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The teachings constitute the actual centre of Myriam’s mission at the service of the Mistress of all souls.

In Her capacity of capacities – as the Mistress of all souls – it is the Mother of God’s mission to teach the souls the Science of Divine Life. This Science contains the elements of knowledge through which God wants to enable the souls to bring to full fruition the vast potential of sanctification they received in the hour of their conception.

The Mistress of all souls aims at reaching this Heavenly goal in a number of various ways. Among these ways the teachings are the principal ones. They constitute the very heart of the knowledge that must show the soul how she can actively contribute to the accomplishment of Christ’s Works of Redemption on the path of her own life. Thus each of these teachings should be regarded as a key to true happiness.

The Mistress of all souls teaches the souls that perfection as a human being is not achieved through passively waiting for God to intervene with the world, but only through applying Divine Wisdom in their own lives and through constantly making efforts to follow the paths of sanctification, no matter what may happen. The secret is revealed to the souls by the Heavenly Queen in all these texts. In the writings from all other parts of this website She teaches the souls how to apply these texts in the right manner.

May God’s Light guide you all through these Heavenly Blossoms, so that they may bring you, too, true inner peace and the fullness of hope.


Index of teachings translated so far

Basic concept of the Science of Divine Life

True Love


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