God’s Offensive of Light and Love against evil

Myriam van Nazareth

dixitque Deus: "Fiat Lux", et facta est Lux

(and God said: "Let there be Light", and there was Light)

God made His creation out of Love and Light.

Stainless, unselfish Love is the essence and the fuel of Life, for it is the all-encompassing principle of the Divine Being.

The Light is the state of being of God Himself, a state which consists of His perfect Wisdom and the faculty to preserve life in perfect Divine Love.

The state of being that is thoroughly pervaded with the fullness of the Light and true Love is Divine Life, Life in the image of God, a state God provided for every human soul from the very beginning.

The absolute opposites of Love and Light are sin and darkness. Sin and darkness, which have been increasing very rapidly and dramatically as of the original sin, have been replacing a major part of God’s tangible Presence in creation by chaos, misery, dissatisfaction, suffering, injustice and lack of Love in its countless shapes.

Sin is Satan’s signature producing its effects through a human soul’s inner dispositions in order that this soul might follow Satan in the latter’s rebellion against God’s Law of Love and that in so doing, the soul might make the dispositions of her heart increasingly conformable to Satan’s own dispositions so as to help accomplish the works and plans of the darkness.

The works and plans of the darkness pursue but one goal: to harm, slow down and defile the Works and Plans of God in creation, and through all of this to dispel from creation every sign of God’s Presence and to replace these signs by the signs referring to the presence of the enemy of Divine Life. Satan’s ultimate goal, however, will never be accomplished: destroying God’s Works and Plans in creation. Whatever proceeds from God’s Heart cannot be destroyed, as it is a carrier of the germ of Divine Life, and the latter is immortal. In point of fact destroying a thing is robbing it of all Life. A carrier of the germ of Divine Life cannot be deprived of Life as long as even the slightest spark of true Love remains active within it.

Satan received from God permission to tempt the human soul, i.e.: to inspire into the human soul his own desires with the intention that the soul might apply herself with her entire being and all of her inner dispositions to the accomplishment of works of darkness. God allowed Satan to do this in order that the human soul might be able to use her free will to opt either in favour of God or in favour of Satan, in favour of the Light and Love or in favour of sin and the darkness. Only if the human soul is able to freely decide as to her behaviour and her inner dispositions will the latter have any value for God as signs indicating the soul’s spontaneous orientation: Is she on the side of the Light or on the side of the darkness, is she opting in favour of a life at the service of God or of a life at the service of the works of the darkness, is she opting for a world governed by true Love or for a world ruled by chaos, misery, dissatisfaction, injustice and lack of Love?

This is why it is entirely up to the human souls to decide what is going to happen with the world, how the latter is going to develop, and to what extent God’s Works in creation will actually maintain their original purity and stay alive. Therefore the fire of Love must never get the chance of going out in creation. This is the very core of the mission the Queen of Heaven received from God with a view to accomplishing it in these Last Times through Her guidance, teaching and inner assistance within and through human souls, so as to crown the Works wrought by the Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, the Messiah. This is why the current Last Times will be followed by what is referred to as 'the Messianic age'.

The dawn of the Messianic age will be the hour in which The Woman, Mary, the Commander of the hosts of the Light, the Mother of the Messiah, Queen of Heaven and earth and Mistress of all souls, is to crush underneath Her foot the head of the serpent from hell, meaning in concrete terms that She, who is the embodiment of the absolutely holy human soul, the perfect reflection of Divine Life and of the Heart of God Himself, is once and for all to completely strip Satan of his power by breaking all effects of his works and plans under the power of perfect Love. Through the perfectly accomplished Triumph of The Woman over Satan God wants to show the latter the Great Sign denoting the power of the perfect sanctity – i.e. of perfectly practiced self-denying Love and the perfectly practiced fullness of grace – wielded by the created human soul over all darkness.

In that hour the honour of the human soul will finally be restored by God: Through committing the original sin the human soul rejected the dignity of perfect sanctity, and she has been confirming this rejection ever more intensively through the many billions of sins committed by all of mankind ever since. Through Mary’s Immaculate Conception God allowed His first vigorous reply to shine down upon creation. Through Mary’s perfectly stainless life without even the slightest sin this Divine reply was confirmed by the free will of a created soul. This was of paramount importance in view of the final victory of Love and the Light as promised by God to mankind when He built this stainlessly holy soul by virtue of the wedding between a Divine decree and a human free will (Mary’s word of consent) into a living Tabernacle for the Man-God, the Christ who was to accomplish the Mystery of Redemption as the Messiah.

Jesus Christ concluded His life on earth by an absolutely perfect Suffering and Death on the Cross to top off all trials He had been enduring for thirty-three years in a disposition of the most absolute self-denying Love, perfect acceptance of the Divine decrees and Providence, and total consecration to God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of the souls of all times.

While He was dying on the Cross Jesus gave birth to a sacred chain aiming at perpetuating the fire and Light of His absolute Love and His absolute Sacrifice until, by virtue of a Divine Decree, He will return to ascend to the throne within every heart of good will. This chain was forged in the fire generated by the golden words "Woman, behold Thy son; son, behold thy Mother", through which He gave Mary to the souls and the souls to Mary. Through these words spoken very shortly before the Messiah’s redemptive Death on the Cross Mary was made the Mother and inner Guide of all souls of good will, i.e. of all souls who will prove themselves willing to follow Christ to such an extent as to merge their free will completely with God’s Will as the ultimate sign of appreciation for the Sacrifice which was meant to enable them to have Eternal Life, and for the One who accomplished this Sacrifice for their benefit in perfect self-denial.

In the aforementioned events God provided for a perfect wedding between Divinity and the created human soul: In the shape of the incarnated Divinity Jesus Christ completed an all-encompassing Sacrifice invested with the power to rob the darkness of its effects in every soul who, on the basis of the purest possible self-denying Love, spontaneously, purposely, completely and of her own free will longs for opportunities to 'complement' this Sacrifice by all trials and crosses she encounters on her own journey through life. In Mary rose the first human soul who, to a degree of absolute perfection, experienced and practiced the dispositions which were spotless reflections of the dispositions of the Divine Christ. Thus, in a manner of speaking, She confirmed the perfect orientation of the created soul towards God, true Love, the fullness of the Light. Incarnated Divine nature (Jesus Christ) enters into an everlasting marriage with human nature (Mary) leading a life elevating the soul up to the most sublime and perfect expression of the image and similitude of God, and in this marriage Satan is presented the sign indicating the fact that Divinity and the human soul are going to jointly defeat him and render his works totally ineffective in a full-fledged unity of hearts, in spite of the fact that throughout the history of mankind, as of the original sin, these works have appeared to be ruled and controlled completely by the darkness.

Thus Mary, the embodiment of the soul that was created perfectly holy, whose Heart had ever since Her word of consent, the word of Her perfect surrender to the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation, been completely merged with the Heart of the Man-God and who, by virtue of Her fullness of grace, was in all of her inner dispositions totally pervaded with the Light and the fire of the Holy Spirit, was in the truest sense of the word to become the Mistress of all souls: inner Guide, inner Leader, inner Transformer, Signpost pointing to the completion of the soul’s unity with the redemptive dispositions of the Christ, and through all of this the true Mistress for every soul who would whole-heartedly, purposely, spontaneously, voluntarily, unconditionally, for the entire duration of her life, totally dedicate her entire life to the accomplishment of the Works over which God had given Mary the command and control, and which are basically none other than the Works through which God will try to make His Light of Love take root in all souls, in order that the ill weeds of the darkness, which have been growing rampant, may be exterminated in all of creation.

Mary is the Leader and Signpost during the ultimate preparation for the final victory of the Light and Love over the darkness and sin, and therefore the Mistress of the processes leading up to the extermination of all chaos, misery, dissatisfaction, suffering, injustice and lack of Love in all hearts and among all creatures.

Due to the original sin the sun of true Love was veiled in all of creation. This veil of clouds has been growing increasingly thick on account of countless sins and an unbridled increase of darkness in the inner dispositions of constantly growing numbers of human souls. Due to this darkness ever less Light and warmth of the sun of Divine Love reach the surface of creation. Consequently in countless souls a spiritual winter has set in. More intensely than ever before the Mistress of all souls is now making the souls aware of God’s Promise of an Eternal Summer: She is the dawn of an era in which the sun of true Love is going to intensify its strength to such an extent as to be able to dispel all darkness. God is watching the human souls full of desire and expectation, hoping that the tremendous outpourings of graces which are bestowed upon the souls through the teachings within the framework of the Science of Divine Life, among others, may touch so many souls so deeply as to prompt the latter to surrender themselves whole-heartedly, spontaneously, purposely, unconditionally and for the entire duration of their lives to the Mistress of all souls, thereby dedicating their entire behaviour, all their trials and crosses and all their inner dispositions to Her cause in an uninterrupted and sincere practice of the most sacred covenant of total consecration.

Ever since Her Immaculate Conception the Queen of Heaven and earth, Mistress of all souls by virtue of Divine election and of a stainless and life-long practice of the fullness of grace, is the Dawn of the summer day which will witness the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. The Sun that proceeded from this Dawn by virtue of the perfect marriage between Divinity and the immaculately holy human soul (Mary) is the Christ, who, while hanging on the Cross on Mount Golgotha, allowed the Promise of Eternal Summer to radiate in its true fullness. The Dawn is the birth of an era which defeats the night and erases all and any traces indicating there has even been a night. Out of the dawn rises the sun: The Christ emerges from Mary and radiates in the fullness of the Light. The everlasting effect of the marriage between Divinity and the created human soul expresses itself in the fact the Sun (Christ) beams down on creation and illuminates and warms it in collaboration with its rays (Mary, the One who carries God’s graces to the human souls of good will).

Mary tries to transform as many souls as possible so profoundly as to prepare and recruit them for a maximum receptiveness to the fullness of Christ: In proportion as the soul takes the sunrays (Mary) in, she is drinking the Sun itself (Christ). Therefore the merger of the soul with Mary will open her up automatically to the merger with Jesus Christ – God) and consequently culminate in an enhanced state of living in God’s image. Thus in every individual soul the Eternal Summer must be born. The promised Return of Jesus Christ is exactly this: His unrestrained birth in human hearts, so that these hearts flow into a state of inner life which begins to constantly spread Light and Love through all of creation.

This is what God’s Promise looks like, and accomplishing this is every human soul’s mission in life. The souls who are living in the present times are therefore on the verge of the rebirth of Eden, a rebirth God foreshadowed in Mary’s Immaculate Conception. With us resides the major responsibility to help make God’s 'dream' come true by strictly following the image of sanctity God unfolded before us with Mary, and strictly following our vocation to complement the Christ’s Sacrifice of Redemption by an unconditional unrestrained merger of our free will with God’s Will, which is geared entirely to the establishment of His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures. To that end three things are indispensable for every human soul:

  1. that she would live for no other purpose but to spread and practice unconditional, self-denying Love in the most intense way possible;
  2. that she would constantly keep in mind that every detail of her inner dispositions and of her entire behaviour affects all of creation and all fellow creatures, including herself;
  3. that she should remain fully aware that she is on earth for the sole purpose of fulfilling a mission in life at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation and therefore of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, and that within the framework of fulfilling this mission she is but one small cogwheel in a gigantic system, a cogwheel the functioning of which can considerably affect the functioning of the whole yet at the same time is insignificant in itself. The value of a soul and her life is determined solely by the degree to which, and by the way in which, this soul fulfils her mission in life, every single moment of every single day.

The Eternal Summer of God’s Kingdom on earth needs to be prepared by a spring of true Love in the human souls. From the spring blossoms of holy lives – i.e. lives which help spread salvation all over creation – Divine Grace prepares the summer fruits. The golden path out of winter through spring towards summer runs through the human hearts: The darkness and cold of winter can only be dispelled once and for all by the Light and the warmth of self-denying Love from human souls towards all of their fellow creatures (humans, animals, even the environment) and towards God’s Plans and Works, especially towards the Divine Promise of Eternal Summer.

Myriam, June 2019

The Queen of Heaven inspires the following survey concerning

God’s expectations towards every human soul

in the latter’s capacity as a
tool for the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans

For years the Mistress of all souls has been teaching that every human soul is not on earth for her own sake but that every human soul’s mission in life is none other than the life-long role she has got to play as a tool in God’s hands. All human souls together are responsible for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth to become a fact. The establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth is not imposed by God, it must come about on the basis of an intensive collaboration between the free will of human souls (the sincere longing for God’s Kingdom on earth to be established) and the Will of God (who has made the establishment of His Kingdom on earth the only purpose of His Plan of Salvation).

God’s expectations towards every human soul can be summarized in the following survey:

  1. The human soul was not made by God to lead a life as an isolated element, yet as an element which is constantly part of, and active within, the network of all creation. Therefore every single aspect of every human soul’s behaviour, every word, every thought, every feeling and every desire automatically affects the whole network, even in those moments when the soul would appear not to be active or not to perform any perceptible action. God expects every soul never to forget this and thus to experience and live all of her dispositions in close unity of hearts with Him and focused on the completion of His Plan of Salvation, and that the soul should remain aware of the fact that within creation every creature is connected with every fellow creature. On account of this uninterrupted connection between all creatures every disposition filled with Light and Love affects all of creation positively, and every disposition of darkness and sin also automatically fires back on the soul with whom it originates;
  2. The human soul was made by God as the crown upon creation and is therefore expected by God to make His Presence felt towards all her fellow creatures – fellow people and animals, even vegetation. In concrete terms this means sincerely, persistently and unconditionally pursuing true self-denying Love in all her behaviour and all her inner dispositions (feelings, thoughts, desires);

  3. Every human soul is on earth to accomplish a double mission:

    • to incorporate within herself the Love she receives from God in the most various graces and Works of Divine Providence, for the purpose of putting them to the best possible use within the framework of her own spiritual growth, bloom and perfection, and
    • to also let this Divine Love flow out uninterruptedly all over her environment, i.e. towards all fellow creatures Divine Providence provides for her to encounter, even if this encounter is non-recurrent or short-lived.

    Thus creation is basically a network of Love consisting of:

    • the junctions in the net, i.e. all individual creatures;
    • the countless little channels connecting all creatures among one another, i.e. all mutual relations and contacts, not only in the physical sense of the word but even in mutual thoughts and feelings.
  4. The human souls were made by God as the biggest junctions in the network of His creation. They are the only creatures that are invested with the ability to sanctify themselves, and God expects them to actually do so within the span of life allotted to them, the duration of which is determined by Divine Wisdom and Providence according to the needs of His Plan of Salvation for all creation. The human souls are also the only creatures that are able to commit sins. This is why the human souls are the sole bearers of responsibility as to the state creation is in, and as to the developments in the world;

  5. God expects the human soul never to treat any fellow creature – neither human nor animal – in any way that may even to the slightest degree deviate from, or fall short of, perfect self-denying Love, softness, willingness to serve and help, and a sincere empathy with this fellow creature’s feelings and circumstances of life.