Invitations from Mary, the Mistress of all souls,

through Myriam van Nazareth

to fight injustice in the world


Storm bell prayer to Mary for fighting all injustice in the world
Little Storm Bell 1: Battle against hunger in the world
Little Storm Bell 2: Spiritual purification of the past of mankind


As the Mistress of all souls Mary teaches the souls the Science of Divine Life. For all souls, this Science is essentially a course providing learning material for the road to sanctity. The road to sanctity is a way towards perfection in Love, because Love could be regarded as the trunk of the tree of virtues: Love nourishes all other virtues, which therefore, if they do not bear true Love within themselves, become hollow and empty.

The Mistress of all souls has been given by God the command in the battle for the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth. This battle must necessarily aim at establishing true Love in the hearts. If it does not, it is bound to miss its goal.

All Love originates in one and the same Spring: God’s Heart. All Love that does not aim at accomplishing God’s Works as well as at fulfilling His Plan of Salvation for all souls, is therefore human love, which is not perfect nor eternal, but contaminated and transitory. In our world, the Divine Law of Love is heavily and most frequently violated day after day, in all kinds of injustice. This is why Mary, the Mistress of all souls, is now sounding the storm bell in our hearts.

A storm bell is sounded in cases of emergency, e.g. stormy weather, fire, etc... In our times God’s Creation is threatened by many kinds of storm and fire. The souls who are receptive to the Divine Law of Love and in whom the Love of God’s Plan of Salvation and of His Works is sufficiently great, will feel called upon to accept the invitation conveyed by the ringing of the storm bell, through which Mary hereby appeals to us to fight the emergencies occurring in God’s Creation.

Divine Justice is being stormed by all kinds of injustice, and the conflagrations of sin and vice are wreaking havoc all over the world. In the hearts that are sufficiently open, the storm bell now transfers the voice of the Holy Spirit, inviting the souls to help protect God’s Creation against the storms of injustice and to help extinguish the fires of sin. To this end Mary is now repeating Her call upon the souls to build a chain of Light, a spiritual chain of souls collecting prayers, sacrifices and acts of mortification day by day, and offering these to Mary, in order that She should bring them before Divine Justice, enriched by the endless power of Her perfect Love, to offer reparation for the violations of the Divine Law of Love. Thus streams of Light can be poured down upon the earth. Implementing Mary’s chain of Light in everyday practice is like extinguishing a fire with water of Divine Life, consisting of the drops of all our prayers, sacrifices and acts of mortification, or like erecting a dike against the storms defying God’s Heart. This dike should consist of:

  • our firm faith in Mary’s power and in God’s Love;

  • our burning Love for our distressed fellow creature and for Jesus Christ within the latter, and

  • our unshakeable hope for the victory of the Light, which is a certain thing because God Himself has promised it.

By sounding Her storm bells Mary wants to train the souls to think more consistently along spiritual paths and to search for spiritual solutions to worldly problems. Too often man resorts to worldly solutions when trying to fight the storms on the path through his life, or he attempts to free himself from them through worldly thinking. In all Her teachings the Mistress of all souls emphasizes the necessity that the soul should increasingly try to follow the ways of spirituality in all her thoughts, feelings and actions, because these ways are the only ones that are truly inspired by God and are able to offer lasting solutions. Only these ways fully promote God’s Works and are likely to compensate the violations against Divine Justice.

The storm bell is ringing for the Christians in order to incite them to build a better world, together. There is no way to do this better and more efficiently than by building a spiritual dam against the storms of sin and injustice afflicting our world. Let us now, by fighting this common battle, actually shape the chain of Light Mary has been calling us to build since January 2006. Mary then said to Myriam van Nazareth:

"It is of the utmost importance that all souls consecrated to Mary should join hands to build a chain of Light through their ardent prayers, sacrifices and consecrated trials and burdens, in order to overcome evil".

Let this invitation be known!

Whenever it is God’s time to do so, Mary will sound the storm bell in the hearts of the souls who are willing to follow Her in the battle of the Light against the darkness, and that is what She is doing today for the first time with:

a call upon the souls to join hands in a chain of Light to wage a spiritual battle against hunger in the world, throughout Lent, as of Ash Wednesday up to and including Holy Saturday.

Let us also resort to the following prayer every day to help shape this fight as well as strengthen our mutual feeling of solidarity. The prayer was inspired by Mary specifically to this end:


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, powerful Queen of Heaven and earth, golden Voice of the Holy Spirit,
Amidst the storms of sin and injustice in this valley of tears, my heart has heard Your bell, which calls upon me to defend God’s Kingdom.
This world has fallen prey to so much injustice, for the souls do no longer love God’s Works, and have started to idolize their transitory material interests.
O Mistress of all souls by Divine proxy,
I beg You for the fire of true Love in all souls, so that all worldly idols may be burnt.
I beg You for the seed of true faith in God’s Works and in Eternal Life, so that the desert of atheism may turn into a paradise of flowers of holiness.
I beg for the baptism of all souls in the water of Divine Life, so that all injustice in the world may be drowned.
To that end, o Bearer of Divine Light, I give You my entire being, all my suffering and sacrifices, and all trials and sufferings of all mankind.
Do deign to enrich all this with the perfect redeeming power of the Sufferings of Jesus Christ, of Your Sorrows, of all Holy Masses ever celebrated on earth, and of the Holy Cross as a Token of the final victory of the only true God over all darkness.
May this all-embracing sacrifice and the infinite power of Your Intercession totally reshape this world.
May the God of perfect Love provide this prayer with the Divine Seal, so that it may bring forward the birth of His Spirit in all souls.

♥ ♥ ♥



Myriam van Nazareth

A great many people in this world suffer from hunger every single day. This is not only the case in the less developed countries, but even in our very surroundings.

Hunger is not a natural condition, it is an injustice. This means that it is the fruit of a disruption in the way people organize society. God conceived His Creation in such a way as to always bear sufficient food for ALL living beings. Thus He decreed, because all living beings need food to be able to physically accomplish what they have been called for by God Himself, that is: to make their specific contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. As long as God’s Law rules creation, no living being will ever lack food for their body. What factors, then, are at the origin of hunger in the world? The principal ones are:

  1. the natural properties of regions where man lives. Many people live in areas with low fertility soils;

  2. the economic, political and social organization of societies.

But few people realize there is a connection between both factors on the one hand, and the way man experiences his spirituality on the other hand. Regions not only become infertile on account of mere physical influences. Mary points out that disruptions in nature, in soils, in weather conditions etc., can to a great extent be caused by the fact man’s behaviour is largely in disharmony with God’s Law. She demonstrates this through Her Myriam van Nazareth in, among other writings, Storm Writing Nr. 41 entitled If these were silent, the very stones would cry out. Revelations on sin as a source of destruction. (the 'Storm Writings' have not been translated into English as yet). Moreover the hunger in the world is to a great extent caused and maintained by the organization of world economy, which is completely ruled and controlled by materialism, the pursuit of profits, inordinate ambition, competition, political interests, the tendency of many souls towards discriminations in many forms... All this can be referred to one major cause: God has been dethroned in many hearts. The consequences are:

  • atheism, or at least a major lack of true faith in God’s actions;

  • glorification of all worldly things, which are not regarded as transitory but as goals in themselves;

  • great lack of love for God, for creation and for one’s fellow creature.

It is the duty of each Christian to follow Jesus in His calls to love God above everything else and one’s fellow man like oneself. If God’s Works are severely harmed in His creation and in the fact innumerable souls are prevented from functioning within God’s Plan in a worthy manner, we are expected to commit acts of genuine love towards God, by fighting this injustice together, using the weapons of the army of Jesus and Mary. It is a good thing indeed if people help to fight the hunger in the world through financial aid, through their manpower or through any other form of development aid. The help God needs us to give most, however, is the one by which man consecrates his spiritual capital to Mary with the intention that injustice may be exterminated in the world and in the hearts. Each soul’s spiritual capital consists of:

  • the body and its ability to suffer, to bring sacrifices and mortifications;

  • The heart and its ability to let true love flow over creation;

  • time: each moment of the day the soul can gear her heart and mind at making efforts in favour of God’s Works, of His interests, and of her fellow creatures.

Let us consecrate all our sufferings, all weariness, trials, setbacks, sorrows, all burdens of life, all prayers and all of our time to Mary, wishing fervently that She should collect all this – which is given Her by all souls constituting our chain of Light – and finish it off in Her perfect Love, in order to use it as means to let streams of Divine Graces come down on creation, so that the hunger in the world may be eradicated through a reversal of its causes, which lie in materialism, in the lack of true love, and in the lack of true faith in God and in His Works.

Let us join hands to turn this Lent into an unparallelled source of salvation for all creation, and of joy for God. He who helps see to it that his fellow man no longer suffers from physical hunger, shall himself be satisfied forever in his soul.

Myriam – February 2009

♥ ♥ ♥



Myriam van Nazareth

Each human soul is an heir of the common past of all mankind. That is the reason why each soul partakes in the consequences of the very first sin ever committed by human souls, which is referred to as 'the original sin'. However, this equally applies to the entirety of all other sins committed in the past by mankind. For the same reason each one of us is partly responsible for the reparation of sins which other souls have committed, even in a distant past, or to put it in a more encouraging way: each one of us is able to contribute to compensating the darkness from past sins by committing acts filled with Light.

On February 9, 2006, Mary, in Her Revelations as the Mistress of all souls, already said:

"Due to the avalanche of the sins of all times which were never confessed and/or never repented, mankind is laden with an immense burden of guilt towards Divine Justice. This burden must be compensated by members of mankind itself. This compensation is effected through prayer, sacrifices, repentance, the practicing of virtues, and the genuine experience of total consecration to Me".

Throughout the centuries mankind has committed countless and often extremely serious sins. In three waves – February 2006, March 2007 and the Spring of 2009 – Myriam was granted visions of innumerable heartbreaking acts and situations from world history, which contained the most terrible sins. The images appeared to be taken from periods in world history which seemed like 'satan’s laboratories': periods during which large numbers of human souls succumbed to the temptation of committing truly diabolical acts to the detriment of their fellow man, in an organized way.

What sins am I referring to? In March 2007, after a wave of terrible and heartbreaking visions, Myriam made the following note:

"Mary shows me a very long chain of images flashing before my inner eye in rapid succession. I see scenes from the entire history of the world, which are characterized by heavy suffering and terrible sins: both World Wars with the indescribable pains at the fronts, among the civil populations and during bombings, scenes from concentration camps and labour camps, all kinds of persecution, persecution of Jews throughout the centuries, the Jews’ fate in Egypt in the days of Moses, the slaughtering of Indians in America, the American civil war, the gulags in Siberia, exploitation in colonial times in Africa and Asia, bloody revolutions all over the world, all expressions of racism, slave trade etc...".

Satan swore the oath that he was going to destroy mankind in order to disgrace God’s Works and to destroy in all souls the faith in a loving and perfect God. The strategy by which he prefers to fill in this oath, is by inspiring souls to set up political and economic regimes and systems giving rise to organized persecution, degradation and cold-blooded murder.

On March 28, 2007, Mary explained the goal She pursued with these heartbreaking visions, and She then gave Me the following mission:

"(...) 1. Make reparation for the terrible sins committed during the many situations of heavy bloodshed throughout the history of the world: hate, ill-treatment, torture, murder, revenge, exploitation. Be aware that billions of sins have been committed which were never confessed and for which no forgiveness was ever asked, neither from God, nor from the victims nor from any soul sharing the victims’ fate. Thus innumerable sinners have damned themselves to eternal darkness, and Divine Justice has been heavily disrupted.

2. Consecration of all sufferings resulting from such situations, which have never been consecrated before. Be aware that millions of humans have been treated extremely badly, both physically, mentally and emotionally, that many have not accepted these sufferings, have hated the ones who have inflicted these sufferings upon them, and have even cursed God for them".

This mission was to be carried out in a well-defined way, and on Holy Thursday 2007 Mary explained the sense of it all as follows:

"This way the inconceivable burden of sins of all times is yet tied on the Cross of Jesus Christ, in a merger which did not take place in the hours in which these sins were actually committed, because the sinners failed to confess these sins and/or have never repaired them, and because the victims of these sins have never forgiven their executioners or have never accepted nor consecrated their sufferings. Be fully aware of the importance of this mission. Do also see why I want you to fulfil it: I am the eternal Mother of Sorrows, the Co-Redemptrix of human souls. Through the unfathomable power of My intercession the Most High repeatedly brought forward the effects of His Decrees. He can still do this, also on account of the total self-sacrifice of the slaves of My Love, whose sacrifice is submitted to the judgment by Divine Justice through My very Heart".

Because a vast majority of all sins committed within the framework of organized political and economic systems throughout world history have never been confessed and very often never been repented, the traces of these sins remain, covering mankind as though by a blanket of darkness, and are even now partly responsible for the vast misery creation has fallen prey to. Therefore Mary, the Mistress of all souls, calls upon all souls (original invitation of May 2009) to bring reparation during the coming month of June, which is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that this darkness may gradually be lifted.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work is an apostolate of Love, hope and encouragement. Mary wants to let this Love, hope and encouragement shine through the souls even now, by sounding the storm bell so as to point out to the souls of all nations:

  • that we can still, in this very hour, join hands in burying the past;

  • that we can build a new and better world together;

  • that we can build this new world on a sound foundation, through total and unconditional forgiveness and reconciliation. Not one single nation is perfectly holy, nor is any single nation completely sinful. Let us actively try and discover all the good things present in ourselves and in the others, and do our best to stimulate these things in each other, and to develop them to the utmost.

The world can be freed from a lot of misery by lighting up the Light, even now, where there used to be darkness in some earlier time. What mission does Mary now give us for the coming month of June, as our contribution to the spiritual purification of the past of all mankind?

  • that as many souls as possible should consecrate themselves totally, unconditionally and forever to Mary, and thereby lay their entire life with all its trials into the lap of God, as an act of reparation and repentance;

  • that as many souls as possible should now, in this period, consecrate the past of all mankind to Mary;

  • that as many souls as possible should speak an in-depth Confession with the purpose of making reparation, in which penance is offered in reparation of all sins committed during the most bloody periods of the history of all mankind;

  • that all souls should wholeheartedly forgive every soul – whether known or unknown – who has ever harmed them or their relatives, or has ever treated them badly, and should also, on behalf of their own people, totally forgive all members of other peoples which have ever caused harm to their own people. This would be a very powerful thing to do, for instance, between white and colored people, and between white people and American Indians. Total forgiveness, when granted wholeheartedly, paralyzes all works of darkness, and mutual forgiveness between different nations breeds a new sense of unity, which is able to bring forward the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth;

  • that each day during the month of June as many souls as possible should offer the following prayer nr. 1116 to Mary:


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Dear Mother Mary, powerful Advocate with Divine Justice,
Out of love for God, for You and for the whole of creation, I give You my heart and my entire life.
Moved by the desire that the darkness of all times might yet lift under the powerful Light of true Love, I offer You:
Reparation for the countless terrible sins committed throughout the history of mankind.
Reparation for every occasion in the course of history, on which people have allowed their souls to die by repudiating all love for God and for their fellow creatures.
I consecrate to You all sufferings human souls have caused one another, so that You might still link them up with the redeeming Sufferings of Christ and Your Sorrows, in compensation for the innumerable violations that souls have ever committed against the Law of Divine Love.

♥ ♥ ♥

Let us now join hands in accomplishing this mission on behalf of all mankind of all times, and by accomplishing it, enable the Light to shine where there used to be darkness.

Myriam – May 2009