given to the souls by the Holy Virgin Mary

through Myriam van Nazareth

on May 5, 2022

"Every human soul is on earth for one purpose only: so as to help complete the Works and Plans of her Creator, the only God of all creatures, through her entire behaviour, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations.

God’s Works and Plans are the whole of everything the Creator wants to accomplish on earth for the purpose of reverting the world towards the state in which He created it: a perfect reflection of Divine Life, which is carried by true, unselfish and serving Love.

God had created the world in a perfect state because He Himself is perfect and cannot produce any imperfect works. This perfection has been violated and compromised further and further by the original sin and all subsequent transgressions by the human souls against the Divine Law of true Love. This is why the state of the world as the souls can now witness it is not due to any flaw or any fault on God’s part, it is entirely and exclusively due to actions, omissions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations and inner dispositions on the part of human souls which were, and are, not entirely in accordance with the Being and the nature of God Himself (who is absolutely perfect Love and nothing but Love) and with God’s intentions and expectations (which are geared to one thing only: that the state of absolutely perfect Love He has sown into the world He has created, may be maintained unrestrainedly).

Therefore each human soul is only fulfilling the mission she has received from God to accomplish within her one and only life to the extent to which all and any elements of her behaviour, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations, and all her encounters with any fellow creature in the course of her life are purposely and spontaneously filled with sincere self-denying and unconditional Love and her entire being is geared totally to serving, assisting and supporting all and any fellow creatures in every aspect of the latter’s being and the latter’s life, i.e. physically, mentally, emotionally and materially.

Upon completion of her lifetime on earth every human soul is judged by her Creator according to the extent to which she has actually fulfilled the sole purpose of her life, i.e. the extent to which she has contributed to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans by allowing a sincere and unselfish Love to flow towards each one of her fellow creatures, and to which she has been for all of her fellow creatures a source of Light, warmth, help and support and has thus made a positive difference for the life of each fellow creature whose journey through life has touched her own journey through life.

A soul who has made a negative difference for her fellow creatures and for the Works and Plans of her Creator cannot inherit Eternal Life.

Do keep your eyes on the main Works of God, viz.:

● His creation as a whole. This is first and foremost the world and the quality of life in the world, and

● every individual creature, i.e. every fellow human without any discrimination as to race, colour of skin, language, sex, culture, age or external features, as well as every single animal, and all elements of environment. Do not ever forget that every creature has got a specific role to fulfil with a view to the accomplishment of God’s great Plan of salvation and that it derives its unique value and dignity exactly from this role as well as from its origin in the Heart of God.

A negative difference for the accomplishment of God’s Works is made by a human soul:

● who contributes to any form of damage to creation and to the quality of life in the world, no matter to what extent, and/or who contributes to the destruction of any elements of creation, and/or

● who contributes to any form of damage to the quality of life of one or more fellow creatures, who prevents fellow creatures from experiencing the flow of a sincere Love or makes it difficult for any fellow creatures to make such experience, and in so doing may even make them lose faith in, and hope for, the signs of God’s Presence and working in their lives, and/or

● who violates the dignity of any fellow creature through humiliation, torture, maltreatment or any form of interaction which is not compatible with the Law of true self-denying Love and through which the nature of this creature as a work of God’s Love is denied or corrupted.

I urge every human soul to reflect upon these words most seriously and to regard them as a stepping stone towards taking up her own personal responsibility as a tool of God in the world. Do live every single moment in such a way that your presence and your life in this world can make a positive difference for the quality of life in the world and of the life of every fellow creature Divine Providence leads onto your path through life, even in very brief encounters.

God is counting on each and every one of you to help reshape the world, which is mired in an unparalleled darkness, into a mirror of the Love He enveloped it in when time began. Every deviation from the Law of true Love renders service to the works of the darkness and immerses the world in chaos, misery, suffering, threats, insecurity, death and destruction. Do not ever forget that every soul who will serve the darkness will harvest darkness for her own true Life which begins after her time on earth will have come to an end. That hour is the point of no return. Do not help deliver the world to the forces which are only aiming for its doom and destruction. Do commit yourself to being a reflection of God’s Love in all things any time, and no force of darkness will be able to harm God’s creation".