concerning the

Invitation for October, the month of reflection

Myriam van Nazareth

On September 30, 2018 the Mistress of all souls announced the following invitation:

"God uninterruptedly sends flows of Love through all of creation. Divine Love is the bearer of Life. Creation was designed as a vast network in which all creatures are interconnected. The creatures are the nodes of this network, all connections among all these nodes are like brooklets through which Love must flow as the bearer of Life.
The major nodes in the network are the human souls. The basic vocation of each human soul is to be a perfectly pure node within the network of creation, because the purity of a node determines to what extent Love will be able to flow through it unrestrainedly. Every impurity as to a human soul’s inner dispositions defiles the Love God keeps trying to let flow through her and thereby decreases the extent and the Life-bearing quality of the stream she passes through to her fellow creatures.
The network of creation has been weakened, soiled and darkened in countless spots by the tremendous burden of sins committed by all mankind. God regards only the human souls, not any other creatures, as being responsible for this decreasing quality of His flow of Love and Life through creation. The burden of the sins of mankind is responsible for the fact the effects of God’s omnipotence, being the omnipotence of the absolutely perfect Eternal Love, become ever less visible and perceptible. I have pointed out repeatedly that God expects each human soul to be able to make His presence truly felt by all her fellow creatures. She can do this only to the extent she thoroughly purifies her inner dispositions and actually maintains this purity in perfect condition. This is what is meant by the words that God has created man in His image, and each human soul is expected to maintain God’s image in all her inner disposition.
I remind you that 'purity' is the virtue which indicates to what extent a soul is a mirror of God’s own dispositions. God is perfect Love. Therefore a soul is able to spread God’s dispositions all over her environment to the extent to which she manages to live Divine Life in an unsoiled condition and to let it flow without any restraint. The perfectly pure soul is therefore a mirror without any stain, a mirror which is able to reflect the rays of the sun of Eternal Love as faithfully as possible for a creature.
To the extent to which the human soul actually reflects the image of God she lives in a state of grace. That is why I have said repeatedly that My vocation in these Last Times as the Mistress of all souls consists in guiding so intensely the human souls of good will – i.e. those who in all their doings and inner dispositions use their free will in such a way that the effects of this usage are in perfect accordance with God’s Will – that it is possible to open up in them the fullness of the ability to reverse all of creation to the state of grace ruling prior to the original sin, the situation of a perfect flowing of Divine Life through the network of creation.
I want to intensively guide each soul who surrenders to Me in a disposition of perfect consecration, in opening up her innate ability to live in the image of God, and thereby in making the fullest use of the Christ’s Works of Redemption, as making the fullest use of these Works of Redemption is tantamount to completing God’s Plan of Salvation for all creation and therefore to establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.
I call upon the souls to reflect intensively on their vocation as perfectly pure nodes within the network of creation and as small rivers serving the flow of Divine Love and Divine Life towards all their fellow creatures. The establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth depends entirely on the extent to which souls act upon this basic vocation. I repeat most emphatically that each soul is on earth for one purpose only: to play her part within Gods Plan of Salvation, not to satisfy what she perceives as her own needs and desires. The latter pursuit is the goal the darkness has injected into the souls with the intention to divert the ultimate purpose of life and of God’s creation from the Plan God had with life and creation from the beginning.
I am also giving you a prayer intended to motivate the souls to help bring this invitation to its full fruition".


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Jesus Christ, Son of God, Eternal Love incarnated,
God has sent me into the world to help accomplish His Plan of Salvation for all creation. He intended me to be a brick in the foundation of His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures.
In total and undivided consecration to Mary, the Immaculate Conception and the only eternally sinless One among all human souls of all the ages, I surrender my entire life and my entire being completely, unconditionally and irrevocably to the Triune God, so that the effects of Your perfect Works of Redemption may achieve their completion in my soul and in all my inner dispositions.
May, through this act of perfect surrender of myself to God’s Works for the completion of His Plan of Salvation, all darkness be humiliated inside of me and be rendered completely ineffective in the invincible power of the Light of Divine Love, Divine Life and Divine Truth.
May thereby my entire being become fully useful and fruitful as a node of Love and Light within the network of creation which connects all creatures among one another and all creatures with their Creator, yet has been so seriously weakened by sin.
Every occasion of my life on which I have deviated from this great vocation at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation l now entrust to the fire of my remorse and of the desire of Love to be henceforth nothing but a servant to God and to all His Works of Love.
May from now on my entire life be a continuous glorification to the Plan the Eternal Love has been trying to develop in creation from the foundation of the world, and may I be and remain, with God’s grace, a living sign against the darkness.
Through the most holy hands of Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth and ever living Glorification to the Source of all sanctity I lay this act of surrender down at the foot of Your Cross, which breaks the power of the darkness over God’s creation in each soul who lives only for the accomplishment of God’s Works,
In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).