Invitation from Mary to the Souls

Teaching by the Most Blessed Virgin MARY to

Myriam van Nazareth
In November 2018 the Holy Virgin Mary granted Myriam the following brief teaching:

"God made His creation as a vast network of channels and junctions of Light, which are all interconnected. God’s major Work, although it is not perceptible for the human senses, consists herein that He keeps sending streams of Light through this network every single moment, in the form of immense waves of Divine Love. The darkness on the other hand, keeps trying to disrupt this network, to defile it, to weaken it, and where possible to destroy it altogether. To that end the darkness keeps fathoming all human souls in an endeavour to manipulate their weaknesses, their susceptibility to being tempted by dark influences in such a way as to make sure these souls, their entire behaviour and all of their inner dispositions can be used for the benefit of the works of destruction wrought by the evil one.
This is how the darkness makes human souls drift off from their only true mission in life: the mission as tools at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Works through their voluntarily and actively practicing true Love towards God and all their fellow creatures, which is the only disposition making them a point of light within the network of creation".

One day later the Queen of Heaven spoke:

"On the eve of the feast of My Son as the King of creation I should point to every Christian’s vocation to bring the Works of Christ to completion within himself, through voluntary, active, spontaneous and persistent dedication of his entire life and his inner dispositions towards all his fellow creatures, in stainless self-denial. Without this dedication Christ can not be the King of the soul and His Kingdom within the soul will gradually be occupied more and more thoroughly by the prince of darkness, who is not going to leave one stone upon another".

When God created man, He granted the soul the gift of eternal life. He longed for all souls to share with Him eternal Heavenly bliss after their lives on earth. Since Divinity is perfect, the souls can only live in His Presence if they are perfectly pure themselves, for the force of Divine Life, which expresses itself in Love, which in turn is the source of all creation, Redemption and sanctification, is so overwhelming that the creature is only able to assimilate it in proportion as its inner dispositions resemble the inner state of Divinity Itself. Ever since the demons received permission to subject the souls on earth to trials, life on earth has been subject to a great many defiling influences. Therefore a vast majority of souls is not ready to enter Heaven after their lives on earth are finished: They could not bear the overwhelming flow of Divine Love, they would be crushed by it. In November 2015 the Mistress of all souls revealed to Myriam the following interesting thesis: "Only fire will not be scorched in fire. Therefore the soul will not be able to stand the atmosphere of the Heavens until she has become a pure flame of loving fire herself". Literally this would mean that it is not possible for a soul to enter into Heaven as long as her Love has not been thoroughly and completely purified, for Mary is referring here to the fire of perfect Love the Heavens are completely filled with.

Therefore God created purgatory: a state of purification in which souls are enabled, after their lives on earth, to redeem their debts from sins, faults and shortcomings or omissions which they have failed to confess or which they have insufficiently compensated for while still alive, through suffering in the soul, until they have acquired the state of purity necessary to enjoy the Presence of God and of His Representative towards the souls: Mary, the Most Blessed Virgin. Let us never forget that sins, faults and omissions are nothing short of violations of God’s Law of True Love.

Due to the fact the demons have been allowed to subject the souls on earth to trials, life on earth is prey to many defiling influences. After the original sin, the first sin committed by the first souls ever created by God, all souls were marked with a stain, which made it impossible to attain stainless purity (holiness). Therefore God announced His Plan of Salvation for mankind: All souls were to be given the opportunity to sanctify themselves and thereby, in spite of the original sin, acquire eternal bliss and contribute each to the upliftment of all humanity to an increasingly high level of salvation (purity, the ability to let God’s power flow, thus generally speaking a state resembling the inner disposition of God Himself). The stain from the original sin, however, acts within the soul like a leak, through which the vital force of Divine Life oozes away, thus lessening the fruitfulness of any works the soul may perform in the way of contributions to God’s Plan of Salvation. In order to be able to make the soul leak-proof and to provide for the opportunity to regain the strength of Divine Life in herself, a counterweight had to be found for the effects of the original sin. This counterweight had to meet such high standards that mankind was not able to provide it by its own efforts.

That is why God decided to send His Son Jesus Christ into the world as the Messiah and Saviour. According to a Divine rule, the debt of sins could be redeemed (settled) through a strict pursuit of a pattern of living which makes the soul grow after God’s image. This pattern is composed of three major components: true Love for God and for all fellow creatures, genuine acceptance and consecration of all trials and crosses of the soul’s journey through life, and obedience to all of God’s instructions. The Divine Saviour would be the One to come and teach the souls how to live in accordance with this pattern. Jesus taught true Love to the souls, He taught them the tremendous redeeming power of all suffering that is accepted wholeheartedly and without the slightest protest, and He taught them obedience to Divine Laws through His Teachings in the Gospel, the Teachings of Divine Truth.

Jesus taught mankind the Way to perfection in the field of these three components: perfect Love means leading a life without sin, perfect suffering means perfect acceptance and consecration of all trials and crosses of life, and perfect obedience means acceptance of all Divine rules. These rules were taught by Jesus in the Gospel and through the example of His most holy Life.

God had ordained that the Life of Jesus Christ was to end in terrible Suffering which would enable mankind to overcome the effects of the original sin. That is exactly the deep meaning of Redemption: Jesus has unlocked the door to salvation, but each soul individually must cross the threshold towards salvation. Only then can the soul complete Redemption in herself. Otherwise the heritage which Jesus has left to each soul, will not be of any use. Jesus unlocked the door. However, Jesus is the Son of God. So Redemption was still incomplete, for God’s Law also provides that nothing can be changed in creation if man does not demonstrate, by a correct use of his free will, his desire to increasingly resemble God. So the human soul is expected to complete the actual effects of Redemption. God proved His overwhelming Love for the souls by investing a created soul with unparalleled powers as stepping stones to an absolutely perfect sanctity: Mary, whom He preserved free from the effects of the original sin, and whom He built to be a Shrine worthy of bearing, and giving birth to, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, as a 'Human Being'. Just like Jesus, Mary lived completely according to the pattern of absolute perfection in Love, suffering and obedience.

God went even further with Mary. He granted Her total wisdom and unlimited power over all created souls in Heaven, on earth and under the earth. Mary was to complete the Divine Plan of Salvation in Her capacity as the Representative of God towards the souls and as the Representative of the souls towards God. She lived a life of total consecration to God. All Her life She consecrated to God everything She met on Her path, everything that went on inside Her Heart, and all Her words and actions. Thereby She complemented, in a manner of speaking, the unlocking of sanctification of all mankind, which had been initiated by Jesus Christ. God had ordained that a created soul of the human race was to repeat in Her own life and on behalf of all created souls God’s victory over the darkness, which Jesus had sealed with His Passion, Death on the Cross, Resurrection and Ascension. To that end He destined Mary to be the incontestable Mistress of all souls by virtue of a Divine Decree.

When the crucified Jesus spoke the words: "Woman, behold Thy son; behold thy Mother", He thereby confirmed the Divine Decree by virtue of which mankind of all ages was committed to Mary’s care. On Mount Calvary Mary became the Mother, Guide, Teacher, Example for the possibilities open to the created soul, and Mistress (which She was predestined to be for all the ages). The souls now had JESUS CHRIST as an Example of a Divine nature and incarnated to be a Man in the order of grace, and MARY as an Example of a human nature yet 'divinized' in the order of grace: Divinity and the created soul concluded a celestial marriage that had been desired both by God (in Jesus) and by the souls (in Mary). Thus the foundation of the Divine Plan of Salvation was completed. Now the edifice had to be erected.

God does not leave the souls to fend for themselves. The Gospel was left to mankind. In these Last Times Mary is sent to the souls in an intensive, unprecedented way to complete the edifice. She does so in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. The Mistress of all souls leads all souls to the absolute summit of practicing the cardinal virtues: Love, Faith and Hope. In all revelations and teachings She has been giving to mankind through Her Myriam van Nazareth in the course of the past years (beginning in 1997), Mary appears to be the perfect Teacher as to the practice of:

    • Love: She teaches the souls how to lead a life in all virtues, which, ultimately, are all branches on the trunk of the tree of Love;

    • Faith: She raises souls from their superficial approach towards life, which is often geared only to the material, the worldly elements of life, and leads them to the deeper Truths of God as sources of a complete rebirth. Among other things this appears from Her repeated teachings on the deeper sense and value of suffering, trials, and of the total consecration to Her;

    • Hope: Throughout the writings of Myriam van Nazareth Mary conveys messages of great hope and encouragement for the souls who are prepared to follow Her to the utmost.

Mary, the Mistress of all souls, has no other intentions but to complete the Divine Plan of Salvation in its actual effect in the individual soul. With a view to accomplishing this, She now extends the following double invitation to you:
  1. Consecrate yourself totally, unconditionally and forever to Her as the Mistress of all souls;

  2. Join all like-minded souls in building a CHAIN OF LIGHT.

Thus Mary promises:

"I, Mary, the Mistress of all souls, have received from God the unlimited power to force Satan and his following to their knees, to humiliate them once and for all and to render their works ineffective. At My word the key which Jesus Christ inserted into the lock of the door to God’s Kingdom on earth, shall be turned once and for all and the world shall be purified of all misery. In order to obtain this grace, I need an army of soldiers who are prepared to go to any length for Me in the victory over themselves" (MARY to Myriam van Nazareth, July 3, 2008).

What is expected of you?

1. Total, unconditional and eternal consecration of your entire being to Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. This means:

  • try and find out about all of your own weaknesses, your susceptibility to temptations and worldly attachments, and fight them;
  • flee from all sin and temptation;
  • be a living sun of Love, Peace, helpfulness, hope and encouragement for all your fellow creatures, so that your mere presence may be like the blooming of spring for your entire environment;
  • share anything with Mary, in any element of daily life, and consecrate everything you see, hear, feel, think, do, speak and long for, to Mary, as an overall offering and with a view to advancing your own purification and sanctification;
  • implore with Mary each day for the sanctification of all souls and the final disarmament of all evil.

The fruits of this way of living will be an ever increasing inner peace (the true Peace of Christ), and a steady and rapid growth toward true happiness, even while still living on earth. This is due to the influx of Divine Grace in exchange for your efforts to live in pursuit of both examples of perfection: Jesus and Mary.

2. Build a chain of Light
In January 2006 Mary said to Myriam van Nazareth:

"It is of the utmost importance that all souls consecrated to Mary should join hands to build a chain of Light through their fervent prayers, sacrifices and consecrated trials and burdens, in order to overcome evil".

Jesus already said that He had come to bring fire into the world. As Christians of the Last Times we are under the obligation to be flames that spread the fire of true Love and the light of Truth. By joining forces, we can thus build a true chain of Light. This chain will serve to tie Satan and his following of darkness up, and to throttle their works.

The Mistress of all souls is the Bearer of the Fire of Christ (Divine power) and of the Holy Spirit (Divine wisdom). Through our relentless effort She will force all darkness on its knees at Her feet and dispel all perversion, blindness and ignorance. God is the Sun, Mary bears the Sun’s rays to each and every corner of creation. In Her victory over the darkness God’s Plan of Salvation will find its completion. Therefore, become a soldier of Light today, so that through your contribution the Light may truly shine in the darkness.

We refer to prayer nr. 1065, which can be found under Prayers > Mary’s Flower Garden.

On January 26, 2008, the Mistress of all souls expressed Herself in a public revelation as to what She understands by Her Chain of Light:

"I have created a Chain of Light because I longed for a rebirth of the dispositions characterizing the young Church of Jesus after He had ascended into Heaven. Whatever I create cannot be torn down by human hands, for it is a Work conceived and built in accordance with God’s Plan. The true force of the Chain lies with Me. The Holy Spirit is the One inspiring Life into the Chain. The links of the Chain of Light are the souls who are determined to live by My teachings and who allow these teachings to determine their attitude towards life and to be the rule they live by.

The Chain of Light is founded on all the theses I teach and to which have referred by the name of Science of Divine Life. The Science of Divine Life is what I teach in all the Revelations I announce directly through the mouth and the pen of My prophet as well as in all the teachings I have sowed into My prophet’s heart for them to germinate there and to be sent into the world from there.

I am pleased when seeing My seeds in the Chain of Light start to germinate. In you all I can gradually recognize the dispositions which prevailed in the young Church of which I was the uncrowned Queen. In a manner of speaking the Chain of Light enables Me to continue My life on earth. For me the days of the young Church were days during which I had the opportunity to allow the gifts God had given Me to bloom to the fullest. They were the days of the fullness of Sorrows – a time in which the Sorrows in the very depths of My soul got the opportunity to fully mature and be completed – but they were also the days of My most intimate mystical unity with God.

The young Church of Christ was, in its own way, also a Chain of Light. It grew and bloomed on the inspirations from the Holy Spirit, on following My instructions and advice, on the desire to hold on to the inspiring Presence of Jesus, and on the yearning prevailing in the hearts involved, to experience Divine Life in all their actions and in all their words. All of this comes to life for Me again, in the Chain of Light I have built with those who truly and sincerely follow Me. Each link wants to be there for every other link, wanting to explore the heights of Divine Life together and to brave the worldly trials together. (...)"

Moreover, in Her public Revelation of January 17, 2009, the Mistress explained:

"Dear souls, total consecration of your lives and of your entire beings to Me, is the absolute confirmation of the fact you do accept your wonderful legacy as children of God.

In the soul who consecrates herself completely to Me I am enabled to develop the capacity to perfectly follow Jesus, by nourishing her so deeply with Divine Light that all her actions and words, and even her most hidden thoughts and desires, are able to spread Light and to turn it on in others. Within the soul who gives herself totally to Me, I gradually illuminate all inner processes, everything which goes on inside of her, and all her intentions, so that all her actions and words may follow the right tracks. As soon as an intention is born in a soul, she starts looking for a way to elaborate it. Not every good deed is automatically fruitful. The soul can perform a deed which is in itself good, and yet not do her fellow person a good turn by performing it, as far as the latter’s spiritual development is concerned. She then gives honey, which turns bitter in the soul of her fellow man, even if the latter eagerly accepts this honey, or actually longs for it.

I possess the wisdom to enlighten the heart, so that, in due time, the soul sees whether it is right to perform a certain action or not, or to speak a certain word or not, all this with a view to contributing to the salvation of her fellow man. In proportion as the soul’s surrender to Me becomes more complete, I will live in and through her more strongly, and all her actions and words will become bearers of ever greater amounts of Light. It is My vocation to make the Light of Christ grow in every soul. To that end I need the total surrender of each soul to Me. May the souls constantly call upon Me through this brief prayer: 'Mary, be the Mistress of my entire being. Live and rule in and through me, so that Divine Light may completely illuminate me'. Each beam of Light I am allowed to send into a soul will expel from her an element of darkness. In proportion as the Light grows stronger, the soul will start to feel more free, happier and more peaceful. This is how I wrap a chain of Light around the world. (...)"

By Chain of Light the Queen of Heaven understands the harmonious spiritual joining of hands among souls who find one another in prayer and in the spirit of the Science of Divine Life at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation. Through the Chain of Light Mary also aims for a rebirth of perfect solidarity among the souls, similar to the way it was in the days of the Acts of the Apostles. In those days the young community of Christians allowed the principles of Christian life to take root. The Mistress ardently longs for new life to be inspired into those roots through Her Chain of Light.

The Most Blessed Virgin Mary keeps repeating that the life of every soul has got but two purposes:

  1. her own sanctification;

  2. making her personal contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, which must be crowned in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Mary calls upon the souls of Her Chain of Light, those who have consecrated themselves totally to Her, to engage in a joint offensive of Light to bring forward the coming of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Hence this invitation extended to all souls, to address, as of today and on a daily basis, the following prayer to the Mistress of all souls, so that the Chain of Light may bring to bloom the seed of Eternal Spring, which was sown by Jesus’ Sacrifice on the Cross.

Heaven is waiting for the flowers of our hearts to expel from the earth the ill weeds of all works of darkness.

The coming of God’s Kingdom on earth now lies in our hands! Let us now join hands in opting for a world that is bathing in the fullness of Love and Peace of Christ, and is free from the misery of sin and darkness.

We gladly refer you to prayer nr. 1192, which you can find under Prayers > Mary’s Flower Garden.

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Chain of Light – important info


From letters written to our Work some years ago we learned there were souls who wanted to become a member of the Chain of Light, yet did not know what this actually meant.

The Chain of Light is not the name of some community or prayer group, it is an invisible chain forged by the Mistress of all souls in preparation for the final victory of the Woman over the serpent from hell. The Queen of Heaven invites the souls to build a chain of prayer, sacrifices and persistent practice of Her teachings, which aim at revealing the fullness of God’s Truth. The Chain of Light is the tool through which She wants to help spread God’s Light all over the world and, as She Herself phrases it, to chain Satan up.

Thus the Chain of Light is:

  • to the Mistress of all souls a symbol of Her power over the devil;
  • to God an instrument for the advancement of the establishment of His Kingdom on earth, and
  • to the 'members' of this Chain (its links, which are joined together by Mary) an invitation to transform themselves gradually into Light, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, becoming a 'member' of the Chain of Light actually means practicing a heart-felt consecration to Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls (Mary’s most sublime and all-embracing capacity, in which God has been wanting to let Her be known in this era) in a spirit of true and sincere following of the writings She is inspiring within the framework of the Science of Divine Life.

The Science of Divine Life, the whole of the teachings through which the Mistress of all souls:

  • is trying to bring the tremendous treasures of Christian Truth to new life in the souls;
  • is trying to deepen this knowledge within the souls, and
  • is teaching the souls to put this knowledge into practice in the most fruitful way,

is offered you through all the writings you can find on this website and in the writings emanating from the Maria Domina Animarum Work in Belgium. Only the writings originating with both of these sources can rightly be regarded as authentical inspirations from the Mistress of all souls.

The Chain of Light is working on:
         the sanctification of souls and
         the final defeat of Satan

in order to complete the
         Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

as the bridge to the final
         establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth

for the benefit of the
         accomplishment of true happiness and
         to ban all misery from the face of the earth