By order of the Mistress of all souls and by way of introducing the present writing I testify to the fact that all texts contained in the present menu item God and the animals, as well as the manifesto written several years earlier entitled The Brooklets of Salvation, are the ultimate fruits of a great number of visions and private revelations through which Mary began to prepare me even prior to Her inspiring The Brooklets of Salvation, as well as of a remarkable number of rather unusual experiences with animals in my private life.
One day the Queen of Heaven explained that She Herself was at the basis of these experiences because through my own private life She intented to provide evidence for the extraordinary yet very greatly underestimated role played by the animals as channels of God’s Love and as tools for moulding human souls’ spiritual life.
Through this testimony the Mother of God offers a first incentive for reflection to souls who might fall prey to the temptation of believing that spiritual manifestoes dealing with the tremendous role played by animals and the tremendous importance of the way animals are treated by human souls should not be taken very seriously. In point of fact their importance is considerable, in view of the fulfilment of the Divine Law of true Love and of combating all darkness, misery and feelings of unhappiness in the world.
I vouch with my life for the fact all of these inspirations find their origin in authentic celestial sources.
Myriam, at the service of Mary, the Mistress of all souls.


Deep incentive and urgent invitation by the
Holy Virgin Mary for the purpose of advancing

the perfect fulfilment of Divine Law
by the human souls towards all their fellow creatures

through Myriam van Nazareth

The Messianic Age is the age in which God’s Plan of Salvation is to be fully accomplished. God’s Plan of Salvation is the Plan of God consisting herein, that all souls get the opportunity to sanctify themselves and, in so doing, achieve Eternal Bliss in spite of the original sin, and contribute individually to lifting mankind as a whole up to ever higher levels of salvation. The accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation can be understood to be the whole of God’s Works on earth, which He tries to accomplish preferably through human souls as well as through the direct intervention of His Providence and of the inspirations given by the Holy Spirit, for the purpose of completing His Plan for the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. The term therefore refers to the whole of all Divine Works towards the establishment of God’s Kingdom within the souls.

Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth, the Mother of the Messiah Jesus Christ and Mistress of all souls by Divine election, defines the Messianic Age as follows:

"When I mention the Messianic Age, I am referring to the age which is to begin with the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures on earth. It is the age in which the inner dispositions and the teachings of the Christ, the Messiah and Son of God, will find their full accomplishment in the human souls, which will enable the souls to reflect the true Love of God Himself to all their fellow creatures without any obstacles, owing to the fact that all evil, all darkness and all effects of the works and plans of the darkness of all the ages will have been rendered ineffective in the omnipotence of Divine Love, which, to the extent to which it gets the opportunity to produce its effects, yields the fullness of Life and thereby breaks the effect of everything that has brought illness, derailment and death upon creation.

Thus the Messianic Age expresses the fullness of God’s time as to the fulfilment of His Law of self-denying Love among all creatures without any distinctions or exceptions. It is the age of perfect Peace, because basically the fullness of Peace is the accomplishment of perfect peace in the hearts, which is the disposition in which perfect Love the way it was alive and experienced freely and in its fullness in the Christ, God’s Messiah, is fully accomplished. It is also the age of perfect justice, because God’s Laws, which had created perfect harmony in creation, will have been totally fulfilled and, as a result, any derailment, any disruption and any imbalance within creation and within each individual creature will have been offset owing to the fact the perfect expression of Divine Law makes any further departure from Divine Life within creation impossible". (Mistress of all souls, April 2020)

The Queen of Heaven and earth repeatedly pointed to the fact the beginning of the Messianic Age is not dependent on any Divine Decree but on the degree to which human soul, intended by God to be the crown on creation, lead every detail of their lives in their entire behaviour, all their words, thoughts, feelings and aspirations from the sincere desire to practice self-denying Love towards all their fellow creatures (fellow people, animals, even natural environment) actively, spontaneously, purposely and persistently. The greater the number of human souls who will lead their lives and deal with all their fellow creatures on the basis of this disposition the more the Light of true Love will be able to flow through the network of creation and the more this Light will be able to expel all darkness from this network (which consists of all creatures as junctions and all mutual relations and contacts between creatures as mutual connections between the junctions).

The darkness invaded the network of creation through the original sin committed by the first pair of human souls, and has kept enhancing the effects of its invasion ever since through each and every sin committed afterwards. Since the original sin billions of human souls inhabited the earth, and each one of them – except the Christ as the incarnated Son of God, and Mary, the immaculately conceived Mother of the Christ – committed a certain number of sins in the course of their lives, and harboured a number of vices and sinful dispositions. A sin is every violation of God’s Law of true Love. A vice is every disposition or action decreasing a soul’s fruitfulness for God’s Works and for God’s Plan of Salvation.

A large number of these violations occur in the imperceptible sphere of the inner dispositions (thoughts, feelings, desires, one’s inner attitude towards every detail of life and all worldly influences). The whole of these violations – throughout the history of creation we are talking trillions, and let us be fully aware that 1 trillion = a million times one million, or = a thousand times 1 billion – have very heavily distorted and darkened the network of creation and have given rise to giant amounts of chaos, suffering, misery and injustice within and between all creatures. All of this must be firmly counterbalanced, which is only possible through billions of actions, words, thoughts, feelings and desires filled with sincere self-denying Love aimed at promoting the well-being of all fellow creatures, which would generate tremendous forces of restoration and healing throughout the network of creation, and would bring about a profound peace within and between all creatures.

The Queen of Heaven pointed out that, in proportion as mankind would give unmistakable signs of a genuine will to practice the Law of true Love ever more consistently in all relations and contacts of human souls towards all fellow creatures (fellow people and animals alike) Divine Mercy would be able to make the effects of Divine grace in creation more tangible, and that precisely because of this covenant between the human souls and their Creator creation could be taken back to the state it was in prior to the original sin, the sacred state devoid of any effect of darkness. This is why the Messianic Age can be regarded as the complete reversal of the effects produced in creation by the original sin.

The Mother of God received from God for these Last Times – the times of the ultimate preparation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom, the Messianic Age, on earth – the Mission of teaching the human souls the Science of Divine Life, in order that their understanding of the true needs of the soul, of the path to sanctity, and of the strategies deployed by the darkness with a view to thwarting this sanctification and thereby transforming the world into a realm of darkness, may enable them to acquire a profound awareness of the true purpose and goal of God’s Law motivating them to put up an ardent fight for the benefit of God’s Plans and Works and against all plans and works of the darkness.

Mary aims at conveying this in-depth awareness by also pointing to areas of behaviour, reactions and inner dispositions which are often not fully understood or which are downright neglected. A vast area of behaviour, reactions and relations is the one maintained by human souls towards the animals. Day after day billions of contacts take place globally between human souls and animals. Only very rarely the human souls concerned are aware of the major significance of all these contacts for the health of the network of creation. No soul is able to imagine the scope of the giant clouds of darkness which are injected into the network of creation day after day by contacts in which human souls treat animals from dispositions of inner darkness due to a lack of sincere Love and empathy.

The Queen of Heaven emphasizes what unimaginable force of Light would be sent through creation as increasing numbers of such contacts from human souls towards animals would be filled with sincere Love and empathy. This is exactly why, for a fair number of years already, She has been teaching Myriam as to the tremendous significance of the ways and the dispositions in which human souls treat animals.

There have been souls who clearly misunderstood, some who even criticize, yet others who made it clear not to be able to believe "that Heaven would ever deal with such matters". The Queen of Heaven regrets very deeply that all these souls, in spite of the fact that, in their capacity as human souls, they have been provided by God with the germ of sanctity, appear to have lost any deeper feeling of God’s Plans, His intentions, His Works and His Law. Their attitude contributes to postponing the coming of the Messianic Age, for their attitude sets bounds to the practice of Love, which is the essence of the power of Divine Life and thus the only seed out of which God’s Kingdom of true Love, true Peace and justice on earth can sprout, the Kingdom in which all ill weeds of chaos, suffering, insecurity, misery, darkness and injustice will have been killed in the fire of Love.

The fire which must bring this about will never pervade and purify the entire network of creation as long as not all contacts towards all fellow creatures (including all animals) have been fully pervaded with self-denying Love, and this self-denying Love must proceed from ever increasing numbers of human souls.

Once the Mother of the Messiah said to Myriam: "The true Messianic Age is the age of the purified souls uniting to build such powerful chain of Light and of holy desires that God starts pouring out His Spirit over the souls in a regular snowball effect like waves of sanctifying graces which will roll all over the souls and will let the Light shine ever more brilliantly all over the earth, until Jesus and Myself will be ruling perfectly in numbers of souls that are sufficiently large to actually proclaim God’s Kingdom on earth".

In proportion as more human souls spend more details of their lives in accordance with God’s Will and His law, and actively, purposely and consciously consecrate these details for the purpose of advancing the accomplishment of God’s Works in creation the latter will be able to come closer to the ideal God has been harbouring as regards her development (i.e. a holy creation, meaning a creation which is fully pervaded with true Love and perfect Peace among all creatures), and to the goal He had set for His creation: that it should return to the state He Himself had set in the Garden of Eden. This return is nothing less than the state which is also referred to as ’Messianic Age’.

This is why the Queen of Heaven explains the notion of ’Messianic Age’ as the state in which the system of creation demonstrates the fact of having accomplished the purpose for which God has sent His Messiah Jesus Christ into the world: the Redemption of the souls from the irrevocable grasp exercised by the darkness on their Eternal Destination, which lies in the eternal bliss of Heaven but which, due to the original sin, the first violation of God’s Law by the human soul, had become inaccessible.

The accomplishment of the 'Messianic Age' in creation is nothing other than the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, a state of life in which all creatures will spontaneously experience a condition which, in a way, is similar to the condition experienced in Heaven, on account of the fact God’s Law of true Love is spontaneously and voluntarily fulfilled to the fullest, resulting in the human soul fully meeting the purpose for which man was originally called: to live while radiating from the very core of his being such a light as to make God’s Presence felt to all of creation outside of himself. In such disposition the human soul would fully comply with the mission entrusted to her from the very beginning: the mission of letting God’s Love flow freely, unconditionally and perfectly purely to all her fellow creatures. A system of human souls who fully comply with God’s expectations would, in a spiritual respect, show similarity with a perfect paradise of roses.

This is why the Messianic Age can be regarded as the return of the Garden of Eden in the human souls, in that the latter will then be totally and voluntarily dedicated to the accomplishment of God’s desires within themselves. Essentially the Messianic Age is the rebirth of the human soul as the image of God, the image she was intended to possess when she was created. It is a good thing to point out that the Holy Virgin, the lifelong perfectly sinless Immaculate Conception, the Queen of Heaven and earth and Mistress of all souls, by virtue of a Divine Decree once referred to Herself as 'the Rebirth of earthly paradise'. This also perfectly expresses the fact Mary’s soul always experienced the full condition of a being that is inherent to the Messianic Age.

As early as 2011 the Holy Virgin gave Myriam the extraordinary inspiration of Her manifesto entitled The Brooklets of Salvation, in which She had Myriam write down the first deep motivations for an ideal way of treating the animals, a way which is invested with the potential of leading mankind to the Messianic Age. In letters of reply to individual souls She inspired theses for the purpose of assisting these souls with purifying their dealings with animals, in order that these dealings should better serve the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. All letters of reply were written upon the exclusive inspiration and dictation by the Mistress of all souls. This is why the theses stated in the letters of reply with respect to the treatment of animals must unconditionally be regarded as having purely celestial origins. Therefore, by order of the Mother of God the underlying menu item includes some of those theses for the support of souls who are truly willing to help make the deepest desire of their Divine Creator come true: that the Messianic Age may be born and the human souls as well as all of their fellow creatures may regain their dignity through interactions in perfect Love and Peace.

The Heavenly Queen wishes to refer to a few striking passages from letters of reply She inspired between the years 2008 and 2013. The passages quoted relate to the role played by animals in the spiritual development of human souls and to the way human souls treat animals. They are basically celestial testimonies concerning true Love and therefore fit in perfectly with the Works accomplished by the Mistress of all souls in the field of moulding human souls in preparation of the introduction of the Messianic Age into creation. Due to the origin of each letter of reply all these passages are truly celestial points of view. Myriam vouches with her own soul for the authentic Heavenly source of all these words.

In the underlying text these passages are primarily offered as material for deep reflection. It is advisable to keep in mind that their purpose lies in developing an in-depth inclination to practice self-denying Love and acquire knowledge and understanding of certain signs God is showing with a view to bring human souls to developing such Love.

The celestial theses brought forward hereinafter concern the following themes:

    1. Animals within the system of creation
    2. The animals’ reason for being
    3. Basic rules for the way animals are to be treated
    4. Animals as witnesses before God as to the disposition of the human soul
    5. Animals as channels for spiritual moulding and as spiritual medicine
    6. Indifference as to the treatment of animals
    7. God feels everything about each creature, including each animal
    8. Spiritual meaning of animal suffering
    9. Concerning the death of a beloved animal
  10. Heavenly thesis on killing animals

1. Animals within the system of creation

"Do consider the system of creation as a whole. Billions of living beings populate the earth, for one purpose only (considered from God’s point of view): They are to bring God’s creation, which has been heavily distorted, to a new equilibrium on a higher level of grace. To this end His infallible Providence brings creatures (humans and animals) together in order that they might 'teach' one another through their way of being.

An animal cannot sin, it has not got a soul in the narrow sense of the word (the Holy Virgin refers to the very core of an animal as its 'vital principle') and it does not make any direct contributions to the accomplishment of the Divine Plan of Salvation, yet it does make countless indirect contributions to this Plan, through its relations with humans and through the many different ways it can influence the behaviour of human souls. (...)"

2. The animals’ reason for being

"The animals were created by God mainly for two reasons:

  1. To give humans delight through their whole way of being, in their endless diversity and their countless marvellous characteristics and traits. Each of these elements has got a very profound meaning and purpose within God’s Plan of Salvation, a purpose which finds its origin in Divine Wisdom;
  2. As components of a perfect Divine system that only serves God’s Plans and thus human happiness if the balance set by God is maintained. Animals fulfil this role especially in their capacity as junctions in the network of Divine Love constituting creation as a whole. Animals are extraordinary conveyors of Love, and as such are able to bring remarkable amounts of peace and healing to humans".

3. Basic rules for the way animals are to be treated

"God created countless species of animals. Even today man does not know all existing species. Everything God has created has got a well defined role to play within the system. This is why the human soul, who – let us never forget this – was intended by God to be His representative towards all of creation, should observe two basic rules when treating animals. As always I am phrasing the thesis and view expressed, harboured and advocated by the Mother of God:

  1. Every human soul serves as a representative of God towards the animals. This means that, when dealing with an animal, she is to make God’s characteristics felt: perfect and unconditional Love, a soft nature, tolerance, patience, tenderness, a sense of caring, and basically all virtues.
  2. God remains the Master of His creation. The human soul is but a custodian. In principle the human soul never owns animals, she can but have animals at her disposal, solely and exclusively in ways fitting in with God’s intentions, meaning: in ways favouring the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation. In concrete terms this means that the human soul should not make herself the mistress of any living being’s life and must not cause it any suffering or harm. In each and every case in which a human soul kills an animal God alone is the Judge as to the disposition of the heart from which this action is performed. In each and every case in which a human soul causes suffering to an animal she is again judged by God alone, who measures the contribution made by every soul to His Works by the degree of Love this soul has generated during each of her actions, words, feelings and thoughts or in any event in which the soul has failed to generate Love or even denied it.

When sin entered into creation – for which, by the way, the human soul is responsible, and not any animal or plant – the relations between the various forms of life were completely distorted, because sin is the counterpart of Love and Love is the fuel of all life. In a manner of speaking, every sin committed by a human soul causes a leak in the system of creation, through which a certain amount of Love oozes away. This large-scale leakage of Love, which has been going on for ages, is responsible for the mutual relations between living beings and between the species to get completely distorted. This is exactly which has been causing the conditions we all know among wild animals, between the different species, and the animals’ shyness towards humans, as well as predatoriness in nature, etcetera: God did not create these conditions, sin has brought them about! (...)

Any means with the potential to cause harm to an animal or to kill it is most firmly rejected by the Queen of Heaven, and She does so in all cases for the same spiritual reason: On account of the fact the animal has got a role to fulfil, that only God decides on the duration of this role, and that the human soul owes the animal an unconditional love and respect.

In this very sense the Mistress has been teaching me various ways of behaving towards animals, and one of the consequences of this 'training' was my experiencing the privilege of developing a steadily increasing sensitivity and empathy with the deeper being of many animals as channels through which God sends the flow of His Love. Based on this development I was privileged, under many circumstances, to deeply fathom the hearts of animals in my close vicinity. Such experiences enhance the Love for God in one’s own heart to a degree which is beyond description: These experiences are truly overwhelming, and make the soul become very clearly aware of the fact the animals are a tremendously underestimated gift from God to man.

We must never lose sight of the fact every individual animal was created by God for the purpose of fulfilling a very specific role. The human soul has not got the right to decide when the life of a specific animal is to end. In private revelations the Mistress of all souls repeatedly assured me:

If a lot more souls should show a much greater respect to the animals, even this mere fact would considerably decrease the mountain of misery in the world.

This is pure logic: The treatment of animals is marked by such a lack of Love that even only this field shows countless black holes in the flow of Love. Day after day billions of contacts come about between humans and animals. A major part of these contacts are marked by a lack of Love to varying degrees".

4. Animals as witnesses before God as to the disposition of the human soul

"God allows nothing to be lost. Also the animals do not live for no reason. Does not the Mistress of all souls say that an animal’s vital germ returns to God after the animal’s death, and that it is then clothed in the Love, but also in all the suffering, it has experienced on human souls’ part? Thus also the animals, when appearing before the throne of God, bear witness to our behaviour towards them and therefore of the disposition of our souls".

In a teaching the Queen of Heaven instructed:

"Nothing can be kept hidden for God as the Judge in the hour when judgment is passed on a soul’s life. Even every animal that dies returns to God’s Heart, and the deceased animal’s vital principle is before God like an open book: In a manner of speaking this vital principle contains the film of the animal’s life. Everything this animal has been through and has felt in connection with humans with whom it has been in contact, even if it were for only one second, and everything it has secretly sensed in the way of human feelings and thoughts, all of this is stored in the animal’s vital principle. If, for instance, an animal has been treated badly by a human being, this maltreatment is impressed upon its vital principle along with the source of the maltreatment, i.e. the human soul through whom it has suffered the maltreatment.

Thus an animal that has suffered maltreatment or has been killed at the hand of a human in any way whatsoever and at a time not decreed by God, becomes a silent witness of everything it has experienced as well as of the names of those who have caused it harm or suffering. This information is written by God in the books of life of the human souls concerned, and the latter will be called to justify their acts in the hour in which judgment is passed on their lives if, and to the extent to which, they have failed to sincerely and remorsefully confess their sin and have or have not made amends by practicing a stainless Love".

Through this revelation the Queen of Heaven also emphasized the fact that also the way in which a human soul treats animals plays a role as to the kind of judgment passed on the degree to which this soul has practiced true Love or not, and She made it clear that in the eyes of God also every lack of Love towards animals constitutes a distinct violation of God’s Plan of Life for all creation. In the same way a deceased animal bears witness to all the good things, all the Love it has received from humans, including the names of its benefactors.

5. Animals as channels for spiritual moulding and as spiritual medicine

"Animals are marvellous 'liaisons' of Divine Love. Very often animals greatly improve children’s healthy growth and assist them in developing various virtues: Love, patience, sense of caring, self-denial for the benefit of a fellow creature, and they teach children what it means to interact with a fellow creature, and that every creature has got feelings of its own, as well as its own dignity, and that it displays a very specific behaviour it has received through God’s Wisdom and Intelligence. (...) Animals can prove very caring and protective towards children. (...)

A dog not only needs sufficient food, it also needs sincere Love, cause for feeling understood, a tender way of being treated, a feeling of being respected for just what it is, i.e. for its own specific nature. Do believe me, most animals ’have got a perfect nose for this’: Very often they fathom the depths of a human heart much more quickly than the human is able to fathom the animal’s heart. The animal develops this ability owing to its openness to God’s operations. Animals are usually much more receptive to God’s actions than the average human soul is. One day Mary told me that every human being should get the opportunity, from early childhood, to learn that God expects man to be able to represent and reflect Him (the Creator) towards all fellow creatures, and that the human soul should learn how to make this actually happen not only towards her fellow person but equally towards the animals. Representing and reflecting God towards all fellow creatures means: when dealing with any fellow creature, to live in such a way as to make the fellow creature sense God’s Presence and uninhibited actions through the human that is standing before it. In order to be able to do this the soul must radiate Love, Light, brightfulness, softness, inspire a sense of security, inner Peace, patience and understanding all around herself. It is very important that every child should learn this early in life, and the best possible way to mould the child very often lies in enabling it to deal with animals".

As to the role of animals as spiritual medicine the Heavenly Queen once had me write the following words in a letter of reply:

"Often animals are much more receptive to feelings and invisible forces than we humans are. Several experiences in my own life which cannot be explained by logical reasoning proved to me that Divine Providence will keep leading animals towards our paths at the proper time to help us break through emotional barriers and arouse inside the soul experiences of Love with a depth we hardly ever experienced before.

Within the framework of the Science of Divine Life this phenomenon can be explained. If we ask the Mistress of all souls for what purpose God actually created the animals She gives the following answer:

  1. because it pleased Him to create a wide diversity of living beings;
  2. because God loved the human soul so much He wanted to give her the opportunity to encounter beings of the most varied nature. He provided every living being as one element of a vast chain of life, and endowed every creature with various abilities to ingest Love and to pass it on. God created the animals as gifts of Love to the human souls, as beings that are able to experience Love – this ability is more or less marked depending to the species – and to let God’s Love flow.

To that end God also decreed there would be animal species which are extraordinarily suitable for living their lives together with humans. These animal species were endowed with patterns of behaviour through which they are able to contribute to the development of a human soul’s virtuousness. of the human soul God expects she will make His Love and His Presence felt by the animals. This means the soul should deal with the animals in such a way as to make it possible for the animal to feel God Himself being present through the presence of the human (Love, security, caring, peace, tenderness, respect for the animal’s dignity, willingness to help). God expects the human soul to regard the animals as beings endowed with feelings, as God’s property, and as full-fledged channels through which God is working on the soul’s design and development. This is why, in the eyes of God, it is a serious sin when a human soul fails to treat an animal in the way He Himself would, if she deprives an animal of its dignity, if she fails to unconditionally treat it with Love, and if she fails to honour the animal for what it actually is: a gift and tool in God’s hands.

God often deploys animals as medicine. Have you ever noticed the way animals can look at a person who is crying? Animals are very sensitive to feelings, to mood swings, and to the degree of Love or of negative dispositions characterizing a human soul. Through their innocence and the spontaneous nature of their Love they can actually dissolve a blocked flow of Love and, in so doing, flush away the burden of many oppressing emotions. In the silent understanding from an animal the human soul can suddenly feel reintegrated into the flow of Divine Love.

The fact an animal is unable to speak does not necessarily make it unfit as a 'partner' for the exchange of emotions or as a means for the advancement of spiritual healing processes. Just the fact an animal does not speak prevents its emotions, which, just like it is with the human soul, flow straight from the heart, from getting defiled by words. True, undefiled Love flows directly between hearts. This is also how it goes between God and the human soul. The same applies to communication between the angels, and this is how it should actually be between the human souls to an ever increasing extent. The soul is able to experience this, for instance, if she wants to says something meaningful to God or to Mary and, in so doing, feels a flow of Love running from herself towards God or Mary, and yet barely manages to phrase her feelings verbally. As soon as she does manage to express her feelings verbally, the words sometimes appear so distorted or maimed they hardly seem valuable at all.

An animal is often able to say more through a glance or a movement than a human soul does through a hundred words, but the human heart must really be open to actually well and fully understand the animal. Mysticism works in a very similar way: Whenever Mary speaks in a soul She can do so using words. However, She can also do so using a few images, or even one single image. God’s ability to simply teach a human soul from Heart to heart without ever speaking a single audible word, was proven to me time and time again by Mary showing Herself to me for a few seconds, looking deeply into my eyes without even speaking one single word, and subsequently leading me to the awareness She has just poured out vast piles of mystical knowledge into me. This process feels as if from one moment to the next the heart is opening so wide that the overwhelming flow of Mary’s Love conveys and stores inside of me everything Mary wants me to get at my disposal from that moment onwards, in order to let the seed flourish at any point of time She chooses to make this happen through me for the benefit of souls.

This goes to show that, in point of fact, the soul possesses the ability to communicate with another being or to ’read’ information from another being and store this information inside of herself. The soul is able to take in any knowledge from Mary’s Heart without any words being exchanged, and is able to experience something quite similar when being in contact with animals. Now, if we take account of the fact God can use animals as tools to open up an oppressed human soul, we must bear in mind that an animal can be a remarkably valuable bridge for the Works God wants to accomplish for a soul’s benefit. It is therefore a most insensible view, even an insult to God, to refer to any animal as "it is just a dumb animal". God expects every soul to respect His tools, no matter the shape or form in which He chooses to deploy them.

6. Indifference as to the treatment of animals

"I understand very well what You mean. I, too, am deeply concerned about the attitude of innumerable souls towards the animals, particularly about the attitude of those who, on account of their vocation, should be representing God’s Love in a very special way. This is exactly why the Queen of Heaven had me write Her unique manifesto entitled The Brooklets of Salvation, in order that Heaven’s point of view concerning animal suffering should be made known to the world once and for all.

A lot of human souls fail to see this, or (which is even a lot worse) do not want to see this, but with the Mother of God as my most holy witness I confirm this truth: In the hour of her worldly death a human soul makes the judgment passed on her life look more gloomy by every bit of suffering she has caused any fellow creature (including every (animal) while living on earth, and she makes the same judgment look brighter with every single act of sincere Love she has committed for the benefit of any fellow creature (including every animal). This rule should be regarded as the golden thread running through the message conveyed to mankind through The Brooklets of Salvation.

All of this should be perfectly clear to any soul who has understood God’s Law of Love. Just like humans the animals are creatures of God. They proceed from His Love, and have got an important role to play within creation. This role – which, let it be well emphasized, also concerns the salvation of the human souls! – is elaborated on in many details throughout The Brooklets Nevertheless there appear to be souls who present themselves as Christians and yet understand these explanations so totally wrong that one is frankly baffled when reading their reactions as to what they think about it or as to the way they do understand the explanations.

Let me therefore phrase this once again in unmistakable terms: It is an abomination to the Creator and Saviour if a human soul causes suffering to an animal. The animals were created by Him for the purpose of bringing joy to the human souls through experiences and signs of His Love even while the soul is still on earth – signs which are clear and unambiguous in that they can even be perceived through the senses, right in the soul’s environment.

I was also privileged by the Queen of Heaven to discuss most clearly, in The Brooklets, the lack of visible Love in some animal species and the reasons for this. These signs do in no way detract anything from the thesis presenting the animals as channels (brooklets!) of God’s Love, and therefore of Divine Life.

The animals are elements of the network of God’s Love, which covers all of creation. Whoever causes suffering to animals, purposely and indifferently, is, in actual fact, maiming expressions of God’s Love, meaning that Works of God are being crippled and distorted. Let us never forget:

  1. Only Love makes life on earth possible;
  2. Only Love determines whether, and to what degree, the human soul will find happiness even while still living on earth;
  3. Only Love determines to what degree the human soul is going to get her share of salvation in eternal life.

How is it that people, particularly those who regard themselves as Christians, keep being astonished at the continuous increase of misery on earth if they hardly ever dwell on the following facts, and in many cases not even believe in them:

  • that in creation everything lives only by Divine grace, and that the basic grace is the one consisting of the flow of Love which He keeps sending through all of creation;
  • that the flow of Divine Love only gets its full effect for all creation through the way in which human souls deal with this Love;
  • that God’s gifts of Love on earth are valued and appreciated only to a very limited extent, or remain greatly underestimated;
  • that each sign of God’s Love is a bearer of an (often camouflaged) treasure of salvation for the souls.
Only God’s Love, and on the human souls’ part the right understanding and persistent self-denying practice of this Love, is able to save the world and the souls. This 'rescue operation' will not simply be accomplished through an intervention from 'Above', it must be accomplished by the souls, by making full use of the graces bestowed and by the most sublime glorification of Love in our daily lives. Making this 'emergency call' on God’s part resound inside the hearts is the mission and the actual purpose of the Heavenly Queen’s Maria Domina Animarum Work.

Not only do many souls no longer, or not yet, understand the signs of God’s Love, and is the Law of God’s Love violated billions of times day after day, Heaven also gave the souls the unique manifesto The Brooklets of Salvation as a totally undeserved elaboration on the deepest essence of Divine Love, and even this gift did not stop a few souls from attacking Myriam by launching arguments which can only have been drawn from the deepest darkness and blindness. So be it: I only do what the Mother of God calls me to do, and I do it with exactly the content She provides me with. This is why this does not sadden me on account of my own nothingness, but on account of some souls’ dispositions and attitudes towards the Mother of God, this voice of Truth and Mother of the incarnated Love.

Certain 'Christians' moreover assumed the right to regard the decision made by the Mother of God when She invited the souls to observe a prayer day for the benefit of the animals on the forth day of each month, as ridiculous. I assure you that in everything She ever said to me and has elaborated inside of me, I have come to realize with deep sadness that hardly a soul alive is able to understand the distress of souls that has caused Mary to have this invitation proclaimed, and that no words could ever fully express how important this invitation really is for mankind. Instead of realizing or understanding all of this there have been souls who actually made fun of Myriam on this score. See the picture: The human soul, intended by God to be the crown on creation, is laughing about a measure taken by God in an attempt to secure the souls’ eternal bliss, a bliss these very souls appear not to be caring about...

No matter what attitude certain people take towards this subject I emphasize that in The Brooklets of Salvation, just like in any other writing, I wrote the full and undivided Truth the Queen of Heaven conveyed to me both verbally and in many images. I did not add anything to, nor subtract anything from it. This is why I vouch with all my being that each and every line written in The Brooklets of Salvation represents God’s Truth. In this respect I repeat, and will not stop repeating, that I am perfectly well aware of the condemnation which would await me if I should not write the full Truth as revealed to me by the Mistress of all souls and which I do not put in writing for my own pleasure but only by Her order. This is the case not only for The Brooklets of Salvation but for every single writing distributed through the Maria Domina Animarum Work.

It is truly high time the souls, and first and foremost the Christians – as the latter, on account of their following the Christ, Eternal Love, are the ones called the most urgently to do so – should become aware of the fact they have responsibilities as to making the seed of God’s Love bloom. We are here on earth for no other purpose than to help God’s Kingdom flourish in this valley of tears. The earth did not become a valley of tears by God’s Love, but because countless souls are completely indifferent to this Love and it is even quite immaterial to many Christians what happens to creation as a whole and to individual creatures – human souls and animals, every one of them Works designed in God’s Heart.

With us resides the holy duty not to allow one single seed from God’s Heart to get lost. In order for us to fulfil this duty – which to the crown on creation ought to be the summit of joy and therefore a unique privilege – there is no other way but the one of self-denying dedication for the fruitfulness of God’s gifts of Love. As long as man fails to realize the tremendous importance of Love in dealing with the animals and fails to practice it in everyday life only a minor portion of the seed of Divine Life will be able to bloom within the human souls.

Many Christians rightfully worry about the fact that so many are lost for all eternity. How could it be different if not even among us, Christians, true Love is truly understood? (...) The share of our attitude towards the animals in the development of misery on earth, as well as in remedying the latter, is considerably greater than the human souls are willing to imagine. This awareness contains one of the major lessons conveyed by the urgent celestial invitation contained in The Brooklets of Salvation. Let us commit ourselves with all our strength for this invitation to be enabled to yield the fruits intended by the Most High, no matter what some souls might think about it. (...)"

7. God feels everything about each creature, including each animal

"Jesus and Mary feel every sensation of each individual human soul. Even more unusual, however, is the fact that Jesus and Mary are equally able to feel every sensation of each animal. This confirms the fact that God’s ability to pass an infallible judgment on each human soul is absolutely perfect. Indeed, the whole of all merits, all sanctity and all violations and imperfections of each and every soul is also determined by the way the soul deals with the animals on her journey through life! Most souls do not know, or do not take into account, how important the treatment of the animals on their path through life is to God. A few years ago Mary told me that every animal returns to God after its death on earth, as a carrier of, among other things, all experiences it has made with human souls.

If you have a cat, a dog, a parrot, a rabbit, a horse etcetera, all experiences these animals have made with you are 'stored' inside of them. Every stroke, every expression of Love and tenderness, every loving word, but also every act lacking in Love, every rebuke, every abuse, every maltreatment by a human’s doing are 'stored' inside an animal. When this animal dies it is not, like the human soul, judged, for an animal does not fall within the direct effects of the Mystery of Redemption and cannot sin. Redemption and sin produce their effects only in the human soul. Every animal does, however, play a role within the indirect effects of the Mystery of Redemption: Through a human soul’s dealing with all animals she encounters on her path through life she is spiritually 'moulded' also by these animals. Thus her dealing with all animals on her path through life contributes to the state of the soul’s sanctity, her merits or her guilt towards God.

This is why Jesus and Mary possess the unlimited ability to sense the physical and emotional experiences made by each and every animal. At an animal’s death God 'reads' in its 'vital principle' (= that which, in the human being, is called 'the soul') everything (each individual sensation) this animal has ever been through in its encounters with humans, with which human soul each experience is connected, and how each individual sensation or experience must be assessed (in terms of Love on the one hand or harm and suffering on the other). All of this means that the Love for an animal (no matter if we are dealing with a domestic animal or 'merely' a garden bird, etcetera) can contribute to a human soul’s Redemption and sanctification, but also that every abuse or maltreatment of an animal is most definitely a sin in the eyes of God, because such an action expresses a lack of Love towards a Work of God and, in an indirect way, this negatively influences the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation as a whole.

We must never forget that each animal has a role to play within creation, that it is therefore important to God, and that every lack of Love on a human soul’s part changes the flow of Love and thus the flow of Divine Life through creation at some point or another. If you take all of this into account you will understand how it is that Jesus and Mary are able to sense all Love but equally all suffering of all creation without the slightest restriction. All suffering causes by human souls among each other and to animals constitutes the eternal suffering of Jesus and Mary.

The main reasons why this is so are the following:

  1. otherwise God would not be able to determine and assess a soul’s exact state of grace, whether positive or negative;
  2. until the end of time Jesus and Mary are to remain part of the 'cycle' of Redemption. They could never be part of this system if They were not completely a party to the effects of the mutual relationships between all creatures and if They were unable to sense these effects within Themselves.

This is how we are to understand the words that say Jesus is carrying His Cross for all times and that Mary is crying over mankind for all times".

8. Spiritual meaning of animal suffering

"First of all I want to make perfectly clear that Mary most firmly disapproves of any suffering inflicted on animals by humans. For everything to be understood the way it is actually meant I have to draw your attention to the following points:

1. Of course the Doctrine of the Church says that animals are 'living souls'. Neither Mary nor I myself ever contradicted this. You must keep in mind the starting word here is 'anima', which can mean both 'soul' and 'vital principle'. Mary makes a clear distinction in this respect in that man possesses a soul in the actual sense, whereas animals possess a vital principle. The 'soul' in the strict sense of the word belongs to man because the 'soul' is the 'steering principle' that steers life in a certain direction while the human being is still travelling on the way to God. Only man participates in the Mystery of Redemption in an active way and can be sanctified. This takes us to the second point:

2. If Mary says animal suffering has not got a redeeming value as such because animals are not active participants in the Plan of Redemption or in God’s Plan of Salvation, She does absolutely not mean man would get a free hand at maltreating animals or causing them any harm, quite on the contrary! With this statement She emphasizes that man must take his responsibility, for the following reasons:

a) as animals have not got 'souls' in the strict sense of the word they cannot sin. Therefore man is responsible before God for anything in a relationship between humans and animals that is not in accordance with God’s Law, i.e. whenever this relationship is not marked by full Love. I suppose this is very plain to see in several teachings given by the Mistress of all souls, among others in The fire from Heaven;

b) God provided for the human being to be His representative towards creation. This unmistakably means that man, in his contacts with animals, is to represent the characteristics of the Divine: unconditional Love, a true sense of caring, tenderness, warmth and Light;

c) God created the animals out of Love for man, in order that man might rejoice at the animals and that animals, as living being of a different nature, might serve man as sources of teaching as to the virtues. Mary says this in unmistakable terms. This means nothing less than this: Every human being that treats an animal badly will be held to account before the Face of the Divine Judge, who has designated him to be the custodian of creation, including the animals.

3. In a revelation the Mistress of all souls most clearly states man is responsible for everything that does not go right within creation, even in the animal world. On account of the sins of man certain animals are aggressive, on account of the sins of man animals devour each other, on account of the sins of man the relationship between humans and animals is so heavily distorted that many animals have no confidence in man, that they take flight when they are approached by a human, etcetera... Yes, even the sins of man have caused many animal species to be fully, or predominantly, carnivores! All of these words originate with the Queen of Heaven personally.

Dear brother, my heart bleeds when I see the degree to which animals suffer by the cruelty and indifference of humans. My heart bleeds also whenever revelations and teachings by the Heavenly Queen of creation and of Love are misunderstood to such an extent that there are souls who consider these celestial words to be justifications for cruel behaviour of humans towards animals!

Mary never ever advocates humans causing suffering to animals and being allowed to continue doing so, on the contrary. I you should be granted the grace of merging with Mary’s Heart for even one single second when She is participating in the suffering caused by humans to animals, so may God give you mercy for you to survive that second. If ever a soul should believe the Queen of Heaven would be indifferent to the relations between humans and animals, so may God assist this soul in the hour when judgment is passed on her life when His Mercy allows her to feel the fullness of Truth concerning the behaviour God expects man to practice towards the animals...

Dear brother, I have always loved the animals ardently. Ever since the Mistress of all souls has been allowing me to see elements of creation and of some of the Mysteries from God’s Heart through mystical visions this fire of Love towards the animals has been is flaring even more intensely, as in the meantime I have been granted the grace of experiencing, through moments of merger with the Heart of Mary, God’s Love towards the animals. I was allowed to experience this Love exactly because, if this grace should not have been granted to me, I would never be able to fully grasp the in-depth meaning of Mary’s intentions. The fact Mary launches so many invitations and calls to drastic turnarounds in man’s attitude towards the animals may prove you how much store She sets by human souls dramatically changing their whole attitude in this field.

I know nothing about any other revelations, i.e. other than the ones Mary elaborates in my own soul. However, I was informed that Heaven has never before spoken so clearly about this subject as it is doing now through Maria Domina Animarum. This should make us understand a few things, among others:

  1. that in the eyes of God the relationship between man and the animals is of the utmost importance;
  2. that the relationships between humans and animals must be much more important for the development of God’s Plan of Salvation than most people think;
  3. that things in this field must have got a lot worse in our day and age.

Dear brother, Mary is calling mankind to turn to an entirely new, unconditional and perfectly loving behaviour towards the animals, and She keeps emphasizing how much the atmosphere of life on earth would change for the better if man, in any contact and encounter with animals, should actually represent God the way He is: as the Source of Love. Therefore I utterly regret any misunderstandings on this subject, because they tear my heart apart. (...)

It is really high time mankind did reflect on the damage it has been causing to the effects of Divine Life by dealing with the animals the way it is done (commercially, but also very often in the sphere of private life). Love is the fuel of true life. The soul who disregards this or denies it in her own behaviour can in no way ever justify this before God. Everything that is created by God is a bearer of elements of Love. Woe unto the soul who tries to cripple works of God. Thus it says in God’s Law.

Many animals suffer by the hand of humans. Now there is a regular abomination in the eyes of God: Animals, as gifts of His Love, are being robbed of all their dignity and treated in the most various ways like only the very demons from hell would. What is the value of animal suffering? As the Mistress of all souls teaches animal suffering has not got a redemptive value as such, because the animals are as such not part of God’s Plan of Salvation, BUT... the animals are led towards the human’s path through life for the purpose of teaching the humans many things through their dealings with animals. The way a soul treats animals shows to God the extent of this soul’s state of development in the field of Love. Let us not forget that after her life on earth the soul is judged on the basis of the LOVE she has been practicing! As such the suffering of animals is pointless, unless human souls consecrate this suffering purposely".

9. Concerning the death of a beloved animal

"As to your question, what happens to the animals after their life on earth has ended, I can share with you the answer I once received from the Queen of Heaven.

I can very well understand your concern about animals getting little out of the fact their suffering may benefit humans (provided there are souls who generate much Light through their total consecration and their ardent prayers). I myself was once very sad at the same thought. However, when a few years ago I made some remarkable (heart-warming) experiences with different animals I felt so unusual about it that I started praying very intensely to the Mistress of all souls imploring Her explanation as to a few questions that had been popping up inside my heart. It is my pleasure to share with you the essence of Her reply concerning a cat, because it is vital.

One day one of both our domestic cats got sick. It occurred to me this animal suddenly started to behave rather peculiarly: It seemed as if she was trying to give some kind of signs, one after the other. After persistent supplications on my part the Queen of Heaven explained to me this cat’s sickness was actually, in a manner of speaking, 'deployed from Above' (i.e. God allowed this to happen) to make a few things about her inner being very clear and to demonstrate the extent to which God Himself is working also inside an animal. On Father’s day, a day I regard as the feast of the Eternal Father in Heaven, I consecrated this cat to the Eternal father as a token of my deepest gratitude for the extraordinary experiences which had been granted to me during her illness. Right at the stroke of midnight (so at the moment when the 'day of the Eternal Father' was running to an end) she died, lying in my lap, while I was continuously praying to Mary and whispering little words of Love to the animal, to which the latter reacted with an unusual peacefulness. This dying hour appeared to me to be a sign denoting the fact Mary was confirming the consecration of both the cat herself and all experiences of the preceding days to the Eternal Father, and all of this against the background of that which Mary had entrusted to me in those days. Besides, another thing was the fact this cat, having regard to the sudden sickness and the symptoms associated with it, should actually have been seriously suffering, yet appeared to remain unusually peaceful and quiet under all of it, including her very last hour. What was it that Mary had said?

Mary said to me a suffering animal bears its suffering in a way much different from the way most suffering humans do. Man easily lets himself be led by logical reasoning to such a degree that his own mental processes become his own worse enemies: His suffering gets many times heavier due to his brooding over it or his beginning to analyse it and beginning to allow all kinds of visions about the future to enter into his head. The animal, on the contrary, allows itself to be connected with the Heart of God, just like that. It suffers, surely, yet it deals with it completely differently, so much so that, in a manner of speaking, the suffering gets a totally different purpose. One might almost express it like this: 'Unconsciously and unpurposely the animal whole-heartedly consecrates its suffering to God, without ever speaking a word'.

Naturally this does not make up for any ill treatment on the part of a human causing suffering to an animal. On the contrary: God not only receives the pains and inconveniences of the suffering animal, but also the origin of it all. This means that the animal’s suffering is 'poured out' into God’s Heart, as it were 'provided with the signature of the one who has caused the suffering'. Through a Mystery it is possible to say that God, although He embodies the fullness of glory, suffers tremendously by all of this. His infinite Love has thus provided for a kind of 'compensation' in that the suffering animal, which is connected with the Heart of God 'in a pure way' anyway and experiences His Love 'in a pure way' is taken into the Heart of God even more deeply.

What happens when the animal dies? Mary said that, when an animal dies, it returns to its Creator, 'loaded' with everything it has experienced by humans. The animal’s vital principle (which is similar to the 'soul' – in Latin 'animus/anima') returns to God’s Heart forever and experiences there, in a manner of speaking, in its own way that which for human souls is referred to as 'Heaven'.

In the animals God demonstrates to us how much He is constantly caring for His creatures. The animals understand this intuitively much quicker and much deeper than most human souls ever do. The human souls can learn a very great deal from the animals, yet ignore or underestimate the latter so often. Also with reference to the animals we cannot overlook the fact that God prefers to speak through the very simple creatures and to hide His secrets in them. For the human souls the big lesson is undoubtedly this: that they should really step down from their throne of conceit in order to find back their connection with God and the Mysteries of true happiness by learning how to focus again on the real wonders of creation: not on that which science and technology are in hot pursuit of, but on the incredibly rich treasures of Love God has hidden in the 'small' living beings (animals, flowers...).

Let us join hearts in prayer to obtain the radiant beam of light that once hit Saul on his way to Damascus. May this beam be branded upon all our hearts in order that we may discover God’s Love, which makes itself noticed in so many things along our paths through life, even in the smallest flower, in a stray cat or dog, in a domestic animal, etcetera... With every element of a Divine Mystery which is revealed to a heart it is as though a new layer of the rose of God’s perfect Love for His creation were unfolding. How is it then, that the 'crown upon creation', the human soul of all creatures, should remain totally blind to all of this for the entire duration of her life?

God’s Love is just as magnificent as the human soul has turned blind. May God heal our blindness, so that our hearts, too, may be healed. He has been giving us so many things. Nearly all of it has been buried by our own hands underneath the earth of our worldly attachments".

The Queen of Heaven frequently repeated a deceased animal’s vital principle returns to God’s Heart:

"The core of every living being is the so-called vital principle. For man this is called 'the soul' in the strict sense of the word. The body is but the part of the being we are able to see with our eyes. The body only serves for the being to be able to act and to move around on earth. That which actually remains connected with God and His Works is the vital principle. This is why the vital principle is the element which returns to God. It is not material in nature. Therefore a deceased animal does indeed still exist in the hereafter, but there it is seen with the eyes of the soul. When a human soul is allowed to enter into Heaven she will also see her deceased fellow people there from soul to soul. The angels, too, see each other from soul to soul, not in a physical body. The blessed (the deceased humans in Heaven) also see each other from soul to soul. God and Mary are seen with the soul, in glorified shapes. This is how perception works on the supernatural level.

If Mary shows Herself to a soul on earth She usually does not do so in a physical body either. Whenever we will be allowed to see our fellow creatures from soul to soul (or to 'vital principle', respectively), we will see them the way God had originally intended them to be, i.e. as even much more beautiful than on earth. So this is anything but 'awful' (as you phrase it), but on the contrary a regular delight, the very summit of bliss: In a manner of speaking we will be enabled to see right through the deepest being of our beloved fellow creatures and see them just like God sees them.

To me Mary has not (yet) said anything about the existence of a separate paradise for animals. So far the Queen of Heaven has always been telling me that all living beings whose sins are completely expiated will see each other again in the hereafter through a supernatural perception from soul to soul or from soul to vital principle, respectively. Having regard to the fact animals cannot sin this expiation only relates to the human souls. As to the animals Mary explicitly said to me several years ago: "Not one single innocent living being is lost". A deceased animal returns to God’s Heart as a vital principle. The vital principle is a 'carrier' of Divine Intelligence, which inside the creature operates as the steering mechanism for the growth processes and the influx of vital strength from God into the creature, and which, in a manner of speaking, contains a 'blueprint of the design for life' of the creature concerned. All of this makes the vital principle a regular wonder out of God’s hand. The Creator does not allow this to be lost.

Mary did not say word for word, but led me to understand, that in Paradise the human soul is also able to perceive the vital principles of the deceased animals and is able to recognize them just as if they were physically present (i.e. the way they were perceptible in their physical bodies on earth). Actually one could picture it as follows: When there, a soul will be able to immediately recognize her dog, her cat, her rabbit etcetera, not because these animals are standing before the soul in their physical shapes but because the soul in the full state of grace possesses a totally disclosed sense of perception. According to this same system it is possible to explain yet another thing Mary once showed me in the context of a mystical experience: That when in Heaven, the soul immediately recognizes any other soul (all angels, all blessed souls, the Queen of Heaven etcetera). How is this? Because the soul in Paradise possesses a perfect perception and, through a mystical transfer of knowledge, acquires the skill of 'looking into other souls'. One could see it this way, that the soul in the state of full grace will be able to see many things in a way more or less similar to the way God sees them, and that she will immediately know 'who it is she is seeing in front of her'."

This subject also popped up in a letter concerning the way to deal with the death of a beloved animal:

"The morning light never beams more brightly than after the darkest night. God gives the soul the ability to feel pain, in order that she might go looking for Him as the only Light in her darkness. This is exactly what He is. Yet the soul very easily tends to forget this on account of the fact worldly life keeps her busy with thousands of impressions, and while the latter are processed, that which we are unable to grasp, the invisible which is nevertheless the only source of life, soon fades away from our conscious mind. Tears are provided by God as a shower for the soul.

The pain over the loss of a beloved being can become a powerful source of purification and Redemption for other souls and for one’s own soul. The death of a beloved being can be heart-breaking. This feeling is a carrier of the ability to generate Love on a very high level, to the extent the soul will focus on the Heart of God. Love is the source of life for all creation exactly because it is pre-eminently the Divine force. When you were praying to God that He might not allow for X (name of the dog) to die, it seemed as if He was not hearing you. With the Mistress of all souls as my witness, however, I am allowed to explain what actually happened on the supernatural level:

Between you and the animal there existed a strong bond of Love. On the basis of this connection 'from heart to heart' the signs of its suffering flowed into your own soul. Inside your soul you have assembled all your forces as a loving being to imploring God’s intervention. This cry for help (which you sent upward several times) arrived in God’s Heart as a fire of Love. When the fire of total Love from a soul touches the infinite sea of flames of Divine Love, in the book of life of the soul from whom this fire of Love proceeds the ’twin fire’ of human and Divine Love combined will burn things which up to that point could have prevented the soul from accomplishing her upward flight.

A human heart can never develop a stronger flame than the one consisting of the pain over the death of a beloved creature, no matter if the latter is human or animal. When two hearts connect (the second one may very well be an animal’s heart, in this case X’s) a constant flow of feelings in both directions is enabled. Now if one of both creatures is going through a phase of pain this will make itself felt in one way or another in the other creature and the latter will immediately look for ways and means to make this pain go away or – which in the eyes of God is a lot more sublime – to take the suffering on itself, in order that the suffering creature might revert to the experience of happiness. Here the words of Jesus are brought to life: "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends".

’Laying down one’s life’ is in a certain way also the experience of unconditional Love for a beloved creature, because one is willing to make any sacrifice for the latter’s benefit. This is where the redeeming power of Love gets its fullest effect.

In this experience of unity with the beloved creature the soul unfolds to such an extent that she becomes extraordinarily sensitive. This is why such situations very easily breed feelings such as remorse, guilt, regrets, etcetera. From a spiritual point of view these feelings are definitely not always justified. On the contrary: The pain you are currently feeling, as well as the feelings of guilt, have produced powerful redeeming effects inside of you. God did hear your prayer for sure, but He did not in the way you had hoped He would, from a human point of view. He used X’s suffering and death to make Love flare so highly in your heart that your soul as a whole could be lifted towards a higher level of purification and fruitfulness.

We can therefore say that God did take something temporary from you, but at the same time gave you a real eternal treasure, which for the time being still lies hidden in the invisible spheres of your soul. You will get to see the full truth about it later. Until then it must remain a secret to you, in order that you may not lose the precious merit of true faith. Because of the threat of you being paralyzed by the pain, however, Mary does allow you to get this little explanation:

You have not made any mistakes. Divine Providence has shown you ways and you chose not to make use of the way shown to you by the world (surgery). I can assure you that the latter option would not have benefited X in the least, as her time to go had come. She had fulfilled the plan God had in store for her. Worldly interventions would not have yielded any benefits which would have been more fruitful in the spiritual field.

Trying to find out illnesses, diagnostics or ways of healing using a pendulum is not allowed by God. Divine Providence regards this method as an attempt to gather knowledge we are not yet allowed to gain, and moreover to do so using ways which lead the soul away from God’s Light. God will not hold this against you, however, because your motive was justified from a spiritual point of view: You were moved by true Love, not by any wish to bypass God. (...) God’s Wisdom had to end X’s life on that specific day, because her life had reached the summit of its fruitfulness, among other things with a view to your own spiritual development.

Dear sister, Love is pre-eminently 'the all-encompassing feeling': In us it generates delight, it generates sadness, it generates pain. However, above all it is the essence of all that God can give to a soul (indeed, it is the source of new life) and therefore also serves as the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. X has returned to the Heart of God, surrounded by an incredible amount of Love from your heart and as a witness to your spiritual development. Her life has not been in vain, her suffering even less so. You have been allowed to experience both ends of the experience of Love, because God had a purpose in mind when He granted you this. Can I invite you, even now, to join me in consecrating the years you have had with X to Mary, the Mistress of all souls, in order that these years may achieve the fullness of their fruitfulness?

Several years ago already the Queen of Heaven gave me a formula to help add a deep spiritual meaning to the past life of a beloved animal. She inspired me the following words, which to Her have got the value of a prayer of consecration, thus making this formula a solemn act that generates Light to the extent to which it is pronounced from a heart filled with sincere Love for God Himself and for the deceased animal:

"Thank You, my God, for this animal’s past life, for Your Love that has provided for his/her path through life to cross my own path through life, for everything this animal has given me and everything I have been privileged to share with him/her, for Your Love that has entrusted this animal to my custody in order that it might contribute to the development of my soul and to perfecting my ability to love in total self-denial. Do now, for all eternity, take this animal’s vital principle, covered with my everlasting Love and cleansed of any possible imperfection in my interaction with him/her, up into the Paradise of Your Heart, where I hope one day to get reunited with him/her forever".

10. Heavenly thesis on killing animals

"(...) Verily Heaven suffers by seeing animals being slaughtered for consumption. For the time being we can but pray that more souls may understand how they truly ought to deal with animals. God’s Law expects human souls to represent God towards the animals, by giving them Love and a feeling of security, by granting them protection and by treating them with leniency and respect. Due to the fact that countless souls fail to treat the animals this way the flow of true Love through creation is slowed down considerably and much darkness is maintained on earth.

Man should not kill animals. Although God has entrusted the animals to man the latter should never forget that he is not in the absolute sense of the word lord of creation and of the animals, but in reality is a mere ’tenant’ or the ’custodian’ of creation, whereas God Himself remains the sole Proprietor. God told man he was to 'rule over creation', to be sure, yet by these words He never meant man to dispose of the life and death of the animals so freely and so greatly deviating from the Divine Laws that creation should get totally unbalanced. We must never forget that God made the human soul king – or queen, respectively – of creation... prior to the original sin.

Prior to the original sin the human soul was completely holy, meaning that she acted in perfect accordance with Divine Law. As of the original sin the human soul was very vulnerable and susceptible to temptation, so much so that she is prone to deviating from God’s Laws. Under these circumstances it is no longer fitting that the human soul should to such an extent be the mistress of creation that she should have the right to decide freely on life or death of fellow creatures, for she is simply no longer able to do this guaranteeing that she is in perfect accordance with the Will of God, and that she is therefore at all times contributing to the advancement of God’s Works.

This is why, in certain situations, by deciding on the life and death of animals man can act contrary to God’s Works. We should always bear in mind that every single human soul is but on earth for the purpose of sanctifying herself (which means that she is supposed to bring her works to the highest possible fruitfulness for God’s Works) and of helping to accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation. He can do all of this only to the extent she manages to rise above her sinfulness, in other words: to the extent she manages to merge with God’s Will.

Surrender to God is complete only as soon as the human soul leaves the death of each animal completely up to God. The Mother of God is quite unequivocal about it: Human souls should ardently pray before taking decisions on life or death. Man forgets very easily, or at least hardly takes into account, that every animal has got a role to fulfil within God’s Plan.

If animals constitute a danger to man (e.g. in the case of a plague or infestation of some kind) man should nevertheless preferably consecrate this threatening or potentially harmful situation to the Mother of God to begin with, while praying for the restoration of the balance, and if necessary try to divert the animals from his living space using purely natural means, instead of opting in favour of killing the animals right away.

By breeding, man is able to help determine the number of animals in a positive way. In the negative sense man can help determine their numbers by poaching, hunting and economic measures (deforestation etcetera). Actions belonging to the former category can in certain cases be allowed by God. I am not talking about the motives for breeding animals, for if these are purely economic it is possible that God is not in favour of them, because they may give rise to vices. The actions of the latter category can in many cases be regarded as not virtuous (this is determined also by the disposition of heart which prevails while the action is performed). Once an animal exists God fits it into His Plan in such a way it becomes a point, a junction (however small it may sometimes be) within His network of Love. This is why any human soul who removes this junction from this Divine network of Love of her own accord will always have to justify this action before God.

The soul who takes into consideration:

  • that God has created the animals for specific purposes and that the life of each individual animal is meaningful within God’s Plans and Works;
  • that the animals, just like the human souls, are junctions in the network of the flow of Divine Love and that the degree to which this network is preserved determines to a great extent how much Light and Love will be felt in the world, and therefore also the degree of happiness and peace – and inversely also the degree of the misery – which will be noticed within and among the human souls;
  • that God wishes the human soul to deal with the animals in a loving way, as the latter can potentially contribute to the souls’ development;
  • that not man but God is in the absolute sense the Lord of creation,

will realize that, and why, killing animals of one’s own accord is definitely not approved of in all cases. The way God wishes animals to be dealt with is embedded in His law of Love and also comes natural to any soul who is intent on observing God’s Will. The soul will only be able to read God’s Will in the depth of her own heart to the extent to which she is focused on God so conscientiously that the heart is able to catch God’s Light in very much the same way as a mirror catches the light.

In the meantime we know from the Revelations by the Mistress of all souls that every soul is eventually judged by the degree to which she has been practicing Love second after second her whole life long. Do never forget that God considers unconditional Love given to animals to be even greater, if possible than the Love given to a fellow human, because Love towards a fellow person may more easily be tainted by some fear of the latter’s judgment than the Love towards an animal. Unconditional Love for a fellow person is something wonderful, but in loving animals man must sometimes fill a wider gap, so to speak, due to his being aware that he will usually not get anything tangible out of it for himself. God fathoms the heart and always knows exactly what is going on inside the loving soul".

Final reflection

The prophet Isaiah already spoke of the Messianic Age, in which the whole of creation is to find back full harmony. This harmony existed until the original sin was committed. There is only one way back to a perfect harmony between all creatures: the way to a full bloom of true Love within every human soul.

It is therefore most appropriate in this place to refer once more to the urgent recommendations the Mistress of all souls once gave with respect to the way God Himself expects every human soul to deal with animals. This is the way of dealing that is to usher the souls into the Messianic Age:

  1. In every encounter, every contact, with an animal, try to empathize with this being, under any circumstances (cold, heat, hunger, thirst).

  2. In every contact with an animal, be aware of the fact you are dealing with a creature that, just like you, lives on Love, constantly needs Love, longs for Love, can only bloom to the degree it receives Love, and can also only to that degree bring its vocation as a junction of Love and Peace to full fruition in a normal way.

  3. Constantly regard each living being as a Work of God’s Love, which bears a particle of God’s Heart within itself. Be aware that also animals you have a hard time loving were not by nature the way you see them now (effects of the original sin!). Originally every animal was lovable. It is in God’s Plan that it should one day be that way again. This is how the prophet Isaiah saw it in his vision of the Messianic Age.

  4. Approach every animal in a way as though it were your best friend, with an unrestrained self-denying Love, patience, tolerance, helpfulness, understanding and respect, being fully aware it possesses a dignity as a work designed by God.

  5. In proportion as greater numbers of human souls give more Love to more animals all of creation will be enveloped in an ever brighter Light. The essence of the quality of life in the world consists in the degree of true Love and inner peace within the souls. Mankind has still not quite understood the way the animals are dealt with is one of the major factors determining the quality of life. Whoever sows Love will reap Love. Whoever sows maltreatment and cold will harvest darkness and discord. Whoever considers our world and the disposition of so many human souls will understand a sincere turnaround is most urgently necessary.

  6. Every soul must realize the way she deals with animals is an important factor determining her state of grace and the accomplishment of her eternal salvation. Souls not only condemn themselves by dealing with their fellow people in ways lacking virtue and Love, they can also do so by dealing with animals in ways lacking virtue and Love. The number of souls who know this is very small. This is exactly why in these days Heaven itself conveys teachings on this subject to the souls.

Myriam, April 2020