In the present category the Queen of Heaven wants to develop different perspectives to shed some light on the responsibility the human souls carry as to preserving the harmony provided by God within all of creation.

God entrusted the human soul with the custody of His creation. As human souls not only entertain relationships and contacts with other human souls but also entertain millions of relationships and contacts with animals on a daily basis worldwide, and the Mistress of all souls keeps emphasizing the tremendously underestimated significance of this latter category of relationships and contacts for the fulfilment of God’s Law, She avails Herself first and foremost of the human souls’ behaviour towards the animals to man all about his responsibility.

The present category consists of the following texts:

1. Sin and aggression
2. The effects of the original sin


Special Revelation by Mary, Mistress of all souls,
about a very important aspect of the responsibility
of the human soul within creation

given to Myriam van Nazareth on March, 18, 2020

"God made His creation in a state of perfect harmony, Love and Peace among all creatures of any species. His creation was to be ruled by His Law of true Love, the Basic Law of Life.

The human soul was created as the crown upon creation and therefore as the representative of the dispositions of her Creator Himself, who is the Source of all Life and of perfect Love, which flows out of God’s Heart as the essence and fuel of all Life.

To the extent to which this Basic Law would be complied with and would be experienced and applied in its fullness the harmony within creation – among all living beings – was to remain perfect, and so would the harmony within each individual organism, a perfection which would express itself through a complete absence of illness and suffering.

Due to the original sin committed by the first human souls the Divine Basic Law was severely violated and the first thorough disruption of the harmony among all creatures and inside of each individual creature came about. As a result of this illness and suffering were born, and all kinds of aggression, hostility, distrust, mutual struggle and jealousy between creatures arose.

The aggression you can now witness on a large scale among people, but also in the animal kingdom and from animals toward human beings is a direct consequence of the original sin and the subsequent steady progression of the deviation of life from the Divine Basic Law as a result of the terrifically fast increase of the volume of sins and vices in and among the human souls. By sin we are to understand every violation committed by a human soul against the Divine Law of true Love.

In truth I tell you that aggression in the animal kingdom, as well as all misery, chaos, injustice and suffering in the world express the sinfulness of human souls throughout the ages. Without this sinfulness all creatures in this world would still be living in complete harmony, Love, Peace, solidarity, sense of community, willingness to serve and to help, sympathy, and a complete nonexistence of illness and suffering.

Also be well aware of the fact that any negative thought, feeling, intention or action on the part of a human soul towards an animal anywhere in the world increases the distrust felt by the entire animal kingdom towards man, for due to the fact God made His creation as a network within which all creatures are connected among each other (*) every single creature unconsciously receives a signal with every positive as well as with every negative action, thought, feeling or intention directed by a human soul towards an individual animal. On account of the millions of violations against Love committed by human souls globally day after day countless creatures’ emotional lives are very seriously disrupted and in a great many of them Love and trust have largely been replaced by fear and distrust, and consequently also by aggression".

(*) One day the Mistress of all souls compared the mutual connection between all creatures with the phenomenon which, in physics, is known by the name of 'communicating vessels': If, in a laboratory, glass vessels filled with water are connected among each other and black ink is poured into one of them, first the water in the latter will start to turn dark, and gradually also the water in the other vessels will get darker. That which occurs in one vessel thus spreads on to the other ones. Something similar occurs in the network of creation whenever a human soul does or thinks something good or bad, or harbours some good or bad feeling or intention, towards a specific fellow creature (man or animal).

The Mistress of all souls points out that the laws of spiritual life have got more in common with the laws of nature than man would be inclined to assume. This is exactly why, in her Teachings within the framework of the Science of Divine Life, She uses so many metaphors referring to images most people know from nature.

Revelation by the Mistress of all souls on March 31, 2020

"As the human soul is but on earth for the sole purpose of fulfilling a mission in life as a tool through which God wants to implement and complete His Works and Plans, she is constantly the bearer of a threefold responsibility:

  1. It is expected of every soul that, through her entire behaviour, she should constantly be fruitful for the completion of God’s Works and Plans;
  2. It is expected of every soul that she should constantly commit herself to the development of her personal spiritual abilities, i.e. to her personal sanctification, in other words to an ever increasing purity as a reflection of the very dispositions of God Himself;
  3. It is expected of every soul that she should constantly live at the service of all her fellow creatures.

A soul who is not committed to becoming increasingly pure and fruitful as a soul is guilty of a threefold 'non serviam' (I refuse to serve): She neglects rendering service to God Himself, to her own growth, and to her fellow creatures. A soul who is constantly working on enhancing her purity and the bloom of her own spiritual abilities is thereby not only serving her own sanctification and therefore the fulfilment of her true mission in life on earth, viz. the mission of being an ever more useful tool of God, she is also serving God Himself as well as all her fellow creatures, on account of the fact that any spiritual growth also enables the soul to infuse an ever brighter light into the network of creation as a whole, thus contributing to the enhancement of the well-being of all creatures.

Numerous are the souls who live in the expectation that they will automatically inherit Eternal Bliss by merely avoiding to commit mortal sins and by trying to abide by Church rules as faithfully as possible. This is a passive attitude towards life, which does not as such justify that the soul should deserve to enter into Eternal Bliss. The promise of Eternal Bliss remains valid only for the soul who endorses the aforementioned responsibility in an active way, which is tantamount to constantly practicing self-denying Love to God, His Works and Plans, and all fellow creatures.

In truth I tell you that in this age Christian faith is lived in a dangerously passive way. This delivers great numbers of Christians to a severe form of self-deception and deprives the network of creation of large amounts of Light, due to the fact that countless souls fail to generate the luminous power expected of them by God Himself".



Special revelation by the Mistress of all souls on November 21, 2020

to Myriam van Nazareth

The Queen of Heaven has me point out that the present Revelation is best studied together with all texts contained in the menu item entitled God and the animals, as all of those texts complement each other as a conclusive system.

"On several occasions in the past I spoke about the effects of the original sin. What I mean by this notion can be pictured clearly as follows:

God designed creation as a network of creatures living in perfect mutual harmony. It is the human souls’ responsibility that this perfection should be maintained, by the purest possible practice of unconditional self-denying Love towards all their fellow creatures – fellow people, animals, even the environment.

The original sin caused a profound breach in this harmony. This made the human soul responsible for a snowball effect of derailments in the flow of pure vital force within creatures and in the relationships between creatures. Due to countless billions of sins committed by all human souls throughout the history of mankind since the original sin, as well as due to the inestimable numbers of dark dispositions prevailing inside billions of human souls since the beginning of time, these effects were continuously reinforced, which caused a thick layer of darkness to emerge all over creation and among all creatures.

The effects of the original sin can be compared with the discharge of heavily contaminated and polluted waste water into a crystal clear lake. Through each further sin and dark disposition more waste water is discharged into this lake, so much so that in these times creation can be pictured as a lake in which the water is so heavily polluted that no wastewater treatment plant is able to purify the water to such an extent that the water might again contain life in a state of health as intended by God. The wastewater treatment plant through which God keeps trying to take the state of life in His creation back to the initial state of perfect harmony and purity, is His Law of true self-denying Love, which He tries to implement through the human souls in all of creation. In proportion as greater numbers of human souls fail to apply this Law altogether, or fail to practice it in the proper way, both among themselves and towards their non human fellow creatures as well as towards the environment, the Divine wastewater treatment plant will not function adequately.

Surely, the heavily contaminated lake can regain its ability to contain life, through a radical return of countless human souls towards dispositions of the heart which are in perfect accordance with the 'dispositions of the Heart' of God Himself, completely devoid of any darkness of selfishness, elevation of self, pride, arrogance, lust of power, materialistic thinking, debasement of fellow creatures, lack of respect, indifference towards fellow creatures and so many other dispositions which are incompatible with the Heart of the Maker of all things alive.

This is what I understand by the effects of the original sin. All derailments the souls can see in creation find their origin in the original sin and are continuously reinforced by each and every further element of darkness in dispositions of the heart, thoughts, desires, words, actions and omissions of human souls, through which God’s Law of true Love is prevented from being implemented within and between creatures.

This is why I keep saying that the human souls are responsible for all misery, suffering, strife and darkness of the most varied forms throughout creation, as well as for many negative developments which are plain to see in nature.

Do realize that God intended His creation to be a stainless mirror of His own Heart. This is why creation in its initial state is referred to as 'paradise on earth' or 'terrestrial paradise': Creation as a paradise of Love, Peace, and the experience of perfect happiness ensuing from the unhampered effects of God’s Presence.

This is why God never designed one single creature with characteristics and features which would not be compatible with Life in its perfect state of harmony, and not compatible with Love. Thus I say in truth that biological explanations given for countless developments within and between living beings are only partially correct and even for the larger part incorrect, as science is unable to fathom developments of Life based on spiritual phenomena, the latter all being determined by the degree to which God’s Law of Love is fulfilled or not. These phenomena constitute the major part of reality, yet they are imperceptible to the senses – apart from their consequences – and also cannot be measured.

You should know, for instance, that God never created any animal aggressive. This is why animals never needed any defence mechanisms nor systems enabling them to kill so-called preys, as within creation in its initial state of perfect harmony and Peace among all creatures there was no need for any creature to defend itself against any fellow creature, nor to attack any fellow creature nor to kill and devour one another.

All of these are effects of the original sin, which are further reinforced by the countless violations committed by human souls against the Law of unconditional self-denying Love, in other words: by the billions of sins committed by human souls throughout the history of the world. Science, which tries to explain all of this on the basis of merely biological developments such as mutations, only looks into parts of reality: Insofar as mutations do play a part in living organisms these are in themselves the fruits of the sin of man, which affected the perfect nature of Life and caused Life to drift off very far from God’s intentions and designs. This is a result of the fact all creation is built as a network, in which all creatures are interconnected. This is also the reason why living organisms have been falling prey to derailments such as these caused by viruses and cancerous ailments.

Therefore I once again call upon the human souls to deeply reflect upon their responsibility for all misery, suffering, darkness, disease and aggression inside and among all creatures, and therefore upon their responsibility for the reversal of creation to the original state of harmony, Love, Peace, happiness and Justice as provided by God. The source of the countless derailments within creation is not God, nor any purely biological developments outside human will, but only and exclusively the way in which, throughout history, countless millions of human souls have been using their free will so as to make it entirely serve the accomplishment of the works and plans of the darkness through all or many of their actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations, whereas the darkness has no other purpose but to poison creation and to cast it adrift wherever possible by making the effects of God’s Love change direction or making them ineffective altogether.

Souls, do not look for solutions to the innumerable problems of this world in ways and means which are not geared directly to accomplishing and maintaining a perfect accordance with the Law of self-denying Love for the benefit of all fellow creatures, for these ways and means will not ever change the world for the better. Perfect Peace, Love, happiness and Justice within and among all creatures, as well as a pure and healthy environment, can be accomplished only to the extent to which every one of you, human souls, start practicing a perfect Love among each other, towards all animals, towards the environment and towards God Himself, and thereby make God’s Law of true Love the only driving force of your entire behaviour and of all dispositions of your heart, and persevere in doing so until the hour in which the Creator will render His infallible judgment on your soul’s life after you have been called to depart from the world".