The Holy Virgin motivates the profound significance of
the most sublime veneration and following of

Mary as God’s choice as the last Gate to the
establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth

and refutes
the cunning critiques advanced by the darkness
aiming at preventing the crowning of the Works of Christ
through this highest veneration of Mary

Myriam van Nazareth


Once the Holy Virgin Mary showed me this image: The soul is captured in a dungeon of worldly susceptibility to temptation, weakness and vice, a dungeon in which the soul herself keeps adding to the thickness of its walls by holding on to dark habits. Mary is waiting outside, in front of the door, with all the graces the soul needs to obtain new light, food, Peace and happiness and to free herself altogether of her worldly attachments. However, the door to the dungeon can only be opened from the inside: The soul is provided by God with an inviolable free will in order that she may acquire the merits of abiding by God’s Law under any circumstances of her life and by her own free choice. This is why the soul is the only one who can open up her dungeon from the inside. Neither Mary nor God will do it from the outside.

The soul who is truly willing to lead a life at the service of God’s Works and Plans, and who will do so by her own free choice, is not left to her own devices in doing so. In the Holy Virgin the soul can find an extraordinary unique power to detach herself from worldly thinking and desires, and there is no better way for her to do so but by virtue of the sacred covenant of total consecration to Mary. The soul will not automatically get Mary as an ally in her battle against the darkness, she has got to activate this sacred alliance herself by actually practicing her consecration to Mary in a life of unconditional service and true Love. The soul is to unbolt her dungeon through the active will to set herself free under Mary’s inner guidance and through Her intervention as the Mediatrix of Graces and the Mother of Divine Providence.

As soon as the soul actually surrenders to Mary by lovingly accepting and sacrificing all of her trials as in the awareness that all these trials are weapons against the darkness in the world Mary will be able to enter her dungeon (i.e.: her inner dispositions, which are so easily influenced by the darkness) and She will be able to gradually start ruling over everything that is keeping the soul captured. In concrete terms this means the soul allows to let her will merge with Mary’s inner guidance, as Mary’s will is perfectly one with the Will of God. Total, unconditionally practiced consecration to the Holy Virgin is tantamount to an active, purposeful, voluntary merger of the soul’s own free will with the Will of God, a condition which opens up the soul to the greatest of all wonders: for her to become able to accomplish the mission of every human soul in life, to start living in the image of God to the highest extent possible.

Why should a soul surrender totally to Mary? Because in so doing she contributes in an exceptionally gracious way to building a road provided by God Himself and designed by His Wisdom in such a way as to lead to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. God Himself provided Mary to be the Leader of the celestial hosts for the purpose of having Satan totally humiliated by a created soul. The final implementation of God’s Plan of Salvation is accomplished along a golden path if human souls put themselves entirely at Mary’s service in order to complete through their own inner dispositions (by perfecting the practice of true Love) the Redemption redeemed by Jesus, because Mary has received the power to guide and constantly correct this process of unlocking salvation in each soul who surrenders to her totally, until the soul actually reaches the Heart of God. A human soul reaches God’s Heart when the dispositions of her heart allow true Love to bloom and this flower no longer tends to wither. When that point has been reached the soul is actually living the Law of God.

This is why Redemption, which was wrought in an absolutely perfect way by the Christ for the benefit of each soul, is only fully accomplished within an individual soul as soon as the latter will actively and voluntarily shape the sacred covenant with God in the practice of everyday life. God has prepared a golden way to do this, and he has built this way through the Heart of the Mother of the Christ: the way of total, deeply practiced consecration to the Holy Virgin.

In the Easter season of 2016 the Mistress of all souls stated in this context:

"Mistress of all souls, the Woman holding the infernal serpent captive under Her feet, this is what I am because God has called Me to subdue under My feet all and any darkness in every soul who is willing to sincerely and uncompromisingly sacrifice her earthly life for the benefit of fulfilling of God’s Plan of Salvation, so as to open this soul up for the accomplishment of her vocation as a child of the Light, of Eternal Love, her vocation as a tool for the fulfilment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

I am a soul’s Mistress to the extent this soul enables me to help eradicate from her life all darkness she has become so vulnerable to on account of the original sin, provided she voluntarily and actively participates in this process. in such a soul I am the One sitting on the throne the darkness has been usurping in all souls; in that soul I possess full freedom to help make the Christ’s Works of Redemption truly fruitful. This is why the Mistress of all souls is the Golden Bridge between the soul and her God".

In Her overarching capacity as the Mistress of all souls the celestial Queen points out that Her teachings in these Last Times, which She orders to be spread under the name of Science of Divine Life:

  1. are in perfect accordance with the full Truth of God;
  2. are absolutely necessary for the accomplishment of the history of salvation,

and that every attempt to disregard those teachings, to brand them as heretical or to remain indifferent to them (i.e. every reluctance or laxity in abiding by them) results from giving in to the attempts by the darkness to blind souls for the purpose of making them counteract or postpone their own deliverance from earthly misery.

Mary was indeed intended by God to be the Leader in the battle of the Light against the darkness in the Last Times, the Golden Bridge to the crowning of the Works of Redemption in each individual soul, and therefore the One who is to deal the darkness the final blow through Her 'offspring' (see the book of Genesis).

This also means the golden way to the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth is the one built on a foundation of deep consecration to Mary, for the soul who fails to follow God’s Leader of the hosts of the Light is not actively participating in the battle towards this establishment. The tremendous importance of the choice a soul makes in favour of an active dedication of her entire being and her entire life in the battle for the accomplishment of God’s Works under the guidance and rule of the Holy Virgin, is proven exactly by some instances of vigorous criticism inspired by the darkness against each Revelation, teaching and appeal pointing towards the highest veneration of the Holy Virgin and total surrender to Her. Satan knows very well that the highest veneration of, and unmitigated surrender to, the Queen of Heaven by many human souls, would mean dealing a lethal blow to his own works and plans. Therefore he leaves no stone unturned in trying to prevent this by inciting as many souls as possible to reject this veneration, even to vilify it as being 'heretical' or 'unchristian'. This is a serious delusion, and also a serious insult to the merciful God.

In the present teaching, for which the Heavenly Queen inspired the title The Gate of God’s Kingdom, She wants to present a line of arguments in favour of the deep significance and sense of the highest veneration of the Mother of God by a human soul based on Mary’s unique role within God’s Plan of Salvation, because God releases very special graces whenever the absolute crown upon His creation, the Mother of His Son and the Tabernacle of the Triune Divinity, is properly venerated and followed by a soul. A deep and unconditional following of the Holy Virgin by a soul within the framework of total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Her generates a lot of Light, which in a manner of speaking can be sent by God through creation for the purpose of contributing to rendering works and plans of the darkness ineffective.

As the Mistress of all souls Mary shows Herself in Her highest capacity and as the last link in the chain with which the darkness will once and for all be shackled, and therefore, as it were, as the Gate which gives access to the Kingdom of God on earth. One might safely say that the reason why God releases such amounts of graces for the highest possible veneration of Mary resides in the fact She is the final link in the chain of salvation, which is to be completed with the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work owes its existence exactly to this golden way designed by God, this way which aims at leading souls into the Heart of God through the Golden Gate (Mary) in order that, in this Heart, the grace of the final victory of the Light over the darkness may be released and the Kingdom of God on earth may be established once and for all. This Work was created by the Holy Virgin Herself as a spearhead in Her Works of recruitment in these Last Times, in order to guide souls towards the highest veneration of God’s most sublime Work of wonder among all created souls, Mary, so as to motivate them to the fullest to contribute to the final defeat of the darkness under the leadership of the Queen of Heaven. There was a definite reason for the following words the Mistress of all souls spoke to Myriam in a private Revelation:

"The Most High is very sensitive to the attitude and inner dispositions displayed and harboured by human souls towards Me, owing to the fact that in Me He has been able to design and to complete His sublime Work of Wonder. That is why He presents Me as the Model for all created human souls. Blessed is therefore the soul who undividedly, persistently and unconditionally orients Her life and all of her inner dispositions by the Model presented to her and taught her in these times in the Science of Divine Life, the whole of My teachings through My Maria Domina Animarum Work".

These are the only true characteristics of the Maria Domina Animarum Work:
  • it was created and is inspired and ruled in all of its works and publications by no other Source than the Queen of Heaven and earth, the Holy Virgin Mary, in Her most sublime and all-encompassing capacity as the Mistress of all souls;
  • aiming at shaping souls into thoroughly informed and intensely motivated combatants of the Light and against the darkness, for the sole purpose of accomplishing the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures on earth;
  • based on a flawless practice of God’s Law of true Love in all details, circumstances, situations, events and encounters of life;
  • all of this through an active, purposeful, voluntary, persistent, unconditional, lifelong practice of the sacred covenant of total consecration to Mary;
  • the Mistress of all souls aspires for the accomplishment of this programme through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work by in-depth teachings aiming at a more profound practice of the soul’s being a Christian, at acquiring a deeper knowledge of Divine Law, of God’s Works and Plans, of the secrets of spiritual life and of the strategies deployed by the darkness, and by planting into the souls the roots of a true self-denying Love for all fellow creatures, a true Hope, encouragement and the uncompromising fullness of God’s Truth including elements which, in our time, are yet to meet with some resistance or reluctance on account of the fact they pose a serious threat to the darkness and have therefore for centuries been rejected by many souls who were made reluctant to accepting them as major gifts of Divine Love.

Thus the Maria Domina Animarum Work’s only reason for being, as well as the reason why this Works will persevere on this path by order of the Holy Virgin Herself, is this: proclaiming the path leading to the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth through teaching and practicing the Divine Law of true Love on the foundations of the most sublime veneration of, and surrender to, the Holy Virgin in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls.

In various places in Her teachings the Mistress of all souls demonstrates that mankind itself keeps misery rooted in this world, among other things by not acting upon God’s intention to deal the final blow to the darkness through extending the most sublime veneration to Mary as Co-Redemptrix and as Mistress of all souls. This most sublime veneration to Mary is disregarded, even criticized and, yes, branded as heretical by many Christians. Yet She is the Woman pressing Her foot upon the serpent, the Great Sign (Signum Magnum, as She was already referred to in the Book of Revelation by the holy evangelist Saint John), the One who is to usher in the final establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth by crushing the effects of all works of the darkness. She is only allowed to do so to the extent to which She receives the active, purposeful, spontaneous and voluntary collaboration and surrender on the part of the human souls, i.e. preferably within the framework of a deeply experienced and practiced covenant of consecration of souls to Mary.

It is exactly the tremendous significance of a correct and encompassing knowledge of the depth of Mary’s role in this last stage of the history of salvation which makes it necessary that the fruit of Her own creation, the Maria Domina Animarum Work, should uncompromisingly proclaim the fullness of the Truth: that God’s Plan in these Last Times provides for the immaculate Woman dealing the final blow to the darkness.

In creation everything revolves around the battle between God and Satan, between the Works of the Light and the works of the darkness. Even among the Christians the role of the Mother of God within the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation is very often downplayed, and very unjustly so. By order of the Mistress of all souls Maria Domina Animarum proclaims the great dangers hiding behind any further omission as to making use of the uniquely powerful weapon God gave to the souls, through a very profoundly and concretely practiced sacred covenant of total consecration to the Queen of Heaven: This Divine weapon has been neglected on a large scale, thus granting the darkness the opportunity to keep postponing the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. It becomes even worse if the most powerful weapon of the most sublime veneration of, and surrender of the human souls to, the Holy Virgin is not only neglected but even branded as heretical, vilified and made subject to the suspicion that the teachings concerning this Divine weapon would not originate in a Heavenly Source. All of this serves as a foundation for the underlying text: The Mistress of all souls Herself demonstrates the truth about Her capacity as the Gate of God’s Kingdom as chosen by God Himself, and exposes all and any resistance to this truth as deception cunningly conceived and designed by the darkness.

The powerful argument the Holy Virgin presents the souls with in the underlying writing already showed its solid roots in theses She had Myriam advance in the following earlier teachings:

The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth


Justification of the souls’ total surrender to Mary as the Mistress of all souls



1. The battle between the Light and the darkness
    1.1. Essence of the history of salvation – Satan’s strategy
    1.2. The situation in the world
    1.3. Fulfilling the Plan of Salvation: The Promise of the final victory
of the Light over the darkness

2. The special unique capacities and role of Mary within the history of
    2.1. Through Mary to the Heart of the Triune God. The mystical
merger of Mary with Divinity
    2.2. Mary as God’s greatest Work of wonder
    2.3. "Woman, behold Your son; son, behold your Mother"
    2.4. Mary is God’s chosen Leader in the battle of the Light against
the darkness in these Last Times
    2.5. Mary, God’s chosen capstone topping off God’s Plan of Salvation

3. Failure to recognize Mary’s sublimity and branding it as heretical –
the Holy Virgin’s rebuttal to lines of criticism
    3.1. "If the teachings of the highest veneration of, and total
consecration to, Mary are right, then why do so many souls
not agree?"
    3.2. "New revelations had better be distrusted. Does not the Bible
say it all?"
    3.3. "If Mary is so sublime, then why was not this revealed any
    3.4. "In our faith Christ is the centre. Every spotlight on Mary is an
    3.5. "Was not Mary always the humble handmaid?"
    3.6. "Mary has always been in the shadow"
    3.7. "Marian veneration, especially in its most sublime form as the
Mistress of all souls, is idolatry, even occult"
    3.8. "Marian veneration, especially in its most sublime form as the
Mistress of all souls, is esoterical"
    3.9. "Marian veneration is blind and unsubstantial enthusiasm"
    3.10. "Marian veneration is sectarian"
    3.11. "What gave you the idea that Mary was actually granted this
position?", "Whatever made you claim this, as no such thing was
ever written....?"
    3.12. "The texts and prayers of the Mistress of all souls are too
difficult and too voluminous to spring from a celestial Source
    3.13. "The Mistress of all souls has not got any ecclesiastical approval"

Final considerations – The Gate of God’s Kingdom

1. The battle between the Light and the darkness

1.1. Essence of the history of salvation – Satan’s strategy

In many of the texts She has Her Myriam write the Mistress of all souls discusses elements of the history of salvation and of the battle between the Light and the darkness. The essence of the history of salvation could be summarized in the following five points:

1. Lucifer, the former archangel, opposes God’s Law, among other things the Divine Plan to create the human soul as the summit of His creation. Along with his following among the angels he is expelled from the Heavens. The fallen angels declare war on God.

2. Lucifer, called Satan since his fall, succeeds in tempting the first human souls in paradise into committing the first sin of disobedience against Divine Law: They commit the original sin, thereby becoming the first souls to opt for following the inspirations from Satan in preference to abiding by God’s Law of perfect Love. Due to original sin Eternal Bliss in Heaven is no longer an 'automatic crowning' of the human soul’s life on earth. Heaven is locked (i.e. made inaccessible) for all mankind, as the human soul has demonstrated not to abide by God’s Law spontaneously and automatically but to potentially deploy her free will in favour of the darkness in preference to the Light, and therefore to be able to even counteract the Works of her Creator.

3. God sends His Son Jesus Christ as Messiah into the world for the purpose of accomplishing the redemptive Sufferings in a physical body for the Redemption of every human soul who would be prepared to return to abiding by God’s Law as purely as possible through the imitation of His dispositions. In order that the Works of Redemption might be as perfect as possible God allows for the Messiah to be born as the Man-God, in a physical body given birth to by Mary, 'the Woman' whom He creates to that end as the Immaculate Conception (the only soul who is totally exempt from the scar of original sin), and who will, on account of Her leading a life which is not defiled by even the slightest sin, was to remain a Tabernacle of stainless sanctity. God also orders that Mary will have an unlimited power over Satan and his following.

4. For the Last Times God elevates Mary to be the Leader in the battle against the darkness and an inner Guide to the souls. Every individual soul is to unlock the effects of the Christ’s Works of Redemption in herself by voluntarily imitating the Christ (i.e.: by actively aspiring to lead a life as a reflection of God’s Heart). The soul is assigned Mary as the Golden Bridge to God’s Heart and Guide for an efficient unlocking of Redemption within herself. The relationship between the soul and Mary can be sealed in the sacred covenant of total, unconditional, lifelong consecration to Mary which is actually practiced in all and any situations of the soul’s life.

5. God requests for Mary to be presented to the souls in the overarching capacity as Mistress of all souls endowed with the mission of intensely guiding souls of good will (i.e.: souls who are willing to allow their free will to merge completely with the Will of God and to lead their lives totally at the service of God’s Works and Plans) on their way to sanctification. She is to do so:

  • by inviting souls to proceed to total consecration to Her, and through Her to God Himself. By 'consecration' is to be understood: an attitude towards life, and a way of dealing with the concrete situations of life, based on actively, intentionally and voluntarily engaging the soul’s entire being and all details of her life towards the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation by entrusting all of this to the guidance, the custody and the power of disposition of the Holy Virgin, the Woman;
  • by teaching souls the Science of Divine Life, in order to provide them with a more profound understanding of the original doctrine of Christ, of God’s Laws and mysteries, and of the secrets of spiritual life, so as to prepare them for the ultimate battle against the darkness in the world, all of this in preparation for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.

God’s ultimate goal is the establishment of His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace on earth, a situation in which all creatures live in a mutual disposition of impeccable Love, in perfect mutual harmony, in a world without any chaos, misery or suffering, in other words in a world in which God’s Law is fulfilled in the most absolute way and is able to produce its effects without any impediment or defilement, thus allowing creation to again become a stainless mirror of Heaven – a mirror of God’s Heart.

God has provided the crown upon creation, the human soul, with a free will. This is why He never imposes His Works and Plans but prefers them to be accomplished through the human souls. Therefore each human soul is meant to be a tool in God’s hand: God wants to act and to speak through the hands, mouths, minds, hearts and free will of people who put themselves at His service for that very purpose.

Satan, too, avails himself preferably of human souls, but for a different reason: not because he would respect their free will, but because he is always trying to play creatures off against each other so that they might harm and even destroy each other and that the effects of God’s Law in the world might be weakened and, if possible, be rendered inexistent. This is how the human soul is turned into a chess pawn in the battle between the Light (God) and the darkness (Satan) for the entire duration of her life. Depending on whether the soul will commit her free will either for the benefit of God or for the benefit of the darkness the soul will then either be serving God’s Works or the works of destruction through which Satan is constantly trying to increase chaos, misery and suffering in the world, for the purpose of eventually destroying God’s creation altogether.

Satan’s plans and strategies can be summarized as follows:

★ What is Satan’s goal?

The destruction of mankind and of all of God’s creation.

★ How?

By controlling man’s behaviour such as to make it work towards the accomplishment of his plans.

★ Exactly how is he doing this?

By making use of man’s needs (and therefore weaknesses or vulnerabilities) so as to make him more inclined to live in such ways as to the plans of the darkness.

★ What needs, and with what consequences?

Especially indulgence, pleasure seeking, selfishness, man’s urge to assert himself, greediness and curiosity. Together these dispositions lead to physical destruction, poisoning of the heart, great mental confusion, disruption of social relationships, decline of all virtues, killing off one’s own conscience, disappearance of all acknowledgement of sin, elimination of all Christian values, very rapid rise of general ungodliness, general dissatisfaction, very rapid decline of zest for life, major feelings of insecurity in society, and a lightning-fast increase of the number of souls who are living in a relative state of disgrace.

So Satan is distorting creation by abusing man’s needs. Needs breed weaknesses. The well-being of a person who feels a need depends on whether or not this need is satisfied, and to what extent. From the outset Satan understood he would totally control man if he only succeeded in controlling the satisfaction of man’s basic needs. So as to carry this to the extreme he has been catching as many human souls as possible in the nets of materialistic thinking, in order that they might get less and less interested in spiritual needs and more and more in the needs of material life, for it is the latter which bring up all vice in man.

One of the reasons why Satan is so successful with so many souls and thus is seemingly wielding a tremendous power over countless situations in the world lies in the fact that man can easily be blinded to the deeper lying truth of supernatural life. On account of original sin the human soul greatly lost contact with God’s Heart, which made her much more susceptible to being blinded and deceived. Prior to the original sin the human soul was able to perceive a great many things with the heart. After the original sin she had to rely ever more on the senses, which contributed to her loosing a great deal of the ability to empathize with her fellow creatures as well as with God’s Plans and Works.

Satan is constantly trying to obscure God’s Truth, to veil it from the eyes of man. He abuses the human souls’ blindness to the things they are unable to perceive through their senses, by making people’s feelings, thoughts and actions work towards the accomplishment of his own goals, thereby making souls his toys. Due to the human soul’s susceptibility to being deluded Satan got the power to abuse man in the most various ways so as to make him contribute to the accomplishment of his evil goals, which aim at destroying the sanctity of mankind. The forces of evil are constantly urging man to live such as to destroy himself through his own actions, words and aspirations. Satan eagerly takes advantage of the fact man is unable to see God’s only Truth with his worldly eyes, and he feeds all kinds of delusions into man’s mind, thus making man drift further and further away from God.

This is how Satan sows the seed of sin and vice into the souls. He inspires them disobedience and indifference and weakens souls in their original ways of thinking, feeling and desiring, so as to create a disharmony between their thoughts, feelings and desires on the one hand and the ways of thinking, feeling and desiring God initially had endowed them with. As soon as the soul’s being stably rooted in her accordance with God’s Plan gets sufficiently undermined temptation takes root. The soul then begins to think, feel and desire more in ways Satan wants her to, and no longer in ways God wants her to. The soul follows the voice of temptation and falls prey to vice, and gradually to actual sin. Satan’s works of undermining the soul start bearing their fruits.

As Satan leaves no stone unturned to keep the soul rooted in this new pattern of thinking, feeling and desiring she starts assuming this new pattern as habits. As soon as this is the case we are dealing with weaknesses: The soul’s resistance against temptation gets weaker and weaker and she adopts a pattern of systematic vice. This is due also to the fact the effects of Satan’s actions weaken the soul’s zest for life to such an extent as to curb her desire to fight in favour of good things, unless her true Love for God and for her fellow creatures remains sufficiently strong. The soul is then prey to all kinds of addictions: She becomes literally a slave to vice, a slave to Satan who has been instilling vice into her and has increasingly gained power over her behaviour, her speaking and feeling, her thinking and desiring. She gives in to temptation on every occasion on which Satan wants her to. She will then be prone to committing sins or vices any time Satan prompts her to.

The fact Satan dominates the soul and directs her inner life to such a high extent is no excuse to the soul, for under all and any circumstances the soul retains the ability to opt freely for the Light: The degree of her Love for God and for her fellow creatures determines the extent to which the soul will give in to dark inspirations and inclinations, or not.

This is exactly what undermining the sanctity of mankind is all about: Sanctity is the soul’s ability to make all her actions and omissions and all her inner dispositions, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations generate salvation for the benefit of all creation. To be able to make this happen it is imperative that the soul’s inner life should be as faithful a reflection as possible of the Heart of God Himself. This is exactly what all of Satan’s attacks against human souls are aimed at: He attempts to make them drift away from God further and further in any possible respect, so that fewer and fewer souls manage to somewhat preserve God’s image within themselves.

(To be continued soon)