August 15 – 22


(Myriam van Nazareth)

When God called the Most Holy Virgin back to Him after Her days on earth had been completed, He did not do so by subjecting Her to a judgment on Her life, like other souls are subjected to one: He admitted Mary into Heaven body and soul, with a view to elevating Her to complete glory forthwith.

Mary enjoyed the unique privilege of being elevated above all things created. She was crowned as the Queen of Heaven and earth, and in 2006 She revealed to Myriam that Her Coronation was also the occasion on which God announced Her 'in public', in front of all the blessed, saints and angels, to be the 'Mistress of all souls'.

Mary’s properties as the Queen and Mistress of all creatures is based on:

  • Her Immaculate Conception;

  • a perfectly sinless life on earth;

  • Her unparalleled major merits gathered during Her life on earth, on account of Her perfectly accomplished part in the great Work of Redemption and the unparalleled sanctity of all Her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and inner dispositions;

  • Her continuous perfect unity with God’s Will.

On the basis of these elements the Holy Virgin Mary was clothed with a unique power and glory.

God shows Mary to the souls as the great example of the highest possible similarity to His Heart and the perfect dedication and commitment to His Works and Plans. As the Mistress of all souls She is currently teaching us the Science of Divine Life as the art of following Her to perfection, for

perfect following of Mary
perfect following of Jesus Christ

and therefore the ideal way for the soul
to fully accomplish her being a Christian

In our days extraordinary graces of sanctification are bestowed upon those souls who sincerely and genuinely long to follow Mary, and through her, Christ. The perfect service to God is rendered where the service to Mary, the Queen and Mistress of all creatures, becomes perfect. The Mistress of all souls repeatedly emphasized it is not a matter of Her wanting to be glorified, but of God Himself wanting the human souls to glorify Mary. The souls should keep in mind that in Mary God Himself is glorified in His absolute Masterpiece, and that this glorification brings a great deal of Light upon creation.

These days invite the souls to fully realize that God wants to glorify the soul to the extent the latter actually wants, of her own free will, to develop after His image. This is exactly what each soul is on earth for.

What, in fact, is 'glorification'? Glorification is understood to mean: honouring in a special way the Light the soul possesses inside or manages to express or to put into effect, so that the Heavenly Source of this Light and the salvific power of this Source become apparent. This is what God has done to the fullest extent with the Mother of Christ, and what He would like to do to the greatest possible extent with every single soul.

The Creator gave Mary the greatest possible glorification a soul could ever obtain, because no soul could ever even come close to Her sanctity. No other soul was ever merged with God to the extent She was.

We could say every soul has a programme to complete here: the following of Mary, like it is taught in Myriam’s writings, for Mary is the stainless Mirror of all created perfection. This following can hardly be fully accomplished if the soul does not first give herself up to Mary wholeheartedly, through an act of complete consecration followed by a life in perfect surrender to Mary in all details of everyday life. Only under these conditions will the Queen of Heaven be able to allow the consecrated soul to gradually merge with Her, or to let Her own dispositions flow over into the soul. This is exactly what all the teachings contained in the Science of Divine Life are aiming for: that the soul be made receptive to this merger, that she may open up to Mary’s actions within her on a permanent basis, and in so doing, voluntarily opt for a life yielding the highest spiritual fruitfulness.

This is how God wants the souls to contribute to the glorification of 'the King’s Daughter', for He will not force any soul to be happy: According to the Law of Divine Justice the soul must of her own accord and permanently opt for the way of the greatest fruitfulness. Without this free decision and the lifelong dedication of her own free will the soul will not really be able to follow her Mistress and Queen in Her glorification.

Lovingly serving the Mistress of all souls,