Answers by the Mistress of all souls
to crucial questions about Her capacities

Myriam van Nazareth

In the present times the world witnesses the truth of God’s prediction that in the Last Times the darkness is going to go to any lengths to spoil and deceive the souls in order that the promise concerning the establishment of God’s Kingdom of true Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice within and among all creatures on earth might be postponed as long as possible and that the world might not become a mirror of the Kingdom of Heaven but, on the contrary, a mirror of the realm of Satan.

Satan is working on the establishment of his kingdom by operating extraordinarily brutal means. His kingdom is a realm of the deepest misery, unspeakable suffering and the most profound discord and discontent within and between all creatures, a world filled with destruction, chaos, hate, insecurity, threats, dissatisfaction and physical and emotional torture. In former Revelations the Mother of God already most strikingly spoke of a thick layer of darkness pressing upon creation like a heavy black cloud of smoke, which prevents a major part of Divine Light from reaching the souls and hearts and suffocates the whole world.

God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world as the Redeemer for the purpose of opening up the way for the souls to free themselves from the consequences of the original sin, which had made it impossible for the human souls to enter into Eternal Bliss. The redemptive sufferings accomplished by the Man-God, as well as the souls’ voluntarily complying with His doctrine of Love, was to open up access to Eternal Life for the souls again. God provided for the souls a golden path to complete this journey towards Salvation under a perfect celestial guidance: the total consecration to the Holy Virgin Mary. In Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls Mary has been pointing out that this golden path is a carrier of an extraordinary Light which a great many souls completely disregard, overlook or downright reject, often on account of a lack of faith, in many cases due to ignorance or a lack of correct understanding.

Ever since, in 1997, the Queen of Heaven called Myriam to a life at Her exclusive total service She has frequently been pointing to aspects of Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls which are completely ignored by most souls, despite the fact these very aspects have got the potential to develop an extraordinary power over the works and plans of the darkness. In the course of the years Myriam asked Her questions in this respect, and on several occasions the Heavenly Mistress did answer them privately, without giving a specific order to publish Her answers. As the act of any publishing, as well as the date thereof, by the Maria Domina Animarum Work is totally subjected to either an explicit permission or an explicit order by the sole Mistress of the Work, the answers concerned could not be published right away. Now She explicitly orders them to be published. Therefore the present text can be regarded as a step by Heaven itself to draw the souls’ attention to powerful yet very rarely used weapons in the battle to undermine the works and plans of the darkness in this world.

1. God made the Holy Virgin Mary Mistress of ALL souls. One day Myriam implored Her explanation as to the fact this means She is also Mistress over the demons.

Context: The Revelation granted to Myriam by the Holy Virgin Mary on August 22, 2006, contains, among other words, the following words spoken by the Most Holy Trinity on the occasion of Mary’s coronation in Heaven:

"It is Our will that all souls shall serve Her eternally, giving Her obedience and glory. She shall possess absolute power to command all angels and all souls in Heaven, on earth and in the underworld. She is to enjoy their total subservience and obedience". (see The Most Holy Trinity about Mary.)

The unlimited power wielded by the Heavenly Mistress over the demons is apparent also from the vision of March 15, 2007, which She released for publication by the name of Confession made by a demon at Mary’s command, in which the demon concerned, kneeling deeply at Her feet, says, among other things:

"I confess and acknowledge: The Woman is the absolute Mistress of everything that lives. She has got all power, also over us demons. In the hour in which the human souls acknowledge this and live by this awareness, the whole of creation will tremble and shake on its foundations, and our rule will be over".

Explanation: The Heavenly Mistress explains through Myriam as follows:

"I repeatedly demonstrated to you that the will of the Most High, decreeing that the angels shall for all eternity regard, serve and obey Me as their uncontested Queen and Mistress, is fulfilled uninterruptedly in the spheres of Eternal Bliss (★). To them, in execution of the will of the Triune God, I am the most sublime, all-embracing Work of Wonder and the absolutely stainless Mirror of God. The same goes for the blessed who are by nature human souls. This is why I showed you how upon My entry into Heaven subsequently upon My transition from earthly life, all created inhabitants of Heaven, without one single exception, at once prostrated themselves before Me as a pledge to their accepting God’s Decree according to which I was, am and will forever be elevated above them.

(★) In the year 2007 the Heavenly Mistress indeed granted Myriam several visions showing countless angels lying prostrated – i.e. kneeled down with their foreheads touching the ground – at Her feet while She was sitting on a throne in Heaven, saying that God has decreed that not one single moment in all eternity this 'chain of glorification to the Queen and Mistress of the angels' shall be interrupted, meaning that at any given moment large numbers of angels are lying prostrated at the feet of the Mistress of all souls.

Mistress of all souls in purgatory I am in the sense that God has automatically subjected all human souls to Me, irrespective of the state of existence they are in.

I am Mistress of all souls on earth, even though all souls on earth have the disposition of a free will. Irrespective of whether human souls on earth are willing to follow Me or not I have been given to them by virtue of a Divine Decree to be their inner Guide, and God expects all souls to pay tribute to Me. For all those who totally, unconditionally and for the entire duration of their life consecrate themselves to Me and actually practice this consecration in all details, situations and circumstances of their life and in all their inner dispositions in heart and spirit I am in a position to implement this capacity to the fullest. Therefore souls who actually live as souls consecrated to Me will experience all privileges of My inner guidance.

Many, however, fail to understand what it means when it is pointed out that I am also Mistress of the demons, or of the damned. Mistress of the demons I am in the sense that no damned soul, whether fallen angel of damned human soul, is able to resist Me in the slightest. Not one single plan harboured by damned souls nor one single work accomplished by damned souls will ever be maintained whenever I am enabled to exercise My full power over this plan or work, for I derive My power from the perfect unity of My will with the will of God.

Therefore I am not the Mistress of the demons in the sense of 'the One who guides or commands the demons in their plans or works', but in the sense of the One who wields a power to which demons or damned souls can be totally subjected. As all human souls on earth are judged by God in all their doings and in all their inner dispositions according to the way they have used their free will and thus according to the extent to which they either serve the Light or the darkness the Law of God allows Me only to use My power over the demons to the extent to which human souls implore Me to AND to which My intervention can be justified within the execution of God’s Plan.

The latter extent is influenced, among others, by that which human souls are, of their own free will, ready to give for it in exchange, especially the trials they will bear in full acceptance and with an unconditional Love – i.e.: perfectly in the spirit of Jesus Christ, AND the degree to which human souls prove to God that they are willing to subject themselves unrestrainedly and unconditionally to Me, to My status and to My inner guidance as well as to the teachings I am allowed by God to convey. These are exactly the fields in which innumerable human souls are falling short. This failure is among the major reasons why My explosive power over the darkness manifests itself way more rarely than God would have it, and why therefore the visible victory of 'the Woman' over Satan and his works has been postponed for so long already.

This is why, on November 3, 2009, I said:

"Believe in Me, for I am the Mistress of all souls. Satan and his following, too, are souls, and are consequently subjected to My power. I have the power to control all of their works, yet by virtue of the Law of Divine Justice I can only do so to the extent to which every one of you cleanses their temples of the traces the serpent has been leaving within them".

The Holy Virgin Mary as the Mistress of demons is therefore the One who has received from God the power to paralyze all tools of the darkness in their actions and to curtail all of their works and plans and to undo any effects thereof. This is particularly Her vocation for the very Last Times, in which She, in Her capacity as 'the Woman', by virtue of a Divine Decree is to crush Satan and all his works and effects thereof under Her feet. Satan was laid underneath the feet of 'the Woman' at the very moment in which She was designed in God’s Heart. Then already She was presented to all the angels – including Satan, who was still called Lucifer at the time – as their Mistress for all eternity.

How to make concrete use of this knowledge? The Heavenly Mistress allows the following explanation:

The fact the Queen of Heaven is the Mistress of all souls by virtue of a Divine Decree also raises Her above the damned souls, the fallen angels (i.e. the devils) and all their instruments at the service of the establishment of the kingdom of the darkness, the realm of evil on earth as the absolute counterpart of the Kingdom God wants to establish on earth as the reflection and perfect expression of His Love in the material world. In concrete terms this means She possesses an unlimited power over all instruments of the darkness and over the accomplishment of all their works and plans. In other words: She possesses the power to prevent the realisation of all intentions harboured by these instruments or to render them ineffective. To do so, however, God’s Law requires Her to get full collaboration on the part of human souls on earth, through their prayers, the trials they are willing to offer in Love, and a faithful imitation of Christ. In concrete terms this means that the more souls will lead purer and more loving lives and will explicitly offer their entire inner lives and all of their trials up to God, preferably through consecration of it all to the Holy Virgin, in a sincere desire for the advancement of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, the more forceful will She be able to wield Her incredibly tremendous power over all darkness.

The Holy Virgin Mary has got the ability to fully paralyze all darkness, to render all evil completely ineffective, to silence all and any threats on the part of the darkness anywhere in the world, provided human souls spontaneously and wholeheartedly collaborate with Her on this, completely in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

The Mistress of all souls has repeatedly been stressing the necessity that human souls should become and remain fully aware of Her unparalleled power over the darkness, and within this framework She pointed to a phenomenon which is but very rarely taken into account: the tremendous power of glorification, praise, self-abasement and practical total submission towards God and the Woman of the Last Times who was elected and elevated by Him, the One He most justly made the Commander of the hosts of the Light (consisting of the angels, the blessed in Heaven and all human souls on earth who totally commit their entire life and their entire being to the final accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, which aims at the salvation of as many souls as possible and at the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, which is to be completed in association with the total and final paralyzing of all works and plans of the darkness in this world. The establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth will constitute the final seal on the effects produced by the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ.

On many occasions the Heavenly Mistress assured Myriam that a sincerely and wholeheartedly spoken invocation can get an unsuspected practical effect. In the course of the years She gave Myriam several invocations which, as She emphasized, can help create a reality if a human soul uses them in a profound awareness, a solid faith, a deep confidence, a sincere selfless Love and a genuine desire that the words of the invocation may really come true. May the following examples serve as an incentive, as they were given to us by the Mistress of all souls Herself:

On December 11, 2005, She said:

"Tell the souls that every time they invoke Me with Love and in the deepest veneration as 'powerful Mistress of all souls', I command the evil one to throw himself at My feet. This is how I force the prince of arrogance to debase himself totally before the One he hates so much".

In prayer flower nr. 998 (Storm prayer to Mary, Mistress over all darkness) and the matching explanations the Heavenly Mistress emphasized to what extent this promise is anything but empty, but on the contrary can become a living reality. This prayer and the matching explanations are part of Mary’s Flower Garden 751-1000.

On February 5, 2008 She said:

"Tell the souls that every time a soul on earth, in a disposition of sincere Love and genuine submission, addresses Me as 'Mistress', in Heaven angels throw themselves at My feet, exclaiming the most ardent praise and glorification. This is how every single act of self-debasement towards Me on earth also increases the visible radiance of My power in Heaven and therefore the torments of the demons in hell. The greater the concrete radiance of My power becomes the more paralyzed the power of Satan and his following will be".

Within this context the Heavenly Mistress once emphasized that nothing or nobody can ever add anything to Her power, nor detract anything from it, because God has made Her to be His absolutely greatest Work of Wonder, and nobody is able to change anything to such perfect Divine Work, BUT that the effects of this power can indeed be stepped up according to the way human souls will deal with this power, i.e. according to the extent to which human souls actively contribute to this power actually producing the effects it is potentially able to produce. Therefore it is completely up to the human souls to determine how soon or how late, respectively, the unparalleled power of the Heavenly Queen over the darkness gets to produce its full effects.

On November 11, 2012, the Queen of Heaven gave a Latin invocation, which in English would sound as follows: The devil is grovelling at the feet of Mary, the most powerful Mistress and Commander over all demons. She explained: "You will experience My power. Besides for the entire duration of these acts of glorification I will order demons to throw themselves at My feet and to stay there".

On a similar occasion She requested me to perform a nocturnal exercise, which, among other things, consisted in speaking a sequence of invocations glorifying Her unlimited power over the demons. These invocations were to be offered to Her while kneeling deeply before Her. She explained: "For the entire duration of your exercise demons will be lying on their knees at My feet, forced by Me to praise My unlimited power over them in a loud voice". Right before the completion of the exercise She indeed granted me a vision in which She showed me how this was actually happening, and She added:

"If souls could see what their deepest thoughts, feelings, desires and words bring about in the supernatural reality which they are unable to perceive with their senses!... Yes, by glorifying My unlimited power over the darkness you can obtain that My power is indeed unleased to such an extent that I am well and truly able to have demons throw themselves at My feet in order to have them acknowledge this power. For them this is a tremendous humiliation. Do realize that, if this were to occur every single day on a large scale countless demons would be totally paralyzed and the world would be liberated from a vast amount of darkness. Praise My power over the demons, and you will contribute to My power actually paralyzing works of darkness".

The rule is as follows: An invocation such as "The devil is grovelling at Mary’s feet" is not like the simple expression used by a person who sees something and tells a fellow person about it. If a soul speaks this invocation very deeply straight from the heart (whether in a loud voice or silently, internally), imagines the situation very vividly, and implores the Heavenly Mistress with a sincere desire that it may be so, She will see to it that the invocation is actually converted into reality. She orders a demon to throw himself on his knees at Her feet, thus paralyzing him for the accomplishment of his plans and works of darkness in the world for the time during which She keeps him at Her feet.

So the Heavenly Mistress is given by this human soul, who offers Her this invocation sincerely and filled with a genuine desire, the opportunity to fully produce the effects of Her power over a demon. If a lot of souls should do this day after day many plans of the darkness would not, or no longer, be accomplished in this world, large amounts of darkness would be replaced by the radiance of an increasingly active Light emanating from the Queen of Heaven – a Light which fully expresses a tremendous Divine grace – and much misery and suffering in this world would be replaced by Love, Peace and happiness".

2. A well-known thesis says the soul should kneel to God alone. This is why Myriam once implored the Heavenly Mistress for an explanation about kneeling before Mary.

Context: In the Spring of 1997 the Queen of Heaven and earth called Myriam to a life of exclusive service to Her. In November 2005 She started Her 'Public Revelations of the Mistress of all souls' by the words, spoken clearly audible and in a strict tone of voice to Myriam, who was standing in front of an image depicting the crowned celestial Queen: "Kneel down before Me!", and soon after these words: "Henceforth I want you to kneel before Me several times every day". Yet it is known to the faithful that one should not kneel down to anyone but God alone. Later the Heavenly Mistress gave the following answer to a question brought before Her on this topic by Myriam:

Explanation by the Heavenly Mistress:

"God desires that all souls should kneel down before Me. I granted you to hear this in My Revelation from the month of May 2007, in which God showed My newly created soul to all inhabitants of Heaven and spoke: "Now kneel down before your Mistress, just as all souls shall kneel down before Her for all eternity" (see The Most Holy Trinity about Mary.)

This is in no way incompatible with the thesis according to which the soul should kneel to God alone, because in Me is the essence of God’s major Works of Wonder, and therefore I embody the omnipotence and the perfection of God Himself, in other words: I make the presence of these Divine characteristics felt.

You could compare this with the fact that, in worldly life, the ambassador of a country is regarded as representing the country itself as well as the head of state of that country. In a similar way I can be regarded as the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Head of state of that Kingdom: God Himself. In the world any insult to the ambassador of a country is regarded as an insult to that country and to its head of state, and any gift or tribute to the ambassador as a gift or tribute to the country and its head of state. The tribute or the insult are therefore not actually aimed at the person of the ambassador but at the country and its head of state. In a similar way the highest tribute which can be paid to Me – a soul kneeling before Me – is ultimately intended for God Himself, and any insult to Me is ultimately intended for God Himself and for His Kingdom, His Law and His capacities. This is why it is not a sacrilege when a soul kneels down before Me, but on the contrary it is an insult to God if a soul refuses to kneel down before Me.

Whenever a soul kneels before Me this is tantamount to her kneeling before God and before all that represents God, i.e. all of His Works of Wonder, His capacities, His perfection, His omnipotence and His Law. In the eyes of God refusing to kneel before Me is tantamount to refusing to kneel to His Works of Wonder, His capacities, His perfection, His omnipotence and His Law.

I have been repeating over and over again for years that I am not a goal of my own, but a means through which God can be reached, the ultimate means of God’s special predilection. This is why I say that God refers to total consecration to Me as 'the golden path to perfection and to God'.

Total consecration to Mary = total consecration to God Himself (Eternal Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit). There are souls who refuse to consecrate themselves to Mary and who refer to this consecration as 'occult, esoteric, sacrilegious, idolatrous, sectarian, at variance with Christianity' etc. These souls have fallen prey to a misconception, they fail to understand the true role, function, position, as well as the Divine election of Mary as the golden key to the Heart of the Triune God, and by clinging to this perception they serve the works and plans of the darkness, contribute to postponing the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, and increase Satan’s possibilities to prepare ever deeper roots for his kingdom of misery, suffering, chaos, strife and unhappiness in the world.

It is apparent from the Revelations conveying the words spoken by the Most Holy Trinity about Me that an unlimited veneration is due to Me in My capacity as a Representative and Embodiment of absolute perfection based on Works which only God is able to perform and which He has actually performed within Me. This has allowed Me to partake in capacities which are essentially Divine. In the order of Grace God granted Me to share in these capacities for time – i.e. for the entire duration of My life on earth – and eternity, intending that I might make use of them whenever this would seem conducive to helping unlock the effects of His great Plan of Salvation.

Owing to the fact that for the entire duration of My life on earth I did not violate the Law of true Love in one single detail of My behaviour nor in any word, thought, desire and aspiration My entire life remained free from any sin. This is why, in the eyes of God, I am the perfect embodiment of the 'ideal human soul', the soul as He had intended every soul to be from the beginning, viz. as a mirror of the dispositions of His own Heart. This is exactly why He elevated Me to be the Mistress and Queen of all creatures and the Golden Bridge between all human souls and the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I have been pointing out frequently that every word, action, thought and desire conveying a glorification to My power over the demons and their works produces a very concrete effect. Not without reason on several occasions I demonstrated before your very eyes how I forced demons to go down on their knees before Me, thus humiliating them to the utmost. By forcing them to go down on their knees before Me and keeping them at My feet for a certain span of time I bring the highest possible tribute to the sublimity and omnipotence of our God. So I do not do this for My own sake, I do it in representation of God, in order that even demons, who are the very embodiment of the greatest separation from God and of the greatest denial of His Law and His Love, are forced to bring Him the greatest glorification and thus to profess before Him their own nothingness.

Do not ever forget that I was called to crush underneath My feet Satan and all of his works and plans, in God’s time, as the great sign from God denoting the fact that the created soul who constitutes the most sublime embodiment of the absolutely perfectly practiced Divine Law of true Love – this being proven by the everlasting total absence of any sin within My entire being – is merged with the Creator, the Redeemer and the Sanctifier to such an extent as to acquire the power to completely destroy all darkness and the source thereof. In that hour the greatness of God and of His Law will be expressed to the highest degree possible, as in that hour the total unlocking of the effects produced by the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ will be completed in all of creation.

The rule is as follows: By forcing demons to go down on their knees before Me I pay tribute to the heavily insulted God. As of the rebellion of Lucifer Satan and his followers have been refusing to keel, both to God and to the One designated by God to be the Mistress and Queen over all beings and things created, i.e. over all that is under God, for all eternity, i.e. them, the demons, included. Every human soul who, in a disposition of sincere surrender to My inner guidance, sincere acknowledgement of My unique role and position within the framework of accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation and sincere acknowledgement of My capacity as a stainless mirror of God’s Heart, and as the embodiment of the perfect fulfilment of Divine Law, kneels down before Me, whether in the spirit or physically before an image or a statue representing Me, helps to activate and bring forward the unlocking of the fullness of My crushing power over all darkness.

The total power I enjoy over every demon and all works and plans of evil was given to Me by God in its fullness and is part of the fullness of Grace which is within Me. However, this power must produce its effects through active contributions from human souls, by bringing deep veneration to Me and by imploring Me for the favour of deploying it to the fullest. In proportion as larger amounts of human souls actually do this mankind will be more firmly united with the angels and I will be enabled to fulfil My unique vocation more concretely. My invocation consists of visibly humiliating the darkness and visibly paralyzing its works and plans, to the glory of the God of Love and of His perfect Law and for the purpose of materializing a complete purification of the world of all and any misery, suffering, chaos, strife, injustice and unhappiness.

Do remember at all times that every act of kneeling or prostrating oneself before Me makes hell shake and tremble.

3. Only God is almighty. Nevertheless on several occasions the Mistress of all souls referred to what She called Her omnipotence in the order of Grace. How are the souls to understand this?

Context: On June 8, 2006 the Heavenly Mistress spoke as follows:

"God is almighty by nature. I am almighty in the order of Grace, because My perfect unity with Divine Will granted Me the power that not a single one of My words fails to produce effects. I have received this power from God to be used for all eternity".

On August 11, 2006 She said:

"Every soul has got the ability to acquire power over God’s Heart. This power increases in proportion as the soul’s life is more in accordance with God’s Plans and with His Will. Within Me this accordance was perfect and absolute as of My Immaculate Conception. This is why it is justified to call Me almighty in the order of Grace".

Explanation: On several occasions the Holy Virgin explained the meaningfulness and veracity of this thesis, as well as the tremendous power which can be deployed as soon as human souls are willing to accept this thesis as Divine Truth. As a starting point the Heavenly Mistress once explained the difference between 'by nature' and 'in the order of Grace':

'By nature' refers to the ability or the capacity a living being possesses inherently. 'In the order of Grace', on the other hand, refers to the ability or capacity a being possesses because it has been given it by God, as a gift of grace. A major example given by the Queen of Heaven years ago:

Jesus Christ is Divine by nature, but was sent into the world in human shape, because He had to fulfil a specific mission requiring Him to possess a physical body. One might say He 'was human in the order of Grace', not by nature, as His nature was and is and will forever be Divine.

The Holy Virgin Mary, however, was a created human by nature but was, in a manner of speaking, 'deified in the order of Grace'. This means that She, who is 'full of Grace', has received the absolute maximum of graces a created human soul could possibly ever carry within herself. It is precisely this 'fullness of Grace' which can be regarded as a 'deification', as the soul is 'full of Grace' if she is filled to the utmost with abilities and capacities which elevate human nature as highly towards Divinity as human nature could possibly ever be elevated. The Holy Virgin is the only human soul who ever enjoyed this prerogative.

This means Mary is not Divine by nature, but that in the order of Grace She possesses unfathomable treasures of abilities and capacities which elevate Her entire being very far above human nature. She will preserve Her human nature forever, yet She is the carrier of abilities and capacities which make Her resemble God as faithfully as could at all be possible for a human soul.

Mary’s soul is 'deified in the order of Grace' because God created the nature of Her soul so perfectly and by virtue of the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception made this soul so perfect and so unrestrainedly effective and fruitful for the accomplishment of His Works that within God’s Plan of Salvation and in Her relationship to the elements of creation Her nature appears, and produces effects, as a (created) reflection of the essential traits of God.

One of the major characteristics of this unique state the Holy Virgin’s being is in for all eternity, is what She refers to as Her 'omnipotence in the order of Grace', which, when strictly referring to the Holy Virgin, can also be called a 'state of all-inclusive power'. What, in fact, is omnipotence? The Heavenly Mistress defines:

"Omnipotence is the unique capacity characterizing the 'Most Sublime Being', Divinity, through which God possesses the ability to influence, to destroy or to recreate every single element of His creation, whether animate or inanimate, and every single development and every change within each element of creation and within creation as a whole to an absolutely unlimited extent, to bring about totally new elements out of nothing by virtue of a simple act of His Will, to breathe Life into inanimate things, and to infallibly direct, govern, rule and steer every single element as well as the mutual movements between the various elements of His creation, and to determine the moments when their existence will begin and end. The only true God possesses this ability all by Himself by virtue of the absolute perfection and the unlimited nature of His Will. He does not derive this ability from any other force, as only He Himself is the Source and the Destination of everything that is, and only He Himself is the force which creates and governs everything".

In the course of the years the Heavenly Mistress repeatedly pointed out that God has granted Her to share to a nearly unlimited extent the practical exercise of His own power, because Her ultimate vocation actually makes this necessary, in a manner of speaking: Every human soul partakes in the power of God, in the sense that every human soul is able to move God to performing certain actions, to intervening in certain developments, to restoring certain derailed situations, to curtailing certain manifestations of evil, etc. The Queen of Heaven and earth repeatedly stated this 'power' held by a human soul will increase or decrease in proportion as she is willing to allow her own free will to merge completely, wholeheartedly, spontaneously, actively and persistently with the Will of God or not. She will do so by fulfilling the Law of Love to the highest possible degree. Fulfilling the Law of Love is basically tantamount to avoiding any sin or vice. Here is the major difference:

No single human soul in the history of mankind ever allowed her own free will to merge with the Will of God so totally as the Holy Virgin Mary did. She alone has earned the merit of making Her own free will one hundred per cent identical with the Will of God in every single detail of Her life, in every single situation, in every encounter with fellow creatures, in every element of Her inner life. This is why God gave Her a power which, in point of fact, in many respects runs parallel to His own power: Everything, really everything the Heavenly Mistress ever wanted was exactly identical to what God wanted, which results in God granting Her every desire as a matter of course. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, every decision She makes automatically bears God’s seal. This is why the Holy Archangel Michael said to Myriam on April 27, 2008:

"Mary is the Mistress of all souls, for She has received an unlimited power over all beings and things created. As soon as the human souls are willing to accept(★) this Divine truth they will be ready to accomplish God’s perfect Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation together with us, angels".

(★) (because of the fact the word 'accept' is frequently misunderstood the Heavenly Mistress later provided for an explanation making it clear that the souls are to understand 'accept' as 'adopting as a rock-solid truth and wholeheartedly and persistently acting upon it', in other words: 'accepting' must not be regarded as a matter of 'passively going along with', but as a disposition motivating the soul towards actively committing herself).

On September 29, 2006 the Archangel had already said:

"Human souls, open your eyes to the sublime greatness, the unspeakable majesty and the unparalleled power of Mary, Mistress of all beings and things created".

On December 14, 2006 he said:

"Her power is millions of times greater than that of all other souls combined".

It is precisely because the Heavenly Mistress received from God the mission to humiliate Satan to the utmost in the very Last Times that, in the order of Grace, that She had to be invested with infinite elements of Divine power, for not one single human soul is by nature able to totally defeat Satan. For instance, not one single soul has the power to make Satan kneel before her and keep him on his knees for a duration the soul herself freely sees fit, unless this soul is to an exceptionally high extent merged with the Heart of God Himself.

Satan, who was initially called Lucifer and then – prior to his rebellion against God – was the highest ranking among the angels, had even prior to his fall and expulsion from the heavens been made subordinate to the Holy Virgin Mary (whose soul then still was a mere design in the Heart of God) as Her servant for all eternity, just like any other created soul. This means that Her power infinitely exceeded Satan’s power, for God provided for Her being the proxy of His seal, i.e. the proxy as to the implementation and fulfilment of His Law in the Last Times, a mission which She is fulfilling by virtue of Her relationship with the Christ and of the omnipotence of His Works of Redemption. This is why She is going to finally crush underneath Her feet Satan, his following and all of his works and plans as well as the effects thereof, and why She will do so in Her capacity as the Proxy and Representative of Divine omnipotence and as the perfect embodiment of His Law of true Love, demonstrating an absolute incorruptibility, which in itself is a Divine characteristic. She, the Woman, is the embodiment of the absolute fullness of Grace and therefore the Executive of Divine power towards the great enemy of God and of His Works and His Plan of Salvation.

God elected the Holy Virgin to be a key figure for the implementation of His Plan of Salvation in the Last Times. Jesus Christ unlocked the accomplishment of this Plan and, while hanging on the Cross in agony, gave His Mother Mary to the human children through His disciple Saint John, and the human children to His Mother, in order that She might be enabled to bring the Works of Christ to full bloom within every individual human soul of good will. For Her to be able to fulfil this role She was granted a major right of disposal as to everything which is conducive to the full accomplishment of the great Plan of Salvation: She received the indisputable command over God’s angels, the key to the treasuries of Divine Graces, the weapon of an almighty intercession, an absolutely unlimited power over the demons, the instruments for the sanctification of human souls and – by virtue of a Divine Mystery – the power to convert all sufferings, trials, sacrifices, acts of penance, mortifications, efforts, expressions of virtue and victories over temptations into graces of Redemption, healing and salvation. Especially the latter privilege makes Mary a key figure for the liberation of the world from the clutches of evil, which strongly underlines Her capacity as being 'almighty in the order of Grace'. 'Almighty' is therefore fully to be understood as 'possessing an all-pervasive power'.

As early as in the first days after She had called Myriam to a life at Her service the Heavenly Mistress emphasized the tremendous power of total consecration to Her, not merely in the form of a verbally produced prayer of consecration but in the form of consecration which is truly practiced in each and every situation of everyday life (in all of the soul’s actions and omissions, in her entire mental and emotional life and in all of her sincere beliefs). In those days already, the Mistress taught Myriam an invocation, or statement, of absolutely unlimited consecration, and elaborated on it as follows:

"I give you an assignment to be carried out throughout your life: I want you to program your heart in such a way as to be able to say wholeheartedly and sincerely, in any situation of life, particularly when experiencing trials: This is how my Heavenly Mistress has wanted it to be. Do keep in mind that I will never 'want' you to experience sufferings or trials, but no human soul is able to fathom how powerful this statement is if it is offered to Me in all sincerity. This statement is the ultimate confession of total, unlimited and unconditional surrender and submission to Me.

By making this statement you go on the assumption that anything that happens to you is directed and guided by Me, and you confess that you accept the situation as having proceeded from your Heavenly Mistress’ will and that you are willing to go through it with a heart filled with Light in order to serve your Mistress, and through Her, God Himself, unconditionally and to the utmost. The tremendous power of those words is based on the fact they show a state of heart that is directly opposed to the state of heart experienced by the fallen angels, Satan and his following, who for all eternity refuse to acknowledge Me as the Mistress of all souls and therefore also refuse to acknowledge that God Himself has wanted Me to be their superior for all eternity.

Through the confession This is how my Heavenly Mistress has wanted it to be the soul expresses the fact she accepts My being elevated above her, she confesses her voluntary total submission to My inner guidance on her journey through life, and she adds an extraordinary supplementary dimension to the value of her trials: Trials which are born wholeheartedly 'because' the soul’s Mistress has allowed them to occur generate a tremendous value of Redemption owing to the fact they are then born in a state of heart quite similar to that of the Christ, who bore His Sufferings in complete surrender to the Divine Plan of Salvation and going on the view that the Eternal Father had wanted them to be experienced the way they were designed. This frame of heart expresses the highest form of self-denying Love in glorification of God’s perfect intentions. Combined with the disposition of total acceptance, surrender and submission to the Woman who, by virtue of a Divine Decree, is the soul’s inner Guide for the purpose of unlocking the Christ’s Works of Redemption inside this soul and of guiding the soul’s inner life on her path towards a perfect imitation of Christ, this frame of heart produces a devastating effect on the forces of darkness. Moreover this confession expresses a rock-solid faith in the unsurpassed power of the inner guidance exercised by the soul’s Mistress on the soul’s journey through life, which also works as a powerful weapon against the darkness.

For Satan the confession stated as This is how my Heavenly Mistress has wanted it to be, provided it is spoken and offered by the soul wholeheartedly and in all sincerity, is tantamount to the soul throwing herself at the Heavenly Mistress’ feet. I told you before that every sincere prostration made by a soul before Me makes hell tremble and shake. This is why I want you to not only phrase this confession inside your heart but first and foremost to practice its words as a genuine attitude towards life. In the latter case it will shine into the darkness with a dazzling Light which will contribute to works to be wrought and plans to be concocted by the darkness being rendered ineffective in this world, because to the forces of the darkness your entire life will then be like an uninterrupted sequence of prostrations performed by a human soul at the feet of the Mistress of all souls".

The rule is as follows: As early as 2008 the Heavenly Mistress had Myriam write the following words: "In proportion as souls come to recognize, accept and commit to the fullness of Mary’s power, and in proportion as the number of souls who do so increases, the concrete effects of Her power over the souls can be multiplied, and the forces of darkness be tamed".

The Queen of Heaven and earth was given all power to bring God’s Law to fruition in every soul and to do so by virtue of the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ. The demons perceive and experience this ability as an effect of Divine omnipotence which thwarts all their works and plans.

The larger the number of souls who acknowledge this omnipotence in the order of Grace and who make full use of it by actually recognizing and accepting the Holy Virgin as their Heavenly Mistress and by harbouring a solid faith in the fact God Himself has granted Her to dispose of His power for the purpose of crowning the Works of the Christ once and for all, the sooner will She get the opportunity to translate this omnipotence – Her unique status of 'possessing an all-inclusive power' – into a perceptible and tangible final victory of Divine omnipotence, which has concluded inside of Her the marriage with a human nature which is absolutely undefiled and which, therefore, can and will make the Presence of God fully tangible.

The Heavenly Mistress inspired the following prayer to be inserted into the underlying teaching. After the prayer three excerpts from a former teaching are also included for the purpose of illustrating all the above.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

My almighty Triune God,
You elected the Immaculate Virgin Mary to be the Mother of Your Son, our Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, and in Him the Mother of all human souls.
She has sealed the unique prerogative of Her Immaculate Conception by living Her life in a state of perfect incorruptibility and thereby in an absolutely perfect fulfilment of Your Will and thus of the Basic Law of Divine Life, the Law of true Love.
This is why, after the completion of Her mission in life in this world, You assumed Her into Heaven with body and soul and elevated Her to be Queen and Mistress of Heaven and earth.
I profess my faith in the fact that, by virtue of Her total merger with Your Will, Mary forever shares in an all-pervasive power which She can exercise unrestrainedly over all living beings under You and over all inanimate things.
I profess my faith in the fact that She was called by You to wield an unlimited power as the Woman who, in the Last Times and in implementation of Your Decree, will totally humiliate and render ineffective Satan, all his instruments and all their works and plans, and that She is thus invested with the power to help unlock, in every human soul who is willing to imitate Christ and Mary and to merge her own will totally with Your Will, the effects contained in the eternally valid Redemptive Works wrought by the Christ, in order that Your Kingdom on earth may once and for all be established.
I profess my faith in the fact She will complete this mission exercising a unique, absolutely unlimited power over each and every dark force, and that even in this very hour She is able to fully exercise this power to the extent to which human souls implore it in Your most holy Name and enable Her to do so by wholeheartedly desiring for the final victory of Your Divinity and of Your Law of true Love in this world and in their own lives.
That is why I totally surrender my entire being and the entire journey through my life to the One who, by virtue of Your Will, is my undisputed Mistress and Queen, and why I implore the final and total unlocking of Her unlimited power over every element of darkness in this world as well as in my own life, over every obscure plan concocted by Satan and his instruments for the purpose of destroying Your creation and rendering Divine Law inoperative so as to make the world get mired in a swamp of suffering, misery, chaos, threats, oppression, hate, deprivation of all dignity, unhappiness and death.
May from this very moment onward the Immaculate Holy Virgin, the Queen of everything under You, truly and unrestrainedly assert Her power as the Mistress over all demons, and totally subject all of their works and plans in this world and in my own life to Her will, which is totally merged with Your Divine Will, in order that the world and the darkness may see that only complete fulfilment of Your Law of true Love has got the power to liberate this world and every individual soul from the devastating effects of the works and plans of the one who hates You and Your perfect Love.
Praised be therefore the Holy Virgin Mary as the unrestrainedly powerful Queen and Mistress over everything under You and as the undefiled mirror of the Source of perfect Love, and praised be Her final victory over all the darkness in the world and in me, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).

By way of illustration with
The ignored Light

Over the years the Heavenly Mistress repeatedly demonstrated to Myriam in very convincing ways the unlimited power She wielded over evil spirits even while She was still living on earth. She did so through visions, in revelations, and in a special way in Her extraordinary manifesto (which, unfortunately, was not yet translated into English) entitled Rebirth of Terrestrial Paradise. The three following excerpts from the said manifesto provide suitable examples to illustrate the point made in the present teaching.

Case nr. 1 – Taken from the manifesto Rebirth of Terrestrial Paradise, 28th stroll

(...) The major humiliation to Satan is inflicted upon him by Mary in the days when, years after Jesus ascended into Heaven, She is staying at Ephesus with the apostle Saint John. She must be about fifty-five years old. One afternoon while Saint John is preaching in town, I see Mary collecting herbs on a sandy path next to Her house. The sun is high and seems a bit veiled, like on a rather muggy summer’s day. With the eyes of Her soul She sees a small group of demons turning up in Her vicinity, and I am granted to witness the following scene:

Mary (speaking in a dignified, solemn tone of voice): "What are you doing here, on the ways of God?"

the demons’ mouthpiece (looks startled – probably because he had not expected a human soul who was able to see them – and hesitates, but seems to feel coerced to answer): "We are expected at Ephesus".

Mary: "To do what?"

demon: "We are ordered to undermine the works of the priest of Love".

Mary (now standing upright, extends Her right hand towards them): "I order you, in the name of Jesus Christ, on your knees, all of you!"

(The demon, who is downright baffled, seems to be intent on fleeing from the place, and so are his companions. He is not able to utter a single word).

Mary: "I said: on your knees! None of you is going to rise one second sooner than when I want you to".

The demons go down on their knees. I see Mary strolling back and forth for a long time, simply continuing with the work She was doing. Every now and then She casts a glance upon the bunch of demons who have been down on their knees all the time. I can see them growing increasingly nervous and uneasy, yet they appear to be able to budge only minimally. When the sun is already quite a bit deeper down I am granted to see the sequel:

demon: "Woman, we implore Your permission to rise and go".

Mary: "My will is not yet satisfied".

Again some time later (meanwhile the sun is nearly setting): I can now see Mary standing only one yard away from the demons. I see the latter prostrated, their foreheads touching the ground, their heads pointing towards Her feet. Their mouthpiece is now speaking again, this time whining and begging(★):

demon: "Woman, You have defeated us. We confess we are totally in Your power. We believe You are the Woman, the One to whom we are to kneel down. We are begging You that it may please You to release us from the claws of Your power and to allow us to move away from You".

Mary: "You shall go, yet I do not want to see any of you at Ephesus, nor anywhere near the place, I want all of you in hell. Praised be Jesus Christ".

(★) Once, in a different vision, the Heavenly Mistress revealed She possessed the unique power – and that She possessed it already while She was still living on earth – to obtain that, if She explicitly wanted it, demons, who after all are immaterial spirits, have to kneel down before Her after having temporarily assumed a physical body. The purpose of this She explained as follows: "This makes them experience their humiliation even more intensely, as in a physical body they will inevitably gradually feel the increasing discomforts and pains inherent to kneeling for longer periods of time, which will highly intensify the experience of being subjected to a power they can do absolutely nothing against. This is one of the reasons why, in several visions, you have heard the intensity with which, after some time, they start to beg Me to release them. Do realize that this experience awakens in them the prospect of the fulfilment of the Divine promise – which to them is THE major threat – that in God’s time they will forever be crushed under the Woman’s power".

This scene from Mary’s life illustrates the depth of Her factual power over Satan and his following. Not only will She lead a life in total absence of sin, moreover it will occur several times in the course of Her life that She will give orders to demons, which the latter cannot but obey in every single detail.(...)

Case nr. 2 – Taken from the manifesto Rebirth of Terrestrial Paradise, 16th stroll

(...) What confused Satan the most, however, is the experience of his powerlessness whenever he is confronting Her: It occurs that this girl actually sees his presence, that She says to him that She is noticing He does not possess the Love God has provided every good creature with, and that therefore he is not coming to Her in the name of God, and that She simply orders him to leave Her. The tempter sees in front of him a girl who does not want to be defiled, who does not want to do works that are no carriers of Divine Light, and who appears to him to be a fortress of faith in God. It confuses him that he seems to lose every bit of strength whenever he is near Her.

A few years later, as a temple virgin in the age of approximately twelve years old, during a night while She is in Her room making sacrifices for the purpose of bringing forward the liberation of the people of Israel by the Messiah, She is visited by a demon who tries to discourage and exhaust Her. She commands him to go down on his knees for the glory of God and says to him he is going to stay on his knees until She explicitly allows him to rise. Despite his many attempts and efforts he appears not to be able to resist, so he goes down on his knees, and when one hour later She extends Her hand in his direction and orders him to leave in the name of the God of Israel, he flees as quickly as lightning. Her power over him had appeared so total because She firmly believed that God was inside of Her whenever She was doing His Works, and She considered paralyzing a soul who is completely dead to Love, to be doing a Work of God.

Remarkable is the image granted to me of the twelve year old Mary: I can see Her praying and doing penance in a glow of Love while being immersed in God so totally that it seems as if, after She has commanded the demon to go down on his knees, She pays no attention whatsoever to this obscure figure kneeled down hardly a couple of yards away from Her feet, until She moves Her eyes towards him, eyes which seem to be shooting fire, and commands him with determination to rise and leave. A demon at the feet of a twelve year old girl, obeying Her words in every detail...

The Heavenly Mistress grants me images of several attempts by a demon, during Her years as a temple virgin, to seduce Her to arrogance by whispering into Her Heart how powerful She is, that She is able to command the devil as She pleases. This is how far he is willing to go to defile Her soul: He even acknowledges before Her his own powerlessness towards Her. (...)

The Heavenly Mistress allowed me to witness such a scene in a vision on April 22, 2008, a year after She had inspired the book entitled Rebirth of Terrestrial Paradise. In May 2023 She allows the insertion of the following words from the notes taken on that day. The vision showed a scene from Mary’s days as a temple virgin, being visited by three demons. The vision was accompanied by the following words spoken by the Queen of Heaven:

"God only reveals the fullness of the Truth to souls that are ready to assimilate it, because knowledge of the Truth creates an obligation. This is one of the reasons why so much knowledge about Me has never been revealed: But few souls are ready and willing to ingest the full Truth about My Being and My capacities and faculties. Satan himself goes to any lengths to crush many things which at some point of time are nevertheless revealed about My elevated status, because a large-scale distribution of this knowledge is dangerous to him. (...)

You asked Me if I was aware of the fact I possessed such extraordinary power. I never wondered about that Myself. As a little girl already I was taught in visions as well as through angels that a lot of angels had been allotted to Me as a kind of personal bodyguard. Due to the fact that, even when I was still at a very tender age, these angels, when appearing to Me and addressing Me, prostrated themselves before Me and obeyed My every single word in a flash I did not actually realize this meant I was powerful. (...)

The scene I have just allowed you to witness occurred when I was going on fourteen years of age. It was Satan himself who then drew My attention to the power I possessed. I was visited by a demon who tried to distract Me from My activities and to tempt Me into committing a sin of vanity. When I pointed My finger to the ground in front of Me and said to him: 'On your knees, right at My feet, until I give you permission to rise again!', he obeyed in a split second. I continued My activities – I was reading passages in the Scriptures – and forgot about his presence. After some time, when I was strolling to the other end of My room, he appeared to be obeying My command to the letter: I noticed him crawling behind Me, on his knees, so as to literally comply with My command that he was to remain on his knees at My feet for as long as I wanted him to.

As I was looking down upon the figure at My feet two more demons approached, who in their turn tried to tempt Me to committing sins of vanity and pride:

The first one said: 'Mary, do see how powerful you are: God’s angels lie at your feet, and a demon is crawling before you'.

The second one said: 'Mary, you alone are able to see us, the other temple virgins are not. We can make their eyes see us, too, if you, in the presence of all virgins, command us to kneel down at your feet. They would worship you like a goddess!'. This was the absolute opposite of what I wanted (Mary means that what She did want, was to remain going unnoticed).

I did wield My power then, invisibly, by speaking to these three seducers the following words: 'As a punishment you shall remain on your knees before Me for the duration of twenty-four hours, one meter (three feet) away from My feet, wherever I will go and wherever I will be, invisibly!' I then became a witness to their remaining on their knees, constantly one meter away from My feet. For twenty-four hours they kept crawling on their knees behind Me, always one meter away, and whenever I halted, they took positions in front of My feet, invariably on their knees. Yes, I did feel powerful, noticing that My will was satisfied so strictly and that I possessed the power to control demons’ behaviour totally and in perfect accordance with My every word, but to the seducers the devastating blow consisted herein, that I enjoyed this power on account of the fact it had been given to Me by God for the purpose of helping to accomplish His Works". (...)

Observation by Myriam: It should be apparent from the above scene how important it was for Satan to tempt Mary, the perfectly sinless One, to committing a sin: He even appeared willing to allow for three demons to be totally humiliated by Mary hoping he might bring Her, the Immaculate One, to committing a sin. Let us not forget that if Mary should have sinned even but once it would not have been able for Her to become the Mother of the Messiah.

(...) "I have made you a witness of demonstrations of My power which have made hell shake and tremble with fear. Satan knows I have the fate of his following and of his works under My foot: I could crush it totally if I simply wanted to. For this to fit within the Law of Divine Justice, however, I need numerous acts of self-surrender on the part of My faithful followers to Me. Every act of surrender, self-denial and self-abasement before Me increases the pressure My foot will exercise. This is why Satan fears every genuine expression of profound consecration of souls to Me".

Case nr. 3 – Taken from the manifesto Rebirth of Terrestrial Paradise, 30th stroll

(...) Countless are the times when Mary will endure direct assaults from the devil. Not only will he, on every such occasion, bump into a wall of a complete lack of susceptibility to temptation, moreover on a number of occasions She humiliates him deeply.

One day, through an inner Light, She receives knowledge of the fact that within a group of godless people in the region of Ephesus a plan is ripening to eliminate the apostle Saint John. Mary says nothing to the apostle when, early in the morning, the latter is leaving the little house in which he and Mary live, but She summons Satan to come to Her. He does appear before Her indeed, and says to Her that he has no intention whatsoever to waive the implementation of his plans. Mary replies nothing but this one word: "Go!". She is inspired the fact that God’s Light will shine ever more brightly if She is willing to go through another trial and allows the demon to leave Her while he is enjoying a false sense of security.

So She is alert to any further event in the course of the day. This is indeed how it is going to be: Around noon Mary receives a visit from a woman, and the Mistress knows right away this woman is an embodiment of the evil one. Mary knows this woman is harbouring the intention of poisoning Her. When the woman asks Her for a bit of water to drink, Mary seemingly retreats to fetch the water, but meanwhile orders Satan to manifest himself to Her. She returns to the place where Her visitor is, and finds the latter on her knees. Mary stops a few yards away from the place where the woman is down on her knees, and the latter starts crawling on her knees towards Mary’s feet, prostrates before Her, making her forehead touching the floor right before the Mistress’ toes, and start to cry uncontrollably...

I see and hear what follows:

Mary (looking down with dignity upon the figure at Her feet, starts to speak): "Woman, who are you, and what is the real purpose of your visit?"

Woman: "Have mercy, Woman, I have come to do You harm".

Mary (speaking softly but with full determination, while a tremendous power is emanating from Her and She seems to be emitting Light): "I want to see who was acting and speaking inside of you and through you".

(the woman stands up and leaves the house stumbling and crying; on the very spot where she has been down on her knees the devil himself is standing upright).

Mary (extends Her right hand and speaks in a severe tone): "On your knees! I want to hear about the plans you are harbouring".

demon (goes down on his knees at Her feet and speaks in a voice filled with hatred): "If You are who I presume You are, You know that. I am not saying anything".

Mary: "I am ordering you to speak!"

demon (still on his knees, now bowing deeper, starts speaking): "This very moment four men are threatening the priest’s life. But there is nothing You can do to change that".

Mary (still looking down upon the figure at Her feet, She replies): "Go back to the place of eternal damnation. I want you out of here, and I want you now to become a witness to the power of God".

(Now I am allowed to see Mary ordering a number of angels to go to the place where Saint John is preaching, and I see the four men the demon was talking about retreating from the crowd in an inexplicable way and even leaving Ephesus altogether. The crowd surrounding Saint John suddenly appears to experience an atmosphere of major peace and joy. I am also shown how Saint John comes back home late in the evening and tells Mary he has been having strange experiences marked by a negative mood which, 'most peculiarly, suddenly changed, leading to a great many souls converting to the Lord'. Mary just smiles, thanks God, but keeps silent about the events which have occurred in the course of the day). (...)

In conclusion: Excerpt from a vision released for publication in March 2023

One day the Mistress of all souls favoured Myriam with a vision from which She later released the following excerpt to be published. The entire vision is an impressive display of Her untouchable and unlimited power over the forces of evil. At the Heavenly Queen’s command I myself remain prostrated before Her for the entire duration of the vision.

"(...) Now my Heavenly Mistress shows me a demon in a physical body, lying prostrated at Her feet upon Her command. The figure’s forehead touches the ground approximately thirty centimeters (nearly one feet) away from Her toes. I see the Heavenly Mistress slowly and quite composedly putting Her right foot on the dark figure’s head, and She grants me to witness the following event testifying of the fact the evil one is totally powerless against Her:

Mary (looks down with dignity upon the figure under Her foot, and speaks as follows):
"You will be glorifying the holy name and the omnipotence of our God for thirty-three days consecutively. If you fail to complete this punishment in a way pleasing to Me you will continue practicing this glorification for another thirty-three days. For the entire duration of your punishment you will feel the pressure of My foot upon you as an unparalleled power crushing your arrogance".

demon (starts to cringe in utter desperation and to beg for remission of his punishment. Apart from his supplications to the Heavenly Mistress he appears unable to produce any words of glorification to God):

Mary: "I regard your hesitation as an act of disobedience. Therefore you will be continuing this punishment for a duration of sixty-six days. Any further hesitation will prompt Me to again double the duration of your punishment".

(To my astonishment I now see the following development: The Queen of Heaven has withdrawn Her foot from the head of the diabolical figure, and the latter, who appears to be frantic with fear and with feelings of powerlessness, seems to be struggling to the utmost to crawl towards Her feet as if making an ultimate attempt to arouse Her compassion, yet he appears unable to move even one inch closer to Her. The Heavenly Mistress grants me the following explanation):

Mary to Myriam: "This figure is totally in My power and feels the crushing pressure of My foot even without My resting My foot upon him. I have allowed you to witness his attempt to feign utter self-abasement by crawling towards My feet in order to kiss them, expecting Me to rescind the punishment I had imposed upon him. However, the Will of the almighty God, who has spoken through Me to this diabolical figure, must be fulfilled. Therefore this figure will glorify God for sixty-six consecutive days while remaining prostrated before Me, keeping his eyes fixed upon My feet and feeling the constant pressure of My foot upon him. Now look at, and listen to, his reaction, and then go in peace".

demon (as if choking under the crushing power emanating from the Queen of Heaven, who has ordered him to glorify God, which, however, he is unable to bring himself to do. Nevertheless, following up on Her doubling the duration of his punishment he now begins to speak in a flash):
"Great and almighty is He, who has raised this Woman above us, against whom I am unable to do anything. She truly is also our Mistress. She is infinitely more powerful than my lord and master Satan. One day the whole of creation will see that my lord and master, who seems to be ruling the world, is but Her mere slave, for God is within Her, works through Her and exercises His power through Her. I am totally in Her power. I have been wanting to humiliate Her for so long, yet here I am, lying like a worm at Her feet, for in Her I have experienced the omnipotence of God (...)".

(At this point all images start fading).

Almost immediately after the above event the Mistress of all souls addresses to me the following words:

Mary to Myriam: "I want you to take note of the following: Just like I ordered this demon to glorify the holy name and omnipotence of God it is important to stress that every act and every word of self-debasement you see and hear demons perform and speak before Me in these visions (★) is transferred by Me to God.
This is among the reasons why I always also want you yourself to remain prostrated before Me for the entire duration of these experiences: Not only because I am your Mistress, but also because I make you a witness of a most sacred transfer by Me towards our God. (...)"

(★) the Mistress is referring to the visions with respect to demons, which She granted Her Myriam fairly intensively especially in the period between 2006 and 2009.

Myriam – Inspired and released by the Mistress of all souls in November 2022


Also useful for the purpose of helping to unlock the concrete all-pervasive power of the Heavenly Mistress over all works and plans of the darkness are the so-called Twelve powerful invocations to Mary to be used fighting the darkness, which constitute the conclusion of the Special Revelation Confession made by a demon at Mary’s command.

Within the framework of the underlying teaching the Heavenly Mistress also refers to Her Revelation entitled The powerful foot of the Woman.