A bit further down the Queen of Heaven extends a very important
invitation to a prayer aiming at the restoration of Love
in human souls when dealing with animals

special prayer day on the 4th of each month



Myriam van Nazareth

The Mistress of all souls emphatically points to Her profound teaching in Teachings > Brief teachings > Clouds over God's Paradise > 13th cloud: Extinction of animal species, and requests that the two following Revelations be published by way of introduction to the appeal which is the object of the present category. In the first one of both Revelations She refers, among others, to the annual World Animal Day on October 4:

Words spoken and released by the Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of creation, in September 2019:

"God entrusted all of creation to the human soul’s care. Therefore man holds a vast responsibility towards God as regards all elements of nature and the harmony among all these elements: animals, vegetation, environment, even the weather conditions and atmospheric disruptions, the subsoil and the seas.

The harmony among the various elements of creation is severely disrupted on all levels. The explanations offered by science with respect to these disruptions are inevitably incomplete and inaccurate, as science is only able to observe the tip of the iceberg – only a small fraction – of life and of the effects of the laws of life: The bulk of it is part of the imperceptible spiritual life, which has got a vast impact on the material elements of nature yet can not be measured by science. Nature suffers tremendously by the effects of the original sin and the ensuing billions and billions of human sins and results of vices and darkness in the human hearts. This darkness keeps growing thicker day after day and oppresses the human hearts as a constantly increasing weight. However, the human hearts have grown too blind for God’s Laws to even be able to recognize the deeper causes of their feeling burdened or oppressed.

This is why in these Last Times, the Times destined by God to be the direct preparation for the establishment of His Kingdom on earth, it is of paramount importance that the human souls should become fully aware of their true mission in life at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans on earth, and of their vast responsibility for the harmony in nature.

The state the world is in, with all its disruptions of the harmony between all creatures, is determined to a major extent by the countless expressions of true self-denying Love in the human hearts.

Therefore I emphatically call upon the souls to keep reflecting deeply on all of this, and to become aware of the only right way for human souls to deal with the environment and with the animals. This is why I also request that the souls should, in their hearts, add a spiritual component to the annual World Animal Day, which the world has set on October 4, in the awareness that special attention to practicing true Love towards the animals is one of the least well-known and of the least recognized, yet nevertheless one of the greatest forms of tribute to God, who created the animals as tools for the perfection of man’s spiritual dispositions, and therefore as gifts of unsuspected significance.

In truth I point out to the souls that they will never experience true happiness and true Peace on earth if they keep failing to opt radically for the dispositions of self-denying Love, sincere willingness to render service and unconditional respect towards all fellow creatures, irrespective of the race or the form of life to which these creatures belong. I also refer to the appeal I launched in this respect in the month of May 2019". (so far the words spoken by the Queen of Heaven).

In May 2019 already the Mother of God had Myriam launch the following appeal to the souls:

Urgent appeal by the Queen of Heaven, May 2019:

Every maltreatment, every neglect and every lack of sincere caring Love in any way whatsoever from human souls towards animals defiles and weakens the effects of God’s Love within the entire network of creation and enhances the control wielded by the darkness all over the world.

By maltreatment, neglect and any form of lack of sincere caring Love towards any fellow creature (human and animal alike) man himself increases all misery, chaos, sufferings and injustice in the world.

The cause of all misery, chaos, sufferings and injustice in the world is sin. Sin is any form of violation on the part of a human soul against God's Law of true Love.

The Queen of Heaven reminds the souls most emphatically of the fact that sin is not only committed against fellow humans but also against animals, as God has provided for every animal in this world an indirect role within His entire Plan of Salvation, and that the life of every single animal as well as every single contact between humans and animals are Works of Divine Providence, which are intended as contributions to the completion of His Plan of Salvation.

This is why, in this world, day after day vast amounts of darkness are created by lack of Love towards animals, as every animal constitutes a small node in the network of creation and, consequently, every lack of Love in humans’ behaviour towards an animal can considerably undermine the network of creation and therefore render direct service to the works of the darkness.

Therefore, with a view to advancing the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace on earth, the Mother of God launches an urgent appeal to every human soul to practice sincere and true Love and care when in contact with animals. Through every act of Love towards an animal and every whole-hearted contribution to alleviating an animal’s vital needs a human soul makes a concrete contribution to the accomplishment of the Works God is constantly trying to complete through the human souls all over the world.

The darkness in this world can definitely be defeated, but this victory over the darkness can only be gained to the extent to which the human souls practice concrete, true, self-denying Love towards every single fellow creature, man and animal alike.

Every day billions of contacts between humans and animals occur in this world. All protection of the welfare of animals, all loving care for animals and all loving interaction with animals therefore possess the potential to make vast contributions to creating a better world, for this is the difference they make in the whole world day after day: either billions of flashes of Light, or billions of injections of darkness into the entire network of all contacts and relations among creatures.

Man alone is holding all happiness in this world in his own hands. Every aberration finds its origins in sin. Sin is the opposite of God’s Law of true Love. Sin on the one hand, and Love an the other and, are the fully opposite forms as to the use a human can make of his free will.

God never imposes anything on man, man himself decides what God will be able to accomplish in this world. It is all a matter of orientation: either the soul orients herself towards true Love, or she orients herself towards selfishness. For every single creature the sole reason to be is the mere fact it has got a specific role to fulfil within God’s Plan, a role which is ultimately geared to realizing a greater happiness for creation as a whole. This is why man, the 'crown upon God’s creation', is under the holy obligation to fight for this happiness along with all of his fellow creatures, and to fuel this fight with the celestial force that keeps flowing straight from God’s Heart: true, self-denying Love.

What God expects of man, is a behaviour and dispositions of Love, for as of day one God has been expecting man to make God’s Presence felt by all creation.

Invitation to prayer aiming at the restoration of Love
in human souls when dealing with animals

On December 20, 2011, within the framework of my finalizing the original version of the Brooklets of Salvation the Mistress of all souls invited the souls to organize monthly prayer days for the well-being of the animals, intended mainly to further exactly the conversion from those dispositions which prevent human souls from treating the animals with sincere Love, as this is a prerequisite for creation to return to really being part of God’s Kingdom.

The monthly prayer days were to be held on the fourth day of each month. As the first one of these prayer days the Queen of Heaven requested Saturday February 4, 2012, as a special symbol in two ways (thus explained by the Holy Virgin):

  • St. Francis of Assisi, the great saint who, among other things, is famous for his Love towards the animals, is celebrated on the fourth day of October;
  • February 4th is the feast of St. Veronica, the saint who wiped Jesus’ Face during the Way of the Cross, thus symbolizing the fact every soul is called upon to clean the image of her fellow creatures in the eyes of all creation, as an act of sincere Love in an endeavour to promote full understanding, acceptance and unconditional Love amongst all creatures in all directions.

Let us join hands on the fourth day of each month, in a true offensive of Light in a field in which incredible amounts of darkness are brought down upon this world: the field of the attitude and actions of human souls towards the animals. God has entrusted the human soul with the responsibility to care for the maintenance of a holy creation, actually, in a manner of speaking, through representing Him towards all creation. We can only do this by representing His Heart, which is full of Love and caring.



Invitation of December 20, 2011
from the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mistress of all souls,
to organize a chain of prayer with a
prayer day for the well-being of the animals

on the fourth day of each month

On the occasion of the inspirations elaborated in the writing by Myriam entitled The Brooklets of Salvation (English translation yet to be finished) Mary calls upon the souls to organize a chain of prayer, in that on the fourth day of each month souls would pray and consecrate their day to the Holy Virgin for the well-being of the animals in this world.

In The Brooklets of Salvation the Queen of Heaven teaches the souls the unsuspected importance of the animals in their indirect role within God’s Plan of Salvation for the human souls. Mary points out that God created the animals for a variety of reasons, one of them being rooted in the tremendous role played by the animals in the development of human souls as to virtuousness and sanctification.

Therefore in God’s judgment it is literally disgraceful and dishonouring to a human soul and an insult to God’s Love if the soul treats an animal badly, neglects it or approaches it in any unloving, selfish or indifferent way whatsoever.

That is why the Holy Virgin now urgently calls for the organization of the aforementioned days of prayer, in order to implore graces for the conversion of human souls that treat animals in any way not corresponding with God’s Love, and for the liberation of the animals themselves from all these forms of misery which is inflicted upon them by human souls, who within Creation were intended to be the crowns upon God’s Works and the representatives of His Love.

Mary points out She has chosen the days of prayer to be held on the fourth day of each month on account of the symbolic value of the fact the patron saint for the animals, Saint Francis of Assisi, is commemorated on the fourth day of a month (October).

May as many souls as possible be touched at heart by this Heavenly invitation. There is far more at stake on these prayer days than most human souls are able to imagine. According to the Holy Virgin the struggle against all behaviour towards animals which is not in accordance with God’s Law constitutes a very important part of the struggle against darkness in this world altogether, so much so that mankind can not be delivered from its misery as long as the attitude of countless souls towards the animals is not dramatically changed. Hence Mary’s invitation to launch an ardent spiritual fight in this field. The dignity of the animals as well as the dignity of the human souls is at stake.

At the service of the Holy Virgin Mary as the Mistress of all souls,


by Myriam van Nazareth

this prayer is intended, among other possibilities, to be prayed on the
'prayer days for the well-being of the animals',
as requested by Mary in Her invitation to the souls on December 20, 2011

O Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of God’s Creation and Mediatrix of all graces,

God created the animals for the human soul’s joy and for the perfection of her ability to develop a holy behaviour.

Every day this gift from God is dishonoured countless times all over the world through the unloving behaviour of human souls towards animals.

On account thereof the flow of Love and Divine Life through the whole of creation is heavily distorted, and from day to day the darkness spread all over mankind because of the burden of sin is intensified.

O Mother of Mercy, on behalf of all mankind I urgently plead with You for Your powerful intervention. Through the infinite power of Your perfect Love, do multiply the strength and the effect of every good deed, every act of Love committed by human souls anywhere in this word for the benefit of animals, so that the Light of awareness and conversion may be poured upon mankind in an explosion of Love:

  • for the liberation of animals from the darkness of abuse in any form whatsoever by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals from the darkness of neglect by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals from the darkness of any form of unloving or indifferent behaviour by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals from the darkness of any materialistic behaviour by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for mercy towards animals which are abandoned or rejected by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for mercy towards animals which have not got enough to eat due to any human soul. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals which are the victims of debasing experiments and other degrading actions committed by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals which are the victims of poaching by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals which are the victims of exploitation for the sake of human pleasure, in the field of sports, or for whatever profitable purpose. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for mercy towards animals which are the victims of expulsion from their natural habitat for any reason whatsoever benefiting human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

O Mother of God, powerful Defeater of all darkness, of all sin and of all temptation, I offer You my today’s trials for the outpouring of graces of mercy and conversion for all human souls in this world who have not understood that only the human soul’s Love for all her fellow creatures – fellow people as well as animals – is able to save the world from its misery, and who have not understood the value of every animal within God’s Works and for their own inner Peace and happiness.

Do break within all these souls the power of temptation to any unloving or selfish behaviour, to any attitude of indifference and to any attitude of materialism to the detriment of animals, so that these souls may convert and the world may be liberated from the misery which is the bitter fruit of the death of the soul’s Love for her fellow creatures that Divine Providence has admitted on the path of her life for the sake of her happiness and her Eternal Salvation.

In order to obtain these favours I now beseech You:

  1. do obtain an explosion of Divine Light and Divine Love within all souls;

  2. do break the power of Satan, who in countless human souls has killed the Love for their fellow creatures or has been poisoning these souls daily in order for them to enhance the effects of his works of darkness also in their behaviour and their attitude towards the animals, and

  3. do obtain us the grace that through this prayer all animals in this world may experience God’s Love and mercy, for the glorification of the Love with which He keeps the whole of Creation alive.