The Ten Commandments of True Love

Teaching by the Most Holy Virgin Mary
on the Ingredients of True Love

Myriam van Nazareth

The beginning of all things created is God. The actual creating force is Love. It is through Love that God creates everything, and through which He redeems and sanctifies the most privileged of His Works: the human soul. Love is the Fire from God’s Heart, the Fire which distributes Light and warmth and purifies the whole of creation. Love is the essence, the basic material and the fuel of Life. The greater and stronger Love becomes, the more true Life blossoms and the greater its similarity with the perfection of Divine Life, which consists of nothing but Love. If Love is weakened, the living creature starts to lose Life, all Light, warmth and purity flow out of it, and it falls into darkness, cold and impurity.

This process can best be observed in the most privileged among God’s Works: the human soul. The soul in whom true Love blooms, spreads Light, warmth and purity all around herself. In proportion as the soul loses true Love, it falls deeper and deeper into darkness, cold, impurity and unfruitfulness: one might say the field of the soul gets a wintery aspect, it loses the blooming power of eternal spring.

Each time the soul gives in to temptation, she actually is not opting for true Love, because giving in to temptation is like walking on a bridge which leads the soul to the land of sin. An act, word, thought, feeling or desire is sinful if it separates the soul from God’s Heart, in other words: if it makes the soul perform a work which does not fit within the Works God wants to perform through the souls. In sin, the soul steers a course which has not been planned by God. Since all of God’s Works are powered by nothing but true, perfect Love, every sin is a violation of Love. This is exactly how we are to understand the fact that each sin makes the soul lose some part of true Life, and that by regular sinning the soul gradually dies. The soul’s death is the state in which the soul gets so thoroughly separated from God that she is no longer able to put her will and her works at the service of God’s Works and Plans, because she has allowed all true Love, the driving force of Divine Life, to flow out of her. We should imagine this process like this: every violation of God’s Law, every vice and every sin, makes the soul spring a leak. The more the soul sins, the more rapidly the stocks of grace within her will run empty and the less she will be able to hold on to any new graces. Thus the soul no longer holds on to the nourishment God is passing her so that she may be able to live and to function, and she fades away. This process makes her fully ineffective within God’s Plans and Works.

The soul in whom true Love dies, gradually changes inside as to the perception of herself and her surroundings, as to her approach to life and her relationship with God and with the creatures. Because this soul drifts away from God she will be nourished ever less by the attributes that are typical of God’s Presence: Love, hope, faith, courage, trust, feeling of security, joy, purity, tolerance... On the contrary, she will gradually fall prey to fear, insecurity, intolerance, doubts, and other states of mind that are inspired by darkness as sources of poison for the ability to perceive God’s vicinity.

As true Love is the force of God Himself, and characterizes all His Works, we may hold on to the following thesis: "Bring true Love to a creature, and you will set it free; take from it the ability to truly love, and you will deliver it up to inner darkness, which will gradually make true Life ooze away from it". Every soul is called to do God’s Works on earth. True redemption and sanctification are the soul’s share insofar as she responds to this calling. With every soul resides the obligation to represent God’s Presence and His Works towards all her fellow creatures (people and animals, even vegetation). There is only one way for the soul to do this: by spreading true Love.

What is true Love? The Queen of Heaven and earth and Mistress of all souls shows us true Love like a fire consisting of a number of flames. She now calls upon the souls to fully develop these flames within themselves, so that the souls may become bearers of Heavenly Fire which is to bring true Life, Light, warmth and purification to creation. This call is urgent, because the whole of creation is falling prey to works of darkness to an unparalleled extent. True Love flows from God’s Heart and is in the first place directed towards the human souls, and the latter bear the responsibility to integrate this Love into their works, words, thoughts, feelings and desires. In an increasing number of souls the flow of true Love gets lost. Consequently true Love is distributed among ever less souls and animals. Therefore God’s Presence in creation can be established ever less clearly. Countless human souls and animals are victims of the innumerable interruptions in the flow of true Love, because so many human souls are no longer able to pass it on, or no longer put their free will at the service of God’s Will, so that their life is no longer at the service of the great Plan of Salvation. Creation can only be restored, and all misery can only be dispelled from the face of the earth, in proportion as increasing numbers of human souls take the fire of true Love to increasing numbers of fellow creatures – people and animals.

How does the human soul respond to her calling to be a bearer of God’s Love? The soul bears within herself a number of faculties, each of which is able to flare up like a flame. To the extent to which these flames flare up and melt into one in the soul’s free will, a fire develops, enabling the soul to become a reflection of God. Indeed, in the soul’s free will, because whether or not the soul will spread true Love around herself, is determined by the extent to which she sacrifices her free will to the Works that God wants to accomplish through her. In the soul who throws her free will into the furnace of God’s Will with the intention of doing nothing but His Works, according to God’s Will, God will be able to fully unfold His Graces, without any restriction. This soul can herself become a furnace of Divine Love. The following are the flames every soul is to make flare up within herself:

The ingredients of true Love: All components of Love put together constitute the soul’s actual building stones. This is why each deviation from Love in the first place injures our own soul. If the soul allows the fire of true Love to fade within herself, she is the first one to suffer from the cold and the darkness resulting from this process. True Love is the force passing true Life on and maintaining it. By giving true Love to a fellow person or to an animal, it is possible to step up the vital forces within this fellow creature. This is because true Love strengthens the fellow creature’s contact with God Himself. Under these conditions you represent the strength of God Himself towards this creature. This is the guideline the Mistress of all souls gives to God’s children for a revival of their own vital force and the one in every fellow creature, man and animal. She invites the souls to bring the ten following ingredients of true Love to bloom within herself, under Her guidance. Mary refers to the rules concerned as the Ten Commandments of True Love:

1. Forgivingness. It requires genuine Love to forgive everything a fellow creature has done to us. The ability to forgive can only truly blossom in a humble heart which considers its own sufferings to be less important than the suffering a fellow creature would experience if it should remain burdened by the guilt of a mistake that has once been committed. Forgiveness is an extraordinary purifier of the own soul, in that it releases in God’s Heart graces for the soul that forgives. By forgiving our fellow man for his mistakes against us, we 'give God an incentive' to forgive us for mistakes we ourselves have made. By this purification the soul’s vital force is increased, and she is better enabled to assimilate God’s Love.

In proportion as the soul is more filled with true Love she will be better able to convey this Love to other creatures. The soul that knows how to forgive another soul that bears a guilt against her, will in certain cases become a life saver, for a soul that is not forgiven, may sometimes be paralyzed or inhibited in all her works for years, and may have a really hard time 'connecting' to God’s Heart again. If every soul should forgive wholeheartedly to everybody who has ever done her wrong, the world would be freed from an unimaginable burden, and the darkness would lose an extraordinary powerful weapon: by inciting souls to keep holding grudges, Satan often keeps controlling both the guilty one and the victim for years on end. Nothing cuts off hearts from God so quickly and so thoroughly as a lack of forgiveness among souls.

Mary calls upon each soul as of today to genuinely and totally begin to forgive each fellow creature that is in any way guilty against her. If, under circumstances, this is difficult or not at all possible in an open conversation, forgiveness within one’s heart is also valid. To forgive, is also valuable beyond the frontiers of death: forgive wholeheartedly, even today, all deceased who maybe passed away while their heart was in a state of discord with you. This forgiveness is even now integrated into God’s timeless Plan of Salvation.

2. Willingness to help. Every being – man or animal – has got its own specific disabilities and weak points. All living things live in a physical body which has got needs, which is limited as to strength, and which is sensitive to illness, complaints, pain, fatigue and moral suffering. It is part of the principal life tasks of every soul to come her fellow creature (both man and animal) to the rescue in all of its needs. How great is it in God’s eyes if a soul is willing to help another soul, even in minor things.

Through your readiness to help you enable a fellow creature to accomplish its own tasks within the framework of God’s Plan of Salvation better or more smoothly. The obligation to help equally applies to the help and care towards animals. Each animal has got its own mission to fulfill within God’s great Plan. By taking care of an animal, surrounding it with love, feeding it or giving it shelter, you contribute to the creation of a new balance within a heavily distorted creation, by promoting a smoother flow of true Love. Mary points out emphatically that every human soul is under the obligation to represent God’s Love, not only towards her fellow men but also towards the animals.

She calls upon every soul to start giving the willingness to help every fellow man and every animal that is sent onto the path of her life, a fixed place within her daily activities. A complementary step is this: that man should be interested in every fellow creature’s needs. If you observe your fellow creature – man or animal – in a sound way (i.e.: free from any sick curiosity about worldly things) you can learn to see how the latter’s behaviour points to certain needs, which you can then try to meet. Being interested in the needs of a fellow creature also means: to anticipate a need. For instance: taking into account a handicapped person may not be able to open a door by himself; taking into account a person who is ill may not be able to shop; in the wintertime, providing feed for animals outside...

3. Understanding. Every creature has got the need to be understood. By showing understanding of the inner states and the actions of a fellow person you demonstrate to God that you accept the working and effects of His Providence, which has made your fellow person the way he is, with all his specific characteristics and traits. Showing understanding of your fellow person does not mean you have to condone sinful acts as well. In the ninth commandment of true Love we will see that it is part of our life’s mission to spread true Love, to teach our fellow person the only Truth.

Having an understanding of one’s fellow person means, however, not to judge nor to condemn our fellow person, and not to allow oneself to be tempted to enter into disputes as to the value (or lack of it) of the other one’s points of view and way of living. This way you enable your fellow person to play the role God has foreseen for him, within the time Divine Providence has decreed for him to do so. This means you are free to lovingly point out any errors, mistakes or misconceptions, to teach the only Truth instead, yet are not allowed to stand in the way of his using his free will. We must at all times take into account that a soul has got her reasons for living and acting in a specific way. It is every soul’s duty to respect this, and to entrust any desirable change in this respect to Divine Providence in prayer.

Each lack of understanding of one’s fellow man – and of the specific characteristics of an animal – blocks the flow of Love among creatures, and expresses a form of protest against God’s Wisdom, which allows this fellow creature to be like that, either permanently or temporarily. Prayer or sacrifices to change something if this is in accordance with God’s Plans and Works, is the only sound alternative, because in so doing, one commits an act of union with God’s Will, and thus makes it possible for new outpours of Love to come over the fellow person concerned.

We can only understand our fellow creatures to the extent to which we develop the faculty of empathy in our hearts. The soul that succeeds in empathizing with her fellow man or animal, learns to look at the world through the eyes of her fellow creature, so to speak, and thus understands a great deal better why this creature is behaving the way it does. Empathy is made possible by a high degree of animation by the Holy Spirit. This faculty could be looked upon as being the three legs of a triangle: the three angles represent God, yourself and the fellow creature; the three legs of the triangle represent the faculty of empathy, which connects God, yourself and the other creature among each other. Empathy thus creates a high degree of unity with the fellow creature while our heart is focused on this fellow creature, and this unity is nourished directly from God’s Heart.

4. Self-denial. There is no greater way to show one’s love than to give one’s life up for the benefit of one’s friends. Jesus already pointed this out. 'To give one’s life up' is a notion that extends a lot further than common semantics would have us suspect. You can give up your life by literally dying, but you can also give it up by mortification of the self. This can be done by making sacrifices or by accomplishing acts of penance, and giving the fruits of such sacrifices and penance to Mary for the benefit of souls or, generally speaking, of fellow creatures (one can also make sacrifices for the benefit of animals, and such sacrifices may be very meritorious in the eyes of God).

Self-denial means: putting aside one’s own needs and desires with the intention that our fellow creatures may be better off because of our doing so. We can do so in a direct way, by giving our fellow creature priority over ourselves in specific situations. We can, however, also do it in an indirect way, by making hidden sacrifices while pleading with God/Mary that our fellow creature may be better off because of them.

The supreme and broadest form of self-denial is the total consecration to Mary: real consecration is a matter of experiencing all situations of your life as being at Mary’s service, so that She may gather everything that is going on inside of you, in a big basin out of which God creates His graces. This basin contains the immense and unfathomable fruits of Jesus’ Sufferings and Death on the Cross, the infinite fruits of the Sorrows and of the immaculately holy life of Mary, the fruits of all Holy Masses, the fruits of all consecrated sufferings of all souls of all times, and also the fruits of each life which is fully consecrated to Mary or Jesus. Through total consecration the soul actually gives up her life for her fellow creatures, for she sacrifices her free will to God’s Plan of Salvation, so that she herself no longer disposes of the way she fills out her life. Mary become the Mistress of every detail of the life and the being of the soul consecrated to Her.

It is as though, through her self-denial, the soul would say to God: "Do feel free to distribute Your graces in such a way as if I myself were not there anymore, so that others may receive my share". In reality God will not pass you by, He will prepare for others and for you an extra share of graces, because through the voluntary denial of your own needs and desires you have made so much Love available to Him that He Himself multiplies the share of graces which was foreseen. The unfathomable strength of self-denial lies therein, that it makes the soul rise above her human weaknesses and she then 'begins to live on a much higher level': self-denial is only possible if the soul stops counting herself in, if she considers her fellow creatures to be much more important than herself, and if – on top of this – she is able to generate an extraordinary confidence in God, for the soul that remains stuck in her human traits, will not be able to forego the certainty that God is going to keep carrying her. Indeed: what would she do if God were to take her offer literally, and were actually going to act as if she no longer existed? Only the soul that truly believes in the infinite, unconditional Love of God and in the infinite value of every sacrifice that is made voluntarily, will be able to reduce herself to nothing in the eyes of God and still know this will not bring her death or 'nothingness', but true Divine Life and the perfection of her existence as a soul.

5. Defending the dignity of every fellow creature. It is a major expression of true Love for God and for your fellow creatures to remain constantly aware of the fact that every fellow creature – man and animal – bears within itself God’s signature. Everything has sprung from God. Every creature is a wonder of His Love. No single creature can come into the world as a living being without having been fuelled up by the 'fuel of life' (Divine Love) first. It is part of the preferred strategies of darkness to inspire the souls with contempt, lack of respect, lovelessness or indifference towards their fellow creatures. This is what happens on a large scale in wars and under political regimes that are hostile towards God and spiritual life. We must keep aware of the fact such a view of our fellow creature is tantamount to contempt, lack of respect, lovelessness or indifference as regards a work of God’s Love, and thus to an injury that is inflicted upon God’s Heart. This means that denial of the dignity of any fellow creature – man or animal – despises and injures the Source of Love and Life itself.

Always keep in mind also that each creature essentially remains God’s property. Our children belong to God, we are but their custodians. Our domestic animals belong to God, we are but their custodians. That is exactly why caring for a fellow creature – man or animal – is in reality a service rendered to God. Because every creature is God’s property, treating it with respect and love actually constitutes a great homage to God. To recognize a fellow creature’s dignity, means to recognize that this creature is like an edifice built by God. To defend a fellow creature’s dignity, means to defend God’s Love against any form of disrespect. True Love is the pure essence from God’s Heart. It must therefore be regarded as sacred.

According to this view each edifice by God’s hand therefore contains an element of sanctity that has to be respected. Every action, every word, even every thought, every feeling and every desire xhich detracts from a fellow creature’s dignity, interrupts the flow of true Love and promotes the works of darkness: let us never forget that all of satan’s works are exactly geared at taking all dignity away from God’s Works, in other words: disfiguring the latter to such an extent as to make them appear like they have lost their Divine signature.

It is the duty of every soul to become and to remain aware of the Divine origin of all life, and to treat every creature – man and animal – as what it really is: God’s Work and property. By defending a creature’s dignity one glorifies it’s Creator, from Whom it has received its specific personal traits. The intention pursued by the forces of darkness to undermine God’s Works and plunge the creatures into miseries of the most various kinds, would on a large scale be rendered ineffective if every soul were to treat all her fellow creatures – animals as well as people – respectfully, and never again to humiliate any of them, neither in personal contact nor in public. Recognizing and defending a fellow creature’s dignity means: to act in such a way that it is clear to all creatures, and to God Himself, that one considers this fellow creature to be something valuable, and that one appreciates its presence on the path of one’s life (for a brief or a longer period of time, according to the provisions made by Divine Providence).

This task also includes the obligation to abandon any bias and any prejudice. All racism, all discrimination and every view as to the 'worthlessness' of specific creatures, is based on a lack of love for God’s Providence which makes each individual creature in a specific way and with specific characteristics and traits, because this creature has to fulfill its specific task within the great Plan of Salvation while making use of exactly these characteristics and traits.

A major source of devaluation of our fellow man consists of practising slander and malicious gossip. Every soul should apply the following golden rule: 'if I have not got anything positive to say about a fellow person, I would rather remain silent'. This is true following of Mary, like She teaches us in The Rebirth of Eden (this book by Myriam van Nazareth has not been translated into English as yet): In every soul She used to look for positive characteristics and traits, and She tried to promote these. As regards any negative characteristics of a soul, it is a good thing to be always aware of the fact this soul is herself in fact the first victim of those characteristics, and that we had therefore better not make her development even more difficult by depicting her in a negative way in the eyes of any other people.

The dignity of a fellow creature – man or animal – can also be violated by making this fellow creature feel as if it were hardly able to do anything well. By uttering frequent criticisms to a fellow creature’s disadvantage, or constantly wanting to correct everything the latter says or does, one can lay a burden of feelings of inferiority upon this fellow creature, which may inhibit the latter’s spontaneous behaviour and in the long run subject it to a full distortion of its personal nature. This is likely to push this fellow creature off the road Divine Providence had provided for it.

6. Softness. Softness is the ability to approach your fellow creatures in words and actions in such a way as to make them feel embalmed in their hearts. Mary once called softness and buoyancy the two main expressions of God’s sun in a soul: buoyancy is the Light, softness the warmth. A creature – man or animal – that is surrounded with softness, opens up to true Love because in this atmosphere it (usually unconsciously) perceives God’s vicinity. We could look at it this way, that through softness we are actually treating Divine Presence in our fellow creature in a cautious and tender way, whereas through any lack of softness we detract from the effects of this Divine element. The Divine itself can not be harmed, but if it is not treated softly the heart of the creature bearing this element, can be hurt. This is because the Divine connects with all creatures through Love.

True Love bears the effects of God’s omnipotence: it may 're-shape' a creature, make it more receptive to the effects of Divine Presence, but if Love is hurt, it may also inflict deep wounds because each creature (especially man and the members of the higher animal species) possesses a built-in system which is able to unconsciously perceive the Presence and activities of Divinity and is therefore equally able to establish when this Presence and these activities are not approached in an appropriate way. The injury consists of the pain on account of the fact the flow of Love is abused: Love (the force of Life) in the creature groans under the experience of the wall which was so insensitively erected against the Source of Love (God’s Heart). He who treats his fellow creature – man or animal – with softness and tenderness, clothes this creature in wool. He who treats his fellow creature with insensitivity and crudeness, drives a nail into this fellow creatures heart, another one into God’s Heart, and a third one into his own heart, for that which one does unto one’s fellow creature (good as well as bad), one does unto God, and (on account of the fact the Creator and all creatures are mutually connected), eventually unto oneself. Therefore consider it a life task to treat every fellow creature – man or animal – like a fragile flower, not like a sturdy tree which would even easily survive the blow of an axe.

7. Tact. All that lives is sensitive to the developments in its surroundings and to the way the surroundings react to its own being and its own behaviour. Especially the human soul and the members of the higher animal species possess an emotional system that can function like a door towards the deep core of their being: impressions which are experienced as positive, open the door; impressions which are experienced as negative, close it. If the creature is frequently exposed to negative impressions, this door may even be bolted for an indefinite period of time. In this latter case the risk arises that the creature, for fear of being hurt, withdraws deeper and deeper into herself, and even starts to shut itself off from true Love, thereby allowing true Life to ooze out of it. It is then no longer able to do that which God has intended it to do. For the human soul this is tantamount to not following her vocation. For the animal it means being reduced to playing a disrupted role within the great Plan of Salvation.

Tact means taking the emotions and the inner experiences of a fellow creature into account. Tact is an expression of true Love because exercising tact means caring about a fellow creature’s inner balance, and thus about its ability to fully function the way God expects it to. Lack of tact can disrupt a fellow creature by dealing with the latter’s feelings in an insensitive way: actions or words that may arouse negative or painful emotions, are poured down upon the fellow creature without any restraints, so that the latter feels suddenly cut off from Love. It is vital that every fellow creature should be dealt with cautiously at all times, and that we should act towards it and speak with it while trying to sympathize with its inner states, in an attempt never and under no circumstances to come across as hurting or insensitive. Our duty consists therein, that we should at all times be aware of the fact that every soul and every animal of a higher species is at any point of time in a specific stage of development (which shows the pattern of a continuous undulation, and is therefore very complex), and may on that account be very sensitive. Let us see to it that we at all times nourish the emotional development of each fellow creature with true Love, so that it may be enabled to develop according to God’s expectations and Plans.

8. The concern that every fellow creature may feel good. The art of living in the image of God’s Heart consists therein, that one should at all times be like a sun towards one’s fellow creatures – human souls and animals. Every soul is sent into the world as a link in a very long chain. She has got specific tasks to perform, which as a whole are by Divine Wisdom geared to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Every soul that is not completely doing the things God asks her to do, is a weak link in the chain and contributes to the entire system of creation spluttering. This soul does not allow her capital of true Love, of true Life strength, to fully pay off. God expects every one of us to treat our fellow creatures such as to allow the latter to feel good under any circumstances. Thus every soul faces the double task, on the one hand, to promote her own spiritual development (her journey to God) and on the other hand, to help all fellow creatures so that they, in their turn, may also make their own journey to God fruitful.

A basic requirement for us to be able to be a constant help and support for our fellow creatures as to the accomplishment of their life’s tasks, is the virtue of buoyancy. A soul that radiates cheerfulness, is like a sun to her fellow creatures and makes God’s loving Presence and continuous actions in their lives beam before their very eyes.

We can in a special way help to make our fellow creatures’ paths of life walkable by inspiring them with hope and encouragement at all times. Innumerable crosses are cast off because the soul gets overtired or discouraged on account of a rapid succession of negative experiences. Because the soul usually fails to see what graces are bestowed as counterparts of her trials, she can easily fall prey to the tendency to give up and thus no longer to fill out her vocation, all the more so in proportion as she is nourished less by true Love from her surroundings. Spreading hope and encouragement could be referred to as a 'Divine' action, because often the way things develop looks incompatible with the actions and words of the soul that spreads hope and encouragement, so that the latter must first have herself a solid faith in the fact that, in the end, the good things always gain the victory. The soul can only spread hope and encouragement to the extent that she is herself able to pass God’s Light on unhamperedly.

Every action, every negligence or every word through which a fellow creature loses its inner peace or calm, renders this fellow creature temporarily (sometimes permanently) ineffective for God’s Plans. It is very important at all times to radiate, in every contact with a fellow person or an animal, an atmosphere of calm, peace and genuineness. Peace and calm are always embedded in Light and Love. This means that a soul approaching a fellow creature with genuine Love and without the slightest negative intention, will arouse in this fellow creature an emotional state of calm, peace and feelings of security, whereas an approach in a state of dissatisfaction, discord, anxiety, insincerity or negative intentions may arouse in the fellow creature anxiety, fear or insecurity. One will not feel good or 'at ease' with a soul whose intentions are not quite clear, or that carries with her feelings of anxiety or dissatisfaction.

Everything that springs from the Light is open, not veiled, because it passes on God’s Love. Everything that is said and done in an atmosphere of secrecy, makes insecure because it is a bearer of elements of concealment, darkness. True Love can only flow through you towards your fellow creatures to the extent to which true Love finds in you a free passage. Only then will your fellow creatures feel good with you.

9. Teaching the Truth. A very important element of true Love is the concern for our fellow person to gain knowledge about his own soul, about the laws of spiritual life, about the way to God, about sin and merits, about God’s Plans and Works, and about the way the soul can help implement these Plans and accomplish these Works. All this is contained in the Doctrine of Christ, which is further explained and unfolded in the Science of Divine Life like the Mistress of all souls teaches it in these Last Times. Nourishing our fellow man with knowledge about Divine Live, everything springing from it and everything leading to it, means: to deliver him from darkness, which surrenders him to the countless pitfalls of worldly thinking and feeling, which eventually steal true Life away from the soul.

Teaching God’s Truth and His Mysteries to a fellow person is an act of Love which helps release this fellow person in his feelings as regards the world which merely raises questions and sows confusion, thereby making the soul lose her inner calm. It is also, however, an act of Love, because it shows the fellow person the way to Eternal Light and Eternal Love. True Love for one’s fellow person indeed surpasses the concern for the latter’s well-being on earth: it also wants to safeguard the well-being of souls in Eternal Life. For a soul to find true happiness, she must know the ways of the Light and to the Light. He who helps her learn about these ways, is in so doing showing her the way God wishes her to open up her doors: this soul will the be able to truly unfold like a rose to God and to Divine Life. Making this possible in a fellow person is a great gift of Love.

It is our mission to have our fellow man fully share our knowledge of Truth, just like we learn it in the traditional Christian Doctrine (not contaminated by modernism) and in the in-depth teachings the Mistress of all souls keeps sowing in us.

10. Inspiring confidence. This element is very close to the eighth commandment of true Love. Inspiring our fellow creature with confidence, means approaching our fellow man or animal in such a way as to make the latter feel secure and safe with us, making him feel he has not got anything to fear in our presence, in other words: coming across like a friend or refuge, not like an enemy who is able to do harm. Inspiring a fellow creature with confidence, is tantamount to evoking within the very core of its being an image which reminds this creature of God: a source of well-being, a force that only cooperates with the creature to help it develop itself and to carry it whenever it finds itself in a difficult or threatening situation.

Every being, man or animal, sometimes finds itself in a situation which is experienced as oppressive. If this creature appraises the situation such that it may exceed its strength and may thus make it hard to continue its life’s journey in a fruitful way, it may have a liberating effect if suddenly another creature is there to lighten up this mental or emotional insecurity by a supportive presence. This is what is called: inspiring confidence. An insecurity, fear or anxiety is relieved or taken away. The suffering creature knows it has not got anything to fear from this fellow creature or that the latter may even support it. There can be no fear where true Love prevails.

Reassuring a fellow creature in the end means opening it up (again) to true Love. A creature which feels insecure, ill at ease or anxious, shuts off the very core of its being by way of self protection. The lock can only be opened by the force of genuine Love. The weaker creatures, such as the animals, are very susceptible to anxiety. In order to gain their confidence, it is necessary that we radiate genuine Love. In certain cases man is able to express his fear or anxiety in words. If he entrusts a fellow person with his cares or tribulations, he does so because deep inside he is still hoping to be released. If this outcry for help does not meet with any response, this soul may end up in a crisis, which in point of fact is a crisis of faith: suddenly the soul no longer believes there is a God of Love, whose Providence works through souls.

It sometimes happens that souls who boost a fairly solid base of moral consciousness hold the view that they are never going to see Heaven. They base this fear on the fact they no longer have a clear view of their complicated life and their personal sinful share in all their troubles. Such inner confusion may render a soul completely ineffective. God expects from every soul that she should help release her fellow person from such states of mind by restoring to life within the latter the prospect of eternal bliss. This is where every soul is entrusted with the mission of a messenger of hope. In a soul in whom confidence is restored, all vital functions blossom up again.

Final consideration

Through this teaching Mary, the Mistress of all souls, wants to reveal to the souls the Ten Commandments of True Love. This teaching is intended as an extremely important call upon all souls to perfect themselves in the experience of true Love. The greater a soul’s ability to practise true Love, the holier she becomes, for sanctity is first of all determined by the degree of development of Love in all its elements. The greater the number of souls that grow in sanctity, the greater the state of grace of mankind as a whole can become, and the more quickly the works of darkness in this world can be devitalised. The Mistress of all souls emphasizes that true Love should not only be exercised towards our fellow people but towards the animals as well.

Every action, word, thought or feeling of genuine Love towards a fellow creature – man or animal – reinforces the flow of God’s Love through creation, and weakens darkness. Let us always keep in mind that every day many billions of contacts take place among people, and between people and animals. Let us then become aware of the difference it can make for creation as a whole if all these contacts take place in an atmosphere of sincere Love, as opposed to the scenario in which billions of them are steeped in selfishness, egoism, hate, dissatisfaction, abuse, contempt, humiliation, debasement, degradation, insensitivity, indifference, malicious gossip and others, day after day after day...

Let me therefore present the mission of every soul at one glance:

the Ten Commandments of True Love

  1. Forgivingness
  2. Willingness to help
  3. Understanding
  4. Self-denial
  5. Defending the dignity of every fellow creature
  6. Softness
  7. Tact
  8. Concern that every fellow creature may feel good
  9. Teaching the Truth
  10. Inspiring confidence

May the Holy Spirit’s Pentecostal Fire kindle these ten flames within every soul, so that the fire of true Love inherent to true sanctity may burn within her.

In deep Love to God, to Mary, and to all creatures,

Myriam – June 2009