By order of the Mistress of all souls and by way of introducing the present writing I testify to the fact that all texts contained in the present menu item God and the animals, as well as the manifesto written several years earlier entitled The Brooklets of Salvation, are the ultimate fruits of a great number of visions and private revelations through which Mary began to prepare me even prior to Her inspiring The Brooklets of Salvation, as well as of a remarkable number of rather unusual experiences with animals in my private life.
One day the Queen of Heaven explained that She Herself was at the basis of these experiences because through my own private life She intented to provide evidence for the extraordinary yet very greatly underestimated role played by the animals as channels of God’s Love and as tools for moulding human souls’ spiritual life.
Through this testimony the Mother of God offers a first incentive for reflection to souls who might fall prey to the temptation of believing that spiritual manifestoes dealing with the tremendous role played by animals and the tremendous importance of the way animals are treated by human souls should not be taken very seriously. In point of fact their importance is considerable, in view of the fulfilment of the Divine Law of true Love and of combating all darkness, misery and feelings of unhappiness in the world.
I vouch with my life for the fact all of these inspirations find their origin in authentic celestial sources.
Myriam, at the service of Mary, the Mistress of all souls.

In the course of 2007 for the first time the Holy Virgin Mary had Her Myriam proclaim a number of powerful celestial theses concerning the animals. In the subsequent years She further elaborated on these theses, and in the autumn of 2011 She unfolded in Her little slave’s heart the extraordinary book entitled The Brooklets of Salvation. About the value of the animals and their part within God’s Plan of Salvation as a mystical foundation for a loving approach to the animals.
In December 2011 the Queen of Heaven inspired Her prayer flower nr. 1239 (Chain prayer for the well-being of the animals). One day it appeared that some souls failed to grasp the in-depth meaning of this extraordinarily powerful prayer. Therefore the Mistress of all souls inspired a clear explanation, the publication of which She allowed in the Lenten days of 2020 within the framework of the new menu item entitled God and the animals, composed upon Her request. From this explanation it also appears how She originally incorporated a number of basic principles concerning creation and the indirect yet extremely important role of the animals within God’s Plan of Salvation into the aforementioned prayer flower.


Some key elements of the celestial thesis
on human souls’ dealing with their non human fellow creatures

inspired by the Mistress of all souls

to Myriam van Nazareth

with reference to prayer flower nr. 1239

Basically God created the animals for two purposes:

  1. in order to be very important factors contributing to the perfection and maintenance of the joy He intended to provide the human soul with, which He was about to create. The animals would serve the human soul as living signs of the tremendous variety and depth of God’s Love for all of His creation in general, and for the human soul in particular;
  2. as channels of the broadest perfection of the human souls in all virtues and thereby in the sanctity the human soul was intended to possess. On account of the tremendous variety of animal species, which, all combined, have got innumerable different features and traits to offer in the fields of appearances and behaviour, the human souls are offered here a tremendous wealth of challenges and motivations to learn how to approach and treat their non human fellow creatures in a disposition of perfect Love in all its different forms and appearances (meekness, peacefulness, tolerance, patience, etcetera).

Therefore the creation of the animals is in the actual sense of the word a Divine gift. Already in the Bible verse in Genesis, in which God decides to create the animals, it appears that He intended the animals to be auxiliaries to man: Faciam ei adiutorium simile sui (which would literally mean something to the effect of "I will make him a helper that will be similar to him"). The Heavenly Mistress makes it clear this word spoken by God actually means: "I will make for man creatures that will help him (also in the spiritual sense, as this was God’s main concern from the outset), and that to him will be fellow creatures, in the sense of creatures which, just like him, are bearers of a vital germ out of My hand", i.e. fellow creatures which also bear inside of them a trace of their Creator and which will help the human soul in maintaining, or restoring, her affinity with God. 'Affinity' should actually be understood to mean 'sanctity'. May it therefore be clear that the Mistress of all souls gave Her powerful manifesto of 2011 the title (referring to the animals) The Brooklets of Salvation for a reason.

However, every single day this Divine gift is dishonoured countless times all over the world due to the fact human souls treat animals in any number of unloving ways. One day the Heavenly Mistress said that, globally, we are dealing here with many millions of transgressions every single day.

This makes clear what vast amounts of darkness are generated on the face of the earth day after day through every lack of Love in human souls’ treating animals and through dispositions of indifference, insensitivity and all kinds of negative feelings towards animals. Basically mankind hereby testifies towards God of an inability, often downright reluctance, to treat fellow creatures in the spirit of God’s Heart, and thus also of an inability to spontaneously maintain the harmony God provided among all creatures.

Due to these innumerable daily transgressions against Love in the ways human souls treat animals the flow of Love (and therefore of Divine Life) through the entire network of creation has been severely disrupted. The flow of Love is meant to conduct God’s Light through the connections between all creatures. The multitude of transgressions against Love means that vast numbers of these connections hardly enable any Light to pass yet, thus making the network as a whole increasingly dark.

The prayer implores for the Queen of Heaven to add the unlimited power of Her perfect Love to every good deed and every action of Love performed by human souls all over the world towards animals, with a view to generating a powerful Light with the potential of bringing understanding and conversion to human souls. The combined effect of all good deeds and acts of Love by human souls towards animals with the supreme power of the Love generated by the Queen of Heaven and earth would bring an explosion of Light in all of creation.

In prayer nr. 1239 the Mistress of all souls inspired ten supplications, which basically express all possible aspects of darkness in the way human souls treat animals. Exactly these ten aspects turn this prayer text into a source of deep reflection on the practice of true Love in the broadest sense of the word:

  1. The prayer implores liberation of animals from the darkness of maltreatment and abuse in any form whatsoever by human souls.

The Mistress of all souls defines maltreatment spiritually as follows:

Maltreatment is any behaviour or any effect brought forth by such behaviour on the part of a human soul regarding a fellow creature, which is in violation of the Law of Love and to which one or several of the following elements apply:

  • the fellow creature’s being is used for a purpose God has not intended it for;
  • the fellow creature’s being is treated in a way meant to cause suffering, or of which the human soul should know it is likely to provoke suffering;
  • physical, mental, emotional or spiritual harm is caused to the fellow creature, or the behaviour can cause such harm;
  • the fellow creature is affected in its dignity as a creature of God;
  • the fellow creature is prevented from fulfilling the part God has foreseen for it within the framework of the great Plan governing His Creation.
Maltreatment of animals presents itself in an abominable diversity of forms, which all have this in common (I am quoting the Queen of Heaven Herself): "they can be considered by God to be the greatest abominations that can ever proceed from a human soul, as these acts of behaviour express a purposeful motivation to destroy a fellow creature’s dignity. This dignity must be understood to mean the creature’s singularity, which is invested by God with a specific value just the way it is, irrespective of the specific traits and characteristics, exactly because it was created in God’s Intelligence and Wisdom with a view to serving His Plan with creation just the way it is. Every attempt to destroy a fellow creature’s dignity is therefore tantamount to a direct attack against Divine Love, and thus to a sign of an unlimited inclination on the part of the abusing human soul to serve the darkness, which is the absolute antipole of the Divine Creator".

On June 14, 2021, the Heavenly Mistress requested that in this place the following Revelation be inserted as a spiritual motivation against maltreatment:

"Every creature is even physically built of raw materials which are provided by God Himself. Moreover each body functions by the Divine Laws of Life, and for the life of every creature (both human and animal) there is a reason, a purpose and a goal which only serve the Plans and Works God harbours towards His creation.

This is why each creature is even physically a bearer of components, of vital processes and of a dignity which proceed from God directly. All of this is God’s signature within every single creature. Therefore, also owing to the direct and constant connection between God and each and every one of His creatures and to God’s all-encompassing ability to be completely and infallibly aware of each and every feeling and sensation perceived by any creature at any given point of time, maltreatment against any fellow creature constitutes a direct assault against God Himself, and in the eyes of God not only maltreatment against a human being is a sin, but also maltreatment against an animal. Indeed, in both cases a human soul is voluntarily giving in to a temptation by the darkness, inspired for the purpose of causing harm to Life and therefore to God Himself, of putting His Love to shame and thus of contributing to undermining and poisoning all of creation". (Mary, Mistress of all souls, to Myriam on June 14, 2021)

The Brooklets of Salvation provides an elaborate analysis of the factors motivating people to abuse animals as well as of the spiritual meaning of such factors. Through the arguments presented in the aforementioned book the Queen of Heaven demonstrates that, and why, in the eyes of God, abusing animals is a serious sin, among other things because such acts are fruits from a heart which, in a number of respects, has strayed far from God’s Law of true Love as well as from God’s expectations towards the human soul, who was intended to be 'the crown upon creation'.

In January 2021 the Queen of Heaven requested the following extension to be made to the present inspiration:

"A human soul who subjects an animal to any form of bad treatment, is thereby causing damage to a Work of God. God pursues a goal, a Plan, with each and every creature, including every animal. A human soul who causes damage of whatever kind to a Work or a Plan of God will be called to answer for this damage. According to the extent of the damage caused this soul is under the obligation to make amends, with certainty after the hour in which judgment will have been passed on her life on earth, as Divine Justice leaves no bill unsettled, and in accordance with Divine Providence even during the soul’s life on earth, at least in the form of moral suffering provoked by a permanent struggle within her own heart, due to the fact a soul’s conscience will not leave the soul any peace until she has completely settled all of her debts towards God and His Works by strictly and peristently abiding by the Divine Law of true Love". (thus the Holy Virgin Mary to Myriam).

  1. The prayer implores liberation of animals from the darkness of neglect by human souls.

Neglect is any failure of a soul to whose custody a fellow creature was entrusted, to satisfy one or several needs experienced by this fellow creature, thus exposing the latter to potential physical, moral, mental or spiritual damage.

Neglect of animals can have the most various appearances, which ultimately find their origins in indifference on the human soul’s part regarding the well-being of animals which have been entrusted to her care, i.e. of animals with which the soul has entered into a covenant before God, by virtue of which she promises to care for these animals' well-being, not only by providing sufficient (and sufficiently nourishing) food, fresh drinking water and shelter which offers an adequate protection against the most various weather conditions, but also by treating these animals in a disposition of sincere Love, patience, understanding, tolerance, tenderness, friendliness, helpfulness, care in the broadest sense of the word, and sincere respect for the animals' dignity.

Thus neglect goes a great deal further than merely not providing – or falling short of adequate – care in the field of physical needs. Animals need sincere Love and sincere respect as much as they need food and shelter. Many human souls overlook the fact that every creature – not only human but animal as well – was created as a junction in a network of flows of Divine Love, a network which is fully maintained by these flows of Love and in which every junction (i.e. every creature) lives only by the power generated by the Love the Creator keeps sending through the network, and that the primary mission in every human soul’s life is to be an impeccable conductor which enables these flows of Love to keep flowing smoothly and intactly to all of her fellow creatures without distinction.

The absolute opposite of neglect would be extending to one’s fellow creature the same kind of Love as one would want to experience oneself by one’s fellow creatures, as well as giving this fellow creature the feeling that it 'is truly part of one’s life' and that is truly wanted, and giving it the feeling one does by no means regard it as an object but as a living being endowed with feelings and a dignity give to it by God Himself.

  1. The prayer implores the liberation of animals from the darkness of any form of unloving and/or indifferent behaviour on the part of human souls.

In many cases unloving and indifferent behaviour expresses itself in all kinds of maltreatment, abuse and neglect.

The Mistress of all souls defines indifference as the disposition in which the soul is not inclined to extend Love beyond that which is 'necessary' and in which she does not truly feel emotionally involved in her works of Love. Indifference is closely related to shallowness. If a soul perceives the world she lives in and the factors which influence this world in a shallow way and only understands it 'on the surface' (i.e. without looking beyond that which meets the eye) she will tend to not get emotionally involved. Thus the soul will not empathize with her fellow creatures, and the latter’s fate will remain immaterial to her.

This is what it always boils down to: The human soul who approaches life from a disposition of the heart that is characterized by a lack of emotional involvement and by a lack of empathy with her fellow creatures, automatically begins to neglect her natural obligations towards the Divine Law of Love. One day the Mistress of all souls phrased it as follows:

"In order to truly live in accordance with God’s Basic Law, the Law of true Love, every human soul ought to approach, regard and treat every single fellow creature, without any discrimination as to species, race or in any respect whatsoever, in a disposition of unconditional self-denial as a brother or a sister, in full awareness of the fact that every creature was, just as she herself was, designed in God’s Heart".

The Mother of God points to the fact that this is the only disposition of the heart which is able to bring the human soul to a sincere empathy with every fellow creature, and that this sincere empathy is the inevitable condition for the soul to be a useful conductor for the flow of God’s Love through creation.

It is impossible to deliver the world from its current oppressing darkness of chaos, misery, suffering and injustice unless great numbers of human souls spontaneously and whole-heartedly practice a disposition of sincere deep empathy with all fellow creatures.

This way the soul harbours very shallow relationships with her fellow creatures, which means that God may judge her as not even having spread any Love, in spite of the fact she may go on the assumption that she has been practicing active Love for God because she has provided basic care to animals. Care which is not supported by a flow of true Love from the depths of the heart towards the animals concerned is (and I quote the Queen of Heaven on this): "tantamount, in God’s eyes, to a prayer spoken without any emotion: God then hears sounds devoid of meaning, so that, in His judgment, a great many souls, even if they have been 'praying' for countless hours, have never spoken one single word to Him. Therefore, God may justifiably say to these souls that He has never heard or known them".

  1. The prayer implores the liberation of animals from the darkness of any materialistic behaviour on the part of human souls.

Materialism is the disposition in which a human soul focuses nearly all of her efforts on satisfying the needs of her material (physical) life, or the needs which she believes she has, and in which this pursuit does not stop even after these needs have been satisfied up to the point where the truly vital needs are covered. Often the materialistic soul perceives the things she wishes to possess or to experience as concrete needs, although she does not actually need them to live. This is why materialism usually involves a feverish pursuit of the satisfaction of pseudo needs, a pursuit which inevitably sows the seed of a permanent tension and dissatisfaction in the soul and also opens up the door to dispositions such as jealousy and envy.

The fact the materialistic soul is focused on acquiring material possessions and pleasures which are related directly with living in a physical body usually prevents her mind and heart from focusing on her spiritual needs. The difference is, that the (putative) physical needs are strictly connected with objects and experiences within the framework of the temporary world, whereas the spiritual needs bear on Life after the death of the physical body and on the aspiration to reach the disposition God has invested the soul with as her basic need, viz. the disposition of true sanctity, the complete development of the ability to be fruitful for God and for all creation by suffusing one’s entire behaviour, all of one’s words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations with true, self-denying Love.

The materialistic human being’s spiritual life has drifted very far off the actual purpose of life on earth: The true purpose and meaning of life on earth lies in pursuing true fruitfulness in the soul’s personal contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. Every act of focusing her actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations on the acquisition of material possessions and experiences related to physical life while neglecting the true needs of the soul makes a human life useless and pointless as a tool in God’s hand.

On many occasions, often even uninterruptedly, the materialistic human being is automatically inclined to regard and use his fellow creatures as objects at the service of achieving his own expectations and views. This disposition also constitutes a global basis for abusing animals: They are merely used as working animals, pack animals, in a manner of speaking as 'living machines' which serve no other purpose but to enrich the animal’s owner or to help him gain financial profits. Animals can be used as auxiliaries, for instance in the field, but as soon as this goes at the expense of the animal’s well-being (bad conditions in the field of nourishment, care, rest, treatment, and especially tenderness, patience, sincere Love and genuine respect), God will perceive this as a vice, and if the situation repeats itself, as a sin.

Not one single animal on earth has received life for the purpose of being used in any way lacking empathy, as a mere object or 'living machine'. A soul who comes into contact with an animal, especially in the context of a working relationship (e.g. in agriculture, forestry, industry, as an auxiliary to police or armed forces, etc.) is, towards God, under the obligation of caring for this animal whole-heartedly and with sincere Love, of treating it gently and tenderly, and of opening her heart to any lesson the animal may be able to teach her for the benefit of her spiritual development.

Another field in which the materialistic goal may make victims among the animals is that of pursuing profits. We need only think of the demonic practices applied in the context of elephant- and rhino-hunting with a view to robbing these animals of their ivory and their horns, respectively, which are often sold at high prices, while the animals whose tusks or horns are robbed, are killed without any hesitation and the packs to which the animals belonged are being disrupted. This is another form of disruption of a living community provided by God but destroyed by man because the latter judged financial interests and material gain far more important than Love, despite the fact that Love is the only source of all life, including the life of the very human soul who is guilty of the vicious action.

Within the context of materialism to the detriment of animals the Mother of God also points to all forms of animal trade. No human soul is in the actual sense of the word the owner of any animal. The only real owner of any creature is God, who designs and animates every creature. Man is given by God the opportunity of meeting certain fellow creatures on his journey through life and of entering into a long standing relationship with some of them. A human soul never actually owns an animal. This is why animal trade is not recommended from a spiritual point of view. If animal trade is practiced in a context of sincere and impeccable care, Love and respect for the animal concerned no sin is committed. A commercial act involving animals becomes sinful as soon as God’s expectations of care, Love and respect towards the animals concerned are no longer met.

The Queen of Heaven emphatically advises souls to look around them and to determine from the bottom of their hearts whether in their surroundings there are animals in need of help or care (stray cats, stray dogs, birds, in certain areas yet other straying or wounded animals, animals appearing to be in any kind of distress...). In God’s eyes it is a meritorious act of Love if a human soul commits herself to caring for animals living in the wild, providing them with food, fresh drinking water and shelter if necessary, or if an animal is given the opportunity to be taken into a human’s home without any pressure, so as to continue its life there with sufficient freedom and in a relationship of sincere Love and care on the part of the soul who has taken it into her home.

  1. The prayer implores mercy towards animals who are abandoned or disowned by human souls.

God gives every human soul endless opportunities to conclude holy covenants and, within the framework of these covenants, achieve ever higher degrees of spiritual development.

A covenant is a tacit agreement the human soul enters into before God within the confines of her heart, and by virtue of which she promises Him special forms of commitment within the framework of the mission she has got to fulfil in this life, viz. the mission of being a useful and reliable tool which can be used by God for the accomplishment of His Plans and Works.

Covenants can take many different shapes. Examples are marriage, holy orders, custody over children, as well as custody and care concerning one or more animals. A human being taking up an animal into his home to become a domestic animal thereby enters into a covenant towards God by virtue of which he commits himself to providing to the animal the care the latter needs to lead a healthy life: sufficient fresh and nutritious food and fresh drinking water at regular intervals, adequate shelter and protection against dangers and conditions which may harm the animal, sufficient rest, constant sincere Love, tenderness and an unlimited respect for the animal’s dignity, all of this to be extended to any offspring the animal may give birth to.

Before God the human soul is guilty of breaking this sacred covenant as soon as she neglects one or more of these aspects and as soon as she abandons or disowns an animal, or leaves it behind in any place outside of its home with the intention that it would no longer be part of the life of the one who had the animal in his custody and care and that, from that moment onward, the animal will be left to fend for itself without any further care from the 'owner' as to the satisfaction of its vital needs. Abandoning or disowning an animal is tantamount to making a declaration before God to the effect of "I no longer want this gift of Your Love. It is no longer any business of mine what happens to it". This is nothing short of an attitude of indifference and lack of Love. The only way to terminate the custody of an animal in a way which is in accordance with God’s wishes, would be: entrusting the animal to a fellow person of whom one is absolutely sure that they are going to really care for the animal and treat it with impeccable Love and respect. However, even in this case the current 'owner' should be well aware of the fact God will be judging the act of disowning the animal by the dispositions of the heart of the one who is transferring the animal onto a fellow person’s care.

Moreover the Queen of Heaven and earth stresses that in God’s eyes it is a serious sin (on account of the overt demonstration of indifference and lack of Love on the part of the one who is doing it) if an animal is abandoned in an environment, under natural conditions or weather conditions of which the person abandoning the animal knows, or should at least know they are likely to harm the animal, e.g. abandoning it in a desert or steppe, in a snow-covered landscape, in rainy weather, during an electric storm or in any different kind of stormy weather, at a considerable distance from human dwellings (unless the animal concerned has got the rainforest for its natural habitat, for example), or – which is even worse – if the animal is tied up, is caught in thorns or bushes, is deposited in a closed bag or box, is thrown into water, is pushed out of a vehicle onto the road or next to it, or is abandoned under circumstances and in an environment which is most likely to kill or at least harm the animal (physically and/or morally – after all we are dealing here with brutal violations of Love itself, to which animals are very sensitive because in many cases their hearts are a lot more purely connected to God than many human hearts are). Such actions proceed from a heart which is enwrapped in deep darkness because its practicing Love is seriously ill, and they inject this darkness into the entire network of creation.

The Mother of God never ceases to emphasize what far-reaching impact any single dark disposition of a heart exerts on the whole of creation. Every dark disposition and every dark action directed against an animal also enhances the distrust and aggression proceeding from animals towards man. Even this in itself is a serious disgrace, a testimony against the human soul in her God-given capacity as the crown upon creation. The human soul, who was originally invested by God with a sanctity – i.e. basically a perfect Love! – which was to enable her to raise in the hearts of all animals the experience of God’s Presence, quite on the contrary raises in many animals feelings of distrust and of being threatened.

  1. The prayer implores mercy towards animals which, by human souls’ fault, lack sufficient food.

True care and Love for an animal presupposes some knowledge of – and interest in – what this animal needs to live. This also requires a sufficient ability to empathize with the animal and a sincere care for its well-being. To give one example: Sometimes dogs are 'cared for' by locking them away in a pen or on a small piece of land and tossing them a piece of bread every day, just like that. The 'custodian' convinces himself of the fact the tossed quantity should be enough to keep the dogs alive, yet fails to realize for a moment that an animal’s body not only needs a certain amount of food but a sufficiently varied diet so as to maintain all physical functions and tissues in good health.

Animals that are in a human being’s custody depend on this human being to get their needs for nourishment covered. This creates an uninterrupted responsibility for the human being concerned: A soul who allows herself to be driven constantly by the sincere need to practice true self-denying Love will not rest until she can be sure the fellow creature entrusted to her care is feeling good. This 'feeling good' means that this fellow creature receives food in quantities, in a diversity and a frequency which guarantee that its physical well-being can be maintained, that any illness or physical disorder can be healed, and that the creature also receives a sincere Love which enables it to develop in a sane way and to maintain a sound emotional balance. The creature should in any possible respect be enabled to feel good, secure and loved by the human being to whom it is entrusted.

It is vital to understand that the responsibility the human soul as the crown on creation has towards the animals does not stop with the responsibility for domestic animals or pack animals entrusted to her care. In God’s eyes every single human soul bears a personal responsibility for the well-being of all animals, which means that a human soul possessing a well developed self-denying Love will, for instance, automatically ask herself the question if in the wintertime the birds or straying animals dwelling in her vicinity do have sufficient food at their disposal. Man is able to shop and store to provide for himself, animals are not. By making sure she can share with animals food suited for the latter’s needs the human soul is meeting the most basic expectation harboured by her Creator, that every human soul should spontaneously and whole-heartedly long to make contributions to helping every fellow creature fulfil its mission in life (i.e. the purpose for which it was granted its life on earth). An animal which is exposed to starvation or gets sick from hardship or malnourishment due to the fact human souls have failed to help it get the food it needs, is unable to fulfil its mission in life, and the human soul who could have helped prevent this, can then – thus the Queen of Heaven – be regarded by God as lacking in the practice of true Love or at least as failing to long sincerely for the restoration of the perfect harmony within creation.

  1. The prayer implores the liberation of animals which are the victims of debasing experiments and other degrading actions committed by human souls.

All over the world millions of experiments are being carried out on animals day after day, allegedly for the purpose of acquiring knowledge of reactions occurring in physical organisms to specific substances, specific conditions etcetera. The ultimate goal is, allegedly, to acquire knowledge in the field of efficiency, or inversely of potential risks and dangers, of specific active agents in the event of these agents being administered to humans.

Even if we overlook the fact a human body and the reactions within this body cannot always be compared in all possible aspects to an animal’s body and the reactions occurring inside of it, these types of research expose great numbers of animals to suffering, illness and even death. In so doing man makes himself the master of life and death and of the well-being and the quality of the lives of fellow creatures. The creator never designed any creature for the purpose of having it subjected to experiments, research and any other actions by humans outside of the normal, natural experiences this animal would gain in its natural life.

The many thousands of animals that are used by science globally for the purpose of doing research concerning physical as well as psychological and emotional reactions are thus diverted to paths out of their natural lives. 'Natural lives' are understood to mean the lives these animals would be living if no human interference were to occur. This shows how important it is for creation to develop in a harmonious way that each creature should enabled to lead its life by its own free will as the motor of all of its actions, thoughts, words and aspirations. The fact this is so important for a normal development of creation is exactly why God will never influence creatures' free will without being invited to do so.

A second reason lies in the fact that, specifically as to the human soul, God is able to establish the value of a human life for the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation only according to the degree to which the soul will allow her entire behaviour and all of her inner dispositions to be powered by her free will: A soul who is allowed to determine the ways in which she will deal with any circumstances in her daily life completely freely, can thereby show exactly how her heart is oriented and to what extent she is truly focusing her behaviour on the fulfilment of God’s Law. Something similar applies to the animals in that they, too, must be enabled to determine the way they behave freely, so as to be able to fulfil their role as 'brooklets of Salvation' or as 'little teachers' towards the human souls unrestrainedly and spontaneously.

Specifically as to the debasement of animals the Mother of God points to the fact animals feel a great deal more than humans care to realize, and that for this reason also it influences all of creation in a negative way if human souls, for instance, mock animals on account of certain characteristics which some humans perceive as laughable, as raising ridicule, as inferior, etcetera. A human soul who, in all honesty, is fully aware of the fact each animal was designed by Divine Wisdom for a purpose which is fully geared to the accomplishment of His all-transcending intentions and not for the purpose of it being ridiculed or mocked by human souls, spontaneously respects every fellow creature sufficiently never to deprive any animal of its dignity.

  1. The prayer implores the liberation of animals which are the victims of poaching by human souls.

Poaching is an act by which serious suffering is inflicted upon animals through the intermediary of devices in which these animals are caught without the need for a human being being present at the moment when it happens. Apart from the suffering being caused purposely poaching is also a sin on account of the fact the animal is being misled by being led to believe it will find food in the place where the pitfall or the device is hidden. The hungry animal attempts to satisfy its vital need, yet on the contrary is being made a victim of horrendous torture leading to death.

Poaching is absolutely incompatible with God’s expectations towards the human soul: that the latter would make His perfect Love felt by all of her fellow creatures. Exposing a fellow creature to death after a horrendous physical and emotional suffering while being fully aware of the suffering which is going to be caused, by deviously abusing the fellow creature’s most basic vital need (getting food), and on top of this doing so for the purpose of satisfying one’s own needs, is a very vile form of selfishness.

Poaching is one expression of the disposition through which man makes himself the master of life and death. This crime is also at the basis of the extinction of entire animal species, an action by which mankind is highly guilty of the destruction of entire sections of God’s creation, which was made with infinite Love, Wisdom and Intelligence for one purpose only: that every single creature on earth should experience perfect happiness. Poaching is one of the most outrageous testimonies by which the human soul signals the God of Love that she does not in the least care about His Works but is concerned only for her own ephemeral needs, and that she is even prepared to cause heavy suffering to her fellow creatures and to torment and kill Love in some of the ways it is trying to express itself.

  1. For the liberation of animals which are the victims of exploitation for the sake of human pleasure, in the field of sports, or for whatever profitable purpose.

Exploitation is an action or a system of repeated actions, usually within the framework of a working relationship between one or more human souls on the one hand and fellow creatures on the other hand, through which the former exert pressure on the latter, in order that the latter should generate certain profits for the benefit of the former by certain performances or achievements, without the latter being adequately and equitably compensated for their performances.

Exploitation occurs systematically within the framework of slavery in its most various forms, including forced labour as a penal measure under political regimes which systematically subject prisoners to an (often long lasting) relationship in labour camps. This form of exploitation includes the use of the physical strength of labourers who, by virtue of certain laws, are the subjects of criminal prosecution, for the enrichment of persons, organizations and authorities that are economically and/or politically more powerful than the prosecuted. The basic characteristic is therefore always the fact that (usually to a high degree, often downright without any limits) a fellow person’s labour force is used without it being compensated for in proportion to the achievements rendered: Often the only compensation consists of a hardly adequate diet.

This world not only knows exploitation of man by man, but also of animals by man. In certain cases animals are exploited within the framework of agriculture, forestry or industry, in other cases animals are exploited for the sake of human pleasure (bad, or insensitive, treatment of animals in certain circuses and similar branches of the entertainment business), in yet other cases in the world of sports (large-scale practices of doping race horses, etcetera). Broadly speaking even hunting animals could be counted as exploitation. One day the Queen of heaven said that hunting is also deplorable if, for instance, people practice it as a 'sport' and, within this context, aim at killing larger numbers of animals than other people they are hunting with. Living being (bearers and channels of God’s Love!) are killed by people by way of 'entertainment' and/or for the purpose of proving a certain skill.

The common thread running through all situations of exploitation of animals or entertainment at the expense of animals is this: Animals are not approached within the framework of a friendly relationship characterized by sincere feelings of sympathy, total respect, empathy, and a genuine concern for their well-being, but merely for the purpose that the animals should bring their 'custodian' (material, i.e. financial) benefit or should 'entertain' certain human souls at the expense of much suffering in the animals concerned. Such relation is then usually discontinued right away as soon as the animal no longer seems to meet the expectation of its 'custodian'. Before God this is the breach of a covenant of care, custody and Love on the human soul’s part to the detriment of the animal as a tool for the advancement of the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation.

  1. The prayer implores mercy towards animals which are the victims of expulsion from their natural habitat for any reason whatsoever benefiting human souls.

God created every animal to be just the way it is, because it is to play a specific part for the fulfilment of His Plan of Salvation with exactly the characteristics it possesses. As the Mistress of all souls already pointed out in several places in Her teachings the spiritual role of the billions of animals in this world actually resides in the reactions by human souls who encounter them, i.e. in the way these human souls deal with them.

Every animal is born and lives in a specific natural environment because exactly the latter is the environment the animal needs for leading the kind of life provided for the species it belongs to (woods, forests, grasslands, wetlands, steppe, mountains, etcetera). In numerous places in the world natural biomes and ecosystems are totally disrupted – and frequently destroyed altogether – for the benefit of realizing man’s economic goals (industry, construction of buildings, houses and roads, deforestation, draining of marshes, etcetera). This results in millions of animals loosing their natural habitats annually, leading to the premature death of many animals.

The Queen of Heaven points out that the impact of such developments on the environment both through deforestation and other changes in nature and through the major shifts these cause in the animal world is a great deal more important than man is able to imagine. She is referring here to the spiritual impact, the impact on the development of God’s Plan of Salvation, an impact which can by no means be measured nor scientifically established and is therefore also largely overlooked. This is why She refers to such shifts as 'a slow poison for the state of grace mankind as a whole is in'.

The Mother of God has me point out that expulsion of animals from their natural habitats occurs in yet other ways, which in certain cases are even more disregarded or overlooked, among others expulsion through major noise pollution (outdoor concerts, industry, airports, etcetera), through human actions deterring animals (among others: fireworks, experimental explosions, etcetera), through fires which are either started on purpose or spread due to human carelessness (we need only think of the disastrous conflagrations in Australia in 2019-2020 or in California in the last years, where large numbers of animals lost their lives or witnessed the destruction of their natural habitat through fire), through pollution of soils, air, river and sea water, etcetera.

Basically the ten points prayer nr. 1239 consists of summarize the most various deviations from the Law of true Love, violations the Queen of Heaven inspired and treated in depth with reference to shortcomings in human souls’ behaviour towards animals, but which, eventually, also provide each individual soul with an all-embracing view of the extent to which she may be falling short of practicing true Love towards all of her fellow creatures, including her fellow man.

A vital lesson the Mother of God wants to convey through the present teaching and the prayer referred to is this: that the human soul should most urgently become aware of the tremendous responsibility held by each individual human as regards the preservation or restoration, respectively, of the perfect harmony and true Peace throughout creation, and understand to what unsuspected degree man himself, because of the millions of transgressions committed day after day against the Law of true self-denying Love, is responsible for:
  • all chaos, misery, suffering and injustice in the whole world;
  • all suffering in the animal world;
  • all distrust and aggression among the animals as well as by animals towards man.

The Mistress of all souls most emphatically points out that by nature there is no aggression among the animal species nor on the part of animals towards humans, for that the God of perfect Love and Peace never provided any animal with an inclination towards aggression. A great many filmed pieces of evidence are circulating on the internet testifying of the fact that animals of the most various species, including species which, in man’s opinion, should be 'naturally hostile towards one another', can definitely live together in a true spirit of friendship. These many pieces of evidence are nothing short of prefigurations of the promised Messianic Age, the age of perfect harmony, peace and love among all creatures, a situation which, meanwhile, we know by the name of 'God’s kingdom on earth'.

All aggression, predatoriness, fear, hostility and distrust have made their way into creation as results of the original sin committed by the first human souls, and the effects of which have been reinforced continuously by countless billions of violations of the Law of Love, these too committed by the human souls of the whole world throughout the centuries. Every one of these violations is tantamount to an injection of darkness into the network of creation and has contributed to an atmosphere of oppression, threat and distrust, including on the animals' part against humans, because the animals – of which many species possess a highly developed ability to feel intuitively – are no longer able to perceive the human soul pre-eminently as the being making the Presence of God (i.e. absolute Love) felt in creation, and, consequently, they no longer perceive the human soul as a source of feelings of security and friendship, but as a source of threat and hostility. This is downright the greatest disgrace the human soul has been attracting towards herself on account of her sinfulness, for it provides living proof of the fact the human soul has put the expectations held by her Creator as to her sanctity and purity utterly to shame.

In her capacity as the Mistress of all souls the Queen of Heaven has been warning the human souls for a long time about the scourge of materialism in the modern world, in which the human souls totally disregard, ignore or altogether dispel from their thoughts anything concerning their eternal destination, and in which the practice of self-denying Love for the completion of God’s Works and Plans and at the service of all fellow creatures is radically eclipsed on a large scale for the benefit of the pursuit of maximum profits for material life (money and everything money can buy in this world). Within such a philosophy of life and such a view of the world it need not be surprising that people shamelessly and callously exploit fellow creatures and that animals – which usually do not yield any tangible material benefit – should without any objection and without even caring be treated as (useless, worthless) objects and be expelled, maltreated, killed, and in the most various ways be ignored as gifts of God’s Love given with a view to promoting their happiness on earth and their Eternal Salvation after life on earth.

As said already, prayer nr. 1239 shows that all the misery in the world finds its origins in any lack of Love in human souls, not only among each other – we need merely think of the countless expressions of discord, varying from the many forms of aggression up to and including wars – but also towards the animals.

A very great deal of all misery in this world, thus the Queen of Heaven, would disappear already by a radical conversion of human souls towards a genuine practice of sincere Love toward the animals and by a much greater awareness of the value of each animal, both as an element within God’s Works and with a view to inner peace and happiness within every human soul herself.

Every act displaying a lack of Love towards a fellow creature gives evidence of a soul giving in to a temptation. A temptation is any inspiration from the darkness into the heart or mind of a human soul for the purpose of making this soul commit actions or harbour thoughts, feelings or desires which are not compatible with the actual purpose of life, i.e. every human soul’s mission in life, which consists of contributing to the fulfilment of God’s Works and Plans. A temptation is therefore always geared to making the tempted soul lending her entire being to fulfilling the plans of the darkness and to damaging, slowing down or, if possible, destroying expressions of God’s Presence and actions in creation.

Basically any behaviour lacking in Love has often got to do with selfishness. Indeed, true Love is a disposition in which the soul denies herself and everything she perceives as her own needs and interests until she can be completely sure the well-being of her fellow creatures is guaranteed and the latter’s vital needs are sufficiently satisfied. In concrete terms this means that the soul gives priority to her fellow creatures’ well-being over her own well-being. Self-denial is the most powerful source of Light and happiness which also pervade the one who is denying himself, as well as the ones benefiting from this self-denial. The absolute opposite is selfishness, the disposition in which the soul focuses her entire behaviour, all her thoughts, feelings and desires on satisfying her own needs and interests and/or of the needs and interests she thinks she has.

Selfishness automatically leads to a (usually high) degree of indifference as to fellow creatures’ well-being, as the selfish soul’s world is, as it were, limited to her own being, her own feelings, expectations and views: Each feeling toward fellow creatures is not nourished, as the selfish soul makes herself a world of her own in which she is the only one to live, to rule and to be served and satisfied. Thus all fellow creatures are degraded to being mere servants, even tools for the satisfaction of the soul’s own interests and views. However, a tool is an inanimate object and is therefore devoid of feelings, as opposed to a creature that is a bearer of life and therefore of the basic expression of God’s Love, and is also the bearer of a Divine intention within the framework of the completion of His creation as the greatest of His Works. A human soul living with selfishness as her basic drive does not observe a fellow creature for the purpose of being able to serve, help and love it, but so as to be able to use it, maybe expel it from her own path through life without even feeling a thing because she regards it as a potential competitor as to satisfying her needs, and if need be, kill it without giving it a second thought. It is but a small step from selfishness as the main internal drive to all kinds of abuse and maltreatment, for the selfish souls wants to feel superior to her fellow creatures at any price.

God makes designs, but for the completion of these designs He always wants to make sure the crown of His creation (i.e. the human soul) is willing to contribute of her own free will. This is why creation is a Work which remains uncompleted, a Work which is to receive its final crown through the active collaboration from the human souls. This crowning is to consist of a complete sanctification of large numbers of human souls. In concrete terms this would mean nothing less than large numbers of human lives being filled with persistent actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations of true self-denying Love and readiness to serve all fellow creatures – fellow people and animals, even the environment.

All misery in this world is the bitter fruit of the death of Love in human souls towards their fellow creatures. Every human soul has a path through life, a path designed by Divine Providence but which is moulded by the human soul herself through her concrete behaviour, to some degree in collaboration with the inspirations from the Holy Spirit and His Providence. The concatenation of all elements of behaviour is like a journey, which ends with the judgment God pronounces as to the extent to which a life which has just ended was fruitful or not as a contribution to the accomplishment of His Works – the sanctification of His creation. During this journey through life the human soul is incessantly inspired by God’s Spirit and receives any number of chances from Divine Providence to perfect herself in the field of true self-denying Love.

A significant part of such chances constitutes of encounters with fellow creatures – fellow people and animals. These fellow creatures are led towards the human soul accompanied by God’s hope the meeting may benefit the well-being and development of both parties. In concrete terms, for the human soul this means a further development in the field of experiencing and practicing true self-denying Love, because it is just the degree to which this is developed that determines the extent to which the soul will have accomplished her mission for the benefit of the completion of God’s Works. This is why the way in which the human soul deals with every animal crossing her path through life – whether briefly or for a longer span of time – plays a great part in determining her fruitfulness as a tool at the service of God, and as a factor determining the kind of life the soul can expect after she has left this world.

For the entire duration of her life every human soul is constantly inspired by two sources, which are each other’s complete opposites, i.e. sources which pursue completely opposite goals: God and Satan.

God intends to complete His creation as a Kingdom of absolutely perfect Love, Peace, happiness and harmony inside each individual creature and among all creatures.

The opposite source is Satan, the darkness. The latter intends to harm, to poison and whenever possible to destroy everything God intends to accomplish in His creation, in order to achieve a world which is ruled totally by misery, chaos, injustice, suffering, sickness, fear, distrust, desperation and utter hopelessness. In order to achieve this goal Satan continuously injects his poison of darkness into human souls, with a view to poisoning within the soul all and any traces of Love and, if at all possible, to kill, i.e. to eradicate such traces altogether. Through these injections he tries to poison human hearts so as to harbour dispositions characterized by lack of Love towards their fellow people and towards the animals.

This is why there is a reason why the final supplication of prayer 1239 implores God’s Love and Mercy for all animals in the world. God automatically gives His undivided Love to the animals as well. If He should fail to do so not one single animal would remain alive, for all living beings only experience the force of life through the influx of God’s Love. It is, however, necessary that human souls complement this Love with a concrete loving behaviour and a sincere loving inner disposition towards the animals that cross their path through life. The Mistress of all souls points to the fact that the situation in which all animals in this world would experience this combined Love from God as well as from the human souls would bring glorification to the Love through which God keeps all creation alive.

By pointing this out She emphasizes Her thesis that all life in this world is maintained only through Love: True Love is the essence as well as the fuel of life. That is why the absolutely highest form of life, which She refers to as Divine Life – being the ability enabling the human soul to live 'the way God Himself lives', in other words from inner dispositions which actually make her look like God – basically consists of an absolute accomplishment of God’s Law of true Love in the human soul.

Living like God Himself lives is a situation man cannot imagine, a state of living it is impossible to establish or to measure in any way whatsoever or through any method or way of thinking whatsoever. That which man is able (and allowed) to know about it, is the fruit of mystical revelation. In Her all-embracing capacity as the Mistress of all souls Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Christ and, by virtue of the desire He expressed wile hanging on the Cross of Redemption, also the Mother of all human souls, described this state to Her Myriam as follows:

Divine Life, 'living like God Himself lives', is the disposition of the heart in which no other desire is activated than the desire for the total fulfilment of Divine Law through a total and unconditional inactivation of any inclination to violate the inclination sowed in the soul by God to pursue the only drive of all of His Works, Plans and desires: true, self-denying Love towards God Himself, towards His Works and Plans, and towards every singe creature with no exception.
'Living like God Himself lives' is therefore living in perfect purity, i.e. like a mirror reflecting the Light of God’s Love and Wisdom without any restriction or reserve from a soul who lives in the exclusive and all-pervasive desire to live in the image of her Creator.
Divine Life is the mission of every human soul’s life, the destination God intended her spiritual development to attain, and can be achieved only to the extent to which the soul actively, whole-heartedly and unconditionally renders any effect of the inspirations and works of the darkness on her journey through life and in her inner life ineffective by radically opting in favour of practicing self-denying Love at any given point of time in her life. In this disposition the soul, when encountering any fellow creature, becomes a living sign of the Presence and the actions of the Creator of all things alive".

Myriam, on the part of the Mistress of all souls, March 2020