Myriam van Nazareth

For the Mistress of all souls 'Eternal Spring' has got a double meaning: This concept symbolizes the aspiration for an increasingly delightful bloom of this Heavenly Work, but it equally symbolizes the disposition of the soul who, through a persistent aiming at the highest possible perfection in living true Love and living all virtues, leads an inner life which s very fruitful in God’s eyes, with a view to accomplishing His Works and Plans. Both meanings are closely connected, as the Maria Domina Animarum Work is the channel for conveying the teachings through which the Mistress of all souls is hoping to establish this Eternal Spring in the souls.

The teaching this menu item is intended to convey is a fruit of the fire burning in the Queen of Heaven Herself, who is so ardently longing for Her children to appreciate the present of this entire propagation of the Science of Divine Life for what it actually is: a present of Love from a celestial Source.

As the Mistress of all souls Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, gives Herself to the souls as the Promise of a new and everlasting Spring, which She wants to bring to bloom in every soul through the Science of Divine Life, as the summit of glorification to God. The Queen of Heaven frequently refers to the concept of the Eternal Spring, which denotes the disposition in which the soul harbours true Divine Life, true Love, a perfect inner Peace, genuine sanctity. This Eternal Spring is now fully expressed in the image through which She introduces the souls to this website of the Maria Domina Animarum Work, which was established directly by Her: Mary, the Pearl of God’s creation, the most holy of all souls ever created, who as the embodiment of this Eternal Spring is sitting on the throne awarded to Her by God as in the middle of a Paradise of white lilac blossoms, which, by the way, in one of the writings She referred to as symbols of Divine Wisdom.

Through Her instrument Myriam, the Queen of Heaven unequivocally announces that God has called upon Her to help accomplish Jesus Christ’s Works of Redemption within each individual soul of good will (meaning: each soul who, under all and any circumstances, is determined to want only what God wants) in these Last Times, i.e. to assist in fully unfolding these Works within each soul. However, this requires the soul to unconditionally give herself up to Mary and to voluntarily and actively collaborate towards accomplishing this transformation (i.e. the actual and full accomplishment of true redemption) the Mistress of all souls was called upon to bring about within the souls. The mission of the Mistress of all souls consists in obtaining for the soul true sanctification through the latter’s 'rebirth' from Her, which can take the soul back to the state of grace mankind possessed prior to the original sin. The deep motivation and background for all this is expounded in the writings distributed through this Work.

The texts constituting this category will be gradually translated and uploaded. To begin with, please refer to:

  • Consecration and Jesus. This text is being translated into English.
  • Letter 37. About the way to Jesus through Mary – total consecration to Mary is not neglect of Jesus!