Teaching inspired by the Queen of Heaven

to Myriam van Nazareth

on January 23, 2020, feast commemorating the Espousals of Mary and Joseph

concerning the basic mission conferred by God to every human soul
and every soul’s responsibility for God’s creation

The Holy Virgin Mary rang in the following teaching with these words:

"God longs for one thing only: a creation filled with Love, Peace and Light. However, He wants to accomplish this Plan through the hands, hearts, minds and the free will of human souls. This is why the following teaching expresses the deep purpose and mission of My Maria Domina Animarum Work: to teach and educate souls so as to help them make their quest for happiness fruitful by collaborating with God in the best possible way".

The Creator imprints on every human soul a basic mission, which the soul is deemed to fulfil to the highest possible degree within the limits of the lifespan allotted to her on earth, in accordance with His expectations and in full compliance with the Divine Law.

Every human soul on earth is looking for happiness. Happiness on earth is not a fiction, it does exist, but it is the fruit from a tree which can only become fruitful to the extent to which it is enabled to nourish itself from a soil in which Divine Grace can contract a marriage with the soul’s sincere will to practice God’s Law of self-denying Love to the utmost. In other words: Happiness is the perfume every soul is looking for in life, but it can be derived from one flower only: the flower of true, self-denying Love. This is how the Creator destined it to be: Happiness is the heritage of the soul who voluntarily, spontaneously, unconditionally and persistently merges with the Will of God, and this merger can be brought about only along one specific path: the path of total compliance with God’s Law of true Love.

God made His creation as a network. Every one of the billions of creatures that populate the earth is a junction in this network. All of these junctions are interconnected through channels. Through these channels God is constantly sending the force of Life. This force of Life consists of Divine Love. Divine Love is the essence, the nature and the fuel of Life all in one.

The main streams of Divine Life from God’s Heart are sent into the network directly through the human souls, because the human souls are the only beings that are to go through the process of sanctification and that play a direct role in the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation. Streams of the force of Life are also constantly flowing from God’s Heart towards the non human creatures. The latter streams are called 'secondary streams', not because God would send less Love to the non human creatures than to the human souls – for God’s Love is one and indivisible, it is absolutely perfect under all and any circumstances – but because He destined the human souls to be His representatives towards all creatures and therefore expects them to propel His perfect Love through the network of creation in the purest possible state.

This is where the evidence and the gauge for the extent to which a human soul is truly living in the image of God lies: the extent to which she practices true, self-denying Love and lets the latter flow towards all her fellow creatures through all of her actions, words, thoughts, feelings and desires.

This is, therefore, every human soul’s mission in life: She is to preserve the network of creation in exactly the state in which God made it and meant it to be, i.e.: in the state of perfect harmony between all elements composing it, the state He conceived and keeps trying to maintain through all interventions from His Grace and His Providence because this is exactly the state that is able to guarantee a flawless flow of the fullness of life. The soul is only able to accomplish this mission to the extent to which she allows true self-denying Love to flow towards all of her fellow creatures, in other words towards all her fellow people, all animals, and even all other elements of living nature.

To the extent to which a human soul accomplishes this mission exactly in accordance with God’s expectations she is going to experience a foretaste of true happiness. The human soul who experiences true happiness in the seclusion of her heart experiences a prefiguration of Eternal Life in Heaven. The only difference is, that happiness in Eternal Life can in no way be influenced by the limitations inherent to the material state of life (the body with all its needs, weaknesses and susceptibility to suffering and deprivation).

Happiness on earth is a condition which emerges when the soul has found within herself a high degree of Peace. This experience of inner Peace can only grow insofar as the soul manages to make the Love she has received from God bloom internally and she is truly inspirited by the firm will to practice nothing but Love towards every single fellow creature and towards God Himself, at any given moment and in any possible respect. The blossoming of Love within the soul gets more lavish in proportion as the soul allows this Love to flow more purely, more flawlessly, more unconditionally, more spontaneously and more whole-heartedly towards all her fellow creatures and towards God Himself and all of His Works and Plans. These Works and Plans also comprise all decrees implemented through Divine Providence as to the soul’s course of life. Allowing Love to flow is what the soul does through her entire behaviour, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations with which, in one way or another, one or more fellow creatures are involved. To state one example: A soul can even interrupt the flow of Love merely by allowing some negative feeling to emerge.

Practicing true happiness is therefore the fruit of the extent to which a human soul approaches and treats every fellow creature which, at any point of time, crosses her path through life, whether for a long time or very briefly, in a disposition of perfectly pure, unconditional, self-denying Love. In concrete terms this means that God expects every human soul to practice this disposition constantly and sincerely towards every single fellow person irrespective of race, colour of skin, language, culture, sex, age, belief or ideological views etc., as well as towards every animal of any species whatsoever and towards every element of the living environment, all ecosystems, air and water.

What does 'experiencing and practicing true Love' mean? The Mistress of all souls already launched Her unique definition and the frame within which it should be understood some time ago. This definition is very appropriate within the context of the present teaching:

True Love is the essence, the actual nature of Divine Life. It is the disposition in which all of the soul’s actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations are whole-heartedly, voluntarily and spontaneously geared to:

1. enhancing in every fellow creature and in a perfectly unselfish, disinterested and unconditional way this creature’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical vital strength and its spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sense of well-being, and to maintaining and defending the unscathed dignity of every fellow creature as a work of God; and

2. making a maximum contribution to the accomplishment and completion of God’s Plans and Works on earth, in other words: to the fulfilment of His Law, whereby making this contribution is pursued with absolute preference over satisfying one’s own needs and desires.

Living in true Love is living in such a way that the soul, through all of her actions, omission, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, all of her inner dispositions and the aura enveloping her entire being, conveys:

  • Light
  • warmth
  • feelings of security
  • inner peace
  • brightfulness
  • hope
  • relief
  • encouragement
  • trust, confidence
  • vital strength
  • zest for life
  • feelings of meaningfulness with respect to life as such
  • enhanced feelings of individual dignity, and
  • the intuitive certainty of God’s proximity

onto the journey through life to be made by every single fellow being Divine Providence guides onto her own path, no matter for how long or in what form such encounters present themselves, and that she harbours nothing but positive feelings and thoughts towards these fellow creatures and wishes the latter nothing but happiness and bloom on every level of their being and in all situations of their lives.

The Mistress of all souls unveils the major enemies of true Love, and therefore of true happiness. The factors listed below are among the major obstacles preventing the bloom of the flower of true Love and therefore the preparation of the perfume of true happiness, both within the guilty soul herself and in fellow creatures that are victims of these factors having been, or being, implemented. We should bear in mind that all of this has got repercussions on the network of creation as a whole (as all creatures are interconnected):

the major enemies
of true happiness
the main ingredients
of the celestial perfume
of true happiness
Inclination to a constant lack of inner peace and to dark dispositions of the heart, among others on account of a deeply rooted protest and resistance against many situations and developments in life.

Pursuing a perfect peace and tranquillity in the heart as to all and any aspect of life by accepting the decisions made by Divine Providence pertaining to one’s own life and one’s own position and role within the entire network of creation;
A disposition of persistent brightfulness. The Mistress of all souls refers to brightfulness as 'the Light of the soul', which is able to make the sun rise above every fellow creature’s path through life. The tranquillity and inner Peace one experiences oneself through harbouring this disposition indicates a far-reaching unity with the very Heart of God. This is actually the Peace of Christ.

Inclination to harbour resentment, which gradually consumes one’s own soul.

The firm will to whole-heartedly forgive every fellow creature for any harm the latter may (actually or allegedly) have caused and through which one has been damaged.

Inclination to harbour vengefulness, the firm will to compensate for every (often only purported) harm by any kind of suffering one is intent on inflicting on the fellow creature that is believed to have caused the harm.

The firm will to reconcile completely with every fellow creature, therefore to refrain from living with any fellow creature on a hostile footing, and in no way whatsoever to cause harm to a fellow creature 'by way of compensation for any suffering or damage sustained through this fellow creature’s doing';
the firm will to repay evil with good, for only self-denying Love possesses the force of true healing for a soul who has sinned, to the extent this soul opens herself up unrestrainedly to the Love bestowed upon her and to the extent she actively tries to bring this Love to bloom inside of her and she distributes it in her own environment.


Self-denial for the benefit of every fellow creature’s well-being.


The firm will to genuinely rejoice in every sunbeam that brightens a fellow creature’s life, and the sincere awareness that God loves all creatures equally.


The firm will never to allow oneself to become addicted to any material needs which exceed the limits of that which is really needed to maintain the physical side of living;
Cultivating an approach to life consisting of being constantly focused on the interests of Eternal Life.

Inclination to harbour aggression and/or to practice abuse or maltreatment against any fellow creatures, even including a destructive frenzy against one or more fellow creatures through actions, words, thoughts or feelings (among others malediction and the manifest desire that the fellow creature might be haunted by misfortune, adversities, sufferings, even death).

Meekness, peacefulness, the firm will never to torture any fellow creatures physically, mentally or morally, nor ever to wish any fellow creature evil or bad luck;
The firm will to help heal fellow creatures that have suffered any trauma through human souls’ doings, by enveloping them in sincere gentleness and meekness, in order that these fellow creatures may again be able to have faith in God’s Love and (among others as far as animals are concerned) to regain new trust in man as a possible channel of good things.

Insensitiveness, treating fellow creatures in ways as if they were lifeless objects devoid of feelings; hence also filling fellow creatures with feelings of being threatened, feelings of insecurity.

The firm will to constantly envelop every fellow creature in warmth, security and tenderness, being fully aware that every creature has got feelings and senses a great deal more than human science is able to establish, and that it can therefore also get out of balance unnoticed and thereby no longer be able to fulfil its role within the network of creation in a pure and unrestrained way.

Tactlessness, the inclination to hurt fellow creatures through one’s behaviour and words.

Tact and discretion, the firm will never to hurt fellow creatures’ feelings. The very core of a living being is a sensitive tender flower (which is sometimes hidden underneath a tough shell due to the circumstances and experiences of life). Moreover, every negative feeling experienced by a creature (no matter if it is a human being or an animal) through a human soul’s doing is also experienced by God Himself to the fullest.

Indifference to fellow creatures.

Willingness to help any fellow creatures, being concerned about every fellow creature’s fate, and the firm will to support every fellow creature on its journey through life. An example can be seen in a soul’s constant will to see to it that fellow people and animals in her environment will at all times have enough to eat and to drink, and can enjoy proper shelter against any weather conditions.

Indifference as to one’s own sins, vices, failures and derelictions.

Sincere remorse over every violation or omission against true self-denying Love by which any fellow creature may have suffered and/or by which any Works or Plans of God may have been damaged or counteracted.

Craving for admiration or recognition, and self-assertion.

The firm will never to elevate oneself over any fellow creature, not always to get one’s own way, not always to be bent on getting recognition, and never to make any fellow creature feel inferior.

Inclination to abuse needs and vulnerabilities of fellow creatures with a view to hurting or harming them.

Willingness to care, the firm will to help alleviate fellow creatures’ needs; willingness to empathize with any fellow creature in a sound way, i.e. in a sincere desire to envelop it in an atmosphere of caring, light and warmth, to assist it in any possible way and to alleviate any possible burdens and sufferings.

Inclination to neglect fellow creatures towards which one has made a promise of caring and custody (not necessarily in a formal way, nor in writing, but even simply by way of a commitment entered into informally inside one’s own heart).

The firm will to see to it that fellow creatures towards which one has made a commitment of caring or custody (children, husband or wife, domestic animals etc.) will never be left to their own devices nor will ever suffer hardship in any way whatsoever if one can at all help it.

Contempt, disdain and lack of respect for fellow creatures, as well as intolerance towards fellow creatures, fellow people belonging to a different race, culture etc.

Total acceptance of every fellow creature without discriminating in any way whatsoever as to race, colour of skin, language, culture, sex, age, belief or ideological views;
Respecting every fellow creature’s specific nature, and the firm will to maintain its dignity, being aware that every creature is a work of God and has got it own specific role to fulfil within the network of creation.

The need to appear important in the eyes of one’s fellow man.

Humility, modesty, being aware of the necessity of serving God and the whole of creation, and being aware of the fact the only important thing is being useful to God as a tool within His Works of Love.

Sticking firmly to one’s own way of thinking and feeling, especially refusing to change one’s way after having harboured dark dispositions, thus preventing all happiness.

Openness to radically change one’s own views and behaviour if such changes prove to be able to render a better service to God and to creation.

Being addicted to one’s own conceptions, notions and expectations towards life, and hence an inclination to keep deceiving oneself.

The firm will to live exclusively in accordance with God’s Law and His expectations, as a tiny cogwheel within the network that is directed by Divine Law.

Inclination to rob fellow creatures of their courage and hope; the inclination to harbour negative, pessimistic dispositions and to expect bad things and outcomes rather than good ones.

The firm will to envelop every fellow creature in an atmosphere of courage, hope and positive feelings and expectations, so much so that every fellow creature may, in its turn, learn to rather expect the sun to rise than the dark clouds to come.

Inclination to believe one is automatically entitled to a preferential treatment from fellow people and from God Himself. This is tantamount to an elevation of self.

Sincere humility and gratefulness as an expression of the awareness that one needs God and one’s fellow creatures, as one can learn things from every fellow creature and every fellow creature can help complement one’s own shortcomings and faults.

Inclination to cause fellow creatures grief, heartache and sorrow.

The firm will to help heal every fellow creature of everything which oppresses it, and in every possible respect to be a sunbeam that helps lighten up and warm its life.

Inclination to judge or condemn fellow creatures, and inclination to gossip, slander or defamation.

Inclination to persistent clemency and to first and foremost seek and find the good in every fellow creature, being sincerely aware of one’s own imperfection and of the fact every soul is faced with the obligation to complete a path of learning and growing;
the firm will to help fellow people get stronger against negative or dark inspirations and temptations.

When considering the above table it is vital to fully realize that all factors contained in the pink field prevent true happiness from emerging and blossoming because all of these factors cut the soul who commits them loose from her unity with God. Only a heart that is intent on maintaining the unity with God’s Heart will experience happiness. True happiness is the experience which blossoms in the soul who fully dedicates herself in any possible respect to the fulfilment of God’s Law of true Love. This soul is actually fulfilling her mission in life in accordance with God’s expectations. On account of God’s being connected to every single creature the experience of genuine peace at heart and happiness is also a fruit of God’s Heart pouring itself out into the soul’s heart. This outpouring is counteracted to the extent to which the soul’s inner dispositions are not in accordance with God’s Law.

In conclusion the Queen of Heaven reminds the souls of the fact that, day after day, the network of creation is seriously threatened by the tremendous volume of sins committed all over the world on a daily basis, as every sin is basically a violation against God’s Law of true Love, and that therefore day after day millions of channels within the network are being darkened by obstructions in the flow of Love from human souls towards fellow creatures.

This is why the imbalance governing numerous ecosystems in this world and the disruption of harmony between the creatures composing these ecosystems is brought about to a very large degree by the sins committed by human souls. Animals and other non human elements of the network of creation are considered by God as not being able to sin. The Mother of God explains that countless expressions of aggression between creatures result from the disruptions caused by obstacles in the flow of Love from human souls towards fellow people and towards non human fellow creatures, and that also innumerable natural disasters (storms, forest fires etc.) are to a large extent due to disruptions in the equilibrium within the network of creation on account of the billions of sins which are committed by human souls every single day.

May the awareness of every human soul’s tremendous responsibility for the happiness of her fellow creatures, for herr own happiness, and for the preservation of the entire network of creation wake up many souls to a profound and lasting reorientation of their hearts towards God and the Law of true Love.

A persistent, unconditional practise of self-denying Love towards all fellow creatures without any exceptions and without any discrimination:

  • reinforces the flow of Love, Light and Life through the entire network of creation (because all creatures are interconnected);
  • thus enhances true Peace and perfect harmony among all creatures, true happiness of all creatures, and in the entire network an atmosphere which makes God’s Presence felt more clearly;
  • directly advances the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.
True happiness is the perfume from the flower of true Love. Whoever fails to cherish the flower of true Love persistently will never get to smell the perfume produced by this flower (the perfume being true happiness), for a neglected or damaged flower stops producing perfume.

Myriam, at the service of the Mistress of all souls, January 2020