In 2011 the Queen of Heaven inspired Her Myriam the extraordinary writing entitled The Brooklets of Salvarion as a wonderful teaching on the importance and value of a consistent practice of true self-denying Love and an unconditional respect towards the animals as:

  • a giant source of salvation for the human souls themselves;
  • an efficient way to purge inestimable quantities of darkness from the atmosphere which has been poisoning all life on earth all along; and
  • a powerful means to bring the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures on earth.

Ever since She has been calling for a thorough transformation of the way human souls deal with – and of the dispositions human souls harbour in their hearts towards – the animals, because such transformation has been neglected on a large scale as a means to purify the world and to find true happiness of all human souls.

In the invitations and calls She launched in 2019, among others, and which were inserted in the category Dealing with animals – another way out of the darkness She again emphasized the tremendous importance of a far greater awareness of a lot more human souls as to loving ways of dealing with the animals. Right at the bottom of this page links to the aforementioned and yet other texts in this respect can be found.

In the following teaching the Queen of Heaven has me list the essence of Her theses concerning this so important and yet so heavily neglected aspect of the development of the individual human soul and as to the state of grace creation as a whole is in.

A thorough study of The Brooklets of Salvation may prove very favourable for a correct and profound understanding of the following teaching, because The Brooklets offers a wide and in-depth analysis of the celestial/spiritual view on the role animals play within creation and for the deep meaning of the way humans deal with animals and the dispositions they harbour in their hearts towards animals.

In the past a few souls happened to raise doubts as to the truth or the celestial origin of the theses launched through Maria Domina Animarum concerning the radical transformation of man’s dealing with animals. These souls have obviously not understood the spiritual meaning and significance of this aspect of spiritual life. To these souls the Queen of Heaven emphatically repeats that such a view is utterly deplorable, because it exposes the souls concerned to the danger of making themselves guilty towards Divine Justice in two ways:

  1. because, in so doing and thinking, they are in fact doubting the truth of these teaching as originating in the very Heart of the Queen of Heaven Herself;
  2. because, in so doing and thinking, they are not giving evidence of being willing to consider for a fact that the way animals are treated on a large scale in this world is anything but immaterial to God, and that we are dealing here with billions of violations committed world-wide against God’s Basic Law of Love on a daily basis. If considered throughout the history of the world we are dealing here with violations the number of which no man is able to estimate, and therefore with an extraordinary large share of all the darkness this world has ever seen.

During the inspirations given within the framework of the underlying menu item the Mistress of all souls referred to the central theme of this item as 'an all-encompassing and deep glorification to God’s Law of true Love'. Blessed is the soul who, deep down in her heart, senses the tremendous importance of this menu item the way God intends it to be, for the world as a whole and for the bloom of every individual human soul.


Essence of the Holy Virgin Mary’s theses
on the role foreseen for the animals within God’s Plan of Salvation –
A spiritual case for treating the animals
with unconditional Love and respect

inspired to Myriam van Nazareth

Revelation granted by the Holy Virgin Mary, the Mistress of all souls, on Her feast as the Mother of Tears, February 20, 2020:

"God is the Creator of every living being. Every living being is a work He designed to be a building block for the completion of the temple of His Kingdom on earth, which, in fulfilment of His Law of true Love, is intended to be the ultimate Building of perfect Love and Peace within the network of creation.

Therefore, love all fellow creatures, not only fellow people without any discrimination as to race, colour of skin, culture, language, sex or age, but also all animals, for the seed of His Love is in their little hearts, too. God foresaw them as brooklets which help carry the water of Divine Life to every human soul, as small bridges over which God can help transport His food of life to the souls so as to enable the growth and bloom of their salvation, and as little tools which can help the human souls with their self-examination in order to find out the actual state of their ability to practice self-denying Love.

The extent to which every human soul is whole-heartedly, voluntarily and spontaneously willing to serve all her fellow creatures in sincere self-denial and to help advance their well-being, also determines the extent to which in this world the darkness, misery and chaos can be replaced by true Love, Peace, Light and happiness.

Through every aberration and every failure from every single human soul as to practicing true Love towards all her fellow creatures the soul increases the power of the darkness over the world, and therefore eventually her own misfortune. Not God is responsible for the extent of misery and darkness in this world, but every individual human soul, through the dispositions of her heart, all her feelings, thoughts and desires, and the way she will deal with all her fellow creatures and will, or will not, respect and recognize them as works of God’s Love.

Every creature is a bearer of the seed of His Love. This seed can only bloom into a flower to the extent to which it is shone upon by the sun of true Love emanating from human hearts. To the extent to which a human heart is a sun to every fellow creature this soul is actually making God’s Presence felt and is thus fulfilling the actual vocation with which, or the purpose for which, she was sent by God into the world: the vocation and purpose to live in His image, as a mirror reflecting the Light and warmth from the Creator’s Heart all over the world". (the Holy Virgin Mary to Myriam on February 20, 2020)

One of the 'unusual' elements of the teachings provided by the Mother of Christ in Her all-encompassing capacity as the Mistress of all souls intended to deepen spiritual knowledge and understanding lies in the unparalleled emphasis She places on the tremendous significance of the way the human soul deals with animals as well as in the fire with which She has Her Myriam demonstrate:

the extraordinarily great influence exerted by the human souls’ dispositions and attitude towards the animals in the fields of:
  1. every human soul’s eternal salvation;
  2. the state of happiness and Peace in all creation;
  3. the state of balance, or imbalance, within creation, a state which is not in the last place expressed through the nature, frequency and intensity of natural phenomena and through the extent to which the latter cause chaos, misery and damage;
  4. advancing, or delaying, the establishment of God’s Kingdom of true Love and true Peace among all creatures on earth.

The unusually deep and emphasized analysis of this aspect of spirituality which has hitherto been largely neglected is among the reasons why the Queen of Heaven refers to Her Maria Domina Animarum Work as the Apostolate of the fullness of Truth.

God created all things alive as one giant network, within which all creatures are interconnected by channels which escape sensory perception and through which God nourishes every single creature with the force of life.

The essence of the force of life is Divine Love. Divine Love is God’s true unconditional and unlimited Love for all creatures and for all His Works and Plans for the benefit of salvation for all creation, perfect Peace among all creatures and true happiness for all creatures. True happiness means:

  1. for the human soul the heartfelt certainty that Eternal Bliss is within reach after life on earth;
  2. for an animal the experience in which the animal perceives and feels its situation in life in such a way as if it has got the satisfaction of all of its needs under control or at least within reach.

The Creator keeps sending streams of vital force in the form of true Love through creation. He sends these streams in the first place to human souls, because the latter were intended by Him to be the creatures that represent towards all other creatures the Divine Maker’s dispositions of heart (also referred to as 'Divine Life'). This is why responsibility for making God’s Love flow towards all creatures (including the non human ones) lies mainly with the human souls. Indeed, God had intended the human soul to be the crown of His creation, thus making her the custodian of all non human elements of creation (animals, plant life, nature in general).

The deep reason why God sends the streams of Divine Love to the human souls in the first place lies in the fact the human soul is the only being that is invested by God with a kind of spiritual faculties enabling her to generate either Light or darkness, depending on the way the soul makes use of her free will. In concrete terms this means that the human soul is the only being that has got the ability to sanctify itself, and conversely also the only being that is able to sin. To God all non human living beings are indirect players in the development of the history of salvation.

This is why the human soul is the receiver of the so-called primary streams of Divine Life. The non human living beings are the receivers of the so-called secondary streams of life. The animals do not receive less life (which also means: less Love) than the human soul, for God’s Love is one and indivisible, which means that He is constantly giving His Love in its fullness. The animals do, however, receive a different form of life (on account of the fact they are not, like the human soul, supposed to use the Love received to generate Light with a direct impact on the state of salvation of creation as a whole).

God has provided for the human soul to complete her sanctification primarily through a voluntary, spontaneous, active, unconditional and persistent practice of true self-denying Love, both towards God Himself and His Works and Plans and towards the non human living beings. The secondary streams of life God keeps sending to all non human beings must be 'complemented' by the human soul through the latter’s actions, words, thoughts, feelings and desires filled with sincere self-denying Love.

This means concretely that, for instance, the animals are kept alive by the secondary streams of life they keep receiving from God directly, to be sure, and that this life can indeed be directed and protected by Him, but that the quality of their well-being is determined to a large extent by the Love they will receive from human souls. Hence, in this respect every individual human soul has received from God a major responsibility.

This is the human soul’s main opportunity to show God to what extent she is leading a meritorious life, i.e. a life which yields fruits for the completion of God’s Works and Plans, for God always wants His Works and Plans to be completed through the voluntary collaboration from human souls (see, among others, the teachings entitled The crown of the Last Times and The gauge of Eternal Wisdom). The Mistress of all souls already pointed out in several of Her teachings that God judges the value of a human life first and foremost by the extent to which the soul practices true Love and thereby makes concrete contributions to unlocking the effects of all Works and Plans God is trying to accomplish in the world – preferably in collaboration with the human souls.

Divine Love flows from the human hearts towards all fellow creatures, or is prevented from flowing smoothly to them, respectively, through all actions, the extent to which useful and loving actions are performed which are likely to promote happiness and Peace, all words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, all dispositions of heart and the way the heart is oriented towards either the Light or the darkness. All of this constitutes the whole of that which keeps flowing uninterruptedly from a human heart to every fellow creature and to all of God’s Works and Plans.

The channels running from every human soul towards all her fellow creatures are therefore built essentially by the whole of all behaviour, all communication and all of the soul’s inner dispositions towards every fellow creature and towards all of God’s Plans and Works (the latter also contain all prayers a human soul addresses to God and to every being that (no longer) exists in a physical body but in the state of non physical Divine Life, for example the Holy Virgin).

The extent to which every human soul is filled with Light and Love in all of her actions, thoughts, feelings, desires and every aspect of her inner life towards her fellow creatures, determines the extent to which creation as a whole will maintain its balance. God made creation in a state of perfect balance, perfect harmony. In Her Revelation of July 4, 2007 the Holy Virgin spoke the following remarkable words:

"Through the ages creation has been suffering severely by actions performed by man which caused heavy disruptions in God’s Plan. With the human souls resides the obligation to contribute to the restoration of the initial balance in creation. They can do this through performing good deeds, acts of reparation to the Creator of everything, and acts of Love towards the creatures which are not part of mankind. Your innate ardent Love for the animals is in accordance with the Love which ruled My own Heart when I was still on earth. I have now revealed to the souls the reasons why this Love is necessary. (...) Do see how all of this reveals the presence of the Creator’s hand in all living beings. What Intelligence would be able to make these countless differences if not the Intelligence of God Himself? May the souls reflect on this as a foundation for a greater respect for all animals. Have I not, in My Revelations on the judgment that is passed on every human soul, make it clear that a trace of God is present in every animal as well?".

In the course of the years, in several passages of the texts She dictated in Myriam’s heart Mary pointed to the fact the currents of Divine Life flowing through creation have been disrupted beyond imagination, and She also pointed to the giant share the dispositions of human souls have got in these disruptions. In this respect She said on August 23, 2007:

"See by all this how all elements in creation are interconnected within one single system: Not the animals and plants commit sins, only man does, and yet all creation is getting progressively unbalanced. Nature is reacting to this situation, for it is constantly seeking ways to adapt to these abrupt influences and to regain the initial state of life according to God’s Law. However, these adaptations are cries of distress and, therefore, not always perfectly compatible with the fullness of the Laws through which Divine Intelligence rules the natural developments. The consequences become ever more clearly visible in anomalies in nature, climate and weather conditions".

The human souls’ responsibility for a large share in the countless derailments in creation, including those in nature and even in weather conditions concretely means that all violations committed by human souls against the impeccable fulfilment of God’s Law of true Love constitute the major factors giving rise to the birth and maintenance, even the progression of all chaos, misery and disharmony we can see in the world around is day after day. A very significant share of these violations, a share which is nevertheless greatly overlooked and/or is hardly ever recognized as being violations, lies in the fact that innumerable human souls keep dealing with animals in ways which are lacking in Love and respect, which, if considered on a global scale, is the case many millions of times every single day. On February 18, 2009 the Mother of Christ spoke the following unambiguous words:

"Souls, from day one man was chosen by God to represent Him towards all of creation. Every one of you is expected to make God’s Love flow towards every fellow creature – man and animal alike. As the human soul was created as the crown of creation she is the first to receive the flows of God’s Love. It therefore depends on the human soul to what extent God’s image can become visible in all creation.

The more the human soul absorbs, experiences and radiates true unselfish Love and makes it produce its effects for the benefit of her fellow creatures – man and animal alike – the more smoothly and purely God’s Love and the force of Divine Life are going to flow through creation. For the soul herself the result is going to be the experience of true happiness.

The more the human soul will exchange true Love for works of darkness by hating or abusing her fellow creature – man or animal –, filling it with fear or distrust, torturing it or causing it pain and suffering in any way whatsoever, the more the ability to experience the unity with God’s Heart and to find true happiness is going to get suffocated inside of her.

I want to urge every human soul to consider very carefully her responsibility as a representative of God’s Love in creation. Whenever a human soul cuts a fellow creature – whether man or animal – off from the genuine experience of God’s Love through any form of maltreatment she incurs a major debt.

The consideration that an animal would fall outside of God’s Plan of Salvation in the strict sense of the word and that, therefore any way of dealing with animals which is devoid of Love would, in God’s eyes, not be a sin, is a delusion which is shamelessly exploited by the evil one. In an indirect way every animal plays a specific role within God’s Plan of Salvation, through the way the human soul deals with the animal. A creature – man or animal – that is treated badly will gradually lose its vital force and will, as a result, become entirely or partly unable to accomplish the plan God had in store for it. The soul who fails to let (sufficient amounts of) Love flow towards her fellow creature – man or animal – is therefore counteracting God’s Plan and disrupting the balance within creation.

Do not pass over this consideration lightly, as it is able to bring the restoration of creation and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth forward.

Bear in mind that any wrong way of dealing with animals, whether in the form of shameless exploitation or even of severe maltreatment, burdens mankind with countless new sins year after year. The soul who sows Love will harvest true happiness. The soul who fails to sow Love or who destroys the seed of Love in her fellow creature – man or animal – will harvest bad luck and increase the debt of all mankind towards Divine Justice.

No soul lives for herself alone: Every sin and every vice burden her with both a primary and a secondary debt.

A primary debt is the one which lies on the soul directly on account of the effects of her actions or omissions for herself, for her personal state of grace; a secondary debt is the one for which she is responsible on account of the effects of her actions or omission for creation as a whole. May the soul bear in mind that God sees, hears and feels everything. Every act of tenderness, every kiss, every kind word, every act of charity, every word of encouragement, every expression of soft Love, but conversely also every hurting or unkind word and every torture inflicted on a fellow creature – man or animal – physically, mentally or emotionally is felt by God in every single detail. Every act and every word filled with Love is a kiss to God Himself, whereas every act and every word lacking Love is like torturing God Himself. Therefore, may the souls consider very carefully how they are dealing with every one of their fellow creatures. (...)"

In Her powerful teaching and urgent call launched by the end of 2017 entitled Seven Seeds for the Kingdom of God the Holy Virgin Mary uttered another warning about the fact many human souls pay very little – if any at all – attention to the spiritual value of their interaction with animals, and the fact God Himself not only judges the human soul by her behaviour towards her fellow person but also by her behaviour towards the animals. I quote:

Souls often fail to become aware of the fact God even judges them by the way they treat animals and by the dispositions of their hearts while dealing with animals. On a number of occasions the Mistress of all souls expressed Her deep sadness over the vast volumes of darkness which are generated on a global scale by human souls every single day through their dealing with animals in ways which lack Love and respect.

It is most appropriate to draw the souls’ attention to the Mistress’ thesis saying that the state of grace of all mankind and of creation as a whole would significantly increase by even simply dealing with the animals, in ways filled with a lot more Love and respect. She points to the fact this is an aspect of Christian life which has received very little attention through the centuries and which, as a result, has been very intensely manipulated by the antichrist in ways which have gone completely unnoticed.

Mary emphasizes the fact it is necessary that a greater awareness as to a loving and respectful interaction with the animals should take root among the Christians, for that, if no a radical turnaround should come about in many souls’ attitude towards their non human fellow creatures, many efforts within the framework of the final struggle in preparation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth will be robbed of their fruitfulness.

In all seriousness the Mother of God states that the true Christian spontaneously regards all his fellow creatures, not only his fellow man, as works of God, as channels of Love, and therefore treats all his fellow creatures accordingly. Every lack of Love in dealing with, and in inner dispositions towards, non human fellow creatures casts a stain on the Light in creation and, consequently, directly nourishes the darkness.

The profound significance of the above thesis becomes very clear if we become fully aware of the fact that every good deed performed by a human soul for the benefit of an animal reinforces the flow of true Love as well as the trust among creatures throughout the network of creation. Every negative action performed by a human soul towards an animal (maltreatment, hunting, poaching, chasing away, deterring, etcetera) enhances mistrust by animals towards human souls and, as a result, slows down the spontaneous flow of Love and true Life through the network of creation. The reason lies in a spiritual Law which cannot be proven nor measured by any scientific standard because it lies in a truth which can not be perceived by the senses: the Law which provides that creation is built in the form of a network of which the nodes are connected among each other, so much so that every node’s nature, behaviour and dispositions automatically influence all other nodes.

Where the Holy Virgin states God made His creation in a state of perfect harmony and of mutual balance among all creatures She is simultaneously pointing to the fact that in a system of creation possessing this Divine harmony not one single creature can ever be in distress nor suffer hardship. The Creator provided His creation with laws of growth and bloom which guarantee that every creature will have enough to eat. It is on the basis of this truth that we are to understand the thesis saying that "hunger is an injustice": Hunger is indeed an injustice, no matter whether it is suffered by any human or by any animal, because this situation is first and foremost, and imperceptibly to the senses, a result of sin as the primary factor of disruption and imbalance. Other factors result from the previous one (sin), among others factors of an economic nature (materialism, selfishness, hedonism, unjust distribution of goods and raw materials based on the craving for material wealth and power, etcetera).

Ever since the original sin was committed the human soul has been more easily inclined to opt for the satisfaction of her own material needs (or the ones she believes she has) instead of opting for the practice of Love towards her fellow creatures. In a world in which all human souls were to live on a basis of unconditional self-denying Love towards all their fellow creatures and towards God’s Works and Plans, not one single creature – including the non human creatures – would suffer any hardship. The Holy Virgin Mary stresses that this is why, in God’s eyes, it is a great thing if a human soul dedicates herself whole-heartedly and in true self-denial for the well-being of all her fellow creatures: assistance and support to all fellow creatures, providing nourishment and shelter for animals, etcetera. All of this requires genuine empathy with the needs and possible sources of suffering of fellow creatures, and a sincere urge to help alleviate all and any hardship. In God’s eyes indifference to a fellow creature’s needs, including those suffered by an animal, is nothing short of a sin, because a soul who is indifferent to a fellow creature fails to help this fellow creature fulfil the mission it is expected to fulfil within the network of creation with a view to maintaining or restoring the balance and harmony within this network.

In The Brooklets of Salvation, among others, the Queen of Heaven made the statement that, in some way, God regards it as an even greater sign of unconditional Love if a human soul commits an act of self-denying Love for the benefit of an animal than if she commits a similar act for the benefit of a fellow person, because a soul who commits an act of Love can more easily expect a fellow person to repay her for it in some way or another than an animal ever could. An animal is not able to remunerate any service financially. Therefore the 'benefactor' will not usually get any 'richer' after having rendered service to an animal, which might be the case after having rendered service to a fellow person (financial remuneration, greater prestige or more recognition, etcetera).

Living in a disposition of unconditional Love towards every fellow creature includes harbouring an impeccable sense of respect towards every single fellow creature. Lack of respect is often the father of situations such as discrimination and persecution. In Her Revelation of February 19, 2009 the Holy Virgin spoke the following words:

"Yesterday I called upon you to help maintain or restore the dignity of every fellow creature – man and animal – by allowing God’s Love to flow through all of you towards all your fellow creatures. So often a soul deprives her fellow creature of its dignity because the latter is allegedly 'different' or because she considers it to be 'inferior'. I emphasize that not one single creature is inferior. Every creature has been made with specific characteristics because Divine Wisdom judged this to be right, in accordance with God’s specific intentions. The soul that deprives a fellow creature of its dignity by treating it in a way which does not agree with the Law of Love, is actually criticizing God’s Works and detracting from the effects thereof, as well as rejecting Divine Wisdom. Therefore any action or word by which a fellow creature – man or animal – is harmed physically, mentally or emotionally, is a work of darkness, and consequently a sin or an expression of vice.

Always consider that a creature is the way it is because God needs its specific characteristics for the accomplishment of his great Plan of Salvation. (...) Also do not look down upon an animal on account of any peculiarities, looks, constitution or so-called inferiority. God has brought all of these characteristics together in this creature for the human soul to rejoice over this richness and over all signs of God’s perfect Intelligence all this testifies to. The animals are given you as auxiliaries for your hearts to open up and find connection with God’s Love. Do not destroy this great present by any ill treatment or contempt. (...)

Dear souls, do pause to think for a while, look and listen deep inside of your hearts, and try to find there the connection with the heartbeat of God Himself. I whisper God’s Love inside of you. Listen to My voice, which was anointed by Eternal Wisdom and ignited by Eternal Love. Follow My calls and teachings of Love, and the fog will clear up in your hearts, so that you will again be able to see the beauty of a flower, an animal, and your fellow man. Surrender your blindness to Me, and pray to Me that you may regain the ability to truly love your fellow creature and God Himself, so that your darkened hearts may die and may be resuscitated to Divine Life, which is controlled only by the heartbeat of your Creator. You will learn to see everything the way God sees it, and the way I Myself see it".

The Mother of Jesus Christ availed Herself again of the teaching The Moon in the night to launch a call for human souls to dedicate themselves to maintaining their fellow creatures’ dignity. I quote:

"It should be pointed out that in God’s eyes it is necessary that souls should apply these tasks to animals as well. The animal has not got a soul in the sense a human has, and does not directly participate in the Plan of Redemption. Animal suffering has therefore not a redeeming value, BUT... God judges the human soul according to the way she treats humans AND animals, for the animals are entrusted to us for us to treat them the way God Himself would. Man represents God towards the animals, so to speak, for he is God’s ambassador towards the whole of creation. Therefore animals play an indirect – through man’s behaviour – in God’s Plan of Salvation, and that is why God regards every unworthy act towards animals as a sin, BECAUSE every such acts constitutes a violation of His Law of Love".

Within the framework of Her Revelation of February 18, 2009 the Mother of God launched the following unambiguous call:

"May the souls regard and live these words as a burning call to restore the dignity of all creatures – men and animals – because every creature bears within itself God’s signature. The way a soul treats a fellow creature, is actually how she is treating God. Each way of dealing with a person or an animal which is not filled with, nor inspired by, true, disinterested, unselfish Love, creates an obstacle to the flow of Divine Love. Help Me remove the darkness from all relations among people and between people and animals, so that the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth may be brought forward. Help Me to thereby take away one of the most powerful arms of destruction used by Satan: the lack of Love displayed by many souls towards their fellow creatures. In proportion as the flow of Love circulates more freely and more vigorously, the whole creation will be more thoroughly pervaded by God’s strength, and true happiness will bloom in the gardens of ever greater numbers of souls.

True Love breeds Life and happiness; hate, contempt and ill treatment breed darkness and unhappiness: for the victim, but even a great deal more for the guilty soul. Open up your hearts, and experience how each act and expression of Love multiplies and gets back to you as the true inner Peace of Christ".

Why are there animals in creation? First and foremost God wanted a vast diversity among His creatures because this diversity is a constant challenge to the human soul: Each living being is different and, consequently, requires the human soul to adapt herself to the creature she comes into contact with. The soul’s ability to soundly adapt herself to the diversity within creation is determined by the extent to which she is driven by a prevailing desire to regard and treat every fellow creature on the basis of a sincere Love and respect. This desire will flourish all the more spontaneously in the soul as the latter becomes aware of the fact every creature is a bearer of a little seed of God Himself.

The fact a creature is alive, already means that this creature has received a role, a mission to fulfil within the network of creation. This is one reason why God judges every lack of Love and respect towards a fellow creature – of no matter what species – as a lack of interest in His Works and Plans, and therefore also judges that a human soul who is lacking in Love and respect for her fellow creature is actually not even interested in her own happiness and in a perfect Love and Peace within all of creation.

In Her extensive and very profound explanation concerning the major secondary role of the animals within the framework of the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for all of creation, the book entitled The Brooklets of Salvation, the Holy Virgin already pointed out that God gave the animals to the human souls as important auxiliaries to help them develop in Love, because the value and fruitfulness of a human life for God’s Works and Plans is determined by the extent to which the human soul has practiced true Love in all her contacts with fellow creatures of whatever nature or species, no matter how long the contacts have lasted (some of them last for only a few moments, others for years day and night).

Divine Providence plays a major role when encounters between creatures come about, for Providence spares no efforts to provide for every human soul to be able to meet fellow creatures – fellow people as well as animals – that are in a position to teach the soul things, to help her behaviour and inner dispositions (thoughts, feelings, state of heart) and reactions towards fellow creatures bloom and grow increasingly perfect in true Love. This is why, in the eyes of God, it is a tremendous abomination if a human soul abuses, maltreats, harms, mocks or disdains in any way whatsoever any fellow creature that crosses her path through life. In Her Revelation of August 13, 2007, the Mistress of all souls said:

"Human souls do not usually become aware of the fact that contacts with animals are not seldom arranged by Divine Providence. God made man the custodian of His creation, and He counts on human souls approaching the animals and plants with respect, for the latter, too, are God’s property. In the hour in which judgment is passed on her life the human soul is, among other things, judged according to her behaviour towards the animals and towards nature. Tonight I showed you how an animal, which does not react to its environment on the basis of logical thinking, can react as soon as it senses pure Love. The animal that came towards you felt from a distance the Love emanating from you, and in this it recognized spontaneously the natural state of things God had provided for His creation.

Tell the souls that every action, every element of behaviour and every word of sincere Love towards animals contributes to the restoration of the balance within creation, which has gotten so severely disrupted, and that also the Love towards the animals brings the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth forward, because in this Love God finds back the initial harmony He has provided His creation with and which went lost when the original sin was committed.

You were surprised at the way this animal behaved towards you. I told you some time ago that animals belonging to a highly developed species are very sensitive to the essence of life and of God’s Presence: Love, and that they have got the ability to allow this Love to flow freely as soon as they discover that the being they have just encountered is a bearer of this force".

On September 4, 2007, the Holy Virgin expanded on Her above words as follows:

"Few souls are duly aware of the fact that domestic animals are entrusted to them by Divine Providence, by Divine Wisdom. In a manner of speaking human souls and domestic animals are chosen for each other by Divine Wisdom, because both parties can benefit from the relationship. If the human soul deals with this relationship the right way she will be able to learn a great deal by it and may learn to feel the purity of God’s Love. A domestic animal lives from the heart rather than from a rational mind. If the animal is treated with much sincere Love it will demonstrate a behaviour which is so open that the human soul who is sensitive to it, can be deeply touched. One of the reasons why God created animals which are able to serve man as domestic animals lies in the fact these animals can exert a healing influence on a wounded human heart. A human soul who has a hard time finding God’s Love can be opened by this experience if she allows herself to be touched by the openness of the domestic animal’s Love.

Be well aware of the fact that an animal whose journey through life crosses your own path through life in order to share certain experiences with you for a given period of time is not coincidentally part of your life: God pursues a certain intention by providing for this encounter. Since the human soul was meant to be the crown upon creation and the custodian of God’s Kingdom on earth the soul should regard every relationship with a domestic animal as a covenant for which the souls bears a responsibility towards God".

As early as June 11, 2007, Mary had spoken words to a similar effect:

"(...) I emphasize the significance of the way in which the human soul treats the animals entrusted to her care. God entrusts animals to man for the purpose of helping the latter develop toward sanctity. The way in which the human soul deals with this, does matter a great deal for God. Through this complex way an animal belonging to a more highly developed species (based on the images I get to see innerly it appears Mary is referring first and foremost, though not exclusively, to dogs and cats) can indirectly play an important part in God’s great Plan of Salvation, which actually concerns the human souls. Be well aware of the fact the world is populated with billions of animals and that many millions of people find their paths through life crossed by domestic animals, and thus realize the importance of an impeccable harmony and of the flowing of Love between human souls and animals for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth (...)".

In Her teaching entitled On the spiritual background of misery in the world and the way towards a world without misery, which She intended to be part of Her invitation entitled Reversing the darkness, the Holy Virgin announced the following powerful thesis:

A soul who, because of selfishness, allows Love to die inside, will soon fall prey to insensitivity, indifference to the needs of her fellow creatures, and aggression. This soul is unable to empathize with a fellow creature, and will never stop to consider what she would go through herself if she were treated without Love, nor what this means to God’s Heart Through lack of inner Light (the death of the soul means an all-embracing spiritual eclipse) the soul no longer understands that each lack of Love and every trace of insensitivity towards her fellow creatures (both animals and humans!) burdens the whole of creation with more darkness and makes herself sink deeper and deeper into misery in the process. The Mistress of all souls once said that if the souls should pay a much greater respect and practice a much deeper Love towards the animals, even this alone would make the mountain of misery in this world considerably smaller. (...)

Let us never forget this: The fact that vast amounts of contacts and dealings of humans with fellow people as well as with animals are not in accordance with God’s Law contributes tremendously to the darkness which is covering creation and which is laying a heavy burden of misery, sufferings and trials on our lives. This vast debt towards God’s Law requires compensation. Having regard to the fact God tries to implement His Law entirely through human souls He will first and foremost turn to the human souls to offer Him the sacrifice and consecration of trials which are borne with Love, by way of reparation and so as to restore the balance. The vast burden of sins results in the unimaginable misery of this world. (...)


In Her revelation of September 20, 2009, the Holy Virgin urged human souls to take their responsibility by dedicating themselves sincerely to a thorough purification of the world through a consistent practice of true Love towards fellow people as well as animals:

"Now sign the covenant with Me, which will bring you true inner peace, and to the whole of creation much happiness. Innumerable creatures can yet be freed from their misery.

It is the vocation of every soul to leave to creation a heritage of Love in the hour of her death. Blessed is the soul about whom God, in the hour of passing judgment on her life, can establish that she has used her life on earth to enrich the lives of fellow people and animals with her Love. Blessed is the soul to whom He will say: 'Many lives of human souls and animals have been better off for having had you on their paths'. Blessed are they who have sown Love and voluntary sacrifices, for they shall harvest Heavenly gardens and the sweet fruits of eternal bliss".

In Her appeal entitled Reversing the darkness Mary again took up this exhortation by inspiring the following words:

Creation can only be restored, and all misery be dispelled from the face of the earth only in proportion as larger numbers of human souls take the fire of true Love to increasing numbers of fellow creatures (humans and animals, even the world of vegetation).

So there definitely is a way back: As soon as the human souls, on a large scale, will treat all their fellow creatures – both fellow persons and animals – with respect and sincere Love, and will no longer debase any of them, the intentions harboured by the darkness to completely undermine God’s Works and to immerse the latter in all kinds of misery, will be broken altogether. It is as simple as that, because:

This is God’s fundamental Law: Love breeds Light and Peace; lack of Love breeds darkness, dissatisfaction and misery in all of its forms.
With permission from the Queen of Heaven reference can be made to famous words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian advocate of nonviolent solutions (first and foremost through fasting, penance and prayer) to every conflict and problem, advocate of a strict respect for human rights and a great activist in the field of protecting the weak, including the animals:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated". (Mahatma Gandhi).

When one day Myriam inquired with the Mistress of all souls about the aforementioned quotation She replied:

"The way animals are treated is a most suitable yardstick indicating the degree of moral awareness and understanding by human souls – i.e., essentially, indicating the degree to which human souls actually fathom the deeper significance and value of God’s Law – as well as the extent to which they are serious about their responsibility towards God as to their holy duty to reflect His Presence towards all creatures.
This is because the way a human soul treats animals is also an extraordinarily reliable yardstick indicating the extent to which this soul unconditionally and unrestrainedly practices the Divine Law of true self-denying and unselfish Love, or not.
The way the animals are treated reveals the state of a soul’s moral development better than the way she treats her fellow people, as the treatment of fellow people is more easily defiled and masked by personal interests and by the expectation of indemnification and of praise than the treatment of the animals". (the Most Holy Virgin Mary to Myriam)

The Holy Virgin Mary, Mistress of all souls by Divine proxy for the Last Times of the history of salvation, concludes the present teaching by announcing the following recommendations, which She refers to as

urgent celestial appeal
aimed at advancing the well-being of the animals
through an unconditional practice of Love towards them
by the human souls

inspired to Myriam van Nazareth, end of February 2020

"In the name of God I launch an extremely urgent appeal to every individual soul in the world for a total, persistent, lifelong commitment to practicing an unconditional, self-denying Love in any situation and at any moment of life, towards all her fellow creatures, not only towards all her fellow people without the slightest discrimination as to race, colour of skin, culture, language, sex or age, but also towards all animals.

I am launching this call as the only way to accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation for all creation, a Plan the Creator has designed from the perfection and fullness of His Love with a view to the eventual establishment of His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures without any distinction.

The accomplishment of this Divine Plan is entirely in the hands of the human souls, as in order to complete this Plan the Creator needs the human soul’s voluntary collaboration and sincere desire, so that the Divine Law saying that all Works of God’s Love are designed by the almighty God yet can only be unlocked through a perfect merger between the Divine Heart and the heart of the human soul, intended to be the crown upon His creation, may be fulfilled. This means the effects of Divine Love can only be visibly realized on earth to the extent to which the human soul makes herself whole-heartedly, totally and unconditionally one with the will of God, who only aims for the highest level of Salvation and happiness to be accomplished for all creation, and to the extent to which she strictly practices true Love towards all her fellow creatures.

Whereas the Creator has designed His creation as a network in which all creatures – both human souls and non human living beings – are interconnected, the extent and the quality of the flow of Divine Life in the form of Divine Love through this network is determined just as much by the treatment, the relations and the inner dispositions of all human souls towards the animals as by those towards their fellow people.

This is why the world can never be delivered from its tremendous chaos, misery, injustice and suffering if the human souls fail to drastically cleanse with utmost urgency their behaviour, relations and inner dispositions also towards the animals and infuse these with unconditional, self-denying Love in its countless shapes and expressions.

I emphatically call on all souls:

to support whole-heartedly and unhesitatingly the laudable dedication of many organisations for the rescue and the protection of the well-being of the animals in this world, by the drastic spiritual offensive to which I am herewith inviting with the utmost urgency,
in the form of a thorough reorientation of all human hearts in favour of the practice of an unconditional self-denying Love for the animals, whenever possible supported by major prayer initiatives.

To the extent to which the worldly animal welfare organisations on the one hand and a persistent spiritual offensive on the other hand will be joining hands this world will be cleansed of a tremendous amount of darkness,
owing to the Divine Law of true Love being fulfilled to an unparalleled extent in billions of encounters between human souls and animals all over the world.

In concrete terms I now invite all human souls:
  1. to make all possible efforts for the advancement of the well-being of all animals and in the field of combating all and any suffering inflicted upon animals by human souls. Any form of abuse, maltreatment or commercialization of animals within the framework of the pursuit of profits, of so-called sports or entertainment, or proceeding from any form of inner darkness whatsoever in human hearts is an abomination in the eyes of God, for all of this offends His Love by repudiating the ability He provided every human soul with: the ability to live towards her fellow creatures in such a way as to reflect God’s Heart and be a pure channel of His Love;
  2. to remain open to the physical needs of all animals any time, particularly under threatening or physically stressing weather conditions and in the event of shortages of food and/or drinking water;
  3. to keep an open eye at all times for the emotional needs of all animals by treating them gently and respectfully, in a disposition of inner Peace enwrapping the animals in an atmosphere of serenity, friendship, confidence and security and maintaining or enhancing the dignity which every creature – including the animals – has received from its Creator in its capacity as a tool within the network of creation;
  4. to provide for a conscientious protection of every animal’s natural environment, which should be given absolute and unconditional priority over hunting after all possible economic benefits the soul may believe she needs. In this respect I refer, among other things yet not exclusively, to unbridled deforestation, construction of buildings or roads in or near nature reserves, noise pollution, pollution of soils, water and air, etcetera;
  5. to harbour an unlimited openness of the heart to all animals in their capacity as works and gifts provided by the Creator, and a profound empathy with their entire being. This ability is part and parcel of every human soul, as the Creator designed all creatures in such a way as to enable them to live together in an unlimited and stainless harmony. God judges the value of a human life also by the extent to which the soul has fully brought this ability to bloom and has used it liberally within the framework of all her contacts and encounters with fellow people as well as with animals.

    This openness of the heart also includes a distinct awareness of the fact animals were intended by God to be auxiliaries in perfecting the way in which the human soul tries to bring her spiritual abilities to bloom and to use them for good purposes: dealing with animals is like an all-round exercise in aiming for spiritual perfection and can also get an extraordinary healing effect in any damaged or sick inner life of human souls. Every lack of openness of the heart to a perfectly loving interaction with animals shuts the human soul off from channels through which Divine Life flows to the soul, thereby preventing the bloom of all happiness both in earthly life and afterwards.

    A human soul who keeps her heart well and truly open and is driven by the sincere desire to fully use her ability to maintain, promote and repair the harmony God intended to exist among all creatures through unlimited empathy with all fellow creatures, and who does so for the benefit of completing God’s Plan of Salvation for all creation:

  • will, with every encounter with animals on her journey through life, keep asking herself what influence her own behaviour and her own inner dispositions may have on these animals’ well-being and emotional lives. The fact that animals are often inclined to experience fear and lack of confidence towards man is a disgrace for the human soul as the 'crown' of creation and indicates the fact that, throughout the ages, the human soul has been greatly failing to meet the high expectations the Creator harboured towards the human soul as a reflection of His Love. Many human souls hardly, if at all, realize that the countless signs of a disrupted harmony among all creatures have been caused to a very great extent by the billions of actions and intentions lacking Love, which have been proceeding from human souls towards the animals all through the ages and which have been branded on these animals’ vital principle in a way that is very similar to the way the original sin committed by the first human souls left a scar in every single human soul after them;
  • will be, and remain, aware of the fact that every animal feels a very great deal more, and therefore experiences very much more inner Peace or, inversely, a great deal more inner suffering and damage, than man is able – or is willing, respectively – to perceive through his senses, and she will bear this in mind during every encounter or contact with an animal. This awareness should incite the human soul to practice meekness, tenderness, understanding, patience, sympathy, empathy, willingness to help, openness, respect, and a disposition of sincere friendship (including a total absence of any negative feelings) towards all animals;
  • will be able to put herself in the position of the animal with which she comes into contact, and will therefore spontaneously aspire to obtain or to bring about that which the animal may experience as pleasant and avoid that which the animal may experience as disconcerting, threatening or hostile. The following may be regarded as a valuable guide: The soul should actually try to imagine she herself is this animal, and then try to interpret what the contact with this human soul in front of her feels like.

Souls, not one single being, whether human or animal, made itself, and not one single being chose herself where, in what time, under what circumstances and in what environment it was born. Do fully realize this, and use this awareness as a firm guideline motivating you never again to judge, condemn, abuse, mock, exploit, discriminate or regard any fellow creature as inferior or unwanted. True happiness can not be achieved by human souls who refuse to allow this awareness to surface and thus fail to treat their fellow creatures – both humans and animals – from a heart filled with sincere Love, empathy, respect, friendship and willingness to serve, knowing that everything they do to their fellow creature – whether good or bad – is also, to its full extent, perceived (felt) by God Himself and will one day have to be justified before Him.

Do not defer acting upon the present incitation, as every single day the current atmosphere of lack of Love, indifference and insensitivity on the part of human souls among one another as well as towards the animals in this world is maintained the layer of darkness oppressing the world keeps getting thicker. As a result thereof mankind is harvesting the misery it has been sowing itself by unrestrainedly putting to shame the Love God once provided His creation with and has never stopped providing it with".

In conclusion

Sign uttered by Jesus to the Eternal Father while observing a little bird (from The Harvest of Eternal Love, from which excerpts were collected in Mary invites > Passiontide > Sighs from the Heart of the Divine Redeemer):

"Oh Father, how closely we have wanted all elements of Our creation to be interconnected. Oh such Love is flowing between all hearts, yearning to be reciprocated in order that this flow might kindle true Life in all creatures, in glorification of You.

If only all souls should be able to see and feel how totally Our Hearts sense and register every single perception in every human being and in every animal, owing to the fact a particle of Ourselves is alive in every living being. How totally We perceive every little trace of joy, even in this small bird. How totally We perceive every little trace of pain which is inflicted even upon this small creature emotionally or physically. How heavily Our Hearts are suffering by every lack of Love among Our creatures, and how much joy Our Hearts experience over every expression of Love among Our creatures.

Oh Father, I pray that the awareness of the perfect unity among all creatures may return, in order that no creature may ever again harm or hurt a fellow creature. That is how it will be in the fullness of time, in the Kingdom of perfect Love under the perfect rule of Our Law".

Main links:

The following links lead directly to the most important teachings containing celestial explanations which may prove very useful as they shed some extra light on the context within which the present appeal is being launched:

"God invested every single creature with its individual dignity. A human soul’s dignity is determined by the extent to which she meets the infinite value God attaches to her, through her behaviour, her inner dispositions and her aspirations. Every single creature’s dignity is its specific singularity, the fact a creature possesses a certain value the way it is, irrespective of its specific characteristics and traits. It possesses this value because it was born in God’s Intelligence and Wisdom for the purpose of serving the Plan God pursues with creation, and of doing so exactly the way it is.

This is why I tell you in truth that in the eyes of God a human soul’s dignity is determined basically by the extent to which this soul is committed whole-heartedly, unconditionally, spontaneously and with her entire behaviour and all dispositions of her heart to preserving, defending and, if necessary, restoring the dignity of her fellow creatures, whether humans or animals. In so doing she expresses towards her Creator the desire that His entire creation may reflect the sanctity, Love, Peace, happiness and harmony He invested it with" (the Holy Virgin Mary to Myriam, March 2020)