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PRAYERS inspired by the Holy Virgin Mary to

Myriam van Nazareth

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On October 21, 2018, the Mistress of all souls announced the following important thesis:

"Tell the souls that whatever they ask for in a prayer can only produce its effects to the extent to which the praying soul dedicates herself actively in order for God to be able to make the favour effective.
For years I have been emphasizing in all My teachings the tremendous importance of the individual soul’s active participation in the process of salvation and the necessity that the heart should harbour dispositions of true Love and purity, i.e. that the heart should be undividedly oriented towards the Heart of God and the objective of growing in the image of God in any possible respect.
The active dedication of the soul’s free will for the advancement of God’s Works, along with the extent to which the soul is truly receptive to God’s inner guidance and to which she actually acts upon this guidance, determine the extent to which prayers can be heard.
This is the only way for the soul to be fruitful as a tool working on the final victory of the Light and Love over the darkness, which is the source of all misery in the world and of the perdition of souls".

On October 16, 2016, the Queen of Heaven had already spoken on this subject as follows:

"Each prayer which is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit is a bearer of a force God has provided it with so that it might contribute to the accomplishment of His Works for the benefit of His Creation and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. This force does not automatically flow from the prayer, it has got to be released by:

  1. the trust and the faith put in this force by the praying soul;
  2. the purity of the Love from the praying soul towards God and Creation;
  3. the praying soul’s genuine desire to use the prayer as an active tool for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

To the extent to which these three conditions are met or not, the prayer will release a larger or a smaller part of the force God has provided it with.
The concrete effect produced by a prayer is influenced by many factors, especially depending on God’s Plan with Creation, the state of grace of the praying soul, and the needs of Divine Justice (which are in their turn determined mainly by the state of grace of mankind as a whole). Even in those cases where all of this does not allow any visible effect to spring from the prayer, a prayer brought forward by a soul who meets the three conditions at the time of praying will at least produce some hidden effect in the field of the soul’s individual spiritual development and bloom".

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

For various reasons we have reached the decision to cut back on the number of internal links presented on this website. The principal reason is rooted in the wish expressed by the Mother of God, that the souls should more intensively, more spontaneously and more independently explore the extraordinary wealth of texts on our website. As a matter of fact links more or less prescribe specific routes to be followed, whereas the independent navigation is the only way with the potential to lead to the discovery of many treasures never discovered before.

Together, all the texts and prayers the Queen of Heaven has been giving to the souls through this channel constitute an exceptional, conclusive system, which the souls should assimilate in its entirety. Fully tailored search paths (through numerous links) cannot but miss to some extent the ultimate goal set by this Work created by the Mistress of all souls: a thorough 'schooling' of souls in the secrets of Divine Life.

In the name of the Queen of Heaven Her Maria Domina Animarum Work is convinced that any soul who approaches these educating texts from a heart filled with Love for God’s Works will be sympathetic about this decision, which was made in obedience to Her, who is the Seat of Wisdom.

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Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,

Her Maria Domina Animarum Work


At the beginning of the Advent of 2018 the Mistress of all souls gave a striking image, in which She compares the virtues – the components of sanctity – with flowers. See the parallel between this image and the fact She also refers to the prayers inspired by Her as 'flowers', reminding the souls of the fact prayers offered to Heaven from a pure and loving heart help extend the pleasure garden of God’s Kingdom:

"Behold the secret to conquering My Heart and receiving the fullness of My protection and guidance: I am in love with flowers. Let the soul turn her heart into a paradise of the most sumptuous flowers of all virtues, which together constitute a pleasure garden of true self-denying Love, and I will live and rule in her every hour of her life, and each serpent of temptation trying to penetrate into this garden will die of suffocation amidst the flowers. Yes, the devil is allergic to the flowers of true virtue, for in them her recognizes the perfume of the One he was never able to defeat and underneath whose feet his realm of darkness, chaos, misery and suffering is going to crumble into dust".


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