Myriam’s mission consists of writing down the teachings, advices and theses provided by the Mistress of all souls and of publishing them in the Heavenly Mistress’ time, meticulously in accordance with Her wishes as to the extent of their being published and the form in which the publication is to take place.
Since 2012 Myriam has no permission from the Heavenly Mistress to express opinions nor to reply with respect to any observations or questions concerning the published texts, by virtue of the rule the Holy Virgin imposed upon Her tool from the outset:
that every text is inspired by Her directly, thus proceeding from a Heavenly Source without any human interference, and therefore expresses God’s Truth, and that it is not part of Myriam’s mission to express any opinions nor to give any explanations, having regard to the fact the Heavenly Mistress Herself chooses Her words exactly in accordance with the needs of God’s Works.
This is why every soul who reads texts which Myriam has written and published by order of the Queen of Heaven is supposed to make the best of their content for the benefit of her own Eternal Salvation and of all fellow creatures that cross her path through life.
The use made of every text is a matter between the soul and God Himself, as each text ultimately proceeds from Him. Myriam’s mission is accomplished from A to Z within a bond of total and unconditional service, a bond between a slave and her Mistress. Myriam vouches with her life for the Source and Truth of every single written word, and is not permitted to express opinions or write explanations which have not previously been ordered by the Heavenly Mistress Herself.
This is exactly the meaning of the thesis published earlier saying the Maria Domina Animarum Work is on every level and in every stage of its activities ruled and guided solely and exclusively by the Mistress of all souls and draws from no other Source but the Source of Her words, and is also the purpose of Myriam’s total and permanent retreat as ordered by the Heavenly Mistress.

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

As Maria Domina Animarum is strictly and exclusively rooted in mystical origins the Queen of Heaven does not encourage frequent correspondence with this Work. As the Maria Domina Animarum Work was established by the Queen of Heaven as a Work of propagation, teaching, and for the promotion of total consecration to Her, we also kindly request each soul who gets to know this Work or its website, not to write the Apostolate any letters containing prayer intentions: Total consecration to the Holy Virgin means that all and any prayer intentions from a soul who is willing to unite with us in a sincere and well-disposed heart, are automatically borne by all of us together through the practical application of our day-to-day consecration to Mary. The Queen of Heaven locks all prayer intentions in Her Heart and works on them according to the ways which serve God’s Plan of Salvation the most. The dispositions underlying the most fruitful consecration to Mary can be found in abundance in all texts which are offered on the present website.

Emails you may want to write to the Apostolate with a view to requesting texts in the .pdf format, however, can be addressed to [email protected].

In this respect we gladly refer you to the menu item Announcements-Publications > Publications as well as to the permanent info and update bar entitled To be obtained, which you can find at the bottom of our welcome page.

Most lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,

Myriam and the Maria Domina Animarum Work