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Three important preliminary observations

1. The difference between 'messages' and 'revelations'


Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

We keep finding out that in many souls there is confusion as to how to define those parts of the teachings the Mistress of all souls conveys literally (i.e. speaking word for word) to Her Myriam. Usually souls hold the view these words are 'messages'. We would like to shed some Light on this matter, availing ourselves of words spoken by the Mistress personally.

When by the end of the nineties Mary spoke in Myriam for the first time, and the latter began to jot down what the Mother of God was saying (words of a private nature at the time), Myriam spontaneously wrote: 'Message by Mary...'. The Queen of Heaven corrected right away, saying:

"Keep this in mind: I will never give you MESSAGES, but REVELATIONS,
that is the purpose I am calling you for".

When in 2005 the Revelations by the Mistress of all souls began, Mary again said:

"I do not give you MESSAGES, but REVELATIONS".

In answer to Myriam’s question as to the difference between both, the Mistress replied:

"A MESSAGE is a communication,
a REVELATION always conveys a concrete lesson.

My intention with you is not the spreading of messages, but of revelations. You are My apostle, for through you I want to TEACH".

Later the Mistress added:

"In these Last Times it matters to teach the souls the way how to achieve sanctity.
Communications will no longer bring souls any closer to God.
My mission in these times consist in teaching the

Science of Divine Life".

This is exactly why the Mistress keeps saying, and kept having Myriam write in letters of reply, that in these Last Times messages which do not specifically teach the souls the way how to come nearer to God, are fairly pointless.

2. The Revelations as teaching aids

Between November 2005 and 2012 the Mistress of all souls often availed Herself of the litterally spoken Revelations as means of complementing Her teachings.

Around 2008-2009, contrary to the intentions She originally pursued as to Myriam’s vocation, the Mistress allowed souls to write letters to Myriam, which Mary allowed Myriam to answer in perfect accordance with Her will and Her inspirations. From that time onward the Mistress seemed to express Herself less through the Revelations and more through the letters of reply.

Only part of the Revelations by the Mistress of all souls were released to be published. Especially as of 2012 the Mistress has nearly exclusively been speaking to Myriam privately (i.e. not intending Her words to be published). This has got to do with the Mistress having withdrawn Myriam from all contact with the public once and for all, as well as with Myriam being subjected to further intense spiritual 'training', in accordance with Mary’s initial intentions regarding Her little instrument.

The Revelations do not contain any messages of warning, nor do they convey any messages trying to satisfy the curiosity harboured by souls as to events which may or may not be imminent. With Her Revelations the Mistress exclusively aims at guiding and encouraging souls in the tough struggle of life on earth, and at educating souls in the Science of Divine Life, for that is where Mary’s true vocation lies: to shape souls for sanctity, in order to bring the Works of Christ to bloom in each individual soul.

The Public Revelations by the Mistress of all souls are regular invitations to the souls for the latter to actually comply with God’s Law of True Love.

3. The image accompanying the Revelations

The present menu item displays an image, which may be considered to be a fairly genuine representation of the mystical background against which the Mistress of all souls is accomplishing Her Works. It is our pleasure to explain this image briefly, because it does set the right context for understanding these Revelations:

The image shows us the Mistress of all souls who, for every word She speaks through Her instrument, draws upon the Ocean of God’s Wisdom, as God incessantly sends His Wisdom like a radiant Light through the Mistress towards the souls.

The Mistress of all souls here presents Herself in Her two major capacities:

  • as the Channel through which God’s Light (the fullness of Divine Truth – the Science of Divine Life) flows towards the souls, hence Her position on the throne in the ocean (the Water of Divine Life). Let us fully understand this: Consecrating oneself to Mary essentially means: To prostrate oneself at Her feet, for which, however, it is necessary that one should immerse oneself in the Water of Divine Life, in other words: that one should voluntarily and willingly open oneself up to a persistent development in all virtues;
  • as the One who has received from God the unlimited power over the darkness, hence Her position on the throne (symbolizing Her sublimity) with Her foot resting on the demon (symbolizing Her unlimited power over the effects of his works: The prince of darkness is not merely lying at Her feet, he is lying under Her feet, meaning that his freedom to act within the souls is curbed to the extent to which the souls voluntarily surrender to Mary.

It is as though the Mistress of all souls were speaking to us through this image, saying: "God’s Light shines upon you through Me, and I have got all darkness defeated under My foot".

In the Mistress of all souls God announces to the souls: The Queen of Heaven and earth possesses the fullness of the Light (She is 'full of grace') and She has got unlimited power over all darkness, over every force that is hostile to God. Owing to the combination of both of these capacities She is perfectly equipped to fulfill Her vocation in these Last Times, as a Guide, a Leader and a Transformer of all souls on their path towards the accomplishment of their individual Redemption and sanctification, and as a Defeater of all darkness, all evil and all sin, within creation as a whole as well as within each individual soul. Thus the Mistress of all souls is fully 'The Woman' who is to complete the last phase of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, and who is going to do so through unfolding the Works of Jesus Christ in each individual soul who completely surrenders to Her in total consecration.

The Mistress of all souls repeatedly pointed out earlier that total consecration to Her is not the only way along which a soul can be taken to God, but that it is most certainly the Golden Way of God’s predilection. She abundantly dwells upon this thesis throughout Her lectures constituting the Science of Divine Life.

In the above explanation the Mistress of all souls mentions one of the essential notions within the framework of Her Science of Divine Life: the notion of the water of Divine Life. In a Revelation bestowed upon Myriam in August 2018 She elaborates on this notion, speaking the following words:

"I used the notion of 'water of Divine Life' repeatedly before, and as to its concrete meaning I want to refer to the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus changed water into wine. Every single soul is invited to enter into marriage with God. The soul concludes a marriage with God by living in such a way as to merge with His Heart and by abiding by His Law so strictly, so sincerely and so loyally that she is increasingly less prone to fall for any temptations to violate the commandment which requires the souls to live true Love in every detail of life.

You can look at it this way: The soul that harbours this disposition gives the jar of her entire being to God in order that He may fill it with the wedding wine. Ever since the original sin the soul’s jar is filled with water, i.e. with weaknesses and seductibilities. I now call this the 'water of worldly life'. If the soul genuinely longs for unity with God’s Heart she is, in a manner of speaking, actually longing to enter into marriage with Him. The bride – i.e. the soul – testifies of her longing for the Groom by surrendering the jar of her being to Him without any restraint, this jar which is filled with water of worldly life. By her longing for Him ardently the Groom is going to fill the jar with Himself: He lets the wine of His Divine dispositions flow into the jar. In proportion as the soul’s will stays focused more intensely and more persistently on merging with the Groom her water of worldly life is going to change into the wine of God’s dispositions. The wine which, during the process I want to refer to as 'celestial wedding', is poured into the bride – the soul – by the Groom, is the 'water of Divine Life'. You can think of it as the stream of Graces that yield sanctification.

The 'water of Divine Life' is therefore the carrier of the dispositions of God’s Heart, the 'wine of Divinity'. In proportion as the soul will long more ardently and more sincerely for unity with God’s Will and for an impeccable application of His Law, the Law of self-denying and unconditional Love for all of creation, in her own life, the Groom is going to consume the marriage with her and change the water of worldly life contained in her jar into wine. This wine is the water of Divine Life.

As a matter of fact sincerely yearning for the wedding with God and living in such a way that this wedding can actually be concluded and consumed, is nothing other than total consecration. This is why total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Me, the Queen of Heaven and earth, and living this consecration in every detail of life, is the golden path to consuming the marriage with God. Total consecration to Me can be regarded as entering into marriage with Me, and therefore as a merger with the fullness of Grace. The soul will find the absolute capstone upon her life of total consecration to Me in consuming the marriage with God in the Eternal Bliss of Heaven. I received the unique prerogative of the power to make the wine of the celestial marriage available – i.e. attainable – to the souls. This prerogative was given its first visible effect for the souls in Cana, and I have received this power to be used for all times. This is why I keep saying the souls should implore with Me to obtain the water of Divine Life. Welcoming and actually availing oneself of the benefits of this water is the true purpose of every soul’s existence, for every soul is invited to live a life in the image of God, and she can only do so to the extent to which she allows her water of worldly life to be changed into water of Divine Life, by constantly drinking the wine God Himself is going to pour out into her according to the degree to which she lets her free will flow freely into the Will of God, by living self-denying Love in an impeccable way".


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