Separate theses from the Treasuries of Divine Truth
as taught by the Queen of Heaven

The Mistress of all souls often teaches Myriam privately through metaphors and special images. Some of the images and the material for contemplation conveyed within the context of these private teachings are now released for the purpose of public teaching, in the form of separate theses intended to help souls develop their spiritual life.

In the present menu item separate theses, which have never been published before but are judged by the Mother of God as being useful for public teaching, will gradually be presented in strict accordance with Her instructions. Thus the Mistress of all souls aims at building an anthology to which She refers as 'Celestial sunbeams from the throne of Wisdom'.

Therefore material will frequently be added to the present menu item. In order that it may be more easy to navigate through the constantly growing content the separate theses will be numbered. This numbering does not in any way indicate any special preference for one thesis over another, nor does it refer to the chronological sequence in which the teachings were given by the Mistress of all souls to Myriam; it merely refers to the order in which the theses are released by Her to be published.

Heaven whispers

1. The redemptive power of Jesus' trials

"Continuously opposing all kinds of events, situations and developments in life renders all trials of life unfruitful. I remind you of the fact the tremendous redemptive power of Jesus' trials lay in His perfect surrender to the needs of God's Plans. Without this surrender the entire Work of Redemption would have remained completely unfruitful. In a similar way I Myself bore the tremendous trials of My life on earth in perfect acceptance and driven by the desire that the seed which God had hidden in these trials would not lose its celestial fertility due to any emotional interference from My Heart which might in any way decrease the vital strength of this seed proceeding from God's heart. Love, acceptance, willingness to serve and humility: These are the prerequisites for a fruitful life. Everything which deviates from these prerequisites renders service to the works of the darkness".


"The major lesson taught by Jesus' Sufferings and His Death on the Cross is this: that Redemption from the condemning power of sin lies in:

  • the unconditional total acceptance of the crosses and trials of life as acts from Divine Providence with respect to one's own journey through life;
  • unconditional self-denying Love for all fellow creatures and for God's Works and Plans;
  • regarding oneself as quite unimportant, and on the basis of this awareness the unconditional willingness to give one's life for the purpose of rendering service to God alone with a view to obtaining the highest possible well-being of all fellow creatures in time and for all eternity.

Keep in mind that 'giving one's life' does not necessarily mean physical death but rather complete denial of one's own needs, desires and expectations so as to live for the accomplishment of the needs, desires and expectations of all fellow creatures to the extent to which these needs, desires and expectations have got the potential to serve God's Plan and do not jeopardize the Eternal Salvation of fellow souls".

2. The soul as a fruit tree

"The human soul is directed by Laws which are similar to those governing nature in its growth and bloom.

A fruit tree was made for the purpose of yielding fruits. To that end it mainly needs these four elements: a suitable soil, sunshine, rain and oxygen. If the tree has not got the opportunity to take root in a soil which contains the ingredients the tree is in need of, the latter will neither present a healthy growth nor yield healthy fruits.

Behold the human soul. If we compare the soul with a tree we can say it, too, needs a suitable soil, sunshine, rain and oxygen.

The soil in which the soul has to be rooted must be composed of sound pure Love, faith and hope. To the extent the soul's soil actually contains a wealth of these ingredients the soul is truly rooted in God Himself.

The sun that must shine upon the soul is the Light of Divine Life. This Light is transferred to every soul in abundance, yet many souls block themselves off to this Light, often in waves, sometimes completely.

The rain is the grace which has got to irrigate the entire surroundings of the tree of the soul. This grace is granted largely in the shape of trials, crosses, the inconveniences of life, but also through other interventions from Divine Providence. Many souls make their roots impermeable to this water by opposing trials and crosses as well as many or all other signs of Providence. Consequently they gradually wither, their leaves fall off prematurely, and they yield but few fruits, if any at all. Besides, the few fruits they may yield are inferior and do not fully mature.

The oxygen is the breeze through which the Holy spirit breathes life into the soul. Many souls fail to duly absorb this oxygen.

The four elements soil, sunshine, rain and oxygen are mutually complementary. Insofar as they fail to duly complement each other the process of their growth is disrupted and the harvest of fruits will be poorer. (...)"

3. Abstaining from evil

The ability to abstain from evil was bought by Jesus' Sacrifice on the Cross. Every soul who fails to allow her heart to merge undividedly with this Sacrifice (= total self-denying Love + unlimited unconditional service to God's Works + perfect acceptance of all trials), deprives herself of all power to resist evil.

This means that the greatest enemies of the tendency to spontaneously resist acts of darkness are:

  • indifference to God and one's fellow creatures (as opposed to Love);
  • selfishness, jealousy, living for the benefit of one's own views and expectations, egocentrism (as opposed to rendering service);
  • opposing the decrees of Divine Providence regarding one's own life, and feelings of dissatisfaction about 'feeling short-changed or neglected by God' (as opposed to acceptance).

Together these 'enemies' constitute the dispositions characteristic of the antichrist, and generate a constant darkness in the heart.

4. The journey through life

"You can picture every human soul's journey through life as a journey of a thousand miles leading through many curves, up hill and down dale... Each and every step should contribute towards reaching the final destination. Besides the soul has but a specific amount of time to complete the journey. The more often she will sit down idle by the wayside and the more often she will make a step in the wrong direction the more time will be lost to reach the goal. Be aware that 'sitting down idle by the wayside' refers to every moment when the heart is not focused on God.

A soul's heart is focused on God whenever the Law of true Love is actually alive inside, constantly prompting the soul to fill all of her thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations with Light and warmth and spreading the latter all around, even in those moments when she appears inactive, i.e. in those quiet moments of live during which not one word is spoken and not one action is performed.

The soul also proceeds in the right direction on her path through life while she is not visibly active but within the silent confines of her heart she is nonetheless full of Light and warmth. Every thought, feeling, desire or aspiration which is filled with Light and warmth sends Love through the entire network of creation. On the other hand, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations which are filled with dissatisfaction, jealousy, indifference, resentment or the inclination to harm fellow creatures will send darkness through the entire network of creation.

In God's eyes a crime is definitely not always a perceptible action through which a human being causes harm, to Him 'crime' is everything which proceeds from a human soul and which is a carrier of darkness and can harm the network of creation or certain elements thereof, no matter how big or how small these elements may be. This means that, in God's eyes, a soul can commit serious crimes without performing even the slightest action, merely through thoughts, feelings, desires or aspirations which are laden with serious darkness.

Examples of actions and dispositions perceived by God as serious crimes, yet imperceptible to man, are malediction, casting evil spells, vengefulness, plans to retaliate, hatred, constant inclination to enviousness or jealousy, as well as any thought, feeling or desire which produces effects filled with darkness. In God's eyes another form of serious crime is every persistent inner disposition through which a human soul turns herself into a bridge serving the darkness, i.e. through which a soul allows herself to be used frequently or constantly as a tool for the accomplishment of works and plans conceived by the darkness. Such dispositions can cause tremendous damage and/or chaos within the network of creation or in individual nodes (creatures) and channels (relationships and contacts among creatures) within this network.

This is why a great many crimes remain hidden to human eyes and why the judgment passed by God on the lives of a great many souls looks quite different from that which these souls themselves and/or their fellow souls have ever presumed or have ever been able to presume".


"There are souls who sit down by the side of their path through life so frequently and/or who make so many steps in the wrong direction that in the hour in which judgment is passed on their life God will establish the fact they have barely covered a few of their thousand miles. He considers this to be an overt profession of their lack of desire to reach Him. A soul who sincerely desires to spend her Eternal Life with God will go to any lengths to make good progress on her path through life, by:

  • filling all her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations with as much Light and warmth as possible, i.e. with self-denying Love and acts of sincere service to God and to her fellow creatures;
  • sitting down idle by the wayside as seldom as possible, i.e. by avoiding all and any dispositions of indifference to God's desires;
  • not ever making steps in the wrong direction by committing sins or hanging on to bad habits and vices.

Yes, the great lesson contained in the present teaching is once again this:

Human soul, spend every moment of your life, under all circumstances and in every detail, practicing self-denying Love, rendering unselfish service to God's Works and Plans and to all your fellow creatures, and in a disposition of radical aversion to all darkness in your actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations. See to it that the Spirit of God may at all times, day and night, and at any point on your journey through life, find you harbouring an inner disposition filled with Light and warmth".

5. About the human soul's vital capital

"In the hour of her conception every human soul is granted by God a vital capital. This capital consists of all abilities, gifts, graces, talents, and the germ of sanctity. To the extent to which the soul makes use of this capital for the achievement of the only purpose for which she was created – rendering service to the accomplishment of God's Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation – it will yield interests, which I can even multiply so as to make a considerable amount that can be paid into the Divine Treasuries, from which the Master of all life prepares His graces. The soul's conscience is conceived such as to enable the soul to keep focused on fulfilling this purpose. However, as soon as the human mind starts using the free will in such a way that the soul fails to render service to God's Plan of Salvation but rather serves the accomplishment of her own views and expectations she is already committing a first murder: the killing of her own conscience, the holy alarm and navigation system which is meant to keep the soul closely connected to God.

If the soul puts her conscience out of operation she is actually cutting herself off from God, from His intentions and all of His Works, including the entire network of creation. Soon the soul will then deteriorate into an exanimated human being sinking into a distressing shallowness, for all guidance by the Holy Spirit is disregarded, and all of the soul's behaviour, all her thoughts, feelings and desires are dictated by the basic law built on the image the soul wants to get across of herself.

The human being who acts this way starts to indulge in self-elevating conceitedness and self-glorification and thereby allows the dispositions of Lucifer to take root in her soil, which was once clothed by God in holiness. In so doing this human being pledges his vital capital to Satan. Consequently this capital no longer yields interests, on the contrary, in God's accounts it is now mortgaged. Consider the difference:

In the hour in which judgment is passed on the soul's life a soul who has led a life of exclusive service to God, both directly and through service to Me by virtue of the sacred covenant of consecration to Me, will give her vital capital back to God, increased by interests which may have run fairly high, especially if she has surrendered her vital capital to My power and put it at my undivided disposal by practicing the disposition of slavery towards My Love for the purpose of accomplishing My Works, which are geared to the establishment of God's Kingdom on earth in the hour in which My foot will have crushed all works of darkness. The total surrender of the soul's will to Me opens up her vital capital to receiving the gold treasure of My absolutely perfect Love.

A soul on the other hand, who has given her vital capital to Satan by elevating herself and thus turning into a bridge for the works of the darkness starts generating negative interests: Her vital capital is no longer a source of interests which are used for the preparation of Divine graces, but a source of debts, which are to be settled in purgatory or which, if they run too high, can lead to the soul's eternal damnation. Eternal damnation is the price a soul will have to pay if she persists in greatly disregarding the gifts of self-denying Love bestowed upon her".

6. Salvation as the fruit of active dedication

As soon as a soul realizes how little she is within the framework of the entire network of creation there is a possibility she gets to think of herself as being too futile for God to even deign to look at her. However, this thought is unjustified, as nothing pleases Him more than washing and clothing the soul time and time again so she may become cleaner and cleaner and prettier and prettier. The soul who believes this, will learn the art of living with herself. This is indeed an art, for many souls never learn how to do it. Does this mean the soul need not regret her imperfections? By no means, for it is vital that you should perfect yourself in practicing true Love so as not to allow God's wanting to wash and clothe you daily to let you succumb to any inclination not to make personal efforts to remain as pure as possible. Not that which God wants to do for you will bring you Eternal Salvation, it is the extent to which you actively collaborate with Him on this that will yield you Salvation.

God is waiting for your active collaboration. How is it that many souls do not take sides with the doctrine taught by the Mistress of all souls? This is definitely not due to the doctrine as such. The doctrine taught by the Mistress of all souls requires the soul to make a personal, persistent, active dedication towards her own sanctification. Not every soul who calls herself a Christian is willing to make active contributions. A great many Christians expect a Redemption which is simply being dropped into their laps by Jesus. If souls get the promise they will be delivered from their trials and crosses by Jesus, then who is going to be willing to keep carrying these trials and crosses whole-heartedly? The answer is simple: Those who truly love God and His Works. Who are these souls? The answer is equally simple: the true Christians, those who are not nominally Christians but are Christians in their concrete daily actions, their ways and lines of thinking, feeling and aspiring. Following Christ is not waiting for Christ to carry the Cross Himself again, it is saying to Christ: "Whatever it may cost me, I definitely want to join You in carrying the crosses of the world, for I find no joy in knowing my best Friend is suffering all alone so that I may be delivered from all sufferings even while I am still living on earth".

Waiting passively for Jesus to come and take one's own crosses away, has got nothing to do with being a Christian, and a soul who promotes such thinking and such a way of approaching life also in fellow people is not doing God's Works. Sitting on the fence where accomplishing God's Works is concerned goes against God's Law according to which the souls are to collaborate with Him actively, spontaneously and voluntarily. God does not impose His blessings and benefactions, the soul must merge her free will with God's Will, only then will she be able to truly help make His gifts fruitful. In other words: God gives seeds, it is up to the soul to enable these seeds to bloom into flowers through an appropriate use of her free will. A soul who expects God's interventions to come in the shape of blooming flowers will gather no merits. God prefers to give His graces in the shape of seeds, and this He does out of perfect Love: The merits of life on earth are determined by the way the soul deals with the seeds of grace with a view to having them bloom into flowers which bear witness towards God of the soul's sincere active desire to do God's Works.