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On October 25, 2018, the Mistress of all souls decreed that henceforth Her Maria Domina Animarum Work shall commemorate and venerate Her on October 31 in the capacity as the Queen of Divine Light.

On October 31 the western world celebrates Halloween. Traditionally this day was considered to be the day on which the power of the evil spirits – the darkness – was at its height. This day was regarded also as a 'bridge' to the darkest time of the year. On this day the evil spirits had to be given presents so as, in a manner of speaking, 'not to get on their wrong side', and in various ways people sought contact with the dead and/or 'tended to sense such contacts more easily'. In the course of time the traditions gave rise to some sort of cult of the dark, of the mysterious which inspired feelings of insecurity or fear, of the 'magic of the unknown'. The commercial atmosphere and thinking inherent to modern society made major contributions to Halloween becoming a feast with the potential of bringing souls under the spell of this 'cult'.

The Mistress of all souls already referred to October as the month of reflection on the soul’s receptiveness to the darkness and to temptation, and on one’s own state of grace or disgrace. The last day of October, the eve of All Saints’ Day, should in the fullest sense of the word invite us to proceed to this reflection.

The modern world drives the human soul ever further away from this reflection: We currently experience the heyday of the cult of sensory perceptions with all material pseudo needs engendered by them, and therefore also the practice of 'living with the world outside one’s own soul', which for many is tantamount to a lifelong flight from inner life, which is why they will never meet God in their own hearts nor ever find the real purpose of their lives. The Mistress of all souls gave birth to Her Maria Domina Animarum Work as an Apostolate of profound immersion in the state one’s own soul is in, in practicing one’s being a Christian, and thereby of the soul’s rebirth as a true child of God. She does so through a covenant of intense collaboration between the soul of good will (meaning: the soul who sincerely longs for a perfect merger of her own will and her goals in life with God’s Will) and Herself in Her major capacity of the Last Times, Her all-embracing capacity as the Mistress of all souls.

Within the framework of this objective, which, through this Work, She is trying to accomplish in as many souls as possible, She now wants to make October 31 a day of deep reflection, on which the soul most sincerely reflects on her state of grace, her spiritual weaknesses, her susceptibility to dark influences, the extent to which her dispositions of heart and mind are fruitful for the bloom of dark feelings, thoughts and desires, the traces of darkness the course of her life has left behind in her and through which she keeps separating herself from God and True Love.

Thus on October 31 the Mistress of all souls invites everyone to transform their ways of perceiving and experiencing the commercial world tries so hard to sow into the souls, from 'living with the outside world' into 'living internally':

  • experiencing the reality of the dead should not be expressed in a world of ghosts, witches, horror and scary forces, but in a deep awareness of the immortality of each soul as a tool for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation;

  • experiencing evil spirits which must be given presents so that they may leave the mortals in peace ('trick or treat'), should make room for a deep awareness of the necessity that the soul should never make peace with her own inner darkness nor with the one who will never cease trying to sow darkness into the souls;

  • the rituals which were practiced traditionally for the purpose of expelling evil spirits should not eclipse the actual battle against the real 'evil spirits', those of the soul’s own susceptibility to sin and aberration, not even for one day. The battle against one’s own inner darkness and in favour of the blooming of the Light the soul has received, is a very serious matter, and each moment of abstraction may cost the soul her Eternal Life in Bliss. The inner evil spirit will not stop, not even for one single moment, trying to transform spiritual life into a graveyard;

  • although in nature the time of dark days, long nights and seeming death in the growth of all things alive makes itself noticed ever more clearly, the soul is invited by the Mistress of all souls to make use of this time of the year to open up to a deep awareness of the fact that also within the soul many things should be cast off in a time of still reflection in order to prepare for the rebirth of a spiritual spring.

The Queen of Heaven and earth emphasizes Her desire to provide in-depth guidance to the soul who genuinely searches for profundity and perfection in her inner life, and She does so through Her invitation that on October 31 She might henceforth be venerated and invoked in Her capacity as the Queen of Divine Life. Once She said to Myriam that at Candlemas, February 2, She is honoured in Heaven as the Mother of the Light. At Candlemas we commemorate the fact that, in Her capacity as the Mother of Christ, She presented the Light of the world, the forty days old Messiah, to God in the temple. On October 31, however, She desires to be honoured as the Queen of Divine Light because on that day She truly is the implementer of the power She has received from God against the darkness, because on that day She wants to guide the souls in a special way with their sincere attempts to discover the very depths of their own inner life, in order that, through an honest reflection, they may penetrate more deeply into whatever makes them most susceptible to inspirations from the darkness, and into whatever makes the soil of the soul fruitful for the seed of temptation and deception. Thus on this day the Mistress of all souls is building a bridge towards Her capacity as the Queen of saints (on All Saints’ Day) and as the Advocate with God (on All Souls’ Day).

In this respect the Heavenly Queen emphasizes that on that day She does not desire veneration in this capacity with a view to reaping a harvest of veneration for Her own sake, but on account of the fact every glorification to Mary in a capacity which expresses Her unique sublimity and power, arouses Her crushing power over the darkness and can thereby help Her truly be a Bridge of Light to the souls so completely that, to the extent the latter surrenders to Her sincerely and completely (total, sincerely practiced consecration) she will be able to release herself, with the help of this tremendous power, from everything which keeps her inner life captive in the shackles of darkness.

One day the Mistress of all souls defined the Light as the whole of the Works God is trying to accomplish, preferably through the human souls. The Light is everything which proceeds from God and which, if the soul is willing to actually absorb and 'process' it, is able to accomplish in the latter the completion of her Redemption, her sanctification and Eternal Salvation and to contribute to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation and of all His Works. Clearly the Light and True Love are essentially one and the same. Divine capacities are one and undivided and do not allow human intelligence to separate them. The Light is God’s state of being, and God is Love. True Love is the essence of Divinity and therefore the Source of Divine Life. God is Love, the human soul is under the obligation to make Love bloom within herself as lavishly as possible in order to grow after the image of God. God has provided for all His creatures to be carriers of the Light so that they may possess the ability to contribute to the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation spontaneously and naturally.

The Mistress of all souls is the Queen of Divine Light because She has received all power over the darkness, which is the absolute opposite of God’s Works, His Truth and the Law of Love. She received this power already prior to Her Immaculate Conception and She managed to justify this Divine prerogative through leading a perfectly sinless life. A soul who does not commit any sin for the entire duration of her life and who does not allow one single vice to bloom inside of her is a soul whose will is perfectly one with the Will of God and who thereby essentially partakes in the power of God Himself: She wants exactly the same as God Himself wants. As of Mary’s Immaculate Conception the power over the darkness was laid underneath Her feet, She has kept the darkness underneath Her feet for the entire duration of Her life, and in God’s time She will crush Satan and all of his works underneath Her feet as an everlasting sign of Her power and status as the Queen of all creatures and Her power over every seed of darkness. This is why, in the deepest sense of the word, She is the Queen of Divine Light, the perfect Guide for each soul who is willing to merge her will with the Will of God and thereby to expel every trace of darkness from her inner being. May the day of the deepest reflection, set for October 31 by the Queen of Heaven and earth, provide a special impulse towards achieving this goal.

Myriam, October 2018

The following prayer was written in a regular ecstasy. The Holy Virgin inspired it in preparation for October 31. On this date the world celebrates Halloween. This is why the Mistress of all souls decreed that, in reply to the darkness, Her Maria Domina Animarum Work shall henceforth bring special tribute on October 31 to the Mother of God in the capacity as the Queen of Divine Light.
The prayer is both a glorification to Mary in the aforementioned capacity and a prayer of consecration of the praying soul, who in so doing enters into a covenant with the Queen of Heaven and earth, making the vow that she intends to start leading her further life in the strictest aspiration that all her actions and her deepest inner dispositions may henceforth be carriers of true Light.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, most sublime Queen of the celestial court and of all things and beings created, radiant Glory in whom all delights and all magnificence from the Source of God’s creative Love have been gathered,
As a testimony against the darkness I glorify the Divine Source of Your completely perfect Being and the unfathomable torrent of salvation God has allowed to flow through You all over His creation as of the hour of Your Immaculate Conception.
Oh only created soul who was invested with the fullness of grace and was thereby enabled to become the inexhaustible Treasury of Divine Light, I prostrate myself at Your feet, in front of the One who, through Her perfect union with God’s Will, was able to be the perfect Tabernacle of Divinity, the stainlessly holy Channel of God’s power over everything that is hostile to His Works and Plans, and the living Sign of the perfectly accomplished sanctity of the created soul.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, You who, as of Your Immaculate Conception, were so completely filled with Light that Your soul, Your Heart, Your spirit and Your Will held no place to any shadow nor stain, so that You were able to be the living Tabernacle to the Light of the world and were to merge with His dispositions for all eternity.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, Immaculate Conception, totally unfruitful for the seed of the original sin, which was the source of the souls’ being receptive to all darkness.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, Cradle of Redemption, which was to ring in the final victory of the Light over the darkness.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, Mother of the Light of the world, You who through Your word of consent enabled the Christ to rise in the world in God’s Time, so as to open up the path leading out of the tyranny of the darkness.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, only perfectly stainless soul whose entire behaviour and inner dispositions have brought nothing but Light and Salvation upon creation, and will keep doing so for all eternity.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, Embodiment of the Eternal Light of Divine Truth, the only true faith which is able to make God, the Source and Destination of all Life, take root in the souls in His fullness, so as to enable them to accomplish the only purpose of their life.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, full Moon in the night, You who bear witness to the power of God’s Light towards every soul to whom the darkness would appear to be the only reality.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, radiant Morning Star of true hope, Dawn of God’s covenant of the Light of Redemption for the souls.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, untouchable Mistress wielding power over all darkness, temptation, seduction and deception, in whom the fullness of the Light has exposed the power of the darkness as being the deception by the one who keeps robbing God’s creation of the sun of eternal Love.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, absolute opposite of sin among the created souls, You who, through a perfect union of Will with God, have acquired the power to rule over anything which threatens the souls’ salvation and happiness.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, perfect Mirror of Divine Light, to whom was granted the power to unveil and cripple all darkness and thereby to help open up the effects of the Christ’s Works of Redemption in each soul of good will.
I glorify You, my Queen and Mistress, Queen of perfect Love, the blinding Light from God’s Heart which paralyzes all darkness and adds Life to the seed of Eternal Bliss in each soul who is willing to open up to being nothing but a seeding compost for the benefit of God’s Kingdom on earth.
Oh powerful Queen of Divine Light, in You the fullness of salvation is alive for all eternity. That is why You are the Terror of demons, the ever living Testimony against the darkness which keeps trying to extinguish all Light in each soul who has failed to opt undividedly for practicing the Law of True Love.
Into You God’s hand cast the seed of the Cross of Redemption and thereby the seed of the final victory of His Light over all darkness.
That is why I lay myself and my whole life down at Your feet in deepest humility, for Your feet have been anointed by God for the purpose of crushing Satan’s head and all of his works of destruction as a token of the full accomplishment of Christ’s Love in the soul who has exclusively, undividedly and unconditionally opted for the service to the one and only God, who is the Source of the Light of all Love, Wisdom and Truth.
Praise be to You, who have carried the Light into the world and have remained worthy of being the eternal Bridge of Light between the souls and the Sun of God’s Heart, from which all Life proceeded and to which all Life is to return, in glorification of His Love, which is beyond praise.
With You I enter into the sacred covenant that, through my entire behaviour and all my deepest dispositions, every single moment of my life may be a constant tribute to the fullness of the Light which is embodied by Your fully accomplished sanctity, and therefore to the Source from which this Light has proceeded, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).