by Mary to Myriam van Nazareth

On Palm Sunday 2020 the Mistress of all souls says:

"(...) The Passion also depicts the far-reaching aberrations in the dispositions harboured by very many souls who, with the greatest of ease, think themselves Christians. Being a Christian equals genuine, total following of the Christ in all of His inner dispositions, not only as God’s Son but actually as the Man-God:

On Palm Sunday, when entering into Jerusalem, Jesus was cheered by people crying 'hosanna' and waving palm branches. There Jesus prefigured His deep yearning to enter as the King into the Jerusalem of every single soul in order to fulfil her with the Divine perfume of the Gospel, God’s Truth, and to open her up so as to be able to embrace the fullness of her Redemption.

However, many Christians have transformed Palm Sunday into a major symbol of repudiating the Christ and of self-deception: They rejoice, adorn their homes with palm leaves and cry hosanna to the Redeemer, yet in reality they expect Him to bring redemption from worldly trials and troubles, similar to the many who, in the days of Jesus, expected to be liberated from Roman occupation. Many hearts were already brewing treason.

Holy Thursday is unfolding itself in the Christians through treason of the Doctrine of Christ, surrendering the Christ to the seeming promises of worldly life and endless darkness in a great many hearts. Jesus wept bitterly under the olive trees, symbolizing deep Peace, because He was overwhelmed by the oppression on account of the countless Christians who, in the centuries to come, would allow their hearts to deteriorate into dens of iniquity and deep-rooted lack of inner Peace.

A great many Christians keep scourging the Basic Law of Christ, true Love. In their own hearts they tear every urge to practice self-denying Love apart with the whip of selfishness and of the individual free will, which has drifted off so far from God’s intentions with respect to their lives.

Day after day, time and again they keep preparing the crown of thorns for the Christ through their conceitedness, which prevents Him from actually being the King of the land of their soul. The throne in their hearts is firmly occupied by their personal desires, expectations and views, which no longer bear any relation whatsoever to the desires, expectations and views harboured by God, which would truly govern them if the Christ were granted the opportunity to truly be the King in the hearts of the Christians.

Day after day they crucify everything God is leading towards their path through life yet does not fit in with their personal views of life. They take for granted to be offered the eternal fruits of the Crucifixion of the Christ, yet in their hearts they kill all inspirations from the Holy Spirit and all interventions from Divine Providence. Through all of this God keeps trying to guide the souls along the paths which are the most likely to bring her to Eternal Bliss, provided they subordinate their free will whole-heartedly to the will of God. The average Christian’s free will is an executioner who is crucifying the Christ and all He stands for.

Yes, in reality a great many Christians take offence at everything God wants to prepare for the souls, for they want to be able to lead their lives in accordance with their own views and expectations. Therefore, how could Christ be the King, who is truly welcome in their Jerusalem? The blessed palm branch should be a constant incentive for the Christians to live every single detail of their lives in a disposition of collaboration with the Christ for defeating the darkness of the world and defeating everything which may, in their hearts, prevent true Redemption from being fulfilled. The fact of being a Christian, however, has deteriorated into a completely passive attitude, devoid of any active dedication and commitment for the accomplishment of the effects of God’s Law, and is pining away under a constantly growing superficiality and a lack of understanding of the tremendous value of every action and every word given to the souls by Christ Himself. The Christians have completely wasted their ability to clearly recognize God’s desires and all signs of His Presence, thereby putting Christ to shame and testifying of their overtly opting to adopt the inner dispositions of the darkness. In so doing they have seriously thwarted the complete unlocking of the fruits of Redemption. Nevertheless many go on the assumption that their superficial practice of the Christian Doctrine and disposition in its formal aspects without any concrete and heart-felt content is automatically going to guarantee them the entry into Eternal Bliss. Thereby they play into the hands of the darkness on a very large scale.

Not for no reason the Passion has never come to an end. In reality it will last until the hour in which the Law of Divine Justice will have been sufficiently satisfied to justify the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. For this very reason I will always remain the weeping Mother of Sorrows.

Christians, truly being a Christian is an attitude towards life based on a complete fulfilment of God’s Law, just like Jesus wanted to imprint it on the souls through His words as well as through the example of His entire life as the Man-God. This complete fulfilment of Divine Law is the only way to bring about the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, and therefore to the final end of all chaos, misery, suffering and injustice in the world, for there is no other way to bring the darkness to its knees but by locking it permanently away in the dungeon of the firm will to genuinely follow the Christ, unconditionally, totally and whole-heartedly".