All this with the intention of helping to raise the state of grace of mankind in order to help advance the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice among all creatures on earth.

In concrete terms this means that, in compliance with the appeals launched by the Mistress of all souls, the Maria Domina Animarum Work functions on the basis of the following philosophy:

  1. God strictly condemns any manifestation and form of maltreatment, torture, physical and mental tormenting of both fellow human beings and animals.
    Maltreatment is any dealing with a fellow human being or animal in a way that is not in accordance with the Law of True Love or that is done for a purpose for which this creature was not intended by God. God does not send any creature into the world to be treated unkindly or unlovingly or to experience suffering, misery or deprivation or any form of physical or moral torment at the hand of man.
  2. God strictly condemns any manifestation of racism, discrimination, persecution or violence based on victims being perceived by the guilty soul as 'different' because of their race, sex, level of education, culture of living, religious belief or personal external characteristics such as colour of skin or any characteristics judged by the guilty soul as 'inferior'.
    Racism is the attitude harboured by a human being who is filled with unloving dispositions towards people who belong to a different race, in the conviction that this human being’s own race is superior in comparison with the race those other people belong to. Any such vision of life is severely condemned by God as delusional.
    Any form of discrimination constitutes an insult to God: Having regard to the fact God leaves His signature in every one of His creatures a soul who discriminates against a fellow creature insults God Himself by regarding and treating this edifice wrought by His hands as inferior, unworthy, ludicrous, contemptible, etcetera.
  3. God strictly condemns any conduct and any word by which a human soul humiliates or mocks fellow human beings or animals or in any other way deprives them of their dignity. As such behavior He also regards any act of rape or any other form of abuse. Degrading fellow human beings also happens through exploitation, deceit, corruption and slander. Exploitation applies equally to animals and humans.
    Dignity is the value that any creature – human or animal – possesses by virtue of being an edifice designed in God’s Heart and therefore bearing the signature of God Himself, similar to a 'certificate of origin and authenticity'.
    A special form of depriving fellow creatures of their dignity is neglect of fellow human beings (e.g. children) and animals, towards whom/which, in God’s eyes, the guilty soul is in a covenant of custodianship, support, help, assistance, loving care and protection.
    Neglect is any failure on the part of a soul to whose care a fellow creature (human or animal) is entrusted, to satisfy one or more needs of that fellow creature, as a result of which that creature may suffer physical, moral, mental or spiritual harm or become a victim of suffering or misery that can be avoided.
  4. God strictly condemns any form and manifestation of deliberate deception, falsehood, lies, propaganda and disinformation.
    These practices aim at the satisfaction of people’s own interests or of the interests of a particular state, at the expense of the Truth, and are not based on objective reality but on fantasies and these people’s own imaginations, which in the case of propaganda are disseminated in as many fellow human beings as possible in order that the newly formed pseudo reality would become a world in itself, with its own norms, values, laws, and often with an all-encompassing seeming justification of unbridled vice, sin and darkness, often also accompanied by large-scale incitement to murder and inflicting unrestrained misery, suffering and devastation.
    Any form and manifestation of deliberate deception, including propaganda, is regarded by God as a denial of the reality that He allows into the world as a backdrop against which human souls are to complete their development towards virtue. A soul living in a fantasy world, as is typical of propaganda, renders herself and many fellow human beings (often entire states) completely barren spiritually and thereby delivers many to the darkness.
  5. God strictly condemns any manifestation of esotericism as a whole of systems pertaining to the knowledge of unobservable aspects of reality, through which the darkness cunningly leads souls away from the one and only Truth inspired by God as to the true sense, purpose and destination of the life of the human soul and all of creation and as to the only fruitful ways through which human souls are to fulfil the Divine Law and to help unlock themselves so as to bring the Works of Redemption wrought by the Christ to their absolute completion within them.
    The Heavenly Mistress of this Work also repeatedly emphasized that God strictly condemns any form of end-time prophecies and so-called 'messages' through which souls are threatened with punishment from God. In this connection She pointed to the fact that since the New Covenant God does not threaten souls with punishments but, through teachings, wants to bring them to a spontaneous understanding of His only Truth and of the necessity for them to help fulfil His Law. Moreover She points to the fact that no end-time predictions can come from God, as predictions about the future are completely contrary to the Divine rule that every soul is to practice the Law of True Love within her own life based on blind faith, and therefore spontaneously, wholeheartedly and unselfishly.

God has arranged His entire creation according to His Law of True Love as the Basic Law guaranteeing a perfect flow of Divine Love in the many billions of daily contacts between all creatures in the world, and which, to the extent that this Law is practiced and experienced flawlessly by human souls, can guarantee harmony and balance to be preserved within creation.

Day after day the Law of True Love is violated countless times by human souls all over the world, through unloving dealings with fellow human beings and animals.

Each of these violations brings darkness into the channels through which God’s Love flows throughout creation, thereby disrupting the vitality, harmony and balance of all creation. Every creature experiences this darkness as suffering, misery, chaos, sadness, hopelessness, oppression, illness and death, and (often unconsciously) as feelings of lacking true happiness.

For the entire duration of creation until the God-intended foundation of His Kingdom of True Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice on earth, the Queen of Heaven and earth is invested with the sacred mission of guiding human souls towards increasing their fruitfulness in perfectly practicing Divine Law, in order to help revert creation to the perfect state of Grace in which it was once created.

The teachings and appeals the Holy Virgin gives to souls through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work are therefore fully centered around the Divine Law of True Love, the ways for a complete practice of this Law and the ways by which the darkness prevents souls from fully practicing this Law.

This explains the exceptional emphasis the Holy Virgin puts through this Work on a flawless practice of the Law of True Love also towards animals, demonstrating to what unprecedented extent the darkness has been succeeding in poisoning creation and leading souls to their eternal damnation also on account of their dealings towards animals: She demonstrates why not only darkness towards fellow human beings burdens a soul with sin, but also darkness against animals, since also the animals have been given specific roles by God within the framework of the completion of His Works and His Plan of Salvation, including roles in the formation of human souls towards true holiness. After all, each and every lack of Love towards an animal gives evidence of the imperfection of the respective human soul in practicing Divine Law, of her inclination to not opt in favour of the Light but in favour of the darkness in certain circumstances, and of her lack of awareness that every single creature is an edifice made by God for the purpose of playing a part in the fulfilment of His Works.

Through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work the Holy Virgin Mary first and foremost wants to uplift the human souls to a higher degree of respect for, and preservation and advancement of, the dignity of all their fellow creatures on account of the fact that each and every creature was (or is, respectively) designed in God’s Heart and is to fulfil a specific role with its life on earth, a role which is directly related to the fulfilment of the all-encompassing Plan of Salvation designed by God for the benefit of all creation.

To that end the Queen of Heaven and earth, through every one of the teachings and appeals She launches through this Work, puts and extraordinary emphasis on:

  • combatting any discrimination of fellow humans on the basis of their race, color of skin, sex, culture, language and social status, and
  • combatting any deprivation of the dignity of any animal through maltreatment, cruelty, neglect or any other form of dealing with animals in any way not intended by God and thus not approved by Him.

Therefore, the Mother of Jesus Christ, through this Work, provides the souls with the ultimate true spiritual motivation and justification of every genuine struggle against racism, discrimination, persecution and maltreatment of fellow creatures, both humans and animals.

Through Maria Domina Animarum She argues in favour of the accomplishment of this major desire of God through what She refers to as 'the golden bridge to the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation': through total, unconditional and lifelong consecration of the soul, her entire being and all and any situations and encounters of her life to Mary, the Mistress of all souls by Divine proxy, a consecration practiced and experienced intensively in every detail of life, stressing the fact that all of this is only possible through a consistent practice of the Law of true, selfless Love towards every single fellow creature.

The expectations and desires of the one and only true God towards every human soul were phrased most extensively by the Mistress of all souls first and foremost in the following teachings and appeals:

God’s Law of True Love was discussed most profoundly and extensively in all teachings under the menu item entitled God and the animals, in which She demonstrates that practicing True Love goes way beyond what most human souls suspect it to go.

At the service of Mary, Mistress of all souls,
Myriam, July 2023