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excerpts from The Harvest of Eternal Love
containing sighs uttered by Jesus Christ
during His acts of Redemption

inspired to Myriam van Nazareth by the Holy Mother of Sorrows

The present compilation is taken from the book written by Myriam in the subsequent Passiontide seasons of 2008, 2009 and 2010, which has not been translated into English so far but of which the title, translated into English, would read The Harvest of Eternal Love. Three years in a row Myriam was invited by the Mother of Sorrows to experience a deep unity with the Suffering Christ, each time for eighteen subsequent days, beginning on Wednesday preceding Passion Sunday.

During those days Jesus allowed Myriam to partake in some of the physical experiences He Himself went through in the actual days preceding and during His Passion – in a moderated degree, to be sure, for no mortal human would ever remotely be able to endure the authentic physical Sufferings of the Christ. These experiences were related especially to Jesus’ not so very well known extreme exhaustion, feelings of sickness and similar phenomena, and mainly served this purpose: Myriam was to be enabled to render, as faithfully as possible, some of the very profound sighs proceeding from the Heart of Jesus, and to that end was immersed in the authentic dispositions living in the furnace of this Divine Heart, the Source of all Love, as well as in the processes of His Most Holy Body.

The present rendering is a compilation of such sighs, composed for the purpose of extending to the souls a Passiontide invitation, an opportunity for them to merge their hearts with the Heart that has wanted so ardently to redeem them, and to reflect on some of the most profound desires uttered by our Saviour in ways similar to a consecration of Eternal Salvation of the human souls.

Myriam, in the days immediately preceding the days of the Passion, April 2019.

Sighs from the Heart of the Christ

(the sighs and a few matching lines are separated every time by the mark '(...)' due to the fact they are taken from the entire book The Harvest of Eternal Love. Every occurrence of the mark therefore indicates that the text following it is part of a different context)


Jesus’ vocation as the Man-God was one of being the Bringer of Divine Light and Redemption. (...) At a given point of time I am drawn into Jesus’ Heart while He is looking at the sunset, and I am allowed to read His following sigh:

"Oh My Father, I kiss the Light from Your Heart, which is setting in this world, in order that it may never die. Into My Divine Heart I draw the power of all sins, for the world to see that the Kingdom of the Light is soon going to rise".


In the last days preceding the Passion I find Jesus in some remote place. He prefers to withdraw on a hill, or somewhere between bushes or behind a rock, where He can be alone, hidden from human eyes and does not see, hear and smell anything else but the beauties, the sounds and the scents of pristine nature which remind Him of the Heart of His Eternal Father, from which all of this has proceeded.

In a similar disposition of Jesus’ Heart I keep reading the following question popping up in the course of those last days:

"To what extent have I accomplished the purpose for which I came into the world? What have I done to open up Our Divine Plan of Salvation for the benefit of the souls and to show them the ways towards actually completing it?"

At some point Jesus grants me to hear the following sigh He addresses to the Eternal Father while, immersed in a profound meditation and with manifest nostalgia in His eyes, He is contemplating a magnificent evening sun standing low over a pasture dotted with shrubbery:

"Oh Father, I pray that all souls of all times may receive the grace of understanding that the quest for their vocation, for the meaning and purpose of their life on earth, is essentially a quest for gaining knowledge of Our infallible Will, which wants to lift them up in true sanctity. The seed to know her vocation is hidden in every soul, because this seed is the bearer of that which We expect of her as her contribution to Our great Plan of Salvation for all human souls. The soul can open up this seed by deeply and persistently desiring to know Our Will regarding her life. Nothing else but Love is able to breathe life into this desire and to make this seed blossom into a flower. This flower is the knowledge of that which We expect of her in life. The scent from this flower will prepare the soul for the experience of true inner Peace".

In uttering this sigh Jesus is reflecting on the legacy He Himself is set on leaving to the souls, as this is His true vocation as the Redeemer, a legacy of which every individual soul is to open up the effects in her own life.


The most remarkable kind of wonders Jesus performed were no doubt those by which He raised people from the dead. In doing this He glorified God to the utmost. To Jesus these signs were far more than raising a body which, in fact, had already been separated from the soul. To Jesus this symbolized the resuscitation of souls who were dying spiritually, in other words: souls that were about to squander their opportunities to acquire Eternal Bliss in Heaven after their life on earth. This was the ultimate purpose the Christ pursued: raising souls with a view to enabling them to reach the highest possible level of spiritual life. It is therefore important to point out that, on every occasion on which Jesus raised a human being from the dead, He consecrated this event to the Eternal Father with the intention that this miracle might, through the ages, make many souls ready for a rebirth for true Life, away from the slavery towards worldly influences, which gradually deliver the soul to a spiritual death.

I was privileged to witness the raising of Lazarus from the dead shortly before the beginning of the Passion. Jesus reminds me of the words He spoke in me on December 17, 2007:

"When, standing in front of the tomb at Bethany, I called out: 'Lazarus, come forth!', My voice trembled with emotion. At that moment nobody knew I was speaking those words timelessly: I was seeing every single one of You before My inner eye. To everyone of you I called out the invitation to leave the tomb of all worldly things and interests, in order that your souls might appear again in the sunshine. Therefore, in reality I was calling: 'Souls of all times, come forth from your tomb of worldly attachments, habits, memories and worldly thinking, and welcome the Light of Divine Life'. At Bethany I opened up the door for the resurrection of every soul from the death of worldly life. A few days later on the Cross I completed this work of making the door accessible".

The entire atmosphere surrounding the events near Lazarus’ tomb is extraordinarily touching. I am granted the privilege of feeling Jesus’ Heart while He is going up to Bethany and during His actions in front of Lazarus’ tomb. Jesus is crying, for more than one reason:

  • He is deeply touched by the expectation of the imminent event of which He knows it will glorify God in an exceptional way. This is the component of utter delight;

  • He is sorrow-stricken by the imperfection which took root in the souls due to the original sin, which marked the birth of physical death in this world and separated man from God’s Will and which shut many souls off from the fullness of God’s Truth. At Bethany Jesus sanctified the return of souls from the attachment to material aspects of life. This is the component of Sorrow.


To Jesus it is very important that souls should realize the actual depth of the power of Love, as well as the fact all creatures should be closely connected among each other and with God, in one coherent whole:

I can see Jesus sitting on a stone. Very nearby I can see a small bird landing and looking at Him. Jesus smiles and tosses a small piece of bread at it. The bird starts pecking and jiggling it about so as to detach a few crumbs. While Jesus is looking at this scene a bit amused, I can read in His Heart a deep emotion as well as the following sigh addressed to the Eternal Father:

"Oh Father, how closely we have wanted all elements of Our creation to be interconnected. Oh such Love is flowing between all hearts, yearning to be reciprocated in order that this flow might kindle true Life in all creatures, in glorification of You. If only all souls should be able to see and feel how totally Our Hearts sense and register every single perception in every human being and in every animal, owing to the fact a particle of Ourselves is alive in every living being. How totally We perceive every little trace of joy, even in this small bird. How totally We perceive every little trace of pain which is inflicted even upon this small creature emotionally or physically. How heavily Our Hearts are suffering by every lack of Love among Our creatures, and how much joy Our Hearts experience over every expression of Love among Our creatures. Oh Father, I pray that the awareness of the perfect unity among all creatures may return, in order that no creature may ever again harm or hurt a fellow creature. That is how it will be in the fullness of time, in the Kingdom of perfect Love under the perfect rule of Our Law".


It is Sabbath day. Jesus has just had a run-in with four Pharisees. I can see three of them withdrawing with indignation. The fourth one is hesitant, keeps looking at Jesus for a while, in a way which leaves room to suspect that he is seriously reflecting on the things Jesus has been saying, and a few moments later he, too, withdraws, yet he refrains from joining the three others right away, who are discussing very vividly among each other while marching along rather hastily. Jesus first follows the three with His eyes, then the fourth one. The disciples seem confused and shaken. I am allowed to read in Jesus’ Heart:

"Oh Father, how unfathomably rich is Our Truth, and how poor is the wisdom of the souls who have turned away from the Light. My Heart is yearning so ardently for the hour in which the fog veiling the minds and hearts will be dissipated by the fire of Our Love while the flames are consuming My flesh. Oh Father, only where the flesh allows itself to be consumed by Love can Our Spirit whisper Eternal Truth and will His breath be enabled to dissipate the fog".

By the above words Jesus is pointing out already that the essence of His Work of Redemption will be true Love.


Jesus is kneeling down, and in His Heart I can now read words which make me see the connection with the Lord’s prayer the way we know it in our days:

"Oh My Father, Source of all things and beings created, You who live and act covertly and through a Wisdom which is foreign to this world, may all of creation acknowledge and recognize the inviolable sanctity of Your Being and orient themselves by this sanctity. May Your Kingdom come soon. May Your infallible Will again become the Source and the driving force behind all actions and words among the souls, just as it is for the angels We have called at Our service. Do nourish the souls with Divine Life, so that they do not go astray on their journey towards Us. Do not hold their debts against them, provided they admit their weakness and profess the fact not their fellow creatures are their real enemies. Do break every temptation which is likely to make us repudiate Our Love, Our Guidance and Our Light, and cleanse the souls from all darkness. Oh do allow My flesh and Blood to merge with he souls, so that, in Our following, they may be bearers of Our Light".

The following is a comparison between, on the one hand, the words Jesus’ inner prayer consists of, and on the other hand the Lord’s prayer as we pronounce it in our days. Whoever deeply contemplates Jesus’ words will discover in them the deeper meaning of the Lord’s prayer the way He intended it to be:

"Oh My Father, Source of all things and beings created, You who live and act covertly and through a Wisdom which is foreign to this world "Our Father who art in heaven
may all of creation acknowledge and recognize the inviolable sanctity of Your Being and orient themselves by this sanctity. hallowed be Thy name
May Your Kingdom come soon. Thy kingdom come
May Your infallible Will again become the Source and the driving force behind all actions and words among the souls, just as it is for the angels We have called at Our service. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven
Do nourish the souls with Divine Life, so that they do not go astray on their journey towards Us. Give us this day our daily bread
Do not hold their debts against them, provided they admit their weakness and profess the fact not their fellow creatures are their real enemies. and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us
Do break every temptation which is likely to make us repudiate Our Love, Our Guidance and Our Light, and cleanse the souls from all darkness. and lead us not into temptation
Oh do allow My flesh and Blood to merge with the souls, so that, in Our following, they may be bearers of Our Light". but deliver us from evil"

In spite of all the Sufferings Jesus is increasingly experiencing in His Body and Heart a long time before the actual Passion already, I can feel inside of Him a profound Peace and a brightfulness which are not even quite extinguished during the hours of His most acute heartache. I can see Jesus on a sunny afternoon, sitting on a sloping grass slip along a small sandy walking path. He is looking at a radiant blue sky, and I read in His Heart:

"My Father, despite all misery in this world the heavenly blue Light of deep Peace and brightfulness keeps radiating from Our Hearts. May the souls understand that only Our Peace and brightfulness in their hearts will open up in them the effects of true Redemption".

Here Jesus is pointing to the image of the blue colour of the celestial vault on a beautiful sunny day. One day the Mother of God explained to me that blue, especially bright blue, heavenly blue, symbolizes deep Peace and brightfulness. Now Jesus points out that this deep Peace and brightfulness are flowing out of God’s Heart (symbolized by the celestial vault) on sunny days (symbolizing the Light of God’s Truth and the warmth of His Love). Jesus invites the souls to keep this lesson in mind: Only God’s Heart and the celestial atmosphere are able to convey Light, warmth, true Peace of the heart and brightfulness into the human soul. He points out, just like Mary keeps doing in Her teachings, that the soul cannot possibly bring greater glory to God than by living a life in brightfulness and Peace of the heart. The soul can only maintain these dispositions to the extent in which she truly believes in God’s Love: Only then can she rest assured that in her life every cloud will at some point get past her path and that life is basically a journey to the sun (Eternal Bliss) for every soul who is convinced that the Light has always the final say.


Jesus experiences the fact that the more He glorifies God the greater all resistance against Him is getting. He keeps praying also for the souls of all times who will suffer a similar fate and who will harvest hostility for their attempts to glorify God through her words and actions and to proclaim God’s Truth to souls. It is in such a disposition that, shortly before His Sufferings, Jesus will say: "If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you also".

"Oh Father, into every soul We cast the seed of Our Eternal Truth. In the night of the souls the one who would no longer accept Our Law before the human soul was created snatched the seed of Truth from many souls, which rendered them unfruitful. As a Sower I set out to prepare a new, everlasting and never withering harvest. Now the hour is drawing near in which the grains of wheat will be opened up for all the ages. Just like the thief is creeping up on Me, every soul who will receive the Light to testify of the fullness of Truth will be antagonized by instruments operated and inspired by the darkness. In all times Satan will speak through souls trying to make sure that those We will sow like flowers among the ill weeds will be regarded as ill weeds which should be exterminated. I pray that the seeds these flowers will cast into the fields of the souls while they are being beaten by their enemies, may multiply Our Light in the world. In these flowers I will be crucified time and again, yet I will also rise in them".


I can see Jesus on one of the last days preceding the Passion. In His Heart I am allowed to read the following words, which He is addressing silently to the Eternal Father:

"Oh Father, may the souls crave for the food of Eternal Truth, in order that, in their turn, they may be able to open up the Light for the benefit of other souls, for the flow of Truth among the souls will set them free and prepare their hearts to receive the fullness of redemption".

Extraordinarily rich words, which make perfectly clear what purpose Jesus pursued by His preachings, by pronouncing the Doctrine of God’s only Law and Truth.

A bit later Jesus opens up His Heart for me once again, and makes me a witness of the following effusion:

"Oh Father, sin has shut the souls off from truly perceiving Our Truth. They are looking for the unknown, and when they have found it they are unable to recognize it. Was I not sent into the world to let the Light shine into their darkened hearts? Yet they even fail to recognize their need for Light, dark as they have become. They take offense at the Light, for it is no longer part of their world. Do see how the flowers of true joy are blooming in those who have recognized true Light and have made it the source of all their thoughts, feelings and desires".

Right after this I see John the apostle, then Mary, and finally Mary Magdalene. I am shown symbolic images of these souls the way God Himself sees them: as ornamental gardens on a radiant day. The soul of Mary, the Holy Virgin, truly defies description. Jesus continues from His Heart:

"Oh Father, with every word I have sowed, with every smile I have made the sun shine down upon the sowed fields, with every tear shed in secret hours I have made the water of Eternal Life irrigate these fields. The hour is drawing near, in which I will wash every trace of ill weeds and of vermin out of these fields with My Blood. Already My Heart is burning like the fire from Our Spirit, who sanctifies and animates. I have yet so many things to tell them, but many of those things they are yet unable to understand, because their heart is still unable to take in the Light in its fullness. However, such comfort is given to Me by Our eternal Decree that the hour will come in which souls predestined by Us will receive such Light that Our Mysteries, the influx of the sap of Divine Life, will be digestible to them, and these souls will enable many eyes to recognize Our Light. Oh Father, they, too, will be persecuted, and in return for every sip of Light they will have given souls to drink they will get a sip of darkness to drink themselves. I pray for them, that they may persevere through their Love for the Cross, just like I Myself am going to complete My Mission out of Love for the Cross. Yes, the hour is near, for I have nothing left to say until the souls will have digested the things I have prepared for them. The wedding banquet has been prepared. The marriage can be consumed only by those who merge with the Bridegroom Himself".

It is explained to me that, by these words, Jesus is referring to two things: the Sacrament of the Eucharist, but also the complete following of Christ on the way of the cross through day-to-day life. Jesus wanted to tell the souls so many things yet in those last days, but He was perfectly well aware of the fact the understanding of His words would be disclosed no sooner than by His Sacrifice on the Cross.

A little bit later the inner prayer continuous as follows:

"Father, My human nature prays for strength, for this is the hour for which I was sent into the world".

Immediately after these words I can see Jesus beginning to shiver all over, and in my own body I am getting really cold – a feeling which stays with me for quite some time.


Now I am getting visions about the Last Supper and the institution of the holy Eucharist. Jesus speaks to me the following words:

"Do see how dearly God loves His creatures. Under the Old Covenant the souls brought sacrifices by slaughtering animals. The paschal lamb was slaughtered, and the blood was put on the doorposts of the houses. In the New Covenant I Myself became the Paschal Lamb. The souls are no longer expected to put the blood of lambs on their doorposts, but that they take Me up into the house of their soul. In order to complete My Works of Redemption within themselves they must also be willing to become paschal lambs themselves by offering their trials and crosses to God’s Plan of Salvation in a disposition of total self-sacrifice. The only thing they are actually slaughtering are their worldly attachments and the dominion of their material needs. In return for all this they receive the Lamb of God in support and as a source of strength. God merges with the souls. Invite the souls to keep the following image in mind: Under the Old Covenant the paschal lamb was eating with bitter herbs so as to improve its digestion. Well then, under the New Covenant the role of the bitter herbs is taken over by the trials: Even though, in worldly eyes, they would seem to make life taste bitter, in point of fact it is exactly accepting the trials with Love that makes My residing inside the soul as the Paschal Lamb more easily 'digestible'. For you see, he who takes the Christ up into himself must do His Works, help carry His Cross, and drink from His Cup. Without the soul’s lovingly accepting everything she finds on the way of the cross through her life this mission cannot be digested. In these days I let you partake in the true dispositions of My Body and Heart during the last weeks of My life on earth. You are now experiencing the very depths of the fact that Love is truly the only force bearing all life".

Around the time when He is instituting the holy Eucharist I am allowed to read in Jesus’ Heart the following prayer to the Eternal Father:

"Oh My father, the traitor is already on his way to those who are aiming to undermine Our Works forever. The treason will not be a one-off. Through the ages many who will be called to preserve the only true Church will betray Me by repudiating My Works, defiling them by making them fit in with the pseudo needs of the world, and by altering My words on account of the fact the darkness in their hearts cannot bear true Light. They will deceive so many souls. They will make the burden of My Cross so much heavier. They will add such bitterness to My cup".

Mary explains that by these words Jesus is referring to all modernism within the Church and to those priests who are rather self-centered instead of dedicating themselves totally for the accomplishment of God’s goals. Jesus continuous:

"I am praying for them, that they may sense the heartbeat of My Love and that they may see the light, so as not to deliver me to the high priests of delusion after I have taught them the miracles of Love".


In the days preceding the Passion I see Jesus look at Mary, who is bending over a few dozens of yards away, gently smiling, talking to one of the women in Jesus’ following, and I am allowed to read the following words in His Heart:

"Oh My father, bless the Dove in Whom We are so well pleased, the One who made all of this possible by sharing Her flesh with My Divine Flesh, Her blood with My Divine Blood. She loves the colour of Our Peace and brightfulness so much. She has merged with it completely, even in Her appearance. May She stay a Heaven on earth for those I am going to leave physically very soon".

By His words 'the colour of Our Peace and brightfulness' Jesus is referring to the blue colour of Mary’s garment, which She is wearing in this image. He considers it to be a visible expression of Mary’s Being, which is like a Heaven on earth on account of the fact She possesses in Herself the sanctity and dispositions of a celestial being and that everything that proceeds from Her (Her actions, words, Her entire body language and radiance) makes Heaven rub off on all creatures.

A little bit later I can see Jesus kneeling on the top of a green hill. It is night, the moon is nearly full, which seems to indicate Holy Thursday (which, in the days of the Passion, was the day of the full moon) must be two or three days away at the most. Jesus is praying ardently. Again I get to be immersed in His Heart, and I can feel it trembling in a regular ecstasy. I can feel the following words surge up from this furnace of Divine Love, while I am seeing a whole series of images from many different points of time in Jesus’ life:

"Oh Father, feel the delights experienced by My tormented Heart when I contemplate the soul of the One who accepted to be My physical Mother. Oh delightful magnificence of the perfectly holy soul... Miracle of all miracles. Oh what comfort I derive from the knowledge She will be the Treasurer of My Legacy for all the ages. She will inherit My power, She will spread My Wisdom around, She will complement My Works through the Mystery of the power of the circulation of perfect Love, for She will mould souls after Her own image. She will cast the seed of Her own Heart into these souls so as to make them fruitful, and the blossoms will bloom and yield fruits, and the fruits will in their turn entrust new seed to the souls. The effects of Her power will grow in proportion as the layer of darkness oppressing the souls gets heavier, for Her rule will remain hidden... Only the ones She will have chosen will see how She has been making the serpent Her slave. Yes, the hour of Her Kingdom ruling over the darkness is here already, but it will remain hidden in Our Hearts until Our Spirit will proclaim the fullness of time. In that hour the heirs of Our Mysteries will be persecuted like I Myself am being persecuted, and the jars of all human weaknesses will have to be broken at Her feet in order that the perfume of complete sanctification of the souls may become visible. Then the first seeds from Her Heart will sprout and their blossoms will proclaim Her power. Oh Father, already My Heart is yearning for that hour to come, that hour in which also the beauty of Our Divine Plan of Love will be revealed inside the hearts that are born anew of the Light".

These words express to a high extent what tremendous strength Jesus, during His last days, derived from Mary’s future role towards the souls. To the Redeemer She was the major Hope. She was also the One who, in the first years after Jesus was gone, would be the living Sign of the Christ’s lasting Presence among the souls, in order that, during the formative years of the young Church of Christ, the souls might be reminded of the reality that Jesus once truly lived among them, that He was truly the Messiah, that He had truly died on the Cross for the benefit of the souls of good will, that He was truly risen and ascended to Heaven, and that He was truly going to stay with the souls for all times. Both during Her remaining years on earth and in the times to come afterwards Mary would be the key to the gates of Heaven for many, and as Jesus is expressing here literally, God had decreed that Mary’s power was to become more visible as the darkness would tighten its grip upon the world. Jesus is most clearly referring to the times we are currently experiencing: the Last Times, in which Mary is being presented as the Mistress (inner Guide) of all souls.

The vision continuous. In my own body I am now suffering abdominal cramps, and the following words are surging up within Jesus’ Heart:

"The darkened creation will shrink when the Eternal Mother will be giving birth to the fully mature fruits of Our Light. The regions of the darkness will tremble and shake. The Virgin’s feet will be objects of fear and of bliss, for they will tear the Heavens open once and for all for the third birth of the Light".

This is the explanation I receive as regards the above words:

  • the first birth of the Light is the act of creation;

  • the second birth of the Light is the Coming of Jesus Christ into the world;

  • the third birth of the Light will be the final establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.


At a given point of time I read in Jesus’ Heart:

"Oh My Father, now that I am about to leave this physical life very soon, I am imploring You to seal Our provision decreeing that Our Spirit should grant the souls the Light to desire to consecrate themselves totally to the One You created as the new Eva, for in Her is the total victory over the original sin and therefore over the germ of everything which separates the souls from sanctity and from their destination as creatures living in Our image and likeness".

Thus, only a few days before His Death on the Cross Jesus is sanctifying in His Heart the consecration of souls to Mary, and He explains the fact a soul’s total consecration to Mary is tantamount to a consecration to the total victory over the darkness and to the soul’s desiring to return to the status as a being that lives in God’s image and likeness, the way the human soul was initially created. By committing the original sin the human soul lost this status, owing to Jesus’ Death on the Cross she will get the opportunity to regain this status, and there will be no better way than the way through total consecration to Mary, who was the only soul who was never affected by the effects of the original sin.

So Jesus Himself clearly places great hopes in Mary’s role in the development of Christianity, which after His Ascension will be charged with the mission to propagate God’s only Truth all over the world. However, Mary Herself gives me the reason why it was not possible in those days to have this committed to paper (neither in the Gospel nor in other authoritative writings):

MARY: "Judaism had a tradition of male saints and prophets. The Truth about Me as a successor in developing the effects of the Works of Jesus in the souls would have been inacceptable for the Jews and would have seemed like a threat for young Christianity, which needed solid roots in an ever increasing number of souls".

While hanging on the Cross Jesus gave Mary to the souls, thereby crowning His Works toward fulfilling the time. Mary was forever to be the living example and embodiment of the Most Holy Trinity, the perfectly redeemed and sanctified soul, and She was to continue the teaching role of the Christ throughout the ages.


Every night throughout this experience I am burning up as in a high fever, which wrecks sleep altogether. This contributes to the growing feeling of being completely broken. Mary explains my feeling feverish in these nights by the following words:

"Jesus’ Mission consisted in bringing warmth and Light into the chill and the darkness of the souls through the fire of His Love. This is the disposition you are now allowed to share by spending the nights (the darkness) glowing as if in a high fever (the fire). Remember that Jesus and I slept but very little, especially in the last weeks preceding the Passion. Those were hours of total self-sacrifice".


At a given point of time, in the last days before the Passion, I can see John the apostle approach Jesus, who is kneeling on the ground, moaning and curled up amidst the shrubbery. Jesus lifts Himself up, and in His Heart I read the following words:

"Father, do not let this son of Our Love notice the pains the Grain of Wheat is going through, until the hour has come. Yes, his heart is already enclosed in Mine, yet the fire of his Love must not suffer by seeing the Truth about the chaff which is being burned in Our Love. Not yet, Father, not yet".

The disposition Jesus is going through at that moment clearly indicates the will to suffer in secret, because 'the hour has not yet come'. It was clear the Mystery should not be revealed before God’s time would have come, in order that no human would spiritually nor in her will be influenced by finding out what was going on inside Jesus.

Then I see Jesus getting up on His feet with difficulty and embracing John with a soft smile yet with His eyes sparkling due to the tears He is trying to withhold. I can also see that John, in spite of the innocence on his handsome face, is definitely, in the very core of his soul, aware of what is going on. The open look of the soul who entirely lives by true Love is often able to fathom the dispositions of other beings if this soul perceives in a fellow being that which gives Love a special glow: suffering, sorrows and/or delight.

During a burst of violent stomach ache in my own body I can hear Jesus in my heart saying:

"My father, this is how in the fullness of time the regions of hell, where all sins of the body are collected, will get torn apart".

Now I can see Jesus, the disciples and the women strolling along a country path. John, who apparently rather frequently senses Jesus’ dispositions, suddenly vents his worries: "Master, let us take a rest. You cannot keep this up. I saw You up and praying last night, too". Jesus smiles at him, put His right hand on John’s shoulder, points with His left hand at the fields surrounding them, and says:

"Already the golden corn is ripening, longing for the hour in which it will be harvested. It does not look down at the soil below, it keeps reaching for the skies above and drinking the light from the sun. Yes, the coming of that hour cannot be averted".

Hearing these words seems to make John drift off into deep reflection. A few other disciples who have heard the words look at each other in astonishment and obvious confusion. I have a feeling John is the only one who suspects that Jesus has just spoken about Himself rather than about the development of things in the fields.

Shortly after this vision I feel physical cramps in my own heart, and immediately I see Jesus before my mind’s eye, who is innerly crying out for the Father saying:

"Oh Father... Father... give Me souls. It is not bread am longing for, but souls, for the hunger of My heart is tormenting Me".

(Jesus seems to be shivering with a fever). He continues:

"I only need this Flesh and Blood so that the souls may be glorified in the Light. Was I not sent in order to conclude the holy covenant with the souls? Be consumed, Flesh of Mine, so that they may receive and accept the Light of total following. Yes, Father, they, too, were given flesh in order that they might in their turn transform it into Light".

By these words Jesus clearly announces the desire that souls should follow Him even in their physical sufferings. By His self-sacrifice Jesus wants to lay the foundations of God’s Kingdom. To that end He longs for souls who, in His following, also sacrifice themselves totally in a life at the exclusive service of the propagation of Truth.

Indeed, now I see Jesus, alone, absorbed in deep contemplation. The following words arise from His Heart to the Eternal Father:

"Oh My Father, I am already preparing the sacrifice of my human nature, so that the Light from Our Spirit may keep shining through the ages. I pray that this readiness to self-sacrifice may be followed by the souls who are going to accept Me as the Source of the Light, so that in all times We may be able to call upon souls to be keys helping to open up the conscience of other souls;

souls who will enable Our Light to continue flowing through creation, so that the world may never perish in darkness;

souls who will accept the Wisdom of Our Spirit so that other souls may not perish in ignorance;

souls who will expose the ghost lights from the world;

souls who will proclaim the Truth even if it means being prosecuted, just like I Myself am going to keep doing until the hour We have been longing for all along;

(Jesus is referring to His imminent Death on the Cross).

For the benefit of these souls I will allow the bunch of grapes of My human nature to be squeezed out, so that in them My Legacy may ripen under the rays from Our Spirit for them to turn into wine which will strengthen other souls for Divine Life.

Oh Father, in these souls I will find the drops of honey which will enable Me to overcome all disgust for the cup of sins. In these sins I will find the hope of the sun that never sets".

Jesus seems to be increasingly bathing in a feverish sweat.

While again suffering rather violent abdominal cramps I am allowed to read in Jesus’ Heart:

"Thank You, My Father, for having a body in which I can have the effects of the sins of the world consume in the fire of Our Love. May the souls understand their body is nothing but fuel to keep the fire of Love in creation burning".

I can see Jesus on His knees while speaking the above words. He is prey to inner pains. I can see Him leaning forward against a big rock surrounded by bushes. It must be early in the evening, I can see an orange sun setting. To me it is remarkable how much nostalgia I can often see in Jesus’ eyes when He is looking at the evening sun. He sees two things in it, which in His Heart seem to merge into one single extraordinarily profound mystical experience:

  1. the Light setting in the souls, as an announcement of the spiritual night;

  2. the evening sun as the herald smiling at Him from Paradise, and therefore a sign of a great hope.


Jesus now speaks with reference to human dispositions which have made the specific components of His Sufferings necessary:

"May the souls in My following, and for the accomplishment of their Redemption, allow their flesh to be torn apart and to be killed, and their blood to flow all over creation. Allowing their flesh to be torn apart and to be killed, they can do by incessantly working on themselves and by casting off the old 'me' through constant detachment, thereby being born anew a little bit more day after day. Allowing their blood to flow all over creation, they can do by constantly cleansing themselves and by letting their own weaknesses flow out of them (overcoming them) in prayers, sacrifices, penance, total consecration and purifying tears of remorse".

Then MARY says:

"In Jesus’ Heart in His last days on earth there was only one desire: reconquering the souls from the forces of the darkness, in order that God’s Plan of Salvation may be fully completed and the earth may truly again be part of God’s Kingdom like it was destined to be from the creation of man yet was suspended when the original sin was committed. I will let You read in the Redeemer’s Heart, so that you may be able to reveal to the souls the essence of His Legacy in His own words".

Subsequently Jesus shows me visions of what is expected of the Christians with a view to helping complete the Works of Christ in the world and at the same time completing their own Redemption:

Jesus desires His followers to pursue especially the following seven aspirations:

  1. that they should pursue an unconditional Love for God and for all fellow creatures. Included are all forms of worship and adoration towards God, and of charity and of care for the benefit of all creatures, including the animals.

  2. that they should persistently work on themselves: declaring war on their own weaknesses and shortcomings, thus aiming at a rebirth from the Spirit (living on an increasingly higher level, penetrating ever more deeply into true Divine Life), in other words: aspiring for sanctity as the only true purpose in life.

  3. that they should aspire for an heroic growth of their ability to forgive their fellow person, including an ever increasing tolerance, meekness, patience with the fellow person’s weaknesses, and a total readiness to reconcile in the event of discord. Consequently also the extermination of any dispositions of vengefulness, grudge, resentment and hate.

  4. that they should whole-heartedly accept all trials as presents given to them by Divine Wisdom: This is all about embracing the cross on one’s journey through life and recognizing the cross as the necessary instrument for a full maturation of the soul for the accomplishment of the mission God’s Plan provided for the individual.

  5. that they should fully comply with God’s Will. This means: away with impatience and with precipitate actions, acceptance of the Works of Providence the way they present themselves and at the time when they present themselves, without any inclination toward human interference.

  6. that they should unconditionally give preference to the interests of God’s Kingdom over their own interests. This means denying themselves for the benefit of accomplishing God’s purposes.

  7. that they should at all times try to be bearers of God’s Light: This means they should under all and any circumstances become models of brightfulness, softness, purity (in their feelings, thoughts, desires, words and actions), and towards every fellow creature become sources of encouragement, hope and comfort, and therefore of strength in every moment a fellow creature goes through darkness and suffering.

After these desires of Jesus have been revealed I can read in His Heart the following sigh:

"Oh My Father, such perfect joy flows through Us at the sight of the Daughter in whom You are so well pleased: My Mother, in whom all of this is present and active in the greatest possible perfection a created soul could ever achieve. this is why, in accordance with Our infallible Will and Decree, in the hour in which Paradise is opened up, I will entrust Her to the souls as the Crown of My Legacy, the perfect Guide, the Key to open up the effects of My Works inside the souls".

Here Jesus is clearly already referring to His intention to give Mary to the souls and the souls to Her immediately before the moment when everything will be accomplished (on the Cross).

Subsequently I hear a voice which, as it were in reply to this sigh from Jesus’ Heart, makes itself heard with the following words:

"She will have power to accomplish anything, in order that the gardens of those who believe in Her, may be able to bring Eternal Spring to bloom in themselves underneath Her feet, and Our Kingdom may again be established in the souls".


On Thursday preceding the Holy Week of 2008 a crying Jesus speaks the following words through Myriam:

"Oh Father, this is what I came into the world for. Do not let those who are dear to Me notice what is in store for them, for they will feel like all of this is way beyond their strength. May Our Spirit guide them on this path, which is so difficult in the eyes of man and way too heavy for human will. May I show them the way through My Divine Will, which proceeded from You and which I share with You for all eternity.

Father, You made me a Vine. You also made every soul to be a vineyard filled with bunches of grapes. However, they are not meant to serve as ornaments for the landscapes of the world, they are meant to yield nourishment and drink for Our Plan of Salvation which is to be fully completed. No grape ripens without Our seeing it. No grape ripens for itself either. It only ripens to be food for others, and the time will come when it has got to be squeezed.

Oh Father, no grape means anything by itself. Only when it is squeezed does it acquire its full meaning, for that is the time when it fulfils the Truth for which it has been growing.

Oh Father, how am I to leave mankind the legacy of My Love. Give Me the words to do so, and give them hearts that are able to receive those words and to live by them, and especially, oh Father, give them strength.

Father, mankind is weakened so badly by the original sin. For no other purpose have I come into the world but to erase this stain from Our Plan of Salvation. Man in all his weakness must be lifted up to the level We provided for him to live on, and he will only be able to do so if I precede him on the way.

Father, My human nature is in fear of that which is coming, yet My Divine nature is rejoicing. Oh sweet Love, for which I came into the world. Oh sweet Love, from which I proceeded.

Behold the sweet Grape in whom We are well pleased: Mary. May She be given to mankind forever, for the time will come, in which the Groom will no longer be physically present with those He loved so dearly. But the Grape in whom We are so well pleased will be here for some time yet, and She is going to be a living example demonstrating them that for which I have lived but which they are not yet able to see. Then Our Spirit will once again roam all over creation, reminding souls of the things I taught them, and after the Spirit will be gone He will have left His mark of fire in many souls. Blessed are those who restore this mark of fire in their stained souls, so deeply affected by the original sin.

Oh Father, it will be Our Spirit who is going to promote the growth and ripening of the grapes in the vineyard of the souls, and the marriage between the Spirit and the human’s free will is going to make bunches of grapes allow themselves to be squeezed out and make them keep living by the example I set for them. Then they will realise the purpose for which I have come, that which they do not know yet, that which they will see happen before their very eyes but of which they will not understand the real impact and nature. Then they will remember.

Blessed are the souls who feel called upon to go to any lengths to actually accomplish this in their own lives. Sweet vineyards of Christ, still you are little lambs, yet how valuable can a little lamb be as soon as it will surrender to the Father through My Mother’s hands. Do come, little lambs, so weak, so deserted sometimes, and yet so strong, provided you surrender to Me and to My Mother".


Palm Sunday: While Jesus is entering Jerusalem accompanied by a roar of cheers, prayers to the Eternal Father keep arising within His Heart. Among others I can read the following words:

"Father, may this disposition of the hearts foreshadow the final establishment of Our Kingdom in the souls. Do regard it as their desire for the eventual victory of Redemption over their fickleness and their susceptibility to all darkness".

A bit later:

"Father, this is how it is going to be on the day on which Our Kingdom will permanently be established on earth. Then the halleluja will rise towards Us from the purified hearts that have managed to open up the effects of Redemption within themselves. The palm leaves will never wither, for the enemy of the souls will no longer singe them and drain the water of Divine Life out of them, and the sun will not merely shine down upon the souls from the Heavens, it will in a perfect way be reflected from the souls back to Our Hearts".


I see Jesus on the large terrace belonging to Lazarus’ estate at Bethany, which I saw once before in a vision a few years ago. Holy Thursday must be two or three days away at the most, for the moon is almost full, and in earlier visions about the events in the Garden of Gethsemane I always saw there was a full moon in the night when Jesus was betrayed. I see Jesus speaking ardently to the Eternal Father. I am allowed to read in His Heart, which is trembling with sheer ecstasy:

"Oh My Father, the hour has come for Me to consecrate to You My Legacy of Love. Indeed You do know it, for Our Hearts were one even before the earth was founded. Nevertheless I want to consecrate it to You while I am still living in the flesh, in order that its salvific power for the benefit of mankind may yet be enhanced. Do accept it as if it were addressed to You by all human souls. I consecrate it to You secretly, in order that it may be revealed when Our Time for it will have come. This is My Legacy of Love: that all souls should follow Me by walking all along the same three paths I walked on when I was still living in the Flesh:

1. By giving glory to You and to the Ones that are sent by You in representation of Your holy name;

(the matching image shows me Jesus is referring to Himself, the Holy Spirit and Mary – He also shows me the Sacraments)

2. By practicing Our Eternal Truth, not merely professing it with words but actually setting the example of a holy and virtuous life;

3. By accepting to drink from the cup Our Providence prepares for them day after day, and doing so with Love and without any resistance.

This, My Father, is what I long for so ardently, in order that the souls may harvest the fruits You destined for them to have. I Myself am the Field that bears the seeds. The plough is approaching already. Only few hours yet, and it will enter into marriage with My Blood, in order that the seed may ripen for every soul who will take care of the harvest in the hour in which she will be called to do so, rain or shine, under a singing sun as well as in a dense fog.

Oh Father, I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may get to know true Love, the deep essence of all Our doings and of their own lives in Us.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may feel what is driving their God when He conceives His Decrees pertaining to their own journey through life and to mankind as a whole.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may recognize unconditional Love as the only source of true happiness, true joy, true brightfulness, true inner peace.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may find within themselves the fire to deny themselves completely with a view to enabling all their fellow creatures to find true peace and true happiness, and that they may do so through their actions, their words and their way of living.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may be signs and sources of true Light for all their fellow creatures, by being signs and sources of encouragement, hope and support.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may recognize Love as the only medicine for all anxiety, all doubt, all lack of inner peace, all dissatisfaction and any temptation.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may recognize true and sincere Love as the only way leading to true inner deliverance, and therefore as the only way to Eternal Bliss.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may recognize My Mother as the fully matured Fruit of Love and take Her up into their inner life as the voice, the Light and the heartbeat from their very God Himself.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may recognize the strength emanating from unconditional Love, that they may experience how their God’s Blood is flowing through all relationships with their fellow creatures to the extent to which they recognize a germ of their God in all of their fellow creatures.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they should glorify Love by totally denying their own material life and their own material needs, being aware that Our Spirit will then lift them up to make them rise above their weaknesses.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may understand I was sent by You as the Embodiment of the most sacred covenant of Love between God and themselves.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may recognize Love as the Divine power defeating all darkness.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may recognize Love as the sun which enables all fruits of their works in life to ripen in order that the latter may bring them Eternal Bliss, and while they are still on earth, that it may bring them true inner peace.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may understand and actually feel that all suffering they inflict upon any fellow creature is also inflicted upon their God, on account of the fact their God has provided all of His creatures with a fibre of His own Heart.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may learn how to release the infinite power of redeeming and sanctifying Love from Our Divine Heart, by practicing an unlimited forgiveness and total reconciliation.

I long so ardently for the souls of all centuries to come that they may recognize Me as Love incarnate, as the Model of Love that sets free and glorifies through acceptance of the cross, and that they may recognize and accept My Works as the Harvest of Eternal Love".

Now I see Jesus with His disciples on the way from Bethany to Jerusalem. It must be early in the morning. Alongside the undulating country lane I see fields and gardens displaying manifest signs of spring. Jesus is walking with a bowed head, yet every now and then He lets His eyes wander over the landscape along the wayside. His face radiates a somewhat dreamy and soft kind of sadness. In His Heart I read the following consecration:

"Oh My Father, before long My feet will no longer be walking on the paths of the earth. Your creation is so beautiful this time of the year, yet the souls present a dismal sight. I am still walking on the way to Jerusalem, the holy city that has sold its holiness to the darkness. I consecrate to You this walk to the temple, in order that the souls may soon be sanctified, that they may be opened up to My entry into their temple, and that also in the souls spring may bloom in its holy beauty".

(I see rather serious expressions on the disciples’ faces. Nevertheless I can see some of them chuckling over a quietly spoken remark by Thomas, which I am not able to understand literally. Jesus continuous His inner prayer:)

"Father, I pray for strength for these men, who have had Me in their midst for three years. Their bodies, too, are broken by the long hikes and the caring for the souls. Soon the hearts will be heavily tried. May they find the strength to give up more than ever all kinds of things for the joys of Eternal Spring in the self-sacrifice for the establishment of Our Kingdom. Blessed are the souls in all centuries who will understand and feel with all their hearts how great it is to relive these hours with a view to opening up the treasures of Eternal Bliss.

I consecrate to You all souls who will be going on the ways of the earth through all the centuries, in order that the purpose of their journeys may be the establishment of Our Kingdom on earth. May all souls set the entry into the sanctuary of their temple as the destination of their journey through life: the full bloom of the sanctity You gave them when You created them. May My Way be for them the Source of Love and inspiritment, may Our Spirit grant them the driving force enabling them to persevere, and may the Flower in whom We are so well pleased (Jesus has got Mary’s image in mind) adorn the garden of every soul and envelop it in the scent of the greatest sanctity".


The Garden of Gethsemane: Over Jerusalem and the Garden of Gethsemane a full moon is displaying its beauty, symbolizing God’s Light in the darkness of sin, God’s Sign of hope. Jesus is looking at the full moon over the Garden, and the following words surge up from His Heart to the Eternal Father, with reference to all souls:

"I will show them the light of the full moon in the desolation of their night ..."

(Jesus now shows me Mary, whom He will give formally to the souls while hanging on the Cross. Thus He is presenting Mary in a symbolic way as the full moon, and is unveiling the Divine Plan to give Mary to the souls. Mary, too, repeatedly compared Herself with the full moon in the past), and Jesus continues:

"..... in order for them to recognize their darkness, but also gain the hope for the victory of the Light".

These words are very rich in substance: Mary is represented as the One who reflects God’s Light in an undistorted way and in its fullness. Jesus presents Mary as an example of perfect sanctity and as a Sign of hope for the souls that would ever doubt the ability of a created soul to achieve sanctity.


Because Jesus has accepted God’s Will as the only factor which is going to determine His fate, He is given an angel in support. This is how it is going to be with every soul that subordinates her own needs and desires to the needs of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all souls. In Jesus’ Heart I read the following words:

"Oh My Father, My Heart is tormented so heavily by the terrible sight of the burden of sins collected by the souls. The sins are more numerous than a thousand times the number of all stars, their impact is greater than the infinity of the darkness among the stars. I offer You My broken Heart in exchange for the grace that the germ of sincere remorse may ripen within the souls.

Oh Father, is not every resurgence of remorse in a soul similar to a star in the night sky? Oh, so much remorse is needed for all darkness in the skies to be transformed into light, so as to clothe mankind in a garment of Divine Light. The encounter between the soul and her God is nowhere closer than in the heart-felt remorse over her sins and weaknesses. Remorse marks the marriage between Love and the awareness of God’s intentions. In the remorseful soul the germ of the Plan God harbours towards her is maturing: She suddenly understands God’s intentions with her life, and the extent to which she has been disrupting this Plan, and she loves her Creator for the greatness of the Works He accomplishes in and through her. Oh what humiliation for the false seducer is in the soul’s remorse.

Oh Father, tonight I give You My heart in exchange for sending Our Spirit, in order that the germ of remorse may ripen in many".

Here we can see God’s Love in its full effect: Jesus is about to experience the complete destruction of the flesh, He is aware of the extent of the sufferings ahead of Him, and nevertheless all He is thinking of is the completion of the souls’ Salvation. Eventually, Redemption must indeed be completed by the sanctifying actions of the Holy Spirit.


At a given point of time I am allowed to witness the following prayer being sent from Jesus’ Heart to the Father:

"May My surrender in this tormenting insecurity ransom for all souls the ability of practicing a blind faith, in order that they may not falter when subjected to lengthy trials".

Scourging: During the scourging I keep reading in Jesus’ Heart how He is trying to hold His own morally all through the experience of these incredible pains: I can see endless series of images surge up from His Heart to the Eternal Father. It is made all but impossible for Him to phrase words innerly, as the tearing of blood vessels and nerves, in a manner of speaking, leaves Him completely dazed with pain. His mind, all rational thinking, soon seems to drift off into another world. Soon the blood is oozing from innumerable wounds, so that this most holy body, which, as a matter of fact, has not consumed any food or water for approximately fifteen hours, keeps losing strength minute by minute.

The images contained in this abstract prayer in Jesus’ Heart are 'translated' for me in the following words:

"My Father, I allow My body to be torn up in order that the power of all vanity, of all seductions abusing the body, and of the tyranny of all physical delights, may be torn up in all souls who truly want to be redeemed. I allow My blood vessels to be torn in order that all poison of physical temptations which I have drawn into My being through the power of Love, may be driven out of the souls with My Blood. I turn every single one of these lashes against the gates of hell. I pray You, that many souls throughout the centuries may remorsefully grasp the deep meaning of this scourging, so that by every expression of remorse the effects of this scourging may be repeated against the prince of the darkness, and these effects may tear his works of devastation up".

By these words Jesus conceives a pattern, a model fit to be used if people want to turn even the most terrible sufferings inflicted by human beings against the darkness. To the extent to which souls consecrate their sufferings to God with Love and full acceptance, these sufferings can be used as tools of grace through which the darkness renders itself ineffective. This way mankind could actually complete the effects of Redemption within a short period of time if all souls were to consecrate their sufferings explicitly against the darkness. The Redemption and sanctification of a soul is made difficult exactly by the neglect to consecrate sufferings with Love. The Mistress of all souls pointed this out quite a few times in the past, and it is confirmed by the way Jesus appears to be dealing with all elements of the Passion. After all we are dealing with a law of salvation, which is not time-related:

Suffering + Love + Surrender/Consecration =

Redemption = Eternal Bliss

At a given point of time during the scourging, which seems as though it would never end, I can read in Jesus’ Heart:

"Oh Father, may one of the fruits of this torment be this: that the souls should accept all their trials by being aware that nothing, no single torment, leads a life of its own nor is the end of anything: There is an end to all things, and any torment at the service of God is followed by Bliss. The latter is even prepared during the torment, just like the grape must first be squeezed and can only afterwards make the heart feel bright, after having been turned into wine which gives strength. I pray to obtain strength for all souls who are being pursued by the torments of the world and thereby forget, or are no longer able to believe, that You, Father, are a God of Love, and that a strong faith in Your Love heals all lashes administered to the heart and the soul".

In the above words Jesus is again underlining the aforementioned law of salvation, for which He set the greatest example in history throughout the events of the Passion.

After He has most probably been administered a few hundred lashes (I can see Jesus seems more dead than alive), the following proof of His perfect self-denying Love surges up in His Heart:

"Oh Father, even if every one of these lashes were to redeem only one single soul, I implore You that this scourging may never end".

I experience the scourging as an injustice that crushes the heart, yet first and foremost it demonstrates the tremendous extent of the need for expiation on account of the fact the physical nature of mankind has got so far off track. All the images Jesus is contemplating here in His Heart make Him extraordinarily determined to see this excruciating torment through.


It seems as though His mind is entirely switched off, so much so that He seems to see everything around Him the way they would be seen by a person locked up in a cage of frosted glass. His aural impressions consist of vague sounds flowing into each other. Words He hears no longer seem to make sense. Nevertheless He is still offering up His Sufferings (in the form of images, not fully phrased words), and in His Heart I read the words:

"Do let the souls understand the extent to which arrogance and pride cloud the soul and cut her loose from God’s reality".

Jesus sends this prayer to the Father while the preparation for the crowning with thorns is started.


During the crowning with thorns blood is oozing from Jesus' scalp and forehead in many places. In His Heart I read:

"Father, may the soul who thinks highly of herself understand that arrogance makes Divine Life flow out of the soul".


Jesus offers His being sentenced up to the Father through the following words:

"Oh Father, I offer You My Heart, filled with the desire that every soul that is yet to come into the world may, by the merits of this moment, find the strength and the will to sentence the world inside of her, take up her cross with Love for Us and for all of creation, and merge the sacrifice of her life with My last travelling companion, with which I am soon to conclude eternal marriage".

Jesus’ travelling companion is the Cross, which will remain associated with Him forever. This sigh rises from Jesus’ Heart while He is bunching together in His Heart the burning pains of the scourging and from the crown of thorns and He is yearning ardently for the Sacrifice of Eternal Love to be crowned, for that is the purpose He came into the world for. Perfect Love is the force which is concentrating the last remnants of strength left inside of Him to such an extent that it appears to me as though nothing but a blazing spiritual fire is instilling into His body the vital force required to begin the final stage of His Passion for the benefit of mankind.


In the courtyard of the Roman fortress Jesus is led towards the Cross. I can see Him falling to His knees beside it, embracing it tenderly and weeping. His Heart is burning, and Eternal Love allows me to read the following sigh rising up from this ardent Heart:

"Oh Father, the marriage with this Cross is what I was sent into the world for. This is how Your Wisdom decreed it to be, that Your Son was to enter into marriage with the Cross which is going to seal Redemption, yet that the fruits proceeding from this marriage can be born only in the heart of every individual soul by her embracing the cross of her life herself. Oh Cross, how dearly I love you. You are going to bring Eternal Bliss to many, for owing to My marriage with you the devastating effects of the original sin will be wiped out of every soul who, in My following, will love you on the way of the cross her own life is going to be. Attached to you I will die in the flesh, in order that every soul who loves you may mortify the needs and desires of the flesh, and in order that their sanctity may live".

In this very instant the Redeemer is ardently longing for His taking up His Cross to make every soul willing to keep taking up the cross of her burdens day after day, to embrace it out of Love for Jesus, and to offer it to Mary for the expiation of the sins of the world. Mary is not physically in the immediate proximity of Jesus, yet in Her Heart She is connected with Him in the most intensive way possible. One of Jesus’ most ardent desires is this: that the human souls of all times may, in their inner dispositions, bring to fruition the grace of recognizing this connection between His Heart and Mary’s, and of believing in the redemptive power of this connection, which is beyond praise.


Jesus’ staggering while taking up the Cross symbolizes the tremendous burden of the sins of all mankind through the ages – besides, let us keep in mind how exhausted Jesus already is at the time. While carrying the Cross He keeps receiving blows at not too long intervals. In the secluded confines of His Heart Jesus is praying as follows:

"Oh Father, may all this obtain strength for those souls who, while expiating the violations of Your Law, will be counteracted by the blows dealt to them by dark forces through persecution and opposition of all kinds. May it also help the wavering souls opt without any hesitation in favour of true Light, for only the ghost lights of the world have got the ability to blind souls so much that they stagger".

I see Jesus staggering under the burden of the Cross in the mostly narrow alleyways of Jerusalem.


A bit further on Jesus sees His Mother by the wayside. She is the only soul who is truly able to keep Him going. Although Her exceptionally beautiful face is full of sorrows, seeing Her is to Him like having a vision of Paradise: Jesus sees right through the soul and therefore experiences a regular state of delight when seeing the radiance of Mary’s sanctity, which was never stained by the original sin nor by any transgression on Her part. Mary is not standing, She is on Her knees, as She had gently gone on Her knees when Jesus was approaching. She is weeping inaudibly, as if in adoration before Eternal Love, which is here radiating in the fullness of its fire. Behind Her I see John the apostle, his hands interlaced on His chest and his face dismayed.

Seeing Mary seems to give Jesus an injection of new spirits. It is as if He is mustering His last forces. He allows my heart to understand that the feelings which are now ruling His Heart symbolize the rebirth every soul can gain from a profound contact with Mary. In Her He sees the sight of perfect Redemption and sanctification, a piece of Heaven in this swamp of perdition and sin. Indeed, today Jerusalem seems particularly hostile, even though I also see faces that are truly saddened and even almost desperate. In all of this I am granted an image which expresses the situation that will always be with us: Jesus and His Doctrine as signs of contradiction, with a minority of friends and a majority of enemies, indifferent souls and souls who fail to see beyond the surface of things.

Jesus’ Heart, which has not stopped speaking in mysterious images addressed to the Eternal Father and to His Mother, is now silently generating the following words:

"Oh Father, do impress this image on My Heart, in order that it may encourage Me in the torments that are yet to come. Behold the perfectly sinless One, who has been perceiving all of My pains and torments even in Her most pure flesh. Oh Delight a thousandfold greater than all the angels You have made. Oh Sign of hope, who are going to bring My Works to completion in the souls. The world does not know Her yet, and many will never accept Her for what She really is. Do support Her in this torment of all torments".

Mary embraces Her Son in an extraordinarily respectful and soft way. For a few moments Their holy eyes meet. To Jesus it is as if He is again seeing Heaven, for Mary’s eyes are the mirrors of the Immaculate Paradise of sinlessness and perfect Love – the human soul fully restored to the status God originally had destined her to have. Jesus, whose eyes had so far seemed to be staring into infinity, suddenly seems to receive an injection of new life. Nevertheless I can feel Jesus’ Heart be torn up, in a manner of speaking, at His encounter with Mary, by the effect of two tremendous forces which are each other’s opposite: on the one hand there is the new courage He receives owing to the fact Her perfect Love envelops His Heart like a woollen cloak, and on the other hand there is the awareness of the heart-breaking Sorrows She is now going through. Mary is now well and truly the Co-Redemptrix who for a few moments exchanges with the Redeemer the most profound feelings of pain over sin and over the weakness of the souls. This is really an exchange from eye to eye, from heart to heart, from soul to soul. The excruciating joint sufferings, the joint character of which had until then remained secret due to their being separated physically are now sealed by the eye contact, in which the mystical side of the sufferings are merged with their human side.

To Jesus it is now as though Mary is actually carrying His Cross with Him, for God has decreed this brief encounter to both provide Her with a wave of Divine strength and help bear Jesus’ Sufferings in the very depth of Her own being. Her mouth barely utters a sound, Her Heart, however, is shouting out the pain over the Sorrow God has been suffering countless times since the fall of man, and of which She sees and feels the signs before Her very eyes in Her Divine Son’s dispositions.


Jesus’ Heart is now so totally geared to the Divinity and to God’s Plan of Salvation that it seems to be changing into a living prayer:

"Father, by virtue of the imminent consumption of My marriage with the Cross, may all souls who are sincerely willing to follow Me, in their turn consume the marriage with their own cross in the sacrifice of their worldly needs and in a complete conversion to a life at the service of Our Works, in order that many may achieve eternal salvation".

While Jesus, as if in a daze, is looking at the top of Mount Golgotha for a few moments, I am shown the fire of His yearning. He is truly living in another world, in the only reality which is of value for all souls: celestial reality, as if He were 'possessed' by the urge to open up God’s Plan of Salvation for all times. It is this wave of Love and of hope, as well as the determined will to save souls, which makes Him rise to His feet again (He has just fallen under the burden of His Cross for the third time). He is in the deepest sense of the word living for no other purpose but to consume the marriage with the Cross and to open up Heaven for many.


So here the soul is, in a manner of speaking, standing on the top of her life (the top of Mount Golgotha), over which Heaven is soon going to be opened. When Jesus is stripped of His garments the soul who is willing to follow Him allows herself to be stripped of all outside appearances so as to appear before God unclothed, the way she actually is, with all her weaknesses but also, as it were, so as to make visible on the basis of what kind of inner disposition she is making her sacrifices. While Jesus is being stripped of His garments the bottom of His Heart is generating the following sigh:

"Oh Father, may the souls of all times learn how to see themselves the way they really are. May they not remain blind to themselves. May they, of their own free will, crown the offer of the way of the cross of their lives on earth by surrendering everything behind which they have been hiding their real 'me' all along. Oh Father, You and I both fathom the very depths of hearts and souls, yet blessed are those who voluntarily present themselves to Us the way they really are, with all their weaknesses. Only they will absorb the Light from the sun over their Golgotha and will witness the blooming of My Works within them. In them the Grain of Wheat will turn into Bread of Eternal Life. Oh may the wind of the Holy Spirit envelop their unclad being, in order that their hearts, their minds and bodies may be cleansed".


By the third saying of Jesus on the Cross "Woman, behold Your son; behold your Mother" Jesus entrusts all mankind, all souls, to Mary. Here He reveals Mary’s eventual everlasting mission: to be the Mother and Mistress of all souls. By the same token He entrusts Mary to the souls, in order that the souls may try to always accomplish their spiritual bloom through and with Her, and that they may surrender totally to Her (total consecration! – taking Mary, in a manner of speaking, 'into the house of the soul', i.e. into the very core of their being).

Jesus shares with me the sigh which is now rising up from His Heart to the Eternal Father:

"Father, may, like We decreed it to be for all times, She be the One who is going to extend My role towards the souls. May She now complement the effects of My Works in them to the extent to which they will surrender to Her voluntarily. May the One who was anointed to accomplish this mission as the Co-Redemptrix with Your Christ, now be sealed in this capacity, and may She help open up the Salvation of all souls of good will by virtue of the key of Redemption, which I have now deposited in each one of them and over which She, My eternal Mother, the Daughter in whom We are so well pleased and the Bride of Our Spirit, will have all power, because this is how the infallible Law of Our Mercy has decreed it to be for all times. May, by virtue of My Sacrifice with its eternal validity and of Her holy perseverance in this Sorrow, Her immaculate Heart arouse the Light of hope and Love in all souls who believe that I have redeemed for them the key to Eternal Bliss and that My Mother was chosen by Us as the Golden Signpost to the gate to which this key fits".

And the disciple took Her into his house... No words will ever be able to describe how ardently, at that moment, Jesus longed for all souls to take Mary into themselves (into the house of their soul) through total consecration to Mary, thereby giving Her the opportunity to live in the soul and govern the latter, because She has received from God the power and the wisdom to guide every soul to the gate of Eternal Salvation.


With the fourth saying of Jesus on the Cross "I thirst" the following prayer rises up from Jesus’ Heart:

"Oh Father, do open up the Sources of eternal grace, which I have now replenished with all My Blood. May no soul ever thirst again, unless for the fulfilment of Your Will, which gives true Life. Oh give Me souls, so that I can baptize them in the water of Divine Life, which will keep flowing forever through the sacrifice of My Blood. The Divine exchange, oh My Father... My Blood in exchange for their Redemption... My thirst for their being quenched".


With the fifth saying of Jesus on the Cross (in Aramaic "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabakthani?") the following words surge silently from Jesus’ Heart, steeped in sadness:

"Oh Father, have We not provided for the human soul to be Our representative towards every creature? Why then, are so many creatures in Our creation going to get the feeling We do not exist, or that We are indifferent to their fate? Oh may this Suffering pour out into the souls the Love which will enable them, and fill them with the desire, to make their fellow creatures feel this creation is ruled by Love, and that God never forsakes any of His creatures. May they, in My following, fill every fellow creature with the joy of Our Presence, which will flow through them to all of creation to the extent their own faith, hope and Love, as well as their own will to be one with Us, will increase".


With the sixth saying on the Cross "It is finished" I hear the following sigh from the Heart of the Redeemer:

"Oh Father, my whole life as the Man-God on this earth I have lived in the full awareness that I proceeded from You and that I was not going to return to You before I would have accomplished everything I had been sent into the world for. I have not left anything undone to give proof of My Love to the human souls, to sow this Love in them and to water this seed with the tears of My desire for their true happiness. Now I know it is finished, for I have been giving every trace of Divine Life My body possessed, and My Heart will keep pouring itself out all over the seed for all times. There is not a work of darkness which will not at some point be unveiled and its effects undone by Our Light. There is no misery which will not eventually be taken up into Eternal Bliss and Peace and into the Love Our Kingdom on earth will be pervaded with. It is fully accomplished for all times, and so it will be in every soul who will whole-heartedly and sincerely long to be Ours and will whole-heartedly opt for the cross and turn her back on the temptations and ghost lights of worldly life".


Thus we learn from the seven sayings by the Saviour on the Cross the lessons which may be regarded as directives for the souls on their way to opening up the treasure of Redemption inside themselves:

  1. Grant total and unconditional forgiveness to those who do you wrong.

  2. Acknowledge your own weakness, sinfulness and debt towards God, be remorseful, believe in Christ as Your Redeemer, and harbour a sincere hope for eventual Redemption.

  3. Consecrate yourself totally and unconditionally to Mary.

  4. Keep longing for the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation.

  5. Under all circumstances, be a mirror of God for all your fellow creatures, and make His Presence felt at all times.

  6. Reflect upon your true vocation and mission in life, and make efforts to accomplish them with the greatest possible fruitfulness.

  7. For the entire duration of your life, but especially in the hour of your death, be well aware of the fact you are God’s property, and that you will return to Him if you make it clear to Him that you actually desire to be with Him for all eternity.


Here ends the compilation of sighs from the Divine Heart of the Suffering Saviour. Within the context of Her Passiontide invitation the Mother of Sorrows also refers the souls to Her inspiration entitled The Seed of Redemption, for which we refer to the menu item Teachings > Brief Teachings.

In this context the Queen of Heaven further refers to the following special Revelation:

Passiontide Revelation for the Last Times