Essentials of the most fruitful sacred covenant
between the human soul and God:


Inspiration granted in August 2018
by the Queen of Heaven and earth

to Myriam van Nazareth

Words spoken by Mary, the Mistress of all souls, to Myriam in August 2018:

"It is My desire that you make notes of the inspiration I am going to pour out into your heart. It will serve souls as a means of clarification as to the essence of the sacred covenant of total consecration to Me, for only few souls possess a proper understanding of the true nature and objectives of this covenant. This lack of in-depth understanding is one of the major factors at the root of a great delay in the completion of the Plan of Salvation that God has designed for creation and is seeking to accomplish through the human souls. This text which will be invested with the richest blessings to convey Light. May it find fertile soils for the birth of new lights which may never go out again, and which may, in the eyes of the darkness, become signs of a sincere, undivided choice made by souls in favour of God’s Works of Love".

Shortly after Myriam was called by the Holy Virgin Mary, the Latter announced Her intentions and the meaning and purpose of Myriam’s vocation, which later, through this website, the mouthpiece of the Queen of Heaven in Her all-encompassing capacity for the Last Times, Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, would be summarized in a double logo:

  1. Ad Sanctam Trinitatem per Mariam. Ut adveniat Regnum Deum, adveniat Regnum Mariae. Ergo: TOTUS TUUS ego sum, MARIA
    (to the Holy Trinity through Mary. So that the Kingdom of God may come, may the Reign of Mary come. Therefore: I am completely Yours, Mary)
  2. Total consecration to Mary as the gate to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work is a Marian Work of proclamation, which owes its existence solely and exclusively to the teachings the Holy Virgin gives to Myriam, and through which Mary wants to invite Her children with urgency to take refuge in a total and unconditional consecration to Her in order for Her to accomplish the mission entrusted to Her by God: that She may engage souls in the most fruitful way in the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation for creation with the ultimate goal of establishing God’s Kingdom on earth in what is also referred to as 'the messianic era'.

Total consecration to the Holy Virgin Mary is a sacred covenant under which the soul offers herself, her entire being, all her inner dispositions and all details of her past, present and future life as a lifelong uninterrupted offering to Mary, so that She may be able to use all this by virtue of a Divine Mystery for the release of graces – in a manner of speaking 'as a ransom' – for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. The accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation is to be understood to mean the whole of God’s Works on earth, which He prefers to accomplish through human souls, complemented by the direct interventions of His Providence and of the inspirations by the Holy Spirit, for the completion of His Plan for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The sacred covenant of total consecration to Mary is essentially rooted in the Divine Mystery by virtue of which the human soul can, in God’s power, have all the trials of her life transformed into the raw material required for the outpouring of Light over creation. On that account this covenant fully fulfils the vocation God gives to every human soul: that she may contribute to complementing, of her own free will, Christ’s sacrifice of Redemption, i.e.: that she may help unlock its tremendous effects for the well-being of all creation. Because of this, total consecration to Mary is a golden channel of adding and finding meaning: God had given the darkness permission to try the human souls, because the souls had for all times received an inviolable free will and therefore had to prove to God individually and of their own accord that they spontaneously take sides with God, with True Love, with the Light, and not with Satan, with sin (= transgression of God’s Law of True Love), with the darkness.

The innumerable daily interventions from the darkness in this world – which, however, only derive their effects from the extent to which human souls give in to these interventions (= temptations!) – give rise to massive misery, chaos and sufferings. If all this misery, chaos and suffering were irreversible, the world would irreversibly fall prey to the whims of the darkness. God’s Mercy, however, has provided a powerful counterpart: the total, unconditional and lifelong consecration of human souls in every detail of life with their whole being, all their actions and all their feelings, thoughts, desires, aspirations and all inner reactions to all events, situations and impressions coming their way in daily life, to the Holy Virgin and Mother of God.

This potential of consecration to 'add extra meaning' results from the fact the soul, through intense, sincere, truly practiced consecration of her whole life and all her inner dispositions to Mary, can help make all her trials, all her burdens and sufferings truly useful as material against the darkness. This grants her the possibility to acquire an immense counterweight of Bliss in Eternal Life that is able to far outweigh her worldly (and therefore transient) trials, and at the same time helps bring creation as a whole a step closer to the establishment of God’s Kingdom of everlasting Love and Peace on earth. Thus total consecration to Mary becomes a powerful source of Light that can help make works of darkness ineffective and can help prevent the implementation of certain plans of devastation wrought by the darkness, which, if they were implemented, would plunge the world into misery even more deeply.

A life which, in all sincerity and with perseverance in all virtues, is led in the proper disposition of total, unconditional consecration to Mary, is in the eyes of God tantamount to an uninterrupted powerful testimony of True Love, in that a properly led life in a state of total consecration constitutes a whole of self-denying offerings of one’s own trials for the benefit of all creation and of the accomplishment of God’s intentions: The consecrated soul, provided she lives based on the only proper disposition, does not desire anything for herself; the only motive for her uninterrupted surrender to the Holy Virgin is the self-denying Love for all her fellow creatures and for God Himself.

For this reason, the fruitfulness of the covenant of consecration is determined to a very great extent by the extent to which the consecrated soul can in all honesty and sincerity regard herself and her own needs and desires as subordinate to those of her fellow creatures and God. That is why the Mistress of all souls refers to the total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Her as to a sacred covenant: 'Sacred' means 'of such a nature as to be able to bring salvation upon creation'. The only true bearer of salvation is True Love. True Love is Love that is in no way contaminated by selfishness. True Love seeks nothing but the enhancement and/or preservation of the welfare of all fellow creatures, without giving in even for one moment to the temptation to also secure oneself and own own interests and desires (to urge to 'look after number one' first). God wants to get the opportunity to deploy every soul at all times and unrestrainedly – i.e.: on the basis of her own full, self-denying orientation to His Works and Plans and spontaneous confession of her free will to serve Him – to play a specific role which is useful towards the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation at any specific point of time. He can only do this to the extent that the soul in question lives on the basis of a disposition of True Love. It is this disposition that makes total consecration to Mary a sacred covenant.

Why specifically consecration to Mary? Because God has invested the Queen of Heaven and earth with the unique power as the Commander of the Hosts of the Light (the angels complemented with all human souls who are determined to commit their free will to the accomplishment of the Works of God’s Love and Providence through which God is constantly trying to bring His Law of Love to fruition throughout this world). Within the framework of Her unique role within the fulfilment of God’s Plan of Salvation, the Mother of God has received an immeasurable power which She can freely use to help bring God’s Works to completion. The only limitation set in respect of the use of Her power lies in the human soul’s free will: Mary can and may only use Her power to the extent to which a soul concretely (i.e. through sincere actions and from a heart that has unambiguously chosen to practice True Love in all aspects of life) bears witness to her firm intention to dedicate herself to God’s Plans through every detail of her life and all her inner dispositions (feelings, thoughts, desires, aspirations).

This 'bearing witness', therefore, is absolutely not merely a matter of verbal praying and confessing to things, but is first and foremost a matter of concrete behaviour and harbouring the proper dispositions of heart at every single moment of life: God reads every heart like an open book, and the amount of Light a human soul is able to bring forth depends first and foremost on the measure of True Love that flows out of her heart at any given moment, even in those moments when she is not speaking one single word. It is exactly for this reason the Mistress of all souls keeps repeating that consecration to Her is not a prayer but a way of life, a disposition of heart. This attitude towards life is only fruitful for God if it is straightforward, i.e. to the extent to which the soul consecrated to Mary puts everything exclusively at the service of God’s Works and Plans, which means that in all her actions and all her inner dispositions she should thoroughly and with full determination turn away spontaneously and wholeheartedly from all that can bring darkness into her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations.

God has decreed that the soul who, with her whole being, all dispositions of her heart and all her inner reactions to the innumerable concrete events, contacts and situations of her daily life, surrenders to the Mother of the Divine Redeemer, in so doing walks the golden path to the most fruitful way of accepting the invaluable inheritance the Christ has redeemed for her on the Cross. Jesus’ Word spoken on the Cross "Woman, behold Your son; son, behold your Mother" was a double invitation from the Son of God:

  1. to the Mother of the Man-God, that She may provide guidance to every human soul on the path of a perfect following of the Way of Redemption;
  2. to the human souls, that they may uninhibitedly and totally surrender to the guidance from the One who has been allowed to bear the Man-God into the world, the One who, as the only one among all human souls, had maintained the absolutely perfect holiness and had thereby defeated Satan in every possible way in every detail of Her life, and therefore the One who for all times was to be rightfully the Commander of the powers of God’s Light: The One who was to have the power to help open up, in every single soul, the treasures redeemed by the Christ and (in Her capacity as Mediatrix of all Graces – a capacity already sealed at the beginning of Jesus’ Public Life at Cana by the Son of God Himself), on the basis of Her perfect unity of will with God’s Will and of Her mystical unity with God’s Heart, and by virtue of the unlimited power of Her Intercession, who was to unite these treasures with everything that would be consecrated to Her in sincere surrender and Love 'in completion of the Sufferings of Christ' (in the sense of the words of the Apostle St. Paul).

Total consecration to Mary, if practiced in a genuine way, is a matter of interaction: The soul continuously gives the sacrifice of herself and of all she has got to endure throughout her life to the Holy Virgin, and in exchange for all this Mary grants the soul special guidance, inspirations and works of inner transformation in order to guide the soul to the highest possible holiness. Thus the total consecration of the human soul to Mary becomes a weapon of Light in two directions: The Mother of God, Queen and Mistress of every soul of good will, complements the weak soul with Her unsurpassed holiness and the inestimable power that is given to Her by God, and the human soul gives to God a powerful signal of her intention not to live for herself but for the benefit of the completion of His Works.

Total consecration to Mary was intended by God as an extraordinarily powerful instrument in the battle of the Light against the darkness. For this covenant to be truly fruitful, it is imperative that the soul should take her consecration very seriously, that she should involve the Holy Virgin in all details of her life, and that she should be and remain thoroughly aware of the fact that everything, in particular all her trials and experiences she perceives as burdens, can be transformed by the Queen of Heaven into graces for all of creation and for her own Eternal Salvation, on the basis of Mary’s perfect unity of will with the Will of God and therefore of Her fullness of Graces. To this end, the soul must give herself away to Mary so fully, so unreservedly, that the Mother of God, in the deepest sense of the word, becomes Mistress and Owner of her entire being. Only to the extent the soul accepts this, and acts upon it, can Mary mould and form her after Her own image into a truly holy soul that, in God’s eyes, leads a very fruitful life.

In doing so, the soul must always keep in mind that Mary is not her Owner and Mistress on the basis of any personal motives of Hers: The Queen of Heaven does not do a thing on any motive of Her own, in all of Her actions She proceeds only with the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works in mind, and as a Bridge towards God. She is, in a manner of speaking, the God-authorized, perfect intermediate step, the Bridge across an otherwise unbridgeable gap between the human soul and God. Since the first human souls committed the original sin there is a yawning gap between man and his Creator: The original sin constituted a breach in the covenant of perfect obedience and Love from the human soul towards God, a breach by which the human soul showed she was able to give in to inspirations that intended to separate her from God. The Queen of Heaven and earth is the Immaculate Conception, the only human soul who was not scarred by the original sin, because She had to be able to be a perfectly holy Tabernacle possessing the proper characteristics to bear the Man-God Jesus Christ into the world and the rock solid dispositions making Her a Palace of the Holy Spirit, a Sanctuary in the form of an Ark of the fullness of Grace. So in Mary immaculate sanctity and human nature were perfectly merged. For this reason She is rightly the Golden Bridge between the human souls and God, the perfectly secured Way along which all sacrifices and offerings made by human souls can be conveyed into God’s Heart with preservation of their full value, yes even additionally sprinkled with the exquisite perfume of the immaculate sanctity possessed by the Mistress of all souls.

Everything the soul gives to Mary is used directly by the Latter for the aforementioned accomplishment. This adds a tremendous extra value to the whole offering from the soul consecrated to Mary. One day the Mistress of all souls granted me a vision showing water flowing from a human heart to God. This water is, by nature, already contaminated to a certain degree because of the imperfection of the Love living in a human soul (the contamination through sin, vice, susceptibility to temptation and any possible unclean influences from worldly life and impure reactions from the human heart to the many defiling factors from situations, events and contacts that affect her heart day after day). If, however, the soul gives all this to God through Mary, the water flows from her heart through the most sublime, the most perfect water purification plant made by God Himself and refined up to the absolutely highest levels of sanctity. The water that flows to God from this water purification plant is not only crystal clear, it is also endowed with the scent of ever blooming blossoms and enriched with the perfect power of Divine Life. In this water God recognizes His own signature instead of traces of his opponent’s works.

In true, total consecration to Mary, the soul gives herself and her entire life so completely to Mary, that to her it is as if she herself no longer existed: In this soul’s honest view it is Mary who accomplishes everything in and through her. The soul considers herself to be increasingly less important and buries her own intentions in Mary’s Heart. In truly experienced and practiced total consecration, therefore, the word of Jesus is completely fulfilled: "Greater Love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". True consecration to Mary boils down to this: The soul endures all that crosses her path through life in full acceptance and genuine Love for the well-being of all creation. The soul thereby no longer pays attention to herself and her own needs in the sense that she only lives and suffers with the intention that her fellow creatures may be better off for it, both materially and morally, and even spiritually, for the commitment for the benefit of a fellow man reaches the summit of its fruitfulness to the extent to which this commitment can also positively influence fellow human beings’ Eternal Salvation. The Queen of Heaven also expresses it as follows:

"Every human soul is a node in the network of all creation. All connections between all the nodes in this network are streams through which God's Love must flow freely and unimpededly. The life of a human soul is fruitful to the extent she persistently, spontaneously and voluntarily gears her doings and all her inner dispositions to maintaining and promoting the well-being of the network as a whole, and not to herself; the soul's individual node prospers all by itself through the smooth flow of God's Love within the soul if she lives on the basis of the proper inner dispositions, i.e. if she lives from, by and for true Love and in peaceful and fearless self-denial. A soul through whom God's Love is enabled to flow freely and unrestrainedly, knows she is supported by God, and therefore reaps true faith, true hope and blind trust".

The ultimate purpose of total consecration to Mary lies in the fact the consecrated soul surrenders to the Queen of Heaven with her entire being, her whole behaviour and all her inner states with a view to turning all of this into real building material in Her hands. Indeed, the Mother of God has received from God the command in the battle between the Light and the darkness and therefore control and guidance over the concrete accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation. Therefore, the more intimate the unity of hearts between Mary and the soul consecrated to Her can become, the more fruitful this soul will become in her service to Mary.

The soul gives evidence of her bloom as a consecrated soul as soon as she manages to reach the point where she is able to regard Mary as the sovereign Mistress of her entire being (which we could imagine being a temple, manor or palace), and from that point onwards turns herself into mere dust on the floor of the building (temple, manor, palace). Do understand what this means: True (meaning: actually and concretely practiced) consecration to Mary makes the Mother of God the Queen and Mistress of the building of one’s own soul, with unlimited control over everything that happens there, everything that comes in and everything that goes out, and the soul herself becomes a particle of dust over which the Mistress of the building can walk just as She pleases. The soul in the state of true consecration is nothing more than a tool that contributes to the construction of God’s Kingdom, she possesses nothing she can call her own. Her capacity as a tool in the hands of the supreme Queen of creation already sows in her heart a foretaste of the bliss of Eternal Paradise – provided she has truly understood her real vocation as a human soul. It is nevertheless important to point out that Mary’s capacity as Mistress of the soul does not mean the soul would be allowed to shake off all responsibility for the decisions in her life and that she might expect Mary to take the decisions for her: The Blessed Virgin is not allowed to violate the free will of the human soul, and will never do so, for She knows that by doing so she would rob this human soul of the merits the latter could acquire through every choice she makes in the interest of God’s Works and Plans, and precisely this is what Mary intends to achieve with the holy covenant of consecration for the benefits of the soul herself: that the latter should learn how to live as fruitfully, as meritoriously, as holy as possible.

After inspiring this text the Queen of Heaven spoke the following words and ordained for them to be inserted in this place:

"The deep sense and purpose of My capacity as Mistress of all souls also resides herein: The sacred covenant of the soul’s consecration to Me, and through Me to her God, makes the soul, with all her life, all her experiences and all inner processes in the course of her life, a fully active factor in the development of God’s Plan of Salvation. In this sacred covenant I am in the fullest sense of the word the soul’s Mistress. To the extent I can actually be the Mistress of greater numbers of souls the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation can be advanced in the most fruitful way possible. Mistress of all souls is therefore the title and quality of which the recognition by as many souls as possible would in the shortest possible time bring God’s Plans and Works of Love and Light to their completion, and thereby ring in the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace in all creation, the beginning of the messianic era. The soul who concludes with Me the sacred covenant of total consecration, signs with God the contract which makes her a voluntary co-worker for the accomplishment of His infallible Will on earth, through a voluntary commitment to the final victory of the Light over the darkness, which according to the Divine Promise will be sealed by the foot of the Woman crushing the works of Satan, by virtue of the eternal merits of the Crucified and Risen Christ".

Mary Herself once revealed to Myriam:

"The golden path out of the darkness towards the Light is the path of total consecration to Me as the Mistress of all souls. When I was born, God gave Me this major mission in life: the preparation of the Realm of the Midday Sun on earth. To that end the Most High made Me the Mistress of all souls. I have the power to remodel every soul who longs to be remodelled and who is willing to fully collaborate towards achieving this remodelling, after the image of God. This is the true purpose, the true mission, of every soul on earth. There is no better way, no way more abundantly blessed, to complete this lifelong mission than the way of total consecration to Me as the Mistress of all souls. This means that God invites every soul to completely surrender to Me, in order that, by virtue of Divine authority, I may work this wonder in her".

The decisive meaning of the personal commitment of the soul consecrated to Mary was emphasized by the Mother of God in another Revelation with the words:

"Total consecration to the Mistress of all souls, followed by a life at My service, is the golden path to a maximum fruitfulness for the soul, and for the accomplishment of her true goal in life: truly to be a child of God, and to shed seeds for a harvest of new fruits of Divine Life".

Very strikingly, she expresses it in these words:

"Total consecration to Me is the golden key to the dungeon in which the soul locks herself up by every concession she makes to the influences of worldly thinking. Jesus has suffered to unlock every dungeon. I was given to all of you with the purpose of leading you out of the dungeon into the Light of total freedom. Do keep in mind, however, that the dungeon can only be opened from within: the soul is to turn the key herself, by her genuine and persistent will to be truly Mine".

Against this background, the Heavenly Mistress outlines a sort of plan to be considered by the soul before the latter intends to enter into the sacred covenant with Her. The following words bear a profound meaning, because a life in total consecration to Mary is similar to the lifelong fulfillment of a contract, and the perseverance in doing so serves as a testimony to God showing Him the soul's sincere will to belong to Him totally and undividedly and to lead her entire life as a tool for the completion of His Works and Plans:

"Total consecration is a lifelong goal and a way of life which should not be taken lightly, for it is a covenant which is directly related to the great Covenant God has entered into with His people through the Redeeming Sufferings of Jesus. Total consecration is a covenant through which the soul confesses her willingness to actively, totally, unconditionally and for the entire duration of her life, partake in the completion of the New Covenant. The soul who wants to consecrate herself to Me must first ask herself three questions:

  1. Am I willing to sacrifice each and every detail of my life to God's and Mary's needs, and thus to lead a life accepting all crosses and trials, without any protest or resistance?
  2. Am I willing to acknowledge Mary as my absolute Mistress, and to serve Her with abandonment in self-denial and blind submission in all aspects of my behaviour?
  3. Have I got wishes and habits I am not prepared to part with? As long as the answer to this is not an undivided 'no', the soul should pray to Me for the grace of becoming able to have her life and her visions of life completely turned around by Me according to My will and pleasure. As long as she is unable to do so, she can not be consecrated to Me, for the Mistress of all souls can only work with servants who are at Her beck and call at any time and in any manner whatsoever. Life as a soul who is totally consecrated to Mary can be compared to the way of life God expected the human souls to pursue from the beginning: a life that is totally geared to the accomplishment of God's Plans and the completion of His Works. Since the establishment of the New Covenant this is more than ever a life at the exclusive service of God's Plan of Salvation for the completion of Redemption in all souls. The soul who is willing to lay her own desires and habits under My feet will soon find that she is not losing anything, but on the contrary harvesting oceans of happiness and brightfulness, and subsequently an eternity of indescribable Bliss in Heaven".

Total consecration to the Holy Virgin indeed usually begins with speaking a prayer of consecration, but this is merely the beginning, the signature under the contract which must then be fulfilled for a lifetime. This is why the Mistress of all souls has been saying for many years that consecration to Her is not a prayer but a way of life: A soul is not consecrated to Mary by saying a prayer (even if she does so frequently or at repeated intervals), but only through practicing a consistent behavior through which she endeavours to achieve a holiness which is as spotless as it can possibly get. This means: aiming at behaving in ways that are the most likely to yield the greatest possible fruits for the accomplishment of God’s Works of Love in every situation and in every contact with a fellow creature. In proportion as the soul, in so doing, focuses her heart fully on Mary’s Heart, she will be inspired by the Holy Spirit in such a way as to allow for ever deeper insights to mature, so as to be guided towards a worthy imitation of Jesus and Mary. One might say: in a soul who voluntarily and spontaneously opens up to spread Love, Light and Peace around her under all circumstances and to make the darkness ineffective, Jesus and Mary will, in a manner of speaking, 'continue' their own lives: They will enable this soul to live as if Jesus and Mary Themselves would speak, act, think, feel, desire and aspire through her.

Indeed, even the deepest inner dispositions determine to what extent a soul can truly be used as a 'factory in which the Mistress of all souls can help to produce Light'. A soul’s deepest feelings, thoughts, desires and aspirations, those that are known only to God and Mary, bring at least as much Light and/or darkness upon creation as any visible behaviour and any audible words emanating from the soul.

Every soul is sent into the world by God with this one mission: that she should allow herself to be actively engaged in the fulfillment of His Plan of Salvation, which aims for a creation in absolutely perfect Love and Peace among all creatures, a creation that lives as a true mirror image of the Kingdom of Heaven. Because the human soul was made perfectly holy, man should be able to naturally and spontaneously represent God and His perfect Love towards the whole of creation. The human soul, however, has allowed herself to be defiled by the darkness, allowing this contamination to take root ever more deeply day after day by rendering service to innumerable influences from the world surrounding her, and thus greatly fails as to the accomplishment of the sacred mission entrusted to her by her Creator.

Many centuries after the original sin was committed the human soul had an immense chance to restore her orientation to God and to True Love: God’s Son Jesus Christ was sent into the world in order that in the human souls of good will (= the souls who would make their free will one with the Will of God) the effects of the original sin (which consisted in the fact the human soul had become unfaithful to God’s Law of True Love) would be undone and these souls would again be reconciled with the offended God. God concluded the New Covenant with the souls. The Mother of God would say about this:

"God sent His Son Jesus Christ to the souls in order to enter into the New Covenant with them. By virtue of this Covenant every soul that leads a life following God’s Son was to be enabled to open up within herself the effects of Salvation, and thus to achieve the true sanctity of the children of God. God has chosen Me to be the Ark of the New Covenant, the perfectly holy Tabernacle in which God’s Son, the Light, was to be carried into the world. That is why I am the Mistress of all souls: I am the Bearer of Divine Light, who possesses the capacity to bring Light to any place where darkness prevails. Dear souls, total consecration of your lives and of your entire beings to Me, is the absolute confirmation of the fact you do accept your wonderful legacy as children of God. In the soul who consecrates herself completely to Me I can develop the capacity to perfectly follow Jesus, by nourishing her so deeply with Divine Light that all her actions and words, and even her most hidden thoughts and desires, are able to spread Light and to turn it on in others. Within the soul who gives herself totally to Me, I will gradually illuminate all inner processes, everything which goes on inside of her, and all her intentions, so that all her actions and words may follow the right tracks".

A fruitful life as a soul consecrated to Mary is based on an uninterrupted interaction between various factors: the soul’s relentless, persistent effort to be in all circumstances of life a channel of Love, Light and Peace, the will and the desire to make every detail of the harvest on the fields of her life useful for the works of salvation her God seeks to accomplish through the hands, mouths, hearts and spirits of His human souls, and also a great confidence in the fact that her consecration, provided she knows how to practice it in accordance with God’s Law of Love and in imitation of Jesus Christ, can become very fruitful, even if the problems and worries of life will very often make things appear quite different from what they essentially are (the darkness will cause such deceptive appearances through all kinds of works creating confusion, deception and blindness of souls, and due to the fact the darkness will keep finding souls who let themselves be engaged for the accomplishment of plans conceived by the darkness). The soul consecrated to Mary must also become and remain strong in the confidence that Mary has actually received the power to use the consecrated soul’s trials against the darkness, and that She actually does so infinitely more than human eyes can see. A great many things must remain hidden from human eyes. God has decreed it to be so, because He wants to give the human soul the opportunity to be as fruitful as possible for a lifetime, and the fruitfulness of a human life is mainly determined by the decisions the soul takes based on blind faith and trust, i.e.: without 'seeing God/Mary in action'. This is why the Holy Virgin once said:

"I emphatically call upon the souls to lay the paths of their lives entirely into My hands, to trust perfectly in My power, and to show an unshakable faith in the Truth that in God’s time all darkness is rendered ineffective and is compensated for. This compensation is only possible through trials, by purification of the soul in the fire of true Love. In proportion as larger numbers of souls grow faster as to their ability to generate true Love the darkness will be rendered increasingly ineffective. Total consecration to Me, the Mistress of all souls, is the golden path towards achieving this".

Having faith and trusting basically means: Sincerely assume, deep down inside, that God is always occupied with His creatures, and that He is secretly trying to steer many things in directions which are likely to serve His final goal, which is the everlasting bloom of True Love and Peace on earth. He does this through the gentle Works of His Providence, the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, and the hidden inner guidance by the Holy Virgin in the souls who have totally and undividedly committed themselves to Her service. It is not for no reason the Mistress of all souls says:

"What can the soul give Me as the gift of gifts? Accepting everything Divine Providence brings onto her path through life. I am the Mistress of Divine Providence, I only desire one thing: total, undivided, unconditional consecration and surrender to Me. This is nothing else but accepting the Chalice of Salvation. Yes, total consecration and surrender to Me is identical with perfect imitation of Christ".

The soul who lives in blind trust in the power and the hidden Works of the One who was called by God to be the Golden Bridge between the human souls and His Heart, will become a party to the following Promise made by the Mistress of all souls:

"Dear souls, surrender yourselves completely to Me, your Mistress by virtue of a Divine Decree, so that I may set you free and can turn you into small lights that put the darkness to shame. I am the Gate of the great Temple that is called Christ. Enter through Me by a total consecration to the Mistress of all souls, and you will experience the fullness of Christ".

The logo of the Maria Domina Animarum Work, the channel that was created by the Queen of Heaven and is inspired, guided and led exclusively by Her, expresses the desire of the soul consecrated to Mary for 'the coming of the Kingdom of Mary, so that God’s Kingdom may come'. The Heavenly Queen Herself says about this:

"This is the Reign of Mary: Whatever is pining away under all influences of the world, is enriched in the Mistress of all souls owing to Her perfect holiness and by Her unlimited power within the workings of Divine Justice and Mercy. The fruit of all this is new Life, unrecognizable in comparison with the old one. That which is worldly, dark, dying, sick, ailing, becomes Heavenly, radiant of Light and effervescent of True Life. That is the deep sense of total consecration. Life never ends for the soul who lives in, with and for Me".

A bit later on the Mother of God complemented these words saying:

"Only that is total consecration to Me: loving acceptance of all trials, in serenity and peace of heart, knowing that all this is transient. Why worry about things that are transient? Only one thing never passes: an Eternal Life in darkness or in the Light of God's countenance. The choice is the soul's to make, and she does so through the way she leads her life on earth".

Life in true consecration to the Holy Virgin, the Mother of the Divine Redeemer, is a life of self-denying Love. The soul consecrated to Mary accepts everything. This does not mean that she will condone the darkness, which she is without any doubt going to find on her path through life, especially since a life as a soul who is totally consecrated to Mary is unavoidably a life at the front in the war between the Light and the darkness. It does mean, however, that, in the force of true Love and in the spirit of the misunderstood, mocked, persecuted, flogged and – according to worldly standards – unjustly condemned Christ, she is going to surrender this darkness to the workings of Divine Mercy and Justice, which may not even out many things in the world of temporary things, but certainly and infallibly does so in eternity: both the good things (everything which has been a bearer of Love) and the bad things (everything which has served the darkness and has thereby hindered, defiled, damaged, harmed or seemingly even devastated God’s Works of Love). Seemingly, indeed, for God restores everything in His time. If He should fail to do so, His creation would become irreparably unbalanced. If He should allow for this to happen He would thereby repudiate the signature which He himself has engraved in all His Works and through which He bears witness to their Divine Origin and therefore their indestructibility. Indestructible are also the sacrifices made by the soul consecrated to Mary, the soul who truly sanctifies the sacred covenant of consecration in all her doings and in all her deepest, most secret dispositions, for they are clothed with the seal of the Queen of Heaven, the Mediatrix of all Graces, and are thereby directly engaged in the completion of the Works and Plans of God.

Therefore, blessed is the soul who allows for the words Totus Tuus ego sum, Maria, et omnia mea Tua sunt (I am entirely Yours, Mary, and all that belongs to me, is yours) to be written in her heart by the hand of the Heavenly Queen Herself, with the Fire of Her perfect Love, and who practices and experiences these words in daily life as the Constitution that is invested with the ability to unfailingly direct her path through life towards the Gate of the Eternal Kingdom. In her wept and unwept tears this soul is going to leave seeds of Love to the world, for wherever Love has bloomed the field of God’s Kingdom is being prepared.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,
Myriam, August 2018

The teachings by the Mistress of all souls are based entirely on the active engagement of souls in the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, which is going to be completed with the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures. In this completion lies the absolute prime of the effects proceeding from the Works of Redemption wrought by God’s Son Jesus Christ.

Bearing this goal in mind, the Mother of God aims at educating souls to perfectly practice total consecration to Her. This is why all Her teachings are interspersed with in-depth instructions aiming at achieving the greatest possible fruitfulness in a life of total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Mary, the Mother of Christ.

There is hardly one single inspiration by the Mistress of all souls to Myriam in which the sacred covenant of total consecration to Mary is not at least among the topics discussed. To refer to only a few of the most important and most profound texts dealing with true, deeply practiced consecration to Mary:

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