From the outset the Mistress of all souls has intended Her Maria Domina Animarum Work to deepen the souls’ knowledge and awareness of the fullness of God’s Truth. In this section of our website She wants to point out to the souls various possibilities to bring special reparation to God for His Works. We will offer you Her inspirations in this field as She sees fit to have us do so.

The following subjects have been covered so far:

1. Reparation on Thursday

2. Special tribute to the Divine Saviour

3. The Sacrament of Confession as a tribute to God

4. Candlemas in the soul as a tribute to God

1. Reparation on Thursday

Through this subject the Mistress of all souls wishes to shed some Light in places where so many shadows have been allowed to enter life and the Church. She emphasizes Heaven’s ardent longing for traditional values to be restored, as Jesus’ Sufferings in the Garden of Olives on Holy Thursday were highly increased by the vision of the many deviations from traditional Christian faith and from the desired ways of practicing this faith which would become fairly well established in centuries to come (* refer to the reflection a bit further below). Ever since 1997 the Mistress of all souls, in Her capacity as the Sorrowful Mother, has allowed Her Myriam to partake in the Sufferings in the Garden of Gethsemane in a mystical way. These Sufferings should be taken very seriously. Reparation and expiation on Thursdays make essential contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Works. In the Garden of Olives Jesus suffered so intensely because precisely during that stage of His Sufferings He was to open up the expiation of the souls’ failure to accept the fullness of God’s Truth. He suffered because of the blindness of the human soul in spite of the fact the latter was intended to be the crown of God’s creation.

(* A bit of reflection, taken from a letter of reply written by Myriam around the year 2010):

Ever since Jesus established the Church the darkness has been attacking the latter in every possible way. The reason is obvious. Traditional faith as it was initially shaped by Jesus is the bearer of the fullness of Truth on Divine Life. Not all elements of this Truth were announced at once, many of them were, and are currently being, proclaimed in the course of the ages after Christ, in proportion as the development of God’s Plan of Salvation deemed/deems it useful or necessary to do so. Traditional Christian faith must therefore be regarded as the treasury of the knowledge which flows from the Spring of Divine Wisdom and on which the souls should nourish themselves in order to bring Divine Life into bloom within themselves.
The Roman Catholic Church of Christ is the target of countless attacks from the darkness on account of the fact it is the visible fortress in which the treasures from the Spring of Truth are guarded and celebrated, and from which their propagation is to be secured. Satan is constantly trying to penetrate into this fortress, stealthily crawling like a snake.

For a number of centuries Satan has been trying to 'remould' this Truth into his own visions through any number of defections and apostasies and through the most varied faces of modernism. Modernism tends to highlight man, thereby in a way banning God and His Works into the background. Man’s interests are given pride of place before God’s, often in rather concealed or veiled ways. This has been unbolting a small door to a room of which the content should not have a place of honor in the lap of the Church: the room of worldly needs. The Church no longer remains exclusively and undividedly the guardian of God’s interests, but is gradually and tiptoeingly adjusted to society and all of its worldly interests and ways of thinking. Gradually the true Spirit of Christ is forced to make room for the spirit of the world.

In proportion as initial traditional values are being abandoned or relatively degraded in the Church the shepherd’s shield is bound to get more easily broken, due to the mere fact the atmosphere of sanctity surrounding the practicing of God’s Works is becoming less and less tangible or making itself felt ever less clearly. The spirit of the times has a hard time tolerating the eternal validity of the Wisdom of God as the standard by which everything ought to be measured, because every development in society is regarded as a human accomplishment and even tends to be praised while it is driving countless souls away from True Love and from accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation as well as from real spiritual and eternal well-being. The actual meaning and purpose of the words, actions and wishes committed and expressed by God’s Son are felt and understood ever less clearly and, consequently, ever less consistently acted upon. This is how many changes are coming about and taking root as to people’s opinions on what 'should be possible' or 'is desirable' within the Church, as 'the use of such and such actions has been demonstrated in daily practice'.

Observation: The notion of modernism was defined as follows by the Mistress of all souls in Storm writing nr. 49: 'Modernism is the tendency to establish human rules which deviate from God’s original Law. Modernism is the conviction the world must be improved through the transformation of the old, traditional values, adjusting them to worldly developments'.

In a Revelation dated January 14, 2008, the Mistress of all souls said: "Modernism in the Church of Christ is any change through which the service rendered by the Church allows itself to start moving away from its original spiritual goals in order to adjust itself to worldly interests".

On account of the teachings received directly in her heart from the Mistress of all souls Myriam is unshakably convinced of the traditional values of the Church being the only possible Divine Truth, owing to the fact the Queen of Heaven Herself taught and keeps teaching these values to Myriam and keeps assuring Myriam they are the only authentic full-fledged representatives of Divine Truth. This is the only reason why Myriam is utterly determined to keep refraining from advocating any expression of modernism. There are obvious reasons why the Mother of God is unequivocally warning against modernism as a whole of attempts launched by the darkness to maim the Church of Christ, and in so doing, the whole of creation as a Work of Divine Light.

Relevant prayer: We refer to prayer nr. 210. (Prayer of unity with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane).

2. Special tribute to the Divine Saviour

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

According to the old liturgy, in certain places on October 23 the Most Holy Redeemer/Saviour was commemorated. Therefore it is our pleasure to invite you to offer this day to Jesus as a token of reparation and as a little beam of Light into the darkness.

Every act of reparation to Jesus in His capacity as the Redeemer is like a flash of lightning striking the works of darkness, and helps to implore graces for souls to be able to set the Works of Redemption blooming inside of them.

Several years ago already, the Mistress of all souls pointed out that God has called upon Her to prepare hearts for the development of an optimum receptiveness to the Divine seed of Redemption. The Redemption is not a Work the soul takes in passively, it is a Work which can only be set blooming in each individual soul to the extent the latter actively collaborates towards accomplishing it through all of her experiences in life and all of her inner dispositions. This is what the Mother of God was called upon to do for all times. Hence this invitation.

May this day be an opportunity for you to renew your signature under the contract of your Redemption.

In a private revelation to Myriam on Holy Thursday 2016 the Mistress of all souls drew the souls’ attention to the following:

Through the Annunciation and Mary’s accepting to receive the Saviour in Her Womb, the Mystery of Salvation was disclosed to the souls, through Jesus’ Death on the Cross on Mount Golgotha on Good Friday this disclosure was fully accomplished. This is what enabled every soul who perseveres in the following of Jesus Christ in the practice of daily life, to actually accomplish within herself the Salvation redeemed by Jesus.

The Queen of Heaven expresses this as follows:

Through My word of consent spoken to the Archangel the blossom of Redemption appeared on the Tree of Life.
Through Christ’s loving and unresisting acceptance of all trials and Sufferings He had to experience while on earth, this blossom yielded the fruit of Redemption.
Through Christ’s Death on the Cross the fruit of Redemption was reaped.
Every soul who truly follows Christ through a sincere, loving and self-denying acceptance of all and any details of her own journey through life, is eating the fruit of Redemption, thereby preparing Divine Life for herself.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,
Her Maria Domina Animarum Work

Two useful prayers to bring Tribute to the Divine Saviour: numbers 359 and 1174.

3. The Sacrament of Confession as a tribute to God

Many souls are not fully aware of this, but a sacramental Confession spoken individually with a priest is a special tribute to God, for if the soul confesses from the proper disposition she is actually signalling to God that she intends to make Divine Law, which she has violated, the true inner guide in her life.

This Sacrament is a major gift of Divine Mercy which can help deliver the soul from debts she has accumulated due to violations against Divine Law, and moreover it offers the soul the opportunity to bring special tribute to God and to His Plans and Works to the extent she actually harbours this intention in her heart of hearts.

It is in deep gratitude that I avail myself of the privilege of the following extraordinary inspiration granted by the Mistress of all souls in the Advent of 2018 and which I have permission to quote word for word hereinafter:

"Sacramental Confession was introduced by Jesus as a 'washing system' for the soul. This washing system can be used only by a soul who in her heart of hearts feels the desire to achieve perfect harmony with God and His Law of true Love. This means a soul can only truly benefit from the Divine washing system if the following conditions are met completely and unreservedly. Regard the following ten points as the Ten Commandments for a truly holy Confession.

  1. The soul must have become fully aware of each element of guilt and of each trace of darkness sown inside of her through her violations, and she must accept and recognize them entirely as her personal guilt;
  2. The soul must realize the seriousness of her violations. This awareness is granted to her by the Holy Spirit to the extent to which the soul honestly and sincerely focuses on God’s Heart;
  3. The soul must have opened up her heart completely to the voice of the Holy Spirit, who in preparation for each Confession attempts to open the soul up to the truth that the source of all her violations resides in the dispositions of her own heart. This means the soul recognizes that the sin expressing itself through her actions, words and desires which are carriers of darkness, has actually already been committed in her heart;
  4. The soul must feel a predominating desire to make amends for her violations against the Law of true Love, making up for them towards God Himself, towards the intentions of His Plan of Salvation, towards creation which is harmed as a whole by every violation against God’s Law, and towards the fellow creatures that have sustained damage or sufferings because of her violations;
  5. The soul must be driven by the sincere desire to open up to God unreservedly in an act of sincere acknowledgement of her guilt;
  6. The soul must be driven by a sincere desire never again to repeat the violations she has confessed, with the help from God’s grace, which is not going to be denied her provided her intentions are honest and genuine;
  7. The soul must be driven by a deep remorse which will inextricably take root in her heart to the extent it is sincerely heart-felt and to the extent it motivates her to deeply long for a complete conciliation with God and with all her fellow creatures. True remorse is to be understood as a love pain, a pain which arises through the soul’s becoming aware of the fact she has violated God’s Law and has thereby failed to fulfil the mission each soul has got in life at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works;
  8. The soul must be driven by a sincere gratitude on account of being made aware of the fact that, in spite of her violations, God, from the fullness of His perfect Love, is granting her this opportunity to wash herself and on the basis of this gratitude she should whole-heartedly enter into a covenant with God stating she is now beginning a life based on a disposition which will more than ever before be in accordance with God’s Law of true Love;
  9. The soul must be convinced of the deep meaning and purpose of the penance imposed upon her, she must fulfil this penance in complete accordance with the purpose for which it was imposed upon her, and she must act upon it as a further motivation to achieve a complete and lasting conversion of her inner dispositions;
  10. The soul must not in the first place confess with the intention of obtaining remission of personal guilt and thus of helping secure her own Eternal Bliss, as such an intention is based on selfishness. Confession should be spoken in the first place from the sincere desire to help wash the wound the soul has inflicted upon God’s Heart through her violations, and therefore from the desire to bring reparation for God’s Works and Plans, which are based exclusively on His Law of true Love".

Myriam, December 2018

4. Candlemas in the soul as a tribute to God

Every soul’s actual mission in life lies herein, that God sends every soul into the world with the mission to dedicate herself actively, purposely, spontaneously, unconditionally and for the entire duration of her life for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Therefore every human soul was first and foremost meant to be a tool through which God tries to complete His Works and Plans.

Therefore a human soul can not give greater tribute to God than to live her life at the service of God, which in concrete terms means trying to make all her inner dispositions and her entire behaviour a true mirror of Jesus Christ.

It is against this background that we are to understand the following words spoken by the Queen of Heaven and earth to Myriam on the morning of Candlemas day 2019 and which convey nothing short of the basic program to be met by every true Christian:

"At Candlemas I desire to perform a twofold holy action for the soul’s benefit:

Firstly I desire that the soul should voluntarily and purposely, and sincerely longing for the fulfilment of her life’s vocation as a small tool of God, allow herself to be presented to God in the temple of My Heart.

Secondly I desire that the soul should turn herself into a temple of true Love and stainless service by her entire being through every detail of her life to God’s Works and Plans.

On Candlemas day I want to enter into a soul’s temple which is truly ruled by nothing but self-denying, unconditional Love towards God and towards all her fellow creatures, and which, in every single detail of her inner dispositions and all situations, events, circumstances and contacts during her journey through life, more than anything longs to render an exclusive service to God’s Plans and Works and to commit herself to full and completely unselfish contributions to the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation, and in this temple I want to entrust the seed from the holy Mission of Christ to the fire of Love and of the soul’s dedication to the accomplishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

In this temple, in proportion as I find in it a true openness, receptiveness and longing for unity with the Will of God, I want to keep monitoring and protecting the blooming of the seed of Christ’s Mission, in order that it may flourish lavishly in the soul’s sincere longing to follow Christ through leading a life which opens her up completely to the fruits of Redemption and to the effects of the holy Light which will be kindled in the soul’s temple through her merger with the Christ, so as to thwart many works of darkness".

Myriam, Candlemas 2019