About meaning, purpose and responsibility within every human life

The Holy Virgin Mary explains the face of creation
as of the first human souls until today

through Myriam van Nazareth

General context of the present teaching

"Souls, be constantly aware of this basic thesis: God is nothing other than unconditional sublimely pure Love. Through this Love He keeps everything alive. Should God for as briefly as one single moment fail to let this Love flow, then no creature would survive. Therefore never blame God for anything that happens in your lives, for every experience or occurrence which is not a bearer of perfect Love is not completely directed or guided by His Will, but is contaminated by influences from the darkness. Therefore, in spite of whatever trials, remain grateful to God, for to the extent to which you allow His Love to flow purely and unconditionally He will make everything meaningful with a view to the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation, an accomplishment which consists of the establishment of His Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, happiness and justice within and between all creatures. This is where the true meaning and purpose of each human life lies, for each life that is led in loving service as a tool in God’s hands is meaningful within His Great Plan of Salvation". (Revelation by the Mistress of all souls to Myriam, August 14, 2020)

Whoever wants to discover the true purpose of life must detach themselves from the blinding influences of worldly needs, in order that God’s Spirit may make him aware of his vocation. This vocation is nothing other than the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. For God life of any human soul on earth has but two purposes:

  1. the sanctification of each individual soul. In this regard the Heavenly Queen refers to the accomplishment or unlocking of the Christ’s Works of Redemption within the individual soul and to Her mission to guide each soul back to the state of sanctity the soul possessed prior to the original sin;
  2. the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation through the contributions from all individual souls, with as its ultimate goal the establishment of God’s Kingdom of Love and Peace on earth, the full accomplishment of the Peace of Christ in each individual soul. One should picture these contributions as the whole of everything the soul experiences, her reactions to these experiences and her purposely consecrating them (the experiences in themselves + the soul’s inner dispositions while she is observing or considering the experiences within herself) to God (preferably through the Holy Virgin Mary in an ongoing process which is referred to as 'total consecration') with the intention and the desire that all of this might actually help bring forward the accomplishment or unlocking of God’s Works on earth.

The purpose of each human life consists only of a persistent, lifelong effort to achieve both goals, for this is what God’s major Plan of Love is all about: Through a holy way of dealing with all her earthly sufferings, trials and burdens the human soul would regain her original sanctity and help establish God’s Kingdom on earth, so as to fulfil Divine Law of true Love.

There is the true purpose of life on earth.


From the Revelation by the Mistress of all souls on January 19, 2007:

"Every soul is the object of a fierce battle between God, who is her true Owner, and the forces of darkness. The souls would understand this better if they were able to somewhat fathom the value of a soul. Each soul is the bearer of a Divine element, the germ of sanctity. Just like a seed contains all vital principles and the full potential for development as a specific plant species the germ of sanctity carries a vast variety of possibilities to allow the soul to grow towards God’s image.

This is why, in the eyes of God, the following are the two most despicable things:
  1. A soul who allows herself to drift off completely from the image of God, the dispositions of God Himself, in other words a soul who robs herself of her dignity.
  2. A soul who robs fellow creatures of their dignity, for instance by neglecting, torturing, tormenting, deeply humiliating, mentally or emotionally disrupting them or pulling them away from God.

Through the centuries countless souls have been placing themselves in at least one of both categories. If the soul robs herself or any fellow creature of their dignity a total block in the flow of Love, hope and faith arises. A soul who descends into such dispositions is no longer living according to God’s Law but is following the law of drives, and is driven by nothing else but hedonism, lust for power and recognition, lack of morals, and an urge to create disruption, strife and division in God’s creation. She is driven by forces which will not leave her any peace while she keeps undermining God’s Works and Plans. Within this soul all Wisdom is dying and everything reminding her of the Divine is radically banned.

A soul in this disposition can be healed only through a rebirth of Love, through which she can learn to rediscover the true purpose of life. No other force possesses the ability to liberate a soul after she has descended so deeply into the quicksand of meaningless worldly life. This soul completely lacks inner peace. She is driven only by frustration, bitterness and feelings of absolute meaninglessness. Only discovering true Love is able to break through all of this.

This is why this soul must rediscover and admit God Himself into her life, because God is Love. Only in the actual experience of the Divine will the soul be able to get to know the dignity of the soul for what it really is. A soul who fails to respect the dignity of every soul is captured by antichristian forces and is therefore sick in the very core of her being: She is lacking in Love, which is the essence of true Life. This is an agonizing soul".

Finding the purpose of life – an outline by the Queen of Heaven

1. Every soul is on earth for one purpose and one goal only: to serve with all her life and all her being as a tool for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, which aims to achieve the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

2. This can be achieved only by practicing unconditional self-denying Love towards all fellow creatures and towards God and all His Works, being well aware of the fact creation is a network within which each creature is a junction and all relations, encounters and communications between the creatures mutually (including even imperceptible 'encounters' through thoughts, feelings and desires) constitute the connections between the junctions.

3. The first human souls, Adam and Eve, were created perfectly holy, i.e.: The dispositions of both these souls were so totally in accordance with God’s Basic Law of Life – which is the Law of true Love – that their entire behaviour and all of their thoughts, feelings, aspirations and desires had the potential to fully satisfy God’s desires.

4. This is why in Paradise both first human souls lived in perfect harmony with all their fellow creatures. All connections between all creatures were governed only by the Law of true Love, owing to the fact the human souls, who were intended by God to be the first bridges between Him and the other creatures, allowed Divine Love to keep flowing undistortedly.

5. The darkness managed to tempt these souls into violating the Divine Law, thus making them lose their holiness, i.e. their perfect unity with the will of God. This first violation was the original sin, which was the first transgression against the Law of obedience to God’s Decrees, the only purpose of which was – and is – to maintain a lasting balance in all of creation. Thus the original sin constituted the beginning of all chaos and misery in the world, which would keep increasing, reinforced by every single sin omitted from that moment onwards. As of the original sin the harmony within creation was gone, which soon expressed itself through struggle and aggression among the creatures and the death of spontaneous happiness in all creatures.

6. Divine Law decrees:

that the effects produced by the works of darkness can be compensated for by sufferings and trials which are borne with Love, in self-denial and without any resistance, and in a sincere desire that they may be transformed into Light for the benefit of all of His creation.

This is why God’s Son Jesus Christ was sent on earth as the Man-God in order to sustain the most varied trials and physical sufferings in a human body.

7. Each soul is constantly urged by the darkness to separate herself from God in her entire behaviour, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations, and to no longer make fruitful contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans, which God wants to achieve through the active, voluntary collaboration from all human souls in the world. Through its innumerable deceptions and temptations the darkness tries to make every human soul work in favour of the accomplishment of the great plan of the darkness in the world. This plan aims to achieve the exact opposite of God’s Plan of Salvation and consists herein, that the Presence of God and His Works in the world might be made invisible and might systematically be undermined and destroyed and all expressions of Love between all creatures might be rendered ineffective, in order that all creation might sink into a swamp of perdition, corruption, decay, misery, chaos, lack of Love, mutual tormenting and destruction, unhappiness, fear, despair, injustice, forlornness and a general culture of death and of disbelief in the existence of a God of Love, in order that all human souls might focus their entire lives on the things they are able to perceive with the senses: the world of material things and all that can serve to gain possession of material things.
This is how materialism, the greed for money and for making profits kept growing on a large scale in the world and became the all pervasive force driving the behaviour of countless human souls, to the detriment of self-denying Love.

8. However, all material things perish, they are part of a transient world, whereas the human soul is meant to live for the accomplishment of the non material, intransient goals of God’s Plan of Salvation: for all creation a Love, peace and happiness that will never pass, and for the individual human soul an Eternal Life in a state of permanent bliss, a state of being we refer to as ’Heaven’, and which is characterized by immortality, the permanently tangible presence of God, the absolute absence of any form of suffering and of any experience of lacking or wanting anything, and the absolutely complete flourishing of the soul towards the state God intended for her to experience from the outset, viz. the state of living in the very image of God, associated with the experience of an everlasting compliance with the Divine Law of Love within one’s own soul, a situation referred to by the Mistress of all souls as 'accomplished Divine Life'.

9. Each human soul is individually (personally) responsible for achieving a reversal back from the darkness to the Light (both within oneself and in the world at large) and for breaking the power of the darkness in favour of the resurrection of God’s Kingdom of Love, Peace, Justice and happiness. The soul has received this responsibility from God the Creator Himself in the hour when He entrusted her with the custody of all creatures, towards which the human soul was to represent Him – i.e. to make His presence and His own dispositions felt by all living creatures. This was a mission entrusted by God to each individual soul as a sacred covenant by virtue of which each human soul is expected to treat every fellow creature with an unconditional self-denying Love and a holy respect, being well aware that every creature bears within itself the signature of the Divine Creator and is a work designed in His Divine Heart.

10. The absolute opposite of true Love is sin. True Love is God’s disposition, whereas sin is everything which deviates from the Divine Law of Love. Any deviation from the Law of true Love for God, either directly or through any fellow creature, brings new darkness upon creation, thereby postponing the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation and imposing an individual guilt on the soul who has committed the transgression, because when committing any transgression a soul fails to contribute to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, but is inversely contributing to postponing and even counteracting the accomplishment of this Plan, thus favouring the plans of the darkness. In every violation by a human soul against God’s Law of true Love the rebellion of Lucifer against God is, in a manner of speaking, re-enacted, because every human transgression against Love is inspired by Lucifer (Satan) directly and is implemented by the human soul at his instigation. Therefore we can say that every sin, every transgression against true Love is tantamount to a decision by which the human soul actively opts in favour of the darkness and against the Light.

11. By transgression against the Law of true Love, i.e. by sin, is to be understood: every action, omission, word, thought, feeling, desire or aspiration on the part of a human soul towards God or a fellow creation in which darkness is contained and through which God and/or one or more fellow creatures are harmed in any way whatsoever and/or through which the human soul harms herself, i.e.: through which she damages the sanctity of her being in God’s eyes. Sin is also characterized by the fact it causes harm to God’s Plans and Works or postpones or counteracts their being accomplished. Even harm or damage caused to one single fellow creature indirectly affects the whole of creation in a negative sense, due to the fact all creatures are interconnected as elements of a network. The Heavenly Mistress once compared this effect with that which can be seen if in a system of interconnected vessels filled with water a drop of black ink is instilled into one single vessel: Gradually the water in all vessels constituting the system will start changing its colour.

12. Every human soul who indulges in tormenting, torturing, maltreating, abusing and robbing a fellow creature of its dignity – immaterial whether this fellow creature is a human being or an animal – contributes to making mankind a source of tremendous sorrow to God instead of His great pride, and to turning many human souls from beings who make God’s presence and His Love felt by their fellow creatures into beings who are missionaries of the darkness who fill them with fear, uneasiness, feelings of insecurity and being threatened. The abusing human soul hampers the flow of Love and happiness through creation and also increasingly harms her own inner peace (among other things by the fact she will be tortured by her own conscience due to God’s calls inside her heart urging her to renounce any inclination to collaborate with the plans of the darkness).

13. In all the history of mankind only one single soul consistently would not violate God’s Law of true Love even in the slightest way: Mary, the Holy Virgin and Immaculate Conception, who lived Her entire life without ever succumbing to any temptation from the darkness. She was thus the only human soul who never, in any way whatsoever, thwarted the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, making Her the only soul who ever complied with God’s Law of true Love to the fullest and in absolute perfection.
In so doing the Holy Virgin was worthy of becoming the Mother of the Son of God when the latter was sent to earth (see section 6), and She was justly crowned the Queen of creation and Mistress of all souls: She was the One who was to fully restore the honour of the role reserved for the first woman, Eve, but which was never fulfilled by the latter, viz. the role of being the worthy queen of creation and the perfectly holy reflection of God’s Presence. In the Holy Virgin God gave an absolutely complete answer to the disgrace of the original sin. This is exactly why God grants to the souls the unparalleled grace of entering into a sacred covenant of total consecration of the soul to Mary: Through an impeccably lived total consecration of the soul’s entire journey through life and of her entire being to Mary the Holy Virgin, in Her capacity as the actual Mistress of the soul consecrated to Her, is able to help mould the soul in Her own image. This is why the Mistress of all souls once said She considers it to be a vital element of Her mission for the Last Times to help the souls return to the state the human soul lived in prior to the original sin, a state characterized by the soul’s being a pure reflection of God’s Heart. It is absolutely imperative, however, that the soul should commit herself purposely, actively, spontaneously, voluntarily and uninterruptedly: In every possible respect the soul must sincerely desire to grow into a reflection of her Heavenly Mistress, so as to be able to pursue the maximum fruitfulness a human soul can ever achieve as a tool for the accomplishment of God’s Law.

14. Any lack of Love on the part of a human soul towards fellow creatures results from reactions to dissatisfaction, frustration, resistance to trials, fury directed against God and fate in life (feeling wronged), the inclination to elevate oneself above one’s fellow creature and to make the latter pay for one’s own trials, the inclination to make the fellow creature suffer as a 'compensation' for the erroneous feeling this fellow creature would be receiving more from God and from fate and would therefore be happier than the sinning soul herself. This soul (often partly unwittingly) tries to justify her attitude through the argument that "God is torturing me, therefore I can justly torture my fellow creatures", an erroneous argument inspired directly by the darkness to separate souls from God and to make them behave and present themselves in ways that extinguish all Light and all fire in fellow creatures.
This deception motivated the Mistress of all souls, among others in the most valuable writing The Brooklets of Salvation, to explain every inclination to abuse fellow creatures as an inclination to elevate oneself to the position of some kind of god who makes his own laws of retaliation in compensation of his own frustrations and relentlessly implements these laws to inflict suffering on her entire surroundings or parts of it, in an attempt to somewhat make up for feelings of inner strife through some feeling of power. As such a disposition goes directly against God’s Law it never really satisfies the soul, but makes her sink ever deeper into the abyss of inner strife, restlessness and vengefulness. In the broadest sense of the word this soul becomes a slave to her own darkness and can only liberate herself from this slavery by actively, voluntarily and sincerely practicing self-denying Love towards all her fellow creatures, learning how to efface herself totally in serving God’s expectations and how to discover God’s signature inside every fellow creature, thus developing a sincere respect for the unique dignity of each creature.

15. Day after day in this world countless people and animals are being beaten, tormented, tortured, maltreated, abused, terrorized, deprived of their dignity, killed... In so doing mankind demonstrates the fact it is vastly surrendering to the darkness. This is due to the fact a great many human souls are prey to inner strife, feelings of general lack of satisfaction, an inclination to ignore or to disregard the fact all creatures are works of God and therefore His property, and that, moreover, in all or at least most of the situations of their lives they promptly opt in favour of satisfying their own material needs (or the urges they consider to be needs) to the detriment of their fellow creatures and of all Love for their fellow creatures.
In the delusion that they would be able to gain more happiness for themselves in proportion as they deprive fellow creatures of their dignity, oppress them, harm them in whatever way, make them suffer and even eliminate them, these souls do not shy away from discarding Love for their fellow creatures (human and animal alike) altogether in favour of transitory profits, certain feelings of being important, asserting themselves, power, prestige, financial gains or – this is how low a human soul can sink as soon as she surrenders her heart to being ruled by Satan – even 'simply' on account of some sick feeling of satisfaction in seeing fellow creatures suffer and even die through her intervention. The history of mankind is rampant with examples of this kind of sadism which turns a human being into a demon in human form, totally insensitive, devoid of any morality, without any awareness of sin, without Love, totally indifferent, in all aspects of life apparently driven only by an incessant urge to torment and to cause harm and thus in the actual sense of the word to live a life as a tool in Satan’s hands.

What we witness here is the birth of the totally deteriorated human soul as a puppet of the darkness, separated completely from Divine Life and therefore from all dispositions of her Creator, which were demonstrated to the degree of absolute perfection by Jesus Christ and also by the Holy Virgin. In proportion as this soul allows this deterioration to take root more deeply in her heart she will be more spontaneously inclined to violate the Law of Love under all circumstances, in all situations and encounters of her life. This will automatically make her lose every feeling of her life being meaningful. This is how emptiness is born, the emptiness countless people all over the world are experiencing day after day and which has covered the whole world with an invisible blanket of darkness which oppresses, an atmosphere of general lack of fulfilment which seems to characterize modern life and from which the soul will only manage to escape to the extent to which she focuses her life unconditionally and totally on God and His interests. Only being focused on God and on the fulfilment of the actual mission in life God entrusts to each and every soul – the mission of being a tool for the accomplishment or unlocking of God’s Plans and Works – is able to add new meaning to life, even in its most deplorable aspects.

Thesis taught by the Queen of Heaven – What adds meaning to life?

What makes life seemingly meaningless to many souls?

1. Their lacking an all pervasive focus on fulfilling every human soul’s real mission in life: Every human soul is on earth for one purpose only: to make her constant personal contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. This contribution is to be made through a purposeful and active consecration of all experiences in life to God, preferably through the way of God’s own predilection: through the Holy Virgin, and through constant dispositions of the heart filled with true, self-denying Love for God, for all His Works and His Plan of Salvation, and for all fellow creatures.

2. The fact these souls approach their lives predominantly, often even only, from dispositions of selfishness, of wanting to appear important or interesting in the eyes of their fellow person, of pursuing transitory wealth, possessions, transient glory and prestige, seeming successes which are based merely on material interests, material possessions and seeming praise from fellow people.

The only true meaning and purpose of life on earth lies in a spontaneous, unconditional practice and experience of self-denying Love for all fellow creatures – fellow people, animals, even the natural environment – as well as accepting and consecrating all trials of life without opposing them, in order to be able to accomplish one’s true mission as a human soul, which consists of strictly imitating the Works of the Christ and of His dispositions of impeccably accepting all decrees and decisions of Divine Providence on the soul’s own path through life, in order that God’s Law of true Love may be fulfilled and God’s Kingdom on earth may be established.

The human soul will never recognize the actual purpose of her life on earth if she regards this life as a concatenation of events of which she must try to make the best for her own benefit. A soul will develop a correct understanding of the true purpose of life only to the extent to which she well and truly realizes she has received this life only for the purpose of being a tool in God’s hands and that therefore all she encounters and experiences are mere means extended to her to help accomplish God's Works. Any negative feeling to the detriment of a fellow creature – whether human or animal – will prevent a soul from experiencing her life as meaningful, because negative feelings (jealousy, hatred, envy, resentment, vengefulness, unwillingness to forgive, the urge to cause suffering and torment, up to and including violence, malediction and even murder) completely blocks or at least hampers the flow of Divine Love through the soul. This makes the soul’s conscience start to send signals which unconsciously arouse within the soul some awareness of the fact she is tearing herself loose from God and His Law. It is this tearing herself loose that creates feelings of meaninglessness, making the soul fall prey to the feeling that her life – and life on earth in general – is totally pointless. This feeling of meaninglessness makes inner strife grow incessantly, thus dropping the soul into a vicious circle:

1. Darkness in the heart (i.e. negative feelings towards God and/or towards fellow creatures) awakens the soul’s conscience. The conscience is the alarm system God provides every soul with in order that the latter may be warned as soon as she is deviating from God’s expectations and desires by her actions, omissions, words, feelings, thoughts, desires or aspirations. God expects and wishes every soul to live every detail of her life in perfect accordance with the Law of true Love, because this Law aims at maintaining an impeccable harmony between all elements of creation in order to preserve a healthy balance in the entire system.

2. The soul’s conscience further kindles the inner struggle.

3. The soul gives in to the temptation that this inner struggle is inflicted upon her by God and by all kinds of trials on her journey through life.

4. The soul reacts to this temptation by feelings of being wronged, and her inner struggle gets completely out of hand unless at this point she will listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit who, through her conscience, keeps trying to make her see sense, so as to make her realize she is the only one depriving herself of all happiness.

5. Under the influence of the darkness she has allowed to enter into her heart the soul begins to look for seeming compensations by causing harm or suffering to one or more fellow creatures, depriving them of their dignity or oppressing them. The soul begins to elevate herself above her fellow creatures – even to make herself mistress over one or more fellow creatures and in certain cases even mistress of life and death of these fellow creatures, often losing all moral barriers. This is how the criminal mind is born, as well as the disposition of the insensitive mass killer and executioner as history presents them to us under political regimes which seemingly legalize such dispositions in order to be able to recruit tools that no longer allow themselves to be stopped or influenced by any morals. We need only think of regimes directed by ideologies such as fascism, communism and similar principles organizing states and economic systems. In this respect the Heavenly Mistress refers, among others, to Her teaching entitled Clouds over God’s Paradise.

6. The struggle inside the soul gets so intense that the soul sinks deeper and deeper into a swamp of perceived total meaninglessness: She perceives her life, even life on earth in general, as meaningless.

7. This experience of meaninglessness can keep tempting the soul into the conviction that, consequently, it does not matter how she behaves and how she thinks and feels. In that case all barriers break down and the soul can sink into a disposition of total insensitivity and indifference towards God and her fellow creatures. From that point onward it is but a minor step towards maltreatment of fellow creatures and violation of their dignity and towards a total loss of all faith in God.

This is how the Mistress of all souls basically defines the true meaning of life:

A life which is not lived as a spontaneous, voluntary, active, conscious, sincere and persistent commitment to fulfil God’s Law of true Love and to eradicate any dark inclination is a meaningless, wasted life, for it can not end in Eternal Bliss as it does not yield any fruits for the accomplishment of God’s Work. A soul who does not live for the purpose of being a tool that can freely and without any restraints be operated by God’s hand but to a high extent works towards the fulfilment of her own desires is not a channel of Light and warmth but one of darkness and cold: The brooklets connecting her with other junctions in the network of creation (fellow creatures that are led towards her path through life by Divine Providence) are not nourished by her with true self-denying Love, so much so that she makes little or no contribution to the flow of Divine Life through the network of creation.

The only thing which gives a human life its true meaning, is the purposeful, active, lifelong unconditional fulfilment of the Law of true Love under all and any circumstances, in all situations, events and encounters on the journey through life. As long as the soul unconditionally and whole-heartedly fulfils Divine Law she is also fulfilling the only vocation she has got while living on earth. Her conscience signals this situation of being in accordance with God’s desires and expectations in the form of an experience of quiet inner peace and the feeling that everything is meaningful as it is able to serve God to the extent to which the soul herself truly wants it to contribute to the accomplishment of God’s Works. This contribution becomes a reality in proportion as the soul’s behaviour and all her inner dispositions are filled with true Love, self-denial and the sincere longing to serve.

The soul will only develop a correct understanding of the true meaning and purpose of life to the extent to which she is convinced of the fact she has only received her life for the purpose of being a tool in God’s hands and that, consequently, everything she encounters and experiences are mere means extended to her so that she might help accomplish God's Works.

Blessed is the soul who understands that every concession made to the darkness harms the happiness of all creation as well as gets in the way of her own happiness (her own peace of heart for starters), and that every service rendered to the darkness therefore makes her life on earth pointless, thereby preventing her life from being crowned by Eternal Bliss.

Final reflection

On September 20, 2009, the Mistress of all souls spoke the following words, which are very appropriate within the context of the present teaching:

"(...) Every moment of each day sins are committed all over the world. Every time a human being or an animal is abused or ill treated, a living being is harmed physically in its soul or vital principle or in its property, or the Law of Love is violated in any way whatsoever, more darkness is spread upon creation. You should imagine every lack of Love, every act or word of hate, of aggression or of indifference towards a fellow person or an animal, and every neglect as to helping a fellow person or an animal, create effects similar to clouds of smoke spreading out over the world. These billions of new clouds of smoke merge into one thick and dark smog, which hampers the rays from the sun of God’s Light on their way into the souls. Thus increasing numbers of souls get the feeling they are no longer able to breathe freely: they gradually suffocate for lack of the oxygen of the Holy Spirit.

Dear souls, I have come to bring you a message of hope. I emphatically ask you that each one of you should, as of this day, enter into a covenant with Me, which consists herein:

  • make as many sacrifices as possible

  • perform as many acts as possible of genuine love towards your fellow people and towards animals

Every time a soul renounces something she would actually like to have or do, every time the fellow creature’s needs are given priority over one’s own needs, or every time the soul begs Me from the bottom of her heart – while kneeling down if she can: Mary, powerful Queen of creation, obtain for the souls a beam of true Love, a new flower will bloom on the invisible level of God’s reality. The more flowers you collect, the more oxygen of the Holy Spirit and the more pollen of Divine Life are spread all over creation, the more the thick layer of darkness is broken down, and the gardens of God’s Kingdom on earth, as He has foreseen them, will bloom (...)"

Once the Mistress of all souls defined 'boredom' in a way which is very appropriate to provide some food for thought within the context of the present teaching:

Boredom is the effect of every lack of giving meaning to one’s life. Basically boredom is an expression of the inability to understand the use or purpose of a certain event or situation. It is a form of dissatisfaction in the soul who is unable to see the connection between an event or situation on the one hand and God’s works, Plans and Divine Providence on her path through life on the other.

This is exactly why She explains every feeling of meaninglessness regarding life on earth as a development in a soul who has torn herself loose from God and no longer realizes that man is only on earth for the purpose of helping accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation, all His Works, His expectations and desires. As soon as the soul allows selfishness to cut in she is going to make herself the centre of all her thinking, feeling and aspiring, she will also make herself and the fulfilment of all her own ideas and expectations the centre of her entire behaviour, and she will lose every contact with God in her heart. As soon as this situation gets the opportunity to become the all pervasive disposition in the soul life on earth will gradually start losing its meaning and purpose. This disposition has increasingly been making itself the ruler of the world, and this actually shows in countless aspects of life.

A great many souls experience this as a major emptiness, yet very few are aware of the fact this atmosphere is perfectly related to the fact God is being expelled from society on a large scale. The human soul, who was called upon to be a reflection of God’s Heart, is referring her God to the world of fables and myths and is acting upon this view by unbridled violations of God’s Law of Love and by offsetting all awareness of sin altogether. It is hardly possible for 'the crown upon creation' to offend her Creator any deeper, but the price paid for this offense is very high: Mankind has been reaping from the seed of darkness and ungodliness it has been sowing a harvest of emptiness which has turned itself against the human race. There is one way back: the way of the human soul radically focusing her free will on the Will of God, for only Divine Will breeds Salvation, happiness and a lasting Peace for all creation.

Myriam, September 2020

By order of the Queen of Heaven we extend this text by Her:

Special Revelation from the Mistress of all souls on November 8, 2020

to Myriam van Nazareth

"The free will is the seat from which the human soul takes all decisions which direct all her actions, omissions, words, thoughts, feelings and aspirations. Therefore the soul’s free will is her throne.

If the soul only uses her free will for the purpose of contributing to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans and thus to the fulfilment of God’s Law of true Love, her free will is merged with the Will of God.

Insofar as this is the case God Himself is the One occupying the throne. Each time the soul uses her free will for accomplishments which are not in accordance with God’s intentions and expectations, she is dethroning God within herself and making the throne accessible to the darkness.

This is why the human soul’s free will plays a decisive part as to the degree to which God’s Law is enabled to actually prevail, and thereby as to the degree to which creation is truly a reflection of God’s Heart or not. The human souls’ free will determines the face of the earth and turns the world either into a paradise of Love, Peace, happiness and justice, or into a hell of darkness, misery, chaos, suffering, unhappiness, injustice, fear and insecurity.

The choice is up to each individual human soul. Not God is the One who determines the way things develop in the world and the general atmosphere of life in the world, the human souls themselves do so, according to the extent to which they put their free will at the service of either God or the darkness. The face of the world cannot be changed by God, it can also be changed by the human souls themselves, on account of the fact God has entrusted them with the custody of creation and has made the human souls’ free will holy and inviolable. He respects their every choice, will not interfere with them, yet will in His time demand compensation for everything which has not served His Works and Plans and has thus not contributed to the fulfilment of the Law of true Love, which is the Basic Law of all Life.

With each and every human soul lies the holy responsibility to preserve the dignity and sanctity of her free will and never ever to allow it to be degraded by dedicating it for the benefit of accomplishing Satan’s plans of destruction, which aim for the transformation of the world into a mirror of hell. This is why each individual soul has got a tremendous responsibility for the way in which she uses her free will in every single situation of her life, a responsibility towards all her fellow creatures, towards all of creation and towards God and His eternally valid Works and Plans, for each human soul is on earth but for one purpose only: to help make the world a perfect reflection of God’s Heart, which is the state in which the earth was initially, i.e. prior to the original sin.

This is why each human soul’s free will is a key, given to her by God herself. She can use this key either:

to help open up creation to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth and, in the process, open up for herself the fruits provided by Jesus Christ’s Works of Redemption and consequently open up the gates of Heaven towards her Eternal Bliss,


to contribute to keeping the door of the treasury of graces for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth bolted even longer, and in so doing also close the gates of Heaven for herself.

Consider these words as My explanation of the state the world is currently in".