Important preliminary observation: The teachings concerning the strategies deployed by the darkness in its endeavours to distort God’s Works and Plans and to defile and counteract the souls on their journey towards their Eternal Destination with God are among the core themes constituting the very essence of the sublime Mission pursued by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mistress of all souls. Therefore the Queen of Heaven emphatically invites the souls to be aware of, and reflect on, the deep connection between the following writings on this website:



Myriam van Nazareth

Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

The Most Holy Virgin Mary does not conceal how much She longs for souls to share their personal struggle against all evil in their lives with Her. In every individual life this very struggle is what it is all about. Every human soul is the stake of the struggle between the Light (God and His Truth) and the darkness (the devil and his works of deception and destruction). Therefore no single human life can remain free from elements of darkness. Every single moment of life, and in countless ways, the evil one is constantly trying to pull every soul away from God and from the fullness of Truth to such an extent as to make her adopt the frame of mind and the dispositions of the heart that are best suited to serve Satan’s plans – preferably unawarely, in order that it should never occur to the soul that she is being manipulated by him. Temptation – any evil inspiration aiming at inducing the soul to commit any acts, speak any words or harbour any thoughts, feelings or aspirations which would separate the soul from God and from her own vocation within the framework of God’s Plans and Works – always focuses on one single goal: undermining the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation which aims at the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. This is how the darkness operates within each and every soul, sowing into the latter the seeds of sin, depression, discouragement and any dark or negative dispositions.

For Satan Mary is the very memorial reminding the souls of God’s Promise about the ultimate defeat of the darkness. Jesus Christ has defeated him as the Man-God and has opened up the final victory over the darkness. The immaculate Virgin is to seal this victory as a created soul, which is going to fully accomplish, i.e. to actually complete, the defeat of the darkness. To achieve this, She is in need of two things:

  • the intensely lived consecration of as many human souls as possible to Her, in order that She may be able to transform all elements of life, of the struggle and trials of these souls into active elements of the struggle against the darkness and therefore into components of grace within the framework of God’s Plan of Salvation. Her teachings in the Science of Divine Life, which is the subject of all writings propagated through the Maria Domina Animarum Work, are given exactly for the purpose of preparing the transformation of souls necessary to achieve all this;

  • the specific prayers of human souls, in whom Her power against the works of darkness is voluntarily activated and through whom She is enabled to actually wield it.

Within the framework of this second point the Mistress of all souls requests that these prayer flowers be offered with a view to using them in the specific struggle against the darkness.

The Most Blessed Virgin Mary should never be overlooked if any effect of darkness in an individual’s life is to be defeated. The reason for this is that the Mother of God was the Chosen One among all created souls, the One clothed with the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception and therefore the sole Bearer of a soul that was not 'damaged' by the effects of the original sin. Metaphorically speaking the original sin is like a furrow made in a field, through which water can be drained from the soil. In this image this furrow would be like a small canal through which the soul is constantly losing her 'water of Divine Life', leaving her very vulnerable against all and any attacks from the darkness. This image may make it easier to understand how the Most Blessed Virgin possessed a perfect immunity against sin and the effects of darkness. However, it must be emphasized that She was only able to maintain this immunity because of Her unshakable will never to commit any violation against God’s Law of Love. Both Her Immaculate Conception and Her will to remain completely pure make Her the perfect Guide for the soul seeking Salvation and refuge from the never ending temptations, deceptions and dark influences coming her way in everyday life.

On account of Her determination to remain completely and spotlessly faithful to God’s Law of Love Mary was granted by God an everlasting invincible power against all darkness. Indeed, remaining faithful to God’s Law of Love actually means refraining from committing even the slightest sin or vice. This is where the Most Blessed Virgin excelled, and which made it possible for Her to be the Mother of God’s Son, the Tabernacle carrying Divinity into the world. Mary’s remaining perfectly faithful to God’s Law by not wanting to give in to any evil inspiration made Her the true Crown upon creation, the true Mirror of God’s Heart, the very Image of God’s ideal of how a human soul should be and how He had originally conceived each soul to be: a worthy representative of God towards all of creation. Satan, God’s counterpart, would never prevail against Mary. She was therefore to be the One whose foot was eventually going to crush Satan’s head as a token that all works of evil will lose their effects when God’s Kingdom is established on earth. Crushing Satan’s head is, after all, what Mary has been doing all along, ever since Her Immaculate Conception, by defeating each and every temptation Satan sent Her way.

God never plans anything for no reason. Mary’s being granted the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception, Her mystical merging with Jesus Christ, the Man-God, in His inner dispositions up to and including His opening the way to the Redemption of every soul that is willing to actually implement God’s Law of Love in her own life: If any of this is to be of any use to the human soul the latter must be willing and able to follow in Mary’s wake. This is what God enables every soul to do through entering into the holy bond of consecration to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

Total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Mary is a bond through which the human soul gives herself, every detail of her life (past, present and future) and every aspect of her being (actions, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and wishes, all trials and tribulations of life and the effects thereof in the soul’s inner dispositions) to Mary. The purpose of this gift, which the soul brings on a basis of continuity throughout all days and nights of her life on earth, is the soul’s life acquiring its maximum fruitfulness in that, through the bond of consecration, the Holy Virgin is able to fully integrate all and any aspects of the soul’s life and being into the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Through this continuous act of self-surrender and self-denial the soul becomes Mary’s servant in the deepest sense of the word. The Queen of Heaven was entrusted by God with the mission to help bring Jesus’ Works of Redemption and Salvation to full fruition within every soul, thereby actually leading God’s Plan of Salvation to its completion in each individual who is willing to actively collaborate towards the achievement of this goal. This is why Mary’s mission within the framework of the holy bond of consecration of souls to Her lies in Her guiding the soul on the latter’s way of sanctification. Sanctity is to be understood as the soul’s ability to bring salvation through all her doings and all her inner dispositions, and can therefore be regarded as the extent to which the soul is actually fulfilling the purpose for which she was created.

A soul that lives intimately with the Mother of God, regarding Her as the Mistress of her life and being and as her Guide through all events of her life, should never lose sight of Mary’s unlimited power, especially not in her attempts to cope with the predicaments of life. Life on earth is an endless struggle against temptations, deceptions, and the many frightening and discouraging influences all around us. These are the bullets with which the forces of darkness are trying to cut each soul loose from God, her Source and Destination. Therefore it is imperative for the soul in distress to turn to the Queen of Heaven. If the soul does so on the basis of a genuine disposition of consecration to Her, of self-surrender to Her and of a sincere longing to serve the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation through serving Mary, who was put in command of the battle against the darkness in each soul willing to actually follow Jesus Christ and to actually belong to God, she will find in the Most Blessed Virgin Mary an extremely powerful Ally.

It is of paramount importance that each soul should realize that Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth, is invested by God with the capacity and powers as the Mistress of all souls, meaning that She is chosen to be the Mistress of the angels, the Queen of all inhabitants of the Heavens, the One endowed with the authority to transform each human soul internally (especially to the extent to which the soul consecrates herself totally to Her) and to protect the latter against any influence hostile to God and His Works and Plans, and the One with an absolutely unlimited power over the effects of the works wrought by any force of darkness. Mary’s title as the Mistress of all souls therefore reminds us of the fact that also the damned souls (i.e. both the fallen angels and the damned human souls) are in Her power. The extent to which She is able to actually wield this power depends on the extent to which human souls voluntarily and whole-heartedly implore Her intercession and intervention, and to which Divine Justice and Mercy allow for Her to intervene in any particular instance or event and in any specific hour. All of this is largely determined by the way every human soul individually deals with the free will she is endowed with, and mankind as a whole truly accepts God as the Centre of all life, and keeps acting upon this belief. A godless world is an open invitation to ruin by the forces of darkness, whose actions are rampant and devastating and can never be stopped if mankind fails to join hands with God in all and any aspects of life.

Mary’s unlimited power over the forces of darkness was not only explained in the Teachings given by the Mistress of all souls, it was also demonstrated to me visually on several occasions. One of these was recorded upon the Holy Virgin’s explicit request in the Revelation entitled Confession made by a demon at the Holy Virgin’s Command.

It is crucial that each soul should regularly ask herself the following question: "How important is the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation really to me, and to what extent am I prepared to put my own needs behind those of God’s Plan?". The honest answer to this question can teach the individual a great deal about her spiritual disposition and the fruitfulness he or she is likely to achieve for God in life. It will equally be an indication as to the extent to which the soul is likely to be able to resist all influences of darkness in her life. The soul is not able to defeat the forces of evil all by herself, but she definitely can if she really lays herself into Mary’s hands and firmly believes in Her as the One who has the power to bring the seed of Christ’s words and Works within her to full maturity. In proportion as the holy bond of consecration to Mary gets perfected the soul will become an ever brighter light spreading the Light of God Himself around her, thus weakening any influence of darkness in her life.

This is exactly where the way to true freedom for the souls lies: on the path of consecration to the Queen of Heaven and of prayer to and with Her. The deliverance of creation from the impact of darkness is not something that is going to come about automatically, it is to be brought about by each soul voluntarily within herself. Whoever longs for the True Light will reap the sun of Eternal Love. It will never be possible for the soul to come out of the night and see full daylight without seeing the promising light of dawn first. In very much the same way has God given Mary to the souls as the Dawn guiding them out of the night of sin and the threats of both inner and surrounding darkness into the Light of Christ. Let us never forget this, this is how God Himself has wanted it to be when the Crucified Jesus gave His Mother to mankind, and mankind to His Mother as His last gift before taking the effects of the original sin with Him to die.

Lovingly serving the Mistress of all souls,