Teaching containing three
urgent Revelations for the Last Times

by the Holy Virgin Mary

through Myriam van Nazareth

Life on earth is a temporary thing. Time is the series of successive events and developments through which God’s Plan is accomplished. This accomplishment consists of the continuous interaction between the opposite forces of Light and darkness. As soon as time has produced its effects it slips into eternity, the timeless part of existence characterized by accomplished reality, the sphere of existence in which God’s Plan is accomplished completely and for all eternity.

A sublime example of a situation which, in accomplished reality, is already an established fact, yet is hardly perceptible in visible reality, is the final victory of the Light over the darkness as is symbolized in a perfect way in the image of the Woman (the Holy Virgin Mary) pressing Her foot on the serpent: The Queen of Heaven and earth has ruled over Satan all along, as of Her Immaculate Conception through Her perfectly sinless life up to the hour in which Satan, lying under Her foot, will visibly and for all creation to hear, testify to Her having defeated him at each and every point of time throughout Her own life on earth and throughout history.

The Woman’s victory over Satan is nothing less than the Great Sign God will display to all of creation showing that the Light (God’s Law of true Love) completely and eternally defeats and controls the darkness (= the whole of the billions of violations against God’s Law and all the works proceeding from these violations). In the Woman God has accumulated the fullness of grace. In concrete terms this is nothing other than the fullness of sanctity, and therefore absolute perfection as to the practice of true Love, the absolute fulfilment of Divine Law in a created soul who, through a perfect merger of her free will with the Will of God, led a life in the fully accomplished image of God.

The Woman is the Mother of the Christ, who is Eternal Love. She was called upon by God to be in command of the Heavenly hosts in the battle against the darkness, the One who, in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, is to assist all souls who voluntarily surrender themselves to Her (i.e. to the One who gave birth to the Light of the world!) in total, unconditional consecration, in transforming themselves innerly, in order that, to the extent to which they collaborate, they may be able to help complete the Christ’s Works of Redemption within themselves.

Indeed, the Christ bought Redemption for the benefit of all human souls, but each individual soul must unlock this Redemption within herself through her own active, purposeful and voluntary collaboration in a life led in faithful following of the doctrine as well as of the dispositions of the Heart of Jesus Christ, in order that the effects may be completed (unlocked) inside the soul. It is exactly for the purpose of achieving a stainless unlocking of the absolutely perfect Works of Redemption wrought by the Christ within each soul of good will that God offered the souls the sacred covenant of total, lifelong and faithfully practiced consecration to the Golden Bridge called Mary.

Each human soul is on earth for one purpose only: to commit herself with her entire life and her entire being to the accomplishment of God’s Plan for the benefit of all creation, the Plan of Salvation which is geared to the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, happiness and justice within and among all creatures. Thereby each soul is exposed to a continuous struggle between the higher needs God has provided her with and the lower needs the darkness keeps trying to arouse within her for every singe day of her life. The higher needs keep trying to draw the soul ever more deeply into Love, whereas the lower needs keep trying to draw her towards vice and sin.

Every human soul should regard her life as a constant struggle against all and any traces of darkness and any remnant of dark influences (from the world and from her own memories) which she is able to find within herself, and thus as a constant exercise in self-defeat, a matter of constantly 'working on herself', a constant perfection of her dispositions towards the absolute self-denial for the benefit of the well-being of all her fellow creatures. Our earthly life is an ongoing struggle towards perfecting the experience and practice of true Love. The degree of perfection in true Love is indeed identical with the degree of perfection of the soul per se, because in essence the soul consists of Love, just like God Himself is Love: The Creator imprinted His signature deeply into the human soul, and in the very substance of which she is made – Love – He made it quite clear what goal He pursued with life: His goal was that the soul should grow in His image and in perfect harmony with His Law of Love.

Ever since the original sin was committed the human soul was subject to the necessity of struggling incessantly against the 'loss of (Divine) Life'. This is the struggle for sanctification and against 'spiritual downfall'. This struggle is the continuous struggle against the darkness within one’s own inner being, against all seeds of darkness which keep trying to take root inside the soul and keep trying to make the soul drift ever further off from the Light (God). As soon as the soul no longer wages this battle purposefully, voluntarily and persistently she will automatically get engulfed by the quicksand of the darkness. Waging this battle 'purposefully, voluntarily and persistently' is what turns a soul into a 'soul of good will': A soul of good will is a soul who goes to any lengths to do the Will of God and thus to live in full accordance with God’s expectations. Thus she is a soul who enables God to fully and freely act out His Will (i.e. His Law, first and foremost His Basic Law ordaining the practice of self-denying Love towards Him, all His Works and all fellow creatures) through her entire behaviour, all her thoughts, all her feelings, desires and aspirations.

The war between the Light and the darkness is now in its final stage. This is basically why the Mother of God has started giving Her teachings and revelations in Her God-given all-embracing capacity as the Mistress of all souls, which She orders to be recorded and distributed through the slave of Her Love, Myriam, as the conclusive system She referred to by the name of Science of Divine Life. This entire system is geared to an unparalleled profound 'training', or recruiting, of human souls to turn them into deeply informed tools that are able to fight a fruitful battle for the advancement of the promised final victory of the Light over the darkness, which is to culminate in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

In the Pentecost season, June 2020, within the framework of this recruitment the Mistress of all souls gave Myriam three vital Revelations concerning the Last Times and God’s Kingdom on earth.

The first Revelation concerning the final offensive is, by order of the Queen of Heaven, published by the name of Revelation for the purification of the world:

"This is what the world is perishing by: Day after day human souls all over the world are performing, speaking, harbouring and pursuing, towards their fellow creatures – both fellow people and animals – countless millions of actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations, which:
  • are not bearers of any self-denying Love;
  • destroy channels of Love between creatures;
  • destroy within fellow creatures every ability to love and/or every bit of confidence in sincere Love from a human soul as well as every bit of confidence and faith in a loving God;
  • directly put to shame the Divine Basic Law of all Life – the Law by virtue of which God wants each human soul to practice true self-denying Love towards all her fellow creatures – and/or cripple the effects of this Law.

This world cannot be delivered from the darkness of all misery, chaos, suffering, injustice and discontent as long as not a far greater number of human souls will practice true self-denying Love spontaneously, purposely and sincerely in every detail of their lives and in every contact with each fellow creature – both human and animal –, in order that the many millions of channels in the flow of Love throughout creation, which are currently being darkened or extinguished altogether day after day, are again filled with Light.

This is the only way to revert the atmosphere of life in all the world to such an extent as to enable a state of true happiness, true Peace and true Love to emerge for every single creature in this world. Yes, this is what is meant by the state of being that characterizes the Messianic Age, the Kingdom of God on earth.

Let these words be known as the Revelation by the Queen of Heaven and earth for the purification of the world".

The second Revelation concerning the final offensive is, by order of the Queen of Heaven, published by the name of Revelation concerning the true foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth:

"God’s Kingdom on earth is the state of being and the atmosphere of living God will provide as the full accomplishment, the completion, of His Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation.

The world is ruled by man, who allows himself to be led to a very high extent by countless influences from the darkness to which he gives in and of which he pursues the implementation in al and any aspects of life and in all his contacts with fellow creatures. The Kingdom of God, however, will be established as soon as the world, all aspects of life of the human souls and all their contacts with their fellow creatures will no longer be governed by man but by God Himself. In concrete terms this means God desires to be enabled to rule His creation from the human hearts. This is why I already said in the past that the coming of Jesus Christ on earth is going to take place inside the human hearts.

God’s Kingdom on earth, which is identical with the Kingdom of Christ on earth, is the state of being and the atmosphere of living in which God’s Basic Law of true Love will be the only ruling and guiding force which will be producing its effects throughout the network of creation, upon every single junction within this network and upon every single channel between the individual junctions, first and foremost through the human souls, to whom, in the beginning of time, God entrusted the responsibility to make His Presence and His Works and Plans visible and felt to all creatures.

The human soul can only be able to make God’s Presence and His Works and Plans visible and felt to all creatures to the extent to which she spontaneously, unconditionally and persistently practices God’s Law of self-denying Love towards each fellow creature, and allows her heart to be guided by this Law only. The disposition which prevails in the heart while pursuing this, and which, in so doing, keeps extending itself by every action, word, thought, feeling, desire and aspiration through the entire network of creation in the shape of billions of flows of Light, is the true foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth".

The third Revelation concerning the final offensive is, by order of the Queen of Heaven, published by the name of Revelation concerning the human soul’s free will as the key in the gate to God’s Kingdom on earth:

"Human souls are so often referring to the earth as a realm of darkness. Do, however, realize very well that Satan’s actual realm is the free will of innumerable human souls. The actual power of Satan is only as great as the extent to which the human souls show themselves willing to act upon his inspirations – which are known to you by the name of 'temptations' – and to implement his works and plans of darkness. If no human soul should succumb to temptations, Satan’s power would be inexistent and not a trace of darkness would be found in the world, for the sun of God’s Light would be reflected perfectly in the hearts of al souls.

You see, every human soul has received from God the ability to live in full accordance with God’s Basic Law, the Law of true Love. The great Mission pursued by the Holy Spirit consists of guiding the development of God’s Plan of Salvation towards its completion by keeping this ability alive within the soul. It is the soul’s free will that determines to what extent God’s Spirit can be successful in this Mission or not.

This is what makes the human soul’s free will the factor which prevents God’s omnipotence from producing its effects visibly and tangibly in all of creation. This is why countless souls can so easily be misguided to the deceptive notion there would not even exist a God of Love and God’s omnipotence would be a mere illusion, for that in a world ruled by an omnipotent God of Love there would be no misery, no chaos and nu suffering, and not one single creature would be unhappy. In truth I tell you that the responsibility for all expressions of darkness in the world lies solely with the human soul, and the latter is the only one to blame for them, not God.

Not even Satan can be blamed for all misery in creation. He is the source of all darkness, to be sure, yet to blame for all effects of this darkness which can be seen and felt in the world are only the countless human souls who shape this darkness in their hearts through all kinds of feelings and desires which, by their actions and words, they keep transforming into sources of harm, misery and destruction within and among their fellow creatures.

Whenever man’s free will is used in a way in which the soul casts seeds of darkness into creation the ultimate effect is the prevention of God’s desire to elaborate Works of Love which can be seen and felt in all creation to be fulfilled, as well as a considerable impairment of innumerable human souls’ trust in a perfectly loving, omnipotent God.

The large-scale service rendered by human free will to the works and plans of the darkness is also responsible for all instances you can see in the animal world whenever love and peace are violated, through any form of aggression, predatory behaviour and mistrust among animals, and from animals towards man. God never provided any of His creatures with any inclination to commit such violations. Those came into the world after the original sin was committed by the first couple of human souls and were reinforced infinitely further by each and every sin, i.e. each time a human soul allowed her free will to serve works and plans of the darkness.

For the entire duration of His life on earth My Divine Son Jesus Christ, in His capacity as the Man-God and Messiah, embodied the Divine Law in all dispositions of His Heart, in His entire behaviour and in His teachings. He crowned these Works by a life filled with unimaginable invisible sufferings of the Heart because of the degree to which the human soul had been proving herself fruitful for all seeds of the darkness and would keep proving it for all centuries to come, and by inconceivable Sufferings during the Passion. Through these Works of Redemption He paved the way to the gate of God’s Kingdom on earth. The key to this gate, however, has been lying within the human soul all along: in man’s free will, through which the human soul possesses the power to either be a reflection of God or let the world decay to the point of becoming the realm of the darkness.

Look around you and draw your conclusions. Do no longer use the key called 'free will' to open up ever more little gates through which the darkness pours out its deadly poison all over creation, but to open up the Golden Gate to the Kingdom of God on earth. The direction followed by your own decisions in each and every situation of life – "Do I opt in favour of the Light or in favour of the darkness and the boundless proliferation of misery in all creation?" – is eventually the only factor ruling the world and determining to what extent all creatures are going to be stuck with living in the winter of misery, chaos, dissatisfaction, strife, suffering, mutual struggle and distrust, and an overall atmosphere of unhappiness, or will be able to live in the spring of true Love, true Hope, Peace, a sense of security and boundless trust in each other as well as in the true loving God. That is why your free will is the key which must be turned to unlock the Kingdom of God on earth so as to give birth to the Messianic Age God intended His creation to experience.

God will not kick open any doors. There is no way He is going to influence human souls’ free will, for He regards the latter as sacred and inviolable. He is waiting for each individual soul to opt decisively and without any further delay in favour of an unconditional surrender of herself to the fulfilment of God’s goal, which is the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth through determined choices made by human souls in favour of this establishment. Choices like these cannot be made through words, they must be made through the many concrete actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations of each human soul in every single situation, event and contact of life every day and night of her life. Turn your free will into My Kingdom, the force I can deploy fully unrestrainedly and unconditionally in the battle against all darkness, and I will help bring the fulfilment of the Divine Promise forward, for I have received from God the power to do so".

The final victory of the Light over the darkness is symbolized perfectly in the image depicting the Woman (Mary, the Immaculate Conception crowned by God to be the Queen of Heaven and earth and the Mistress of all souls) pressing Her foot upon the serpent: Mary has been dominating Satan perfectly all along, as of Her Immaculate Conception up to the hour in which Satan, lying visibly underneath Her foot, will testify before all of creation to Her having defeated him for all times. She will be able to do so by virtue of the Divine Decree to that end, combined with the perfect surrender of souls who, through total consecration to Her, will be putting their free will at the service of God’s Kingdom.

The Woman is the Mother of the Christ, who is Eternal Love. She was called upon by God to command the celestial hosts in the battle against the darkness, and in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, to help all souls who voluntarily surrender to Her (i.e. to the One who gave birth to the Light for the benefit of the world!) in total, unconditional consecration, with their inner transformation with a view to being able to help accomplish the Christ’s Works of Redemption within themselves according to the degree of their personal active collaboration.

This victory is an established fact already, it is a Divine decree and will therefore with absolute certainty also be accomplished visibly, in the hour in which the souls will have generated sufficient amounts of true Love to be able to deliver the darkness to the Light of their own free will. God expects every soul to unite with the Christ and with the Woman – who is authorized to act within the individual souls as the Executrix of His Will – in making a persistent and irreversible choice in favour of the Light, which is nothing but true Love. True Love is the only way along which the effects produced by the darkness in this world can be completely disabled.

The human soul can only demonstrate her commitment in favour of the fulfilment of the Law of true Love through the way she makes use of her free will in every single situation of life and in every contact with a fellow creature. There is no other way, this is the way God provided from the beginning and which He very clearly demonstrated in His Messiah, who in unmistakeable terms expressed His unwavering will to surrender Himself to God’s Plans when, in the Garden of Gethsemane, while suffering beyond words because of the sins of all times, He said: "Let it be as You, not I, would have it, Father", and who sealed this will forever while signing His Legacy to mankind with His Blood, as on the Cross on Mount Golgotha He was accomplishing His Mission by sighing the words "In Your hands I commend My spirit".

Every use of the human free will at the service of the darkness through every action, omission, word, thought, feeling, desire, aspiration, conception or expectation which may potentially be of service to the interests of the darkness is basically tantamount to a denial of the spirit of Christ as well as of the Works of Redemption He accomplished with an absolutely perfect Love, self-denial and surrender for the benefit of the human souls’ Eternal Bliss. This is a denial of the Law of true Love and actually means that every single day the human souls are sending millions of signals to God’s Heart showing Him that mankind is not really longing for His Love, Peace and happiness.

That creation has not yet completely, irreversibly and beyond rescue perished in the swamp of misery is only owing to the absolutely perfect nature of God’s Love, to the Works wrought by the Christ combined with the Works wrought by His Mother, which are also beyond praise, and to the self-denying surrender of self by rare souls who have concluded with the Mother of God the sacred covenant of total, unconditional, lifelong consecration practices actively in every detail of their lives for the purpose of sealing the Christ’s Works of Redemption through a life of strict following of the dispositions of His Heart, which have made the Works of Redemption the greatest embodiment of God’s Law of true Love.

At the service of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth,

Myriam, June-July 2020

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