Invitation by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

through Myriam van Nazareth

The Queen of Heaven and earth wants to teach all souls about the spiritual meaning of darkness and misery. She requests that the following very important invitations for prayer be launched, and emphatically advises for the prayers 1373, 1389, 1396 and 1414 to be used together, as a powerful weapon of Her Chain of Light against all darkness and misery in the world. These invitations for prayer are followed by a profound teaching on the spiritual background of all misery in the world and Mary’s invitation to opt for the spiritual way towards a world without misery and darkness.

Words/invitation by the Mother of God,
released by Her for publication in August 2017:

"Day after day this world is witness to billions of violations against true Love, which in their entirety make the layer of darkness covering the whole of creation grow thicker and thicker and make it harder and harder for souls to feel God’s Light and Love and to have faith in it.
With the following prayer I give you an extraordinarily powerful weapon to help reverse the devastating effects of these violations and turn them against the darkness. The soul can implore My intercession in order that using this weapon may give rise to the darkness being deprived of its power over mankind in that all of its inspirations are converted into Light and Love for all creation. The more human souls will address this prayer to Me with all their hearts, genuinely and with confidence, the more the power of darkness will be weakened.
I inspire you seven categories of serious violations against Love. It is not always possible to separate these categories very strictly, as they partly merge one into the other. Together, however, they encompass all sources of misery to which this world is witness.
Regard this prayer as Divine Water which aids in cleansing all of creation of all misery and all effects and traces thereof. This prayer is intended to make a concrete contribution to bringing forward the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.
It is my wish that the words of this prayer should also give rise to deep reflections".


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, powerful Terror of demons,
By way of glorification of the omnipotence of Jesus Christ, of His Cross of Redemption and of Divine Love I consecrate to You all acts and dispositions of human souls through which darkness has been, and is being, brought upon creation.
All inspirations of darkness human souls have acted upon, and every occasion which is likely to tempt souls into doing works of darkness, I entrust to Your unlimited power upon God’s Heart, so that all of this may be converted into Divine Light and Divine Love which can invalidate the works of darkness and are able to dispel the effects of such works from creation. I implore the deployment of Your Heavenly power over:

  1. every occasion, in the whole world, on which a person has committed acts of maltreatment, sadism, abuse or torture against a fellow creature.
  2. every occasion, in the whole world, on which a person has committed acts of mental or moral cruelty or humiliation against a fellow creature, or has robbed a fellow creature of its dignity.
  3. every occasion, in the whole world, on which a person has preferred material interests and chasing after material profits over a fellow creature’s well-being or to the detriment of the well-being or balance of God’s nature, or to the detriment of their own spiritual salvation or the salvation of fellow people.
  4. every occasion, in the whole world, on which a person has harboured dispositions of selfishness, hedonism, pride, need for admiration and esteem, indifference or lack of inner peace to the detriment of a fellow creature and has, on account of such dispositions, inflicted harm or has yielded to committing crime in any way whatsoever.
  5. every occasion, in the whole world, on which a person has uttered a curse or invoked evil against a fellow creature or has allowed acts or dispositions of deliberate destruction of life or of the vital spirits of a fellow creature to arise inside their hearts.
  6. every occasion, in the whole world, on which a person has made himself the master of life and death of a fellow creature.
  7. every occasion, in the whole world, on which a person has in any way whatsoever taken God’s place, banned God from creation, undermined a fellow person's faith in God's Works or God’s Love or has made it harder to revere God.

Oh Queen of Heaven and earth, powerful Mediatrix of Graces and Terror of demons, do multiply the effects of this consecration by the unlimited power of Your perfect Love and by the tremendous power of:

  1. each pain of sincere remorse felt by all human souls all over the world.
  2. each act and disposition of sincere self-denial of all human souls all over the world.
  3. each act and disposition of sincere forgiveness of all human souls all over the world.
  4. each sincere and loving acceptance of daily crosses and trials by all people all over the world, and all sufferings of all creatures all over the world.
  5. each act, each word and every disposition of sincere Love towards a fellow creature, towards God and towards creation on the part of all human souls all over the world.

By way of sealing this supplication I give You the disposal of my daily journey through life. Praised be the Most Holy Trinity and Its Eternal Law of true Love, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (make the sign of the Cross).

Words spoken by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary
on September 24, 2017, feast of Mary as the Ransom of captives:

"It is My wish that the prayer I am about to inspire you should be used together with prayer nr. 1373. Together both prayers make for a powerful offensive against all darkness and misery in the world.
I emphatically point to the fact that all misery which is currently shaping the face of this world like it has never done before bears testimony to a heavy distortion of the balance set by God for all creation. This distortion results from the tremendous proliferation of sin and vice through which God’s Law of True Love is violated billions of times day after day. In truth I tell you that the balance of creation can be redressed only through an intense offensive of prayer on a foundation of the most drastic reorientation of the souls towards the Heart of God, through a persistent application of self-denying Love by human souls towards all fellow creatures Divine Providence leads towards their paths through life.
The misery of this world results from sin, and can only be banned from the face of the earth by a total renewal of the souls’ inner dispositions. God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace can only be established on earth to the extent to which Jesus Christ is truly enabled to live inside the hearts. His Coming is not some external event, it can be accomplished only inside individual hearts. That is where God’s Kingdom on earth is to take root.
Now I am going to inspire you, in the form of a prayer, the ten major forms of all misery in the world, and I give you this inspiration in My capacity as the Ransom of captives. It is My wish that souls should also use this prayer within the framework of some thorough and sincere soul searching, because banning all misery from the world must begin in each individual heart, as each soul was intended by God to be an instrument for the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation, which, at bottom, is a Plan of actually living perfect Love. Only perfect, self-denying Love turns a soul into an image of God".


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Mary, Bridge between Heaven and earth, filled with Divine Light and Love by Your persevering in the most sublime purity, to You my heart is calling out to obtain Your powerful intercession for the purification of this world of all misery.
Oh Mother of every human, day after day God’s creation keeps suffering by billions of violations committed all over the world against God’s Law of Love, because human souls keep using their free will to perform acts and harbour thoughts, feelings and wishes that serve the darkness instead of serving the accomplishment of God’s ideal of True Love and Peace among all creatures. Therefore I now offer You all sources of misery in this world:

  1. I offer You all materialism, greed, hedonism, all pursuit of profit and material wealth.
  2. I offer You all selfishness, all indifference to the well-being and to the needs of fellow creatures, both humans and animals.
  3. I offer You all insensitivity, lack of Love and lack of respect in dealing with fellow creatures, both humans and animals.
  4. I offer You all conceit, pride, self-assertion and every case of any human, in any place in the world, wanting to appear important.
  5. I offer You all blindness to God’s Law of Love, to all sin and temptation, and to the darkness in actions which are not disapproved of by human laws, yet are not in accordance with God’s Law.
  6. I offer You every form of dissatisfaction with all ensuing resentment, vengefulness, aggression, abuse and any expressions of a criminal disposition.
  7. I offer You all jealousy and any negative feelings towards fellow creatures.
  8. I offer You all sacrileges, all blasphemy, all desecration of the Church, Sacraments and liturgy, for all of this defies Divine Justice.
  9. I offer You all sins which have never been sincerely confessed with true remorse and which therefore weigh on creation like a debt which has never been redeemed.
  10. I offer You all unbridled distortions of the balance in nature, all damage inflicted by humans upon the animal kingdom, plant life and the environment.

Oh Queen of Heaven and earth, from the bottom of my heart I offer You all these sources of misery and implore you:

  • by virtue of all trials, crosses, sufferings and sorrows which have ever been endured in this world;
  • by virtue of all trials, crosses, sufferings and sorrows of my own life;
  • by virtue of the unlimited power of Jesus Christ’s redeeming Sufferings;
  • by virtue of Your absolutely perfect Love and Your perfect will never, in Your entire life, to commit any sin nor any vice, and
  • by virtue of all holy Masses which have ever been celebrated in this world, and all holy Sacraments which have ever been respectfully received,

do turn all misery ever suffered in this world and still being suffered this very day, against the darkness like an all-consuming fire of Love, in order that this world may be completely purified of all misery and that God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace may soon be established in every single human heart.

I implore Your intercession in all of this through the omnipotence of the Cross, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).

Third invitation by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary
on October 24, 2017:

When inspiring the following prayer the Holy Virgin Mary pointed to the fact that every single day in this world billions of actions, words, thoughts, feelings and wishes emanating from human souls are laden with darkness through which they harm fellow creatures in some way or other (often not immediately or not directly noticeable). These bullets of darkness shroud God’s creation in a fog. However, Divine Grace provides for a setoff in the form of prayers like the nr. 1396 below, which is invested with a Heavenly force intended to help incapacitate such darkness, thereby making God’s Presence in this world more noticeable again. If this prayer is used on a large scale it has the potential to become a powerful weapon in the battle of the Light against the darkness, a battle which is pre-eminently shaping these Last Times.

Important: The Holy Virgin adds the following observation: "Do understand this correctly. Rendering darkness ineffective through this prayer is the fruit of an intervention from Divine Mercy, which is paid for with the fire of Love produced by souls praying in all honesty. This intermediary does not automatically free souls who enwrap fellow creatures in darkness, from their guilt".


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, powerful Mother of Christ and Mediatrix of all Graces,
With my whole life and my entire being as a pledge I implore You to take unlimited control of all darkness in this world.
May by virtue of Christ’s Works of Redemption and through Your intermediary with the omnipotent Eternal Love every action, every word, every thought, every feeling and every wish through which human souls anywhere in this world enwrap fellow creatures in darkness, return as arrows burning with the fire of Love to the souls with whom they have originated, to awaken in them a true understanding, remorse and a complete conversion.
May this uninterrupted rain of arrows burning with Love submerge this world in oceans of Light invalidating all darkness, and may each and every temptation in souls be extinguished by the power of sincere self-denying Love, for only true Love is the cradle of God’s Kingdom within the soul.

The Queen of Heaven inspired the following prayer mentioning She intends this one and prayer nr. 1389 (Consecration to counteract all misery in the world) to be complementary. Therefore this prayer 1414, too, can be regarded as being part of Her major invitation entitled Reversing the darkness.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, powerful Woman who, according to God’s Promise, will crush the satan’s head in order to ring in the final establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, to You my entire being is calling out for the complete annihilation of all works of darkness in this world to be precipitated.
By virtue of the Christ’s Works of Redemption and of Your eternal Sorrows I most emphatically consecrate to You all acts and dispositions of sincere Love and of readiness to make sacrifices mankind has ever displayed, in order that You may offer them to God so as to obtain an unparallelled outpouring of His Mercy upon this world.
May all human souls be permanently flooded with a wave of Divine Love eradicating:

  1. all blindness to the celestial reality, to God’s Works and Plans, and to their actual spiritual development and dispositions.
    May they thus learn to add sense to all of their trials and problems, dispose of any inclination towards worldly ways of thinking and aspiring, and turn their backs on all modernism which tends to relegate God’s real needs for the sake of promoting and serving secular developments and worldly pseudo interests.
    I implore for all souls, that they may get fully geared to God and to serving His Works and Plans, that they may crave for true Wisdom above anything, and that they may gain a more profound understanding of God’s Truth, of all manipulations and wiles of the darkness, and of the paths to true sanctity.
  2. all materialism, every tendency to focus primarily on their material needs and desires and to give priority to their worldly goals.
    I implore for all souls, that they may acquire a high level of spiritualization and of liberating themselves from any addiction to obtaining material possessions and from their inclination to fall prey to the attractions of material pseudo needs.

  3. all hedonism and every inclination to revolt against all trials and crosses of life.
    I implore for all souls, that they may acquire a high level of readiness to make sacrifices and to detach themselves from needs in a spirit of true following of Jesus Christ, in full awareness of the fact the world’s Salvation from the darkness will be accomplished only to the extent the souls unite with the Messiah’s Sacrifice from the bottom of their hearts.

  4. all selfishness, lack of Love, lack of empathy and indifference towards all their fellow creatures and all of the latter’s needs.
    I implore for all souls, that they may truly blossom in the field of self-denying Love for all their fellow creatures and for God’s creation, and that they may develop a spontaneous ability to truly empathize with all their fellow creatures.

  5. all arrogance, pride, self-elevation, conceitedness, vanity, pursuit of recognition and any inclination to think highly of themselves and to crave for being important in the eyes of their fellow man.
    I implore for all souls, that they may acquire a disposition of genuine humility and simplicity, and that they may cultivate an inclination to stop giving overdue weight to the opinions and comments of others towards them.

So as to be more worthy to obtain this supreme Divine favour I put myself and my entire life undividedly, and in a spirit of total consecration to You, at the service of God’s Works, and I offer You the countless times mankind has been serving the works of the darkness.
May the effects of all works of darkness in this world be completely undone, and may the Kingdom of God soon be permanently established on earth, thus glorifying true Love and accomplishing God’s intention that this world should become a realm of perfect Love, Peace and harmony among all creatures. (make the sign of the Cross).

On the spiritual background of misery in the world
and the way towards a world without misery

On various occasions the Queen of Heaven and earth, in Her teachings, has been pointing to the real sources of all misery in the world, the ones working on an even deeper level than the causes we are able to see and put our fingers on. Moreover She keeps emphasizing the fact the golden way back out of this misery lies hidden in the human souls’ strictly going through it together with Her, in a disposition of true consecration to Her.

The original sin, as well as the endless chain of sins committed by subsequent generations, has saddled humanity with an ever-increasing indebtedness in the face of Divine Justice. This indebtedness has, in turn, engendered a serious imbalance in creation. All the misery we witness around us, such as wars, combat, discord, any lack of Love, hunger, poverty, natural disasters and a relentless spread of sin and vice, is the result of this imbalance. Evil incessantly increases its power over humanity because, by sinning, souls keep increasing the effects of Satan’s power. God had predetermined that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary would be the one to gain the victory over Satan. Mary was the only human being conceived without blemish, which means that Her soul is free from the original sin. From Her, Jesus Christ – the Son of God – was to be born in order to save humanity from the effects of the original sin – eternal damnation – by suffering and dying on the cross.

To allow Jesus’ Works of Redemption to serve and benefit you, it is necessary for you to follow in Jesus’ wake throughout your journey through life by aiming for perfection in all the virtues (Love, purity, honesty, integrity, tolerance, spirit of sacrifice and reconciliation…) and by loving acceptance of your daily crosses (daily burdens, trials and tribulations, sufferings, diseases, worries). This is the path that leads to eternal happiness in heaven, and helps to reduce humanity’s indebtedness and to limit the power of evil, thus purifying the world of all misery.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has received the power to help complete the effects of Christ’s Work of Redemption in the world and to banish Satan from the world forever. Yet She is allowed to make use of this power only to the extent that souls request this of Her through fervent prayer and through total consecration of their lives to Her. Why should this be so? Because God always respects man’s free will.

So in these Last Times a great deal of your personal happiness and that of the whole world lies in the hands of Mary. Do you long for eternal bliss after your earthly life and an earthly existence in a world without misery but full of Love and Peace? Then consecrate your whole being, your whole life and all that is yours, to Mary.

Do not waste your daily troubles, rather consecrate yourself totally to Mary and live this consecration with your whole being. Thus, your daily crosses will gain heaven for you after this life, free the world from all misery and glorify God.

In Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls Mary devised Her Chain of Light as a weapon against all darkness and misery in the world. This is the purpose She had in mind for it:

The Chain of Light works towards:

the sanctification of souls and
the final defeat of Satan

in order to accomplish the

Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart

as a stepping stone towards the final

establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth

for the benefit of the

accomplishment of happiness and the expulsion of all misery from the earth.

Man hardly realizes this, but the state the world is in is indeed determined ultimately by the state of grace of mankind as a whole. Constant prayer for the sanctification of all souls is an inevitable condition for the world to be purified of all evil which is responsible for all misery (hunger, war, crime, discord, lack of peace, etcetera). The more souls are in a state of disgrace the further the world is going to drift away from God’s intentions. A world which is no longer in accordance with God’s Law of Love is a breeding ground of evil and misery for all people, for mankind then cuts itself off from all gifts of grace God is willing to pour out on this world.

Winning every single human soul is the objective pursued in the battle between the Light (God) and the darkness (Satan). The soul burdens herself with a debt whenever she acts upon a temptation. Temptations are the inspirations through which the darkness aims at using each human soul for the accomplishment of works that are likely to get in the way of God’s Plans and thus defer the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. Every effect of the works the darkness has been able to accomplish through the billions of sins and vices committed in this world contributes to the misery we can witness in the world every single day. Every soul has got the ability to make active contributions towards 'undoing' this misery and helping dissolve this layer of darkness which is covering creation, so as to enable God’s Light to reach the 'gardens' of the souls more easily. This world was not inherently damned to remain a place of misery, it was innately intended to become a mirror of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Throughout the ages very many sins were committed in this world, which were never confessed and never repaired. On the contrary, the impact of many sins is aggravated even further by bitterness and vengeance. An example: Many war crimes were never confessed nor repaired, yet have created an aftermath of feelings of vengeance, maledictions, murder in the heart (in every event where a soul, in a state of bitterness, wishes death or destruction upon a person who is guilty of abusing or killing a fellow creature, for instance).

All this gives rise to the widest range of situations of imbalance in creation, which in turn result in misery, chaos, diseases, disasters etcetera.

A soul who, because of selfishness, allows Love to die inside, will soon fall prey to insensitivity, indifference to the needs of her fellow creatures, and aggression. This soul is unable to empathize with a fellow creature, and will never stop to consider what she would go through herself if she were treated without Love, nor what this means to God’s Heart. Through lack of inner Light (the death of the soul means an all-embracing spiritual eclipse) the soul no longer understands that each lack of Love and every trace of insensitivity towards her fellow creatures (both animals and humans!) burdens the whole of creation with more darkness and makes herself sink deeper and deeper into misery in the process. The Mistress of all souls once said that if the souls should pay a much greater respect and practice a much deeper Love towards the animals, even this alone would make the mountain of misery in this world considerably smaller.

Satan has tempted the human soul into rejecting Love, which has got serious and lasting consequences that continue to grow like a snowball. Each lack of Love breeds darkness and hence misery for all of creation. Where Love is lacking, God’s actions are paralyzed, so to speak, because He will never force His preferences on anybody: If the soul opts for the darkness, she is going to reap darkness, in spite of all the Light God would like so much to give to her. However, the human soul in all her blindness fails to regard her own lack of Love as the source of all misery in the world, keeps digging deeper and deeper into the things of the world in her quest for 'solutions' for the problems of the world, and thus evidently only finds 'solutions' that do not contain any Light and are therefore not able to breed anything but children of darkness.

In countless souls this very same blindness has been replacing Love and the readiness to help by selfishness and possessiveness. Through this manipulation in vast numbers of human hearts the darkness has been able to establish materialism in this world, which has become an extraordinarily powerful weapon through which the darkness is ruling this world, is driving vast numbers of human souls away from God and is turning this world into a place of misery. Materialism is the way of life and the way of thinking according to which material needs engage all attention. The Mistress of all souls repeatedly pointed out earlier that the extent to which man’s being oriented towards satisfying material needs exceeds that which is actually necessary for man to live, is in truth a matter of creating pseudo needs, which soon give rise to man’s being attached to all worldly things and to drive man away from God and from the soul’s true, deep, spiritual needs. These true needs, which lie hidden deep inside the soul, are the need for sanctification and leading a life of which every detail serves the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. Both latter needs are the actual basic needs of each and every soul, because they constitute the only meaning of life, the sole purpose for which God sends a human soul into the world. These innate spiritual needs keep trying to orient the core of each soul towards God. One might metaphorically compare God’s Heart with a magnet attracting every single soul through this system. In proportion as man gets more attached to worldly things these deep basic spiritual needs of man are more and more neglected and the darkness gets more and more opportunities to use man for the accomplishment of its own plans and works, which aim at one single thing: devastating God’s Works, i.e. all of creation as well as every human soul’s sanctity. Sanctity is living in a state of grace which enables the soul to help bring salvation upon the world through all her actions and inner dispositions.

Due to the fact that, throughout the history of this world, this disposition of materialism has become the leading philosophy in countless human souls, the darkness has been gaining a tremendous power over this world. Basically this must be attributed to the fact materialism is by nature associated with a weakened experience and perception of true Love, thus giving rise to making the signs of God’s Presence and Works in the world ever less visible and tangible.

As the world with all its temptations and false promises knows perfectly well how to keep the souls under its spell, God, the great counterpart of all worldly things and the major stumbling block on the way towards an unhampered satisfaction of all worldly pseudo needs, is pointed to as the culprit for all and any misery.

It must be pointed out most emphatically that God is not the culprit causing all misery in the world, the human souls are the culprits, every time the use of their free will is at variance with God’s intentions. To God the human soul’s free will is sacred and inviolable.

It is a big mistake to believe God is indifferent enough to allow His creation to go down the drain. The works of devastation we witness in the world are not God’s doings, they are the mere effects of the oath Satan has taken towards devastating God’s creation and turning the earth into a kingdom of darkness, to be ruled by Satan as the master and with all creatures as totally submissive slaves serving the development of a realm of misery, unhappiness, entire lack of Love, and constant struggle and destruction. Most sarcastically Satan has chosen the human soul to be both the object and the instrument of his works of destruction. God had intended the human soul to be the crown on His perfect Works, His representative towards all creation, and to be the guardian of this planet (which is and remains God’s property; man is merely a tenant, not the owner). Through incessant inspirations Satan has been managing to have countless human souls actually do his dirty work for him by making them drift so far off from God that, in a manner of speaking, they are increasingly prone to do only works of darkness. They act upon these inspirations from the darkness through voluntary decisions not to do Works of Light but works of darkness. God will not counteract man’s free will. The responsibility for all the misery in the world is therefore to be found entirely in man’s inner dispositions.

Let us never forget this: The fact that vast amounts of contacts and dealings of humans with fellow people as well as with animals are not in accordance with God’s Law contributes tremendously to the darkness which is covering creation and which is laying a heavy burden of misery, sufferings and trials on our lives. This vast debt towards God’s Law requires compensation. Having regard to the fact God tries to implement His Law entirely through human souls He will first and foremost turn to the human souls to offer Him the sacrifice and consecration of trials which are borne with Love, by way of reparation and so as to restore the balance. The vast burden of sins results in the unimaginable misery of this world.

The fact that in an ever increasing number of human souls the incorporation of Divine Love is affected, has got serious consequences: Because of it, the flow of Divine Love through creation is getting weaker and weaker, so much so that the signs of God’s Presence in creation are getting weaker as well. This is the direct cause of all misery, all suffering, even of natural catastrophes in this world. The whole of creation (human souls, animals, plants and natural elements) suffers in the process, because the weakening of the flow of God’s Love and the countless interruptions of this flow in innumerable junctions within the network of creation gives rise to severe disruptions in the balance within the entire system of creation. The countless souls that fail to incorporate within themselves God’s Love, or do not incorporate it to an adequate extent, actually fail to accomplish the process of sanctification within themselves. Their acts, thoughts, feelings and wishes become increasingly less fruitful for God’s Works and Plans, and they are ever less capable of making their free will serve the Will of God. The latter, however, is the motor of all life within creation.

Creation is entirely fuelled by nothing but Love. Love is the essence of Divine Life. Whoever desires a better world, without misery yet filled with happiness, Peace and Love, had therefore better realize that Satan is constantly playing all creatures off against one another and seeing to it that all creatures keep weakening one another and at least devastate one another morally. This is exactly why there is so much discord and lack of peace among the souls.

Creation can only be restored, and all misery be dispelled from the face of the earth only in proportion as larger numbers of human souls take the fire of true Love to increasing numbers of fellow creatures (humans and animals, even the world of vegetation).

So there definitely is a way back: As soon as the human souls, on a large scale, will treat all their fellow creatures – both fellow persons and animals – with respect and sincere Love, and will no longer debase any of them, the intentions harboured by the darkness to completely undermine God’s Works and to immerse the latter in all kinds of misery, will be broken altogether. It is as simple as that, because this is God’s fundamental Law: Love breeds Light and Peace; lack of Love breeds darkness, dissatisfaction and misery in all of its forms.

God has entrusted His creation to the human souls. The latter have been surrendering to the darkness, thereby also giving creation up to the darkness in the process. Because of the fact that, on account of the Law of Divine Justice, God’s creation possesses a system through which any imbalance will give rise to finding a new balance, this heavily distorted creation is, in a manner of speaking, turning against the human souls. The souls are reaping the fruits of the seed of darkness they have been casting liberally for centuries. The result is a world which is filled with an inconceivable misery in countless different shapes. It is up to every single one of us to make their personal contributions to taking God’s creation back to its original state of grace. This is where the key can be found, and nowhere else: in profoundly, unconditionally and spontaneously practicing true Love, self-denial, willingness and readiness to serve all our fellow creatures, in other words: in living, thinking, feeling and aspiring in such ways that the soul and her entire inner life turns into a stainless mirror of God’s Heart. The way was shown to us in the Life of Christ, and comes very much alive through the many teachings brought to us in the Science of Divine Life, the collection of all teachings inspired by Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls.

Serving the establishment of God’s Kingdom of fully accomplished Love,
Myriam, September 2017